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Bridge of Sorrow

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Bridge of Sorrow

"True. Crime brewery contains disturbing content related to real life crimes. Medical information is opinion based on facts of a crime and should not be interpreted as medical advice or treatment. Listener discretion is advised. Girls went into the store, and when they came out they had a flat tire, and he's two guys on the parking lot offered to help them. And he didn't have a spare tire. So said, well, we'll take you home. Well, instead, they took per and terrorized them all the way out to Fremont canyon. And you know in Becky was very kind and would go with anybody. And she just didn't want big not to hurt. Her sister. Welcome to true crime burry. I'm Jill and I'm dick happy new year. Everybody just before nine pm on September. Twenty fourth nineteen Seventy-three eighteen year old Becky Thomson was leaving to buy groceries and she asked her eleven year old half sister, Amy Burridge, if she wanted to tag along the two traveled in becky's Ford station wagon to the thrift way store on twelfth and Melrose streets in casper, Wyoming when Becky and Amy came out of the store. One of the car's tires was flap unbeknownst to the sisters the two men who had slashed the tire Jerry Jenkins and Ronald Kennedy were the same guys who pulled into the parking spot next to them at that moment, and the men offered to help Becky and Amy had been set up for an abduction that night was the night when becky's worst nightmare came through on the Fremont canyon bridge the. Cold heartedness in cruelty of Jenkins and Kennedy was more than anyone in the community could comprehend and it would hunt Becky until the day that she died. So this is a truly haunting case for our New Year's episode one of the most disturbing cases for me. I guess for personal reasons it's just a really upsetting case for me. It's been hard for me to research it who's a tough case. It really was. So what kind of a beer are we going to have to drink to get us through this. We're going to have sour ill. Well, thank sticky. We're thinking of me weren't you are worse. This is a sour called the serpent. Cerise by snake river brewing company in Jackson, Wyoming. So as we've said, it's a sour. So it's hazy reddish, amber coloured beer with a big fat, long-lasting Whitehead. Nice looking beer, and it's got what you'd want sour cherry oak. Some vanilla. There's a hint. And current sounds delicious. It is it's a very tart medium dry. Nice beer Goodwin. Yeah. Let's scoot trend down to the quiet end in talk about today's episode of true crime brewery bridge of sorrow. Okay, ready? I am so September twenty fourth nineteen Seventy-three sheriff Jenkins was only year old. But when her daddy Jerry Jenkins got up in the morning. She would always climb out of her bed to find him at seven o'clock. Jerry was getting ready to go to work at the gestation who are he'd been employed for a few weeks. Jerry's headed tough time holding jobs. Yeah. You could say that. Yes. So he's he's working there allegedly and share titled into a parent's bedroom. Hugged one of her father's legs her mother diocese up. Also now dicey is only eighteen so she's barely out of childhood herself. Yeah. I mean, you could argue she's really not you certainly could she's very young. And it was the data share is baby sister who had been born only a month before was coming home from the hospital. She had been hospitalized for a brain infection, encephalitis or meningitis or something. And she has finally well enough to return home, go, right? And Jerry really just didn't give a shit. Let's be honest. No. I mean, we're not going to be showing too much sympathy for either of these two guys to the total scum that little scumbag. You're right. So well share and Jerry waited for Dorsey to pour some cereal they ate cookies and candy. Jerry's. Cray station wagon had a flat and he needed to get to work. So he borrowed d'arcy's white empower whether heating breakfast Jerry mentioned Hughes having trouble at work. He just wasn't happy. There. He told Darcy now dicey been with Jerry long enough to know what that meant. He was gonna quit that is if he hadn't already been fired Jerry would always promised to find a job in stick with it. But it never kept a job very long. He hated to be told what to do. So he's twenty nine. He's lazy irresponsible just basically drinks and smokes weed during the day he promised he'd be back by one to go pick up the baby at the hospital. Yeah. So Jerry laughed and Darcy spent the rest of the morning getting the apartment ready for the baby to come home. She fed little share some lunch, but one PM came and went and no, Jerry and no call from Jerry at two pm. She called the gas station where he worked. And of course, Jerry never came to work that day, the bus told her in fact, he hadn't been to work in several days. She learned so poor Darcy here. She is eighteen to tiny little kids, and she's with this irresponsible asshole of a guy and he's worse than she even knew. Of course, we'll come to find that out. Little shero was born in June nineteen seventy two and a month later Jerry sent a message to Darcy that he wanted to see his baby. So she was fearing that he would stop her forever. If she didn't let him see the baby. So she met with him secretly. Because of her parents found out they would be livid then two weeks later, she was back together with Jerry and two months after that they went away to a small town nearby, and they got married without her parents approval after that they moved around a lot that first year, but they finally settled into a cheap apartment and Darcy worked hard as a nurse's aide. And as a waitress. Jerry did take jabs, but they never lasted long. Instead he liked to stay home and watch soap operas on TV almost two years since they had met Darcy finally decided to leave Jerry for good this episode with the newborn coming home from the hospital is apparently the final straw for her. So she planned to move to Colorado where her parents live she'd leave that night, she decided as soon as cherry did get home with the only working car they own. She grew even more determined when a friend visited her and told her he'd seen Jerry, and is no good friend. Ron Kennedy drinking and playing pool her friend ended up driving Darcy the the hospital pick up the new baby and back at home. She laid the baby in the bed and started packing getting ready to get out of there. So after school that day, Amy Burridge walked home with her best friend, Danny Amy, hit always been more comfortable with boys than girls. She was a tomboy in quite outspoken. She was eleven years old, Amy. Rather ride a dirt bike than play with the Dow when the other neighborhood girls were playing house in dress up Amy was out in the sandlot with the neighborhood, boys. So Danny and Amy played some football together until the sun went down that day, and then they sat on the lawn. Chatting, they hated to go inside. They never wanted the day to end, especially when they could be outdoors playing Amy's older. Half sister Becky came out of the house with her car keys, a little before nine pm mom wants me to get some stuff at the store Becky told her why don't you come along? So Amy got up and turn to Danny and wanted him to go with her, but he wasn't allowed to he asked his mom, and she said, no it's nine pm on a school night. You have to come in so Amy shrugged and waved Becky smiled and the two girls drove away. Jerry Jenkins had left his apartment that morning, and he'd gone straight over to run Kennedy's place. Kennedy didn't have a job he lived with his wife at his mother's house. And he wanted to spend as much time away as possible to avoid any responsibilities in the home Jenkins had skipped work for a few days by then, but this was his payday so he wanted Kennedy to go down to the gas station where he was working tell his boss a story about Jerry being