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Listener Mail: Narconon and Scientology, Getting Kicked out of the Freemasons, and the Disappearance of Rebecca Coriam

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Listener Mail: Narconon and Scientology, Getting Kicked out of the Freemasons, and the Disappearance of Rebecca Coriam

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Hello welcome back to the show. My name is matt. My name is no they. Call me ben. We're joined has always with our super producer. Alexis codename doc holliday jackson. Most importantly you are you. You are here and that makes this stuff. They don't want you to know this. Is our listener mail segment so every week. We find at least three pieces of correspondence from the most important part of this. Show your fellow listeners. A we've got some got some doozy's here today and as we've said in the past we get this massive amount of correspondence via email via social accounts Via telephone number one eight three three s. Td wate k. And matt i believe that our our first piece of listener mail today is in fact a message it is. It's a message from lana and let's just play i'm and i was just nearly or one of your lake here now and you're talking cruise industry and i was thinking of really interesting to look into for your listeners to bring awareness to This is paris affected oriane. She disappeared in twenty eleven From a cruise ship which has since been realized to sort of be talkable hudson human trafficking. And i think that aspect of Cruise ships and stuff really interested in there. We go we. We have been talking about cruises quite a bit in the recent past. I think our interest was. I peeked when we were just learning about The the trap the viral infectious traffic that a cruise ship can become when out at sea and just a single infected person gets on board. And you know then became i guess. Our interest in the industry overall has been doing for many years about law. When you're on international waters and just some of the industry's regular habits about how they keep costs down and really interesting stuff but we have not talked specifically about any disappearances. I don't think ben. Unless i'm wrong. We talked in the past about. We've explored some cases of people who went missing in international waters while not necessarily on a cruise ship But just like that episode of always sunny in philadelphia. You know the The rules are different on the high seas. A really loving pointed that out. We have not talked about rebecca corry who disappeared in march two thousand eleven march. Twenty second. She was a crew member on Ship called the disney wonder. And i do think that this could warrant a full episode because it already has some of the commonalities we've seen in other controversial missing cases Number one. there are a lot of theories number two. There's a lot of valid criticism of the subsequent investigation. Then of course we have to realize that hall without having a dime the kind of research. We'd need to do to make a full episode of this. We have to realize that this gets very close to us messing with the big mouse disney disney wonder. That's big mickey. That's the big mickey mob. Man the mouse will come for you. It reminds me of that show succession. That was on. Hbo you scandal no spoilers but yeah the thing. Well they're yeah. There's a massive corporation that has an arm that is essentially the their cruise line arm of their company. And you can only imagine that this would be a public relations nightmare. So i would say the the company that owns this cruise liner where something may or may not have happened would have an incentive to keep it as quiet as possible or as needed to be for the investigation to continue along. I'm assuming i'm assuming others may be looking at what's occurring here. What occurred how the investigation moved forward with a more skeptical. I when it comes to the actions of the company. There's a lot to cover in this topic. I would say there's a there's a pretty extensive time line begins around five forty five. Am on march twenty. Second you're talking about. There have been which was a tuesday that it actually saw rebecca on the phone. It's a ccd camera. Just you can watch her being upset. Having an argument of some kind or being looking like she's upset by what is being said on that phone call and then she ended up not showing up for work not not showing up for her post the next morning and that was that she's been gone ever since and people have gone overboard in the past. But here's the thing to set the stage right. The most likely the most likely disappearance with someone on the ocean in a boat is going to be. Somehow that person going overboard. The seas were called There are tons of discrepancies here too just for anyone who's not familiar with the case. Quickly find weird stuff like there. Were flip flops in a room. That were the wrong size. That doesn't prove anything but it's weird. It doesn't seem like she would have committed suicide but we don't know what's on that phone call. We do know that people have not been happy with it. one other screw thing is jurisdiction right. Because i think this ship is flagged in the bahamas correct so the look initial law enforcement Has to be carried out by law enforcement. In the bahamas. Yeah where does the human trafficking angle come in the human tra- oh we're our caller atlanta was talking about cruise lines potentially being a source of human trafficking. And you know. I do not currently have the raw data for that or the evidence to support that claim. But anytime you've got a massive ship that is traveling around through international waters to to other countries and there are people boarding the ship. There are people getting off the ship. There's certainly opportunity right now. That make sense. Well yeah consider. i mean consider. The employment practices can become so sticky when you are hiring people from one country to work on a ship of a different country to go into international waters. And as you said matt make many stops along the way. It's not impossible for things to go awry like this. Is the transportation sector right. It's the entertainment sector sure but it's also the transit sector and the transit sectors rife with opportunity for traffickers like sex trafficking. Maybe in the way that you might see it occur in las vegas like the the to put a fine point on it The john's or the people who think they're engaging in some kind of consensual sex work may be actually involved with someone who is being forced core coerced to be there. But i do wanna point out Without too much with spoiler he wasn't too long ago. That rebecca correy girlfriend at the time said that ripped. She said that in her opinion. Rebecca took a lot of drugs and maybe deliberately leapt off the boat. But that's still like not officially proven right. Yeah there yeah not at all you really have to look at her parents who have been fighting battles in and out of court. Since march of twenty eleven with both disney cruise line with the disney company. I guess in their coach their cruise line arm as well as just attempting to find out more information from the various investigators that have been working on the case. I don't want to spoil too much here. But as of twenty sixteen d company did settle with the the family. Yeah so so. There was money paid. I don't. I highly doubt that any wrongdoing was you know was admitted there now. No admission of guilt. That's that's a a settlement is also you know it's not necessarily a sketchy thing again. I think now we're all being careful because we do on a full episode and we don't want to spoil it but be very very transparent when a corporation or even a celebrity for instance reaches an out of court settlements. Then what they're doing is they're they're paying the person off or the pain the The aggrieved party off But they're doing it outside of court meaning. There is no legal admission of guilt and the case will be considered settled and no further legal proceedings will occur at least in that in that specific instance. You know what i mean like. We see cases get Go to mistrial or get dismissed in civil cases successful so there were not without precedent. The idea people disappearing from cruise ships. I just found like marketwatch article from two thousand seventeen so the stats will be a little higher by now but Since two thousand according to this article around three hundred people have gone overboard from cruise ships and ferries And that's according to data collected by ross. Klein is professor in the school of social work at memorial university of newfoundland in canada and of those folks like there. Are you know Several many that are still still missing presumed dead. So it's you know it's a thing that happens. People drink a lot on cruise ships and they can just topple overboard of their own volition gas. But just you know of on their own. As necessarily mean that there's foul play and i was wondering to like do cruise ships ever like piggyback and carry cargo as well and apparently that's not really a thing so i'm wondering like where on the ship would human trafficking victims be held. I mean i'm assuming of course there's going to be internal cargo for the things that they need to make all the meals you know. Whatever belts services are provided on the on the cruise ship. I'd be interested to see what the stats are. For proving that Human trafficking takes place on commercial cruise lines. It's tough i mean it's a tough stat to pull in an annual way because your question many of the to your first question. Many of those human trafficking victims are in some cases. Going to look like any other Any other passenger. That's a good point. They're being controlled by you. Know their their main abuser or trafficker who is putting them up Under any number of ruses and the truth about the matter is if you are if you are a company operating ships that take hundreds and hundreds of people on a boat regularly you are going to have a difficult time giving each single individual a background check other than making sure that their credit card works and they that they can legally travel to whatever country. You're taking them to so it's it's tough. It's tough in. It's it's a problem that we know What's the problem we know. The industry has taken steps to address. But it's a it's a herculean effort On a brighter note. I i knew. I mentioned this like every two or three. If you want to travel across the ocean and you don't wanna go out and cruise ship and your flexible with your time. You can get a really affordable ticket on a cargo ship and it'll just be like you and the crew people maybe two other people who love to travel and maybe maybe we'll work on that novel. Who knows you. You have to bake in like two two. Two six weeks of flexibility on either side. Yikes i imagine just getting for whatever reason getting stuck outside in obey somewhere in this giant cargo ship. Because you're not allowed to dock yet and there's some kind of trade dispute occurring and you just live there on a cargo ship. Sure life now would be great if guys if we could record on the cargo ship. That would be pretty neat. I'm still working that out. There are some technical difficulties. Ben i mean you'll recall and not the too distant past. We were recording pretty regularly in what felt like a shipping container. So yeah we'd be perfectly at home in such an situations true. I'm in that now. Actually walk guys. This isn't hours though. I own a cargo ship. Don't be mad at me. i thought you would say. I thought it would tell you what i was on the boat. I thought you might say no. I was wondering sloshing sound. Why well just to bring it back to rebecca correy. I'm you guys. And without spoiling. I think there should be a an episode that we cover in the future and this is what i want to leave you with. This is from hollywood reporter article that is discussing the two thousand sixteen. I guess. The the result of the court case that went through This is a quote from jim walker. A miami based attorney who represented the courtrooms in the united states throughout this case. He says the case has been resolved. They're pursuing an inquest in the uk. But i'm not supposed to talk about the case so that's interesting right now here. Here is another quote this one from british parliamentarian at least in two thousand sixteen chris matheson. Here's his quote. My worst fear is that rebecca correy was murdered. it's a possibility and it needs to be investigated properly. The more you look into this the more it smells rotten. The more it smells like a crime has taken place so to terrible. Like absolutely horrifying and terrible for the corium family and for rebecca correy. I'm herself however for you know the possibilities here of uncovering something that we can really dig into that we can talk about on this show and maybe expose some stuff going on in. Been problems like you're speaking to know. It feels like this topic is right before it so excited to dig in more. Thank you so much for calling and letting us know about this. Yes great thank you and thank you to. Everybody was written in response to our Our earlier exploration of cruise ships. There's there's a lot beneath the surface there you know. We can't wait to dig in and one of the one of the most amazing things here. is is just how much firsthand experience we've been learning about in your correspondences with us. We're getting an inside peek and we want to. We want to go further down the rabbit hole as is our wont speaking of inside peaks we also we received a number of Correspondences from people who reached out had no idea. This many people would talk to us about this people who reached out to tell us how you can in fact get booted from one of our favorite secret societies. We'll tell you more about this. After a quick word from our sponsors and now another edition of obvious news from geico. A study says that soft talkers. Do not make great radio personalities. We asked local librarian. Steve sage about this. And here's what he said by the harry. Captivating radio also an obvious news gyco makes it easy to save money and easy to manage your policy with the geico app so switching is a really smart decision. 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He got close The people were so important that he got close to signing some multibillion dollar contracts which should have also given him full legal immunity at one points he claimed to be hooking someone up in contact with an ambassador that he said he knew through the freemasons when the marking question finally spoke to said ambassador. It turned out that the only thing that ambassador new was this man garrison courtney had been kicked out of the masons And i think that's where the three of us started asking ourselves. Well the four of us start asking ourselves how. How do you get kicked out of the masons. I think it's interesting question. And also the way it occurred to us as interesting because because of the paths that we We sort of follow with some of these stories. You know secret. Societies have certain air of sinister to them. And i think it's certainly possible to ascribe that same thing to the freemasons but at the end of the day. There's a lot of information out there about the freemasons and you know anyone can be nominated to be a member and you can even go to your local chapter and petition to to be a member and we'll talk about that in a second but the idea that you know somehow masons are these like high level you know cree evil type sir. Criminal masterminds or something. That's where my mind. Because how do you get kicked out of an organization. That's already pure evil. But that's definitely not the case. The masons do a lot of good work for the community as we know the shriners an off shoot of the masons sponsor all these children's hospitals and you could argue is just a front for all of their various underground dealings. But you know it's an interesting thing to think about. It's also a very long tradition of freemasonry as we know and there's certainly been some shadowy figures that have been connected to over the years but also some very prominent end An upstanding figures might have been connected to it One of which i would argue is our anonymous email. Email are Even doesn't even give a name. He just has a very clandestine. Email address using letters and numbers. I don't know what it necessarily is pointing to if it's initials or weapons quite a lot of numbers. But he has this to say about the the question At hand here. hi guys. I was in the freemasons for just over five years. And in that time i climbed in the blue lodge as well as obtained the rank of knights templar in the york rite as well as the thirty second degree in the scottish. Right the quickest way to get booted out was by being convicted of a crime. Fallon's aren't allowed in and getting one. We'll put you out. Misdemeanors are hit and miss demeanour says mine largely depending on who you know. You can be injected for non payment of dues. That was a question that came up. But i've never known that to happen. There were guys that hadn't paid for years. Generally anything over a year past do will mean you're getting letters. I never had access to the upper echelons but i did know people who were from my time and it all seems like traditional fat things. The main secret is the secrecy and elitism itself. Any other secrets are handshakes codewords. And ritual things. Think phrases acting out scenes Things like that. No one would really care about if you attend a public session. That is held once a year. In most places you will witness what happens at even the highest levels really interesting information. I wouldn't be surprised if small cliques form within the lodge who may get into things at the public. Wouldn't like but. I think you could say this for any group of considerable size. I'm willing to answer any questions. The best of my ability. Hey check this out we live in. It's all frame but you guys remember this one. Yeah for help right. yeah there it is. Youtube crowd was the help for the widow son. So good but i don't feel like we're compromising any any masonic organizations in the crowd by saying that this is the age of the internet and neither are non humous emailer. He seems to think that Anybody going to one of these public gatherings would witness a lot of the same stuff. And then maybe it's not as hush hush as one might think and that the Ritual ism of the organization is the notion of the secrecy but it's maybe not as iron clad as one might think do no. Did you see that we got. We got another email really recently about this. I just wanna read this tiny less or one from from another current mason. This person says sometimes brother will decide that he is no longer interested in being involved. Maybe he learned that we don't control the world or he's sick of eating green beans at dinner within a week and then issue him what is called a deem it which is a letter stating that. He left of his own accord and there are no claims against him. It's like an honorable. Discharge is whether this person yeah this idea of like what a what amounts to an amicable break. Up is is pretty refreshing. That's that's a good thing that a lot of More secretive organizations don't really have I also wanna shout out a someone who wrote a great letter to us about this From from maine and some of our our personal contacts who have been involved in freemasonry who talked to us about it. The point that you make anonymous that i i really appreciate it. I think we all appreciated. Was that the idea of collusion. And conspiracy is likely to form in groups of any size and it is likely to be the result of a small click or faction within a larger community working toward their own ends and larger community. May know nothing about this. Like a like think about this. Think about small town corruption rampant in america. Historically right. there's there's going to be there's going to be a mob in you know Some equivalent of a mob in three toe arkansas. Just as much as in chicago or new york city they might just not be italian. They might not call themselves a mob. But the sheriff in the mayor and whomever probably run the town so with that in mind in these smaller communities especially it's completely possible that they would all happen to be members of the same social network whether that's the rotarians or the lions club or yes the freemasons and then they meet after lions club league at the toastmasters or whatever at the masons Lodge they're able to meet under the cover of that organization and then they just go to another room a little what we would call a breakout session. And they're like okay. How are we gonna fix this election. In what i mean. It's the same thing we've talked about with all these secret societies. We had this conversation with with john hodgman from not mistaken about the book and snake secret society at harvard. Or where was it. Where where's that that's right and that's sort of the deal is any of these. There's going to be an opportunity to mingle with high level people with which you could potentially collude if who love us on and doing so And but it doesn't mean necessarily the entire organization is inherently corrupt or based on. Overthrowing the you know the status quo in some form or fashion. We've also learned is that you don't need a secret society for any of them. None of it you you just need. All you need is a country club. That's exactly own a giant country club somewhere near boca raton. Maybe i don't know palm beach. Area graphic go to boca or could be in the heart of atlanta could be anywhere really own and operate a country member. I've got gotta say to to anonymous until the other folks who have written to give us some information about freemasonry which which. I greatly appreciate my immediate question now. It was so hard not to email everybody about this is the line you read from. Our anonymous are anonymous. Lister where it's like misdemeanors are hit and miss or as you said misdemeanor yeah And largely it depends on nepotism right the end result of whether or not one can stay with the organization that's fine. A lot of these organizations do operate primarily on nepotism. As a matter of fact i would say nepotism is one of the number one things holding the species back overall. Unfortunately meritocracy is too often a myth but nepotism aside. I wonder what the misdemeanors are. Misdemeanors solely of moral turpitude as you'll hear sometimes on customs form or like i would love if there was for some reason. Something incredibly specific and something that seemed relatively meaningless or innocuous the uh us now in mason the outside and i wonder if that's like the number one crime in freemasonry i hope to god. It's stamp fraud. I for some reason. They're like the one thing that will you know. Sometimes people the car and sometimes they die. That's an accident accidents happen but if you make fake stamps brad. Perhaps coin forgery. That would be another good real specific fitter. I love that you're coins. Or i know i see beside the signs at all. The gas stations. Don't ask for. i did find it. An article written by a mesa master mason by the name of matthew. Arnold macintosh on a website called Wbz mason's dot org and the headline is high moral standards of freemasons and he goes through and kind of rights a treatise about how at its heart the whole purpose of freemasonry is to impart this high moral standard on its members and then i was sort of like okay. How do i become a mason. Didn't take long to find a website that gives you kind of a by step and how to do so. It's may sonic dash large dash of dash education dot com and It reads almost like an old timey pamphlet. Become a freemason. Would you like to become a freemason belong to the oldest and largest fraternity in the world. Here's how you must first find masonic lodge location near you. Contact them and ask for a petition to join. And then if you become a freemason you will as serious selling points. Join both the oldest and largest fraternity in the world join a brotherhood of over two million men of all ages from all races religions and countries and from all walks of life And then it has some pictures of some real cool signet rings that you get when you become a member. Why do so many men want to become a freemason. And it describes the organization as a voluntary fraternal organization composed of men of goodwill good character and good reputation whom in most jurisdictions around the world believe in an almighty creator and practice the spirit of universal brotherhood to man to man. Talk in this right. Yeah that's one of the big things. Yeah we need to. We need to get in front of that before Someone's writing to us about this so earlier. I think one of us said anybody can get in. I know some of us are writing emails about that right now. Don't worry pause. Pottery mail Own yes it's only dudes. There are associated organizations that are not entirely just dudes but that is that is one great discrimination and most of the masonic orders. I think also as you as you mentioned earlier. No one need not have a specific religion but must have some sort of belief in faker girthy spiritual yes exactly and then just just to wrap this up just wanted to. I've got this giant alphabetical list. I'm going to kind of just skip around a little bit but just some some high. You know highly influential and Big deal folks who who were masons and we know this Abbott bud bud. William abbot the abbot and costello fame was a mason Buzz aldrin was in fact a mason. The second man to walk on the moon Let's see we've got Gerald ford was a president. We know henry ford automobile pioneer. Of course let's this you just throw a pin at this list. And you're gonna find somebody influential. Joseph smith the founder of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints aka. the mormons. Isn't that interesting. I do love the idea. this is fascinating to you. We've already kind of expressed why this is but it's interesting. I think of masonry as being all about these clandestine kind of rites and rituals and to me. That would kind of fly in the face of being a christian or someone who's very closely identifies with But no that's not the case they they they're hand in hand and one doesn't necessarily require the we talked about that right. One of the only things you have to have is a belief in a higher power and it does not matter what that higher power is in your mind as long as you believe that there is one however three masons have been enemies of have been enemies of dogmatic oppressive religions and in the past have been enemies of oppressive governments. I mean look at look at the french. Revolution look albany. Founding fathers of the united states were affiliated with freemasonry. It's kind of there's something collegiate and salahuddin like about it. Idea the free exchange of concepts and being able to say well you know i. I'm not one hundred percent on board with this catholicism thing and not go to church jail or whatever they are just jail. Let's call it you know. It's one of many enlightenment organizations like the rosicrucians that you know The there's many very what are we talking about the order of the pug remember. That one went from ridiculous history reading butts. That was a french. wasn't that a french. Backlash against freemasonry freemasonry was outlawed in france. And they made this other organization. Voltaire was a freemason a very influential french philosopher who wrote about oppressive governments and oppressive system so interesting stuff guys but yeah. I think that that does it for this. Did you know george. Clinton was a freemason of parliament funk alec no the third vice president of the united states who am i thinking just did it because i knew he would think about that. George clinton sorry i. He's he's a mason funk here i think i think a lot of people would would agree that there. There is tangible benefit To these organizations both for the individuals involved and for Often for the communities right in which those Those lodges exist like to the point about the shriners and Funding medical care for For the medium for children. I think i think they get vilified sometimes like we never did an episode on the anti masonic party which confirms my standing theory. That if you want I if you want something like that like a political party Or religion to be successful. You have to be aspirational and offering something. You can't found a party just against something as wanted. God you know. God i mean like no more polar bears club. The polar bears are extinct But we already spent all this money On the On the chips and dip in the catering. So we're we're still going to get together. Wow that's really that's really great but this example but this is this is something relevant at some point. Everybody listening right now. We're watching this. Go out find a list of the former supreme court justices within the united states that were are members of free and accepted masons It's just interesting to see like when it comes to law and politics been as you as you noted earlier a lot of people who are in government or organization. Would i be correct in assuming that many of them who were freemasons would be more on the progressive tip then conservative or is there really not much of a line there much of a line. Obviously it's tough because the definition of what is or is not considered conservative or progressive has changed so much over just a few centuries. You know like of course. We're not that far away. From the time when women voting was considered to be like this radical extreme idea. What's next we're gonna to blow up the moon. And then later you know a few decades ago we thought about doing just that well first important. Former freemason to me is clearly robert pershing wad low The tallest human on record Who i believe is the guy that you'll see a sculpture of outside. Most ripley's believe it or not locations world over. And i think handsome family has has a beautiful heartbreaking song about him i did not know he was a mason. Put it make sense also. Matt i am sorry. I don't want to keep us going too long on this. But to the point you raised about the justices. I would ask. Is it possible that people the higher levels of government Or maybe of business as well Just tend to do more extra curricular activities you know are they also like overachievers. You're saying are they big in their. Hoa do they go get a public notary certification because they just like the certificate i mean are they members of toastmasters as well rotarians probably philanthropic organizations club. Everything yet yeah. The whole nine all good ones. It certainly is encouraged. You know when you're in school. You gotta get those extra curricula up to get into a good college. It makes sense. We're we're talking about the differences in ideologies within within members of freemasonry thing about this the first director of the fbi. J. edgar hoover the guy who called martin luther king junior. Think i can't tell you the exact quote but the most dangerous man. Essentially within the united states at one point in time the person who instituted co intel pro and spying on people who were attempting to capture their civil liberties inequality that guy was a freemason also someone who was on the other side fighting for civil rights. Reverend jesse jackson was a freemason or is it just really interesting to me that you can have this wide swath of belief in things that you would fight for and going president's skull and bones think about that point also strom thurmond tori asli Dixie crat the republican senator From from the state of georgia. If i'm not mistaken. I hope burns. He's bad gang bag bad guy Last one and then definitely remember. There's a lot of interesting names here to talk about is. This was not aware of this. Just as like a little. Bit of trivia william howard taft who was not only the president of the united states but also held the position of chief justice of the us supreme court. And he's the only man never to have headed up these two to bridge. Us government only president to be stuck in a bathtub as well auditor in just as a counterpoint. You know who else richard pryor We'll pause here Please keep writing to us with your inside experiences With with the freemasons. We would love to hear about your time in a masonic order. Whatever you're comfortable sharing with us most importantly let us know. If for some reason it needs to be anonymous Let us know about pointer fitters and let us know about what the what the what the red line misdemeanors are you know. And how late can our library books etc. But if you want to learn a little bit more do check out. Our past episodes. Check out our youtube channel. Youtube dot com slash conspiracy stuff with also explore Things like albert. Pike and a couple of other things will be of interest to people who want to learn more about masonic history. Oh and Shout to june support lodge one eighty eight also blue lodge for life the blue lodge because that is makes me think of twin peaks gyco presents left brain versus right brain. You know we should switch to geico picking up your down buddy. We could save hundreds of dollars a year on car insurance. Ooh with that kind of scratch. We can get the band back together for reunion or a. We were never in a band. Beagle and let us play the tambourine onstage. One time and see we will however put that savings towards a new interview suit logo at i found still got it. Geico fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. It's your apartment. Speaking and i need some favors. When you're seeing in the shower. Just try going up a key. You're trying to be an alto when really. You're a soprano. Oh and if you could bundle your renters and car insurance with geico. It's easy to do online and we could save money. And then when you read your murder mysteries at night could you read out loud. But skip the murder parts because i get scared for bundling made easy go to geico dot com today and we are back to examine what is sometimes called a A lifesaving organization and sometimes called a branch of a rather secretive. I'll just say it scientology okay. We've got this. We've got an email Got an email from cliff. See wanna give this to everybody. And then we'll we'll follow up on it. Okay so cliff you said hello back in two thousand twelve. I went through a narconon addiction program in the mountains of southern california. Scientology uses these programs to recruit people at their lowest and most vulnerable points. The entire program is based on teachings by hubbard. By which means l ron hubbard the founder of i i and then when he got sued the founder of scientology. This is a topic worth diving into says cliff. But as. I don't know if you read this. I'll just give you bullet points for now in a list these and they're fairly brutal one. They lock you in a cabinet in the desert telling you that you may leave but they will follow you with water. Only give it to you. If you come back they will not call your family or help. During the first month if you decide to wander off into the desert to they say the medical staff this is staff they have trained and ordained doctors and nurses next they force you to sit silently. Staring into another person's is for five hours without movement. They continue for five more hours with your eyes closed. If you flinch or start to off you start again if you question scientology they move to 'isolation until you promise the stop. The charge families tens of thousands of dollars constantly asked for more money and say that. We don't actually do scientology here. They monitor your phone calls under threat so you cannot say otherwise and then clift includes as with most rehab programs. They want you to take responsibility for your actions but they blatantly take advantage of this to make you feel like a you are a lowlife. They scientology or the only solution having said all this says cliff. It probably does help some people but in my honest and clean for many years. Not nothing's to them opinion. They scare people away from rehabilitation and make folks think it is a form of prison. I know this is something that maybe we have heard about before. But i don't know if we've talked about narconon on the air with each other have we. We haven't have we. I can't remember a time unless it was no i. I don't think our drugs in the military would have covered it or hallucinogens in medical research. I think this might be the first. Yeah so it's weird because both the church of scientology and narconon say that it's a secular program it's completely independent of the religious teachings of scientology. But it seems like many people. Many people are disillusioned with narcan or have family members who have gone through that program. They they argue the opposite. They say it's a front group for scientology with the ultimate aim of recruiting people. What are you guys. think about that. Well is it actually in any way associated with scientology is yeah it is like officially oh as at a organizationally its parent company. Is something called the association for better living in education way for able and able is owned and controlled by the church of scientology so it's like a subsidiary of a subsidiary which means they could argue you force that we exist independent of that We just have our roots there. If you go to scientology dot org. They have a whole section on drug rehabilitation and prevention. And that's the thing that's that's what makes scientology a bit. You know insidious is they are they. They appealed people at their lowest. Either professionally. or they're trying to get a foothold. Moved to hollywood. And you know. They're trying to become an actor or screenwriter. Whatever and that's the story you always here but this is even more predatory Whereas people that are truly at their lowest points and perhaps come from wealthy families or or pay the money that tastes because rehab ain't cheap I always assumed narcan non was like alanon and that it was just another type of meeting that you go to And then it was like a family situation that it wasn't like rehab exactly but i this is really news to me Alanon alcoholics anonymous. I'm sorry that's different to move. Yup yeah alanon separate from alcoholics anonymous. But i think it was. I don't think they're in cahoots or in conflict with one another. I think narconon so al-anon founded in nineteen fifty one right. Narconon was founded in nineteen sixty six so without sounding conspiratorial. Is it possible. That hubbard made a similar name. You know on purpose as a marketing or brand recognition thing And the more. I've read about narconon. The more i see problems with just their treatment in one thousand nine hundred seventy an official for the church of scientology said that narconon is rehabilitation programs are based entirely on the tenants and teachings of scientology. You know what that means no site. Psychotherapist right yeah. That's something that. I wish you would have gotten into with With mike on that. We didn't really talk about the aversion to psychologists and psychiatry. And i could probably guess why it is because it gives you agency over people gasoline you and and the tools to cope with abusers. That's just to my two cents on why that might be of course. There's there's there's a whole mythology wrapped up in it within the teachings of scientology it's fascinating stuff. I had no idea about this connection though like with the narconon and scientology zero. Oh yay if you look at their website. I went to narconon dot org and i was looking around trying to find something that says scientology on it on their main page. I did a quick little apple f for scientology and found it nowhere. It's not on there. It's not on that front. Page does not say scientology anywhere at least in something. That is searchable. And i can't find it anywhere in like a an image or something you know maybe just be embedded in an image but if you go all the way to the bottom under our history our technology and you go to about narconon and then you do a little apple f four scientology there you find zero identifiable mentions of scientology but if you go all the way down again underneath there's a subheading under about knockin on global mission fifty years saving lives blah blah blah blah blah blah. Oh here it is l. ron hubbard. There we go there. We talk about the stuff. They don't want you to know right. Yes weird i've wanted to do you know people in the current wanted to do for a number of years and episode on problems with rehabilitation programs throughout history in narconon has been in my on my radar for a while but it's tricky because we wanna make sure that we're not. I offer giving people medical advice legal advice and secondly that we're not like i. I don't want to do anything that would stop. Someone who needs help from going to a rehabilitation center you know. That's that's important thing but also you know the thing about narconon like here's one of the weirdest things about them in terms of their treatment. Have you guys heard of nias. Lake niacin bombs. Yes this this is where some of that comes from who yeah they would. Does somebody with four thousand milligrams a day of niacin And this is meant to the this is part of a vitamin mineral supplement regimen. That is supposed to address existing nutritional deficiencies and help help you offset nutrient lost through sweating. But the nice thing goes back to hubbard because he believed niacin would increase. I think it's free fatty acid and like the mobilization of free fatty acid. And then it would help you get rid of toxins. So they would They were dose you up with these massive amounts of niacin and niacin like any other particular substance. It's got a diminishing return you know what i mean. If you have too much nias it can be dangerous for you. I've heard people talk about using niacin. like spoof. a pee test for drugs. I don't know if that actually works or not but it you know in the same way that you're talking about the idea that i think what it does is. It causes you to sweat like crazy and causes like the capillaries on your skin to sort of expand and you get really read That's my understanding. it's interesting though. I don't know if it actually works or not though it does flush you It does give you a flushed. Your skin it's also banned in quebec and france. Because of this you'll see a health agency in quebec specifically that said they had to shut down a narcan on In scientology's rehab because four separate clients have been taken to the hospital due to the methods used there a. This is stuff like having people with addictions go cold turkey off something you know methadone or step down etc and these long detox in saunas that are meant to help you sweat out drugs and You know they pump you up with a ton of vitamins which may not always be healthy for you. It's also quite expensive. So there's question about the profit motive but yes in response to a cliff's email here. Yeah very much seems that it seems that these two organizations narconon and the church of scientology are related. the question is how independent or they And cliff do you. And other folks who have had experience with narconon feel that their ultimate goal was to recruit you into scientology where to help you get glean. Can i read the official. I found it. I found it on their website. Though right late okay so this is at narconon. Which is it's not spelled the way you may think it should be spelled. It is n. a. r. c. n. o. n. dot org just so everyone knows slash drug dash rehab okay. This is where you're going says since one thousand nine hundred sixty. Six superior results long term effectiveness. The narcan program is based on the discoveries in writings. Of l ron hubbard the founder of scientology religion. However narcan is nonreligious in. A person does not become a scientologist by doing. The program and hubbard was a humanitarian whose works include discoveries in the fields of education mental health and criminal reform as well as drug rehabilitation he began his research into drugs during the nineteen sixties and seventies when recreational drug use had reached epidemic proportions. He developed technologies to overcome the adverse effects of virtually every type of drug wanting to help those lost to addiction. Mr hubbard made his discoveries. Broadly available and the result was the establishment of narconon. They said it. They know what's up. The question is just how separate those organizations are. You know what i mean like. I can't be the only person who found out late night. After a after a series of poorly informed party decisions that pizza hut and taco bell is run by the same organization. You know what i mean. They literally split the building in half the blew. My mind and song about is quite good to So maybe maybe that's what that's one of the big questions like when someone is helping a loved one. Go into a program like narconon. Would they make the same decision if they were aware of. Its connections to the organization known as scientology. Not a dean on either of those organizations. That's just a question of why that message is not front and center on the website because matt it man. You're really good. You like have a news for digging into stuff we all do. So if it took you that long. I feel like there are a lot of people who it you know what i mean. Oh yeah yeah. It was not easy to find that fascinating and there we leave it a thank you so much. thank you. Anonymous former mason A multiple anonymous former. And thank you cliff for writing in a. We can't wait to hear more from you. All i think that we have found We have found rich fodder for several full episodes in the future. Assuming of course that. The big mickey doesn't get us. That's always a possibility or you know as as you said off air map. Big rehab we would love to hear from you specifically you We get a lot of legal of folks who contact us and say you know. I know you always say that. You're talking to me. But i never had a reason to write him before you really have to have a reason. Just the you give us an idea. Share share your experiences And for anyone who is a struggling with substance of one or one sort or another There are multiple resources available to help you. Narcan not only one in the game So so do check it out. Do reach out. You're not alone and you are worth the effort. Yes and specifically you anonymous person who called and left a message about a curse and possibly something that occurred where there was a murder in a trial. You know who you are. I texted you. And i called you. I just i need to get a little more information from you in order to actually talk about it on this show so if you're out there looking your texts so there might be a weird one and respond to a police and if you'd like to respond to us of course we try to be easy to find. You can find us on facebook. You can find us on twitter. You can find us on instagram. We like to recommend. Here's where it gets crazy which has For the second time in a row been confirmed to be the best page on the entirety facebook By us on the show. that's great. Here's where it gets crazy there now. But what if you hate social media you go to youtube because youtube is kind of not social media just getting but youtube dot com slash conspiracy stuff like videos are fun or the internet. Then you can. But i don't know call call phone call right. Yeah just like that person. One eight three three s. Twit that's our number. You'll hear ben. That's how you know you're in the right place. Leave a message and we would love to hear anything and everything and he kind of story and he of idea. Just talk to us please. At if none of that quite jostles your apostles Can i say that air gap apostles not quite jostles your apostles. And you're not. You're not on board with phone calls. We'd get it. You're not on board with social media totally we get that We have one last way that you can always contact us whether or not. You're freemason whether or not you approve of narconon whether or not you've ever been on a cruise ship to send us a good old fashioned email. We are conspiracy at iheartradio dot com. Aw stuff they don't want you to know is a production of iheartradio for more podcasts. From my heart radio visit the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows did you know the original potato head was an actual potato. Did you know that all tequila or mess cow but not all moscow is tequila. Did you know some goats. Climb trees did you know. There really was a jones family. Everyone in new york was trying to keep up with or the pablo picasso was a child prodigy who could draw before he could talk. You will stuff. You should know an incomplete compendium of mostly interesting things preorder now. It's stuff you should know. Dot com or wherever books are sold. Nearly six hundred years after the invention of the printing press the most important book the history of the world has arrived. There might be overstating things stuff you should know an incomplete compendium of mostly interesting things. It will change your life forever. Well that's not necessarily true. Most scientists agree that stuff. You should know an incomplete compendium of mostly interesting. 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Scientology in Hollywood | A Guided Tour

