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"one thousand nine hundred seventy two five years" Discussed on SpaceTime with Stuart Gary

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"one thousand nine hundred seventy two five years" Discussed on SpaceTime with Stuart Gary

"Of the voyager two spacecraft. The agency's seventy mehta camera deep space network radio dish. The only antenna capable of contacting the forty three year old spacecraft successfully set a series of commands to the probe the dish officially known as deep space station forty three has been undergoing a major upgrade and refurbishment since mid march with the dish out of action mission managers could receive data from voyager two through the three thirty four meter wide radio antennas at the camera complex but couldn't send commands to the far-flung probe which is now lift our solar system and he's flying through interstellar space among the upgrades to the ds's forty-three dish with tinny radio transmitters one of them which is used to talk to void you to hasn't been replaced in more than forty seven years engineers have also upgraded heating and cooling equipment for the electronics. The power supply equipment and other technology needed to run the new transmitters. The successful cold avoid the to is just one indication that the dish will be back online showed in february next year located knee camera. The antennas part of a network of three radio antenna ground stations. The other two being goldstone in california and madrid in spain the network up primarily used to communicate with spacecraft operating beyond earth orbit the position of the three facilities around the planet ensures that almost any spacecraft line of sight with earth can communicate with at least one facilities at anytime voice to is a rare exception launched in nineteen seventy seven just days before its twin void you won the spacecraft was designed to achieve nothing lists than the grand tour of the outer solar system visiting the gas giants jupiter and saturn and the ice giants. You're innocent neptune. In order to make it close fly. By of neptune's moon triton in one thousand nine hundred nine the probe flew over the planet's north pole the gravitational impact of that dejected deflected it southwards relative to the plan of the planets. And it's been heading in that direction. Out of the solar system and interstellar space ever since now more than eighteen point eight billion kilometers from earth the voyager two spacecraft e so fast south it no longer has line of sight with radio antennas in northern hemisphere. So this is forty. Three's the only dish in the southern hemisphere with a transmitter powerful enough and that broadcasts at the right frequencies to send commands to the distant spacecraft voyages fast moving twin void. You one took a different path past satin and can communicate through the antennas at the to dsm facilities in the northern hemisphere. The antennas need uplift commands to both voyagers in radio frequency range code s band and the antennas downlink data from the spacecraft in a range known as the x band. The probes are constantly sending back science data from interstellar space that is the region of the galaxy immediately outside the sun's helius fear. The protective bubble of product was a magnetic field created by the sun that surrounds the pilots and the copperbelt a collection of small icy bodies beyond the orbit of neptune. This forty-three began operating back. In one thousand nine hundred seventy two five years before the launch of the voyage attune voyager one spacecraft back then. It was only sixty four meters wide the same size as the packs radio telescope dish. It was expanded to seventy meters in nineteen eighty seven and received a variety of upgrades and modifications since then the is overseeing the counter. Work say this is being one of the most significant makers the dishes received and the longest. It's been off line in thirty years. Philip baldwin operations manage if nasa space communications and navigation program says the assist forty-three antenna is a highly specialized system. He says there are only two other similar. Antennas in the world so having the antenna down for a full year's not an ideal situation for voyager or any other major s emissions currently in operation. The camera deep space. Communications network complex is managed by the ceasefire siro on behalf of nasa complex spokesperson. Glenn nagel says. The refurbishment of dc's forty-three will benefit other missions including nasr's mars perseverance rosa which will land on the red planet on february eighth next year. And the upcoming optimists missions which will return humans to the surface of the moon. Twenty twenty four and eventually onto mars part of the ongoing upgrade. Or how big seventy made a dish one of those with that that we could send commanding through the voice of food place craft that again tenant they spray the only intern around the world have bullet doing and why is it. The anyone that can reach voyage to avoid you just space craft and kind of neptune back in nineteen ninety nine. Victory took southwood below the ecliptic plane. And so come now by. Yeah the in out there in california literally. The earth is in the waste so they're able to see that by take the thirty four dishes simply aren't big enough not capable to transmit with high power transition type ability like still can receive if we combined two of them their data from georgia to we've still they never for the last eight months that we've been off line since manning's so now it's forty three half the facts online speaking send those bottled commands again. And what was the refurbishment done to the big dish joining upgrade equipment that has been operating on ten and a further four years. But some of the transmitters were in that device group. And i desperately need all been up right so we built two new high palestine's minutes to the dinner. One of those needed for the void vice crop other it will be used for future missions of mazar humans to the moon and so on and also played electrical pride house cooling systems Refurbishment of the pedestals basically a top to bottom inside out an afraid of the ditch. And what. People don't often realize especially australian listening. Because i hear a lot about the cease iras pox radio telescope the sixty four minute dish. They this was actually bigger. The given bill affecting station is the largest in southern hemisphere. Seventy majors in about the twenty two story building and just the dish moving structure. Why some full thousand. Tom physically moods with position. Any quietness guy communicate. Spice pops hundreds of millions billions of kilometers. Why is the refurbishment process of big job has been the entire project is eleven months for the upright. Does the end. Santa the eight months which might be named tactic by things like sizes and other bush flies. Taxes of twenty twenty Has entailed a hundred and fifty people different contractors around engineers technicians expert. Coming out from the pulsing labs in pasadena california. Polls do this work on this. Really great workforce of the nation. How big dishes hambro now. Literally this sort of thing have been working dying not seven days a week. They get the antennas where it is now and so also make sure complete. Do back online. I already to joke with some of the missions. Bribing mas in february next year to get those next few months already because perseverance just past the halfway mockup beliefs. Yes that's correct so we continue to track on own journey. Demand north side of the nodded arab emirates missions. Pope this is also going to miles around the same time period planning on the surface. Tell us about tidbinbilla old. The digs network camera station as as nasa coolest. The camera date by communication complex. Of course is part of nafta states by three stations around the planet that probably about the will the provide twenty four seven communications. They're all dozens of robotic missions that are solar system folks when we talk about where we're talking about things hundred thousand kilometers and beyond so there are networks handle the much closer stops and there's been satellites and she a stationary stuff like really candle. Everything else but you is now backyards so like the i have these antennas around.

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