sick and up. Jerry's check so Kennedy agreed to they played pool and drink beer and Jenkins hit out our local truck stop cafe while Kennedy Whitten lied for him. So instead of calling his wife or going home Jenkins, drove Kennedy around for the next five or six hours looking for girls and stopping at bars. So around nine p m Jenkins decided he needed to go buy some cigarettes and get something to eat. The thrift way convenience store Jenkins. Still had a little bit of his paycheck left. Even though it only cash that afternoon they've been spending it on beer and stuff important things. And he's got two little babies at home worry about feeding his family tomorrow share. So he pulled in park that almost the same time as a white station wagon pulled it a tall dark haired, girl and a little girl. Pigtails got out the older grow is absolutely beautiful sound this. Of course was Amy and her big sister. Becky right at nine thirty him. He called her mom to tell mom. We had a flat, and there's too nice men are going to give us a ride home. Mom said okay. Be careful in hurry. And it's a school night. We gotta get her home. She's got to get to school in the morning. Mom says I'll wait up. Right. So her mom was Tony case, and Tony was already in her pajamas. And although she'd been worried by her daughters delay getting home that night, she felt better after she got the call from Amy because she knew they were safe. So after that call they should have been home in less than thirty minutes because the store was just a mile away. Tony hadn't needed much that night. Just a few things. There wasn't much to eat in the house because they just come home from Mexico where they'd been visiting. Tony's husband Jack who was the girl's stepfather. So Tony had been married. Three times. I think or believe so I think this was her third husband and the other two girls were from the previous two husbands and her husband Jack was working on a drilling project down in Mexico. So they'd visited him and they'd come home not much food in the house. She wants Becky to go to the store. So Becky does that now the next day was a Tuesday, which would be a school day. So of course, Amy needs to get home and it's already past her bedtime. It was getting near her bed time when she went to the store with her sister. But Tony had allowed it because Amy like to go to the store with her sister. Of course. So almost forty five minutes past and the girls still didn't come home. So Tony began worrying again, she put on some jeans, and she drove to the convenience store, and she went slowly taking the back streets thinking, she might find them walking home. Maybe the ride that they had fell through and they had to walk home. Maybe they had stopped along the way to rest because they were carrying bags now is Tony pulled into the store's parking lot. She saw becky's car was still there the rear passenger tire was flat. But the girls were gone. She opened the door which was on locked, and there were no groceries, the no girls inside the parking lot was otherwise empty and the store was closed. So this is kind of a haunting scene for a mom to come. Upon release scary. She's home by herself girls are going husbands down in Mexico. Yeah. And there's no reasonable explanation. Why the girls aren't home well now, and she had to be thinking they said two guys we're giving them a ride. Maybe these turned out not to be such nice guys. Probably starting to get a little panicky. Yeah. I would so Tony drove up and down the streets between the store in their home looking for them. And this is the nineteen seventies. So I think you didn't go right to the police back. Then you drove around you looked for people because things just weren't the way they are. Now, it was more carefree. That's for sure. So for almost two hours, she searched for her daughters, and it was a little past twelve thirty in the morning when she finally did call the police dispatcher took her information and notified the Monday night patrol cruisers to look out for the girls. No investigator was coming on duty until eight in the morning and Tony didn't know enough to complain about that and get someone sooner. They just waited. Casper didn't have many police working at night. And it's time pass. Tony's fear grew since her husband, Jack was still in Mexico. She called up a friend to come and spend the night with her and she lay in her bed that night listening for the sound of a car in the driveway or for her daughter's walking through the door just hoping that something horrible head and happen to them. Something horrible head. Yeah. Fortunately, girls have been adopted by these two slime balls, and they'd been forced to lie down in the pack seat of the car for two or three hours has jenkinson. Kennedy drove them around kind of aimlessly beating them terrorizing them girls s more than once. What was going to happen where they're going to be killed? The two men would laugh at him slap him tell him to shut up. So as you can imagine Amy Mbeki were terrified as they drove. The guys told them that they were going to meet a man who would decide what to do with them. They crossed a bridge, and they stopped pushed down on the seat the girls couldn't see much, but in the reflected glow of headlights. They thought they saw roof of some kind of a house or a building. So they thought well the man must live there. And we'll ask him to be merciful. Let us go home in. Maybe this nightmare will go away. Maybe it'll end up just being a story. We can tell when we're older the. Skinny guy with the crazy eyes was Kennedy, and he got out of the passenger side door and pulled the seat forward and reached for little Amy. He said, you I you can't go together and the girls both begged him to take them together to see this man Becky said, please let me go first because she's the older sister. And of course, she felt responsible for her little sister. But her cries, enter please were completely ignored. Meanwhile, Dorsey Jenkins, cherries wife had decided that the best thing she could do is to get away as far from Jerry as possible. Now, she decided that rather than wait for him to return with the Impala, she'd make a clean get-away. She went to visit some friends in the next apartment and asks him to help her fix the station, wagons flat. So while they change the tire. She started throwing everything into the back of the car getting ready to leave. He haven't done after dark Darcy had some second thoughts. She decided she'd hang around until he. Got home. So she could look him in the eye and tell him that she was done with him. And this way, maybe she could take the white Impala with her to which was the better of the cars that they had. So she waited for him. But the hours passed after she put the babies to bed. She went to see the neighbors who'd fixed your tire and one of the neighbors stayed up with her that night drinking coffee and just letting her vent about this. No good husband that she had before we get into the real HARA FANG stuff. 