Point of Inquiry

49:14 min | 10 months ago

Scientology in Hollywood | A Guided Tour

"Over, buddy welcome to another episode of point of inquiry I'm your host Jim underdown executive director of the center for Inquiry West in, Los Angeles. Remember years ago they used to have. Maybe they still have it. They used to have a program called mass for shut ins with what we're doing today on point of inquiry. For those of you who are still locked down in the pandemic, the covid nineteen pandemic. Or if you just want to take a virtual tour of downtown, Hollywood, we're going to be looking at the scientology buildings in downtown Hollywood and along for the ride. Although she's not with me on the bicycle I will be speaking with Tori Chris. Men who was a longtime member of the Church of Scientology, and knows quite a bit about their various activities, both in these buildings, and in general what? What we're GONNA do is go back and forth between me on the bicycle live at five thirty in the morning, and the conversation between me and Tori talking about the buildings we have both a map, and some photographs for you to follow along with at home, so you can actually see. The buildings were talking about in the conversation. Thanks again for tuning in this is Jim underdown four point of enquiring? Sorry eastbound. Able. EASTBOUND on Hollywood Boulevard. We're GONNA. Take a little tour of. Hollywood. Scientology. Thanks today. Coming up to the old. site of the old surfer query West. Had Forty seven, seventy three Hollywood bull riding. Nine Thousand Square foot. Donate once stood as. A vacant lot. By the way to hear me suck narrates gone horribly out of shape. Haven't been able to do. Usual Rights. Workouts don't to turn the pandemic. At a bike race once again Capetown South Africa the Argus. HUNDRED KILOMETERS Down The Cape of Good Hope. Come back starts and ends at Cape, town? Finished ahead of. Over ten thousand writers that day. Okay Twenty Five, thousand. Finished ahead of me. Scouting The first stop of Arturo. There is. A. Church of Scientology Los, Angeles, I'm doing this early because. We away from other people can actually love. My mask dropped. A little bit. Because cells wondering if they have security on. But this is a whole complex here. Sit Right under one of their security cameras Ouza. SECURITY COP ON A. Bicycle, over. Tory, what is this place I call it big blue. But. It has a name in scientology. Scientology world. I'm talking to Tori Crispin. Today is an axe scientologist and i. what would you say against scientology or warning people about scientology? Actress exposing the abuses of the Church of Scientology, exposing the abuses. Okay, and that's. We both know that's a big job, right? Well. Let's start with your personal history with the Church of Scientology. What when did you get into it? I did that entire series. If anyone really wants to see, my whole story, said Tori Magoo forty four years. He'll our Y. M. E. G. O. Forty, four on Youtube and a ten part series on how I got in what kept me there high woke up our escape down, but in a nutshell I basically read a book dianetics in nineteen sixty nine. Only read a few chapters decided I wanna be an auditor? Quit College hitchhiked to Los Angeles from Chicago. And became a scientologist and I wanted to be what they call an auditor, which is a counselor and I was there for thirty years scientology just so everyone knows is like a triangle, and you start out in the bottom, or you know forty dollars for communication, course kind of thing, but as you go up that triangle against much much more expensive, much less freedoms believe it or not. They're actually putting out your freedoms, but you don't know it. And you know it's. It's hard to explain because it's kind of mind control, but you don't know it. and I was second to the top OT seven is ot ages. The TAB I did not seven out for seven years, and as a result of it, not working and some weird things they asked me to do i. finally woke up and escaped across. The country was chasing us the country and they'd prove to me what the critics have been telling me for years that all the things that they say they do and I kept saying they don't do that. They don't do that. Will they prove they do? Belong fascinating, story and I do recommend people. Go check out your whole. To talk briefly Exhau- your your term in the church. I always find using the word church strange with them. Right, it's a business, not a church. It's totally business. It's one hundred percent of business where you have to pay for every single thing, except in the very beginning, they'll only you can do this free or online and things like that, but all of that is just. I can add the catch a fish. It's really about making money and that and that's part of the reason. We did. This tour is because at chaps. My hide a little bit that they own all this valuable property in downtown Hollywood California and are not paying ascent of property taxes for it and so. That's what we're doing here today. We're going to go through some of these really expensive property and you're gonNA. Talk about what if anything goes on their of one other quick question, so you had some interesting jobs when you were with the church. What what what's what's you? Were you on like a head, committee or something? Dan a few things I was in the organization was. Little Group of people that have run the church I say little because it's it's very small compared to the public now they have very few public better actually. Act there, even though the in claiming there. If you go look in their building, you'll see they're mostly if not all empty. Yeah, you'll. You probably were looking them yesterday. When you grove around. Yeah, well, it was to be fair. It was very early, but yeah out well normally. You only see a few people walking even these massive buildings you rarely see more than a few people at a time exactly and when I got in one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, nine, there were hundreds and hundreds thousands literally I mean you could one little organization, which they now called churches, they used to always call org for years and years and years, but now they try. They're trying to page the church, so they call everything church of Scientology, whereas before it was just. Outside of them were hundreds of people that were you know encores and milling around and. Friends with each other, so you worked on the CRM for how long. Very short because I have epilepsy, and I ran out of my medicine and I said I need to get my. Refill and they basically robbed with me to the medical liaison officer, which was an eighteen year old kid, untrained in medicine, and basically said you have to get off your medicine where the top ten percent of the planet really take medicine in your and we're gonNA. Put you on dianetics, vitamins and cow bag, and that's going to help you, so you don't have. Have seizures I ended up having tons of seizures losing my short term memory, and thank God my mother basically stain on it and got me out saying you got me out of the seaward. Saying either you'll get on your medication today or I'm going to fly out there and believe me L. Ron Hubbard and the Church of Scientology never. Forget your mother. was so I went back on my medicine, and I thought them from thirty years on, but I was pointing. Arizona's for short short time, then I was on staff, which is different than the crm. Twenty four hours a day. Live near you sleep there and don't anybody join without really doing research as it's. It's basically a slave camp. That's what is. And you make about thirty five dollars a week. On staff. You make a hundred dollars a week while ads you can work either days or nights and weekends, so I were days at a Co Ed Celebrity Center, then they advanced organization until I got pregnant, and that was it then I just became a mother and I were and I was. Known as a public, but as a volunteer I helped him for years, and it's too long a story to tell you all this stuff but I did just about that something I've been just about everywhere being volunteer. Okay, great so I I I'm just laying the foundation that when we go through this tour you've been around the block with this organization and you know what you're talking about. Escape out in two thousand, so I've been out for twenty years and my thing was at first. I wasn't going to speak out I wasn't going to pick. Pick and I wasn't gonNA make videos, but they just kept picking on me, so I finally said. You know I am free speech to maybe something to say, and now it's been twenty years. I've demonstrated I've made interviews with all kinds of different media which you can just type in my name Tory Crispin and Google and I've had people calling me asking me. Do you have an end with the media? Ra- something I go. No I and they go, because your name is all over the Internet getting interviewed Sabbah's because for the first eight years. Very, only about four people, five people would speak out. Then in two thousand and eight anonymous took on the Churches Scientology and we had our first picket with them with nine thousand people around the world in almost every major city, and that cracked open the Truman show I call it. The Scientology Truman show that I haven't seen that movie. Watch 'cause. That's very much scientology it and that's. They. Let me start that again. The Internet and anonymous created a situation that was too many points hitting scientology at the same time they couldn't go after all their enemies anymore right right because they would before that they would sue painful, but once anonymous. They're just too many people a that. They didn't know who they were and beat. It's just too many people. They just couldn't take on nine thousand people in so. Okay all right I'm going to bring up the first picture now. Okay this is this is a a place that I call big blue. But what is this in the scientology world? Okay and Sancho de World. This is the entrance. I mean they had other buildings before when I got in one thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, nine, that were much older in crummier part of Los, Angeles then they bought this. which is was a hospital. It's now across from Kaiser, hospital and they they had a more share and everything embodied cleaned out painted this awful blue, which now it's not as bad a blue. It's known as big blue. Huge and it's blue and they used to be this bright bright blue because Hubbard. Leave Blue Eagle Freedom. And what is the entrance to big blue mrs above the La Orange called, and it's. It's just a very entrance to the whole thing. And and what goes on in there. They have like very early courses. Just basically early courses communication, course and different things to teach you kind of get you into the my control of Scientology. That's a huge facility. It's hard to imagine they have it filled up and humming with people. Now I now I now it is they. They did in the eighties. I think that was the last time it was really jumping. To tell a quick story about you and I and Bob. Layton Dorf in there. I was a member. A member of the East Hollywood business improvement, district, the bid, and so these are public movie. Public meetings with business owners and property owners in the area and scientology was on the board, and I was on the board of the local bid, and since they were public meetings everybody's shared the location and the Church of Scientology started. Using, that building, big blue to occasionally host a bid meeting and I got the idea one time that since their public meanings, anyone should be able to attend and I invited you to attend the meeting. And everybody. People, know your face and La Scientology world, so what happened when you walked in with Bob to be a guest at the meeting? Well. It was pretty funny because they had told me years ago. If you ever walk in our buildings, we'll have you arrested. I, Told Jim I can't do this. You know they'll. They'll recipe. And he said No. No, they have to let you. This is a public meeting and you have to understand anyone that many people that are watching this know about this, but anyone knew or who isn't familiar with scientology. They're always trying to get. P are in the community, and this is one of them that the wise grew which is is their business group. They're trying to become their business experts, and they really care about the community, and so that's why they're having these leads so when I walked in. I forget her name The lady gave me a look off. My God and you could tell she was kicked off. There was nothing she could do. Gym was right. Yeah, you you. You sat there the whole time. We kept seeing people walking down the hall and peering around the corner. They were upset. Okay. That was that was a great. That was a lot of fun. Sixty six six. Three six. Hollywood boulevard corner of Castle. and Hollywood gold. Says the Citizens Commission. On human rights. International! Grand sounding name. It's actually just a massive propaganda campaign. Now it's profession of psychiatry. The title under the building name is psychiatry, an industry of Death Museum. So I went further down. Sunset and I had this building. The Citizens Commission on Human Rights. This is called C.. Hr Bentsen Day of all these little terms lingo, and they have a whole language I mean this is i. don't know if you can see this or not. But this is their technical dictionary of words. I mean they just have ski-. In words. You have to know when you're in scientology so right away when you get in your like well, what does that mean? What does that mean and you start learning their language, but CCA jar was there Hubbard's group against psychiatry, and they believe psychiatry are the most evil people on the planet. They won't allow you to get any auditing. Supposedly Ma- maybe they'd probably. If you have enough money, they will, because money is their golden rule, but but supposedly. If you're on any kind of quarter on site, meds site medicine for psychiatry. Let even be depression, or you know whatever anything they will. You can't get any the auditing or you have to special program to get. You off that medicine like they thought epilepsy epilepsy. Did my mother said Tori this is not a psychosomatic illness. It is a physical illness and you need your medicine military having grand. Mal seizures and they were like you're not being responsible enough. They thought it was so mother. They thought it was some other cause, and they just don't believe in chemical imbalances or brain issues. Real brand shoes now now, which is easy hr is there, too. It's awful. What am I friends? Who has never in Scientology? Took me through there and I did the whole. Tour and it is repulsive. I mean most psychologists have never been through a have no idea what it is. They are against children being drug, which most people are. Isn't really Hubbard started. He started because. This is my opinion that in the fifties sixties. The main experts of the mind were psychiatrists and they can say. Is Barack and they did say that right, so he had to turn against them, and that's really when caught started CHR. Big rant against psychiatry, but most scientologist that they're like well. Children be medicine. It's like okay first of all some children's. Should they need to? I know personally fifteen young people who've killed themselves fifteen scientology's. Well if they were on a psych bed, they wouldn't have killed themselves if they could have had therapy and they wouldn't. And there's all kinds of people suffering from forms of schizophrenia. WHO's symptoms? Go Away. They're hearing voices. They're things are all kinds of having some real mental health issues that are cured with drugs and Scientology won't admit that now. Yeah, okay, well, see the jar. I thought it was kind of funny that there's actually three sixes in that address. I don't know if. He was gonNA. Proud of that you. Say seed six for anybody who doesn't know, equals the devil, right and just. To be fair. The. Numbers have a lot of six. I, think it's a joke, but some people take that seriously. It's getting lighter. Myers La Brea. GonNa, turn northbound to the right. Back Alley Boulevard. Start are. More dense part tour. Seventy fifty one. And seventy sixty five. Hollywood boulevard. Building on the right. Seventy fifty one. was called author services. One on the left. Is. called. And this they created I believe in the in the eighties. It was started I and I could be wrong could have been earlier, but that was when I became familiar with they started selling. Believe it or not, this is this was supposed to be Hubbard's fiction work. That's what authors services and they do gain. They have different contests and things like that when people to make it seem like he's just an author. He's an author already. They have other authors than come in stuff like that, but the real product of authors services that I know is they sold his? Basically sold less than concept that they had to put the technology of scientology on titanium disks, and we're going to put those in the ground, and they are in the ground in around in a few different places outside of Los Angeles I. Mean there I think ones in New Mexico ones in Lake Arrowhead. Places, but they're on titanium disks so that if the world is blown up, someone can lead us to joke about when I was in the imagine What's the name of our anyway? The movie where the whole United are in Los. Angeles is blown up. Or the opening the Omega man or any of those apocalyptic. You see this hand coming up out of the black. And it's assigned, is then he? In another hand comes up near like finally they come up on the rubble like we had to crawl. The New Mexico get dig down and get titanium, did so we? Can we start the auditing and get scientology growing? Valuable bit of human knowledge can start the human race again. Exactly so right next door to that is what? Author Service are able, which is scientology's front groups. That's what we call them and had some a combination of applied scholastic. Citizens Commission on Human Rights. Note, apply, scholastic. At narconon used to be part of able, which is their drug program, but I think they've made that separate now. 'CAUSE THEY WANNA be have narcan on scene like it's separate from the church scientology. It is a hundred percent under the umbrella of the Church of Scientology just so anybody knows. Way To happiness, which is sort of like the Ten Commandments, Hubbard re-routed and sells them to Doctors Dandies, saying you know your communities really worried about drugs. We need to get these way to happiness booklets out. That'll help the kids. It's basically to safeguard scientology and help people get in, and they're pretty good at i. mean even for someone like me. Who tries to keep an eye on them and as fairly aware of their efforts in different areas. They're pretty good at hiding. They keep the actual. Word Scientology out of a lot of their activities to disguise them right right exactly. That's why way to happiness. Most people don't know that that is part of. To give you an idea. NARCAN was in every major school here in California and a doctor who works for the university is a professor, but he's also critic of Scientology, and he took on the church scientology, and especially this particular avenue of it, and helped expose it, and they called me because they're going to do an article in San. Francisco a Dave called me, he said look. They're gonNA need someone that's been in because he was never in and that that understands it excise all right having. Call me because they had a lot of x a narconon staff members who were giving them information that they wanna sit their names before anonymous. Everyone was still afraid. Sue Them. So I said okay have him. Call me and the main thing i. said was what I just said. Now it's definitely under the umbrella of the Church of Scientology well, and they get it out. Dan To get all the religious aspects out of Darkman within two weeks, and they can't prove the technology back then they could change anything. They really are not supposed to, but. Average has the guy that runs. It now has while even beyond that. I mean there've been several at least lawsuits against narconon because it doesn't work. I mean they use What are they use vitamins and all these other treatments and there have been deaths in Arken under narconon care, and and there have been these lawsuits because it's it's. It's it's crazy. It's not based on mental. Health Faraday and they actually sued. Cult Watch they sued sued called. Watch out of existence. Ono Yeah encounter wear, cult awareness network. That's. Yeah, I was part of that. I I'm sorry to say I really am. They tricked me and they said Oh just sign. Your were handling these people that are hurting the church and I said okay. Sorry signed it way later. When I got out I went to see an attorney. He was very nice to me. Damn lied poll, but the people in his office were lake, really giving me dirty looks and I came in, and I said I don't get it like. Why are these women against me? I'm exposing all kinds of abuses from Jersey I'm house. And he said I don't think you realize how many how many legal things your name is in. And I said like what and he said like cult awareness network may have one hundred suits against cult awareness network, and my name was one of those suits I didn't know that they didn't say you're going to sue these people and invite them out, but that's what happened and I'm sorry to all the families I mean. It's an awful. Thing that they do stuff like this. Because cult awareness network originally was what you would think it would be. It was trying to alert people about various Carl calls and scientology through so many lawsuits on them. They eventually subsumed them I think and now if you bought a cult awareness network, guess who needs the Church of Scientology right? That's so nefarious. Itself Awful that when nine eleven happened underneath President Bush was a one eight hundred for truth, and I was on the Internet at the time out of Scientology and That's the diametic hotline. They were promoting for mental health. Call one eight hundred for wow. Okay next up in the tour, is the testing center. Police believe it or not the right. This is the testing center that they call the testing center. And there's a little parking lot. Right next to it. That's a part of the property. That I don't know if they still do it, but they used to have this Santa Claus there every. Christmas season. And it was the saddest most pathetic thing. To see the Santa Claus back there because he was kind, sit back off of Hollywood boulevard. And nobody would. go visit them and just kind of sad guy. Sitting in the corner. is where they supposedly do a. they started onto a personality. what happened was people were screwing up with the personality chest who was like one hundred hundred questions to answer, and then they would evaluate your personality from that. They would say well you're. You're really bad at Xyz, but you're sort of good days and we think we can help you. And a lot of people came into scientology from that a lot of people. A lot of people they screwed up and they laugh. They said no, so then they put that on the computers. They decided now. People can't do it. They can't evaluate for these people who put it on computers so now. They're radio these computer. Right of saying you really. Horrible nobody likes you your Liar. Officer. And then they'd say a few good things and people just walk out. The door was awful so now they switched to the stress tests where they pinch you, and then they are. They're showing how the meter which is their e meter, which is like a lie detector thing. Shows Charge or upset and you may pinch you, and then they say recall inch and then. The needle did the same thing they should. That's how are auditing works. You know you recall something we have re recall it a few times until any races Ri- which is pure pseudoscience. This eater machine has been shown time and time again to be as called a wheat. Stonebridge just measures ear conductivity between. The cans that you hold onto and your body, and your hands are sweatier. Squeeze them tighter. The conductivity goes up and if you loosen up, they go down. So you know there's there probably is a little bit of relationship between stress, and how tightly you squeeze the cans, but it's got nothing to do with what they say it is. which is what operating Phaetons in your body? While they don't. Just, so you know they don't say that way at the lower end, right? You only find out about that at the top trying to think of a triangle at the very top. That's where you find out about all that. So it's a long road of mind control before the before you get to get that kind of thing, and that's how they trick you into it. Yeah, that's your way into it before you get the word that it's these space. T and people say oh. I'm not and your. When you and you're looking at them going well. Okay, you know they must have the secret and they say they do like I. Had Berry Fine would say all I'm going to go in session I'm going to heal I so and so, and he would come out and he's okay. It's extra arm. You know different things like that, so I really thought the top levels were healing. That's what well and there's we have. Have to say to that in clearwater to there's this super power, thing or fear way in the upper levels they at least insinuate that you will have tremendous powers if you master their program. Is that fair to say? Yeah pretty much? They pitched God. The top people really have superpowers and can make tons of money. That's the other thing that had the more money you pay into it more money, you're GonNa make light psychic powers and things like that yeah! Your Business will find ax, and you know things that menial make five times the amount of money you were making before you did sign. Which is completely falls, there's many many billionaires are not billionaires, but certainly millionaires not many many. Let me take that back. There's. A few very wealthy men and a couple of women who got into Scientology, poor tons of money into an end have completely lost their distances from it. Is a few still going, and they're always looking for what we call Wales. Those are big people that have lots of money and they'll give scientology God knows why. That's what Vegas calls the Big Gamblers to Wales Really Yep. I'm always say one more thing about the testing center. Behind that. Black fencers like a a a lot in between the buildings are a parking lot and for a long time I don't know if they still do it or not, but there used to be a Santa Claus on a little platform where at the back there? I said Christmas the Christmas. Wonderland. I remember going by there several times over the years, and there's like four people standing in front of them, and it's just this sad pathetic Santa Claus. Almost by himself next to the scientology building. Now. This is the worst gig in Hollywood I think. Anyway okay? Let's move on. OKAY HERE WE GO! Here's the. Guarantee Building. Yeah, that's called the Hollywood Gary Building or the age. Most scientologists think the Hubbard H. B. As to do with. How harbor you know something? And you can see the top. There's a big sign saying scientology right for years it didn't. It was just kind of a secret location, not secret, but the age she be. None of us really knew what they do there, but there was just supposedly in management, which is the international management running the Church of Scientology Nats. What happens there an end? The HEB is really because it is a A building that we can't chick. Chain you have to keep everything about. What do you call that like a historical buildings? Historical building, so that's why they kept the name. The Hollywood guaranteed building, but when you walk through those doors, then you just see that one door. That's all you see. They don't have any sign on the ground floor, saying scientology, or if they do, it's a little one. I was on ot. Seven seconds to the top I would go there because I was helping the Office of special affairs which are. Lynch's they're known should public. It's their PR public relations and legal. That's what that's what? They're off, Szeswith also, that's what they do. The truth is they do a lot of the dirty tricks I didn't think they did. They do. So so when you walk in, there's a guard outside all the time right door when you walk in. Even if not seven, they have to have someone from. I think they're on the tenth floor. They have to have someone come down. The elevator gets you. You're going the elevator with them. They escort you of in you just going to a little room. Never see what's really happening there. At least I never did. You could probably talk to some acce- or members to work there and they could but. Now I have a question. which is what do they do there? Because the orbs around the world are basically empty. So what are they managed? Yeah, good question. I mean obviously they're buying buildings. So that's a big part of it. Is that sort of become a real estate out organization? That's it so they're probably researching buildings and buying buildings in putting obviously putting fake statistics, because tons of people are still getting letters from them are out of the Church of Scientology, and that is a false statistic for them. They count those people as Church members, yeah! Okay all right next to it. You see the L Ron Hubbard's life exhibition. That's a little museum. They put up. In honor, l Ron Hubbard, and it is interesting it's. It's basically again. A PR movement. It kind of looks pretty fancy look snazzy. They show him writing the forties and fifties, and then he starts dianetics Zimbabwe by you get to the end, and they open up. You're sitting down at the end and a Holo. Wall opens up with the keys all the cities around the on states where they've given them. He's to the two. They're sending while and I know from working NPR. They worked the system for for months. It's not year to get a kate. Yeah and that's that's just a sort of a formality that Cities do for local organizations anyway. It's not like they're. The city was some huge L. Ron Hubbard Fan. Now! They make it seem like that. I'm currently I. Put the street. EASTBOUND. Not Hollywood Boulevard. Hollywood fell off a little bit. After you got a few blocks from the. Chinese and everything fell off good. Last ten or fifteen years. Pretty hot, property. which is part of the reason for this tour property? All Scientology buildings. Are Tax exempt. From property taxes. A massive Ford. Says millions of dollars. Of. Real Estate That is. Gathering Noah. Property Taxes So, you're police. Fire. All the city services here property taxes. Four they're not contributing to. Well. Here's definitely the next big one. This is the. Ron Hubbard Life Exhibit. Nice to life this time in the morning. Slots right it's. This is called the guarantee building. To`real talk about this. For the final stop in tour. Hollywood celebrity. Center. What does the celebrity center is basically hovering knew that celebrities people respect celebrities. They liked them. They watch them. They communicate tune. Instead of a few hundred people may often communicate to millions John Travolta help supervise in the early seventies, and he joined scientology. Any got welcome back Kotter and from that point on. He insists he's a great actor. Because Scientology in the end, the real big celebrities they've ever had are good because they're good actors. It's not because of scientology, but scientology's good at drinking you and make you think any of your abilities are because of them. and New all them because of it of course, yeah, so they have a secret entrance celebrities, which is at the back end and they. They have their own parking lot. They have their own secret entrance. They have their own courtroom. That is private and no one would ever see them now. They WANNA be seen. They can't be seen. I've gone into their. Restaurant, where troll was there with a bunch of people, but also the. Many Times. They've been there, but you don't see them. I've seen in the restaurant and I've been in the celebrity centre and I actually took the personality test. There wants one on. One on the e meter. Now I'M GONNA. Tell you what I did and a you? You give me the reaction from a scientologist point of view real quickly. When my cousin and I traveled through Europe. Every time, we would hit a city with a scientology center at it. We'd go there and take a personality test because they give us free orange, juice and donuts and we'd get a free meal out of it. So by the. Time. I got a Hollywood years later I had taken the personality test for probably I, probably taken a ten or twelve times. And I decided when in Hollywood that I would take it. I would answer it as if I was the most perfect human being that ever lived was completely happy. All my relationships were perfect. My War was perfect everything. So when the score came back I was in the ninety, some percentiles across the board. and. They were looking at me. Cut Across. I'd like Cou. Is this person? So what do you think was going through their minds? If you're all perfect. There's no problems there's parts to say you're out of valence meaning. You're not being yourself. You're not telling the truth, and thus you need to do again to tell the truth. But they usually are just like you said they're just stunned. They asked him to join staff Sal. Yeah I think that's that's what they reaction I kinda got. Thank thought maybe I was a big shot in the in the church and that maybe I was coming to check up on them or. I don't. Know One, thing I realized that I forgot to say with that. I thought we were going to do more of the complex, but just so people know if the big blue thing yeah was that starts with the entrance to loss to la, or then it goes to what's called Astro American Saint Hill safe villas in England. This is their American Saint Hill where they had the briefing, horse and David miscarriages now. Now gotten rid of the briefing. Course no longer exists and the class acorss, which is their highest trained or one of their higher train. That's gone to that across the street from that is AOL Lay, which is the Vance Organization, which is where they do. The OJ levels up to ot seven I believe they do there I think they know June. Five they to one one, two, three, four five m clear. which doesn't work at all? I've never met a real clear and The definition of clear Parral Ron Hubbard was a perfect memory of perfect I q know semantics, no pay, but they keep changing the definition, so that will fit if people think okay. I'm back. and other things they in the freeways. They were little. Building there at a big Lou for the free winds, which is their ship for own ta you can only do t eight on their ship and don't waste your money on it. It's awful. Wow, so anyway that I just wanted to mention that. Because we didn't really I thought you were going to go down the street of L. Ron. Hubbard, we. We're GONNA. Do those yeah I. I I forgot the right around the block. Well, so they sold the Church of Scientology owns. It's safe to say. Tens of millions of dollars of property in Los Angeles alone. Is it second only to clear water in the amount of facilities? Yeah clearwater is really they really by the lot of clearwater and thankfully Mark Bunker, who is a big critic of venture to scientology was never in, but has studied for years. You know just the both sides of it really and he is now just been elected to their city council. So that should be interesting though I bet they hate that ironic that they say they sell communication. They sell freedom. They sell truth and nothing could be farther from Madrid to scientology nothing. They're liars, they they cannot communicate. I've gone up to them for twenty years trying to communicate, they won't talk to me. While! They declare people suppressive like myself and no one is allowed to talk to me. If they talked to me, they will be declared suppressive. GET IN TROUBLE, yeah! Tory Christmas thank you so much for all the work. Do exposing the nefarious behavior of the Church of Scientology. Thank you well. We try, but you're the one who knows all insights. It's been helpful at bed. Great thanks so much I can say for anyone is look at both sides. Make sure you really know what you're getting into. If you're even thinking of joining, this has it's very spooky. There's a very dark side to it, and I promise you I can say that because I know if anyone looks at both sides. They'll never joined the Church of Scientology. Hope that is the case.

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GR #163.2: Paris Hilton's Documentary, ABC's The View latest mistake, #FreeBritney update

Grants Rants Hollywood Talk

24:00 min | 8 months ago

GR #163.2: Paris Hilton's Documentary, ABC's The View latest mistake, #FreeBritney update

"You're listening to grants rants in spread the word there are a lot more. Listen anytime on all major podcast platforms. Back the show. And we're back on the podcast talking to Hollywood Lee and calling in welcome back I. Think you. It is hot as hell in the city. I have absolutely had a gigantic headphones on sweat and have a storm but I'm here to deliver the Hollywood chalk. Let's. Let's get into it. How are you dealing with those heat by the way I need to talk to somebody about it because I feel like I'm drowning it's been terrible this heat wave in California. We got the fires going up north. Pray for US please and then you know my air conditioner broke a couple of weeks ago and it was terrified asleep I basically did for two days but I'm here and I I have some air now it's fine. But I forget about the fires I actually couldn't believe it I. Woke Up to a text message from an odd asking me. If I was near them, I couldn't believe I actually heard from somebody my family I was shocked I don't have anybody. Wow No wants this disaster is not near me but you know thankfully in Oh yeah it's it's been insane. The heatwave is ooh, it's terrible is trying to get through. There's a lot of other problems we need to be focused as well, but it is. Let me tell you. Hot Remember to jump in the pool and even out on that. But let's talk about Paris Hilton to visit a youtube documentary coming out it's called this is Paris. This is supposed to be the real her you know this is the Ellis is the angle now at first when I heard was putting on a document shows like yeah but We kind of did this I feel like we've heard her speak about know her international branch was on that Netflix documentary about a year ago we she's she has the youtube channel you know about the slaving. We know all about it. So I was like I don't know why need to see this but I watched the trailer and and I'm actually interested in going to watch. You said so much with the Netflix thing because I feel like with the net flicks documented I forgot what it's called. I don't know if you remember what it's called, but it wasn't just about Paris. With anyway I would like all the little influencers that came up like the vine people the youtubers, but it was mostly about Paris Hilton the American meam that was the Nasdaq the American mean like fat Jewish. was saying. Dan that guy I hate the fat Jewish aw go ahead. What did he say? No, but he said something that was completely true and he said basically Paris Hilton started social media and it I completely agree with it like if it wasn't for her, I don't think that we would be as invested in the celebrity following inciting. If it wasn't for I feel like she does paved the way for people that Kim Kardashian. Social Media Moguls I just feel like people became obsessed with fame and she was the face of that for a really long time, and now we've expanded and we got into of is, but I feel like if we go back to the beginning to go back to the Paparazzi Jason Days of the low hands spears and the Britney's and the Paris's Paris was the face of being famous. So that documentary on Netflix's showed her vulnerable. Side and said, look I'm a real person at Amos for being famous and she's doing that in this documentary. So I kind of disagree and I'm going back to what you said I feel like we've already seen this it better be like a way different angle I wanna see something way different. She's talked about changing her voice already before she's talking about playing a character. So is it the same thing Gran what was different about this trailer? At me, it was little more stripped down that she's revealing now that she was mentally emotionally and physically abused at boarding school. This is something new. I guess this is probably the hook they do tea's like this is something I've never ever spoken about but will people feel bad for her Moore at a different age now where in the past she'd be laughed at for something. Like this but now you know no one has any tolerance for injustice or abuse or motion distress. So I mean I don't know how should this be re received I don't know if people are gonNA wake fall for like why you bring this up with so much pain in the world's like okay. You went away to a Boarding School for eleven months I mean it sounds terrible. The she details big scream debt torture br physically being abused hitting strangling restraints forced fed medication yet. So I mean this this is a different side to her. That sounds terrible. That really is. Have you was there because she was rebellious she lived in the World Office story with her parents is a multimillionaire growing up and she went out to clubs as they know what to do with her. So they put her in this facility in Utah. So it's still is first world problems, but I mean it's not pleasant. I wouldn't be in that position. Yeah. But you're right. It is I rule problems I was just gonNa say and I kind of felt bad about even going that route but I wanted to say like isn't this kind of normal in? That kind of highest I won't even bring up race. I'll just leave. It's like high-society people with a lot of money like don't they send their kids to boarding school is that of me to say but I mean this this sounds like a reform school to me I. I don't know they said that she claims she was kept from speaking to your parents about it that they would rip up letters she was trying to communicate to get out of there I mean. This to me reminds me of a scientology story from what would go into those like narconon. Have you heard of that like God yes. Now you're scaring me you know how I feel about that those people really scare me. Yeah. So that that's channels that for me personally I. Don't know for sure I've never been to this facility, but you know. I don't does have a lot of money and scientology does have the reputation. To basically hide scientology in the form of Rehab programs all over the country they even change the names like like grants narcan or whatever are cannot have many different names for Jan grams and different charitable work that they do know my God. Maybe she ended up in one of those subdivisions that was like a whole different name and we just heard about that one yet, and maybe she released the name of I'll have to do some cooling but I mean, that would be like headline news like Paris Hilton abused at scientology centers like if it was, you know what I mean like yeah I I'm GonNa look. At the documentary I to friends that are interested in watching, it were probably going to do legalzoom happy hour afterwards just again and I'm desperate I'll I'll do it. I'll watch it but I'm what I was thinking of with disregards regards to Paris and the emotional distress she went through this facility while it was only eleven months I have to imagine that was triggering for her with went to jail because she was the Jeffrey she talked about having to go through South Tari confinement practices and things. So you know what she went to prison she was still in her early twenties so it had to be triggering. Yeah, I think so too. I think I mean going away like that in general and being yanked of your normal life. It's probably traumatizing whether you're richer not. It'd probably sucked for her but she probably needed it I I really now kind of invested in I do WanNa hear about what she's talking about here. Yeah. Well, if you WANNA watch called this is Paris September fourteenth odd Paris's Youtube Channel so. There you go coming soon to a tablet near you. Youtube and other to feed Let's talk about ABC's the view man. This show just continues to spiral die view I just want you think couldn't reach any lower it. We're in the middle of an election year Meghan McCain is going away the only alternative voice on the view of the greater at leashes its point of view she is going away coming up on maternity leave, and so this is an opportunity for. Them to bring somebody in to really be engaging to present the other side Joe at least have a good counter argument while the others were on the same page. So one who may ask someone like accomplish Harrison question and they're not doing it they're not gonNA they're not GonNa, do it the recycling Sarah? Haynes. Because their contract is over with that Nursing Home Show Strahan Kiki Sarah whatever. It never got to hat never happen. Now, we're having to look at Sarah Haynes again I really think that no one asked for this. She's not one of the favorites she's not. So in that, you know a sewer poll rising. I this is a total missed opportunity in my opinion it's a safe decision. Would you agree with that? Yeah. Probably financially as well imagined Sarah no offence to her actually don't mind. She just doesn't belong on the show. She probably comes cheap right I mean I she's got to come cheaper than most. Well here's the thing with Sarah I have to admit I just never watched when she was on like that. The view has always been like very much I. I can't watch it that long the bickering and it's worse than housewives to me it's. Like, how people feel about housewives in general is like how I feel about the view it's just. I can't I feel like if you haven't watched on the beginning, then it's not something you can just watch all the time. So I didn't watch what Sarah but I did like play like her best youtube moments and it seemed like she was pretty fun. said anything like completely life-changing in like world splitting or something but she seemed like she had a good rapport with Whoopi. So I I don't know it seemed like a safe decision. Like her personality I personally. But my thing is she's calm. She's not political. She's she she's not very deep into it just when she fish is very served as what you're saying and when she is political as the same exact voices like the others at the table. So I mean, this is just GonNa be like next like four months however many horrendous as have until this election I mean. If it's just GONNA be them to celebrate every single thing and not having real discussions I mean it's going to be tough I mean I. Don't WanNa see that. Yeah I don't know like how many people have gone through the view like it's been a revolt is dozens. Yes. Twenty three years or twenty three, twenty, five. I. Should know this off the top of my head but many seasons many many seasons I I don't think anyone's GonNa. Care about this. I like it really did not do anything to the Internet at all because it's just not going to move the needle. You know I mean maybe they're happy with the ratings but I think with a show that if you look at. If you were to Wikipedia, the concept of the view it's it's to have different opinions and different different backgrounds and I. I'm just not seeing much earlier with regards to politics right now it's all the same note this is an election year. This is a major opportunity. This is not only an opportunity, but this should be an easy ratings grab a ratings, win for them and they shall be able to really just take a chance. Now's the time to take a chance because you know you're going to do well right. So yeah. I actually think it is a very important year where we are an election year. So maybe we do need someone that's going to. Give something to talk about you know we do need all those different being we all feel a certain way towards Megan McCain but at least she has point of view. Yeah. In say is. At my a friend and I was like whatever the wrong decision is, they're gonNA do and that immediately following that the next day Sarah Hades rejoins the view. So there you go. Continuing to disappoint what else can I say is? Looking at this now, like they do talk very similarly on the view, but one of the same things and what is going to happen in a post trump error because I are post era I should say, what are they gonNA discuss because I don't see anyone being critical of anyone that is not part of the trump administration. I just wonder beyond the view looking at Cable News in general you know where do we go with the narrative has just been trump is bad for so long and are they going to be critical of the new administration? I just don't know where shows like the view and all these roundtables go sets General Hollywood talk thought. Well I think we just keep on rolling keep on dancing. There's always going to be something to talk about there's always going to be someone hey, is always going to someone to love but I feel like we've been so. Invested lately because it's really affected our lives I feel like this is the tend to be the most vocal. This is the tend to be the most involved so. I think it's GonNa keep on truckin grant. There's plenty of stuff to continue to focus on politically because I. Think people are starting to realize I think the younger people as well. This stuff does affect you. You know for the longest time we all kind of lived like little ponds and didn't really focus on what was happening in the white. House. But I feel like this day and age, it's very important to be up to date into know what's happening and to know that these this isn't affect you and your family and your future. Generation so I think there's going to be something to talk about regardless. Yeah. I because I gotta go back to to like what you're saying I agree with you I I. We can't go back. You can't put us back on the box we are is are open so it'll be interesting to see I. Just hope that like you know good. Well, rounded discussions can. Can Happen. Regarding whether who's in positions of power because he had his serious, we all are here now are is are open. So let's keep the engagement alive and what's not all go back to Brian says they say, what's you know they once or if things change with the election so anyway, that's vital. Thought that I do Miss Brunch, though. I. Miss a good Bobo so that I can see through. I can't wait for us to sit at a bar again you know, yeah, I missed life you know Mrs Life is Brittany Spears. Oh poor baby. Let's talk about her. Let's see. I. Don't have too much. Say I know people is to get a little bit of update I mean. The free movement has received a lot more attention, which is good. The ACLU made a tweet Her former makeup artists made an appearance at a recent small ish protests, slash rallies, slash whatever you WANNA call it sit in I. Guess outside the the Court House downtown La this week and I know you talked about the senior podcast but former Brittany husband of fifty five hours Jason Alexander made an appearance and I thought this was actually a pretty big deal. I, don't know though you might not agree with the. Big Deal Yeah it's. It's a big deal in and I'm glad that he came to support the movement like we could look at it. All the positive things I just didn't like the way he spoke when he spoke to TMZ. I, was very thirsty was very opportunistic and I don't think it was factual. I don't think he's in touch with US Army I don't think he's in touch with Britney he made it seem like. They're talking about rekindling their like, what's like stop it like she has a hot boyfriend. Definitely she's in trouble. There's definitely something going on like there's something here to talk about their something here to examine she has made claims recently and been very adamant that she does not want her father to be in charge of her finances. She wants a specific person someone named Jodi Montgomery that has been working with her for a couple of years she wants change so. There is something there but I just don't like the way he came out of the woodwork for and I'm very cautious because she's had a lot of bad people in her life that this is what it's led to. So I'm just like, what are you really here for right? I thought it. We have more questions about him. I. Mean I I viewed it like, wow. Okay. Finally, a face that's showing up that was been part of her life I sub both had been the makeup artist. Okay. Lease. So people are like I don't want me he wasn't ever in her camp but I mean. I don't know it was just like finally like we see someone show their support when so will have been quite I haven't followed this now for almost two years and the fact that he claims he's an advocate Eliza where have you been? There's been hundreds of hours of podcasts about this articles. The HASHTAG has been trending like every other month for almost two years. So like been if you're that much of an advocate of. You know he claims these back in touch with our in the text the maybe four and I feel like Britney is almost impossible to get in touch with because. Not. In the world's exactly how would he only got her? No maybe through Lynn most know that such a I just don't believe it. I don't believe it. He claims that he supports the movement she supports the movement the she's he thinks she's a prisoner. I mean I think it's pretty obvious at this point. You know what you like you mentioned she wants her father to be out is conservative and start their S- to get rid of him as the conservative I think she's got some decent representation though because they're breaking it down I follow this pretty closely they're breaking down to like these three phases and I want to call them outright here This said the first phase was triage that supported Britney's Britney from a period of dramatic public collapse Oh eight. The second was a comeback that's our sash yourself as a successful performer with a string of residence used Vegas and a third phase must begin. Now they're claiming that heart she's making. Current lifestyle changes, and that's why they need to reevaluate the conservative ship. She's not she doesn't WanNa perform anymore. So she doesn't have much money coming in so they don't need to have the father in charge of her estate away that it currently is set setup. So I see what he's doing and this could lead to a pathway eventually she emancipates herself now I think she's got decent representation. So I'm watching closely and I'm optimistic and. A little bit of balance like let's look at it. The positive he's shining more light to the cause and you know it can only lead to better things. So I don't want to sound like a complete terrible person, but I'm just very very. Cautious. When it comes to burden me, I've been grant and I both really love her as a person and we just want the best for and I just don't like how he came in. So hot I don't believe that he's talking to her I don't believe that he jason. Husband. I don't believe Jason is begin Britney like you said in that. They're talking about you know rekindling and just like I just stuff. That was like, no. They're not gonNA let him. They're not gonNa let anywhere near that house. There's no way. The duminy people you would have to go through to even get some sort of meeting with Britney. It's you can't get a hold of her yeah and not only that even if he came over to visit her like she's one of those gated communities music three gates before you get to the house like she's so protected it's it's sad it away I bet she's like you know held prisoner of the security but that's how they want her and I just now I wonder we look at the instagram and even if the conservative ship is lifted. Because of the damage it's John, I don't know how she would have in the real world's. I know. Where do we go from here? I just want her to be able to drive her car to starbucks like I know it sounds so materialistic and stupid but I mean if we take back to the other documentary like for the record like she cried so hard when they gave her commission to drive by herself. It wasn't an empty desert, but that was like. Everything that she wanted. It's just so sad. Yeah you know I, of course, he has so many things that we don't. She's seen and experienced things that you know none of us have ever been in the position to experience. She's a pop star. She's a world renowned known celebrity But. At the same time she's a human and she's a person and I feel like that person has gone. I'm I don't know what they did to her out of what they've been giving her. It's just it's so sad and I just want Britney back and. You know we love Britney leave her alone. Somebody help our first year the states to can't just cut free. So she's need some help to be able to figure out the world around her 'cause. It's a lot and I mean I don't blame her for any of it but as far as what terrible set of cards she's been dealt in the last like ten twelve years horrible but does. There'll be no changes made to the conservative ship. Until they have to file more paperwork and legalities until February of Twenty, twenty one. So don't hold your breath. Here we go. Again I just we'll see we'll have to watch what happens. So there we go Britney Yeah I, hope it works out for her I I'm optimistic but I what is it GonNa Take Let's go you know Salvia anyway before I let you go please tell listeners about your new show I've been on the show I hope the chancellor to the episode, but if not, here's what you can expect. Yes it's called. Everyone is terrible and we just give you. The. Most terrible for the week from reality people to real people you know whatever you're watching the show is yours. You know you D M e you can nominate who you feel as most terrible for the week. We've had me from below deck for ratting out Hannah you know we've had Lisa arena for being a terrible friend. You know we've just gone down the Liz we've talked about selling sunset in now, but I really want to expand and talk. About whatever you want them into a lot of scripted shows these days. So you know I, WanNa talk about who was terrible and real people to you know whoever's the headlines hours in the news where keeping up to date with whatever you guys want whoever's terrible because at the end of the day, everyone is terrible. We all had our days and we have to be held accountable. We have to just talk about it. You know and it's CA. Comes from. Reality. TV. Commentators most terrible Hollywood and that's So check check out my Graham, all things, Hollywood Leeann. If you WANNA, follow the instagram for the podcast. It's everyone is terrible pod. So grant thank you so much for having me I. really appreciate it. Yeah. Thanks for coming out of ranting with US I. Love You guys for listening. The next episode will be our five year mark of this show bike. Adulation. That's amazing. Yeah. We're still here doing this. So that's a good thing. Right. So ready here for different people have a little bit of a special episode planned I doing projects right now it will be coming I hope you're enjoying the Rhody Recap. If you're not, it's almost over and then you won't have to ever hear from it. Again by thanks to those leaving reviews and I love you listening my thanks to Hollywood Leeann and we'll be back with our rates This has been grants rants support the rates unpatriotic and matriarch dot com slash grants rants follow grant on twitter and Instagram at its grants. France cover are created I. How nate original Theme Music by Alexander. The Brands Michael Collection

