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"peck lee" Discussed on Dressed: The History of Fashion

Dressed: The History of Fashion

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"peck lee" Discussed on Dressed: The History of Fashion

"Tour of peck lee. Yes as just and we had so much fun. That apparently i will admit. Apparently i just can't let the fun. Go because i still have not unpacked one of my suit and it's you know my suitcase never even arrived. We'll maybe a little bit about that. Yeah we were actually there like ultimately for over two weeks and cassidy. Suitcase never came the entire time and as everyone kept pointing out to me. It's like others worst places to have to shop to refill your suitcase or your wardrobe. So i did a little bit of shopping although not as much as i would have hoped because i'm very particular with the things i purchase But yeah we had such a blast. I mean we keep talking about this but it's just insane. I think it's been over three years. Since our travel agent extraordinary laura hart reached out to us and said hey you know i'm starting this new business like mine travel and i think it'd be really cool if you went to some destination with your listeners. And you and i are lake. That is an excellent idea. Yes so hopefully we will continue to do this and paris was just i stop so i guess kind of what we wanted to do. Today is just speak a little bit about the trip where we where what we saw some of our favorite parts and yeah i mean i don't where do we even start was as a fashion capital of the world. Right i mean. I do wanna professes. Episode was saying that we did travel responsibly. Obviously these are very unprecedented times. We've actually canceled the trip twice because of everything that's been happening in the world with cove. Ed we did a lot of research before we even remotely considered going to france. We all had to have our vaccinations. We had to get kovic tested before we even set foot on the airplane. And then actually in france which i think is maybe an interesting way to start this episode april. France has this very specific health past system or past sanitaire in which you cannot even go into museums restaurants excetera without proving that you negative cova tasma past seventy two hours or your vaccination proof of vaccine and then it actually changed while we were there. We kind of even use our vaccination cards. We just had to get the cova testing so it's still a little bit of a volatile situation. The very first day we had lunch in paris we actually were a block away from thousands of people protesting the health pass and it was. It was quite funny because all of a sudden. They're this huge group of probably like forty riot police in full riot gear on the block fronting down for sitting outside on the sidewalk. And they're like running behind me like a foot behind me and one of them just yells bought apetit but as we've talked about to. It's very very much part of the french. Dna to protest straight. It's kind of part and parcel to their performance of democracy there so super interesting To witness and to be in france at this time but we still had quite an amazing time. Did we not. We certainly did so. Perhaps we should just kind of jump into what it is that we were up to so our guest joined us and the evening when everyone i arrived we had a lovely little cocktail reception. That was put on by our hotel which was about as parisian. And as charming as you can get and we were actually in the mamata pigalle neighborhood and we're staying at this place called maison naby and the breakfast fred alone. That they put on every morning was pretty incredible. I don't khorasan's. I literally do not eat croissants like i would never put that as my favorite breakfast or anything but i ate croissant. Every flip in morning. Because what else are you supposed to. Their pastries are so so good. Yeah we had that lovely cocktail hour. We gotta meet everybody. Who's been with us. Many of them had been with us since the very first time. We announced that. We're doing this tour so it was just a treat to meet some of you. Our listeners and person for the first time i mean as we've talked about so many times. I am in my upstairs bedroom and new mexico and april. You are in my apartment in brooklyn clementina snoring on the chair next to you while we're recording so this is our usual working method and like i pretty much talk almost every single day about like various things pertaining to the show or whatnot but we kind of record in chelsea slow like once a week so this is this is our methods so we got to see all of you in person i r. l. And in that was really cool for us. It was super cool and then the next morning we woke up and started the dress tour of paris which the very first stop was on the historic shopping. Street of paris wants the most luxurious shopping street and the world an international destination of glitter ati of society. The pays so we're not gonna go into too much detail because we actually are going to offer this as an episode coming up. I believe next week so we can take us through the ruutel. Pay tour of your ever in france and you want to us tour by yourself. You can take our episode with you. We had so much fun doing that. Yeah for sure. And we say hey. Let me just throw a couple of names here in terms of like the fashion history points. That were touching on like we went to the house of worth we went to the hasselbeck. Can we went to also scalper rallies original location and then just around the corner to the location that she moved to in the nineteen thirties where schiaparelli and this cafarelli couture house are still located today and just a little side now. We would like to thank you. Everyone at schiaparelli for welcoming in cats and i A few days before everyone arrived for a little private tour. So thank you also much. Yeah that was really really cool. We got see pieces from the latest haute couture collection which in my personal opinion has been one of the best. It was so so cool to see these pieces in person and then many pieces of the ready to wear line and then also you know like they have this whole section you walk by and it's perfume bottles and You know scalise stark perfume bottles and just like it's so cool to be there and imagine what it would have been like from the nineteen thirties. Onward yes and we'll talk about that in the middle of episode coming up as well. So do you wanna talk a little bit about some of the destinations perhaps like one in particular that was originally located on the russillo pay and then we took a little side. Jot actually visit the archive. 'cause they're shop is no longer on the russillo pay but cast we wanna talk a little bit about develop wa. Yeah so we actually did this the first week. We did something different the second week but it was so gracious of develop. They actually invited us to not only their but into their archive to see the pieces and their collection from this very historic fan making shops. So it's actually the oldest fan maker in paris in existence to this day the company originated. And we'll talk about this when the riddle a paid tour again but jean-pierre davila created this fan shop in eighteen twenty seven and in two thousand and ten michel magnon elouise geel and raphael abode relaunched this historic house and. It was actually a louise who invited us. Thank you so much to your incredible team which included johanna who gave us this archive tour april. I'm dying to know. Because you and i went separately. What were some of your favorite fans..

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