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They started up casper mountain but Jenkins headed turnaround because the car overheated, and he also remembered that the tires were bald they drove back through town and headed out toward a reservoir, which is about twenty five miles away. Kennedy said he had a fan who've been hit by a car a couple of days earlier, the car was identical. The becky's forty told him, and there is a young woman in a little girl in it, the girls he said left the scene and his friend was paralyzed from the neck down. Now, his friend was in a trailer lying low because he was in trouble. And they're going to go out and see him. They said if it wasn't becky's car, then they would take the girls home. But if it was them they would pay for it in it will be killed. So they seem like they're actually tormenting the girls doesn't it beyond all the horrors of objection rape killing. There's a lot of tormenting going on with this whole made up story about a man kind of trying to give them hope and then pulling it out from under them. It's really cruel. Yeah. Amy was afraid that she could be hurt by these two creeps or murdered or murdered. And she insisted it couldn't have been them because they just returned from Mexico. So Kennedy says well, we'll just go out there and see. Then Jerry said he was the one that slashed their tire. And then he told them he and his friend, Jerry. We're Hells Angels. And they were working for the mafia selling drugs, he told him they've already had a friend take becky's car from the grocery store light and smash it up in a ditch. If they weren't the girls who hurt their friend who said, they take them back to that smashed up car and leave them they were to keep their mouths shut. And said it had a car wreck. Kennedy also took Becky that would explain her now bleeding nose swollen. I because they had been used in the two girls punching bags while they're driving around. Yeah. Kennedy and Jenkins were drinking from a case of beer, which they were keeping on the seat between them, and they were whispering back and forth. They offered some beer to Becky who refused. It becky. Of course was desperate to protect Amy and herself she s both Kennedy and Jenkins about their lives and their families trying to get some, you know, humanizing top going on here. Jenkins told her he was thirty nine and not married. Kennedy said he was twenty nine and not married Jenkins said that he and Kennedy had been in Vietnam together and Kennedy had been shot in the head there. Now, he's more animal than man Jenkins said about Kennedy and of as a warning to the girls he said that he could tell Kennedy anything and Kennedy would do it. So it's important to point out here that Jenkins was acting like he was in charge because later on Jenkins's trying to blame everything on Kennedy is if he was just a long he was just the driver testimony from Jenkins who said he was just doing what Kennedy told him to do. Of course, they neared a little roadside store. Kennedy pulled out a knife and jumped up in his seat. He started stabbing and seed around the growth legs now later on. Investigators would remember that the punctures in the backseat outlined girl's body. Then Egypt the open blade towards becky's breasts and held a close to heart. Put your hand on the blade. You order an Amy started screaming and crying. Uncontrollably. Tried to hold her sister's hand, but Kennedy wouldn't let them hold hint. Becky, I love you so much. Emmy, cried Kennedy pushed her hands away from Becky he asked the Amy asked if she could ask them a question and ask them if they were going to murder her and Kennedy acted surprised and offended. Oh, no. Honey, he said you've been watching too many detective stories on TV Jenkins turned off onto a lower row to Pathfinder reservoir. And that would cross the Fremont canyon bridge. Kennedy and Jenkins were whispering to each other. And Becky was begging them not to whisper and to tell them what they were saying because you know, the whispering. Of course, you're going to think what the hell are they talking about? Right. Well, I'm getting worried right? Yeah. The name. He whispered the Becky Becky if we ever get through this on never be greedy again. So it seems that to Amy going to the store to buy candy for herself with somehow the cause of their ordeal. This just makes me wanna cry doesn't it? This little girl was blaming herself in Becky Toler, Amy. It's not your fucking head off. Don't worry. Then the car's headlights flashed across the steel of a bridge Jenkins drove across the bridge, slowly and parked on a narrow dirt road at the far end of the bridge. Yeah. And then he said, okay here we are. And he said that they couldn't both go in at the same time. So both the girls were begging him to let them go together and Kennedy opened his door and the dome light showed Becky swollen bruised and bloody face. So this was the first time that Amy really saw how bad becky's face looked. And she screamed Kennedy handed Becky is open beer can. And she took a sip from the can then Kennedy told Amy to get out of the car and come with him at this point, Amy stopped crying. And she said, okay. Becky, she crawled over her sister becky's lap and got out of the door that Kennedy was holding. And she told her sister that she loved her. And this was the last time that Becky would ever see Amy as she was dragged away from that car, then Kennedy came back, and he was only gone a couple of minutes. He told Becky that her little sister was talking to the man and then. He said we're supposed to go up the road a bit. And wait for a signal then we'll come back down when it's your turn to talk to him. So Jenkins started up the car and the two men were whispering again, Becky, begged them not to whisper at this point. She's hysterical. They drove about one hundred and fifty yards up the road and stopped the car, then Kennedy Andreas and climbed into the back seat. He took off becky's close. She pushed him away trying to block his hands. But he tore off her Bronner panties. And he climbed on top of her Becky told him she'd never had intercourse before, but he raped her. It was very painful, but he really seemed to enjoy her suffering the more she seemed in pain the more. He liked it Jenkins who'd been sitting in the front smoking a cigarette and watching this rape got out of the car climbed in the back, and he also raped Becky. When they were finished with that Becky asked if she could get dressed, she thanked them for not letting her little sister, see the rape Jenkins got back in the car and started it then he backed down the doctor road to the spot where they first stopped where Kennedy had taken Amy out of the car and disappeared for a few minutes. So at this point becky's thinking, she's going to see her little sister, they raped her. And then maybe heard a little sister will be able to go home. But that isn't what happened at all. The men parked beside an old outhouse Jenkins shut off the car in both men got out. Now the night was pitch black hannidy and Jenkins stood on either side of the car door as Becky got out of the car, and they each took one of her arms and walked her into the darkness at the bridge less than thirty steps from the car. Kennedy spoke he said, okay, we're going to meet Amy right here. Now, he said here is if this was their queue because on the word here, both of the men grabbed her and tried to lift her over the guardrail. It was only three feet high. But they couldn't get her over it. So they weren't very strong, but she fought them with all of her strength. They couldn't get her to let go of the rail. So Jenkins began choking her. Jenkins. Make sure she's gonna die. Make sure she'll be dead at that moment Becky had to make an impossible choice. She could be strangled and thrown from the bridge unconscious or she could take chances at surviving the fall. So she went limp pretending to be unconscious, then she let herself off in the bridge. She was in a free fall hit allege and then hit the water the fell into the river. Had crippled her in her legs didn't work. She was eighteen but she'd never broken a bone before. But she believed at this point that are lakes must have been broken. They just kind of hung from her hips. Freezing cold, and useless and throbbing with pain Jenkins and Kennedy hadn't let Becky putter panties. Brought back on just your sweater entered jeans. And when they dumped her off the bridge into the dark. She slammed into a stone ledge her body bounced off the wall and plummeted downward. She hit the water. Her lungs burned is water built her airway and she Claude in the water with their hands is the water had pulled her down. And she fought so hard her pants had slipped off of her. So when she finally made it to the surface of the river, it was still near freezing. She paddled to some granite slabs dragging her legs out of the water. She felt like screaming, but she was worried that