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Listener Stories: Volume 41

And That's Why We Drink

56:03 min | 11 months ago

Listener Stories: Volume 41

"Happy Gem Ni- season. Month I'm not very good at. Harmonising. I'm sorry. It's two days for my birthday three days from yours and. From our live show. Yes, that's right. We have one more time to promote that, so we're doing a birthday benefit. Bash I think is what? we are doing a live show on zoom, so you guys should come. Join US I think the link is. Bitterly dot eighty WB bash for slash yeah. It's also in our instagram bio. Don't worry. It's going to be superfund, so we're doing a live show again. For people who are just hearing about this it is through zoom. It is a ten dollar donation with all one hundred percent of the proceeds are going to and relief and It is going to be superfund. It has nothing to do with the here for the booze tour. So if you have tickets for that, still get tickets for this no SPA. No spoilers. Bad IT'S GONNA! Be Fun. We're all GONNA hang out. A ticket should still be available so please come. Yeah, we would love that and we are very excited to celebrate birthdays with you. and. I gotta say something. Okay first of all. I have to announcements one of them one of them. Everyone's on instagram last night, but I'm like fuck and losing my mind a lot so I know you saw because you DMZ it like what is going on so? Forget it so my friend C., c. back home got me. So if you've ever listened to me on Instagram I have said before like during Instagram, lives are mobile Mondays. People have asked what my biggest fear is I. fucking hate fish like I. Hate Fish I. it stops me from like going in the ocean, and in lakes like I refuse to be embodies the water with fish I literally have a fear of eating fish because I'm afraid. It's GONNA literally come back to life and flounder randomized real like Ms told me innocence in sincere confidence before I don't know what's wrong with me I like I need totally natural. It's. Ok Okay it's not normal per se but I. When I was when I was three, I had a really bad fish that a goldfish like eighty alive, and it's an. Inch about dreams are. GonNa, be like some bad salmon or something. No, no, no I had a dream that fish tried to eat me alive, and it's I know that was the beginning of this well. Yeah I. DON'T BLAME YOU and. But so anyway, my friend CC. She's not since we were like eight years old, and she knows how much hate fish, so apparently, she saw this thing on Instagram, and she was like. You know who would hate this and so sent me for my birthday. So these are my brand, new favorite sandals, their horrific flops, which apparently are called flesh fish flops I was gonna say it's a good pun there. Yeah, and also like their tail flips up, so it holds your foot in and all about like a fish. If you're not watching this on youtube, it's like it looks like an actual fish like shiny has gills and for your foot. This is the green one. They have different colors, and they're all different types of fish like the pink was salmon they have like. Color? That's true and it definitely looks like my exact nightmare fish. It's like it's going. Anyway I'm excited about that and also My other announcement is also birthday. Thing for you which I can't tell you yet but I. It's so I'm so sorry. I'm so stressed about it because it's so close to our birthdays. I'm pretty sure it's not going to be done in time, but that's fine. Oh, that's fine, but in the middle of the night i. Made a really wild quarantine purchase for you and my God okay I texted about it and I was like. I don't even know why I did. This. Very intrigued but I'm I. IT'S GONNA be interesting I. Don't I don't know how to explain it I'm so excited you're. You're last gift well. I want to reveal anything, but I think everything's in place for you were thing. I literally found this thing last night. Like. Ought I'm getting it tomorrow I? I. Just totally throw you off. I'm literally going to rent a U haul tomorrow and pick it up. But what? Also it also like it's a little I. Don't want to say too much, but it's like a random thing I saw, and I was like it makes no sense. It has nothing to do with Christine but I'm going to turn it into something for Chris. Good, so excited and nervous. It was just the stupidest thing I've ever done, but I'm really I've decided it has to happen now. There's no need really excited. I cannot wait, will so. I finished. Your birthday presents like two weeks ago and I was like I. Am so fucking. Shit has handled danger. Right! You've gotten a lot. I, got one and blazes like in. You'd put a different name on it and blaze was I. don't know this is no. I don't either and we almost get back. Like in the middle of US moving and I was like I'd also like I was like what in the world and then just dismissed it, but since we had a new house, we just assumed it was like an owner. Something like didn't hit right away, and then I was like Oh. That's from and places like I don't even want to know what's going on. Yes there seved one of them, but. Oh, my gosh, this is very exciting. We haven't we're to do I. Think Gift Exchange for Patriot right Ya. We just haven't scheduled it yet, so but. Most things I'm that makes me a little nervous. Because I got notification, saying that things definitely shift to shift, maybe not delivered. Okay, we're fine. Yeah, but I'm very excited about this weird. Ask thing it literally. I'm telling you when I first saw it I was like. I love it, and I need it and I don't have any reason for it because it has nothing to do with you or me and I was like I. Need to find a reason for why this would make sense, and so now I'm like using my art skills, and like Trente like ruins, trying to make it into something. That's all excited. Okay. We'll thank you. I'm excited to see it. Hey M. I have some good news because I'm pretty sure you and I. Both have butthole right we. It's I do I i. think it'd be if you didn't, but yes, we both are bottles. Maybe the people listening to us about holes I would think so I will say that it's hard to believe that when we use the bathroom in this country pretty much all. All of us wipe instead of washing if you think about it, that seems kind of medieval and so that is why I'm really excited about our new sponsor, which is touchy so for years, but days have been available, but hideously expensive causing thousands of dollars, but the Hello Toshi. Modern! Day attachment is here to bestow the blessings of the days to everyone who? Cleans your, but with a precise stream of freshwater for just seventy nine dollars worth it, it attached Your existing toilet requires no electricity or additional plumbing and toilet paper used by eighty percent, which like hello were on a quarantine on paper is Gio, N. E. So. This is just the perfect way to solve that crisis. In your life, it's true I got mine like right. When quarantine was hitting and I was like this is the best investment of my life truly and now it's all normal in our household. We use it and it's honestly changed the game, so I can say very confidently I think you guys will really enjoy it. So why don't you do what we did and join millions of happy? Hello to customers right now and have a clean, but with every flesh like we do. Go to hello, does she dot com? Slash drink to get ten percent off. This is a special offer for our listeners. Go to Hello Toshi dot com slash drink for ten percent off. That's Hella sheet dot com slash drink. That's all anyway. Welcome to our listeners episode of the Montello everyone. Read Fun Stories that you sent in. You know what sorry? Basically listeners, episodes I guess, but if you're new here, we do this on the first of every month, and you can also submit your own stories to, and that's why we drink at gmail.com, or you can also send them through our website, and that's food drink, dot, com and I believe sometimes. We I mean I believe I. Mean yes I. Sometimes force themes in two episodes. But I believe this time we picked we just. So even found birthday stories. Yeah, it's. It's an no other way. This was gonNA. Always expect once a year. There will be a birthday. We'll get through it together. Everyone, don't worry, so an even said that there is a bonus episode are a bonus a story at the end of this blue. Okay excited so I'll start off. The first story is from. She's me Tori she her pronouns. Thank you for normalizing pronounce. and the subject is birthday. Cakes messed up by ghost. Okay? That's very birthday, yeah! On theme vary on brand. So Tori says hi, and that's why I drink family. Since you ask for Burt for party themed stories. Maybe that's what did. Store. I thought I'd share my family's ghostly tradition ever since I was a little kid I have never really had a nice perfect birthday cake. They always crushed or they topple over somehow. Since a cursed cake. Yeah, one instance that really stands out to me is my birthday, I. Think I was maybe ten or so and my mom and I were at the grocery store picking out a cake for my birthday the next day as we were standing in the checkout line, Mike Cake, which was well within the car, and couldn't have slid out yourself and fell onto the floor still in the carton won't. Okay this this is what I I remember. My mom telling me about our cake curse Apparently my grandmother used to drop birthday cakes all the time, and every every birthday cakes get messed up one way or another, and if they don't get messed up, we specifically screw them up by stabbing them with forks. Because apparently it's good luck for us on the cute, so if a cake gets messed up, it's my grandmother dropping it to say hey and wish you a happy birth. It's like that's why remember that time No. Accidentally while it was intentional I'd I dry now. For Good Luck, you literally dropped it right in my lap and said. Did you want to eat that? which apparently meant good luck yes. The best part is that they are still McCartan when they fall, so you can still eat it. Oh, that's what I wasn't quite like that. I Guess No. My literally fell into my lap. which thanks to your house also was covered in dog for so I basically eight a geocache afterwards? I mean. Try To stop me from eating my birthday. Kick off the floor. While you anyway I, love listening to your podcasts. I'm and I'm working while I'm working in. It's one of the things that reminds me of the of the day of the week in the quarantine. Where time is construct, stay safe and healthy. Your fellow Gemini Tori. Happy Birthday, Tori whenever your birthday is first of all and second of all I love the idea that even if the cake doesn't fall, you like A. Really. If I don't mess it up. Something Difference GonNa be wrong so I. might as well just ruin this. I fully understand that logic truly in that the in that case you might as well start doing smashed cakes on purpose like you know how you have a like a baby, a cake and like they like smash it. You should use as an adult you should just. How do we all want an excuse to do anyway? So there? You go I wonder if you said. Out Loud to the world like Hey I'm going to destroy this cake. Would they step aside and let you do it and not ruin your cake like it'd be like my parents my turn I don't know. It'd be a fun. Scientific experiment definitely based in science. into. Thank you Tori. Thank you Tori. All right so I have an email from Shanna. Who Uses she pronouns? Thank you for normally would sing pronouns in two thousand twenty Shayna. Told US quote, so this email subject is. Birthday Listener Story to Geminis and a black hole. How Cool We're in a house together. The black hole just forms between us, and the rest of the world falls into it. We should just call your call the studio avoid. It is pretty much avoid. Disappear in there. Okay, so this is to Christine Eva, and all other animals and inanimate creatures within this. Excuse me within this creepy podcast realm Mama. My name is Shayna and I'm coming at you from M.'s dearly beloved northern neighborhood Toronto Canada. I Love You I. Exists finished getting caught up on. The podcasts couldn't have come at a better time as we enter the Gemini season I wanted to submit the story for quite some time, but I wanted to be up to date I. It's truly more than coincidence that a birthday listener story request was announced, so let's jump into it. No like a black hole. Quotes around. I'd like to tell you. The story of my older sister and her childhood best friend, who were both born in the month of June, one day apart from each other s sounds familiar emptied a minute. They were inseparable in a love hate kind of way. Well, that's. Not Me. Are you reading our biography. We just assume everyone's talking about us. In a love, hate, kind way, or so I'm told before going further some information on my family, my mother raised us as Wiccans, and that came with a childhood full of rituals of rituals, prayers, spells a love for moon phases and respective energies, a belief in ghosts re sorry, respective energy and belief in ghosts, residual energies from haunted souls and a world beyond the one we know. My mother was never shy to tell a story to me and my other siblings as she believed, we were more powerful together parentheses. My life was just a sequel. Practical matter okay. Great Fuck on life. My older sister will call her L. and her friend will call her esther where celebrating third birthdays at Esther's families townhouse. My Mom Dad and Esther's parents were all sitting around the kitchen table, chatting away while Ellen Esther ran up and down a long narrow hallway they would run to the table and run as fast as it could to the end of the hallway where there stood a tall I'd mirror. They'd posit the Mir each time to make a silly face before running back to the table to do it all over again. This also sounds like m I mean. Give me a mirror in I'm definitely gonNA. Do some weird Vanity Shit when we're going to stay at ourselves, Yep. On the last instance, I'm sorry on the last instance of getting back to the table. Something caused the entire energy in the room to shift. The adults stopped. Talking sound seemed to disappear. An ester halted running abruptly. Each person looked to the Mir at the end of the hall where my sister L. was heading toward in a full on sprint. What greeted them was a black swirling mass that was taking. Taking over the entire mirror, everyone watched in silence as L. got closer to the swirling mass, my mother suddenly screamed her name and told her to stop, and she did the voice cutting through the silence seem to bring everything back to normal, because the swirling mass was gone, and everyone seemed to break out of the trance that the mass had brought with it. Who I'm sorry, I've I who has favors. Pass. The masses still to this day described as a potential portal to somewhere unknown, and it brought with it a paralysing effect on everyone except my sister, who was joyfully running straight for it. She's the evil one. Careful with her. The idea that she was the only one unaffected by the process could have meant that. The portal was only meant for her. Okay, this is creeping. Not. God absolutely. Horrible look at GNC my goose Cam. Resume Oh yeah. I have to like big time on my God. Okay. That could have meant that the portal was only meant for her, and had specifically intended to bring her in only the thought of what would have happened if she didn't stop running still crosses my mind Esther's family refused to believe in any kind of the stuff, and the families drifted apart pretty soon afterwards. My Dad has always been skeptical and will voice when he thinks something is ridiculous, but when the story is being told, he doesn't like to be around, he'll just get quiet and leave the room. L. Doesn't remember any of this, but we all believe something dark and inexplicable could have happened that day I thought this could be a fun addition to the Mir stories paired with an additional healthy dose of birthday Shenanigans I, am now my late twenties and I live alone, and at this point Mir's haven't been something I've feared just something I've been curious about. I hope you'll have amazing birthdays I. Know All too well. What a birthday in self-isolation feels like and honestly if you're a bit of a homebody, they're actually pretty great i. have tickets to your Toronto show, so I can't wait to see you guys when you come to Canada sincerely Spooky Shayna, team Y. X. who that was. Extra creepy I don't know why the WHO the. Amount for her thing Lou I. I gotta be honest I hate that story. I. I like that is just terrifying like that it. It's particularly sought out a certain person in the group, or maybe that person's more like like vulnerable or easily swayed to the dark side or something I. Mean I don't know what's going on, but it's creepy. It is because especially since they'd been running toward that mirror over and over again the fact that it appeared like right at that moment while she was running toward it, who it was like it had been sitting there in wait to the sun, and also it makes you wonder like. If that, if they notice or like hadn't said something like I wonder if something really wild would have happened, and we don't even know we wouldn't have even known what. was just so creepy when I. Tell You I Never WanNa be around that mirror I mean it so that child for? okay next is from Katie and Kate. The title to this is close to birthday dream visitation. Has. Hello Christine M, Eva Geo, Junie, lemon and the rest of the podcast pounds. We really have built up quite now on sampling really long. My name is Katie Newsday then pronouns Love a good baby. Thank you for normalizing pronouns. The baby be in. Thank you for being a baby. Your big baby, okay. I don't know if you typically count dream visitations in, but here's my not necessarily spooky story. Yeah, exactly the as one hundred. Here's my not necessarily spooky story. Just GonNa Knuckle in buckle right on. Winning all sorts of points with you really like are trying to just hit this pedestal at all turns. Okay, my watch said, are you still working out and I was like I was literally never working at. Don't know why you think of me like. Are you still having heart palpitations? Probably my heart, yeah! For context in my Alma Omar Alma probably almo- yet my step, mom, her grandkids color on some. Just. For context, my Oma passed in two thousand seven. She was the third to pass in three years on my mom's side and my ope OPA okay? My Myopia passed in two, thousand, five and one of my uncles past two thousand six. Wow, okay, so everyone's. Austin. It's also not really relevant, but this is the American side my family they were the first grandparents met. And, I was a little German baby when I met them, so they became Oman over German. Xabi God damn it. It's like our love. Child it really. And we're on. Can Always Oba okay. Creek fast forward in two thousand eighteen and I'll spare the details, but two thousand, thirteen, two, thousand, seventeen was a really rough period of my life, and it was in I was in the slow process of recovering. My birthday is at the end of August, quick shot out to fellow virgos, and I had been really missing. My Oma more than usual, so I was wishing that I could talk to her again and get her advice and when she. And what she thought of me and the situations that happened in the previous years. I had dreams about her before, but it was, and still is incredibly rare one had happened the night of her funeral, and the other happens sometime in two thousand eight. The dream that occurred. The night of her funeral was the only time I've heard her talk in a dream in in the time. Sense I just sense her presence. Okay. I had the dream the day before, but my our dreams day before my birthday in two thousand eighteen in the dream I was in my parents house, and I took a picture of their backyard on my cell phone. I put my cell phone away and went on about my business. Later in the dream I put myself on back out to show someone a meme or something, but that picture was the first in my camera roll. The pictures showed how my parents backyard looked generic patio set with the grill and the grass, and the trees behind it, but my own was sitting in one of the chairs or she hadn't been when I took the pictures. Oma. had a dog named fancy. When I was a kid who was a glorious Fluffy Mutt. Who's but curtain is only rivaled by GEOS. Fancy had his head in my almost lap, and my own had been putting him in the picture, the person who I wanted to show the meme to looked me in my eyes, and said wanted me to tell you that she so incredibly proud of you and that she loves you so much, and she'll never stop loving you. Okay? We got mirror stories grandparent's story like every name ever requested as coming in now also like it's like offensive that they think i. just get through these stories with things like. athletically. I don't remember if there was anything after that in the dream, but I woke up crying that morning morning, and I actually spent the day incredibly emotional and joked with friend that I needed a sign around my neck. That said fragile handle with care. I don't blame you on that. I've had one other dream with her. Since it happened sense or happens somewhere on New Year's this year. Once again I took a picture in the dream, but this time it was a Selfie of me and my mom in front of the Christmas tree own appeared in that picture. Sometimes I feel like I'm crazy, but the dreams have a feeling to them. that. They're more than just dreams. Just wrap things background I have sent I've seen in felt other family members who have passed occasionally when I'm passing a room I'll see my opus sitting in a chair with his cane next to it. Wo- I smelled the mixture of my uncles Cologne and cigarettes moments of panic sometimes like he's down, I don't necessarily have any religious beliefs, but I believe in spirits reincarnation that kind of jazz, and it's comforting to have that verification that love extends outside of our physical existence. Why are you an exceptional writer? Okay I hope this was coherent. I've been teary-eyed INSTA- fling while writing this because I've never told anyone the full story and it still makes me incredibly emotional to this day I. do have some other stories that I can send in one day, but unfortunately they are not wholesome a yikes on I believe they're goose cam worthy. Yes, this one was to I love the PODCAST I've been listening since early. Two thousand eighteen hope you're all safe and healthy. During this time much Levin, respect Katie and also like. I think it's hysterical that their grandma are Oma. Like is like the cool Alma. I'M GONNA. Show dreams, but only technological. Fee only in the Selfie game with my also right also. Audio furniture. Me and fancier here. Totally step on your next when it comes to the self as A move to be like. You'll find me on the patio if That's like you know where to find me. I love that I've had dreams about my Oman Oprah, and only the two of them, nobody none of my other grandparents are sub grandparents, but. There's like a specific feeling to them. That feels like different. Sometimes I had a dream once that My grandpa visited men, which was interesting, because he always whenever he has shown himself to. My mom always shown up in her dreams. My mom has sworn that it only happens when she's unlike. Wild. Distress or something, and she just really needs her dad to talk to her, and so she thinks about him before she goes to bed, she'll have a dream where he shows up in it. She swears a feels like they just caught up like didn't. He didn't feel like it was a dream of felt like she really. Meeting him at a coffee shop, and just hanging out with, and then she wakes up feeling a thousand times better. Yeah, I was always jealous of that, so I was I've always been grandpa buying you show up on my dreams like going on, and he never would and I would. Beg for it for years, and the only time it happened was The day I graduated college. Apparently, that was like the one thing that he always wanted for. His grandkids was for them to go to college earliest for to see one of them graduate so. Anyway, what did he say? He said I'm proud of you kid talk? We didn't happen when I did that. Cautious reading thing and I said he called you kid A. He died when I was seven, so I don't really remember him or him calling me kid I like wouldn't have I have no recollection of that, but I told my mom and she said that that's what he saw. Who`ve But so he was like massive he was. Like built out, dude in like a black T. shirt and I remember he. He gave me a big hug. And you and I'm proud of your kid, and that was the whole dream house like thanks for finally showing up any money there you are. I had a dream about my grandma and GRANDPA once over my. Had died, and my grandmother was still alive at this point, and in the dream he was like real, and she wasn't like. She was sort of like a dream character and he was like. I'm real like I'm talking to you, but she's just here. As part of your lake, it was so wild and here they were like he hugged me and she had me, but like he was actually there. It felt like he was actually a person I'm talking to and my grandma's kind of like part of my subconscious. It was the weirdest feeling ever. He was later. Yeah, yes, she's here too, but. He's like you made her up. It's like it's like he muted heard. You were not. Actually that was the dream where he said she she'll be joining me soon and. The next year, but it was like very weird. Because, he was who's I. Don't even know how to describe it, but it was like he was real, and I was real, and then she was not. It was just strange anyway. I I'm going to ruin your fucking dreams. I'm never gonNA sleep again I'm GONNA be like. Don't worry like if you were sad. I'm here to make you mad every day like you're never gonNA sleep again. We're just GONNA. Go on adventures in my in my dreams. I already takes equal I can't sleep. That is not going to help very much. Melatonin. Okay Anyway enough about me. Let's read a story from capped. Who Uses she her pronounce? This is an email called. A psychic in training told me I'M PSYCHIC DOT DOT dot. Don't tell my mom okay. Oh. Hi Everyone, please forgive Typos I'm writing this at one twenty am on a work night and my sleep. Pattern is all sorts of caddy compass. They cut me. Love my glasses on a different room, but I don't feel like getting them correct I feel that also. So I did something that as a good Catholic girl I'm not supposed to on my birthday adventure a couple years ago to friends and I were in the city and decided to go see a psychic. Call ahead. We just a little girl, putting a sign outside of her building and propping the door open. She was waiting at the top of the staircase to her grandma's apartment. She stared at me the whole time which I'm used to because I'm under four feet tall I use a wheelchair and when I do walk I, Waddell so I went back to get my reading which bothered. So I went back to get my reading, which bordered on generic until the woman asked me how I was dealing with the passing of my friend's MOM, which he couldn't have known beforehand then she asked me if the presence around me is someone I know or stranger, which was really weird, because my is an I inherited a stereo system. Sorry my sisters and I inherited a serious system. We were woken up at three am on random nights with the radio on full blast like it was on eleven ever since we got that Goddamn radio things went missing only to pop up again a few days later. I was trying to apply for a passport, but my birth certificate was missing. I found it in my sheets six months later. Who? Nope then there was my. Was My Personal, favorite, my dog, who was so naughty as a puppy. I now lovingly referred to her as my cute little hell, beast would sit and stare just over my shoulder like there was something standing behind me, Chris. No wonder you call the LBJ's. Staring into the void being looking at the portal to hell. And we were the only ones in the house. The Psychic told me that I needed to tell it to leave or at least to calm. It's shit because we won't stand for a malignant presence in my house. She also told me to keep some holy water handy when it was my friends turn I, waited out in the living room with the little girl while she gave my other friend a discounted reading. She said she was being trained by her grandma and hooked to be as good as her. Someday, that is precious by the way. I know then. She asked me if my mom grandmom was training me. My friend and I were like default. The little girl said that her grandma told her to go open the door because they were getting some special visitors. Oh, sorry. That just creeped me out. The goal. If a psychic caffeine said. Open the door, you have some visitors, or I guess the Little Kid. That's worse if a little kid is like. Are there. Some visitors I'd be like I will triple lock the door. Thank you and special visitors who god God. Oh my Gosh Okay WHO. She apologized. The little girl apologized for staring at me, but when she saw me on the steps she could tell. I have the gift to. She's said that I probably didn't know it yet, but she could tell that I was empathic and could see things others, can't. She said I probably didn't know yet because I didn't have a teacher, but she was willing to bet I wasn't the only one in my family. I'M NOT GONNA. Lie weirded me out. A little I've always been empathetic when it comes to people, but the older I get the. The more affected by others. My boss recently told me I have an uncanny ability to calm and reassure people. She legit asked if I was an impasse, I also get deja-vu a lot. Sometimes I'm convinced I dreamed of some small thing a few nights before it happens. My mom loves to tell the story about how until I was about five. She would walk in on me holding a conversation with my. My GRANDPA who passed away when I was two? Oh My when my friends call me with engagement, baby news I usually know the day before I'm three for three when it comes to the ring on a string thing for predicting the sex of a baby. The girl was right that I'm not the only one in my family. Until the day he died, my grandpa swore he could see deceased family. Family members and was even saved by them a few times. My mom used to know when my sister and or I. We're going to have a medical emergency before it happened. She said she prayed that gift away or suppressed it because who the hell wants to know, their kid is going to get hurt beforehand and not be able to do anything to prevent it, although she conveniently forgets about that ability. Allegedly, my GRANDPA's mom had some oddities to, but no one really talks about them. The girls right and I'm gifted, or maybe I'm just weird. Either way my friends and I now joke that I am certified gifted. Update on the Radio Ghost. We named him Steve. I told him to get his shit together or hit the road because we were tired of Shit, he calmed down with the radio and when he stole things only a few hours, he also stopped annoying my dog. My sisters I moved about six months ago and he didn't take the radio and we didn't take the radio with us so far, no signs of Steve but now when we can't find things. We're still in the habit of yelling God damnit Steve Give it back or I'm getting the House blessed. Oh my God. Thank your hat. That's wild. I'm going to just. Take a shot in the dark here. Assume that you're gifted. Yeah, we're going. We know what we decided already. It just sounds like you. It's to genetically possible free you. It seems like you've been hearing something and the fact that they knew you were coming before you even arrived just Listen Yikes I mean you sound like he would use these gifts for good. But I'd also terrifies me. The like everyone in your family just chewed people. I know they're gonNA break their leg tomorrow. Don't worry. Okay. My next story is from Haley. Who is she her pronounced? Thank you for analyzing pronounced. Haley's topic is sweet sixteen sciences. Elia, So, Haley says hi. I'm Christine Eva in the whole fruity. ARACHNOID crew. The fruity. Body arachnids. We're such fruity Arachnids I think we just found our team name beyond the great band name by the way the fruity arrangements, so you? You requested birthday story so I decided to share the story of my sweet sixteen, plus maybe a little bonus story, so let's throw it back to the year. Two Thousand Eight Oh so pretty sure you're my age because my sixteenth was two thousand eighteen. Yet Okay Yep that means I am a nineteen ninety-two baby. Like I figured it out good and just finish the sentence, okay. That's not how we roll. I am a cancer, but my favorite My favorite holiday's Halloween. Sorry. Deals I barking appearance. In the new house I'm so sorry, and it's empty, so it echoes like Hell does. Before or after Sunday I believe comes out Monday. Okay I checked to make sure I didn't like spoil. Anything GOTCHA OKAY Yeah. If you haven't heard, the big news may be go listen to this week's episode because. Something Pretty Wild Happened Christine. If you're on Youtube, you can see a very empty room. She sitting in. The ARACHNIDS! Over Cincinnati, did you take Schuyler with you? That's the real question Oh my God. He's probably somewhere in my boxes now. Schuyler is going to be like the ghost of your past house. Who's still watches over the property? Okay I am a cancer, but my favorite holiday is Halloween so for several years in high school. I would wait to have my birthday party and throw a big. Halloween party said God. Damn it! I wish I was your friend. That's so brilliant. This year we had a scavenger hunt just an excuse to trick or treat since we're too old quote, had someone say, but after a night filled with treats and goodies, we came back to my house. Decide to use my mom's old board. Do now glad I was not there. Dallas. Christine, your buddy for sure. I had used it once before in my friend had totally messed up cheated so I, didn't have very high hopes. Everyone in the group seem very serious. So when we got a response, we began asking questions and the number. One question on my mind was what I get some meet my favorite band at the concert I was going to the Rudy Arachnids. Wait a minute. We never met you, so I don't think this. Momo. Throwback to to thousands pop punk. I was obsessed with. Never shout never. That's the band I'm trying to learn the UKULELE. Songs from Oh place just is delivering something. Champagne. None Oh. SORRY NOT! Not Me! Sorry Folks Blazers brought like fucking fancy ass bottle of Champagne. I guess that was delivered by Renee I'm sorry. This. I don't want to tell you my neighborhood liquor store, but there it is. If you if you recognize that logo. Fancy. Those bad boy who she is A. Nice, was our air your day I? Think it's for the new house. Welcome to the neighborhood wait. Oh my God. No, it's literally not even Rene Rene at the Party source. It's. Someone named Rene who works at the liquor store that I ordered boos from yesterday. Oh, the one who waits so the person who? Wait okay, sorry, I'm really confused. Sorry, so you remember. How on yesterday's episode that somebody named Holly Recognize me while they were delivering booze so I guess I don't know may must know. We moved here or something so Holly Holly. On her own than. Sent you champagne. I get those the store. Did because I don't know who renee is but I'm sure. Holly who works there, said my favorite podcast ter- now lives in this location. Shout out to the party sources all growing up. My parents would always shop there and now I'm like shopping there. It's very weird anyway. I'm so sorry for that interruption. Holly like this is like a once in a lifetime because highly sent you mail. That is now being found. On the show like. This is weird unless I mean, this may have been firmer name. They just wrote the gift. No, I. Don't know. I'll ask I'll figure it out. I'm sure you'll run into holly again. I'm sure it'll be ordering drizzly more that I'll be ordering more booze. Yeah, I'm sorry to jump. Totally. delay or derail the conversation I don't know you're good basically. Haley wondering if they are going to meet Christopher drew by the way who's the artists from? Never shout number did not know that I was obsessed with never shut never Ali in college by. They were I. loved them so much, okay? The Spirit said I would and spoiler I did oh met number two number. Okay back to the story. We came in contact with Spirit whom we asked many questions. Who are you a? When were you born? How did you die etcetera? My friends and I were all on the dance, even high school, and as we learned more about the spirit, we found out that she had gone to. The same high school was on the dance team as US about ten years prior, but had died. I totally thought one of my friends was messing around again, but we had a full uninterrupted conversation with the spirit, and it was undeniably a spirit. I never experienced anything like that. The session ended with my dad, walking up the back window next to where we were sitting in the pitch, black, scaring us, and that's our dad move Ah. Imprint see such a bad thing. I just can't read ahead. We decided to make our own statements. The next week we asked our team coach and she confirmed the name and death of a former dance team member just like the Ouija board had said I cannot believe it. I did some googling and found out that she had been in a car accident, and so many of the little details she had said were true. Her name graduation year, everything Wow this day. My friends swear they didn't cheat in. It was in fact Real Move Yikes Bonus Story Aka my astral projection story. A few months ago, my best friend was getting married in city a few hours away. My boyfriend and I left that Friday in stay overnight in a hotel the night before the wedding and that night I had a dream quote. Dream I was back in my bedroom at my house. We sleep in the master bedroom, which has windows looking out over the roof of the family home on the main floor and my in my dream, there was a huge storm with high winds I was awakened bed. In my dream. Looking out those windows seeing the trees sway worrying that one of them would fall on the house. I wasn't startled awake. Or I was startled awake back in my bed in the hotel. The dream was so vivid as if I was there the next morning myself and the other bridesmaids getting our hair and makeup done with my boyfriend came into the room we were getting ready in and showed me a picture of our that our neighbor sent him a tree that had fallen on the house, exactly where I was in my dream, who I was in shock, I didn't even look at the weather. Before we left and had no idea there would be a storm. We'll the hell. YIKES! My whole life. I have had premonitions mostly knowing when someone was close to passing away like my grandma. Great Great Aunt, grandma and GRANDPA but I think this was the first time I had projected. I also recently had a lucid dream for the first time a few months ago. But that's another story. Hopefully, this is a good length I love the long stories in hate for people hate when people apologize for their stories being long because more times than not I wish they were longer. Let me way have a wonderful day out there. You boozers in Shakers Haley. Wow. Can I just now go ahead and say I love dream stories and I know we had to. Now can do is have astral projection stories because I have some for my family, so if you guys on your astral projection stories, I can share one of mine in narrative. That's that's the same. Yeah, a back in my groove Davey. If it wasn't going to be that, it would have just been like more birthday stories. Him. But Anyway yes, thank you, Haley for your story. Aw! Oh right I'm like what's next I'm like waiting for you to entertain me anyway. How you doing that same? Dance Monkey Damn Oh listen give us enough seconds, and we'll start talking about ourselves so. I just assumed okay, so I have one story. WHO's from sorry? That is from Haley so Haley I'm sorry, this one's pretty sure. It looks like but I'm sure it's lovely. This is from Clem. He's a sheer pronouns, and the subject is birthday wishes from beyond the grave. Okay, it says hi. Everyone, and that's why I drink. My story is about the most amazing person to ever have into my life. My Mommy Oh. Okay I can make sure your second place I'm sure you're tied for first. It's okay. she was the third oldest in a family of twelve kids, and was the rock of our whole family, coming from such a large family. My mom became kind of a second mother to her younger siblings tends to happen. My youngest aunt, who is only ten years older than I am was considered. My Mom's first daughter and she used to joke that she was her daughter. Until I came along in September twenty eleven. My mom passed away from a sudden stroke. No I'm sorry, which obviously was a hard hit for our family? For to April of two thousand twelve, we were out celebrating my youngest on birthday at a pizza place with our family, and I notice my aunt's whispering back, and forth to each other and staring at me I finally asked what's going on. My aunt was like well. I got a call today while I was in the shower. My initial response was like big deal. Then she told me the call was from my mom's phone, okay. I told her that isn't possible. We shut off the line to the phone back in October of twenty eleven. And whenever you try to call, said number. All you get is white noise sure as shit. My aunt showed me the missed incoming call on her phone with the current date, which was my aunt's birthday and my mom's name and phone number whenever I tell people this story. They all say well. Maybe it was a butt dial, but my mom's flip phone had been sitting in the bottom of my dresser are sorry. had been sitting in my bottom dresser uncharged since October twenty eleven. Other people say well, maybe whoever has the number now? Accident only called my aunt, but what are the chances of a complete stranger having my mom's old number and my phone number to the state whenever it is any of our birthdays, we all just kind have a chuckle and ask if mom called maybe kind of morbid, but my mom would have found the humor in the joke. Thanks clam. That's such a crazy story to have. The call happened on your birthday. I've I feel like we've gotten some stories about before where it's like a big day for someone. On that matter that pass like called them or like a letter got sent to them or like yeah, eared impossible thing happened this like the it's like a coincidence, but what are the odds that it's a coincidence or so much wilder than if it were? A meaningful experience because like somebody would have had to get the new phone number happened to miss. Happened to miss out on that person's birthday. I mean it's. So crazy. Wow. That's really cool so. Your mom out for sure. That's been decided da whether or not you wanted to be. That's our call. So I think this is our last one. Yes, is this? The bonus is the bonus while okay, and it has nothing to do with birthdays. Apparently, this is from Melissa a this apparently is not Melissa's real name, so we're getting a little. ooh, pseudo name animus. Yeah, Annan who knows. Pronoun, so think okay. We're cracking the case one step at a time. We have broken down to like kind of almost fifty percents. Really thirty three percent if we're including by Mary's, so we're. We're about a third way into this case got it. Okay. where are we okay? The subject line? Sorry I definitely lost track of who I wasn't where I was me, too. Okay so Melissa she pronouns. And the subject line is. I worked for the Church Scientology. Okay? Oh, rails even has been doing scientology bonuses lately. I'm into it. I'm feeling I'm feeling that I like very okay. Sorry I'm getting getting what the hell so I just finished the last season of lear. Remedies Church Scientology I. saw this unlike my heart got like kind of swollen I was like. Okay anyway I'm very excited about this. It's kind of long. YEA, okay. Hey, podcast, crew and pups. For I call I. Call Him a pup all the time. I call them, my dogs 'cause I. Get justice easier so perfect, so just wanted to start this off. Thank you for all you do. It absolutely loved the podcast and hoped to go to a show one day HASHTAG team wine, but I love a good. Thank you. With that being said I, know Christine as a fascination with scientology, so I thought I would now. Revenue so I thought I would share my long detailed story of my couple experiences with the Colts both times by Interactions Scientology were through a program called narcan non. Yeah. This is a drug and alcohol Rehab Center that is based off of l Ron Hubbard's work as closely affiliated with the church. When Nineteen Oh. My goodness. He's screaming for help. Take me back to La. Sorry about that I will take this moment to say. Rene did send me that one so or that right? Sorry. I feel like I like took her credit away. When I was nineteen. My family's sent me this program in California. I was a heroin addict and I had a I had been to roughly six other rehab centers, although there were not a of the were not aware, it was based on scientology at the time so I guess this was just like the star really sneaky. This program was. This program was not afraid to say it was based on solid intelligence got there by to get you in the door. They always tried to keep it a secret and struggled through this program and got a ton of trouble. I had roughly twenty ethics cycles when you get, this is apparently when you get in trouble and they make you do manual labor, Holy. Shit. Okay first of all I would have twenty ethics cycles as well if you have more. And the program took me six months to complete I will say. I will say the so it makes sense later down the road they have something called a sauna program, and although some people believe it is quite dangerous, which I imagine it could be for me was extremely beneficial to get my mind and body back to a place that felt good again after being an addict for five years. With that being said I graduated, left the program and relapsed fucking hard spent the next three years in and out of jail, and using fast forward twenty two, and I'm facing some crazy drug charges. And given the option to go to Rehab again. Don't be why, but I called the NARCONON and plan to go back to the scientology based program because I remembered how great the new life detox or sauna made me feel. I get to the program and check in and fall in love with the man who checked me in, and he was the most beautiful person I'd ever seen. That's one way to get you into a cult. I mean they definitely did a right? The the handsome man right there were found me I completed my program at shows the state as an intern. And I knew there was no way I could go back home and stay sober and They gave free big interest, free room and board and food in exchange to work twelve to sixteen hours a day every day for six months without a single day off, and no, they do not pay you. What's that is some Kobe share with? You aren't allowed to date during this time either so I'm hardcore crushing on my future husband all. Emily I finally become a staff member. He asked me out on a date I say I, say yes, and we didn't tell the staff at narconon because we'd like to keep our relationships personal. and. He ends up spending the night at my house that same week. In of course, they find out. Sign okay. I need to know how they found out that so fucked up, Melissa! The most dramatic story early. This is the wildest ride a okay. Do you like bonus season on Lia? REMINISCE show. I'm so curious. Wait a minute. Okay hang on Oh my gosh, hang on! Where are we hang on? Okay, sorry I like just got so enticed. I get pulled into the CEO's office where she screams and calls me a slut. Classic Shing Hick. Proceeds to ask me if I even know him or him and I'm like. Yeah, no Shit Lady we already had. They already had a vendetta against me because I wasn't a scientologist, and they try to take ex addicts with nothing and give them internships, which immediately puts them onto the bridge to scientology. So they made me pack a bag and told me I had to go to their sister center. There are sister center, a few states over and do a major ethics cycle Oh God, and then I could come back. So. I'd do it surprise surprise. It's absolute fucking torture, and they made the cycle last month's working eighteen hour days. and writing hand written statements of wrongdoings that they save later putting your folder and manual labor, no phone and no privileges only to be told. I'm never going back. So, they like basically trapped the trap Melissa here and Yeah, phone. You're not going anywhere, also making her like right like her personal list of dirty secrets in like. Everyday use that against you late. Oh, they had like. Oh? So at this point, I'm a year clean I'm like fuck this and I'm planning my escape, but I can't even use a phone to speak to my family without someone listening. and. An can't speak to her family without someone listening. I asked him. If I could go pack up my apartment, and they said they would have someone. Do It for me. which really upset me having all these people go through all my personal stuff, not to mention the most sentimental items that had asked specifically for never made it back. eventually. I snapped I didn't know what was going on with my future and I was tired of the mind games they made up rumors that was sleeping with people to try and tell my future husband that I was basically just some Hornacek and didn't even like him so. I guess. Get Him away from her, so I cussed out. A couple of my coworkers booked my flight. side note they hadn't paid me in three months, and even though I lost privileges I was supposedly I was supposed to get paid. Fog this is when Leah Remedy. The rumney special came out so the center were struggling. Because lear remedy was more than out. Yeah, bad image, BAD PR! I made it back home safely. And even though they told me I, would fail I have been sober since coming up on four years. This October and my future husband reached out to me a month after I left, and we moved in together and have been together since. Sorry, this is a long I been mean to write it all out for a while. Love you guys. Thank you for reading this hot mess of a story. That was being facetious. You're actually together still. NOPE, there like straight up together, this is. The first wash it. Okay, first of all you got yourself. You're man one to your hot man four. You are are to your four years clean now. by the way. `Brava, also. You escaped a cult like what? Can you write a book like this is the book? This is the beginning of the book. Read like the intro. Yeah, the prey the prelude. What's it called the pregnancy? No. Wrong with me. The note. By, the author whatever? This was really crazy dude. Anyway Melissa Slash. Someone in one third of the the. The demographics of the universe I. Don't know who you are. We will crack the case and we won't tell anyone either, but I just want to give you a big fat. Hug this recently you've heard this is a crazy tail. Well I'm just it sounds like you really came out on the complete other side on the up and up so I'm very very happy for you. And then he found our podcasts the highest achievement at all. I Fell a little bit there but I guess. Maybe, you're seating. Oh boy. Everyone who send your stories if you would like to be a part of next month's. Listeners episode, you can again submit your stories to DRINK KAJIMA DOT COM. Please write listener story in the subject line so that way. It's easy for Eva to find. Maybe, if we if there's a theme, the theme in their the theme is astral projecting okay. Also. You can go to and that's why I drink dot com. There's this like a form. You can fill out a few aren't comfortable using your email. Yes, yeah, and come to our show on June fifth if you can, it's from home, so it know travel. Says No excuses. What happy birthday. You look sad for a second time next time we chat. We're going to be I'm between twenty eight. So I like one of those people who hate aging so like. In your twenties. I Like I really? Just like I'm one of those people where like societies put so much pressure on select have yet these milestone stone, yeah, and last night I was literally wearing tight shirt I was wearing my back to the future hat. I was wearing my fish flesh wops and I was playing with my pokemon cards in. And I was like I'm close to thirty. What the Fuck is wrong? No, you're winning life. Don't work. Really well anyway, thank you everyone who came to you. Listen to this and thank you for sending your stories and we'll see you next next month for another episode by see you in July, and that's why we celebrate birthday as Happy Birthday Gemini.

