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"one two three tucci" Discussed on If I Were You

"This one is released on our patriots. This one is special. This one is actually a sex -clusive what? That's right. Most videos are an exclusive. This one is a sex clues to what end. So basically at the end of this episode, Jake and I will perform oral sex on each other or away. I didn't sign up for that. Okay, I condone it. I'm just realizing I didn't bring that up with you. This is why you started the patriot. I just. Other should be a sex -clusive Europe pervert, you know, I thought it would be fun. We start this episode off with that improv game that we sometimes play before live shows. Oh, that's fun. So we do explain the rules. Again, it's one, two, three yet we we basically we get a random word from somebody or like pull it off of a poster. Okay. And then we say one, two, three, and we try to say the exact same word. Got it. And then we, if we don't, we say one, two, three yen and then try to save the exact same word. But usually like using the last it's like a word association to people converge and try to hit the same to get our brains to align. Okay. So why don't we try this? Let's try to align our brains. We'll start with the word clock. Okay. All right. One, two, three time. That was great. I was very, okay. Now, let's get a random word eagle wrench one-two-three hammer one, two, three nail. Nice. Okay. At anybody else have a word troll. Okay. One, two, three grants. Well, i'm. Cheating. Yeah, I was. I realized that you were going internet stuff. I had no idea. I was just going places where you find all right, one last word Giancarlo day per day. All right. One, two, three toilet one-two-three one-two-three doing. Anal one-two-three one-two-three Tucci one two, three, eight old one, two, three, eight one three, eight. To a tiny little dark. And then it cuts to our six -clusive. All right. I think we're properly warmed up for good. This is a question that we received from collegiately a lady university. She's confused. She's bewildered. She's frankly a little bit scared of herself. Nice. So let's call her crew el-adha Ville. Why? Because she is afraid. Crew eligible is not age. She's evil. Well, I'm afraid of her dogs just found out recently crew, Ella cruel, DeVille devil, didn't that? Yes. All right, good. That even as a child, of course. Scar scar. Simba, which is fine unrelated to anything. Let's cut to the chase. I'm a twenty two year old female rights crew Ella, and I've been single for a whopping seven years. That's right. Only short term flings for this hot young thing, not trying to to my own horn or anything, but I know what I want and I know how to get it. I guess I'm Jake of myself in that regard. Here comes the dilemma. I use Tinder to actually meet up with a guy as opposed to just laughing at all the agos in my vicinity. And I lucked the fuck out. He's funny, he's quirky, he's pretty attractive to boot the sexes in bad either. Nice. And I think it's safe to say that we've started developing feelings for each other, but I've been single for so long that I'm hesitant and I think even a little bit scared to start a relationship, even though it seems that it's heading in that direction. How do you guys, especially Jake approach being in a committed relationship after being single for an extended period of time?.

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