the two men were waiting for her up on the bridge stones said cut into her skin. Is she dragged herself along she fell into some of the river brush between two boulders which protected or a little bit from the wind. Then she heard their voices from the top of the canyon, which was more than one hundred feet up. They were talking and laughing her hips were aching and she wanted to cry, but she had to keep silent because she was afraid of them hearing her and coming back for her Becky photo sleep and tried to avoid imagining that Amy might be down there. In the water. Now the next day Parlin Dorothy stressor rose at done. They intended to go fishing that day they had the day off. And it was gonna be a nice day to be out in the fresh air, although the state highway was faster to their fishing hole. They drove along the more scenic lower road to Pathfinder reservoir. So as a strategist drove over the bridge a little after eight in the morning, they saw flicker of color that looked at a place, and it was moving a Brown haired girl lay in the dirt at the end of the bridge, waving her arms. Her red sweater was torn in dirty, and she is nude from the waist down Carl Strasser break the car jumped out and ran over to the girl. She was pale dirty letty. He could see the cuts where she dragged herself across the gravel of the canyon. It was near freezing. Dorothy took an old blanket from the trunk and covered. Becky, her face was caked with dried blood, her left eye was swollen shut side of her. Head was Bruce too deep purple. White fat tissue and blood congealed around a long gash on her left, hip and her legs that were covered with blood didn't work at all. My god. What happened to you? Carl ask Becky answered I was raped and thrown off the bridge. And my little sister was too. She's down there someplace, and I think she's dead Becky covered or exposed lower body is best. She could with her hands. Carl took off his jacket and tied the arms around pick his ways to cover her as she couldn't stand the stressors lifted her into the backseat of their car turn the heater up. Full blast. Carl ran to the bridge railing and leaned out looking down. He didn't wanna waste time. Looking for a body that might not be there? But he didn't wanna leave Amy down there if she needed help too. But he saw nothing. So he decided to get help for Becky back in the car. He drove toward Sloan store, which is a roadside market about ten miles down. On the road on the way, Becky was crying and she asked for water they gave her some hot coffee to drink. She told the strassler's more of her story about the abduction the rape. Enter fall from the bridge down in that dark canyon. She had called out for Amy but got no answer. At the store. Carl ran inside to call the sheriff while Dorothy stayed with Becky in the car twenty minutes later, the sheriff in an ambulance arrived, the sheriff himself questioned Becky and confirmed that she was one of the two girls who had been reported missing by their mother the night before on their way to the hospital Becky became angry. She wanted to stay alive at least in part. So she could see these men punished in the hospital Becky told police how she and Amy had gone to the thrift way to buy some groceries a little after nine pm it was dark when they left and they parked near the store's front door. Fifteen minutes later, they got in becky's Ford station wagon and backed up a few feet, but Becky notice that her right rear tire was flat. This made her mad. She said because she just had it fixed a couple of days earlier, she pulled back into her parking spot beside two guys in a white car who asked if she needed. Help. So the driver was the fat guy with greasy light colored hair wearing a denim jacket. His passenger was a skinny wild eyed guy who called himself Kenny and that was Kennedy. Now, they rummaged through Jerry's truck to find Jack, and they jacked up becky's car a few inches and then stopped. When Becky described her attackers, the policemen were pretty sure they knew who they were Ronald Kennedy and Jerry Jenkins were small time crooks who hung out together quite a bit. And every cop in the area knew them and didn't think much of them. So they told Becky they were going to go to another station and see if they could fix her tire real quick. That'd be great Becky said and waited for them. So Becky told Amy to run over to the nearby convenience store payphone and call their mom to tell her that they had a flat, but some nice men were going to help them, and they'd be right home, the two guys left, but they were back in just five minutes, and that was before Amy had returned from the convenience store. Now, the men wanted Becky to go with them to the station, but Becky said just a minute. I've gotta go get my little sister Amy had gone into the store after the phone call to her mom and bought herself. Some candy Becky hurried her along. And they went back to her car together where Kennedy and Jenkins were. Awaiting Hannity, then came up beside Becky and stuck a knife against her ribs. And that's when she knew that her and her sister were in big trouble. And that's when they got them into the car. Now, this is just so haunting and terrifying to me because as a teenager, we went out and did things ourselves me, and my girlfriends missus tres, and there were always creepy guys around trying to get you in the car trying to talk to you. So this could have happened to me so easily. Where you're of the when it was common for people to be taking rights from strangers. We don't do that anymore. But I never did take rides from strangers. But it could have happened. I certainly could've you were smart. I was scared and you head pig sisters, and parents who told you these things. Well, I'm just saying that could easily have been me or many of the girls I grew up with in this situation, which just makes my blood just go cold to think about it. So when Tony case was finally allowed to see her daughter doctors, and nurses were still working on her wounds and police were asking her questions Becky turned to a mother in tears and said, mama. I don't think Amy's coming back. So well, Tony comforted Becky a doctor removed a contact lent that have become trapped in her swollen. I so investigators arranged for a photo lineup for Becky she easily picked out Kennedy and Jenkins later that morning. Detectives staked out Kennedy's house. This was his mother's house where Kennedy was living at the time. Then they heard on police radio that both Kennedy end Jenkins had been spotted together in Kennedy's old green pickup on the nearby highway. They are about to return to the house when investigators so Kennedy's track going down the street right past them. But Kennedy was alone. So if Jenkins had been with him he'd apparently gotten out of the truck after a few blacks Kennedy stopped at a stop light on a main street. A few pedestrians crossed in front of his truck investigator, Dave develo leapt from his car and ran to the center of the main street to Kennedy's open window. He drew his handgun is renting than it. Quickly opened the driver's side door and drag Kennedy out onto the road. With the car's engine still running develop arrested Ronald Kennedy who has taken to the police department only thirty paces away from where he was cuffed right there by. The court house and the police station roof handy, but this is some police work on this is kind of Starsky and hutch jumping out of the car. Pulling the gun in the door opens his big stuff, and this policeman would become very close to Becky over the years. He actually walked her down the aisle at her wedding, your they became friends. Yes, now Jerry Jenkins was spotted on foot headed to a neighborhood liquor store one that he'd actually robbed a few years before with Ron Kennedy two cups pulled up in a cruiser beside him and told him he was under arrest in Jenkins acted surprised. They read him his rights and cuffed him telling him that he was a suspect in a rape