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With These 40 Solemn, Somber, Souvenir, Signature Pens I Thee Sham!-Red Pill Diaries

"And to be serious about it. You should have seen this on any of the networks. But I've got two. TV's c-span unwanted c-span dog on it. So when they were when Pelosi was done with their with their autograph pens when she was finished with the autograph now the pins all have her and promoter on them then there formed. Did you have a story where it said. Two by two they went to the. Is it just somebody so right. So they so they were like marching to. Noah's was arc. Carolyn Maloney and fat Jerry Nadler and the rest of the criminal class shifty Adam Schiff winning a double file line behind some woman who was. I'd never seen her before. Who was carrying airing this? Leather engraved folder of you will and inside the leather. In grade folder worthy articles roles of Sham pitchman and as they made their march from a house representing over to the Senate people stopped what they were doing. The color guard past children got down onto their knees. Young activists future leaders the CPA girls dressed in red dresses with little baskets in their hands. Pave the way. Hey by littering the path to the Senate chamber with Rose Petals it in behind the tail into the the vanguard came uh speaker courageously strode microphone and said and it's important seeded. Did the president to know and Putin to know American voter voters in America should decide who our president President Vladimir Putin Putin and Russia Russia today to present the managers. I will bring the case which we have great confidence in terms of impeaching the president and his removal but this further evidence it insists of that and wouldn't be in this situation had we not way that insists that they're being that they're witnesses and we see documentation and now you see some of that change happening on the Senate side. I hope it does for the country and to honor constitution so today on the floor passer as naming marriage. All right folks. This is high theater it seriously is and to let Putin so. I've I've kind of confused here. Who's being impeach trump or Putin mm-hmm and it's important to the president to know and Putin to know the American voter voters in America should decide who our President Putin in Russia. You know what I'm GonNa turn that into our daily pit. GonNa use that of the daily daily rejoin. It's that funny but it same time gentlemen. This is supposedly the greatest deliberative body on the face of the earth. She is the speaker. These sole elected did representative of that. House that allegedly August cost now. Something is happening out there. Something is happening out there as the PERP walk was. I've just seen a tweet twitter. Come Lacrosse the twitter from Senator Rand. Paul tweet he comes across the transom. Here from Senator Paul Rand Paul Threatens Fellow Republicans would explosive witness. Vote had a chance to read it because apparently he just tweeted this out and it's live on C. Span I'm watching it on the C.. Span now now on their morning show Maggie. Can you see if there is. There's anything on on Senator Paul's twitter feed about this but what I caught of. It was if anyone tries if any Republican thinks we're going to have a new witness new witnesses. New Evidence introduced here over in the Senate. Then I'm GonNa fly on immediate motion or something to that effect to dismiss so during the solemn ceremony to impeach the president of the United States when the souvenir pens were handed out. After the fact you gotta see this Carolyn Maloney and fat Jerry Nadler Adler and Mark Jean wauters. All the usual suspects all each got a pin as nervous man signed. I assigned in with this. Then you get the in Angola Santa. Hey Hey for alcoholics anonymous. With this Japan you'll get the help you on. I got to sign another in for narconon trying to kick your volume Yucatan. Look in this e and she did this and see why P. E. Space P. L. O. S.. I saw aw there's one pin for there's one pin is at the tweet. There's there's one pan for each letter and then the each person that was part part of the show impeachment. Trial was awarded a pen and then they were showing the pictures to people like him. Pictures of Carolyn Maloney and and the other one's standing next to Nancy Pelosi holding their pens up so they could be photographed for posterity. I wake here when it we shined. That's why the title love today's pile up. Prep is with this pen. I the Sham. It says my colleagues can't have it both ways calling for some while blocking others witnesses if we're GONNA give a platform to win. This is the Democrats Democrats demand. I look forward to forcing votes to call Hunter Biden and many more. Now this is all based upon. John is live parnasse character. Whoever this is who supposedly now has the smoking gun on the cocktail Napkin. And if you think I'm making that up I'm not.

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390. Business Fail

The Working Experience

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390. Business Fail

"Greetings dear dear listeners and welcome to another episode of the working experience a very warm open arm audio embrace and a squeeze. This episode is brought to you by my company. One circle media one circle. Media is a hybrid digital agency in media content creator we create and design apps websites videos social media content and physical products we are artists directors designers producers coders editors thinkers makers and creators who embrace story and creativity from design web and app development animation docs features tv shows digital and social media content to physical products for our clients. We create content that builds networks in audiences across multiple platforms. Check out our work at one circle digital dot com and one circle brand dot com if you work for a network studio brands startup or corporation and are looking for a partner to create media that will build engage entertain. Reach out to me at john. At one circle media dot com. I'd love to hear from you. This episode is also brought to you by an app that i created called still believe still believe transforms a picture in your home into video. Proof your child's fever magical characters with the app. Parents can catch the magic of the tooth fairy leading money under their children's pillow or santa delivering presents on christmas eve in their home. You download the app. Take a picture in the. We crete the magic we utilize feature film visual effects artists to transfer your picture into video. Just tell your kids that you have a special app that can detect and capture the tooth fairy then present them with the video proof in the morning the look on their faces priceless. You're still believe video created in minutes and you can then save it to your phone and share it on social media. The app is available for the iphone and android and it's free to download. Our aim is to bring joy and wondered to the hearts of children around the world. Check it out at still believe dot. co thanks. everyone. And i hope you enjoyed this episode of the working experience. Though working experience unflattering ninety three north is almost at a standstill yet. So rough out there this morning. Snow in sleep. There is no service on. Any clear of the closing door is to be a few minutes. Traffic should make make sure done either report. Sat presentation harry charlotte disease team. Meeting at ten fifty. Five work makes the dream work moving and after the meeting. We'll have a breakout session. Where am i hot. Boxed microwave was actually everybody. Welcome to another episode of the working experience. Podcasts mary kay and john. Welcome everybody Let's see according to research performed by the small business administration only half of new businesses last for the first five years only a third of new businesses last for ten years so that is not a wonderful rate of success. I think that's really like the ethos of the work. Experience brand is to putter out. Go out really hard strong and then just wither off. Yeah it's like. I don't feel like doing an episode today. Taking a nap. You know. we'll get to it next week. The old nap. Yeah it putters out. Just kinda maters out. While i remember i want to do some more research but i was talking to our friend drew ackerman who people know as in. Podcast land knows dearest scooter. He has a wildly successful podcast. Sleep with me and he had stats on podcasts. Like you know. Pass the i ten something like half drop out then half of that dropout by twenty and just it goes on and on and what. I've looked at different podcasts. I'll be like oh. This sounds interesting. And i'll look and there's like five episodes mike while narconon really leg 'cause they just they've just stopped the thrown towel. See unlike us who we we refuse. Refuse to listen to the statistics. Tell us to stop we we are forging ahead forging ahead well in all seriousness. Sometimes that's you know that's the way gotta be. I mean against all hopes of success you just have to plow ahead. You know i read. I'm well i mean we've we've done. We're on an upward trajectory. We actually had a couple of bright spots in their all kidding. Aside people are actually listening to us streaming strangely strangely but are our full. Transparency are episodes with when we interview other people do Number wise remarkably better than you. And i talking lathering. But that's that's i mean that's given nobody listens to us in real life though. I know why they listen to us on a podcast. I don't know and it's podcasts. Are not a lot of overhead. I'm not a huge outlay of cash if you doing it on your own. It's a lot of work but you know if you're opening a business if you're opening a restaurant you're opening you know whatever that is a a big outlay of cash and from what i have heard you really have to be the last like three years without making yet you it usually capital intensive but it depends on the business like you can do your their businesses like consulting businesses businesses online. Where you can have very little capital outlay right and a lot of people have other jobs while they do them Which is important. I mean you know. I've i've always thought like you always hear the stuff about like quitting her job and follow your dream well for a lot of people. That's very daunting. And honestly there's a middle ground. You don't have to quit your job. You and that would probably be very foolhardy to do that. you know if you open a bar restaurant you might have a day job and then you have to go there at night and work and it's a lot well i For me it's quit my job. Boom full stop talk massive game. Nope out what i'm gonna do but zero follow through. I went in for a bank loan. one time. The guy asks me for a business plan. I was like what he's talking about like. It's all up here. Just yeah you just you just pointed at your. Noggin plans right here. My friend right here. Yeah so this is not meant to be one-size-fits-all but there are certain things that any business Really needs to pay attention to a particularly if you're going into business with other people which is very difficult because you know if if the both of you put up a hundred grand to open up a restaurant or shop or something like that You better be very very clear on. Who's doing what So you know. I mean number. One was leadership failure lack of management skills ability to delegate a lack of vision employees. You have to be able to tell him what to do. There has to be some purpose behind it Sometimes they don't wanna do it. Which can be hard you know like again. I go back to a restaurant and that would be a nightmare for me trying to like manage waitstaff and kitchen staff and people not showing up and That'd be very hard. So you know. I mean especially with a restaurant. In in covid cova darah would be very very difficult. Oh yeah and you've got to have some kind of vision like whereas going you know if you want investors if you want people to work for you if you want people's kind of buy in not just with money but time you know if there's gotta be kinda plant Not kind of a plan. That would be a definitive plan. Like you know. I mean and that's what people don't realize in that's a good point is like you're not only selling to you know selling your business idea to investors to raise money but you're also selling that to employees or potential partners. You're just constantly selling your idea. And if it's a week sale you know if it's a week pitch then you know your your business could just fold like a cheap tent. Yeah and it has to be consistent. You have to stick to it and but you also have to be flexible. I mean it's not working than i don't know to me. It's always a hard pushing. Pull like stick with your vision and wendy. You think like okay. This is not working. When do we change course like. I saw a restaurant near me. They were open. They close. I guess they weren't doing any business. They rearranged their menu. They put up a sign. That said grand opening. That didn't go apparently never went into the restaurant. Then they closed again then. They put up a banner ad. Next time that said reopening. I was like guys is. I don't know but you know it's like you need consistency. I mean people crave that but then if it's not working again wendy you decide. He got to shift. Course you know changed menus or your product. I like the. I like the under new management. Same people that can keep regurgitating every couple months. We'll board dame talked about that and his book kitchen confidential like you know these businesses all sunday. Come up with a new menu but then you risk losing the customers you have. Then it's hard. I mean it's tough Stay emits it is different you know in that leads us into the next point is not standing out from other businesses. There's lots and restaurants for example you have to you You you have to create a brand no matter what you're selling to. You know differentiate yourself from other businesses you know we all know the big brands like gyco and allstate Budweiser blood this. Bud's for you. I mean they literally poor hundreds of millions of dollars into marketing advertising to convince you to buy their product because if your product is very similar to other products it's just not going to stand out in like a cd of products. I forget what the statistic is like. How many advertising messages people see in a day. And i think it's in over two thousand. Just some ridiculous amount. Yeah and i mean there's tons of beers out there you know. It is no different than many others. It's inferior to allot but they catered to a certain audience and the and it's all about blood it's it's also the power of advertising. Yeah i mean budweiser really does not taste good at all. It might be the the worst tasting beer on the market at were whores. Light might have that be okay. Maybe well i mean natty light. I mean we could. We can get to the bottom of the barrel but budweiser is certainly not in the top top but their advertising an every sporting. You're watching a baseball game. Football game basketball game. You're going to see some sort of advertisement for budweiser when you go. Well this is different with kovin because not everyone's going to a stadium but when you go to a stadium same thing as i coke or pepsi. They'd be basically buy out the contract for that stadium and that's all you could get you. Could you go to the stadium. It's like okay. There's a bud. Bud light and bud premium or whatever it is that's it. There's there's no other options and budweiser is is spending you. Ge- amounts of money. Millions hundreds of millions of dollars to convince you to drink their there subpar. Beer well that leaves us. And by the way if budweiser wants to advertise on the working orientalist general problem i will go back and delete that yup and matt and He will will do. We'll do a in brand commercial. Where like with its economic ganic commercial within our episode. And we'll just you. And i will talk about how much we love budweiser. I'll i'll say something like geez. I was mowing the lawn and it was really hard just went into enjoy an icy cold refreshing budweiser. And i'll have the t shirt on no problem. No problem oh oh will wear will wear all the merch yeah swapped. I'll put on my kids. Yeah the dog dog dog will dog will be wearing it Well this leads us to point number three. That's being in touch with your customer. Needs and i would say your customer base like budweiser knows its customers. You know they're not people who are going to the craft beer store. They're not getting artesian cheese and bread there. There are sports watching nascar Working classes i think their their appeal kors light. Same deal And you gotta know that you gotta know what your customers want Sometimes i've seen shops opened up in certain places. And i'm like yeah. Do people here really want that type of cheeser. Something like that. I remember there was a a store near my brother shop. in dc and it was only popcorn it catered specifically to. That's all the woman made. She had had a truck and then she did the brick and mortar. It's gone out of business She did okay for a while but it that can really work. Because you're so specific but then don't have a huge customer base. You know what i'm saying. Yeah you i mean you. Bill hyper niche. Like that and i think i think A lot of experts are touting that to go super hyper niche and also budweiser has a niche products underneath underneath the budweiser brand. Selling that seltzer crap. Yet i was just about to bring that up. I was making fun of it. I saw it on. Like i think it was a football game in the commercial came on i was making fun of it with my son is just like it. Looks like thing you could. What's that zima. Yeah i remember seeing you imagine showing up to a barbecue with a twelve pack. Like one you pay bob bob you want lemon or hey. Spike celtics boba crack open. One i mean come on well you know it caters though to the new keto. You know healthy low carb. Look i m sure you know. Never mind the fact that alcohol is probably one of the worst things that you can ingest right but as long as it's pal. Eeo and kito variety sucked back. Did you see that. Snl skit with bill. Burr and pumpkin ale. Oh a brilliant perfect nailed it like exactly. That's that's a great idea. A great thing about like knowing your customers like oh my god. It was so when he started fight. Yeah i'll thing about it. Where he when he drinks and it sucks still drinks drinks it still back for another one was today. Take a twenty year. Old man is today. The day i love the cast on to for no reason affect you know. If you've heard this part of its blurred out. Because one of his friends drew appeanas. I met yes. Yes perfect so funny. But that's like being in touch with your customer base. You gotta do your market research like if you're going to open a craft beer store You know there's got to be people around there to buy that certain towns though will go great other towns it will not like certain parts of brooklyn go. Great other parts of brooklyn will not You know and also to bud bud light and stuff. Their their whole marketing message is like consumption. Like you're not just going to have one bud or bud light on savor it now right like a craft beer you. You could have one beer and just savour that beer. I mean you're you're said you know you're sat on down. Maybe maybe a case by case buddies bud lights. We have to picture people standing in a parking lot at gillette stadium with the cooler full of butler lives there gun in those down before they go and they don't want to fist in. They don't wanna pay the ten dollars for the beers in the stadium. You know now and then there are no by the time you get into the stadium. You've got to be like a dozen deep. You remember this little maneuver. Tuck in beers into the pockets s to get into yankee stadium. Oh yes i do. Yes i do i remember. This was before they really got tight with security. You can pull that off. You could pull off a few and we were in college or just out of college. Nobody had any money. So you could kinda pull that off. And then you'd see people getting caught in. What's the saudis pretty fun. I remember they stopped selling beer in the bleachers. Which was just seen as like such a an elitist. Like no you. People are the rabble. And we can't have you getting kim right. You have too much of the booze in in the wheels. Come off course then. I look around the bleachers. And i'm like yes. This makes total sense. These people should not be drinking. We went to this was real free. Cova i took my I think we won tickets to like knicks game. And we were joking. We were at the top of the of what's it called. The bleachers are operated out oh. Msg madison square garden. We were literally at the top. I don't know if i told this story before but there were six guys behind me all early twenties here. I am with family to his. The boys were pretty young and just pounding beers like pound back and then talking about the night's activities post game which involved various strip clubs and just complete debauchery and just one guy just every it like every five or ten minutes. I'm not even gonna say it on the podcast what he said but involved a certain anatomy of the female from the waist up and he was like i gotta get me into those t word just inches just dropping the f bomb and and we saw they were there they were just families around them and this guy was just going after it. And you know you're in the second quarter third quarter and then they cut these. Got them off. I think it's you can't buy beer after the fourth quarter and finally these guys settled down a little bit. But yeah i mean if you turn around and something now you're risking brought back from it was it was pretty bad and i was weighing the options just to turn around and be like. Hey guys yeah. I mean can you. Can you just look around and see where you are. But then i risk. I don't think i'm not really gonna risk of fight them and risk them messing with me the entire they were literally right behind me so they could spill beer on me just like so. I was like afternoon on it. I mean the the boys actually thought it was hilarious. Of course of course of course is really no harm so being in touch with our customer needs yes and number four. You need a business model. Lack of a business model might have a great product. But you know a business is designed to make money so if you're not making it profitable And again you don't do your research. And there's no revenue stream you know. It's i mean unless you're independently wealthy and you don't mind throwing your money away can't sustain the business so you got to see like okay. I'm opening up this type of store. Or i would like to. And here's a location okay. I'm going to open up a florist shop. Well i'm looking around. I see five flora shops here. Well does that make sense you know or what am i exactly selling that. These other floor shops are not providing so and are there people. I mean if you open up a floral shop like a retirement community or a craft beer store or something like that. You're probably not going to have that much of a customer base so you know again. I mean research. I mean you could. Also you know. Create an app or up the next facebook or instagram and not only not make any money but hemorrhage money for years and as long as you have investments to cover that and to pull in millions and tens of millions and eventually hundreds of millions of users you could build a men's value without making a profit so it really all depends on you know. Is it like kind of like an old school brick and mortar. Is it kind of like a a new internet wave. Is it media base as a content based or you could be a an instagram or tiktok influencers and had zero overhead in. Make millions of dollars right. And then you have things like zoom which is what we're using right now. A year ago it was around but you know you could use it for a few things that people i think people kind of used it and now i use it at school all the time i mean it's and and who knows it up. Yeah it blew up with cova and now you see skype is trying to. They've i think been sidelined a bit because they weren't exactly set up for business. Where zoom was i think pretty specifically for business and i think zoom is smart because they have the free thing you can do. But it's only forty five minute meetings or that you can pay for it. It's not that expensive per month and you got unlimited meetings. That's a really good business model. I would you know if two years ago somebody had come to me. And said hey. Do you want to invest in this. I might be like well. How are we gonna make money off of it like how. How does that work. do you have advertisers. Or is it subscription. I think people are very leery these days of subscription based things so it's sorta like yep to lur people in with free stuff and then they like a lot of places offer premium services that you then have to pay for like zoom. Which is i think it's i think. The term is the the freemium model so you have like a low. Let's like dropbox. You gonna get free dropbox account you get a free zoom account but then if you want all these other bells and whistles you pay extra for those bells and whistles right but again boils down the same thing one is you gotta do research like he gotta see. Is there a market for this and the number two if there is a market. How do we make money off of it hot. What's the revenue stream. How do we sell this like. Are we gonna have online store. Are we have a brick and mortar store. Is that necessary. How do we. How do people know about our product and then you got role in our other businesses doing us. And how do we stay out. Yeah because eventually you're gonna have to make money. Yes like but but look at amazon. Amazon went years without making any money. But now it's one of the most profitable and most valuable companies in the face of the earth. But eventually you've got to make money well and it's interesting. Do i did a podcast last week or the week before with liz mana shell who is an independent filmmaker which independent filmmaking is not exactly designed to make a ton of money So she talked about. She writes she directs. She finds funding. She gets investors and she mentioned the airplane market that you can actually sell your movie to airlines to show on their flights which i'd never heard of that while now. So you have to get kind of creative to you. Know you might be overlooking certain revenue streams where they could show these things so again it comes down to research and i think the thing never to overlook his is always. I wouldn't call it lock but sometimes like you hit something at the wrong time and then sometimes you had something at the right time And you've got to be willing to of take those chances to but you gotta be ready. You know you gotta you gotta do your homework Absolutely and that leads us into my favorite poor financial management. Well this would affect us if we had any finances so there is no release from. We can't yeah we can't even mismanage nothing to manses. There's nothing to manage their well. I think what did we sell. Twenty dollars worth of t shirts. Maybe and that for those were to me. I bought those right. And then your your brother try to wait your brother or it and it never came never came so that's fraud that in a thousand so we're doing really well with that My brother's probably going to file a lawsuit at some point. That's good though i'm waiting. I'm waiting for the papers in the mail. Yeah breach of contract whatever. Oh yeah all that good stuff but you do need to in business you have to. Have you know a certain financial literacy You have to understand The accounting Accounts payable accounts receivable And it's best if at when you start that business you the owner of the entrepreneur or your partners are it's complete transparency. You know exactly where the money is coming from when you're paying into it and flowing out of it and eventually You you might have to hire a cfo and accountants. But the more knowledge you have from the beginning the better off you are because we you've seen it enron of bernie madoff once you once you don't know the the underlying paintings of the financial flow within your company. You run into big trump. Well you know you can see why people open family businesses. Because you hear about you know you put your money in the hands of an accountant even a reputable person with a license and all of that and you know therein financial trouble and you know they're not managing your money correctly and But even family like dane. Cook the comedian. Yup yup his brother his brother yes half-brother completely ripped him off now. I mean his half brother was not a financial person. I don't he had been a corrections officer and dane cook out of generosity said yeah you can manage my finances and he was. He was sending him false statements. He didn't file his taxes but he does things to send him like. Yeah i filed your taxes blah blah blah and then. I don't know exactly how he finally got wind of it. But it was like you don't have any money here. And he had to negotiate with the irs is was actually fairly understanding about his brother. Went to jail. Zap brother over those So this was at when dane cook was at the top of the comedy game. Oh yeah he was. So we're talking. This was tens of millions of dollars. Right yeah and where it all went i. I don't know and he's not exactly. I guess he tours still. He's not exactly at the top of his career anymore. No no no. He is not. He's still touring and he's still You still a respectable comedian. But this this he was like he was like kevin. Hart big like he was mass. I mean how many musical acts do you know who can saw madison square garden. He's just one person. Yeah now he's so he's definitely slipped from that pedestal but he's you know he's still. I mean i still think he's doing like you know gigs. In you know seats of thousands of people. I don't know what it is with with cove right now. He's not obviously not selling out madison square garden. But he i think he's still a respectable career. Well you know it's interesting i. I don't generally listen to howard stern or watch him. But i saw this thing on youtube where already lang already lang cheeses. Yeah the guy stole alive. It's unbelievable he's like a three hundred guys. The guys done so much coke and heroin. Even i mean. I mean it's just has has he relapsed because he i don't know i know i know he got better. You went into rehab. And now i think he might relapse. I think he's relapsed like twenty times. I mean i think it's just a life story. No no he's no he's been in and out but i think recently he got clean while you're right he might have. He might have read up again. His book too fat to fish. Which was a good yeah. I don't really like him. I find them really irritating. I just don't like his personality but it was interesting on so he was on howard stern because he i. I don't think you really works for starring anymore. But he was on there. No he doesn't and andrew dice. Clay was calling. And i didn't even know that guy was still around but apparently he's still tours right so the dispute was that andrew dice. Clay asked Already lang to like open for him. And i told him he would pay him five thousand dollars so the dispute was that already. Apparently this had just happened and already lang was pissed. He had gotten his check and andrew dice. Clay was like well. You know. I finished the tour and then i go home and i pay everybody like i. I sit down with my accounts. And i caught. Checks will already lang wanted to be paid that night or the next day and it was like you know klay as like we'll just five thousand dollars. It's not that much already. Lang is like i don't care if it's just five thousand dollars it's my money and you promised it to me and i don clay was. What did the contract say between the buydell. I don't know. I don't know you would think that's why bring it up because you really have to be especially in the entertainment industry in. I've talked to actors about this and whatnot. You have to be very specific because it's it's very absolutely. Yeah because it's easy to get lost in the shuffle and it's like eases paying for what and when am i going to get paid. When is this check coming. Because like people i know have done background work featured extra work. You're sitting there a month later and you still haven't gotten your check and you call a production company. The kinda give you the runaround and this and that you know and it's like you gotta be you really have to stay on top of those things so his beef with clay was andrew dice. Clay's like your check in the mail. It will come in the next day or two and artie. Lang was pissed that he just hadn't gotten his money and it was like well as you say i don't know you would think an arrangement would have been made beforehand where it could've been. It could've just been dice telling them like k. A pay you five thousand dollars. He's like done know. Maybe there was no contract right. You know and the thing is like between and you and i kind of experienced the some years ago when you and i and another guy win on camera equipment whatnot reach put down five thousand dollars. And then he bowed out and then wanted his money back. Your that's right that's right and we. I don't think we had right. There was no contract. No and you know. I talked to my father about it and everything. She was a lawyer and we talked about it. And i certainly didn't want to gyp anybody out of money but i was like we already paid for the equipment like an. It's your decision to leave. We're not buying you out. I mean you don't want to also to like once you it's like buying a new car like once you buy like a five thousand dollar camera like a year later that cameras not worth five thousand dollars right. It's worth like three thousand dollars. Maybe maybe and you know and now it's worthless that cameras a completely worthless right now. So you know it's not worthless because you can play. You can play that old media on it and believe it or not like people. It's probably worth five hundred to seven hundred dollars interest because because you can shoot on it and you can also play back that media. But it's i mean typically. I i mean i'm for project that just passed i had to get a dvd seep pro. Rodak this was i think it's a panasonic. Dvd pro twelve years ago. This deck was seventy five thousand dollars like seventy five grand. And then they had they had smaller ones. That had third were like thirty grand. This was seventy five thousand on ebay. I could buy it for two hundred twenty five dollars. Yeah yeah. I mean just just because the format now now. Everyone shoots cards. It's all digital. Nobody shoots on that tape. So the the. I don't even know panasonic makes the decks anymore. Yeah and you know. I don't want to say there's any ill will between myself and you and the sky but the for a while there was i understood. You know five grand five grand and particularly back then but it made me realize like me. We gotta especially with friends. I wouldn't say even with friends especially with franz. You gotta be really sticky yard very sticky and then To rapid growth or overexpansion own. One again anthony. Bourdain uses this example. He worked in a restaurant. It was successful than these guys opened a second restaurant and okay was doing alright. Then they opened a third restaurant so now they're using the first restaurant to support the other two restaurants and the whole thing collapsed because the third restaurant didn't take off and drains money away from the other two so you know people can start to get delusions of grandeur and they go nuts and they start getting loans and they start you know just going wild buying tons of products and then they're left holding the bag or you know or they could be right. Be right you know. The third the forest fifth location does really well. And they're they're just there on that rock at straight to the moon or they've overextended themselves and then it's just it's a matter of you know capital two. They have enough capital to survive. That hit. because i mean really money. Capital is the it's the lifeblood of the business so even you have the best idea and the best business and you know sales are coming in if you run out of money or you. Can't you don't have access to to Capital or credit. You're done water. So do your research do your planning. Keep your eye on the money and You know go for it. Don't maybe don't quit. Your job may but I think it's just you know people like the idea of being their own boss and that's great but there's a lot that comes with that and you know you just need to be in touch with reality before you jump in. Yeah i mean you got to You know you gotta do your research and you know you just have to just got to be transparent transparent with your partners in your employees in your investors but also transparent with yourself. If it's not working out you got to look in the mirror and level with yourself now. I think you owe me. I think it's like eighteen fifty eighteen dollars and fifty cents from the sales. If i did my accounting correctly is that right. Oh i mean. i'm sure. I owe you an ungodly sum and you owe me ungodly sum we. We probably have advertisers. I don't know about. There's probably some revenue stream coming in. I've got me matt menez. No idea driving around in a poor going on down there. Yeah all right folks. Hope that helps and hope it was entertaining and we will be back after real soon art. Everyone thanks for listening. And all as always you can always check out This episode all past episodes on the working experience dot com and We're looking forward to the next one advice. Everybody thank you everyone for listening to this episode of the working experience. We'd like to think our sponsors one circle media and the still believe app. The only app that delivers video proof of the tooth fairy and santa by simply taking a picture. Download the app at still believe dot. Co today in a major kids and if you work for a studio networks startup or corporation and are looking for a partner to create media that will build engage in entertain. Your audience reach out to me at john. At one circle media dot com. I would love to hear from you. And that's it the end the sweet and until our next audio encounter.

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Craig McLachlan Found Not Guilty 15/12/20

From The Newsroom

03:11 min | 4 months ago

Craig McLachlan Found Not Guilty 15/12/20

"The headlines from news dot com. hi. I'm lexie kat ryan manager buck lloyd and this is the latest from the newsroom. It's cheese day. The fifteenth of december australian actor. Craig mclaughlin has been found not guilty of all allegations. He assaulted women. While performing in the rocky horror show. The fifty five year old was charged with seven counts of indecent assault and six counts of common law against four women. The court hearing beginning twenty nine hundred and heard for more than a dozen witnesses with the magistrate today ruling. He was guilty on also thirteen charges of essays now in donald trump's attorney general william by has announced his resignation the president who has publicly criticized. Mr. baas performance racing days announced the move on twitter today earlier this month. Mister bob pushed back on the president's claims of voter fraud. He said the wall. Fbi agents boy following up on specific allegations. They had not yet found fraud on a scout that could have affected a different outcome in the election. It calms his dry biden's victory of donald trump was formalized by the electoral college today effectively blocking any remaining path. Mr trump had to overturn the to other news. Now and pornhub has deleted marched if the video is on its side following a backlash. I've deprived content. This odd has been in the crosshairs for seemingly laws. Fa perch to content moderation that allowed videos to remind without verifying the consent of the people in them videos that in some cases even featured child-sex-abuse pornhub is now brought him what it claims are the most comprehensive safeguards and user generated platform history as a result more than ten million videos have been removed from the site and their analysis. Three million left. We'll take a break to entertainment now. And smokey robinson you know the motown legend yeah cole. He's gone viral thanks to his hilarious mispronunciation of the word hanukkah in cameo video so the music icon was asked to extend his well wishes to a woman named margo video. Message in light. Of the annual jewish festivity right here what robinson wasn't aware that hanukkah is sometimes spelt traditionally with a say in front of right. So it's kind of like chanaka on pipe guy but he got a little bit confused. Have listen to this and they want to wish you. Happy new khor. I have no idea what you is but happy genug because they said so anyway. God bless you babe and enjoy shinyuka honestly that video doorbell finishing spoil an australian super nipple team has been with a three hundred thousand dollar fine. After it was caught cheating. The west coast favorite team was fine. The lodge som- docked twelve points for the twenty twenty one season after being found guilty of salary cap breaches with more than two hundred ninety. Six thousand dollars over two years been at bow commission found that north bay the plays were aware of the breaches and that narconon coaches including cards stacey marinkovik involved in the trading and want to celebrate the end of the year with a bang. We're giving you the chance to win a share. A five thousand dollars cash. All you got to do is head of a news dot com dot us slash win to enter christmas cash giveaway from we'll have another update in the morning. Your headlines dot com.

lexie kat ryan buck lloyd Craig mclaughlin general william Mr. baas donald trump Mister bob Mr trump electoral college biden Fbi smokey robinson twitter cole robinson bow commission stacey marinkovik west coast
337. E-series de a duro - Audioseries de bolsillo | #LunesPodcastero

Al otro lado del micrófono

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337. E-series de a duro - Audioseries de bolsillo | #LunesPodcastero

"Nephew podcast cinta. I load to let get an fumed up. A india whom predict the hurricane maria nitto norway aloe than off your whole family year. Lobbying many of whom both kuskinka happier victim and team was your tunnel. Podcast komo aloe to our make reference interferometer broadcasting funeral gideon in level donal or. Don't get nothing a simple for both siempre. Police academy begin your work yucky theon again. He had amassed in untapped. Mutual mutuel was lots of us present. Each eddie is the only graphic the iraqis when that their mother has libro. Sean has done the second term beginning. Study for madam will see them out of all moise molasses lassie's today escobar. the any. yes. I left on my booker. He showed analyst here get four model. Podcast perodua dilemma. No almaz performed though they should stomach see associated no comment fiasco the major gumbo base say victims or not not running on ambient theon combined. Last both is better. Be show bichon acharya. Donald umbrella traumas. Gimme complete. i mean they. Can you tell you almost got keep. I'm being known in formulation either. Seen okay by their company alla model that is you study. S cannot clinton la mano. They titters drunken shokubai. the he gained for mark is saudi. You're shadiest eat alabama with real lower casual cooper. She says he's studying either. For my are gotta andrew cuomo korea theon yoshinaga your relative. Cortas damian sean. Pegeen short asked ratner shooting for matters. Renato noble interest. And there's a mutual party should be show. You're not already bizarre. Lost commuters conscien-. No body escort us and remember. Gail muscian cuanto bleaker and so we'll know cannot access in brooklyn and as they must enter our english. Not say that will alkhanov hurrell female dicara trama in lonzo's complete complex getting political astra which are simply omit bathroom. Three thousand three hundred k. Completely fearful o- graph bishop of lombok domain lower. Okay efficacy a complete among the on lebanon. Start hold your shitty a city. Last blue as the law in orlando story has the wounded while gammel. They confess young chicago parent and carafe. Richard maestro montego who into a one percenter keno may we omitted gamal el malignant by star. Presenter rantel they don't know if you're gonna do. This is how they can knock ammos. Intuition she an in-depth alatha relational hormone. Not yet so lamenting that. I'll the last one or the two administer look yucca. pash in la la flint on me griffin o. in cool do need to show now the north pro on. Okay your mentors. We stop on my holiday choice. Kucha lost our immediate. Tell us guess. Tell city zip off logano. Our vision is the weather of casteel lack of kuchar. Immortalized latinos the richie hymie e. It'll save some defeat. Theo than this apple zone sui theater you all to win your best appropriate f e cadeau. Albor other leader armenta. There's this year start on monday. Glass finish at totals. Steiger's bureau newest under laughing other financial official but a book or read their muscular theon personalities. Goku saito equalize latera using or iphone. Think we think oh. Jagged steadily telegraph finish and those timeless one. Chris cadenas clara. There's talk within. oh sorority theaters. Were store says he not around the lawsuit trusting courses purchasers death host all show the congressional. But i've always available guinness outdoor but it's the city hall lobby. Bill reiter their demis. Mugabe's here's kabbah the simplemente of this show you this kabbah. The financial female locker come and take one h two opera star our cornelia. Now don't pay one dollars days. Timely steadier our shape and old domestic product in this century or censorial geic wanders to don lewis to show them into three shows are those north stray trauma motormouth duties tambien. Tara nath ent every are multiple russillo blaze ran it marks rather spoiled. You sign your six others. Shoot planet tarot sports that are more minor. Actual latin dotted horseshoe body on dot echo more. We got north outdoor laughing. Theon obama muscle the impose. Our armies more. Sad's that'll almost here or in this post cards on the lambie india nigeria and former defectors. New he has heaters the unless property. Study asking no competitors day. Is the don. The laura element impact antiques being tickets from compass media social journos. Yes reinterpreted theon in gallup short square taller. This staples international days. the lunar podcast gang on threes. He does this. Debut domingo's in beatles narrator shorter bottoming police darrow's lunar podcast idealistic semi narconon. To face will go now fought on his own baltimore stove law medium stock value to you too for tweet or komo and were store and okapi to as roma own show the unconquered oregon that iguana or the enid. Here's another boskin qatari. Solano does the show you so that skipper. Healing an karlsruhe links king post taller. Mona will head worst caricom another. Nsa lunar podcast. The odor speedo ecomac aria choices city on the state ceramic. I'll also macron.

hurricane maria kuskinka bichon acharya Donald umbrella shokubai yoshinaga Cortas damian sean Pegeen short Renato noble Gail muscian alkhanov hurrell dicara trama lonzo kabbah gammel Richard maestro montego gamal el malignant pash escobar casteel

