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"We've Needed Something to Bring Us Together"


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"We've Needed Something to Bring Us Together"

"We've needed something that bring us together. You know so badly and everyone is just looking up and smiling at each other and you know it's like like we've needed a little bit of a reminder that the universe is bigger than us. Hey everybody it's wade and that was tomorrow. Avi shy who of course you all know as one of my co founders at hub-and-spoke and as the host of the lonely pallet podcast and as one of the stars of an episode. I made back in two thousand seventeen called shadows of august. This episodes coming to you on january twentieth. Twenty twenty one day. A lot of us have been longing for for a very long. Time and honor inauguration of joseph biden. I wanted to put an episode in the feed. That captures my complex emotions on a day like today when i started putting the show together back in two thousand sixteen before the previous presidential election i had no idea it would wind up being in some ways. It kind of chronicle of the trump ears this was gonna be about the future. You wanted to being a show about us really about how we think about politics and democracy and how we wanna live together and sort of by accident. A lot of those teams swanned up turning up in this episode which climaxes with the big solar eclipse of august of twenty seventeen. I think this is my favorite episode of the show ever actually and it just felt like the one i wanted to put back in your ears on a day like today so please enjoy shadows of august. I'm wade and this is soon. It's start of a new season for the show and to kick things off we've got a new motto. The future is shaped by technology but technology is shaped by us So what do i mean by that. Well when people find out. I'm at technology journalists. They always ask me. What's up with drones or self driving cars or ai. Or augmented reality. They've read the news and they know that these new technologies could really change the way. The world looks in the near future but they feel powerless. Mike happening outside their control. And i don't believe that's true. Technological change isn't something that just happens to us. It's like every other kind of historical change. When you look closely you see that it often starts with a disruptive idea from a scientist or an inventor where company but then it's shaped by thousands of big and small choices made by individuals. Like you and me. So it's important to understand where technology ideas really come from and how we decide to start using them or stop using them. Once we grasp that we can see each choice in the matter and then we can be a little more intentional about the kind of future rebuilding together. That's what the show is about most of the time anyway. That's the sound of a crowd in illinois watching the total solar eclipse that swept across the us on august twenty first. I was in that crowd and for me. Witnessing my first total eclipse shook me to my very core. I thought i knew what to expect. I mean i'd studied the strana me. And i'd seen videos in maps and simulations of eclipses but it turned out. I had no freaking idea how stunning the actual eclipse would be. I've never seen anything so alien and so beautiful so unsettling but also in a way so unifying Obviously it's been a europe disasters here in america not just natural disasters like hurricane but also moral and political disasters like the conflict in charlottesville and the trump administration's ongoing campaign to purge the republic of all decency truth compassion but the eclipse was a respite from all that. If only for a couple of minutes and for me it was the emotional highpoint of a week. Long road trip across america. I kept the kind of audio diary of the trip and today i wanna play tape that i gathered at three very different stops on that journey. I'm going to tell these stories in reverse order. That's partly because they just make more sense that way. But i'm also taking inspiration from assign that i saw at the patterson bill service plaza on the new york state. Thruway one of the restrooms at the patterson ville stop was closed and somebody had put up a handmade sign that said temporarily out of order. I had to laugh because the signs sounded like a title. That philip k dick would give to a science fiction story about a time travel experiment gone haywire anyway. Today's episode is going to be temporarily out of order seeing the eclipse in illinois was actually the first big event trip. But i'm going to tell that story last and before we get there. I'm going to take you to the spot that has more confederate monuments than any other place in america. A hint for you. It's not in the south. And i'm going to visit a town whose very name stands for hope and the future. But it's a place. That's now so depopulated that it has its own entry on a site called the encyclopedia of forlorn places. I said before that it's important for us to think more intentionally about the future right now. We're having a lot of trouble coming together to do that. And as i drove across the country hitting ken states altogether. I can see one of the reasons. We haven't even settled big questions about how we should represent the past or who should have a chance to prosper. In the present. William faulkner's famous line was that the past isn't dead. It isn't even past and sometimes it feels like we have so much unfinished business that will never be able to move onto the future but then along comes something like a hurricane or an eclipse a rare natural event that reminds us that despite our divisions we're passengers on this planet together and we're all part of something much bigger so in the spirit of that epoch spelling