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"nick munich" Discussed on Rob Has a Podcast

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"nick munich" Discussed on Rob Has a Podcast

"Some happy that both of them actually got a platform to be able to say how they fell and apologize. We were there ever times in the house where you felt like you. Maybe you lost yourself a little bit and said some things I in English orange chicken. I personally think that the whole game I stay true to who I really was and that's what I'm very proud of myself for doing. I think a lot of people lost themselves when they were inside the house and they see it and may have acknowledged it but I think I need to stay true to who I was and I'm happy because America America got to see who I really am and I think a good person but I guess we'll find out on twitter. I think he I think he did good yeah. You did well. I don't think I played a great game but come on come on. I think he played a great game. I had a good social game but other than that I didn't win anything about all stars. We come back for all stars f they they wanted me I would because I'd play way different game out actually lie manipulate way sooner and I'm definitely going to practice that in case they do call me which hopefully they will. I don't know what about other. CBS shows would you play Love Island. Yeah actually would me and Jack didn't end up together and they wanted me on the violent. I would love to do it because I would love to be on TV. What is what is your take on. The the the nick situation going on there with Bella Bella was Bella was his move right. Yeah Bella was upset because he had been flirting with that was in the house. Then after she was out of the house she was still further upset with him flirting with you and then in the jury house now we're hearing about cat. Okay okay as for me and Nick. Munich are just two very flirty people. My personality is very flirty knicks very flirty as well. I love him as a friend and he's a great guy. I think that some of them were playing to petty of a game rather than actually playing big brother but as for cat and nick. I'm not sure where they go from here. I know they're good friends and their close but could you give us a noun or adjective adjectives to describe nick. Nick is flirty yeah okay. I was getting nervous. Thank you thank you so much for talking with city. You're a pleasure to talk with and all the best to you the game you so much. Thank you guys all right. We're here with Jack. How you doing tonight. Wow Long night right. Fund night got see Jackson. Take home the cash. It's it's surreal. It's crazy that it's finally here that we're like out and about seeing other people you guys look great. Thank you it Jack. Thank you you cast your vote for Jackson over Holly. Was that something that you always felt. You'RE GONNA do come down to the questions. It's really really hard to say no to double digit comments and they worked together symbiotically within their their path and it was remarkable. How Holly Played Her game and her social game was incredible. The way that she was able to be with the two alliances that she was with whether it was the aide of the six and to stay across the board a median level it was really impressive but at the end of the day for me the the the double digit wins was kind of an important thing and the way that he kept kept himself off the block from fifty four to nine just as he spoke in a speech. He had a really powerful speech yeah. It was kind of going into it. I think there was really actually an opportunity. If Nicole had made it I think Nicole would have if she had one she would have had to have won a couple more ages to get to that or a couple more competitions opticians get to that point. I think Nicole played an incredible game. I think it's unfortunate that she came in third but that's kind of how the game plays out yeah. No you get you get a really great player in third heard and it happens but yeah I I was looking towards Jackson when he just got on a roll near the end of that game so I was definitely looking that way. Is it safe to say that Nicole had made it to the end with holly that you would have for for Nicole. You know I'm not gonNA. You know saying but yeah yeah. It probably would have gone that way. I mean if if Howley one more but in the closing weeks the way that holly one that memory comp at the end was really impressive. I think there was no more deserving players in the final three than those final all three yeah. It was really a hard decision but yeah. Nicole was a great player. We talk a lot about cliff as well. You had a lot of respect for his game big. Red Hog if he had made it to the final L. to would he have beaten anybody so we always talked. I talked about this to myself and Jerry House. I think the opportunity where it would have been cliff in Jackson in a final two would have been the hardest decision. I'm cliff would have been the only player to ever come back from in one situation banishment or an eviction and then to win and actually win the game if he were to win the game. I think that would have been a really tough decision but a clinical I still would have looked towards like a cliff but yeah I always this had been rooting for cliff. I think his Cinderella story his him as a person as well. He's just a colorful beautiful wonderful person so