and murder. There was a pocket knife in Jenkins pants pocket. The same knife. Kennedy had used to abduct and terrorize Becky and Amy that night before now that afternoon Jerry Jenkins was brought into the interrogation room. In handcuffs. He kept his head down. He'd been in police custody for less than an hour kept in a holding cell at the end of the hall and throughout his interrogation. He put most of the blame on Kennedy, and he refused to answer if he had raped Becky now at age twenty nine Jenkins already knew the criminal Justice system. Very well. He ran away from home four times when he was fifteen always returned to his parents until the last time when he was turned over to juvenile probation officers. His father Edgar Jenkins was a truck driver who was often away from home. The Jenkins family was a big mess getting drunk and fighting. We're just commonplace. The father beat the mother and the kids, and they moved around frequently the kids got into drugs and crime when they were quite young now while other kids in the neighborhood, we're going to the soda shop together to the movies Jenkins fell in with the local troublemakers. Stealing cars and staying drunk most of the time. So Jenkins was arrested nine times before he even turned eighteen some of the offenses public drunkenness careless driving vagrancy and even a hit and run. He served two sentences at the Wyoming boy school a reformatories for juvenile offenders. And at eighteen he said he wanted to join the army, so they let him out he passed the test. But as soon as he was out he went AWOL before he was even inducted into the army when summer night in nineteen sixty eight Jerry Jenkins in another man got drunk, and they somehow got a nineteen year old woman into their car supposedly to get a soda at a local diner. But instead they drove her to a deserted road park beside a deep era Gatien canal and raped her. They later dumped her alive behind an apartment building in town and they threatened to kill her. She told the cops. Sweated happened. But she did tell the cops and Jenkins in this other guy were arrested. The other man's trial was first and he was convicted of first degree rape. But before Jenkins truck could start the raped woman decided she had suffered enough throughout the cross examination in the first guys trial. So she refused to testify further. And Jerry Jenkins walked. So Jenkins described how he and Kennedy had driven back to town dump becky's person some other evidence of another bridge. And then he dropped Kennedy at his house Jenkins. Arrived home around two in the morning. Now, his wife wasn't home at the time. But when she did arrive, they fought until after done the next morning groggy instill a little drunk 'cause he inhaled the ocean of beer the day. This Jenkins had another beer little hair the dog, he told police that he'd contemplated surrendering. But while driving around you so Kennedy over coffee at a truck stop on the edge of town. He confessed to feeling guilty and wanted to spill his guts to police then he said that he met Kennedy for coffee and Kennedy threatened his life. If you told anyone would they had done. So they didn't really believe that he had said that to Kennedy. He's just trying to look like he was the innocent one. It's all bullshit. Yeah. So when the case finally went to trial Becky testified against both men. She had to point them out in the courtroom as Kennedy actually taunted her by smiling while sliding his finger across his throat. They were both convicted of first degree murder rape and assault and battery they were sentenced to death, but their sentences were reduced to life in prison in nineteen seventy seven when the Wyoming supreme court overturned the state's death penalty. So every time the two would come up for parole. Becky had to relive that horrible night. Hannity had been appealing for retrial an effort that friends say was very troubling. And frightening for Becky so Becky launched a statewide petition opposing parole for the two men, and she gathered hundreds of signatures, her sisters who were still alive Kelly bridge and Blyth Johnson were among those going door to door getting the signatures with her so Becky had a fairly successful life for a while. She sold advertising for a casper radio station as she got older, and she was a friendly. High functioning woman she loved to play jokes. And she never forgot anyone's birthday. She also had a daughter who she adored. Yeah. But beneath her friendly smile, she was plagued with guilt about Amy Steph. She has survived an Amy had not. And she carried Amy's picturing her wallet for her entire life. So that night in what happened never left her? No. I mean, just put women hedges major PTSD. Yeah. You're right. And I don't know if she got is much therapy as she probably should have. I don't know. But I mean, just living through something like that. It kind of destroyed are really it really kind of destroyed who she was. She was never the same. But she really tried seems like she put it in such an effort to try and get along in life. She did. But by nineteen ninety two almost twenty years after the murder and rape. She was just plunging deeper and deeper into despair, she was divorced in debt alcoholic and filled with fear that Kennedy and Jenkins might actually succeed in an appeal to get a new trial and go free. Well, there has to be a real fear that has to be terrifying. Doesn't it? Yeah. I mean, if they're going up before the parole board and doing appeals I'd be terrified. So that July nineteen ninety two with their boyfriend. Enter two year old daughter Becky took a drive to the site of Amy's murder in this. She stood on the bridge. Her boyfriend stepped away briefly to put their child in the car. And at that moment, he heard a crash and Becky was gone. Becky's death came just days before the announcement that Kennedy and Jenkins had been denied a new trial. She was raped and murdered nineteen years ago. But she died Friday said sheriff Davila who had arrested the two men the day that Becky had crawled out of the canyon and who had been part of becky's life. On the day. She died Becky was thirty seven and she acknowledged her boyfriend's pleading driven along the winding hilly country roads to the free mind. Canyon bridge sky was clear and the sun was setting standing perilously above the narrow gorge Becky plunged to her death becky's boyfriend inner two year old daughter from her failed marriage with her the night. She died the boyfriend said Becky wouldn't tell him why she wanted to return to the bridge. She hadn't been there in all the years. This is the first time she worked up, the courage or whatever to go there. And maybe just being there was too much for her. Yeah. Or maybe she was planning to kill herself that's possible too. So the boyfriend said she just said she had to go there in the more. I told her not to go there the fast as she went when she was hitting seventy miles an hour. That's when I shut up. Yes. So Becky pulled the car to the far side of the bridge. And she her boyfriend in her two year old daughter walked beside the waist, high railing Becky pointed out where the men had raped her where they thrown her over where she'd hit the protruding rock ledge, and where she'd spent the night shivering and terrified thinking they might come back for her thinking that her little sister was dead below her. She was dangling her legs through the railing and resting her arms on top of it. And she was crying as she told her boyfriend how she had begged the men, please don't hurt or rape, Amy. She told her boyfriend she loved him and ran her hands through his hair, and he told her that the baby shouldn't see her cry. And that's when he was taking the baby back to the car. And that's when he heard the crash of becky's body hitting the water. He ran back to the bridge with the daughter in his arms, and the baby was crying and screaming, and he was crying and screaming. It was just a horrible horrible