accident on the new york state thruway. We'll start with a third of our three acts. Here's act three crossing the picket line. The battles we remember best are the turning points like saratoga waterloo. The psalm midway stalingrad. And in the american civil war the turning point was at gettysburg pennsylvania. that's where confederate general. Robert really tried to crush the union army over three bloody days of fighting on july first second third eighteen sixty three. It's where he failed and that failure was the beginning of the end for the confederate states of america. Now i have a phd in history. My dad's a huge civil war. Buff practically every book ever written on the subject. But i'd never been to gettysburg now. We had a chance to fix that. Since my route to the eclipse zone right through pennsylvania also charlottesville was on my mind on august eleventh of course white nationalists neo. Nazis gathered there to protest the removal of a statue of robert ely and the next day. One man who had marched with the white nationalists drove a car into a crowd of counter protesters and killed an activist named heather higher. So i figured it was a fitting time to visit gettysburg which has so many confederate and union monuments that you can barely turn around without bumping into one. There's probably no place where our cultural memory of the civil war is more concentrated or where the actual meaning of the work gets more excluded by the tales of bravery and slaughter on the battlefield now from watching. Ken burns documentaries. I expected to be impressed by gettysburg. And i was. The battlefields were beautifully mode and manicured and the place was so sunny and peaceful that it was hard to imagine that fifty thousand soldiers were injured or killed here in just three days. I also expected to hear people talking about all the statues and what they symbolize. And kinda did. I just got my car to look at the giant statue of robert lee at a spot called the virginia memorial when a minivan pulled up and a family of six piled out. The dad said you'd better hurry up and take a picture. They might want to tear this thing down. And the mom said yeah. Somebody might be offended. They lined up there four kids in front of the statue and snap their pictures and drove away. I didn't get a chance to ask where they were from but their minivan had connecticut plates. So make of that what you will. But here's what i didn't expect to see. I was reading a plaque about pickett's charge when a group of about forty white guys got off a bus and formed up into a platoon about eight guys wide and five guys. They're marching and coming this way. This'll be interesting station myself here while they marched by him and absolutely. Oh when the staff sergeant guy asked if i wanted to join them said yes because when you're a podcast and stuff like this happens you just go with it but then it gradually dawned on me what we're doing we were recreating pickett's charge the big confederate offensive. On the third day of gettysburg. Twelve thousand soldiers started out. Roughly where the virginia memorial is today and they marched three quarters of a mile across a hayfield for the union line on cemetery ridge taking huge casualties all the way and without knowing it i had signed up to play confederate infantryman recipe. Right all right. Just a few random not really accurate artillery hit and lost twenty guys gone down and they're your guys in this formation but twenty guys in our region three hundred guys on what we're huck the next half hour so we trampled through thick fields of pay and soybean plants and as we went. We were kicking up a big cloud of grasshoppers butterflies. If i squinted could sort of imagine that the bugs were a hail of bullets. I still didn't understand the exact point. Recreating pickett's charge unless it was to take in the insane desperation of the whole thing but as the random human. I felt like i was committed. So i kept marching who pulse range plan decline thrown lost fifty six. He just lost another ten six wounded. At this point you close ranks close in. We have random human services. Doing word was told by the time they leave tech up the rides out. Beat the minero. Go back interleague daydream. He's ryan's out. He says all my folks. My plan failed. Mike won't pose hurt. How we put his hand along. St shoulder says the same thing. Wouldn't you sneak confederates enough. Suffer to defeat loses. Mississippi river lose this one decisive battle. It was going to bring them victory. Would they fight on two more buddy years go to the wilderness campaign spots petersburg apple matters so municipality one other thing the conduct of this formation of going across that field excellent everybody's tripled followed. Harry moans sniffles talked to come in. This game made it. I'm ready for the dreaded. Knock down to money. But right now i think we can take him. Can i ask you what were you to. What is this whole thing. These are company out of various places. So they bring all their executives mid level a top level lower level at some point out to gettysburg to teach him something about leadership. The battlefield becomes a metaphor for things. They should do in their business. You know this what happens here in leadership can be directly put into what these guys do when handle business. Do you run these kinds of leadership exercises as a profession. Or what do you do. I'm an old soldier. So in a historian taught military history of west point so they just. The company asked me to come out and do this with them. Any time i get a chance to get americans out and kind of feel the courage and history of this place I take the opportunity. And your name. Sir james hank kersey. Well thank you sir. I really appreciate your time and this was a lot of fun. Thank you very few humans do that. Your