Stories Philippines Podcast

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"Task. Three House. Hello Salahuddin Ahmad either silent reader is not let. Are B account. Guy Michael Barra down starting. This going me ash, not marry the name. About it does pinnock and go new. NASA. Seventy, three thousand. I know my body toe familiar. Retreat House around Batangas area. This in throw it on. You'll name three, thousand you and I my highly bullet more cy. Capucci new. Adult by lung lung that. Area. Nian Mitchell began the now who? going. A welcomes Lugar noon. My. School meet Nemi ability in third I. A. Whole, he'll league marketing. Or story style major Matola Hallway. Sadaaki longest most whole. Goal. Hit the Dow. A. Sound. Mind that in a new more. At made by. Chambray, mainly, go McGee imagining out of this world you. Wouldn't be could. Adam. That whole thing Meka. I. Assigned Must Puerto. People. My. In nothing in Atlanta Hawks ceiling. Known be Glum me not any the. Isla who may be Joe? Lube Ninety three thousand. Due to a Nari noon. I am go segregation. I might be nipping by bow what. Lube. Mitchell Meena Shapiro. I DON NOT SYLLABUS INSULIN TURN I mean. Who Go Bomb on my hold. Look now. appositely ecological ro. What CASSIA authored I. Battle Soho own I'm. Not. But the needs to Selam. May Not. Heat that home enough a Patina the mutiny mob. Is A guy go? Knock up Pajama on a green fair impulsive. Deli Gopalan Boston Cuarto. And ending at the author, who Napa Dean Syllabus. NASTY BATTLE BY EMBASSADOR LAPTOP IN Envy. By. GonNa. Look cratia you'll frame nickel. Lucia. Housing lethem. A hole. In these are. Russia. Behind. Them. In a one hundred Hoy. Bomani. Kasey are to me. Up, and down now who? I. See. Beaten along. Santa Bouma posts. Cash. Sleep paralysis. Son Him, Post. Shake willing you my experience could eat so by. Actually Madame Metallica data. So by next porky. It'll out been home on a atty sapping is is sleep paralysis. Fifteen years old the horn on. NASA Nina I don't six PM. Gallinger homeschool. Good. Depot. Doing sessile Financial Natalegawa. Apples and say the whole by Leonardo. Sunderland. Apples closely kind. Kamei. Public AC-, horse again was assured by Ethel log. On five minutes, Marham Damon Conway. My. Kamei. By the the whole Obscene Hawks Amigo Pedal Nico, Bombie be go. Now the Holy on Sunday Celena Sofa. Again transparent. Nassar. mean. About only. The whom Amelia Hokusai Somali. ME EAC. Lounge ended booth on. Down to my own believable who'll up Up and down and go. Alum go boom with lung. Apple make it the whole signing. Good in in Yuma deleted are. Are you not. Now guessing home always the always. Maha. Combining. Work done by Nick. Moran Nomadic Dessel. Salama. We are in. An whole. Lopo. This is Anna. Marie name. It'll Malevich's Tony Compile and. Fan. Spoke face in high school. LAGGY in Dina ban on my story. I hope my posting. Don't stoorikhel. MPO identitical. He'll will go in Gamete. Thank you in advance. I I'm calling mcnabb hygiene and my story beetle. At Santa Maga Stagno type. Getting Gwendal. So it don't eat by huggy goose in your story and acting Insana pylon nothing Fred. NASA in Unocal Menu Lemon in the. Sobbing A to see. The believe. Lung younger me think Oh. My in Daniel Mobile. So. It goes. Fred's Pov. Monier. Not Golden. dito. Gabino known at. The Mario. Nkusi Union whom science and open. Non Union. SHANNA MONTAZA waiting shed. Cambrian the whole I want to marry you. Ala.. Bama by Tito. Napa Bishen. Nelson to, ensure assignment la La. By. PASA WE. Think you should patterson. Than Tito. Gas. I opened. Anyone I mean shadowing. Malignant. High. Beside do I on an ongoing pedal Deepa denial we city to Mario ACETATE. Back. Up early naming CTO loons awaiting shared. By the way. We should ease may Jamaica you answer by Lativa Bairro? Alumni mignon. Things. Should Amy Madine in Gunma Bono at merrin button McCain Puna a harsher. I have to look up Balassa Tito. So Brown lasting an bear. Ngong we. Owe in Hawaii. Loa Nita's he Mario Abiding by. Melissa get the whole open or movies by ethical. NASA Labus now holding by any Latin Big Lung Muggsy Thi- Hulan. As a habit by. Kimberly Holiday Manila Had the WHO. May Not I'm Dana Barron main assuming zaken. To Lead The meaning. Knocking. Let go. Market that home is an. Ex. balch mellow. One S in. Being cut the balloon whole. Market Them el-agha. May streetlights the own molly WANNA and woman. In A. Bucket. It didn't ask you some chemical. Apple soon, any no. The nongoma Gallo. NARCONON. Seasonable McGLADE. NASA would by the. Any, no. To sobering. School. Whole. Haven't the borehole. Out. Didn't the whole. Gun Mahat also by an article. And Dune Apple. Noah Landing Menino. Would Zakian? In Muncie. Can Win. Union Yari. Delina home bulletin. On Obama Nyati. Guru. Internet you. Don Guiding support on. And the and I mean, no seen on nine. The whole. Miami Casino high experienced to daughter like a dune. Hollow Lajolla. Now. How long? Being, union? And a Fred be lovie. Anyway. Anew, banged up, but to Incan Guna may soon as annual and. Now. Behind my. Signer Ninety, nine you you. Go. into seeing you. Salama. Nakba. Similarly. Goalpara. Columba. I Must Name. He will know why I used nickname in my stories. Since I am thinking of dividing it into parts. I am an avid reader here and finally I decided to share my own. Though some of eat me net be that scary but I'm sure it will be the interests of some few. Let me take you back to the time. When it all started. Nylon. Hope human up and wholeness. Even claiming an. Ally in an area now. Quite thorny. Llama. Walking. Garner. Our familiar. On. Loan. McCullough lung by Kasey is a long been up also on. At the online partner. Wedding taken on by since. Nine. But long bacchanal gloomy Madonna. Guyana. Bat Michael. The whole beal at models Bouma one one type. EC Been Your you're. Out. battleship every. Three years. Old Guy Motherless Nima symbolic. My last the modern Damn Cohn C- NO UNINSURED CEO. Mandela's while I'm. allowed. ME. CIGARS US more. In La Mama I won't. PALAPA. Go I, last wholly unborn by Pero me. subur- by. Along Melita quarter to. Gaza done back yet. Signing Bagi. Go on. Willing. Mallet long am willing. Salon elegant ruling no, Mary. Horneck. By An. Bug Nagoya Salah. Lamilla BUSCA Bakassi Demo. WHO Say us? Madam brand NASA beleaguered by. Madame Meeting Boonen Yoga. You May By eastern Madonna Lackey. The now I know. It'll height. Shah Malek's by the Institute on. Market by new. My Boban beans a little pioneer MME INCA nine. C. Guru. Diana Tanisha goalie in high in. On NASA easy Conan. Handguns are. Thing bag woman. But NASA Rabin Shahara Shahala. Ninety S and a single belonging happen NASA Lube Nell. Hatton. Numba. At. Guy At didn't eat back. Long. Around six to say been be. And how this time Bella for years old now who? Go see my mercy. Nejib Sahal. In Sierra Leone Coleman. NASA. Been Willing. To Newman massacre bag pinto. He'll have been I mean NASA. Right side. Up on the Hennessy are Madonna and willing. Song. Boom. Patio partner you. The. An e lumbar Anima quite at. Invading Union by not you may Ari. Sadako Daddy said the limb `Nigma Matab was. Highly move on me. Diba. On detox him. Guide Michelle Obama Lombardo I this. One. Police up scenes. Beleaguered naming. Bannon. The? Leong. then. Running, by a May him men don't belong? Inside Geena Guy Tune Supper bullying Goma shadow mme in Goalpara, era medalla say Tom Behan. Made up your man to Dean at the not Banyan lag be PRISCILA. Ruling. Airlangga. Being Union now the Turkey NASA. The whole nap the. Don't. See my known. Poem is a little. Nina Ganga Dilemma does apart scenes me Milan housing demand, but I mean as a while to save a buck. Than than than the whole barring. How now he pickle Manhattan as It Bigorre. In. Scenes been about nally whining, Bara Dune NASA side. The whole Bulaq Philan- Bairro began me. I don't make an washouts Lobo. Don't look net embark on. SAUDI NICO ELEMENT OUR DONE Apples. Now know neum now about a little. Go. Back at. That time. I mentioned. The. DNC is going on. Decoding, SL beginning my my whole. The whole borough now awesome Menarini going amendment ATMA. Known early but Cammie. Humane don't be looking in the models feel an Cooper Annemie Ari. Was it'll heightening in googling willing. A doom fame alibaba tip Abajo he means may in Alabama Lamari. Noah. Basis. No. Our Lama booming on Calabasa. Indian. Woman My. Uncle Mahala. Really. Know how Elena. Lamb. At Zelano Niemann Calabasa Heights Don Dailey, Guinea pepper, no our operating. May Adding Amando. Were Lang. WanNa. Mini begin by those Lebanon in. Sobering lower lupine leukaemia. A still had them adding Ya. Alaba corporal. On Madonna's MOA. Nick Data. Window. And, gun. Similarly Amy, my story, and Nice. Huggy. Monari Lemon. More lap salmon facebook page. STOLI'S PHILLY been spy. Guests. I E mean. Stories. By guest. Jean. DOT, com. Mata. Nhan adding description. And then similarly. In Cinema Manar. Story.

NASA Apple Michael Barra Madonna Lackey Michelle Obama Lombardo Noah Landing Menino Salahuddin Ahmad Kasey Fred Goalpara Nick Data Amy Madine Nina Ganga Atlanta partner Batangas Nian Mitchell Matola Hallway pinnock Lugar
La Movida Campeonato del Mundo


49:18 min | 6 months ago

La Movida Campeonato del Mundo

"All of those I Thomas Author of eighth this. Uh. Cement us. Lose. Monopolizing. Amost a needle company window potter professionalize. IPE COMMON OPUS. Will episode you that I'm Evita. Peron of Soda Total Okay Vista in other than Mondo it Tambien Alaska beyond this out of the moon Venus seeded contralto. You'll your. E almost empty. Dako- Emeka. Toco commentary star Victoria Panya. BIENVENIDO VICTOR ESPN. Okay. I. Walk your data then we need to. Know. All Your Sell Specialty Patato monstrosity fearless securities disc. Won't that mutual the Stasi brainless wls carry the not leases. A lack arena would see Chemo Cambio Colorado Number there marcus in Mundi. When Pochettino? Caloric policies with poco defeats Rato. Said although sickly Sakon a defendant. Identity Bandera Z. Dominant poco Anita Whitaker. Who Data can. represent by easily. Lewisville. Fan Case. Tambien now but. He got. A final. Atlantic. Says No no, no, no, no no. No went onto total Yoko. Logo Neto as`dock split the. Our team, our the they'll come out to the moon, the operative eastern Switzerland Romantic company to their Mundi Lathi Suissa. A must they covet? Anthony Parameters Patrocinio. Antonio Counselor I will de Momento he okay. In. TAMPA IMPO? An Organic Sarah when women are say we've got another not. A? Good Okay See. Though total lager annoy the part of the. Lousy. The Italian Man. Misprint Open SCIPIO. Tally is it I can't deduct. In Imola on the on them we still comfortably. But at be an ultra lavar skate on candidate only. I Sola provocative. Condo Securit. They know. When? We were Maximo case eleven talk. Get your. Windows the. Day. The neon a lobby graphene but of miserable solely total. Stopper. Case rules on my your winter, the English or spot the Lonzo. Yes. Yes Roy. It okay. When Laredo and in Europe was spectacular and nor will tusk-ache. As, Anton this by compensated moondog. Must what must be see? Must Must Wilt as? Your your little stunt, they think it'll Alaska's. Masih Contrat Oprah. But Proportionality the. Romo sympathetic it. McDonald's easy to book. It'll last Las dos company does the Defend US see? See Spectacular is portable bar owners premed contra. puffiness. Labrum. Rita Khloe I got. Lucky GonNA. Get on on your. E Daniels following no, but not. Even a knock. I. Eat a spectacular. A sort of all the consequences Noah Makino Cabras. We still have much schedule. This MOSCATO. The Job Ella Boys Win this. Contest. Coriolis Punchy Minimum Looking donnas with US panic Ezekiel. You'll see the Dow. It penalty that be John mckinney. Has, consequences? Toward one. Undercover lamented his bacilli photos your job been saying Oh say be news who 'cause Comey Makina. By Dan Donatella. Also. Local myself a new. Llano coach Tara the key in in. Columbia. Gentleman Yana in again Italia. Tweet Caja. Push. On okay. Look almost mosaic they look at. US calloway skin game. Okay. Yeah. Echo because he been sour. Get. No. Weeks ago Lucianne Perello. Okay No. I of. The import. A mutual moutain, Brian various markets better meet I only put a lemay. Sabido game. A. I'll put up into skin on destroyer escort. Whose mother. Out. Of the robot. Quotation anti-noise. Moscow Yeltsin on. Up Fiona. CDO. Actually Dosa says now we're not equal but I feel total. The total went to no but Louis Perimeter Prima pronounce decoys know. CK ECHO IN AUGUST I. Guess is they is. That I'M IN IN BODY Company Computer Window MP Stars Embodies Discipline Nasi. UTAH. Onto? Not An issue. So you while. On say woudl. malietoa Soviet, K. K. radical, but it's not as. A whole in only ease into la La Vida Moss. Got Ultra auto teachers. Mundi allies this one. Nothing when you do. To. Look a llamas whether they will know is. is to the ultra annoy. Me Under Bragan. I'm not not. He stole on this I guess habit okays. Said Compu- Another Mundo Salvador, titled a they'll stop pse I took on a little. Noticed that guy you the same principles? ECHO RESTORE Contra off was reality we neil. Record Cassie Wasilla. LA- media they are now under Reagan. A media. Not Okay Khloe dig- The author. Squadron, which are they media When Do. Not Meet Kit Quality here The, intas get. Noisy stopper official. Now. So we'll. in. Law Author Kosaka Damian Infamy Place authorized authored thorough namus this bulldozer magical the lovato says. K.. A. Dot. Okay. Lastly, special on this infamous shown Lusk last Las Horas de Momento unless I mean the Domini. E ultimately on all unavailability are not to. In, Contralto e character. Better. Tomino terrorism poco glasses I national, Constancia. Known. Pedal shoe. The revile but cannot meet more people run you on a meek van Vliet and get from Brooklyn. La. Lady medics DDR moment. Okay. On their sally. Ghana Cuando is defeat the Novia Santisima Windy l. a style in a las. Judy Talia but a million US. You the leader. With the Rosa A. Row. On Amiga Loton E. Say No. The. He. Splits this aesthetic. Startling, last ALITA. In. Certain say. Is Look in the protesters moved. It the protest gassing US Komo waste as. You know said yeah capacity. Tell, C., they'll be. Pocket capital. Indeed is you know says Sago. Out See see you love Cuando on the school Kick Eddie I and then Tara Star in La Salida. Your been some into Victoria don't up our podcast. I. Mockery are now total? E. K. by in LaSalle alita. But Oklahoma Ska- yeah. Safeway I. Stab. Wound. Up on Adler. A. Even more at finale no no. That window. GIG Guess Escapes You. Milagro. Narconon America afflicted. Yoga over the Santa's. Ingram. In Curricula Nouvelle the daily sixties more feminine our on the I get. Okay when I say I'm I just spent member yet but I, I you, his De Escora. GEIC. I book differential Interlock, South Ri-. Not. When on offended Eggen. Yolanda those races auto. A. Eight other it always been out of pedal. Hoke on. When Osama sped Alagbon loot and Soviet that? RETO? undefeated. Uganada. Say What I meant nostalgia stop importing. This is supposed to be I seem possibly noticed that. Okay. Hey look it up a salvo. But, I know I'm still not at. All Victor Authorized Iraq Started was Dante. Is, contract, Law the daily. Shame. Off Way Seattle Oh. Kyo. Economy goes Landau Kennedy followed it to your. Ski- Filippo. Gone up and up it'll you'll hit no. To Retell. Joey said. Saito GRANDPA's really that pedal pen say. Kilos they'll to the of over my doors allowed US Philippe we're GONNA. Do. Kilometers mask Amal Allana. Get Mundial Goto we see what I think. We're GONNA put a bus hosie went to. See, one Ukraine law, Victorian nowadays, depend on forensic competitor, support a soup with it prepare our perfect. Sync competition, they choke. Glowing got a S A Claro S. Are. In Thousand Nov neither I would open up adequate but another. E about Obe when you come into its tunnel styles. Easing. Orange. Bamiyan but gate. Babapora. As the the noise. Though as soon as we we. went precisely it constantinople when okay depot with a but I'm which which episodes with a say number. Bed AURIEMMA interlocks IMOs basically, mopus, LAGNOTA silo. In in England Jeff with that, settle in and company until their moondog and order denise cylinder Remco even pulled e the Federal Filippo Anna. You. Saw All this was the should they must've Gaitho in Reno Reno that K. says that he's put. On micro or GRANOLA thunder in Latino. Kassian. Presi while Marito somebody. Say I still. Go on your Corey. Yasser stuck stuck. As A. Guinness. E.. curic. Is it the? Solo. Toil dealer. C C Loyola one day on the. Album. Musculoskeletal. Rono payroll. Software loop. Annoys that. Differentiation over at auto about your record. K. Is. Fabulous Country Lada. A associate referendum for me by the theme, is that the vast we defeated? They are not only have people on Ethan Oi. The I meant this audio. In. The District Authority meant that window. No. No no I mean if we're not gonNA. Know. Snow. Komo it's up I'll say. Love Komo Komo alkyl Komo. At. least in. Eastern. Oh c. see quarter of his copy on the Moon Nazi state DNA DNA. Records. Stays. Critical Survey Lackadaisical Filippo Anna. Get the record. Mundo. In guate- kilometers, the plastic was shown. What through does does said wounds a setup Datta? Not. Macho mass which are. Massive it is Victor Porges Sally Salida Global I. Seek Marina is Komo MEEMAW. Allows that see? US As a threat isn't Ratto see. Million okay. See. Up where I at the Nikki I'll go moment. Look at the medicine. See CECICI. Number K SORTA antipathetic arenas Komo's restore. OUR IN IMOLA LA inadequate. or not in the inaugural analytic ordeal they they. Must Movie Story Get out. Edo. See my your s difficult. In rapidly. But it shouldn't be an issue as as people there they outlet important. METRO OF A. Screw at the immediate. US those metals needed. To. Combat went bookie Tokyo you lose. For Genta this scooter. A? Tally Sada's solution as-as. Coronas Perea. Been Citing these daryl careerist, the man. Was depending mutual mental mentally that got to. See. Karez Samana see the peninsula Orico came. Personnel to. I pursue pursue percussion on Jake Organic, and we must also must be announcing production on this. Not, in Montagna pneumovax non-cooperative, he thought corn grown spatially US better. Why don't got it has semi not depot. Went. Buddies. Nissan while we'll see what better way to put A. Komo. Employ. Is Look at the. Through the Puck away to the bench luke so Go to our see. But anonymous benefactor. Might be in a number that classic us no it. Kick it. Okay. Mentality thunder say Tom POCO Cumby I'm yesterday. Wonderful. Up Up with a Lot in Donya, I said honest pace at least. I. Yoke Victor. In ethnicity policy. Duffield see to settle Cordell Mundo. Elliot's goal. but. Yeti. Areas. Seattle you. Know. This new NAPA. A. Lot. Louder Cloud Clara no crocus there. S Dakota. Yokosuka Rossi Moderato Cambio. Company. We. Yacht? Yes. Yes. y'All Datastar Art. that. My computer, the moon and yeah quarter and Lopez ties into. The Okay so plus dopamine. The record the lower see. Okay. So you could. Okay. So in this. But as said. But I want to impeach tie. Explanatory A. Perfect DEMENTO. said, there's no knock it. Okay. Knock it out within the decade the Netanyahu grow up. But. Record when I'm gay or India we're not in quantum something when I single say. So what was your fee? But Victor Company Arts Given Okay Gays Berko at. The do not input but. Defeated by LAW LAW DNA DNA. Escobar's the federal. One St Victoria. In. Los Lasts less preliminary use the park area Clara like. Thunder simple as. Like A. A. He knows how this another way see don't Korea Super Benito. For Tournament. At the IMPO Aussitot. Dante. In. Bureau of Yeah. But if he's skip the Rossitto spectacular on me. Get. Okay This does the Likud leader. For Up Nothing? No, you said. I saw mutuel with. Say a yellow sickly susko nil. Escape Wessels. Say IT offers call. MIGNON PAOLANTONIO Keadilan. Not. I. Renault. Is. Today how your cup win on is. Is Must Free on hopital put a hand blown. The will will Costa is simpler annoys combatant less than put out the Julia's? Our low module for April inculcate Momento the Iraqi. Start this story galaxy. Not while sold the they casinos they were unwilling in. C C. Anthony it'll. It'll. Be. amendment. Coupon. Look at them Paraly- Victor. But. Soon enough chuckle, MEMENTO? Scott at US Yano Janos. Say Annoy. Get I'll Geeta get. I would sponsor. EMC. Setup. One. Not the net preliminary associated still Martin is the. Tomorrow what a handle on the on this one. I went to spongebob to stay on you. Alavia known the judo or what pro Spero it's just better muster the. Pinnacle spot a Parramatta land. Well. Komo Chemo's lap article Ariza. They'll company there are no s gas. Prices in operatic you personally e, Quando? Dr. Aleppo's. Obvious Questar Me Employees A. Boston Dante in Embiid Kara pasquet given the nameless costumer at Lane and movie styling your. West. Daniel in nails. But. Consumer, your twenty formatted Ecuador. See. Say say well, no, it didn't. WanNa. Steal Particularity Canola Ulaby paraiso battle but I went book typical Noah. We. This gay looks typical. Say It allows Italians Francaise says most bail US loss on this. E Bala Selection Hispaniola portal postal as Sean. Paula's last is not furious evil. Fortaleza the Sakib. Bookham in your Sky ECON throughout on La like I read the. Peak into a Nice Scott by this yet the ultra August gussied toddlers could be the basis. Guess I'LL YANKEE NOT ANY NOTHING A now like I said. A You more. CPO. The. They don't participate CPO deal. Read up with gateway. Mark Guy from America Gay. T.. E. Three sodomy. No. Young. BACCHUS impre dental. Persecution. See Staubach Clark as we research Salvia. Perfect. I mean take a Shoot leader Marquette she. The NIA the. The onus. Could okay downtown America by Fugler. Son. Built up out of an art. Up on it she eclampsia Familiar Memento Contra arena. But I'll. Leap. To Los. equipos The non cloud. But if He got. A finale JC THE DO. See. She said I last election US election Syria for. As. Roma for. They are Philippe Google sang what Goski. Heaps she. Ran. Art. Hogan each. You must allow grow. When the Pedal Input. minister. Stop. Our new body the. What are your book? Columbia K.. Regal can his to and they say Where the Ya Es nuisance call if an integral nope nope nope not Boko. Gets a see give. No K. not. stolen group bowl working in Colombia at all of sickly starts saying, what are you? So you stand? Settles Return that they lose knowing. They'll does mill parkway. So most of those does. Live. Cloud third third opinionated Coronado Cinco and in. Started, about he stole your goal. E. L.. Dollars like where does this on those? Oliverio X. Companero E.. R.. Maria revolt. You went. In Syrian in Jeddah Allah collusion. Nicholas. Colombian. AC-. Siempre. Mosul windows and CARAVELS US karate tapestry. Manners. Around doing. it all those. Years. Noise with him into Notre Calendar Yosick, Listrik or no include. Like, a reindeer those on. Walters Alaska the Orchestra Car I will. Soon see quit too steep academies. They will. PUSH ON ESPIONAGE A. Gondal giant. By Sarah now or charges Rigo the detente to? Apprentice Danny you're not. GonNa, win we excellent participation pedal stack letter K.. Not signup Indian. The Columbia Nosy Moskowitz Does Casaus tacky less Kerala India. E. Kayla's Walters Cassius in last kudos extent Colorado's. Orchestras and Corona's Corona Scala's. elect. GRANOLA GUT Jonah. or or or technical Siempre as if I'll tell you. Damola Price Condos Thomas. I. Wait A. Know. What Inter. Alone the. Started it. Started the Purpose I didn't I said I'll go now. Say. Stack Claro Que Noto by Soto simple umbilically couples. On My. That's what He. That's. I bet we us. With. See. With as a political comeback by grant control talent. Guy. Economies minds with America in Columbia over the total. So what I meant the awful topless Ambien. Damian Impo Faranah. are this Elliott Oto triple, the securitas Kenosha lament honest Calaveras, important, and operatic not put Philippa Campbell. Got Of. A. Needle mid laffy deep sece's Newcastle and up at all. Deeply I meant that I'm young. Venus. Seek across. Philippa CDO computer scientists across various basis in Kataria. Videos. In in. No No. No no miracle. When the, ORLANDO? Persona Skate rather than story I'm Lisa. On the Hickey in Columbia Nankai. Yesterday now little Miss Cleo in Columbia a style diago. Insistent that your Taliban. Say, also say we're not. Close. Not to all does your topic when? Nori cycling dude on your order go neal Conan. Canister. Memento placeholder. Tanto Mikhail. Columbia. The BC's Galas John Grovel no. Gravel jaw book took him into connaught. Coin. Daego went up with this is mental discipline cross. Look. Nine years by a old Nita asked our. School. Quandary. Mahmoud. On bike. One the almost gate the almost gala. Mercado. The public ordinary ALPA STAMINA AKINA. Arabic victory world its lobby theistic across era panic Lacrosse India. Industry are there are basically A. Macho Macho in basically it as gravel. S K S. This is all fantastic you're. A. You're. Not. At terra thing we have it. uh-huh. Does Paris there with US will partner with US Golden Goal, nomadic horseback aretha union partner with US nomadic Gordo's para beast us. But. That's capita. Persona A. Get out there s he is more on the unavailable Recreativo S Loma. Hawkeye Hawkeye but. The total but as portfolios ladders in. Public on nomadic goes every those. Kosovan Tanto. Para. By inositol Komo impious. See must be the USO. Even. Into I will says, is soccer mooching which I don't know, but I will read our computer look. Book. and. Go Away mostly Choi. Sikora to. Keep was not unanimous. Yes. So a or no, or no no Sapolu, the FITO PEDAL BASIS A. Book. Strenuous Perky Claro obliged basically stop prophecy analysis run the total agno. The Gordon Pass we keep Oklahoma. SEATTLE. Okay female is a stickiest about of Kim Gillis Barlow's contract. Economic we're. Not, get. Through this whose initials? No He? Be Moondog is corporate face. of essay proof INOSITOL FEMINISM POCO, book West Virginia's knock meet up in a in a custody only. Philippe. Ghana. Copy. Until their Muno. Today they're going to Arcoiris, gala on T.. E.. Raffia Nabataean Ingraham Compagno. England company, Arrow Paraly- Philippe. This will keep a commercial. It until the ultra keep plus don't. This. Book with defeated and they're okay but up ticket. Yes. Was Difficult Task Katina on detector they keep enough you will unveil a government official novelist by former Kibo Gone Ceus. On CBS Gay Sticky Bull that. Loss ultra corridors, but I wouldn't get noise to Compagno, Paris? La Forma. Glasgow total. UK. Disappointed that the you're. You're. Not Be Go Notre. By. That rescue me is our Louis us. Is Complete. Double Standards Policy notice good. To. Tip To. A lottery pilot midway NARIA. Conceivable. But I do say. Emissions. Ns, the gossip was in a Castle Francia. E Book in custody keeps gay or rather offramp VR or lambda. Belka. Thalia a spanner. Sense see you. Look. On Ebay Professional. Nettle. Keep. In Custody Francia is McCullough Philippe era leader, a CFO Potala the Wendy Up USA must put the key with fear I, kill supposed to be. Another does this look at passer, but premature. Means More Corridor Yada Pussy a but. Guy Got I see get if you get Super Gambian. Get Super Bowl Conrado and Aqazadeh. Does as more corridor. Philippe. Union gone combined euros the recuperate via eat less permit it will not prima. When are pretty much. Salads, Boise you. Philippe. But I bought up. In Los Angeles I N This Philippe Insa Contra depot going to increase that. We're not close Alah. Guinea meet I. See you on the thing when our pre mad at Tanto Paradiso contract with. Say, say adopting. And don't l. party-list Prima. La La. La La plummeted as companions keep with Francia those your sobbing. About. Up The net see. Prima. He said well, no. I feel the Francia. Tambien. That will not prima of Atoll's Ga Philippe. Does the sperm for America Punakaiki Alfie Okay Ostrava Holly, aren't they win the? Battle Mahar in in. Little Castles let's Aeros. So Bianca gang or not those. Mid It up enough about Harper knockout puertas does pretty interesting this. Cattle Ese. Quiet. Okay. Data Travel Hokey Warwick but Kim Blueapron. Look Ernestine Wa Ala. Philip. T. Illegal and this the shop was in Lorenzo no suppressant top Perreault to. US. NC. Dose Kaas. They'll toss company others, Edmundo you Paula like completely that the a the company Moondog on going to keep enough to Nal Iressa Lonzo I. Various spices because on companions they keep no. Gail Oil Bianco. In Group. keira companion Philippe indicating quickstep. Better. SEATTLE. The Feeder Gay. Are you sickly stock assess COPA? EKA This, Bush that Russia Peter the. Dos. Campana's guess on notice by each. Say Polack, Oh you WANNA. Spaniel said. The people the. The London office I e Sika Intra. Difficult at gas those those corridors. no-one no-one other portion but not that. Case should. Pass, wiki. But I don't know about how this procedure kitten Nassir Nokia and response obligated to Compagno. The on you. Not Nazi Londono clever to storrow. Are you Don Cossack care versus say? No Locking Sabat influence on digger Peter. Nausea Castle. Epidemic, whether set the e Bono a garage in an. Is is defeated noisy fifty lay Gerrad Nacional versus the. Or sociopathic. Gibbon. WHO Compagno the. See. Get, S Quintas selection. They won't keep. Francia Kika. SPINA look completely paracel. Boy. Employ said Conroy. These done in three better. They put eternal kiss one. an-an-and. Ghana. Ghana coast. I know. CK. Era Companion And it gives. Department. Is. Sin Annoyed at. MCI. She See C. When Nanka Kosovo. Puzzle the. Service Essay. Selection, keep the Philadelphia. No Winnow. Kiss Booklet. Thomas C. C. C.. C. West When And you'll get can get an Esau you. WanNa. unisource Grand Graham funded company Mundo. Reporter Basis East Window. Canal. Noise Algan. Kiana. We've got it other. As see that other Komo campaigned Mundo Donyo. It's COULD OKAY THOSE DEMOS Started Acworth. Okay. Philippe assume campaign their moon Murphy though eka given. Okay. Sympathized Roy. One of those quotas that moon. Battle but notre. Unity, I must a needle moondog. Academia. Hilo not a similar sto para. he said arcoiris gays symbol they'll. They'll go to the Moon Arkady said a say saint of the whole annual. Event the Trente he said it I seem below. Sal. But but I. Sal No. KKK Symbols, symbols. BARISTA MAHORN window. But I stay on your legal at a p toys a when I go to company MOONDOG EH meant they. Get Okay not not at. The. Medicine Medicine Marathon Aristocratic with game almost seeing these question Al Khawr the total total, Mandela Michael Moore nor is there takezo. laskaris scare I don atoll. Simplemente. SF way known. Asta the ASTA style Memento Takako. Philippe your starbucks Cathedral kkk out of, wealth or not. But Capability Gabrielle CDO WE SHORTED IN CONTROL ALL SOLO LA RTD dot. The KOMO Respond the are attacking the oboe is there is there are almost Fathi. Author. Johanna. I mustered out at the Latin. is some Anita Kamala spring comparison sprint, Tondo canoes knocks. Simplemente. Did. You got a lot. Supporting. Politics still brick could. Okay. John Donald. Costume bringing in food Saito Vienna. For two nine hundred. Million they still. Of this. Okay Baio. The three and four foresee. The stuff is as important run this. So your your in Durant. WOULDN'T OPINION CHEMICALS You'll comparison by Brook on combat, Narino e- economically my comments either case number get as the people there the equity data's but meet up with. An Memento at the Koala Philippe with. caboodle. Hardcore Gabby at SPLENDIDO. Who Says Claro is getting the quality that is about vannatter Victoria Soto Soup wanted that extra comparative Con Todos Los. Done Interior. Done done done. This was. Done if you. Own. Feel. Is. NUTTY NUTTY Cornell. Store responsibility that. Then Yucca Sigalas, attack. Was Mirror. go now there are Philippe Noah potato, Napa Dido he your fina into the rotten. Time Flirtation Reputable Gallo Sinkiang Conan Nolan. In. A see through hundred in metals Louisiana. See effect I mean ticket the. GonNa Kill Raja company beer the NSA. In say repair trophy. Clement Gita. Philippe. Leclerc. Soto this year novice. Beginner. Ideology could okay no no push. To going through uses. But are. Really. Phili-. So you're you're. Feel retailer. A. Leopard. Essential Amino CDO. Sweater. there. S. There s the Beetle Gay Guy Got Kofsky Fogelson he if she. S. Casino. Stubborn Art. is to say, okay, I'll look. It. Up But quattro Las Cuatro civilian. Salad but. The with sprint. Edo Squad. Hunters Lapidus. up particularly Ghost ropy to Yasuhito ORLA Alexi to- the Alexis de la fitness the castle ketamine winner. But he middle all onto dot get the net laugh with a bought up with that God I e men and women took total Moonavar Limited. E Own, norcal had always K. Law skinceuticals. Gatto. thicky limitless GEIC get up on UH style Tabas. Awfully. Bussey though in British and under domino not. See. The. Amila for my stomach gano sequentially quarterly. By A. Pilot a than does. Is. Eat. Go, meet I. E up with. This is the hardest paranoid. sickest empathy. Wounded thought pacifists do that you a little this. Mal. Ca Beto. Yoko finale does not monster as the. Ye-ye-yeah they called it the case he told. Oh. E. L.. E. When I say what I meant that displays the toothpaste Nicu nece-. Get us. Initially get US Eliahu. Gay Lucky McKee noy. If the. Is last on the is lamentable. Saying he can he can meet sukey Lewis Cinco Stool Pochettino Hula. CCC, untrustworthy rescued unsullied. Lukashenko Lutsenko. Positive One intest base era, the they'll it. Ultra Auto. We'd assume Gandhi Circus Moore Okay Stamina. Study I eat Allante. Asked the. He showed at of this Wednesday when okay get went on both flip day this when I'm in L.. Ticket Daba. Sunday Mundial Cossack meet a Cossack with your So lament the corridor. They told stubborn Allante. No solitude via for Wilson Focus on say the Dove Philippe Gaumont Komo here chic more rogue leach e what Sqi silently. Nico Fogel. Sanca. When okay is that is? That a handlebar, our Geo can be our. INDIANA. Get Get of this does fetch us. Community but knows they happy Circus Thomas? By Gate bomber. Mijo. Lorella. See the resource most phenylalanine. Nas Get on those those wilt as Manas e Montana classic US see. What you think C., which was more marinas but guilty impo at the IMPO respite I sorta amion. Get One. Okay. Let's go on the finance. They'll. They'll covet. Whistle within went up but I said. I'm gay Kobe to stop at a center say within Ronnie of does the Manitoba stunt they say woulda idea. Almost Gate Valya way on little spices mass took alice rope by in Martho. Myo. He. Must Be Still Windy Albino Compo- PONCA POLKA public cornell in of final. LA IN LAS REAS SAKARIA IBM which into. This. Little Win on Le Let's get. A, look this. Low Lousy then Y- yourself in case lucky low. while. He meant Casino Gram Positive Story Lonzo get underway. So you okay no Selena them we need that. See Gong. Grand Dispute Kerala's MUCCI mile emergency my condition. We're told we will need. We Tag. Nicole Cueto. More. Ezra Mundi List and. Then, Yemen Diner de Niro. parakeet. See. It must be store it. We will need that we must modernise. We need a hyun press USA. A. To be another Mundo yoke spectacular on. Authorities meet Asi meet us with. A vendor bragan gays another stops and Femininos Filippova now, the Memento mental control of his tie. E yet Julian are Philippe gifts from God respect style simply than the Laura Berg on the on the salad. Tea Good. Okay. I see. How It went up from Paris Mo.. E even. O. Connoisseur media almost any other camping moon e in Arabic Corpus Monica? Vienna is more. Than Walkie but. Leila Estonia Heist. Is he mean? What. Holiday movie. Just that I? SAW Some. E when Alot Patmos oriented meet up. But even POCO colonel come into Muslims podcast almost. The say would simply own episode your. Cut Our memento the classic US Scalia. Get to the Flanders Burrito Bay. amstel gold race and getting water classic US Gig, we're not get one and said that his antics evil. Although the rental Joey level SPAGNA. Mama's theory. The net we need be sold. You'll see Interest Amana E. Caffeine the Para but our book, the total passer. In Joey Spun, you could affect. The. Victor. Hockey Lista. Medica Solo was was defeated ask. The in La Movie. lassie started most. He asked Akiva, the Harlow E. Victorio. Star A me ORDEN E. Yomas. Monica. Vienna. This was the. Best on Ya made I. Ask It has Roma's. Philippe economic data. This is the under Victoria that'll say. They, rescue, Bolivia go money you'll do. Julian, luckily to meet about. About about Emma's combust only heighten. The Fletcher. Is Amana it. Does career. In Vida. EFECTO. which is. Could Charge e. A, lot of condos was authorised. At your job.

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BONUS: Podding the Bubble - Part 3: Will the NBA Bubble Burst?

The Crossover NBA Show with Chris Mannix

26:15 min | 9 months ago

BONUS: Podding the Bubble - Part 3: Will the NBA Bubble Burst?