day. Police who ruled out foul play pulled becky's body out of the water just about an hour later, and this was very near where they had found Amy's body at the bottom of the shallow water there. Becky had landed near the Bank in about three feet of water. And like her sister nineteen years before she had a broken neck and massive head injuries. So none of us can never know. Exactly. What through becky's mind in the last few moments of her life, or whatever we're going on in the weeks in hours leading up to her death. But it's very haunting just to think about what she was dealing with. She spent that long night at the bottom of the canyon. And one thing that we read in the book the darkest night by Ron Francis will which is a book about this case was that there was kind of a false dawn that night that would have led her to believe it was morning that it was becoming morning, and it would be light soon. When actually she was still hours away from daylight your shoes trying to survive the night and started getting late, and she was thinking dawn was coming. But it was just Matric of the light. And Dan was still a few hours away. The other thing that's amazing to me. This woman had a record held us. So from the waist down her legs were pretty much useless. Yeah. Nevertheless, she climbed a hundred feet or so out of that canyon under the road. And I guess climb isn't the way to put it very accurately. She pulled herself out. Well, it is amazing. Because other people have said they tried to make that climb in perfectly. Good health, and it's tough. Right with four good extremities right now. Another thing about ROY friends story of win Becky killed herself. Is that the week before she bought ode to Billie Joe, which is a movie about a boy who couldn't cope with memories of being molested and jumped off Mississippi's Tallahassee bridge, and he said that Becky watched this four times that week and cried each time, and she just said that she had to see it because it reminded her and she liked to cry for friends and family would say that Becky lived in fear of her abductor's. She was just terrified that they would escape or be paroled and returned to kill her. So although she went for years without drinking. She did recently start drinking again shortly before her death and the night she died she and her boyfriend shared two pitchers of beer. So her family thinks about this. They come up with what they think happened that night and her mother thought. That alcohol gave Becky a false sense of courage to face, your fears. And then once she got there. She just couldn't cope with being there. Maybe she thought that she would go there, and she could get past all the feeling she had her PTSD by facing it head on Becky stepfather jet case likes to think that she just lost her balance that she didn't want to die. But she slipped. You're our former husband said, maybe she jumped off in an upholstery vet. But it almost seems like this was planned to me. Yeah. Yeah. I think it was. I think that she had this in mind when she went there access may also said that the Becky always thought that she should have died and not her sister in he thought that she was at the point where she just gave up the reason she went back to the bridge who's because of her sister to be with Amy. Research does show a strong link between PTSD and suicide a study in the journal, depression and anxiety found that of those who reported a past traumatic event. Twenty eight percent have attempted suicide in a study published in the journal social psychiatry and psychiatric epidemiology found that of those with chronic PTSD more than half had some suicidal thoughts and nearly ten percent had made attempts after the trauma. So it's very possible that Becky jumped off that bridge on purpose. She had so much to deal with she did years earlier Becky had been referred to a psychiatrist to his going to help redu with their issues. The psychiatrist told her that she was blocking out many of remembers of the crime, and he thought she would do better if she could remember everything that had happened. So he scheduled a session in a private office at the hospital. Now, she. Later told friends that the psychiatrists made her breathe gaseous truth serum. That would help unlock memories she had pushed beyond her conscious grasp. The doctor told her to let him know when she started feeling the slightest bit unusual, but because she was an addict, and because the gas is first soothing affects gay for kind of euphoria. She didn't say anything she woke up three days later couldn't remember anything, but she did have a vague memory of some sexual encounter while she is in a dream state half awake. When she told her friends most of them passed it off as a drug induced hallucination, and when she told her group therapists about it. They asked the psychiatrist to answer any question. She might have in front of her fellow addicts and other Steph Becky was humiliated and back down. It not only disgraced her, but she felt she is risking heaven the entire medical community turning against her. Well, plus you have to remember she's already been victim of sexual assault. So this is very difficult for her. But what's really interesting to me is that this psychiatrist did alternately face at least three lawsuits by former patients who said that he did have improper sex with them. They were all settled out of court between nineteen ninety and nineteen ninety two each for six figure amounts. So it sounds like there's something to that. Certainly those this psychiatrist also lost his, Idaho, medical license. And then he fled to Texas in nineteen Ninety-three about a year after Beck is death. He was extradited back to Wyoming to face fifteen sexual assault charges in criminal court. And in a plea bargain. He pleaded no contest to to second degree rape charges in exchange for only five years probation. And during that time, he couldn't treat any. Female patients. But that means he's still treating male patients. How outrageous is that? Very, and you know, how much is fine was chicken feed if d bucks so had Becky been one of his unknown victims had she been raped once by her two killers. And then again in the safety of a clinic by Dr she trusted to help her and I call them her killers because they really did killer. It took nineteen years, but they killed her. It's impossible to know if she was victim. But it certainly seems like she could have been. She had discussed a lawsuit with a lawyer. But she died before it was prepared. And she also fit the profile of that doctor's typical victims attractive troubled with long dark hair and the assault that she described sounded like some of his known victims accounts of this doctors assaults soon after his conviction on sex charges. The psychiatrist left his prison counseling job, and is no longer working as a psychiatrist, but imagine what Becky had been through. And then for psychiatrist raped her too. I just can't imagine the trauma. How could you trust? Anyone again? Really don't feel you could this. This woman has been through so much in her life, and then to have this happen. Yeah. Pursuing she trusted who's supposed to help her get better. I know right. This is destroying it's horrible. So after her death, which was in nineteen ninety two. Her ex husband took cuss. Custody of their toddler who was two and he moved out of Wyoming. Jerry Jenkins died in nineteen ninety eight leaving Ronald Kennedy is the only person alive who knew what happened that night in nineteen seventy three and he is still on death row. But he isn't he blaming it all on the one who died on Jenkins for sure. But that's how you do it. You're in a partnership until you get caught. And then you point the finger at the other person. Is there any chance he'll get out? I don't think. So now he must be quite old by now this happened in seventy three so it's forty five years ago. So if he was thirty he's in his seventy s bro. Yeah. He's not gonna get out. And