character shows all right all right. Thank you getting back. yeah. I'm going back that way on my long walk back across the battlefield to my car. I had time to think about what had just happened. I was a little angry with myself to be honest for going along with the whole thing even if it was in the name of journalism the other guys in the platoon didn't look like racists and i can buy the idea that the march was designed to teach about leadership not to glorify george pickett or robert e lee or the lost southern 'cause but the truth is if i were black. I probably wouldn't have felt as safe joining up with a group of pretend confederates. And let's face it. It's a little weird that we still talk about confederate generals as if they were great increase leaders. Yeah sure if you were in the infantry that day it took individual courage to follow these. Orders horrifying casualty rate proves that but we still don't talk about as much as what lee and his army were fighting for. To put it bluntly it was the idea that white people should forever have the right to own and buy and sell black people. There's no courage in that idea. There's only prejudice and greed and hate. And that's why confederate monuments in charlottesville and so many other places are finally being taken down the titus slowly turning. It's turning against the idea that it's okay to memorialize era of unchallenged white supremacy and sooner or later that tied may come to gettysburg after charlottesville officials at the national park service said that the confederate monuments at gettysburg arc quote an important part of the cultural landscape on quote and that there are no plans to remove or alter any of them. You can see why the park service would take that position given. That gettysburg is a giant outdoor museum. But i wonder how long they'll be able to stick to it because a good museum doesn't glorify it's artifacts puts them in context and the virginia memorial were pickett's charge began. Isn't there to contextualized anything. It's only to defy robert lee and he's doomed army so yeah somebody might be offended that brings us to act two of our story act to trouble in future city one day this summer during the planning phase from eclipse trip i was looking at the state of illinois on google maps in my i landed on a place i had never heard of. It was called future city. It was just outside cairo. Illinois at the southernmost tip of the state in a little cup of land where the ohio river and mississippi river come together from the satellite view on google maps. I could see eight or so streets and future city arranged in a tight grid but it looked like there weren't any businesses or houses. So right away i had questions. Does anyone live in future city if so who. And what are their lives like. How did it get the name future city and is the place half future or is it just the world's most ironically named ghost town since i make podcast about the future i felt obliged to find out straight than your destination will be on the left. It's quarter to four on the twenty first of august twenty seventeen and i am in future city. So let's drive around a bit okay. This is not uninhabited. Well is the dock dog. I her you okay. I'm down at the end of first avenue. And there is an old abandoned gestation here. Following bruce st around to the back. It's basically like a cow path. Really tall weeds like six feet. On both sides there is the street. Sign for bruce street and fourth avenue. Not terribly busy street. All right continuing down fourth avenue. I think i'm going to park and walk around and see if i can find somebody to talk to me minute to talk. Okay got it looks friendly. Hey this is gonna sound crazy. But i'm a radio yet. And i saw this place on the map called future city suit and i had to stop here to find out what is future city. All about stealing in the future is a city into each only through guys. Have a minute to talk. These two gentlemen were sitting in the shade of a carport with their dog. And the introduce themselves as carl thompson. And larry sloan. They were both retired vietnam veterans. Carl was in the army and leary was in the air force. I asked them why there are so many streets and so few hot in future city that will that will man to build a future future city if what they call it through two cities frozen they thought you build a future hugh you know. It's a winning. Most of the people you had kids. Man had us on average of two. Here's house he could play together noon in and run around and get it all up and that was the future future city. They they future generations. Future city larry. Carl both said that. If i really wanted to know about the history of future city the guy i should talk to you was the mir dennis caldwell and they pointed me toward called wells house about one hundred yards away across a field but before it can head over there. The mir himself came out of the house and gotten his pickup. And carlin larry flagged him down for him bad. He's alive low residents gun with. I'm a radio reporter. And i've been talking with these gentlemen. They've been told me a little bit about the town and they said you're the mirror non bureau would do more than those thing know about. Future city was the lady to the whole folks. Hyundai was martha futures. She's supposed go out to south martha future. I really do you know when this was. I have no idea when this was okay. But this is just what i hear. The old people say met years ago that it was it was named. That's old lady. Come here from other south and they named martha future. Okay and i can't tell the risto 'cause on trud 'cause he was kidding. My grandpa did the research on it. I don't know whether it was true. Or what like a cousin or a sister. Hey i didn't get into you know. Is there like a historical society in cairo or in a