"What's up? Everybody got a special treat few today SL produced a three part miniseries on the NBA bubble called potting the bubble. It's a deep dive. Look at the NBA's planned to finish the season. How we got here what this looks like in theory and whether or not. It will actually work. You can listen to all three episodes right here on this feed as little crossover bonus, and if you like it be sure to check out some other pods like open floor and Corona Virus and sports. Previously on putting the bomb. We'll players follow the rules. Right. Will players keep tight? Little setup here. View here. As you make. GotTa, stay. For three months. Straight. Hours. Her. One on one. It's fine now, but it's all going to wear on these guys. In the coming weeks and months, what really is just kind of a microcosm of the situation in the country, right. There are plenty of players that had issues with all this Kyrie Irving was one of the driving forces behind knocked going. But that brings us to a different set of circumstances, which is the social justice issues that are happening in this country right now. Kyri. was among many players that were troubled by the idea that with all that's going on in the country. They, they don't want to be a distraction to that. We ought to. Increase. Jewish boy. Her family. No, I want to say of, Kentucky, to know we feel for it and we want justice. All NBA players are doing a great job. For keeping the movement alive. You know the League. I think it's been a little clunky so far. It sounds crass to say, don't know where the social justice stuff falls in their list of priorities when just trying to make sure everyone is safe and healthy right now. I think it's going to work I. Think it's certainly going to be different. For now, it seems like everything is breaking the right way for the NBA. Welcome to a new series from SL where we dive deep inside the return of the NBA and life inside the bubble on your host with military. Today predicting the outcome. Was the bubble a good idea. and. Now that we have seen the first few weeks of life inside a bubble. How can we ensure health and safety for all involve? And finally, what are the most important factors to consider as this competition intensifies? From sports illustrated. This is putting the bump. We've learned a lot in our journey to understand how the NBA Orlando campus came to be, what life in the bubble is like for players and media, and what to expect from the product on the court. Now. As we look ahead to whether this grand sports experiment will work. We need to understand what's going on outside the bubble as well. We'll be talking to Dr. Ezekiel. Emanuel. Ethicist who adviser a key architect of the affordable care act and the host of making the call podcast. Back in April during the height of the National Corona. Virus. Shutdown. I spoke with Dr Zeke Emanuel for us is corona, vires sports podcast when we first talked to Dr, Zeke. told us to expect an overall timeline of twelve to eighteen months for sports to return. So we caught up with Dr Zeke on the eve of the NBA's returned to action to understand fully, where are we now with the public health crisis in the country and will the NBA Bubble Holt? Dr Zeke will offer his thoughts on the ethical and medical aspects of the bubble and what to maybe anticipate. He will aim to basically do something he's run a good APP predicting the come from an ethics perspective. You'll hear a lot of our conversation throughout this episode. Dr Zeke it's a pleasure to have you here. Thank you so much for joining us gut to be back with sports illustrated. At some point doctors eve. You could say I told you, sir. Because last time we spoke. It was really in the backdrop of something that you brought up publicly about how this country will need a twelve to eighteen months. Plan in order for things to really return to normalcy the NBA returns with a bubble in Orlando, Florida. And we will talk about all of this. But the first question I have for you, Dr Zeke is paint a picture. For us of how the health crisis? has evolved or rather devolved I. Guess over the course of three months, where are we right now as to when we last spoke? So the first thing to say is the good news. You know, we know that steroids work and saving lives of seriously sick people with Cova we know that REMM disappear decreases hospitalization for people who are seriously ill and were well on our way towards a testing and evaluating the effectiveness of vaccines. We've got one vaccine in an effectiveness trial. That's the Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine. We've got to at the door and we'll. A trials imminently in the next few days. Probably, by the time, the PODCAST is broadcast. That's the really good news One other piece of good news is that New York City, which was a hot spot. I, think when we were last talking as really successfully mitigated, it's crisis and his down low and and I think could service ineffective model. The bad news is we have more cases than ever every day being produced and that's not. Not, as president trump says because of testing, it's because we have more cases thirty or forty states depending upon the day are hitting records in terms of new cases. The death rate was going down and it's now turned around and is going back up That's not good and we have I think expended or spent or wasted. The most valuable thing we have, which is the American people's perseverance and willingness to tough this out mostly because. We just haven't had a plan. We haven't been able to do what Europe Canada has done, which is when we get to the top of that curve, come down and come down very far for the so that the rate of transmission as low the number of new cases low and it's safe to open up slowly mostly with outdoor events, outdoor restaurants, outdoor activities of small groups So that if any cases arise, we can actually suppress them Instead you know places like Japan? John, and Alabama and Arizona and Texas and Florida rushed in opened up indoor items like indoor dining, indoor bars, beauty parlours, Tattoo. Parlors. And places where large groups of people could congregate and we've seen the consequence, you know big explosions and numbers of cases. Big Explosions in terms of hospitalizations, and then three or four weeks later, deaths It was all predictable unfortunately, and in some ways, we're right back where we were three months ago. So, in that list of states that you're talking about you, the last one you said was floored. And Florida is the host state of the NBA bubble and you know the NBA not the only one we have had the WNBA and also mls who's already more than halfway through its tournament. All of this is happening in the state. What is your view when it comes to hosting sporting events interstate? That's not a New York. Actually, that's you know that's the state that's going even reports when it comes to positive infections. Well, I think it's a, it's a risk You know it's a bubble and to the extent that you can actually successfully sequester people and keep them inside the bubble. What's happening outside shouldn't matter. That's the whole point of a bubble On the other hand, you've already had someone breached the bubble, people want some relief and that's your problem i. I believe these players are you know they've already shown you there tempted to break the bubble even for minor things. I getting food, that's where the risk is going to be. They're going to interact with someone. They're going to go to a bar. They're going to do something that is going to increase the chance of transmission, and that is the problem. Well from a safety perspective, it's looking good. NBA Senior writer Chris Mannix. Their processes are pretty solid. They're protocols are pretty solid and. I think everything is in a good place right now for the NBA. I do think that you know boredom will set in cabin, fever will set in. Washington Post National NBA writer Bengal over and the host of s is open floor podcast. It already feels a little bit like groundhog day. You know just kinda going through the same thing every day every day, and when you don't have the ability to even go to a grocery store or you don't have the ability to, hey, take drive out to the ocean or do some of the like safer type of trips that people are able to do quarantine those kinds of feeling set in. Right. Now, players have assigned seats on on the bench. It took the players I. saw about you know one quarter to say screw it. I'm not sitting in my assigned seat and they just got up and said anywhere and look I understand that there's not a huge need for social distancing players on a bench when they're out, they're not social distancing on the court. So I think there are some subtle. Things that will change and evolve with the NBA. But there, there's going to be somebody that tries to burst the bubble like somebody. Whether, it's a woman or otherwise somebody's going to try to. Stick somebody like I'm just convinced that's going to happen not in the next couple of weeks, but maybe you get into. Early early September. Maybe. It happens. I think the saving grace for many players. That after the first round, you can bring friends and family in, and that's why they'll have a little bit more More normalcy to their lives. But the NBA's doing everything, they can to protect that bubble integrity. His bobble is paramount to the NBA because you know there's so much money on the line finishing the season. We're hearing a lot Dr Zeke about just a rigorous and almost military thinking when it comes to the League in how it wants to make sure that what you're saying doesn't happen that players don't break the rules that they stay inside this bubble that they follow the rules, and if they do that, then hopefully things will be okay. It's also human nature for somebody, especially, a player when they're twenty, three, twenty, four years, old living in a three months. Situation is just bound to happen that somebody might make a mistake. Would you say that that is the hardest obstacle that the NBA faces a player or a staff member breaking the rule and therefore really risking. A positive infection. Well, I don't know the heart issue. Want me to pick out the absolute hardest. But you know the NBA is doing a very good job of trying to ensure that everyone who comes into the bubble is co vid free. Right? You've got the Corinthian. You've got test thing So they're doing of as rigorous job as you can to try to make sure that they don't have people who are covert. Pasta. So then the really big risk is as you put it, someone's going to break the Corentin go out potentially run into someone who's covert positive, especially given the frequency of covert in Florida and going to. Get infected themselves and spread it before they have been tested, and that's a you know I. I can't say that. That whether it's the absolute biggest risk, the NBA faces, but it is a one of the top ones I would agree with that. Would you say is risk? Well, another risk is anyone who's GonNa come in bringing food bringing in new basketball's bring in whatever they need brought in on a daily basis. That's another place you could see a risk and during this scenario. Do. You think that. It was a good idea to do this because ultimately when it comes to sports at least money is the driver right this. This is not not a coincidence. The reason why the NBA is doing this in Florida it's because of its strong powerful relationship with Disney. Hence the financial. Advantages, but do you do you think it was smart to do this? Why? Why would the bubble nod work? My God, you sports, journalists are cynical money. You don't think gets the love of the game. So. I do think that there's gotta be some love of the game going on here. I certainly hope so and I hope it's not only money but. and. Let me say I WANNA qualify for people. Who? Love Basketball I love watching basketball I was just watching you know right before everything hit in February or went to a a seventy sixers game that was just fantastic and thrilling. But I'm not a huge fan. I'm not obsessive. I could probably not tell you any single player on any team You know the the last time I was really a big fan was you know I'm a Chicago boy? It was the Bulls in Jordan. Jordan and everything. But I know and understand that sports is a huge part of American society and there are people for whom this is a very big issue. We are all being deprived of our regular parts of life, and so I think restarting sports is important and I've written that you know we have to restart sports. We have to be willing to take some risk to restart sports. So I'm all for the NBA doing this restarting. I have disagreements about how much testing they're doing other things. But do we need to have the NBA restart? Do we need to have the WNBA, restart would be good if the NFL. Restarted. Yes. This is this is a critical part of American life and I, think it's important. Well. That's a very good point. The return to normalcy is just as important as the need for attention to make sure that everybody is safe, and by the way cynicism and a sports journalist is almost part of our DNA Dr Zeke's are. I guess, the money quest UNIS would this been other conversations that we had would be in a better situation if we dealt with it in a state that wasn't as fragile as Florida. You know, does it make a difference to make something tournament like this in a state that perhaps as a better control does it matter? Look I mean, you have to bail several things. One thing you need to balances, can you actually create a bubble and where is it best to create a bubble? NEW YORK? City is probably not the best place to create a bubble just. Just guessing the the question is, yes. Florida has a high transmission rate and that's bad and that introduces a lot of risk if people get outside the bubble, but you'll have to ask yourself where can you actually create a bubble that is most likely to be effective, and that may, in fact, be the various facilities that the NBA. The, WNBA are using. Here's s is NBA writer, Rohan Narconon. One way or another I think that this bubble is going to serve as an example for how this country needs to move forward, and I think that. Really, what I'm looking forward to is if it works, now, we have a concrete example of what wearing masks does. What's what contact tracing does what you know frequent testing does we need we need. We need an example of those things because it's not happening at a large enough scale in this country on the flip side, even if it doesn't work, then I think we still have an example of we can't rush things back. You know these people poured hundreds of millions of dollars into this idea trying to make it work, and they still were not able to because that's how unpredictable this viruses and I think. One way or another. I ultimate hope is that it gives people an example of how this virus is going to be quote unquote defeated until there's a vaccine, how do you think the players react if the health risks escalate in the bubble hatch and how does the tournament and the League? Adam silver is said that he is willing to pull the plug on this. If there is a major outbreak, no one knows what that exact inflection point is i. almost think that if he NBA feels like they can contain. There's a situation where they can kick out only one team and everyone else can keep playing. I. Think they will I think they will just to to finish the season with that national TV money come in. And kind of get through this, you know campus situation. But I, don't know that speculation because again, we don't know what that put that break point is for them. If, it's a situation where they can only shut down one team part of me believes they would push forward and just kind of accept the resulting conversation about to competitive integrity. You know and Kinda just chalk this season up to hey this, always going to be a weird season. Zeke. Is there a line? Do you think were the NBA which is pull the plug? One player in a team perhaps isn't enough. It would just be about sending that player home or even you know just quarantine, but is there a line do think where the League would say, okay, we can't do this. We we have to pull the plug I suspect and again I haven't spoken to them. So I'm just speculating here if you end up with. Multiple players, four players on a team. Positive and four players on a second team positive or something white fat scenario where you know not only are you going to? It's not like sending one player home until they've got team in, it's really not going to affect their ability, but you're really knocking out the team and therefore you're knocking out the play that actually is got to be there nightmare scenario I would think. What is your? You know? You have your own podcast, you talk about this on a daily to an audience. What is what is you know last time we talked there was this eighteen month prediction. What is what is the number? One thing that you're thinking about right now when it comes to this pandemic? I. Just one. I'm thinking. So I, I would say that there are two two major things i. You got to be thinking about if we get a vaccine in the next six months, for example, we figured out one that's moderately effective and seems to last a long time. Then you gotta be worried, how are we going to deploy it and you know I think there's been so much focus on warp seemed. Let's get that vaccine that we haven't focused enough and I. I think the the political administration hasn't focused enough on. Well, once you've got it, you've got to produce it. You've got to put it in vials and make sure sterile. You gotta distribute those files and then you have to administer it into people shoulder, and by the way you have to do that for something like two, hundred and thirty, two, hundred and fifty million Americans. Just think about that. That's a huge daunting task. So that keeps me up at night and there are lots of stages there that I think could be a serious barriers to actually effectively distributing the vaccine because that's what you need to do to get back to normalcy have two hundred and fifty million Americans immune to this thing through a vaccine and if the vaccine requires two. Doses then you have to give something like. Four, hundred and fifty, five, hundred, million shots at that is a just humongous mind boggling number and I don't think this administration has thought it through at all the second thing that keeps me up is. That you know the fall, it's going to be challenging. Seriously, seriously, challenging university is going to bring back people you're going to cold is GonNa Start in the North and you're going to have people going inside in October November, that is a recipe for spread more seeing this. One of the reasons that it's spreading in the south now is is one hundred, sixteen degrees in Phoenix, where are people, they're not outside sunning themselves or indoors with the air conditioning and indoors with recirculated air is how you end up with infections I'm so those are things that worry me that we're GONNA have a big explosion of cases. Cases in the fall, it's very, very depressing that people have their ability, their patients, their willingness to stick it out as been taxed, and the contradictory messages that the administration are giving. People are undermining their willingness to you know, recharge over the summer and be willing to confront this again in the fall that bothers me. So I worry that you know say trump lose you get a new administration trying to get people to do the right thing to be bring the transmission rate down. So we can really get a handle on this thing may not be possible given how you know burned out, basically, the American public will be. Do. You think that the NBA restart. Reflects the declining willingness to stick to stick this out. So you know what I mean is. There is still this. Push. To like we talked about just this passion to return to normalcy and I think sports is. A very good example of that I i. don't know when I wrote, but I think sometime in April, we wrote an article for the Washington Post about bringing the NFL back and we suggested a bubble. Exactly. You know a similar bubble shortened eight GAME SEASON I. Fan of that I. Think it's not a simple of exhaustion. It's a symbol of what can we do in this time when we are at home restricted in what we can do to bring back a sense of normalcy, you know having Games on, TV? So people can watch them I think that would be fantastic. It would make the time more bearable having new television series having new movies coming out not just watching reruns that I think is going to help people get through. Through the tough times. By the way, you could get through the tough times by listening to my podcast and reading books. There are lots of ways of doing it, but I think fundamental to many people is you know watching TV watching movies watching sports, I understand that, and I think we should encourage that not discourage it. So I am all for bringing the sports back because I think it can make some of the tough moments more bearable for lots and lots of people. You know it's a really good point. I think it's sort of mental perseverance can. Help you along the way absolutely knowing that we're in it. Right. We're stuck at home and you know we get out a little bit and those NBA players they're stuck inside their bubble. I. Think that creates a kind of you know understanding a kind of you know shared experience that we have with NBA player. I think it actually heightens people's ability to put up with it, knowing what the players are putting up with. See, that's what I like talking to you, Dr. you're such an optimist that I rob it off in it. It's so at. So for lack of a for lack of a better word is so contagious that it's so great. His podcast is making the coal. He's a former Obama White House health policy advisor key architects for the affordable care act and a great human being daughter Ezekiel Zeke Emanuel. Thank you so much for joining us. It's been a pleasure to be here and good luck at I. I hope this NBA experiment is vic success. Many. Other Leagues have returns is the endemic. But. The return of the NBA feels even more emphatic. Due to its global appeal. The larger than life personalities led by an overwhelming majority of black athletes. The NBA is in a position to show the sports world what it can do. Not just during corona virus. But also at a time when we fight for Social Justice Will the bubble stay intact. WHO KNOWS But for now. NBA. Fans only know this. The league their stars, and their message are ready for the limelight.

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Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Jessica Gerlach

Rebecca Sounds Reveille

36:53 min | 1 year ago

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Jessica Gerlach

"Welcome to Rebecca sounds. Reveille all wow. Do I have a show for you today. Because I've got somebody who is across the waves. WHO's made it here today to tell you about some really exciting things that she's doing? She's been a model and actress screenwriter producer Author Public Speaker Opiate Addiction addiction advocate spiritual gay Sir and more. There's a lot to tell with what she's got going with her demonstrated history of working in branding marketing advertising. She's got skills in negotiation writing. which is her passion and and I can understand that and identify with it because I love to write to their so much hurry and I share? And you're gonNA find out that you're on the show today as as well but she loves marketing advertising film documentaries which we're GonNa talk about something that she's doing today not only bats but she's graduated from the American College of journalism the National Guild of hypnotists and the National Federation of Neuro linguistic programming. And we're going to talk about these things because how paramount they are with what she's doing and we are going to specifically talk about her film The sixteen movie. Welcome to the show. I'm so excited. I am just absolutely delighted to introduce you in. Have you here with me today. Jessica girl welcome to the show. Thank you Rebecca as introduction. Thank you so much I I am so excited to have you here because you you're on the other side of the planet right now here to be with us to share your your passion and you have been working on this so hard to get it out there with what you're doing and this is really needed. Did in all of the skills that you've amassed so far really bring it home to deliver it to people who need it. Thank you thank you so much. I never realized how all of the skillset would actually come together by after about twenty years of just going on a surge in trying different things and you know studying different things I love. You know now. I'm seeing in come together in a really unbelievable bolander could've imagined so it's really rewarding as I've just absorbing all of this when I think about everything that you're doing and just embracing what you do because your passion and this is really ironic is epidemic. How do you like that with what you're doing clever you think about it because in it needs to be because what you are doing right now with all of the things that you have don now I mean up until now is really weeded to address a huge problem that we are seeing not just in the United States dates but everywhere and when we talked off air boy? Did we have a really good conversation. A lot of things that we wanted to just touch a run run in don't further in death and we could meet. We didn't even have enough time because it was there. But let's let me. Let's just go first at how you got got to where you are so that we can really get into what you're tackling at the moment so how I got got to where I am professionally. Okay well like I said so I basically been on what I would call twenty year journey to find myself and my purpose. I've always been a person very connected to Albany hit energy and I've multiple times in in my life. I would just take a step back and feel like I wasn't doing enough so all the things that I love to do like writing writing and journalism at noses all type of stuff I mean. It's all works with the mind and it's also creative and I. I would say that the up pretty well Somebody who thinks a lot maybe too much but also believes in the power of the mind. It was also extremely creative and absolutely necessary for me to have a creative outlet for the best. I wonder myself so I would say hey just dabbling all the different things that I've been interested in have opened new doors moving around a roof in a small small town in upstate. New York and I'm to New York City when I was eighteen I was in acting school All and few years was actually. I ended up moving to Toronto for ten years and now I'm in Serbia for seven. So that journey literally led me around in the world but also opened up new professional doors for me But interestingly enough I still were very closely with some of my best friends back comb Gerald One of them who I or come in sixteen film with Youth along actually presenting this project to me in the time for it so he asked me to develop the concept for that and I ended up writing the concept for what was supposed to be a short film quickly turned into a feature because I had much material that could stop writing creative person that I I am. I'm saw so many different scenarios that I could incorporate into the project celebrating. Handed it back to him. He was just like. Wow so you like to make is into each and I said Yeah. I think you're right so elk. That's how that ended ended up happening. But prior to that we wrote wrote a book on his experience with Chen clan. He grew up with rock group on. He also directed I in the nineties. So Oh we had written together just a few months. We'll be finished a book just a few months before we started the sixteen movies. We can work together for a good twenty years now. The time is I met him when I was eighteen and landed. My first film can but like inside now writing in kind of always took over my life in some way so yeah we've been. We've been very good friends working together further so let's talk a little bit about the sixteen movie because this is really crucial to changing lives. Absolutely so the sixteen movie tackles the OPIOID crisis in the United States are sufficiently revolves around sixteen. Eighteen year olds who recreationally use drug A.. And I started out taking pills that they steal from their parents or are there brothers sister and that one by one a whole group of friends who wants healthy by leashes high-achieving teenagers They they each become addicted in the film literally shows the path of destruction that each of them lives out in its. It's all very different scenarios. Are they literally experienced dark. Underworld of Heroin Addiction Inevitably so. Oh it's shows prostitution overdose. HIV murders robbery. Gone wrong murder. I mean you name it. It's it's the film anything that can go wrong with the nasty addiction like at the portray area real intense raw view of what added So it's intense. Will I think this is really important. Because this is such such a issue in our climate right now and it is all over the world but here in the United States it is definitely an issue is from my experience in law enforcement. I have come across in been holed by users. US That is cheaper to get the marijuana. So that means the prevalence of it and the usage of it is astronomical and we don't see it and interestingly enough what you talked about in the very beginning with people people getting pills from their parents cabinet and things like that. There's parties called farm parties that these teenagers are going to and they will bring eh pharmaceuticals from their household and just put them in a bowl and everybody just grabs one in to see what happens in. I think I think that we need to pay attention to what your film is bringing out because the realism is that this. This is here and parents need to be aware and those that are of the age where they're thinking about this. They have friends doing this. They need to know what is going to be happening or could potentially happen to them or to their friends. Exactly a real. It's very real and they end what I try to see you express when I speak to group at an event or our college or high school wherever I'm seeking especially when it comes to kids you know there's there's no child who's fifteen or sixteen his thinking I'm GonNa Kakapo pills today or tomorrow. And I'm going to be prostituting myself in six months because I need drugs so bad and I have money. It will don't think at AH in. It's very very real. They will do anything to his. Not Kill Sick from the withdrawals. So that's one of the things that I really want to to express. His special teenagers is that you have no idea how fast is out of control is not like having a hangover. It's it's not like something you can get over the next day you to it consecutively. Too many days in a row. You'RE GONNA be hopes is yes a one hundred percent chance of addiction. There's escaping when we were always told that with heroin. It's a one time when you once you have tried right at that desire to have. That back is so strong. You're pretty much hooked from the first time and the the people don't realize that that intensity Roma one time on just going to try this can be that strong and so it is not heroin specifically is not like any other type of drug. That's out there. There's something different that in. You would be the expert in this especially with knowing about neuro and neuro linguistics. The changes that it makes the brain to to crave that so intensely off of one time. I it's just absolutely devastating because like you said people do not think teenagers do not think in anybody any age that is considered. I don't want to just try this because everybody else says. Hey this is the greatest thing you know you gotta check this out. They don't think about the consequences of what they might do right after they've done it like prostitution or stealing or committing some other humanise event One thing I'm going to ask you Jessica is and I don't know if you've found this in your research. This is just something that I've kind Lena found and in. Maybe you'll have talked about this in you can share this with us with our audience. Now is methamphetamine the news and the correlation to violent crimes such as active shootings. So maybe you can. If you talk little bit about that you can share. I've been mostly focused on opioids from last year and a half but I do know a bit about methamphetamines. Yes and I think that just agana changes the brain chemistry and every time any type of drug it affects different people in different ways where you do see some of these things happening to the masses and Every time you use a drug every time you haven't experienced emotional emotional experiences. Feeling your redirecting Europe neuro transmitters in your breaking pathways S.'s yet so you can Triggering different parts of your brain and have never been triggered before using especially that but any drug this embedded ones is are just outrageously worse but any drug is going to redirect the neurotransmitters literally brings out a totally different person person than the person that you might be sober so and so you know math for really long time for one understand. And it's it's it's just so highly addictive and think certain types of people in a rage. Yes in this. This is the thing that I'm finding through my own research. Research is that correlation of the rage. And so I think that this is really interesting that you're sharing that in the issue with the neurotransmitters because oftentimes we. We don't think about that but yet in the same respect we can look at someone and you will hear somebody some scuttle but will say scuttling meaning gossip. You know that guy looks like his brains needs fried and meaning that they've taken so many drugs that they cannot or have been on a certain drug for so long that they cannot. You're not think clearly right so is something to this and there's also called something called drug induced coasts says. Talk about this late nature just two friends. Exactly it's psychosis sued. The they caught. They can cause mental well health issues down the road that you're not expecting to have and that can be hearing voices doing the end. There's just so many things that you don't on An -ticipant happening from doing something and somebody can do one drug for saying week in it not have certain effects you can do at once and that can be for you it you can lose your life or you can have a bad reaction to it. You could be allergic jake or whatever I mean. They're nothing is the same for everyone and that's true. Yeah go ahead. We didn't mean to interrupt but it's just so amazing you're touching on that topic because and you know a few people who had cocaine induced psychosis us and you know. A lot of the people are fine on it and it doesn't do anything hallucinogenic for them but depending on the physiological article state of a particular person they can experience whose nations in Saco says from McCain is also like you he said it just depends on the person and everybody's different or worse look sanders the same effects on the mass as you see the general. You never know if you're going to be one of the it's just the same with engine all or these synthetic drugs some kids first time ever trying drugs TEGAS biggest synthetic drug and it kills them instantly actually posted something about at least today. This is a story all moms who lost teenage sons experimented with synthetic drugs the first time and killed them instantly. Sounds so terrible this horrific now. I want to to ask if you would share with the audience for those who are saying okay. What's the difference between a drug in a synthetic jug if you could clarify that so that we're we're talking with those who don't about this with those who don't really understand the difference they can go? I get it now right so basically the difference use a drug anesthetic drug because even natural substances are still still consider drugs synthetic weather mandate they can just be made chemicals. They're man made and they're so unpredictable and they're just many thousands of times stronger than a drug like okay heroine. Obviously derivative is from poppy plants. it's a morphine based drug but you have Pantanal which gives you the same feeling what is manmade and it's synthetic Tadic and a Lotta Times now coming from China so you have no idea what's that will in two with. Whoever the pusher is the supplier on the street they can lace the different things they can dip it in different they in? There's just different things they can cut it. They can add things to it. There's different things that can be done with drugs so you don't even know now if what you're getting is the real deal. The pure thing and that other additive could could could cause even more damage or or could So there's just too many. What if factors here that it can kill? You have to say it like that because this is harmful in your speaking on this you the have the movie The sixteen movie. Now you're also going out and speaking of speaking engagements you do speak. You're in the United States. Can you talk a little bit about that as well. Sure so basically what we do at the screenings while they're screenings and policy. That's so if I'm talking about addiction I always say this version of the sixteen is the trailer that we produce so far and basically it tells the story in a in a shorter nutshell version of feature film. That were still So basically we see about all the statistics we. He tried to be very interactive with the audience because we like to get their feedback. And it's insane. How you know you in have? I don't know usually fifty percent of the audience saving war who raises their hand. When you ask who knows somebody who's done a digital hits that's how high the statistics I mean just goes destroy? How many people are using? Whether that's absolutely huge as it is okay so Jessica. We're talking about drug induced psychosis the different train changes with neurotransmitters. You have a lot of knowledge with how things work with our linguistics and hypnosis assist is there a way to kind of recovery recover the neurotransmitters or with the use of NLP or hypnosis sort of regain your abilities after having been affected by drugs yes while yes and I wanna say but you ties a person who's unwilling okay. We'll do anything that they're morally morally. Not Okay so if they want the help and they use they choose the tool of hypnosis or anti absolutely it can be very effective because you are literally rewiring in your brain with those those tools. And that's what I talked about in another different type. is is about rewiring your brain in his choice to seek out the tools that work for you because we live in a rural aware. Obviously he knowledge is at our finger taps tips with the Internet. Obviously so we can explore. How many different tools to change our minds to rely our brains for positive and you or your lifestyle or more confidence now? The choice is really ours is just making a choice. In seeking out the tools that were real you have to be dedicated to fled Unfortunately those addicted to opiates it is very high. It's a high relapse great. I I don't WanNa be negative. decided is because you for a feeling but I also truly believe casino. Lottery searched on spoken to a lot will explain how this lack of emotional connection or lack of Ahn's and with other human beings with their own families or just the ability to on others in general is where they're lacking so that before feeling nine two that is it just takes them on an escape. It kind of fills a void. I get to it and just rewiring the brain rain. I think that it requires group work spiritual were of course after we have all the detox process and in counseling but there's so many other elements to that's my opinion like I said to work for people in there's definitely not only one path breath to recovery but this is important to know not only for someone who is on the side of having used but also for family members because they need to understand that the process for recovery isn't instantaneous and that the potential chill for relapse is there and that the the road to recovery is going to be a little bit longer of a process than what maybe they think. Is that that it's going to be and so if people understand that one. They're working with someone that they love is going through a situation like like that. It's a little bit easier more palatable to go through the process because you know you kind of know what to expect or that it's going to be a a little bit more lengthy In that respect because you have to work with someone now who has different changes in the brain and that's something something that a lot of people don't understand there's changes there and so that that is that is something that I think. A lot of people title to tend to not realize Why don't they quit men? Everything goes back to normal. Yeah unfortunately it doesn't work like that somebody somebody who's never been an addict or civic addict to opiates. They can't relate like why would you go back to it. While way waited they most addicts will describe it as something stronger than That they could control so I think that it's it's a lifelong struggle for them and it doesn't go away easily Probably a lot of just ongoing self development self discovery self love and then like having a support group choosing the best people to having having your leg to affect you the best way you know. There's only layers. There are a lot of amazing people get at and and they're trying to do something about it. I read about another podcast. He takes in Seidel. Teams are young adults while I believe who many of them are addicts suicide and opiates It's very closely related. And of course I other addicts and suicide I mean that's unnaturally anyway but he. He amended tries to provide a release usually affiliate environment for for them. A very ongoing support. Group is just amazing when he described to be in his whole comment so he's actually one of the first people go away is to it although I had read a lot of articles Danes. He's the first person I talked to directly. Satisfy was amazing. What he was doing he really seems to know talking about the day? That's pretty neat. Now do you offer any services like NLP to help with the treatment of addiction. So I I'm mostly focused on at the moment. He in combination with consists of what I what I do is most says he's also really active. Because you can interrupt negative patterns. It's a little complex to describe on You know in a short video but it is really really powerful very effective but I feel like for me melt says kind of gets more it gets to the root of the problem a little more whereas Alpine. That's not focused focuses. Just drop the pattern rush whereas it says yeah if noses is like let's say you have a person who has a childhood trauma you're GonNa WanNa teak that person back back to that feeling of the child in having relived that feel those feelings about being vulnerable and then you're gonna WanNa teach confirm that child and allow them and suggest to them at their power adult now plant seeds to them where they are part Dole now so there are no longer vulnerable child so they nasty this issue very differently but it's a process as just planning on okay that doesn't work that way so would NLP. Then which is if I could just give it. In a short kind of explanation kind of tapping different areas of your body to retrain patterns are interrupt patterns that are going on would that be then more effective for something like post traumatic stress disorder. I personally like a combination. I liked the the use of both. Hey like we were saying before. Different things work for different people. I do both on somebody and they may even say that they prefer one over the other. It just works for number feels today more. Everybody's different south and I think sometimes you can feel it out as well to see what what they're responding to better than the other but I love the combination a lot. A lot of practitioners us together. They used both of them together. I think it's more used. But this is really exciting to have a methodology that is effective in in this aside from saying okay go down to this clinic and you can get this pill or you can try twelve stops. It's or go to narconon or do this and maybe I think let me just stop right there because because I think getting one on one help not having outside influences address with someone like yourself just one on one an address your own issues because like we are individual people that like we were talking about earlier. The effects effects are different that on us if we were to take something so the results on what happens in so are the way that we respond to recovery. So I like that. You're able to do this one on one versus Is Somebody going. And I'm not saying that. That's not effective active for somebody. I'm just saying I really liked the individualism in being able to address. Someone's issues one. I agree with you. I don't At the group sessions are bad because of that sense of belonging. If they're bonding with with other people maybe who but I think that is so necessary to have one on one as well so I think both can be breath active but some people absolutely Groups of you know. I'm the one thing that I found when I just working working with trauma victims over all of these years. People don't like sharing with too many people their personal stuff. It's embarrassing humiliating. They feel like they made poor choices. They don't WanNa be judged for the choices that they've made they WANNA get out of the situation get healthy and make that part of the past and move beyond so when they were one on one with somebody and they share that and then they've moved forward. It's kind of like a close chapter and nobody else has to know whereas has when more people no. That's the potential of other people outside of that happening cleaned out and so so it's really interesting I do. I do like what you're doing. I really think that this is absolutely incredible work. I can't wait to see what more you're you're going to be doing. And in the meantime I think that the audience needs to see the sixteen movie. How do they see this? So you can go to the website it's www thus extemely dot com can host selling so websites their trailers on there. You'll see the two minutes our there her shower obviously at my events and we had a bunch of screenings. I'm not sure that it will do more screenings per se but it will definitely only degree more events at colleges and Humphry Around around the probably the east coast for now redican join us. Says the the NC the tentative version which is very powerful and tells the story it tells a story while the kids in shows it shows the path that they go down so it's it's very effective when dealing with students because usually like this by the end and in some tears because they probably can relate whose they probably most knows. Somebody like a satellite of Hands who benefactor it so it hits it's close to home for a lot of people whose and for any of your speaking engagements or for somebody that wants to work with you one on one. How do they get a contact with you? Can Email me at Jessica G. Patrick at GMAIL DOT com. We can link for that too they can. Just you know me directly interested in the says he combination Events Public speaking. You know coaching of any kind. They if they feel it needs to be coach talked through something that they're going to rely on. What Am I? Events cars. Era Brandon Dawson. Used the Dean in College. We were working on a new event coming up in October about taking control back of your mind I as we were discussing earlier and in how to rewire your brain. So you're doing a lot of that is so yes For any type of questions conversation Asian bookings angrily I love it. Thank you so much for all that. You're doing to really get out there and help people who need this so desperately thank you so much for having me on your show gave me a platform to share this with even more people in you know. It's amazing to see communities come together and support for this type of That I shop might trailers sixteen in my hometown where I was high school and literally the entire community came came together to help or incredible. I couldn't have done it without them. It was all that so much so much. Gratitude turns out and it was amazing to go back after twenty years. You know do something like that and how everybody apart of it. This this is so neat. Thank you thank you so much thank you. I'm so loud. We had a chance to today's or to do more chats about. I don't know we have so many topics that we saw the other day. We will be back on because we absolutely have a lot more talk about and we definitely have more to share with those out there who can use some of these things that the tools and resources that you and I have so we gotta get amount. They're excellent off at eighty so much. Rebecca oh I just love it just got our take all of you for tuning in today. Please make sure that you connected with Jessica and tune in to sixteen movie. You've got to see this yourself yourself. You've got to get this in the hands of everybody that you know. Get it out on social media as always I tell you share this the episode with your friends your family your loved ones everybody in on social media and those you don't this is important. This is a critical time that we're living living in we are seeing drug usage opioid usage UN- unprecedented levels. Just the Cherry. Let's get it out there and let's see what we can do. Impact this really positive way. Things pretended the

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Innovation in times of uncertainty with Claus Raasted

