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"neil gaiman jemison" Discussed on The Twilight Zone Podcast

"Editor full-time a you know like a film editor. We have someone running up physical production of our studio over physical studio et cetera. So i was able to keep all of our people on salary and I've raised over. I've raised over two and a half million dollars from space command. Since i've started being spacecom entirely my fans via kickstarter campaigns and seven investment shares of seventy five hundred bucks each and so so but the interesting thing was i realized that because everyone will stuck a moment going crazy gnarly because so many of my actors are so well known and so busy of. They're not available. It's very difficult to give them all together at one time but they were all sitting at home. You know just climbing walls because all the studios everything at shut down so i had. I came up with idea where elaine wrote a bonus to our episode space command that are actors pitching in their own homes with their own cameras so they could save but We shot the first three hours in space. Command recorded an audio prequel. But i but i had already worked out most of the for season. And i knew where all all this was going. And they're a bunch of characters. I hadn't yet introduced i. We would be so armee. Shimin christina moses in so many. Jj hurts so many actors that which is waiting and wings and now they were home so by by doing this. Two hour episode allowed me to introduce a lot of people like barbara bain. Space nineteen ninety nine is in spacemen. Now emeals grass tyson. It's an of riches. So why are episode and Our entire visual effects bag of tricks. For instance wait a scene between one of our characters who's based in atlanta. An actress meghan a castle access to play his daughter and she was in scotch one and we managed to put them together in the same living room. Even though they both starred in their own homes and were never actually politically together and so a very very fun and And then in the meantime i finished a new book called lighting yourself which is basically how people don't have to rely on the studios or the networks even the publishing houses to make their dreams come true how the internet and having video cameras in our pockets and all of that allows everyone to sort of as i say light yourself so i just finished that book and sent it off my publisher and yeah we. We didn't slowdown during the pendency. Ramped up and we're busier than ever. It's elaine. And i just celebrated our forty fourth anniversary and we write direct produce together. And it's it's a dream come true. So i'm i have no complaints and our people are all very very well healthy. Sadly mira furlan. Who was one of our test in space men who i worked with on babylon five passed away from west nile virus all things not covert and that was really a great loss and she was amazing actress in your soul. And i'm glad that we got to have her in space command as much as we did because she was kim come true. I watched some of that before online. Some of that two hour special and that there are some names in and michelle nichols was in there. Yes yes i mean. It's insane the cast. You've assembled in pristina. Moses who's on a million little things on abc currently and she plays sues daughter in the star trek episode. i did with decay. And that was her first tv role ever and she's just phenomenal and she'll be continuing in space man and also in in magic time another one of my projects and So yeah yeah. And but the now we're ramping up to do the show runners network where i'm creating six series with the creators of Farscape and the expanse and defiance and on and on. And i'm ansa doing six shows including a rod sterling series really. It's an amazing time. Yeah yes we can we can talk about. All of these. Various things is that. Is that news out there. Mark of of i got a bit of an exclusive. Can we talk about that. Why negotiations with the states. What's not lockdown. But ninety i came up with a wild. Oh which was. It's called rod sterling sampler twilight and Basically rod as you. I'm sure you know dictated all of his. Everything's script sledders folks. Everything he lounge by his swimming pool in the backyard in the morning and he'd have a little recorder any would dictate everything into the recorder. Secretary would type it up. And he'd make him directions and it was up at all of these according were lost for decades and they just discovered a thousand hours of them. In a couple of archives podge archives and so my idea was to create a new show that would be narrated by rod sterling from that material plus is a number scripts that either never got made with throwing road or or written during the live. Tv era the no one has seen since then and this would be primarily fantasy science fiction horror at plus media scripts from the others violates on writers that were not made and scripts by a new generation of writers. You know people. Like neil gaiman jemison again. We haven't we haven't earned that. But that's my idea and joe dougherty who was executive producer. I'm pretty little liars and won an emmy for thirty. something is aboard on that project with me. So he's an old friend and so i've been in communication with the ruling stayed and with their representatives. And we'll see if we can make that happen but it's definitely project i want to do and So we'll see but that's right now. It's on the list. The thing is you know this. The jordan peele twilight zone came out. And i and i really enjoyed it. But it was quite divisive with fans i think. Sometimes people find it hard to accept a new twilight zone. Dante without rod serling is also difficult because rod. Sterling really was irreplaceable. There's only one of him. And and then the writing staff he got he got three of ray. Bradbury's proteges sign. Henry were friends and ray recommended charles. Beaumont richard matheson and george clayton. Johnson also came aboard to and they became the core of that amazing writing team. That created twilights. Earl ham also came aboard. He played on the waltons falcon crest but he was a very different kind of writer. He was much more rural and was matheson. Beaumont george clayton johnson which is tackler a science fiction fantasy writers and And so they just. I mean it was just a match made in heaven and so you know. I won't script for the twilight zone. Will they brought it back in the eighties. That was an amazing writing. Staff was harlan ellison allen george martin michael tacit and so forth astray strong writing staff but very hidden this you know and the scripted i wrote. We will week away from web. Doug hayes was directed. He direct is beholden howling man many great episodes and and sensors pull the plug on it because they felt it was too hard. Edged is called nine avail. So that's one of the strips. We're going to be shooting on if rod sterling after twilight Another ost by lights on script. That i'm i'm very proud of tv sack off. Wanted to do it a few years ago and so we'll see what we what we do with it. But it'll be fun. It'll be very fun. It sounds amazing. Because i think it will probably be a lot more palatable for those people who just can't accept a modern twilight zone. This is kind of somewhere in between isn't it. You know it's it's still got.

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