library So we're right on main street. Maybe i could find out there and Have you lived here all your life but twenty thirty years. Thirty years How'd you choose to live here in future city. My wife are yeah is this is number. Houses their heels about Actually it was about four five hundred families. Four five hundred it was this ruled out here. Fifty one to one going through used to sit back this away but it's gone arrows houses all out there. This is back in the sixties. Sixty seven sixty eight. That's when they start building that ruled over the road and it was that the beginning of the decline of the town. Or i mean i. I don't mean to town when the civil rights started in the back in the sixty one. That's one of the town started going now. Why what was the connection there. Racism they don't want to hire black into the stores and things there is back then so do people pick up and leave kicked. Well a lot of people the business you know. They went out of business. There's no business. How many families do you think. Live here now. Two four six about nine travelers. so that's like less than a tenth of the population right. Shiloh baptist church over there. Is that still active. The churchill that on roll. Yeah his it used to set across the route that was those concrete boroughs set net. They moved it why this one row come through. That road really moving. The road disrupted everything they really did. It was it was proper place reaches all right. Thank you mr call. Well i appreciate it good to meet you. Thanks man is great talking to you after those interviews andro south into carro to visit the public library and see what i could find out about martha future. It turned out that the library was closed that day but after driving around town i finally understood future cities geographical predicament. Carro is surrounded by a system of extremely high levees and floodwalls from the north into the city through a tunnel that cuts through one of those walls. The city can close off the tunnel during flood by lowering and eighty ton. Steel slab called the big subway gate and future city sits right outside the gate right. Well the problem with it is it does flood it gets what we call seep water out there and does fled the residences and has flooded before when the rivers were high and when the rivers start going down. This land becomes Inundated with floodwater. That's monica smith. The director of the carro public library and so it it has moved. Many people out used to some of the houses were even on stilts out there and But it's just been it's hard to maneuver you can't get in and out you have to have a boat and different things and so the people have just You know had decided. It wasn't really worth it. You know. I called up smith after my trip mainly to ask if she could find any information about martha future or if not then how did the place the name future city one of the reasons is because there was no place for pure to go. They were surrounded by rivers and so they thought that that would be the future of the city But then digging further. I find that it was actually owned by gentleman named shoe trail to be specific. Smith said she found some newspaper clippings about a landowner named will trowel and he and another Landowner had purchased all the lots out there. And we're selling those lots At a very nominal fee for one hundred dollars a lot to get people to move there and Over the years it no one could pronounce his name because it was kind of a hard thing to pronounce and so they use the southern pronunciation and started to call it a future city instead of free. She sits which is kind of hard to say. So that's about all. I really found on. Okay well you completely answered my question. And i am so grateful. Thank you so much more than welcome. So maybe martha future was related. Somehow to will travel. Or maybe that whole martha stewart. Dennis caldwell heard from the town. Elders was just an urban legend but caldwell was right about one thing and that was the mark that the racial conflicts of the nineteen sixties left on kiro and a surroundings. The civil war turned carol into a busy port city and by nineteen twenty. The census bureau counted fifteen thousand residents but by nineteen sixty. The economy was reeling from a decline in river and rail traffic and the population had dropped by. Nearly half things got really tough. Starting in nineteen sixty seven when black residents rose up to protest police brutality and economic discrimination riots. fires ravaged the city in the businesses. That closed never reopened. As i drove around kiro. I could see that big chunks of the downtown are still empty and abandoned at the south end of town. I saw giant white billboard that welcomes people to historic karaoke. But it looked like it hadn't been repainted in decades. The nfl census bureau estimate that the city's population today is just twenty. Four hundred in place built for six times. That number if future city has a future it's tied to caros. Unfortunately the floodwall doesn't keep out bad news. I'm not sure whether to believe the martha future story. Where the wells story. But either way. There's some comfort in the idea that this unlucky place was named after a person. Because that's a little less heartbreaking then the idea that it was named for a dream is the idol pain is the demos playground here liver city when the capital with the united stand for plu trauma for sitting to keep the young ones more will after school. Finally we've arrived at one in out of order episode. Act one total eclipse plus simart. If you're a fan of the show you may remember. I guest from episode three tomorrow. Avi shy she's the host of a wonderful ripping and luminous podcast about art history called the lonely palate. She and i are actually cooking up. Something new that will tell