even if he did there are several references in that book. We read about the townspeople would take care of things if he ever did get out on parole. He probably wouldn't last very long up at a link to the book on our show notes because it was a really good book that went over the whole case very well. Written interesting book, but haunting I have a say. Some sleep with that was a tough story. Sure was the music for true crime brewery is written and produced by tristen Capelle. If you want more TC be you can go to our website tigr dot com and join team Tigris ever for access to members only episodes along with this exclusive access to our large Bank of members only episodes you'll receive a gift from us as well as our undying admiration. You can also go to patriot and become a patron of true crime brewery for the same benefits. Now in November, we covered the murders at White House, farm and other members only episodes include the case of child killer. Diane downs are OJ Simpson series. The case of Robert Fisher, just a whole bunch of them. Now, some other ways for you to show your support for true crime brewery are to follow a on Twitter at Tigra pods on Instagram tiger, repod casts and unfazed book. On facebook. You can join our true crime brewery fan discussions group and get into some conversations about past cases and other crime, topics. If you enjoy the show, please take a minute to give us a review on I tunes or wherever you listen because that helps us a lot and it helps new listeners find us. So let's move forward with feedback. Now, remember, you can send feedback in case suggestions to us in an E mail to true crime brewery at tigr dot com or just tell us in your own voice by leaving a voicemail on the Leyva voicemail link on the front page of our website tie, grabber dot com. Unto the feedback. I will do some mail. So I have three of them. Okay. What you got the first ones from Jenny Hijau? Hi, dick. My name is Jenny. I am calling you from London as you can tell from my accent on American I live over here. Now. I just finished listening to your what happened to Heidi episode and the minute that I heard she was acting as a confidential informant. I knew I had to call you and tell you about my friend, Rachel Hoffman who in two thousand eight when she was only twenty three years old. She was murdered shot to death while acting as a confidential informant in a botched drug sting in Tallahassee Florida. So what happened to she had was facing a little bit of jail time for possession of marijuana and four ecstasy tablets, the Tallahassee police department pressured her to act as a confidential informant and said, we'll think about reducing your sentence. If you do this for us. So they set up this drug by and she was to act as the buyer. So Rachel was give. In thirteen thousand dollars in cash, and she was told to buy one thousand five hundred ecstasy pills. Two ounces of cocaine and two handguns. Rachel had no experience buying cocaine buying handguns. And if you ask me, this is a very far cry from having a few ounces of pot and for ecstasy pills from from that to cook and guns. But I digress. Is she also had never had any contact with the two men who she was supposed to be meeting to make the spy. So there were two officers assigned to supervise this drug sting, and it was laid after an investigation. It was they were deemed insufficient manpower to protect her and also for him the suspects. So while she was at the by with the police a monitoring the two sucks test specs excuse me chain the location of the by she was told not to follow them to the new location. But and this is a quote from her Wikipedia page if anyone wants to look it up a murder of Rachel Hoffman technical issue. Use prevented her from actually receiving the instructions, and quote, so the police officers lost track of her because she agreed to go to this new location. She got him the car with the suspects, and they shot her to death with the gun that she was instructed to buy her family sued the Tallahassee police department for wrongful death. And if there's anything good that came out of this terrible situation. It was that we now have something called Rachel's law which requires law enforcement agencies to provide special training for officers who recruit confidential informants again, I want to reiterate she was only twenty three years old. She never had any any experience buying handguns or cocaine. She was set up to meet with complete strangers. And it's just a tragic situation. All around the name shar this happens much more than we hear about. Thank you very much. And I love your show by. Wow. This is exactly what we were talking about with Heidi. The you've kind of. Entrap a young kid her relatively young kid in who's been picked up for a fairly minor drug offence and get them to be a confidential informant. And a lot of times is no specific training or anything that's done. But this is outrageous. Isn't it? This is just oh my God. Almost over the top almost over the tap. This is so irresponsible. Awful the poor young woman while that is just a great suggestion for you to send to us Jenny. I'm amazed by that story in definitely wanna find out more about it. And I think you're right. I think it does happen more often than we hear of oh, we hear the tip of the iceberg about the real disastrous. It happen care, but there's a bunch of near disasters or near misses share. But this one is just a complete tragedy. And so we responsible by the police. It's just disgusting. It is it's an interesting case. And I think we'll look into that. And see about doing it. He. Yeah. Yeah. Definitely. Thank you, Jenny. All right. Then we have Alan. Hey, Jill and dick. I'm from Ferndale Washington. I've had a lot of my neighbors down south from Bellingham Paul, and I'm an electric up here. And I have everybody on the job sites. Listen to true crime brewery, and we all thought you should do a show on Kim proper from Victoria BC. That case was something else. Thank you. All right Allen, right to the point. Yes. So we're going to get right to the point and just very quickly when night around dinnertime crews K R USC, well would send an instant message to Kim Proctor. Hey, I thought you had babysitting did you finish early? So he was gutsy sixteen year old scraggly hair living in a bungalow with his mother at Happy Valley road in the town of Langford British Columbia on this evening is on so many others. Cruise was hanging out with his best friend Cameron Moffitt. But like many kids his age crews spent as much time with friends online as he didn't person. So when he wasn't texting he was playing world of warcraft or chatting over the Microsoft Network with friends so in Cruz, I am Kim to see if she was done babysitting. No response came. But he didn't expect one could see instant message was a cover crews new Kim had never. Made it to her job. She was right there in his house with him and Cam bound beaten raped in by the next morning, stuffed into his freezer, dead, only shed. Yes. Okay. So you've got some more on that. So you wanna consider covering that case? I definitely do. All right. Well, thank Saillant could suggestion. And then our last one is from Jahic who's also let you'll you'll play it. You'll hear he's offering his assistance. All right. Let's hear it. Hello Jila, dick. This is one of your attorney friend listeners located in Columbia, South Carolina. I enjoy your podcasts in particular, the death in the detailed medical legal analysis that you provide with each case. I also have a case suggestion for you. Which is a case of Wesley our dot. He was a sex offender in serial killer in the Pacific northwest in nineteen eighties nineties. I think it would be an interesting podcast for you to undertake for several reasons first the system fail when he wasn't prosecuted or arrested after multiple inappropriate contact with job. Also, his arrest in capture wasn't is an interesting story itself. Finally, he's one of the few