I enjoy spending time with them. Jack in the end of the episode tonight. There was talk about the controversy from the first part of the season. Had you had a chance to talk with Kemi off camera after everything the thing that came up tonight you know I haven't been able to speak with Kemi yet and from what I've heard from what I've said her actions in the way that she feels is completely warranted and I think there's a lot of time that the thing that I only have on my side as of right now is time and the person that I ah the things that I said and the way that I acted was out of ignorance this season and and I don't think I'll ever be able to apologize to me enough. However the the things that I did say and I do know for fact that they are no reflection on Kennedy's character or her integrity or her intelligence in any way shape or form. I think she's a wonderful person and I hope that sometime in the future that maybe she'll forgive me but I understand her frustration and I hope that I am able to speak to her at some point. Now Julie had spoken with you in your exit interview but for some of the players tonight like Nick and obviously like Mickey that they seem to be blindsided that at this discussion was coming. Have you been able to talk with either of those guys about this. I actually haven't been able to speak with Nick. Nick is constantly talking about what's sports right now. That's all he's catching up on but I think he is a little shaken up. Mickey was very shaken up by he walked out and he had the confetti on his shoulders and he was really really concerned. I told him at this time. It's it's it's it's his focus to just focus on the fact that he needs to live in the fact that he won the game and though controversies may arise and those things have been said. I'm sure Mickey with the the the brilliant person that is the smart guy that he is. He'll have time to be able Louis. Speak on what he's done and and I think he'll be okay in time but yeah I I think it's it's definitely tough spot for all of us. We acted out of some crazy times within that house and out of out of ignorance. I'll speak on all of our behalves. That probably could have said a million different things better this year the the season but we'll definitely there's no doubt in my mind that will definitely move forward with with a position to try and educate people or speak on our behalf to help people help people carry themselves to be more nurturing towards others. You had an interesting relationship with lovie where you know he. He really felt very close to you but there were there. Were Times where you were. You're saying things is about him behind his back. That weren't weren't very kind. is that. Is that another thing that you look back on with regret like where did that come from. When I first made I contact with lovie on the stage she did. He was not happy with me. and I knew that I owed always made what I thought were playful remarks towards OFI even behind his back in the game and I and I don't I'm not proud of the comments that I made but lovie was and always always very nice to me and I hope moving forward that after apologizing to them and hopefully that he gives me some time to speak to him that he'll forgive me with time and that all all I can do is try and move forward with him and get over the things that I have. I have said but once again very similar situation. I don't think yeah I'll ever be able to apologize to him enough to be able to to try and cover what I said but I'll definitely move forward trying to be a better person and be more nurturing to him absolutely and all people in general for sure Jack you spent a lot of time with a Christie and with Tommy in the house. So what was your reaction when you found out dad they know each other. They know each other. You know it's it's funny. I I had my suspicions for really long time. I never spoke about it to the Dr but the little things the way that they hold. They taught me a thing where they'd hold each other's. I arms and squeeze one two three times to tell you I love you and I kind of put that together but I was never too sure and I was always kind of afraid of bringing it up and alienating myself self from them. If I knew about it I was afraid that they were gonNA. Push me away but at the same time it is crazy that they do know each other makes complete and total sense but they're two great people well then. I'm so glad that I have the opportunity to meet with House and I plan on being friends with them for a really long time. what's the status of U N SIS SIS. This is is absolutely beautiful and breathtaking all the time and she's so fun loving and and spontaneous. She's great to hang around. I got to spend the rest of the summer injury with her and so we ought to mess around all summer and tells wall tell stories and spend time together it was it was a blast. I can't wait to meet her family. I don't know what the summer holds are. What this fall holds. I really look forward like I said look. I'm really looking forward to meeting her family and seeing what life is like outside of the Big Brother House and outside the jury so upon much reflection. Have you changed your stance now on Shaker bottles in the fridge this Um it probably should change my stance on shaker bottles in the fridge and storage of such goods at the time..

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