you about a future episode. But in early august i found out that tomorrow and her husband evan were also going illinois to see the eclipse so we agreed to text each other when we got there and try to meet up somewhere near carbondale now as it turned out the place with the eclipse with last the longest was actually a tiny town. South of carbondale called mechanica. It's so small out of the way that there isn't even a cellular signal. That's where we all met. I'm gonna play some tape from canada and you'll meet a bunch of interesting people you also get a sense of what a carnival the whole thing was and when the clip starts you'll hear everyone totally freaking out but i just want to preface all of it with this no recording can capture the splendor clips the only way to grasp the howling cosmic weirdness of it all is to see one yourself before august. Twenty first i didn't understand why some people become lifelong eclipse chasers. Now i do okay. It's ten past ten. And i m in mechanica illinois where my conduct all find out soon from the locals and the candidate is really not much more than a bridge railway station and a downtown. That's about three buildings along. I'm gonna walk over there in a minute. See if i can talk to some people. Do you mind if we talk for a second. As long as i've got time that's yet so could you introduce yourself just quickly. I'm pam from pb and j. I'm the pin pb and j. and what's pb and j. Pam jackets a little. Junk store. oh this isn't junk elliott is. It's good junk but it's junk it's all junk how's business today. It's amazing absolutely amazing. Just like your biggest ever I don't know yet. it hasn't happened but it it's looking like it could be just quickly. How many people live kinda macondo. How do you pronounce it. First of all mechanica. We're not fancy or canada and it depends on which side you come into town from if you come in from fifty one it says we have six hundred if you come in from the park it says four fifty which few believe the four fifty people out there in rural canned but we never see them much pam and good luck today. Need them all. Can i sing a little song. I'm a song and dan absolutely. Please do. God bless you. China a guy big mouth up. Don't you I'm an audio producer. I never say no to people who wanna talk saying. Oh that's fun to see the eclipse duck. Oh sure sure. I mean you know. This is my last opportunity. I will probably won't be around for the next one. We seven years away. I'm a smoker drinker. Shouldn't be long now. Are you here with some of the craftspeople here. Yes actually the owner of the shop suffering rainmaker. Yeah exactly owned by david dardis. Who's been on getting national exposure on tv hence the line. What is this line. Represent the center of the total eclipse. Serious i am serious. They had survey or come and they decided this is the the line orange line painted down the asphalt here and even continue up the wall on the sign. Even the nd in mechanic is in orange indeed so this is the line where the zona totality will last the longest absolutely. That's that's pretty remarkable. How you were there as well as us. I'm standing right on it. You are biscuit and you're doing peanut basis here. My right yes. I'm painting faces here. I have fun and make little money. And it spreads joy amongst people they liked it and What brings you to mcandrew today friends. I known the guys down here for forty years. So i just wanted to come hang out and get funky and cosmic with them and maybe do a little business. Yeah we needed here way. Do we have all had our hopes up for this. You know It's been very busy. We actually add. Stop serving breakfast for a while because the biscuits gravy kept going but it's been very helpful in today is actually our one year so it's been very successful cook. I just noticed that there's a flag outside of the rainmaker studio. That's says united federation of planets. I'm gonna walk around the back and see if i can find the line new running away ll stories or do you have a story. Yeah today is me and my wife's th wedding anniversary. Congratulations if i would have been betting guy or something like that and you said i'll give you like one thousand one that there's an eclipse three years today. Where you're where you're married right here under the altar. I would have said no. I won't take that bet but it happened. I would have been rich. Lloyd's the sun. I cannot verify this. Just lee announced the rubers again word okay. It's twelve eighteen and eclipse is like Twenty percent was to swing through the crowd. And see if i can find tomorrow at cranston high. I thought it would feel more commercialized. I feel like. I imagine that people would be taking advantage of it too much. And it's like everyone around here is just like there is a van that said classes lasts five dollars and he just was like basically kind of like tossing them like out the window. He was just giving them away for free and i ended up five bucks anyway. Because it's like this is for you know. I mean we wanted the so badly. Thank you for providing the service but other than that. It's just like everybody is just like we've needed something. Bring us together. You know so badly and everyone is just looking up and smiling at each other and you know it's like like we've needed a little bit of a reminder that the universe is bigger than us that is so well put and the nice thing about there being No service because there is no service no one is looking at their phones and know it feels a little What's the word kind of medieval it's like everybody has to look up and talk to each other and everybody has to like. I was walking around here yelling. Wait like yelling your name to find you because i knew that was the only way that that would happen if that happened. So you know it's like it feels. It feels connective