The Dave Pamah Show

36:15 min | Last month

Innovation in times of uncertainty with Claus Raasted

"Welcome to the dave thomas. Show the podcast. Fives restores and awakens. Your innermost capability. You have the training and the talent to succeed but do you have the guts to fail. I love what i do. We love what you do. You want to be the best at it today about the power you you will change to find your path to success the journey of those who have succeeded. And now your host. Dave pomme i did. I promise show. This episode is presented by away travel. Quite simply away makes everything you need for a trip away away started with the perfect suitcase then built from there creating a range of travel standards developed from the travel stories of friends and state seatmates the. Pc's aren't smart forceful with features solve real travel problems to give the whole world access to better travel standards away took the direct to consumer approach to lower prices and the quality is guaranteed. You're away suitcase will be with you for life where teaming up with away and poco to give you the best deal on premium luggage going to go dot co four slash away. That's poco dot co four slash away away. Travel here to make your journey seamless and with me today on this episode is director at the college of extraordinary experiences and coach at mckinsey and company clueless rostered welcome to the day. Palmer show thank you thank you. Thanks for having me did. Oh well pleasure your pleasure for you to join me all the way from an ac- somewhere on your cost him okay. Say there's a small island where i live Smaller than where you live. So you didn't have much problem in lockdown in we are Let's just say that living on an island has both its blessings and curses when it comes to the. Yeah because no travelers get the islands. Never mind never mind anyway so yeah tennis a bit more what you would just get into the question of the of the day if you like. So you're a short description of what i do is i work with innovation and i work as an innovation strategist and do innovation workshops ovation consulting. Anything where you can put the word innovation for which is just a fancy corporate word for change right. Say okay. okay and you're actually a coach or something as well off saying yes yes part of my My work is with the consulting house. Mckinsey and my formal title. There's as coach so they they sometimes call and invite me in both on internal and external projects our say but you mean main areas around innovation Ready things so how do you accelerate a business and organization through innovation in these times of uncertainty. So that's a real good question. And obviously one that i get a lot not necessarily nicely phrased usually it's the right. How do we survive choices. This a lot of questions are especially the first one at its core is innovation is one of those words. That's a big buzzword that we all know we want innovation. Innovation is good but we should be innovative blah blah blah. But nobody really. Nobody really knows what it means. We all just know we want. Yeah and and for for somebody like me. It means that a lot of my work. Is i in dispelling misconceptions because most of when somebody comes nobody wants innovation just like somebody wants leadership communication. They want to solve a problem. They want their pipes to spit out water faster. They want their employees to work longer hours. They want their customers to be more satisfied. They want concrete outcomes. And sometimes you get to that just by pushing the right button more times but sometimes you need to rethink which buttons you push or do you even push button at all where i say so you can give me some examples. I mean i'm not sure totally. What innovation is totally but yes given ample of of give me some example and we're kind of take it from there. Yes i'll give you an example which is a quote in a favorite of mine. Henry ford yes. And it's at least a scribe to him whether he's said it or not. Nobody knows right. But henry ford is supposed to have said if i gave people what they wanted. They would have asked for faster. Horses and line in his case was bringing them something different. so yes. yeah it's it's solving problems in a new way. Yeah area yes and now i can say is a lot of it is going on right now because it's it's innovate or die. Time right to do things in a different way. That's the buzzword is the new normal so really. This is if there's ever another change that's happened a transformation. This is always going to be locked in history. What's happened really with with that acuity way of describing innovation is. It's that solution. You don't know you want yet where there's so many things where we know we just want to. If we just had a little bit more money a little bit more time a little bit more this or that. Then we would know how to solve the problem whether it's doing our dishes at home while our kids are asleep or it's selling two more companies in the philippines. If you just have a little bit more we could do more invasions doing more with less. It's figuring out a way for the kids to to wash those dishes not necessarily but or or for doing things in a new way that uses what you have instead of dreaming of what you don't have says that eighty twenty rule just a twenty percent length little bit like the pareto eighty twenty rule. But i think it's more of a. There's so many things that if you let's say you are a guitar player and you're a musician and you know that you're not really talented enough to get like teaching gigs. And and to play with the nice ban. So you know that if you practice you'll get better eventually you'll get there. You know what the solution is. You just need to find the time. The money disciplined to do it. Innovations different innovation is learning how to use the qatar in a different way whether to use it for playing for different audience. Made you stop playing for adult audience. You play for kids and then you can use your article skills instead of your music skills. Yeah it could be one way of doing it. Maybe use it to do corporate workshops so it's a way of looking at a problem differently instead of just getting better at the same thing if that makes sense. Yeah yeah so. It's kinda like you got one tool you can use it for many things rather than just kind of using it for the same thing all the time not that. Yeah so that means that a lot of the work i do. Is i come in and talk to people who say what do you know about my job. How why do you think you can do better. For example there was a water engineer who had a workshop. I was that said how we've we need to have more water. Run through our ups. Yes how can you fix that. What do you know about water pipes. And i said. I don't know anything about water. Pipes i make the water. Run faster through. Your pipes can improve on your meetings. I can make your organization better. I can make your processes better. I can make brainstorms more fun. Then you grew on the water and then he was like. Oh that's kind of more more like management consultant kind type thing rather than you know sensitive of coaching if it's coaching but rather than practical equipments and stuff like that really a lot of what i you yes. Of course there. There are plenty of spaces where the innovation the actual work is done by people with deep technical knowledge but when they bring in somebody like me it's not because they want the deep technical. It's because they want the outside view it's denim saying here's how you build the build a bridge better at saying what if we didn't bridge a build the bridge at all but we use the ford. That's era kilometer away and thinking and reframing rather than doing better because for that you need technical expertise whether it's software architecture area raising you'll my previous job and fine of very technical as you can see serious management behind that as well so that also needs to be looked at which is what you would look at more. The actual management organizational management as opposed to the technical side of going out and find a ways to manage people. You need to manage things that make the background the back office stuff. If you like exactly. And i'd also maybe look at what are what are what are we using the. What are we using. The tech for whose problems are solved and should we saw somebody else's problems. Yeah there's a a lovely story from when the apple macintosh came. yes. I remember that time. Remember that it was made to be a spreadsheet and kind of they obey and it turned out that it appear more too graphic designers and creators. Okay we're now serving somebody else. Let's go for that right so. That's kind of be an innovative doing that. Exactly by a lot of it is changing and changing to make things work instead of just making it. You can either make it better gadget or you can make the gadget do something else or work for you in a different way and we're seeing a ton of that right now right so we are talking about right now in times of uncertainty and and really and truly. We haven't quite got there. We matt talking about vaccinations and light at the end of the tunnel that those are the buzzwords now the was at the tip of the tongue of that way into be used when it's kind of like ordinary done is post pandemic recovery. That's where the innovation will come and everything on that because that's when they're kind of like the aftermath clearly often do the stuff you token about says. Tell us about how we can get through that. We've been innovation. And i think you squarely when you're saying the post pandemic recovery. Just in the way we use language. There's a huge thing is you go spend recovery are we going back is go. Spend democ progress. Are we moving forward. Is it. go spend him james. yes it even makes talk about post pandemic. Yes oh let's move on. Yeah exactly exactly that's can. There's so carry on me. Everything's back to normal. Now there's carry on novak's make sense. Or because i think no sense. Is that formal point one. We can't go back to normal is a normal. We want to go back to the things that now kenilworth different just a simple thing like what we're doing right now. we have. We have the tech to do this a couple of years ago but most interviews were done in studio. Yes forced us to do them. Digitally this is the normal and now getting somebody into a studio. That's suddenly going. You could still do that and still gives a better kind yet result yada but gonna. It's not long no longer the default the yeah meshing it's just a case of cameras and webcams and the way she intelligent and everything else workout which won't take long really that it's almost everybody could be having a studio and erin place so it's going to be easier eventually the real trick and this is where i think that innovations brown is seeing possibility where there's trouble so just to give you an example. What i mean. Is that normally a theater. Were you live in the world. you live in london. I'm from london. But i'm actually in the philippines that you mentioned philippines. Yes lock you on an island away from everything. Just get on with doing something a moving forward. I remember the then. Sorry i remember. There was a london connection but from london. Yeah quite a few amazing fears in last night. Yeah lands square exactly and if you want to have a theater in the pre pandemic if you wanted to her. It needed to be in an urban center because they needed to be able to walk to the theater from some public transport. Because you normally dress up nicely and get a drink or chew and have a night out going to the theater. So peters are usually these grand buildings in very expensive locations because they also need a certain size you need to be able to accommodate audience. Now coronas yeah now. I could take the room. I'm sitting in here and turn it into a theater. Stage absolutely and in a basement in idaho in the us out of nowhere and wouldn't know because you'd be seeing it from your own home. Suddenly i do a future show every night for ten thousand people across the globe. That's in my basement in idaho. I'd still need settings. I still need the actress all thing. But i no longer need london and suddenly having theater production theatre studios kind of theories be something that could be done anywhere instead of inexpensive population centers means that a whole new class of artists have a chance to get out there because there's no such thing as a very cheap very small london show because you just can't afford it needs a certain size to pay for the rent and pay for for the the costuming for the space for if you could do it in idaho somewhere out in rural portugal. Then suddenly you get a whole lot of opportunities because you're now doing the whole industry is changing because of the technology and because of the virus and that sort of thing the first person who said i'm going to turn my basement into a studio and run theater productions out of there. That wasn't one of the big players that was somebody small insignificant. Who said here's an opportunity instead of just disaster there's opportunity and that at its heart is is what innovations about. What can we do now instead of. What can't we do anymore. Yeah as arguments for and against the future was kind that way you look at gaming gaming is almost on that way you know in terms of that. Their entertainment is on the screen with software. Really almost like a reality to and then also talking to other people on the other end using its twitches. The social media thing so That's huge doing that. So that is going that way anyway interns that and of course we've podcast know on on a smaller scale you know you're making money online from the sponsors and just in a way of fiercer we'll have sponsors and people to you know that's the way instead of owning from tickets and people for the gates. It's there is a way of earning the way you said during the theater on virtually and you can still make money either from down nose or people pain you know to enter the show online and things like that. So that's the way it's going but the argument against is some people will say. Well i missed the kind of human fill musicians or a. They like to have their fans in front of them. The buzz of of that you know and you know people going to watch the show and wanted to help their friends and obviously corona virus. There is sites that that's missed as well. The social interaction inside. And we'll still have that and that's going to come back. That's why i get a lot of questions which are like close. What's gonna come back and what's can stay. Yeah and one of the things that's definitely going to come back just to give you. An example is leisure tourism. People going somewhere else to explore to peru or to thailand or to to lancaster. I mean there are many places that are exotic. And that's gonna stay 'cause even though yes you can go now virtually to an new zealand two. It's not the same and the same you say with the festival. The feeling of a fifty thousand person rock music festival. You don't get that zoom call. Yes what is definitely not coming. Back is the need for so many business meetings. Yes best relying expensive business. Class flights to bangkok for one hour meeting flag. That's coming back and most today's business spoke to someone now. My travels all they see as hotels and narconon. I look into another brick war and things like that. They don't really get the time to. That's thing up. The idea token holland in london. Did a talk in holland aren't really get to explore. It was just outside amsterdam. Actually it was. The suburbs are didn't get a chance to really chapel there. You know because they the flight from each go there and and then the flight to get back in there was only really time. Just take a break. Look outside the scenery. Which wasn't much to see really. I mean it's nice. Obviously but you know every country other than ice nice parts of the country saad or just outside the big cities. A business trip is lions speaking the same smaller business trip. So yeah exactly yes. That's that's something that's going to. That's changing in. Some travel will come back of course also business travel yup for different reasons conferences meetings. Anything were you before necessarily said we need to do it in personnel. You're gonna think do we have to. Sometimes you have to. Sometimes you want you remote work. How many people have proven that. They can remote work now. millions yes. People have proven that remote muscle of it's gonna stay a lot of it's gonna stay at all but a lot of it is. Yeah yeah we've down. That's now unanimously favored by the big companies sign. Actually this is. This is productive for like this kind of thing. Really so varies from industry to industry of sleep at the majority's run. But yeah i mean i come from a background running mathematics so that to watch the european indoors in poland and it's hybrid because i'm used to watch it on tv but it's also nice to be there but it was nice to see if you could see a crowd. There was a bit sad not to see some people in the stadium for the atmosphere. But what's on. Tv is no different. When i was a kid watching on tv or any spoke football or wherever sport you're into two so the buzzes kind of like. It's good if they've crowd is there but we can always go away watching on tv life as well and it's just as exciting isn't it. And now the next thing news. I love that you mentioned sports. Imagine somebody going out and building a football stadium. The new new kampfer barcelone. Let's say somebody bills that yeah and it's made not to have stands but it's made to be fear of that is transmits. Well the way that they've placed cameras as better. They use the surroundings not for spectators. Four like virtual reality. Stuff right yeah. Coast one big recorded field inside it and even the best behind the same stuff as well. The some behind the scenes stuff. Yeah and then the fans consult say hi to a few people that get. Vip kind of likes section of halftime talking to the foul wherever the finger. Yeah somebody's dumond designed. Yeah with premise. Shit football united uk for its magnetized. Anyway the tv rights pay-per-view always a cable tv. But either way you have to sign up to that. tv cable. Tv channel in not netflix yet. To sign up to be able to watch certain things. So it's back so that's how they're going to make money in the future. People were still instead of buying tickets. Live to get sick live. You're gonna have to end up paying in some way to see it online not me. So that's how it's going to be monetize the big kind of assure and then your example was great. What if i pay extra to get to chat with one of the players just after the match. Yeah a super fan. And i got to talk to david national match. I big money for but one one. It will cost the hell of an my but if it's a group of people on the screen and they will just pick an answer. That's possible isn't it. Because the fans aren't mobbing the stadium to game but can get into a section where it's halftime or play is not really playing. He's injured but you can talk to them the things like that so and you don't have they don't have to have sipped and they don't have to go to the bathroom because they're at home so you get away from the logistics thing. Yeah anyway. that's a brainstorming. Something ever. I'm sure people are thinking of things like that because a lot of it's going to shift like that anyway so it's really looking at ways of making money and that's how they will look at the extra things to do rather than just only sports. Yeah that thing will be hybrid of in. Ob okay not so packed stadiums but we will make our money. This way and most sports made their money from television rights. Anyone things on that so we'll be incident will be the next thing that a look any way to monetize. Merchandise is see as a say. It's like doing podcast steph. Lot go from organized of musicians. They did around merchandise and they have their own fan base and stuff like that. That's the way it's going really. I think so. Yeah in the real trick is to auctions. Yeah exactly sorry. I cut you off go. No no no no. I was going to say so with all that. Said which salsa companies would you see wouldn't survive with the nine so sane. What type of industries. And do you think they'll still survive. I mean for instance in india k traditional high street corner type shops high street. You know where shops are in the high street yet to go to travel agents to pay. Now you can do all of that nine and you can literally do it yourself. You know where also is what things high street shops can now be digitalized books for example although some people like to still touch and feel books box but it couldn't ob gyn pandemic but really people were saying a long time ago. Like records and cds almost disappeared. Because you can dan out everything now. They're saying the same about books. It's really going to be once. Kindle camera is not what s the way. It's going to go. But butch shops still survived. But what type of industries gave you a carpool lot. The travel industry travel travel agencies and bookshops. Would you see not survive in after post pandemic if you like and what otherwise can innovate. We gave that answer as well as same digital box and things like that see. I just have to sit here. It's great because i put myself in office. I mean exactly. And the simple answer is is as you say is the only companies that will not survive. This are the ones who keep focused on what they did. It doesn't matter if you're highstreet retailer does matter if you're in travel. If you keep selling the thing that you can no longer sell than you're gonna die so it's doing it a new way to do it so being yeah it. One of the things. I've been i've been in contact with the pandemic and one of the things i ask them whether they listen or not is what would you sell if you couldn't have a if you're if you couldn't have planes leaving the ground let's say easyjet and you can't fly. What can you sell. What could easyjet so the equivalent hair in philippines. They started selling health insurance covering kobe. Nineteen dang dang actually In august last year. And i thought it was coveted. It wasn't but there were selling medical insurance only because they were insurance doing insurance anyway together with they are light package so they kind of where we're going to something but if flying back flying again locally anyway they're back doing domestic flights and stuff like that which is great and of course they're trying to but there are some companies restaurants are good examples. Some restaurants have gone completely out of business during gerona have grown like massively. Because it's been a matter of have they managed to switch. And i think that if you are company doesn't matter what the insurance company and you know what your customers need then. You find a new way to sell to help that need or you find new customers that you can help the end as an example of of before the airlines one of the things. I don't understand why more blinds don't do is partnered with computer. Yeah that's that's a dude. Rayleigh industry has grown during rona. Yeah if i ever want kids not not getting enough in getting down in the cabin cruiser. No sit down. Please especially computer games. Kate and want to see a very into computer. And i certainly. It'll be a lot of kids on the planes stuck in the same tank yet. Yeah yeah but if they're trying to develop co-develop game means ferrari did with a racing simulator. Some years back co-developed a computer game where sharara licensed out their logos and their name and their brand and of course that game could now say it was. Laurie racing getting many got some more. It got extra users yada yada so it was a very good win win arrangement and that sort of brand arthur ship is something that's open to anyone and i love your example of selling insurance because if we can't sell flights well we might as well insurance. Yes so the the key is how do you take what you can do and use it instead of thinking. Oh no what can't we do anymore. And i've had to go through this myself. My business was in live events tourism places. Would i kind of downtown tower. I had to read myself as well and that was not fun. Nine but yeah but i say once you once you kind of set the plan in place actually usually would take off says a case of being creative and like you say just doing something different. Absolutely so anyway. Just yeah just just on the point of that. You're doing something different you've been doing some Keynotes and and speaking as well. I take it in online. Tennis says about that. Yes so i'm currently doing one hundred notes in one hundred days so i took today today later today. I'm going to record today's keener which is going to be number. Sixty four and the reason for that is a perfect example of how Innovation works in practice and also how humans work that i've been kind of trying to figure out. What am i doing. What am selling yata. And then one of my friends wade conversation with chris says clouds. You're selling gino's like yeah. Why don't you do more. Kino's what you mean. I do basically everything. I could get my hand on julia. Free teaching basically anything that involves me speaking to somebody sharing some knowledge. I do that a said. Yeah yeah. I know but what cheap you from turning on your camera recording into the camera and pretending there's an audience also you mean like just coming up with subject and pretending somebody hired me. Yeah yeah that was no audience and he said how many people do you have on leighton. i don't know four thousand or so say you have no audience okay. Oh so. You're saying if. I did this if i did a keynote once per day then is going to see that and say. Could you do that for us or could you do a different one for us I guess there's nothing stopping you. And i started the next day. Yeah exactly it's amazing. How paper pick things up on the internet. To be honest in the you're right linked i mean that's been my most busiest social network since my podcast. Just after the lockdown pandemic stars grown. So so yeah. I mean already putting out before before the pandemic podcast and then some people started a podcast journey. Because i read ourselves. This something can so keynotes is a similar thing you know. He's virtual speaking which is also been a big huge thing online speaking events i'd alive denotes unturned plenty of those done like circus but to digital. I hadn't thought of that. I could just do it whenever i wanted. It's never been easier to just out things ashrawi. Yeah yeah well which we and living in some some great times to look ahead to really. I think my obviously unfortunate for some that maybe a some of known probably lost everything and even even employees. So but really. It's a new beginning. Things are going to pick up again. That's that's my positive way of looking at everything really now. Things are moving forward and already the way. The financial states look in in certain countries because of the vaccination stein to be more stable. Now you know is very rocky so sandy. I think people just make preparations for for what needs to you. Know what the future things that need to adapt to which we get describing this. And i i think we owe it to the people who aren't as privileged means. We're part of the sixty percent of the world's population that hasn't turned to access. We're both of yeah more or less sound of life and limb and were live and we're able to do this sort of thing and there. There's so many who don't have that opportunity there so many who don't have the chance to pivot who don't who can't just do what we do. That means i feel we. We have a bit of an obligation. Because we're the lucky privilege wants to try. That is true. Yeah yeah i mean. I'm sure there's certain things going on there. I mean obviously there are organizations to help connor isolate the vaccination. I the world health organization. Let's let's connor equalize it. 'cause it's that needs to be vaccinated in this poor countries where they can't get the vaccines that kind of thing and it's the same with helping the poor people and i suddenly over over here There's been there's street. Food is a big business but poor people starting to street food business or some are some money but they lost business and there's no way there's no welfare state kind of system lock in europe or you so they almost kind of lost fishing or although the government did kind of have a way to hand out food not like rations but kind of making sure that we're fed still that their business wasn't livelihood was gone because of the pandemic so i think it's changing now because of this restrictions start lifting and they realized economy is going to be bad. Look what pandemic do we want. Hunger or the virus has to balance out and of course europe was harder hit than southeast asia. So they had to kind of make it easier for us a gallon still do business so yeah. It's certainly interesting times but yeah anyway you know what it was like sorry interesting. Yeah yeah well. I don't know what life is like on an island there. But obviously i've been stuck only in the area of i'm not far from the main city so kind of didn't affect me too. I'm use to stay alive but use to be on the island. The main thing like you as you mentioned at the beginning is really getting off the enlighten me. I'd like to fly to another country and we're back to london and so a year we've been a year old have done that but it's been over a year now so ju- back soon. So let's see what happens anyway. So but yeah. That's the only thing we see and estimate. Yeah well it's been really great It's talking about this. This area for and i didn't really cover innovation covered like how do companies survive in the uncertainty. What what's the future ahead and only working from home. You know only anything we spoke about. But we've come up with some ideas and brainstorms was really interesting so people can go. Get out of you and find out more about you on your website. So i'm one of those rare people that for better and worse there's only one of me. There's only one club. Yeah google. that's me and right. In the palm spell my name skull is uniquely excellent solid digital footprint so free to look me up feel free to connect and feel free to go down the rabbit hole. Yeah yeah excellent. Well cla- is it cloud so close close claus. Claus is good but yeah yeah yeah. It looks like santa claus. That's why so. I'm sure that show is not the first time you heard that and you played at that way. All right okay. All right close. It's been great talking to you and thanks for coming in and talking to show with me today. It was a pleasure pleasure. That's all for this episode. Thanks for listening and remember if you want to support what we do. In sheer subscribe neighbor view over on apple podcasts. For head over to my website. Dave palmer dot com and click on rate show but also for now the. I'll see you in the next episode all that they promise young. Follow us on facebook twitter and instagram's.

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Into Reimagining Mental Health & Policing

Into America

31:52 min | 7 months ago

Into Reimagining Mental Health & Policing

"A warning. There graphic descriptions of violence in this episode. Underground. Get on the ground. Get on the ground. In the dark early morning hours of March twenty third. Officers from the Rochester New York Police Department encountered down prude standing naked in the middle of the street. So. The forty one year old black man was visiting family and his brother had called nine one one. Using that Pood- was on drugs and suffering from a psychotic. Episode. Back binder back don't move. almo-. Officers cuffed proved and the began riding and spinning on the pavement. The police later said prude claimed he corona virus. And when prude ignored orders stop spitting they played the Mesh bag over his head. Starts. Off. PRUDE. Struggled under the hood. Work officers pushed into the ground. His face against the asphalt when officers me was back. PRUDE. Win Limp. And the paramedics were called in. Daniel died on March thirtieth. After he was removed from life support and then new. York hospital. Seven days after being detained by police. In an autopsy, the Monroe County Medical Examiner ruled Putin, death a homicide. The cause of death is listed as quote complications of Espacio. Under the spit bag, Daniel prude couldn't breathe. Compared to the general population people with mental illnesses are sixteen times more likely to be killed by police officer that's according to a fifteen study from the nonprofit treatment advocacy center. Police Body Cam footage from Dan prude incident wasn't released until earlier this month. But in the weeks since and under pressure from activists, the mayor of Rochester moved to shift responsibility for crisis intervention away from her city police department. We will take our family crisis intervention team facet and move it in its funding the Department of Youth and recreation services to better and more humanely serve our residents. Major cities like Tampa Denver and Oakland or also developing alternatives. Programs to respond to mental health calls so that police don't have to. And they're all looking to one unlikely place for guidance. The small city of Eugene Oregon. It's effective. It's more effective than I. Even thought it would be coming in I thought I would need a lot more backup help more often but really. PEOPLE WANNA be heard people want to be seen and they WANNA feel safe. I'm mainly and this is into America. Today, we're taking a look at a model for rethinking public safety using train mental health workers to respond to nine one one calls along with and often instead of police officers. We dig into how it works and what other cities can learn from this model. Everybody Morgan is a crisis intervention worker and communications director for a program called cahoots working out of Eugene and Springfield Oregon Coats might sound funny but it stands for crisis assistance helping out on the streets they launched thirty one years ago in nineteen eighty nine I wanted to know how cahoots or maybe a program like it could have helped. Daniel prude and others like him. It's always really hard and to talk about situations that you weren't there for. That's one thing I've learned being in the field. But. A loss of life is just always tragic and I think preventable and largely even if that prevention would have started at better supports earlier on community supports for people that have these mental health issues and plans in place in an alert that this person has this background and erratic behavior should be expected like there are things that we could implement. That wouldn't be that hard but at such a huge conversation. And you know we hate the to speculate on what could have been done I've been different especially if we weren't in that moment but say you arrive save the Daniel Pearl case as just as an example you arrive there. Well, they call you it's been deemed person isn't necessarily violent or too violent maneuver coming what do you do? How would you have handled the situation? I say, Hey, hey, hey, look like going through something really hard right now. What do you need? I am here to help you. Are we fighting something? Do we need to find something together like what what's going on around you right now? Because I'm not seeing the same thing that seems to be stressing you out this much. Or I'm not experiencing what you're experiencing can you tell me what you're experiencing so that I can figure out how to help you. WE'RE NOT GONNA put us it. Bag over your head. We're not GONNA put you on the ground. I can't put my hands on you. It's not my job and that's why I took this job. My job is to. Use, my body language, use my words use the. Training that I have really. Even if you have the world's best and nicest officer who is so good at negotiating and de-escalating, they have the badge, they have the gun and there are some people that are traumatized by that right out of the gate. That person cannot deescalate the other person because that person triggers a trauma response. So being in a t shirt and jeans and walking up and saying, hey, how help you a really experience? So from the very onset. It looks. So significantly different does really is a unique scenario that you don't see playing out in a lot of different communities. How did you actually get into this work? I was working in the emergency room and saw cahoots bringing people into the emergency room, and that's when I found out about them and I've lived here most of my life. And my father died during a police encounter here. So to me seeing that there was an alternative when you're having an emergency was everything and I decided to be a part of it halfway through nursing school I signed up to be on cahoots, and so now I, am a nurse, but I haven't left yet. I was losing. House losing your father the way that you did, you know shape the way you approach your work with WHO's and the folks that you engage with every single day. It makes me appreciate this work so much and I received the feedback from my clients a lot that I'm really genuine and I'm also really persistent and that persistence is that I know what the alternative is and I found through this work that the police are our community partners we do rely on them sometimes but if someone insists on trying to hurt themselves or trying to get into traffic, I can't restrain them at I would have to call for officers to come help with that. So when I look them in the eye and say, if we cannot figure something else out I'm going to have to call for police backup. It's really sincere and it generally works. You put in a lot of hard grueling work with Gut's. But I wonder what exactly do you do like? What does your job look like? So somebody will call in to either nine, one one or the non emergency police line, and they'll say cahoots for XYZ or they'll call in with the cahoots. Appropriate call may not know that we exist and the call taker can say, would you like this crisis response instead of a police response and they can offer that out? From there, they will put that on the call screen for the dispatcher and the dispatcher will send us over the radio to whatever the next most important call is. So those calls come in to us that way, and then the two of us that are on that van will head out to that location and take care of that call so we can be. Counselors on the spot, we can assess a medical thing and see if it needs attention. If someone needs to be de escalated work with them and escalate the situation and figure out what the real need is right because usually when people are in a crisis are having a hard time. If you can address the need than the escalation resolves itself, do you remember your first call? You remember like what it was like to go out on that first one? It was terrifying I had no idea I thought I was going to miss it up. I. Knew How to listen actively and try to make a plan but I just you never know and this girl was crying she was crying outside of a grocery store. And her pants had this huge tear and so she was mostly making and they just got down and I sat down next to her on the ground. And I just sat with her while she cried and then when there was a break in the crying, I, introduced myself and asked her name. And she was yelling Jews yelling at me and she was yelling about the day she'd had in the way that her boyfriend treated her and that she was stranded and she was cold and all these really reasonable things to be upset about right and instead of criticizing the way she was coping with her feelings I just said I would like to start by getting you pants I think I have some pants on the van can I grab you some pants and my partner went and got the pants and I was like these are for you you can change later. Now, what do we need to do your boyfriend left you? Do you have a house? No. Okay. Can we take you somewhere anywhere that you would feel safe right now do you just start going through the list of assessing what's available to this human and she just needed some time? So we took her to our local crisis center where they could do some on-scene crisis counseling and have let her have a space to just sit and gather her thoughts since she'd clearly had this traumatic day and when it was over. I asked my trainers. They said that go well did I do I do that? Okay and they're like this exactly right. You just met her where she was and you helped her get where she needed to go and that's that's the work. What's wild is it almost sounds radical. In the way we engage with people in America you know instead of coming arm with a gun and some Mace and some rubber bullets arriving with a shoulder, some words and resources what is in your tool kit? So you got your clothes in the car like what else are you carrying around with you? Yeah. Yeah. So much stuff dramatic we. All. Yes, we have close we have food we have water, we have tents sometimes, we carry a med bag that has narconon it. In case of an overdose, it's got basic wound care supplies, tylenol ibuprofen stuff that might be helpful antacids just basic things that people might not have access to on the spot or in general that we can easily provide the back of our van is set up for transportation. So we can transport you to services if we need to. We refer to ourselves as kind of the safety net below the safety net where we're catching people that otherwise if it was easy for them to engage in services, they wouldn't need our help to do so. And how many people are responding cooed sins out like this little army of people like how many of you have there are forty five ish of US altogether on the team in Eugene, we have two vans on for half the day. So they'll be two vans floating around the city in Springfield we just have one van and we have our medic and our crisis worker and we respond in Pairs, but there's two of us at a time that are responding to calls. Funded. We are funded in a couple of different ways in Eugene were funded by the. Through a contract with the police department. So please try and get some money from the city gives us in Springfield, which is the next the neighboring city we are funded by a combination of the Springfield Police Department and the county, and then recently we've gotten. Our. Local. Medicaid partners to help with some wraparound funding. They give us some money because we fill some gaps. And how many calls you're receiving a year or just somehow give me the volume of call the Browning. Yeah. The last number we had was about sixty calls a day and twenty four thousand calls in twenty nineteen about this a lot of a lot of calls. It is. It is and it's it's really. I love that number because Dan that we are present and that we have an influence that was twenty percent of the incoming calls for service. Part of that twenty percent are calls that are specifically coming in because we are a service, it's not necessarily that they would have been emergency calls otherwise. because. We do some counseling and stuff when people aren't necessarily in full crisis but just like preventive, which is even better to me because we're you don't have to go through all that pain and trauma to get help. We can meet you before that point. So some of those calls might not have been a police response anyway. But yeah. Twenty percent of the call volume for Eugene was. Tell us about like your average call we're kind of responding to. Respond to. We do a lot of welfare checks. If someone's worried about somebody, it could be that they said something concerning to you on the phone you talk to your sister today and she said I don't WanNa. Do this anymore I'm just GONNA end it all they've vague very scary. So we'll go out we'll drive out to your sister's house knock on that door and say, Hey, your family's worried about you do they have a reason to be worried about you. If you see somebody who looks like they've been laying in the sun for a long time and maybe they're passed out, you can't quite tell if they're breathing don't want to get too close. We'll go by a make sure that they're OK. People are just acting oddly maybe people like this person's talking to a tree I don't know what they need, but honestly, sometimes we'll show up and that person doesn't want our help and they're not in any danger and that's just going to be their day and there's no reason to interrupt it. There's no reason to disrupt their day but just because were not familiar with what they're doing you know. So we have quite a variety when you we won't be able to respond is. Largely. Seen Safety and then there's certain medical things that are too extreme for us, and those would be routed to the paramedics appropriately. Louis do sometimes be the first to respond to an overdose situation or and. Cardiac arrest that somebody thought was just somebody down and so we start the compressions and do those things. So we're trained we have EMT's. We have the medical equipment. We can start an intervention call for the appropriate backup because we do carry police radios. and. That is where the value of being plugged into that. Comes from for me as an individual you know hearing that radio all day is sometimes auditing. But that ability to plug into that system when it serves the community. Is Sometimes, really really valuable. What do you those people that say our police do a great job there equipped to handle any and all calls? Why do we need a separate unit? I. Let them know that our relationship with the police is really positive because they often don't want to do what we're doing the things that we pick up the calls that we take. They don't want them. They want to get the bad guy, right? They have their own mission will show up on a scene and offices will say over so glad that you're here I don't know what we would do without you. when I've had to call them for a code, three lights and sirens response, I was pretty glad they showed up I needed their help. So. There's a working relationship there and it's effective because neither of US wants the other person's job. How do you measure success? What does success look like for you? I think largely success is what we're seeing, which is a continued demand and a growing demand, our community the more calls that we get and that we struggle sometimes now to keep up with our call load tells me that we are being successful that people are calling us. People are trusting US people want us as a response now finding in the middle of these fires that we can help in evacuations with people maybe who don't understand if you walk up and say, Hey, this is a level three evacuation. It is a leave. Now situation don't grab your stuff. Don't get in your car and get down the hill. And the person says, no, it's raining inside right now. What do you mean there can't be a fire here That's going to take time. Officers are going door to door trying to make sure that everybody is out and they can call us that to me is a measure of success. After. The Break Ebony and I dig into the role of race in her work. She told me that as a black woman going out on these mental health response caused determined to make sure cahoots is as effective for communities of color as it is for you jeans predominantly white population. Stick with us. During these economically turbulent times, everybody's looking for a way to feel more financially secure. 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Dot Com slash into America. Looking to get back into a routine. Care of is a wellness brand that makes it easy to maintain your health goals with a customized vitamin plan that helps you feel your best today and support you long-term. You just take care of five minute online quiz. It's quick and easy to do, and it asks you about your diet, your lifestyle and your health concerns. This way they can address your specific well in the schools. I said, I wanted to work on sleep stress and digestion, and they gave me expert recommendations that are now shift right to my door in daily individually wrapped packets. Care of products are formulated with good for you clean ingredients that are backed by science. For fifty percents off your. Order go to take care of DOT COM and enter code into America fifty. One more time. That's take care of dot com code into America fifty like the numbers five zero, and you'll get fifty percent off your first order. Hey It's Chris. As this week on my podcast wise is happening. I'll be talking with Tony Belco about what it's like to run a restaurant during the corona virus. My sense is given what kind of energy I'm getting from the veterans in the industry who I do know and how worried they are about things by senses that they're extraordinarily worried the situation that these loans have put us in. It's given us a little bit of a lifeline, but it's Kinda put us in the strange. Position, where we're kind of sort of acting like an unemployment office or maybe employment officers, it's a very weird position to be in and I think it's a very dangerous position to be because I don't think it's very easy for most of us who are trying to run restaurants to focus on what's going to really help this thing. Survive I just WanNa make sure that people have incomes. That's this week on why is happening search? Wise is happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe. We're back with Ebony Morgan. In a one other thing that might speak to the success of the organization at imagine is in other cities thinking about adopting what you are doing eugene you have Denver Oakland Tampa all trying to re imagine how they can Kinda like change their police department in a way that you know people in a better way and I wonder what pieces of Macoutes does you think could be translatable to other cities? I think we're not a cookie cutter. And I certainly don't think we're a perfect response. Cahoots is only as strong as the resources we have available if our van is empty if we have no resources in town to connect you with, it's really hard to help you out of your crisis because all we can do is notice for you that you're crisis is real and that might help it helps not be alone, but it doesn't help resolve anything. It can look a lot of different ways if you don't WanNA partner up with your police agencies in WanNa do something different do something different. There's so many different ways to show up for the community. You're given how this racism baked into all of our American. Institutions including the police department and I. Wonder How an organization that cahoots operates in a more diverse place jeans eighty percent white. There are certainly a number of black and Brown folks in that community. What. Happened you put race into the scenario. I would encourage anywhere. That's implementing this to make sure that there's representation in that team. because. In social work specifically as often very whitefield and I think that. It can make it feel out of touch it can make it out of touch. But meeting people where they're at requires that you be aware of where they are and you can't know that entirely you need people to help without you need people who understand and I. I open this lady, open the door to me the other day and she said I do not consent and I was like, I am cahoots I'm a crisis worker I not an officer she goes I saw your radio and I thought you were up. All right. You can come in. I just knew my partner was like and I was like she just thinks cops. I see I know like it's. Because I went there to like I get it. I'm already thinking that I'm already thinking are you threatened by me and you see my radio you don't know who I am like you have a defense mechanism built in and I can get around but he wasn't thinking about that. That's not something he ever thinks about. So. There's a real value in having diversity of experience and opinion and I think it should be prioritized literally everywhere to a lot of people being in cahoots with the police is an automatic like it makes you an incredible messenger. absolutely, and we I've been working on some community education pieces to outline that we adhere to hip rules like privacy laws we can't share your information with them. We don't want to share information with them. Our jobs are very different, but I absolutely respect and understand that there are people that will not trust us. and. That's hard for me to be honest because a lot of people that don't trust us are the people that I would love to help the most about a month. Before George Floyd's death, we started doing some diversity trainings and trying to understand equity in the workplace because there was just a noticed. And a lack of diversity we have spent so much on training and we're working bringing an equity advisors to make sure that we are not perpetuating the system that we decided to be part of. A couple of stats jumped out to me. Is that people with untreated mental illness are sixteen times more likely to be killed by police officer and black people are more likely to struggle getting access to treat their mental health conditions. Blackpool are six times more likely to be killed by police, and so in that space, how that changed the way you engage with the community or do the work. Being, aware if that is the first step right and having the humility to say we are a part of this system that causes this you know we're working with this. Part of it for us his advocacy of for our communities and making sure that we're speaking up and trying to make sure that these are identified as like public health crises and systemic issues that we need to address it Democ levels even if we could convince Eugene police of things and make sure that in Eugene these things don't happen that has not fixed. The fact that this is a systemic problem in is oppressive and shaving years off of people's lives too drastic degrees. So I think that it helps us remember that our work is bigger than just each day and it helps me personally want to advocate on a larger scale. We need to go to our public health officials in acknowledged that that is absolutely unacceptable. Like I can't how are you sixteen times more likely to die by police because you're mentally ill? How is mentally ill supposed to associate with a death sentence It's just not it's not fair. It doesn't make any sense. You know like logistically I can understand how it. Just because we can understand the pathway that gets there does not mean we should accept it or normalize it. And I now sit in the meetings with the Police Department and talk about how it's going and what changes need to be made and have helped advocate for us to get a separate phone line so that people don't have to feel like they're calling the police to contact us some of the things that have been requested by the community for us to be more accessible service I get to go to the table and talk about now. What else is needed like if you were able to direct a bunch of resources to a number of spaces that could help prevent people from getting tickets or getting to the police in the first place what would those be most helpful? Housing and shelter options to start. If you are not meeting these basic means it is so hard to think past them. How are we supposed to level into thinking about a job or thinking about a responsibility or having any self worth if you can't stop thinking about surviving long enough to think about how to live? So getting people safe and sheltered, and getting fed and educated get them information that they need. There are so many people who know that they have a diagnosis but don't really know what that means don't necessarily know what alternative methods take care of it with. We all are familiar with medication and know that it can be effective to some people really don't like it. What else can we do? How else we can we support people? How can we be safe and also plugged in what kind of community networks can we have where people can check in and touch base and if maybe their mental state has changed someone to notice that Does it feel overwhelming. Just given the magnitude of the work and how important it is. All the time every day. We've got a pandemic. We've got this rejuvenated social justice movement ranked, and then we've got a fire now in our backyard and it's overwhelming all the time because we still have exactly the same scenarios playing out. Our baseline jobs still needs to be done on top of adding these components and figuring out what does it look like to transport people during the pandemic? How do we make sure that we're staying distanced and wearing masks but also being empathetic it's harder to have empathy is when three quarters of your faces hidden. But it's just the humanity of it. Right? It gets overwhelming and I just remember that we're all just trying. I'm trying to help this person's trying to make it like we're just trying and so. Being. Unattached to outcomes is one of the things that we're taught. and. That helps sometimes reduced sense of overwhelm. Toughest days those really hard days when you've given everything you can. What are you tapping into as your power source pushing you forward to the next call and the next call? What do you? What do you? What are you getting into? For me can't. Ground, myself a reminder that I'm trying to help people do the best they can and that. How? Maybe If there had been more supports along the way from my father. Of. People have met him where he was at once in awhile. It would look different right and maybe that's true for a lot of human beings and the more people in this job that I encounter and find out their story and figure out what their barriers are to where they want to be. It's not that person's fault. It's never all on one human being we are meant to be a community humans are social creatures and we are meant to support each other. That's when we're happiest. There's research to support that right that we find joy in community a sense of belonging it matters to the human experience and when you are cast out of that. That group when you perceive yourself as an outcast and that you aren't worthy of the same things that you aren't worthy of the shelter food or the basic needs. To imaging. I chose this because it matters so much and that I want to be here for my community and I want the community to believe that public safety is safe and anything I can do to help that be true I'm GonNa do it's bigger than me right? Like my heart was broken my family was robbed. But I am not alone and if I can use that. Fuel, if I can use that loss and grief to help influence change and make someone else's life include their father. And do this all day. Develop that was Ebony Morgan. A crisis intervention worker and communications director for Gut's crisis assistance helping out on the streets. Mental Health. Response, team is based in Eugene Oregon. Into America is produced by Isabel, Angel Alison Bailey Aaron Don, Max Jacobs Barbara Rab Clare Tie. I should Turner and Pref- Barth on original music by hand his Brown. Our Executive Producer is Ellen Franken Stephen Tie is executive producer audio. Tremaine Lee will be back when Thursday. Every wonder what it's like to live alone. Hidden in the woods, not speaking to a single soul for thirty years. One, the desert uncover a hidden well and dive to the bottom of the deepest waterhole for two thousand miles. Experience amazing stories from the people who live them on the snap judgment podcast raw intimate powerful see the world from someone else's is find snap judgment wherever you get your podcast.