criminals sentenced to death that actually. Took steps to move his execution date forward. I believe he was the last person hang in the state of Washington. Once again, I really enjoy your podcasts. Can't wait for the next episode canal. He bought the good work if you have any legal questions, I may be able to assist. Thanks again. Bye. Bye. Thanks janik. I think that's awesome. That we have someone who wants to assist us with our legal questions because you know, we have them or review. Thank you sounds like a good resource. Absolutely. I love that pussies from one of my favorite cities. Yeah. Bo cox. Not going to say too much about Westley Allan Dodd other than that. He was a dad apple almost from the start beginning his crime spree or sprees around age twelve or thirteen as Jahic said he had been arrested or detained numerous times for sexual misbehavior. And never did. He get convicted of anything the system really failed on pedophilia. Sounds like yes. Then when he finally was caught and sentenced he was to be executed sentenced to death, and he actually pushed for it said do it. He was hanged on January fifth nineteen ninety three. It was the first legal hanging in the United States since nineteen sixty five the last hanging in the state of Washington and ninety only one that's kinda shocked that someone was hanged in nineteen Ninety-three. That's not that long ago. No. And when we think of hanging we think of kind of medieval, or at least old west Justice. So that alone is fascinating to me a little bit. I read about Wesley died. Very interesting. So I think that that someone we're going to look at to do a case. Those are the voicemails. We've got two emails one of which has two suggestions Israel case suggestions. So the first one's for you from sandy L K, sandy writes. Hi, Jill dick avenue listener here. And I am now just listening to the main line murder. I'm very familiar with the story growing up in Montgomery County. Stephanie's brother IRA worked at a steakhouse. My family frequented back when the murder happened and was very well liked. It was so sad to see how much I read changed after his sister was killed just not as lively just reading that sentence. I'd like to add that's one thing. We've definitely learned from doing this podcast is one person might be killed. But it destroys the lives of many people. You're a ripple of family who yet remove totally. So sandy goes on. I was wondering if you ever heard about the murders of Lisa Marie mandir, UK it or night. Eighteen month old daughter. Devon this happened in nineteen ninety five in Collegeville Pennsylvania. Which is also in Montgomery County. Just a horrible story of two lives cut way too short. And then she wished us a wonderful holiday season and says cheers. Thanks, sandy. Happy holidays to you. So Caleb Fairley is an American murderer from Gulf mills Pennsylvania and in nineteen ninety-five fairly murdered. Lisa Marie Mandara who was twenty nine and her nineteen month old daughter, Devon when the two visited the college Ville, Pennsylvania children's clothing store where he worked on September tenth nineteen ninety five fairly was working alone at your kids and mine, the Collegeville children's clothing store owned by his parents now just before closing time. Lisa Marie and her daughter entered the store when fairly realized that they were the only customers present he locked the doors to the store, he then attempted. To sexually assault. Lisa marie. And when she resisted him he became enraged in strangled her to death. He also strangled the baby and after the murder he sexually assaulted Lisa. Marie body. Then went to an electric hellfire club concert that he'd been planning to attend that night. So this is really horrific to think you could go into a store with your baby. I mean, who would even think that that's a dangerous thing to do. Right. And you're in a good part of town. Yeah. Right now. Look, you're you're going to buy clothes for your baby. Wow. Horrific certainly is only thank you for that suggestion saying they will definitely look more into that. Although that's one of those ones that's going to give me nightmares. Then we have Email from Barbara from North Carolina. And she's got a couple case suggestions, okay? And I I didn't put any real discussion on them because she described him pretty nicely. Great. Thanks, barbara. So you want to take this? Sure. So the first one is Michelle young was found beaten to death in a Raleigh, North Carolina. Home on November third two thousand six Michelle was five months pregnant at the time. She also had a two and a half year old daughter who was left on harmed in the home after his first trial ended in a hung jury. Michelle's husband Jason was convicted in two thousand. Thousand twelve and is currently serving life without parole for this crime. Barbara says that Michelle was her co worker and someone she liked and respected. So she's filed this case closely. I'm aware that opinions on Jason's guilt vary based on who you talk to. I'd love to hear you cover it in here. What you think? So she also gives you a beer suggestion from Raleigh lone rider beer moon. Reuter? This is clear I p a called happy Kiei. We just heard that on the couple of movies. Didn't we all die hard? You'd be Kiei motherfucker not happy Chi. Yes. Well, those Christmas movies, especially part one in into Christmas movie lists. But that's pretty good beer. So let's think about that not just because of the beer, especially know that North Carolina though, I bet with the most murderous we've covered have been there. I think Florida's the number one Florida Carolina's right up there. He adds that southeast. The United States. You wanna watch out for now? The next one is Nancy Cooper who we've already done a podcast on this case. So is there additional information in here? I know there are widely varying opinions on breads skill. Well, she says that Nancy was wrangled in a drainage ditch. Her husband Brad was arrested for the murder in two thousand eight and convicted in two thousand eleven but in two thousand thirteen he was granted a new trial in two thousand fourteen he agreed to plead guilty to second degree murder in exchange for a sentence of twelve to fifteen years. And there are a large group of supporters who think that Brad is innocent, reduce gross. They're good morning. We did. Yep. But another interesting thing is that she suggests another North Carolina brewery in Cary, North Carolina, which is bond brothers fear. And it's one of your favorite beers says she's recommended flavor pattern sour ale, which I have not had. No, we'll look for that. To get me. Some of that. Procure even though we've done this case the beer because there are plenty of murders in North Carolina to go around. Right. Certainly are we shouldn't say it that way. Now, there's there's a good number of murders. Why is that do we know? No. I don't know I suppose we could look at any state virtually and find a good number of murders. That would be bit episodes to be that these are just famous murders or interesting murders or unusual murders. You know? Well, I mean, we've done the staircase. Which is a fascinating case that's done. The poor little girl from Australia who was killed Sarah Baker the McDonald case, right? And then we've got the Eastbourne murders. His bird. Yeah. So there are a lot of murders. There. I'm sorry. If you live there, but be careful, please. So that wraps it up for the day. This is New Year's day. So I think that time to sign off and let people celebrate the new year coming in for those of you who are awake. We went to bed. Well, we made it to ten thirty ten forty five. But then the dogs insisted we had to go to bed they were tired. But we did have a sip of champagne and welcomed in the new year just a little bit early. So see next week guys. All right. Thank you for listening. And we'll see you next time at the quiet end. Bye. Bye. Bye.

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