to a before us. I've gotten some amazing interviews today from all sorts of people and they're all just like half out of their minds just crazy. It's one of those days carnival it's a carnival. That's what it is feeling out of my mind too. I feel like. I'm on the verge of tears like just walking around and seeing everybody united for this thing and then you you know you put the clips lasts on and you look up. And it's like it's it's happening. It's like childbirth. It's like it's happening whether you like it or not. Evan has gone. Good how are you. This is my brother. jason jason. My mother high wade into it. Nice to meet you you. I'm wade kelly kelly. It's good to meet all of you. Hi it's so amazing. Like i can't believe this is actually happening right now. You know like oh yeah it's gonna get dark and like a little less than an hour. Nobody told me your name. What's your name again genevieve. What's your name. They the a great names silly called. 'cause like dumb moon is covering up dust sign because like when you think about how big the sun is like. Compared to our earth the sun is like humongous and then compared to our moon. Like that's like crazy like it's like. Yeah it's amazing that this like this little like rock is like blocking out the sun like the moon to like the moon is ours. Like our little buddy who's sticks by us and every now and then gets this moment in the sun like this time to really kind of show us what it's made of man you know. It just goes back to being being the beautiful kind of you know ocean pulling earth. Mother imaginative like all guys. I know there's iceberg. It feels like the world is like like the atmosphere's put on some sunglasses or something like the atmosphere's just like the giant camera with a filter on it or something like that. That's what it feels like right now. Like what what also makes this really cool is that there is no way to capture it other than to. Just be there to feel everything. Get dimmer you just have to be here. It's amazing so we're full daylight and it feels like it's almost getting dimmer and dimmer but not like night and there isn't a cloud anywhere near the son. We are totally golden glasses. If you look inside there does they're going. it's going only god can't believe my god. It's beautiful expected i want. I want to describe this. But you can't can't is amazing. You hear them Insect starting up. Yes they are. They're going to be disappointed. Airbags the ones that don't have the internal clocks so like you know the those early dumbo god and just the beautiful raise coming out around it. Edible like direct. Yeah like when kids draw what a son looks like. You never actually get to see that right outside the goal fighter. Ninety you can. It's starting to Wow and sun comes back out and the light comes back up and the whole town reemerges hermit cookies and suddenly. It seems brighter than it was before. Yeah going faster. It was so it didn't take long at all for it to get light again because right now like like it was so also i survived. Total solar eclipse took. Can't be the twenty seventeen. Congratulations i think we all survive. See now everyone is over it even though the trying to get our town still. You know mostly excluded by the shadow. But it's like you know we've seen what it can be We were both struck that it was smaller in the sky been we thought it would be and that it. It didn't necessarily to me at least feel like this huge transcendent experience but it was beautiful. It was just you know just one of the most beautiful things you can see in the sky even though it wasn't huge and the sky is something that we all think we know pretty well and it's just rare for something to be different in and it takes something enormous for it to be different that i can see why people try to have this experience as much as they can. It was both shorter and longer than i expected. Two and a half minutes. I felt like a long time like we could just look at it forever. And it was jus- glittering there and it was way more beautiful than precise and crystalline and alive than i expected. I was completely overcome. Which everybody says. That's what's gonna happen to you and you just can't really understand or explain until happens. There's ice cream being plots. Truly best day Which is written and produced by me wade rash. The show steam is by graham gordon. Ramsay additional music. This week by tim beek and lee rosier. You can find and follow the show on apple podcasts. Google play music stitcher tune in radio public overcast. Or wherever you get your pockets you can follow and like the show on facebook. And i tweet about the show at suny podcast. If you enjoy soon ish it really helps when you leave a rating and review on apple. Podcasts that truly does raise the odds that other smart listeners. Like you will find the show. Soon is a proud member at the pierre x. Podcast garage a community recording studio and workspace in allston massachusetts for more information go to podcast garage dot work and our website sooners. Podcast dot org. You'll find more information about all the people in places in this episode as well as our music playlist and a page where you can sign up for our free email newsletter signals from also posted my eclipse video from canada. And i have to tell you. It's kind of awesome especial. Thanks this week to kip clark. Mark polansky daniels. Inkers carl thompson. Larry snowed dennis. Caldwell monica smith carro public library the intrepid citizens of mechanical annoy and of course tomorrow avi shy and her whole family. Thanks also to our sponsor. Kent rassmussen winery in their purely poetic pinot noir and thank you for listening. I'll be back with new episode soon. Which sears to the corona alive and there you got yourself into cleanse

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