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Evenings with Dr. Mary Barrett

The RIFT Radio Podcast Network

58:48 min | 7 months ago

Evenings with Dr. Mary Barrett

"Locked Talk Radio. From everyone here at the rift radio network would like to welcome you to tonight's special broadcast. This work is protected by creative Commons license and now a word from our sponsors. Ladies. Do join us on. Sunday nights at eleven o'clock at. Facebook and on you to feel swear after you get all come out normal soup every Sunday night. Well Hi everybody my to work again tonight, but that's okay. Welcome to evening with Dr Mary Barra Tonight I decided I was going to do is show on. Addiction addiction is very. Prevalent, now in our society and you know it's always been there I. Remember when I was a teenager everybody was go out had good join you know down here and we'll have a keg beer whatnot. You know you don't think much when you are a teenager. I didn't fortunately bother with any of that stuff but and I still don't. But it's really good. Subject because there are so many people. That have been touched by addiction. and. Myself included. I cannot. Tell you how many people that I know That have had somebody passed. Due to addiction. I can't tell you how many. People have told me. Their son or their daughter or their father or their mother is an act. And it doesn't. Matter, what kind of an addict? Because alcohols and addiction. Drug Addiction. And when we put the two of them together. We have a CO occurrences, the disorder known as dual diagnosis. Now, I have been studying in school. Since nineteen, ninety seven. About. Dual diagnosis. And I'm still going at it. I'm in my second on Doctor Program Right now. And all my papers are on drug addiction. We ask why? Why somebody who never to drug? Still interested. In Addiction. When I was eighteen, I'm married my first husband. He was you know it? He was very mean alcohol. And very few so. and. I found out. It's hereditary. So. If I have a son out there. Who is a A high functioning. Alcoholic. And nothing I can say nothing you can say nothing anybody can say. Until that person is ready to admit and I mean really. Admit that they have a problem and want help. They can stay here all the time and say yeah I have a problem. Yeah I know I drink too much or I smoked too much pot or whatever. You know. This last weekend. I was contacted by a childhood friend of mine. Her daughter died of a heroin addiction. And I've heard so many other people tell me marrying I've just lost on. So Do Heroin Addiction. And I do vote this show I dedicate this show. To all the addicts out there. May they. Realize what they're doing to themselves, what they're doing to their family. I always wondered. What I should have done. To get my husband and I just. To get him to love name. And stay with me. Oh sure he loves me more than. He loves booze. Doesn't work that way. My He's dead. Now he died. Before her. and He was only fifty four when he died. But when he started drinking, he was seven years old. You. Heard me right seven. His uncle with me to him alcohol under the table. he'd be sitting there drinking. This is what happens with so many people. They start at an early age song people start later. And, I taught an addiction clouds at. Unity College where I'm at. and. It was funny. My students weren't so happy about this, but I made them do a week. What they couldn't go without. My daughter she was in the class and she was a texting fanatic. I phone offer and I said you cannot attacked as of right now. And she's like what? I could you cannot tax it all. This other girl told me she got. Yeah. I'm a junk food McDonald's, eater So we went ahead with the week with the things that were going on. So when we met again for the week, I should everybody do. My daughter said I didn't test anybody. I'm. Proud of myself. I said really, she said, yeah Ferrelli. So ask the girl about the junk food at McDonalds. She said I gotTa Tell You. She said I went into the McDonald parking lot and I kept looking around for all. To See who was going to see me. And I get high? Eating the McDonald's. Will now you know how it feels to be managed Because that's what does. The Go. To see WHO's watching. Or you know. Where can I go get my neck hit or nobody's GONNA. See me. You know we all think addiction is easy. You know you go. You get in your junk. You do. You're fine. No, that's not true. And a lot of people th-that can quit when they want to. Wow. There's a debate about that. Yes they can't quit. If they really really truly. Wanted to but. But. They usually have relaxes. And they have to work a program. And they have to get. A sponsor. And sometimes, that doesn't even work. Sometimes, they have just got so addicted to the drums. That that doesn't work. That doesn't bring them out of it. And now to shame that is what so many people. Cry About. Because they lose their precious child or husband or mother or father tune in diction and they still on love they feel like you're not cared about but they are. She'll be audit I knew this one addict that Who would be standing on a street corner? Drunk out of his mind. His mom would drive right past them. And she wouldn't stop. Because he would not stop his using. And she couldn't get back into him, stealing things and taking money from or and. Whatnot. I want you believe he's in this team. And he's still going through you know. Dealing and being in jail in prison. I don't think he's ever GonNa. Stop That's personally. My thoughts I know this person. And when he starts with, they called Jonesing he go. You don't care. They'll take whatever he can take. And just go. Because at that time, the addict is just thinking about where they're gonNA score their next hit. You could be right with minimum labour. They're not gonNA give to shut your labor. They're gonNA. Say I'll be right back. And then they never show back up again. Possibly for days. And addiction the. Warble. Terrible. Thing a person go through but do you know that they're most likely addict to? A lot of things. Yeah. Right drug and alcohol. Addiction well, how about a TV addiction? Hot Coffee and. I taught this class at my church and I that they had to go week without what they're. Not Wanting to give out and I had man tell me I'll tell you right now. Coffee is my addiction if I have to go week without coffee. Everybody screwed. He wouldn't do it. Because he knew he couldn't do without that coffee. How about you chocolate people out there. You go without chocolate. If you had to give that up for the rest of like. Could you go out? Could you go without travel? I will challenge anybody who is listening to me. To go one week. Without something that you know it would be hard to give up. And the come back and talk to me. You're going to have the withdrawals. You're GonNa have long then again to heck with it. and. You're GONNA see what why would inadequate goes through When they want that hit. And do you know before I forget that? There are so many overdoses as we all know, but there's something called nor can that you can go and get from a hospital police station whatever and you can. Get. It hold it. In case, somebody that you know od and you give it to them. That will save their why. So you have anybody in your family. Or your around that are using drugs or even you if you're using drugs. Cool gets an art can and hold. Keep it with you. Because you never know when you're going to need it. It's very, very important. People with addictions do not that. They don't think at all. They don't care. Well Wow, they are using. They don't care Sandra from prison. They don't care the end up in jail they don't even care ended up that. I hate to say that but that's how it is I how interviewed lot of addicts. A lot of recovering addicts. On into lottery ability center been to a lot of Narconon, A. R. eight meetings and I've experienced. My journey. Withdraws. Even though. I don't know how I have never been involved with it started when I was sixteen years old. How My. First Boyfriend, he wasn't an addict, but he was dealer. and has not naive is I was I didn't even know he was a dealer. But. there. Is something driving everybody. And as drives me. I've talked to the The head of my department because I'm getting ready to do what it's like a dissertation. But at the capstone, I'm doing it on addiction and I started talking more about those. I, notice and everything and I said sorry but I'm passionate about this she says I can tell. But even when all this is done and over with my school. I'm still gonNA wonder. Why they cannot give it up. People are so what? They think give it up with they want to. They don't they can't give it up. They're not even GONNA try to give it up. But. Again. One of my meetings I was at. This guy. Wasn't out and he went through five rehabilitation centers. Before demand, the heady Thomas. And now that's a really terrible thing. It's terrible for anybody to go. Wrong. But. You think about it. Do not being enabler. And then able or is where Like my first mother-in-law was unable or My husband would ask her like five bucks to go get a six pack of beer. And she would be behind his best throw me like five single stuff in there. You know he borrowed five bucks. You know she was his big enabler. And That wasn't going to help them get any better. I didn't notice when with awareness family. He didn't drink as much. But thing that. Soon as he could, he was right back in it again. And that's another thing I wanNA talk about to the people that are nasty ad but the addict. Girlfriend wife. Husband child mother father whatever with my experience. I was eighteen years old. He was twenty one who was really bad. Alcoholic which I didn't know he's very mean. And I did not know when I was getting into and I was an abused wife. Get Out of the situation as fast as you can. I don't care how old you are. Eighteen years old back in the seventies I. Thought Ahead I handle this I'm going to cure you know. Mo- gifts why. I didn't hear him. He almost killed me. I can't tell you how many times. I was put in the hospital from my own protection He would chase down the street and people would hear me screaming cops come running around the corner onto will. They couldn't arrest them. Because the peace bomb, which is now called her restraining order. The cops used to keep it they lost and they couldn't. Arrest Them. Gop Anybody's punching bag. Don't think that you're going to be able to. Cure Him. Don't think that he's GonNa give us the drugs off now my husband now was really funny. we met. And there was. Well. Let me back up. We knew each other in high school. And then we got. We met up again to some friends while. We were dating and it was near the holidays and drinking long. Island Nice teeth. And who come to my house and he's hassled on my couch. And I'm like I'm not going through this crap anymore no way. So I told him I said look I'm telling you right now. I'm done we're finished. He goes hundred five prove to that I'm not an alcoholic. I said all right. Go six months without answering. And I believe you're not an alcoholic. Well, after a couple of weeks I said, okay forget it. I know you're not in Oklahoma? you're during for the holidays which didn't help since senior that you know I've got a marriage that my you know was an abusive alcoholic. But No, he doesn't drink drink at all now. Well, not really but Yeah. This is something that you have to careful about because people and to go back into. The same type of relationship over and over and over and over again. I. Did. was they were friend? You know that had an addiction whatever. and. I don't know if it's my abilities and I just got done telling somebody that. My Bill. Anybody who has these types of bility's? They seem to always have to always getting dumped on. and. It's a because he ability because you know. We attract those people. I don't know. But. I know addiction is really really hard on everybody. Does not discriminate it does not discriminate. At all. You go in the house. A couple of. Drinks. That's fun or you can keep drinking. And then you know you have a problem. Just looks with crack cracked used to be the number one drug. Now heroin. If you take. Either one shot crap you're up. And heroin seems to be really killing. A lot of people lately. The last couple of years all I keep hearing. Is. Heroin Addiction. My nephew died drugs also. And it's It's unbelievable. I hear especially in the Pennsylvania area where I'm from. People, tell me. Oh. My God everybody on talking to is losing somebody over heroines. Thereof game. Are they putting something in that heroin. Or these people just taking too much heroin. And you know who I feel sorry for. I'm still really sorry for the people. that. Surround their loved one. That is the added. They don't know they should keep loving crime or if they should try tuft lot none of that's going to work. You could bag the Abbot wit. You can throw them out of your house. But that addicts it's not gonNA quit. Until something happens. To either they finally say, I'm going to beat us. And I know a lot of people's not going to agree with me because they're going to say she bull crap I can quit whenever I want my son told me that. And forty, some years old and he's still drinking. And I'm not just talking about the occasional aren't talking about. This of Jack Daniels, in the freezer fear in the refrigerator telling done. BOGUT DAHBI juice. Who Yeah? Addiction. Is Bad. Living With the addiction especially when you're not the addict. Is really really tough. Because that person changes from a nice person that you knew love. Into something that. You don't even recognize anymore. I believe me. Other than hard time person. and. Taking them out in the middle of the country and making them stay there for months we. It's one work. You know and these thirty day. Rehabilitation Center they make me. Laugh. Because you know what they say. When you go into the thirty day rehabilitation. You're meeting your next drug dealer. and. I've seen that happen in our per numerous drug addicts. Alcoholics. So anybody WHO's going to go into. A program. I would suggest that six months ago Brown the very least. or at least a month, I'm here. Teen. Challenge. Has. A. Year. Ovation. Army believe it or not they have a are. You know. Adult. Rehabilitation Center for men and women. You just have to look some have it ferments and have from women what They do how both And this guy on TV. Oh my God he gets me he's from I. Don't even know what were you have, but he turns around he goes. Oh I was an addict at one time, but I am no longer added you're always had padded. You cannot get rid of your diction. Once look up again. And you're using. The added Star. And? Relapse. or they're recovering addict. But. There is no such thing as I am non-annex knowing more. Because that person. If they go thirty years without a drinker drugs. They can still relax. I met a guy. At Hey. He was running the A. And says, Mary, I'll tell you. Hey because I have been playing for thirty. Five. Years. And I'm still afraid I'm gonNA realize. He says, I, see people coming in here. All, they can clean a day. They'RE GONNA say? Clean. They go in there to me women are men go are women going there to me? Man. You know NA meetings and AA meeting for recovery. Not For this. Not for meaning. The matter of fact when you get your first day. For years you're not even supposed to be in a relationship with anybody you're supposed to concentrate on yourself work the program gets the twelve steps were. Yes they do. If you work some, you stay away from the people that you've hung out with your friend you you know the area you can't. Sometimes, it's just an help though because I'm on people that move out of, say an ended up finding their drug dealer anyway. You know I mean. As long as you take the necessary steps and now they say you're damned and determine. Hopefully with the grace of God, you can do it. Some people cannot do it drinking. After, he found out, he has to Rosa's deliver. He refused another liver told him that he was going to continue to drink. I get a little bit mixed. From the family on this but apparently right before he died quit. I one thing he said to me is. The more you talk to somebody about their drinking. The more they're gonNA drink. That came from an addict. I'm never ever ever thought I, would ever hear those words from him. But I did. Little did I know he was on his done that though he didn't tell me he was dying. He asked me out to dinner when I came back up there again. But he never told me can't throw some little liver or he was dying. But please. If you're an addict. There's help out there. You can do it. You can get clean. brother-in-law he was my husband's brother. He was an alcoholic whole boy was him. You know hard I. Hit quit cold Turkey. And his enduring for thirty some years or more. I'm just quit cold Turkey. Didn't need a or didn't eat anything. Didn't you sponsor or I don't know how he did it and it's horrible. It really hard to believe. But he didn't. and that was really surprising. So. Do. Even if you're diverse smoker and you're addicted to cigarettes. You could do it. Do you know a lot of people and I tossed class in prison when I was a teacher their. Cigarette people turn around and I've done this myself. Oh, give me a cigarette coming diety. It'll come my nerve. Do you know actually make to be opposite. It makes you more nervous and more anxious. I'm surprised when I read that. And I told the in May so. You learn something new every day because I didn't know that. People. Are It to one thing or another? Be A addicted to? Candy Licorice. You could be. Addicted to Coca Cola or Pepsi or chocolate a lot of women you know, hey, give me the chocolate chocolate strawberry whatever. Everybody. Or pretty much everybody has some type of addiction. And they can argue with me. And that's fine. But I know for fat. That if you trying to stop something. And it's hard for you. Stop It. It's an addiction. I gave a Pepsi I stopped drinking for a while. I. Have Pepsi now and then or whatever. But I get stomach issues from too much soda and I'm also pre diabetic. So I'm not supposed to be drinking soda. Drink a little bit every once in awhile awhile overpriced like buying one and bring it home. For the most part I stay away from it. I don't have an addict personality. But there are some things that are harder for me to quit than others. So. Was I just cigarettes? Yeah. But I quit. And when I quit I have quit cold Turkey. Same thing with Pepsi you know. But. I was telling you I'm in I've been studying addiction long time. Anybody has any questions or anybody wants to talk to me about an addiction or somebody they love. It's an added. Let me know we'll. We'll talk. You know come to me and say, yeah, I, know I'm an addict I I know but I can't break it. So I'm just GONNA keep doing. That the The dust the car away out. If you know you have an addiction, you're going to do everything that you can. To overcome. And Yeah. You can ask people for help. There people that have died from the addiction and the families come to me I did everything that I could do to help him mom. And it didn't. What do I do? You know what did I do wrong There's nothing you get wrong. And if I would listen to my mother, she would always say, well, if that person time to go. Even though we hate to say that we hate you think. They were called back home, for reason. No. I had a besting in high school. You know. Crime that hung around with the girls I'm still friends with today. We never did drugs women even really dranked you know but. Hopefully. Years. Oh, man probably about ten years ago. I found out I had lost contact. With one of my best eat. And I noticed that her mother had A. Bit Wary. In the paper and I saw where my desk had died. And I was like what? So I gotTa hold a Holdover brother and she had died of a drug overdose. And we were. We were like half an hour from each other and I didn't even shoes there. I tried to find her but couldn't find her. And I found out that she got hooked on drugs and she was in and out of jail, and finally to walk, she didn't wake one morning. And? That's really it's really sad. When people do the? Yeah. No I. I. Wish there was A. A, Miracle Cure in wish there was a way. That I can just. Quitting my arms around all the people hurting and I. I know you're hurting. But what can you say to family? You know when they try to help that person and the first one. Just. So do anyway this blames themselves. And it's not the family. That's one thing that I've learned during all the. It's accountability. And the accountability and the responsibility is not the family. It is the accountability and the. The. Responsibility. Of? The addict. Did they choose that kind of life. where, they, trick. In. Trying drugs. Why did they suck drive? Why don't they start drinking. I believe my son started drinking just to show me he wouldn't make him an alcohol. Well, that's what. He's proved me right. He proved himself fall. And I don't know. I brought him up telling him his whole life. Not to get involved with alcohol. The because. There's the history family alcoholism I both sides actually. My grandfather returned rubbing alcohol just to get high. When he couldn't afford any beer. So. Yeah. And you know what they do in prison when? Believe this or not. Now we're number I work. Enterprise on and I work in the addiction part of the prison I was there she teacher but then when I started Going for my masters of going for counseling. So I was the counselor there. They will go to the nurse. They would get their daily medicine. If could be Ritalin, it could be a pain pill it could be anything. They would stick it under their tongue and hide it somehow. And they would leave they would spitting out in their hand. And they would give it to another inmate who wanted to get high. Or this town then when I was there and one of the Guy Oh did. But it was. Okay. He'll do, but he did not die from it. They're rushing to the hospital and next day he was back into the prison war. But you know what these ads do. In there besides the. If, they're taking stuff and they're getting high. There do per drug tests what do they do? They drink bleach. Don't do that. I'm just giving people this for knowledge do not do anything to drink weeks to try to get a clean drug tests do not. High pills and give them to other people. bevis this conversation is about this is a conversation about one length and addict will go to. To get their next tip to get their score. Do, they love you. These down. Yeah. They do. But when they're in the thrones of their addiction, the only thing they see. is their drug of choice. Bessie only thing they want. And They'll go get it. They'll be sorry later. But they all have their hit. And it's really sad. Addiction have ruined a lot of lives and it has taken this lady here. Many many many years. So trying to understand addiction. And you know what? By the time I'm done. I still don't think I'm GONNA understand it. My question would be. Why can't addict just stop? It because they don't want to or is it because they can't And even though studies show, there's a possibility is hereditary. My answer to that would be, yes I believe it's hereditary. From all the people spoke to him with the. To my own personal experiences. I think it's hereditary. Can you stop addiction no. You can't if you don't. Indulge. Cure for addiction. Even if you're clean. For thirty five years like guy. told me that the. And meaning. There's no care. FOR ADDICTS FOR LIFE We are just none out of we're in recovery. Do People Relapse, oh? Yeah. Yeah they do. They can be cleaned for forty years. And relapsed and their back right were before. and. That is really. Where we're at with. Addiction. You know if you go and you fall in love with somebody, you have a baby with that person. You have to check everything anymore. What's the family like? What's the father life what? What's he going to be like If he's not to rubber I mean there's so many people out there anymore having babies here and there and deserting them that you could be married to your own brother and not even know it. You know so you really have to invest getting yourself into. And your potential children. Be is there's also medical issues that go on that. You're not. You know you need to know about you need to know the medical history of the family so you know what you're facing or possibly facing. So all the people they're. Better, listening tonight or that we'll be listening to this show. If you yourself. Or someone else who is an addict do not do that. Remember it is not. Your. All. We had an accountability class and the person and this guy he'd been in prison for twenty years. Oh my gosh. WHO's an African Americans He's the nicest guy I mean. I have protectors in jail and he was one of them. He was built big was toll and he was the nicest guy. And he goes on going home my mom's GonNa. Make. Me Some Collard Greens and my favorite dinners Collard Greens that masks head or that, and he's listening all this school. And I'm sitting there thinking Oh that's really nice. You know. Within thirty days back in the system. He wasn't even on prison two weeks. And he was back in again. He wants back to his old neighborhood he got involved with his old friend. He was feeling. Back ears again. Prison it's like revolving door. and. This guy. was. Clean. For. Twenty. Years. All it took Kim was. I'll say probably, not even day. Out. And He was using in dealing. and. That is really that's the bad situation. But remember. Don't blame yourself I somebody else being an addict. The only way you can blame yourself as you washed it down them. Do I blame my husband. Sonko for that for my husband being an alcoholic if I do. Why because seven-year-old knows better When he got older, he could've quit. Yeah. But by then I think he was too far gone. because. That's all he knew. That's all he knew was. I shot a whiskey. And Beer. I saw him his uncle and his friend. There and drink I sixteen. Wow. A whiskey. With beer chaser. They could barely walk. I'm surprised sitting. Die. But again. I'm not responsible for my and I'm not responsible for my son. It's their choice as much as her. To know that my son is an alcoholic. There's not a Dang thing I. can you know? Seeing that I can do for anybody there's not anything new can do for anybody. If somebody comes up to you and says, Hey, honor. Hey, mom or dad. I believe I have a drug problem. Yes, you can take them. To a drug center. Rehabilitation Center. a mental health facility. They're gonNA. June. Intake on them. And they're going to decide the trial you were the person has an addiction or not. But by the time that person coming to you and telling you, I think I have an addiction. They haven't addiction. I'm for. In knowing. that. There could be alive at the end of the tunnel. You're addict. May. Get Clinton. And they clean. That is all that we can do is pray. And Hope to God. that. These addicts real-life was going on. And they get the help that they. I think. My own personal opinion. Is that they should legalize all drugs. and. You're saying what? What does she been? All wrong yeah I think they should legalize all drugs. And here's my philosophy for that. The reason I think they should because once is out there. No out there for a while, you're not gonNA want it anymore. Why because of legal? Do you remember when you were twenty one. Oh Man I can go buy liquor legally. You walk into the. We have called state stores, but liquor stores and. You're buying worker. How there's no fun enough. So. It's GONNA number one. Wear off. To. If the person's still gonNA. Be. Using they're going to be using anyway so it doesn't matter. But. We'll put the drug dealers out of business. And they're the ones that yeah, children. Involved there's one in Rehab saying, Hey, when we get out here I come fix you'll put some good stuff. The drug dealers. We'll be out of business so fast or heads on. They won't know what to do and you know why? A drug dealer. Of them will not become addicts. Because then they'll use their profit. There's a lot of money to be made in drugs. Oh, yeah. There is, and when they push push and push, they're gonNA. Keep you got one. And the money's GONNA keep coming in. And out of going give. A phone. To, drug dealer drug dealer taking give him a hit whatever they want. And they can use the phone until the person who owns it turns it off or runs out of money. So just think about it. Sit down. Get. It Pencil and paper. And just start writing. Because this is not your fault. This is not on your shoulders. This is not your burden to carry. I have learned. At least that much. I have learned that people have choices to make. And sometimes they the wrong choice. They WANNA. Go out partying with bodies or their knock something or they'll hey, only tried this one. Yeah, and they're hooked. But while they're going down, you do not need to go down with them addiction as hell. We, all have some type of addiction. But. Drug and Alcohol Addiction. Is, the worst kind of addiction that you can how? You can tolerate the burnt you've been telling right chocolate candy. I was only trying to make the point. On everybody having addiction. You can tolerate bad. But it drug. A drug addiction and alcohol addiction it makes people into somebody that they're not. And it makes the family it breaks up family. You. It's they say it's a disease. There's also people that base not into cities. There's so many people. So many. Studies out there. That they don't know. They don't know. Kim An addict stop if they want to. It's impossible for an addict to stop why should somatic DOPP and so matt can't. Why some people smoke pot and some people shooting heroin. Why some people do math. And some do Hash. There's no simple answer to any of these questions. One thing I can say is almost almost positive of. It is hereditary. I have studied and studied and is. Man I hab interviews, many many people. And yes, I do believe it is hereditary. And people out there that are not added but they love an avid there's healthier for few too. You can go to Alanon you can go to Nor nor. Nor not. And Talk to them. Just like Your. Average to go to a money. But you have to go to and you get to tell them what's going on and the best part of it. It's usually closed where nobody has to know. There's Silence with them. So. If you WANNA talk to you minister, you don't WanNa talk to account. So you don't WanNa talk to your best friend. Go to a meeting. And I'm, not talking, about online. Because I've check them out to and some of them are BS. Go Talk to somebody. Who talked to somebody who's been in your shoes? Don't take. Don't keep that Wayne walked in you. It was their choice and its builder choice. Until they. Decide to choose. To get the help nothing. But in the meanwhile, you carry yourself, get the help that you need. Because when you have an addict in the family. Unfortunately everybody suffers. And everybody. and. Enabling them one way or the other. So once you think about what I said going and I also challenge you. The one week though one thing. That you cannot go without whether it be coffee soda. Chips Cookies Candy whatever it is. You will see one added goes through with redraw with withdrawal. Is Not. Easy. Nobody said it was easy. Life is not easy. But. You know why? It's it in the end. If you just understand and you feel. How they are. How they're feeling. We don't sympathize now. He's you don't want to get back going again. You want to be healthy yourself. That person comes to you and says, I need help you can help that person. Take care of yourself. Get the meeting if you need it, do what you gotTa do for you. Work on yourself don't be drug down. You don't want to be dragged down into that. As. A bottomless pit, which is not going to help anybody. So if you have any questions. You can always get me on facebook. And answer what I can't answer for you. But you have babies the taste as well as your at. And if you're the addict. please. Think about getting yourself clean. Well. I hope I helped somebody out here tonight at least to I don't really just talking about addiction which I mean that's what I was going to do. I wanted to thank you for coming in having the evening with Dr Mary Barrett, which is me, and I hope to see you again next week. I'm not sure of the title of next week but you can't always well. You can always call in for reading. Okay. So just go ahead remember when I said. And Sleep on it. And please. Be Guilt free. Because this is not your choice. Just, the addicts choice. Again. Thank you so much for calling, coming in and listening and being in the chat room tonight. Evening with Dr Mary. Barrett loopy. Every Wednesday central. Eight Eastern. And I hope that you will call and talk to me. Or even asking. That were. Actually, in the chat room. Okay. Well, all I can say, good night. And God bless you and we. Think about everything that I said, tonight. Okay take care and we will see you again next week. Thank you all for being here.

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Golf Postcast: BMW Championship 2019 | D+D Real Czech Masters

"Get to old navy right now. All jeans are on sale up to fifty percent off from just fifteen bucks for adults ten bucks for kids. Try on a pair in store and save even even more with five bucks off your purchase fifty dollars or more during old navy's great denham. Try yonathan hurry in now to find your perfect fit and save big with up to fifty percent off all genes now at old navy valley twelve to eight twenty one excludes in store clearance gift cards register lane items jewelry five dollar discount valid with jeans purchase light the candle tiger hi there welcome and onto the racing post postcards ambriz millington and in any company of steve palmer and stall sports glen day we will be looking ahead to two great tournaments either side of the atlantic ocean hopefully plenty of winners nisa among them as the tour championship or the rights of the fedex cup boils up i though will look back on last week. Just one woman and patrick read one. He was kind of on the periphery of the top ten of the betting limos nissan gets in he was reasonably could result in a bad way so of money ray-ban raisman small way so full price <hes> so popular with punches very charismatic as he saw. I guess he's the guy who even in play that i know got mad for now. That may not not <hes> yeah. He's gonna say he's my soap about ball. I i will outposts and well. It's funny because <hes> circuits wait. It was like an image of someone handing over a baton. John world's mice to unpopular golfer and the caption was hey go bryson. Thanks lot from patrick so <hes> you're obviously stay viewer wyler's one we on the canvas and i was in a caravan is in santa balls the amusing the name sandy balls in the new forest orest just that a few days <hes> with the family there so yet recharging the batteries go back to the weekend so the final two rounds and was devastated by patrick reads victory because i know you always asked me whether i would have the winner. Imo absence and i'm almost certainly would have done yeah yeah. Yeah i know many like deeply responded in the negative then there's nothing better than coming back and knowing that you've you've won money by not betting but <hes> the the cases we could be ruled over in for the the wind him the week before four and he finished with sixty three. We've been dropping hints for for several weeks. So <hes> you think miss down on a big price winner there and then you just go over over time for this podcast well. Did you pick up on the bras. They shown by who hall yeah yeah yeah picks up on everything i mean the lady aggression aggression in his interview after around him and he was really just unhinged wooden. He just wasn't making any sense. Did you say that no. I've only i've only seen the venom that's going from other places towards him. When he was asked a couple of very interesting questions by the media about it and then he just went off on one for approximately the same amount of times took to to to to take that temper party was just he wasn't making any sense. He seems to have really been <hes> angered by the fact that he's been singled out for this but you know he's one of the pioneers of slow pace ridiculously slow that video was ludicrous wasn't a i mean your your j. B holmes has been outed as well but this plan in more. We're on they just spend nigerian as the quick players will sign. It's it's quite nice to say how many quick plays they're all you know brooks curran on rows of come out in criticism criticism of pepper according twit. I'm imagining apologize what world we live in where someone has to apologize for calling someone a twit yup. I withdrew that statement but yeah i mean i'm happy to go into shamburg to if you're watching this you are a twits and is not the only twit. He's not the only to say that it's the p._g._a. For not police commissioner who said the you know that they really want to start docking people people points. It's the only white suit too out and it would it would so it so long time. Wouldn't it yeah they all the big twits. We should use a much more <hes> much more. I'm nasty would for them because <hes> is a simple solution in it. You're going fifteen million dollar. Prize <hes> check into the to the winners of the fedex cop. I mean how difficult would it be for the p._g._a. Tour and the european sour- to have an official with every group you know timing them and delivering instant instant panel is slow pyeho. I employ a team two hundred people for that. You know he's gonna use the shot. Link people <unk>. Obviously there's a kid. Watching every group isn't presumably go to provide the details and i think they're going to give them a stop watch so they might be able to monitor it that way but it's the only white so an soon as you do. Dot people shots the the problem is it's so simple. It's ludicrous today as disney. I'm a severe disciplinarian. It all walks of life really are if you impose poza a ten year prison sentence for for burglary. They'll never be any burglaries but <hes> you know i i think in this case. We need to be more disciplined on there. Bryan needs to be told old you. You'll you'll lose shots for that sort of behaviour and then as you say stop cincinnati online. Glamour is a poxy part as well. It wasn't a flashed about seven thinks she's passed the hose prophetic on it. Where'd you stand slow play glenn now sadly no pay laws and policies the big nine. The pain is at young age. Yes she. I came as a bit smile duck in the point mrs j._p. Suck not moss's made me agree with. I think any one person go out soda so they should shortcut jacques. They should obey the shot clock masters. I think i mean that's a <hes>. Monistic is otherwise that's it's a fun just to try get able in own you dig. It is a big night writing and seems to be issue. I right okay well. They swung fat in your wallets going on about slow place so will speed up and move gut locator. I tournament which is the b._m._w. Championship the historic medina course steve before we get short bam also test these medina as madine medina now on yeah the famous number three quarter madonna. There's a few courses there. This is the championship called seven thousand six hundred yards par seventy two long parkland softened softened by rain recently so plenty yardage to cover small grains is hosted five majors most recently the nineteen ninety nine and two thousand six u._s._p._g._a.'s both won by hollywood's <hes> and it also staged a twenty twelve ride a copy of the so called miracle of medina when you're full back from ten sixty to win that <hes> mm play quite easy which one winning toes of eleven and eighteen on the power knows u._s._p._g._a.'s. It was a birdie fest in the roy to cut chris. Davis love the american captain slash. The roth almost no rough for that tournament four fives one drivable path for a decent weather full console. I think some fifteen on the power win this kazoo a particular type of player also skills catered for here. I think you need power say it's been a little rain recently. It's he's playing soft. It's a long on course to power harry's key and accuracy on approach to these small greens. Okay glenda take it away with the show from star sports yeah the old oh six lies dissuade avon five ish book stack rory mcilroy salon job rob spoke to jackson so miss old saints in johnson so i just the rows twenty one patrick by twenty five dollars on heaven's raid but webb simpson twenty one loud tournament writing and surprise me get annoyed. Kobe high nine isn't it. I mean look how far down tiger woods abc's known of tumbled down. The bang isn't he incredible sings rather than steve. You'll put up four players and the most sensitive themis who are the best face justice thomas who is one of the freshest players in the field coming into the playoffs. I think a lot of running on empty. Thomas had a six week break in the middle of the season <hes> <hes> with a wrist injury and in the last few weeks he really really hungry for success. He built up ahead of standing swinging swinging absolutely superbly finished ninth in the scottish open eleventh in the open twelfth and the w._g._c.'s jude twelve again in the northern trust last week. I know those performances ron courses where you have precious little experience earrings. He was a coup stabilization in three of them. <hes> so to finish just off. The first page of the leaderboard is impressive and he's had a really cold putter throughout so any upturn in <hes> impacting imparting form and i think it's bingo for thomas madonna which is attract which really suits him small greens but less of a premium on on putting the key attributes has discussed. He's got power kyron tap a second on the p._g._a. Tour strokes gained on approach so this is a perfect fit for him and he's desperate to keep his winning streak every year. Since two thousand fourteen he's worn a tournament as a one minute and twenty nine teen not scared by these bumper pay daisies a former fedex cup champion so i think cam you know relish chance to win the second fedex cup toiling and it's also an important factor to talk about browsing the shamba again within what he played with him for two rounds loss these days ted i saw the video is amazing wasn't looking is watching game very upset about it wasn't yeah so you wonder whether that on saudi enough to <hes> to stop him winning last week. He was just off the pace last week. <hes> now this week he's a spam paul casey adam scott to f- to find gina carrots in a fancy tomas squashing hashing. You do okay so i was looking at some of them. Have fun came out. You took me by surprise. I quickly stopped <hes> in. How many are you putting out this week. Just this rate from just the three. Who's your main man my man we'll update patch. It rained wing. Mattress can't wait side and got basin you. I'm gonna headline in corey. <unk> is way out done to me about whoa. You're you'll have to talk to me about it. 'cause you're tipping but up back to manure safer hope twins he finished last week on the boston missed from five fe on the the eighteenth on fell out of the top twenty s consequence as a great shout by but ultimately no joy that was annoying insight also sixty cents promise much more but we've asked the incentive coverage hitting so many fair chestnutty cianci's again into prime got required of say <hes> for this way regularly app dedecker fray on galaxy the o._c._c. light standard always guy on that when he wanted to isa my sir barnes him birdies in on around one of the sites well sites i suggesting how good the walls of the boy oh since that said cowardly ranks number one on sir in grins regulation he saved in greens in regulation consumer jobs blast and number one from a hundred and twenty five yards a seventeen grains your regulation for the file why eleven for many where albert uh-huh i eat it greens irregulaties machine phrase obvious as and writes in the top seventy driving accuracy a one at is tough <unk> ice blackened page son hugging. He has a week off and say tapes into shops though he also ranked number. One in pucks imitates an hour from the fair why i basically stay in another show. I think got the honus to win. It's ornament of this magnitude. You think glen all look what he's spur enough. God is find an old deters. Insane are america denied any in hobart loss safety found bay of the wayne a ditching former millionaire love. My windows raised the name. He starts shouting. He combined with the people. Nothing ability think he's got the game for is just the main suicide and the more is to mix and say guys up into more comfortable if i could win these sodas in the future caja corey conan's i one hundred fifty to one headline shout there from glenn excellent stuff. Who's your next best. Steve brooks cooker. I realized sticking eight one chance. It makes us an expensive stake in plan. I apologize for that but i think it'd be foolish to <hes> to go into battle this week with that at least in a win win only wagering on the fed ex leader on a lot of people ruling out this week because they feel that would have switched his attention to the tour championship. I don't think i don't see a lot. I don't think he can afford to to see it like <hes>. A so cooker on the practice putting green after his round on sunday in new jersey was glowing on grinding with his coach coach putting stroke. I think he knows that the b._m._w. Championship is massively important served in terms of setting out that fifty million dollar payday there is always on because he hasn't go up secretly. Good record or eastlake east like is full figures as laker eighteen six twenty six barry minus thirty run a heat. That's pretty poor form for player. The statue stature east not particularly good fit for him so with rory mcilroy jon rahm and other whoa cost plas- breathing down his neck in the cup standings. I think cooking <unk> knows is very important to stay number one in the standings and get to shortly therese leg. Have you discussed down on previous. Put on my way we did it to death. Law swigs swigs. We're really concerned about betting kyle snakes wait with the leaderboard showing the so gross scores rather than net scores and all that kind of thing so we'll jose be interesting to chat with glenn if we got on on how he's gonna assume that but make is it going to be on on the fedex cup employ the handicap system in and there's only he plays i can do both expensive steve nick's next week in the racing visors lovely story explaining all speaking's will the bookies and getting views on hands because otherwise it could be very very confusing but anyway back to cook you cook the needs east to keep his foot on the gas. That's two thousand fedex cup points and offer to whoever wins this week anyone down to fortieth place in the standings can mathematically magically overtake cook though this week so he needs to needs to focus on on the b._m._w. Championship championship starts now but brooks cook guy. He's got one hundred and forty four holes left. It's completely season. He knows that medina long soft course with four par-five suits in much better than east like he he needs to stay in the number one spot so you cook because the next best who's who's your next best. Glenn monaco-based is not about justice thomas. I thought they said my needs a foam. I'm my dry got. Good stacks green. You recognize that he's got out as soon any will zone. I'm sorry eight my number two arrive and steve the other two are the other two patrick can't lay mr consistent to the p._g._a. Tour rock-solid each way bet this week fourteen talk twenties in nineteen nineteen starts this season including victory in the memorial third place in the u._s. p._j. A sixth in the fedex cup standings very much in the hunt and should take a shine to to madonna honoree putted superbly last week in and finished twelfth at liberty national typically a greens in regulation machine in and out with a partner but you know really hot flagstick last week if he brings out to madonna with a more typical degree in performance. I think he consents for b._m._w. Glory in the foreigner one very on this podcast at the start the season jason co crack back jason cook came agonisingly close to win the basketball championship fifty to one i n the march <hes> brilliant star to the from him out <hes> bit of a flat flat spot in may and june but then the crackers raised his game again in recent weeks. He was sixth in the wyndham championship twelfth in the northern trust last week. Madonna's sets up right for him so in other could maiden victory. I'll cayenne. You've got one more selection. I glen having yeah yeah. They work again. <hes> get less. They might have been yeah while miss audet needs fulham again. I'm looking these high. That's very good. I'm into i on the sewer lord. I i'm coming from his two thousand twelve froze up comment that us nobody young nights. It's the ball million models they was indeed is is when accountable china was i usually get into great erin guide and the interesting thing was any rights he's blass combination guys balls and a good on the great they see is the good round the old in say when he does that. That's when the yoga he's i do. We all right grading. You're on gun. I often say are you a. I'll just just forbath fong anti yet. You'll be quite confident in your rookie. Seasons grind yourself by <hes> ooh yeah quite the ground zero net helps a needs to insist lost weight ryan seventy seconds. It's still out abba abc's by an easier very good arm but as a very flamboyant stake in plan their glenn i've got say should should we spin through the other leading contentious very snappy line from asia view on the following steve. What'd you think of single figure price rory mcilroy third in the standings twenty sixteen cup champion fond memories of madonna met his wife. The you've been following the story. I was lucky twenty yeah twenty twelve already copy and he's late chris teatime <hes>. He misjudged the teatime. He's going to miss his t- tom and then erica stole as she was then came to the rescue and tracked him down and and got him on the phone it was actually it was actually on the phone to caroline wozniacki at the time. It's a fascinating story. We could spend ten minutes on it but it won't go his heart did did she was she stole is how it's brilliant work. Please please get into the unscom and then he beat keegan bradley and then one by one point so he rewarded by dumping caroline wozniacki in marina so he's got four members of madani free points in that roy to cup. He's obviously paying right things got mental scars from from the open and from that w._g._c. throbbing with brooks jon rahm. I do love jon rahm. I laid off zone on sunday and he went and bogeyed the next two. I do not trust john ron d._u. Glenn exact about my nights room ally not a golden opportunity in a way. I didn't apply here just saying chun's doing allied health it a busy end of competition. A white guy doesn't go temperament as i thought so okay d._j. Showed a return to form for two days. Even then it all went very very wrong kenny bounce back here now straw man you should see he meets trump junior. I glen mama's doing that because obviously i invited read always doing a lot of chuntering but yet dustin johnson dustin johnson he started well at liberty national then he then we can rounds of seventy four and seventy three plummet down the leaderboard. He won three points from three matches in that roy cup so madonna. Madonna suits him well but he's not driving kevin well. He's he keeps switching pasi. Keep switching putting grips narconon moment ice remember steve when we used to work together on the sports desk you chuntering mad. If someone was whistling pulling in the office wooden temperament issues in august do chuntering keep reading books to john suit me out but none of them have tracked to well you chunk away in that lovely shed of yours right then justin rose who was <hes> second in the last couple years what you think of his chances glenn yes. Oh maybe seeing is england's finishing against <hes>. He's diabled looks like he's not getting the job done. He's got sola in the beginning but just at the moment stave event the hawks for webb simpson last few weeks. Do you think he can figure here already cracked his driver last week so <hes> yeah he's got new driver not not audio track for for simpson nibble punch off the chief in this one okay. I'm finally glenn what do you think of adam. Scott's cianci's abc's yeah again i say to grain. He's all excited right on my questions on the gray. Yes he is the nephew fall between the roy halladay backside their backs. We have john so with it on the bus you <music>. Who would you rather be glenn webb simpson. Adam scott all the bait yeah why nokes uh-huh okay they combined these regular fate show that was good onto the european tour which reappears after few weeks of you're in activities that dental like a sponsors or just the shed gelo what steve i'm still chuckling hockey with aluminium how many pick adams go because web simpson's very devoted to the lord and he spends a lot of time <hes> bible classes in the church and is quite as loyd puts on his plate. There and adam scott does not surfing clem points. I appreciate it very active. You know oakland's and can you question place. Why do we know avenue. Europeans who are events of the high of some of these days because of the fedex cup schedule through changes the european tour just surrender to the to the <hes> the off the it's the p._g._a. Tour well so what we've got is the <hes> check open. Check check masters. Check mazdas pastas. It's that the albatross g-o-v cub in prague and glen were is the lightest betting from stars where again we're the best sixth as one on these burger hussein to our eddie pepperoni every android late westwood i think about some spaces twenty six to one hundred twenty five on bubba mcintyre and some louis cabin green and judy and surrey <hes> claim when you're not sometimes football you get teams and they say that they don't want half terms come because they're playing so you think we's burger. He wouldn't have wanted this little european european so high to come because he was absolutely flying. I'm going to go to you first and just ask you. Yes no question all you tipping ways boga this week. Yes you are easy is your number. One is my only all accent apprentice. That trade did not. I thought you'd stick with him. Gone elaborate blend. Why why you going all in on ways boettger notice now looks at him on friday night. He's a good looking young jack. I'm a ah big. Hit is probably the generous fan wise at which he won the previous winners right very highly greens in regulation agents almost pay fast. If any rights twenty second you have a whole winners rights activist pat spit cranium results prove the case. We sat with the winners rankings second second us when you follow what i expected and the current foam as we said there's there's one standard backfire all mentioned australia ben b.'s boga and he lost seven so and events which include sick but yes. I've been the second second young but he's five toda's accident out sees us. I think second and fast ranking sixty second dr insistence on maternity sheer we now he's long knock when he dates it. This way sailed. I repaired a lost thing weights. He's coach ingrained regulation of thoughts. When enact class agrees any second gone back in sorry obscene fixed rate of scott shower rooms against a much quasi he failed on included lots of roy mcelroy justin summers ricky fi and extensively extra date that recall seeing that they l'herbe exciting scotland's this on the phone consistent thickness citizen the show by johnson hall he guangming imbaba after wait the second in your trunk autoweek sitting. I raise walk on at a big trade this year. Okay steve ready. You're gonna have to guy awesome to convince me not to not to be putting all my eggs in the boon vs bergamasco hip. I believe you have got four against him. I haven't in far away. I'm not gonna stop. You put in eggs in the region where i was stunned. He wasn't favorite this week. I <hes> thought should be clear favorite but he was actually co favor of four which was astonishing <hes> buck a ki ki key <hes> facts about vs burgi qualified for that w._g._c. Saint jude invitation turned down the opportunity to to fresh for the end of the european social season so yeah the office vis book is gonna locker for him but you got four pick a process to beat him. Julian surrey american power house very well suited to this layout fond memories of the czech republic is where he kick start his career by winning the two thousand seventeen check challenge on the challenge tour free months off that you're on the europeans who made in denmark <hes> he's one of the best on the european tour took five months off with a hernia <unk> a surgery law. She came back at the end of march. A stray cat it twenty four to nineteen four starts back. It was fifteenth in the masses. Is it the end of june and one spin on this course he was sick off the three rounds and then <hes> fong around seventy six event came straight trey off resisting denmark made win so you know mental mental tank rand roy so julian surrey number one choice next best is tom. Louis only shane larry and donny willie outscored lewis in the final three rounds of the open championship. A superb fifty four hole stretch from lewis portrush finished in eleventh place. It was a time philip after a bit of a flat spell in prague. Last year is where he started. His golden spell was world number four hundred twenty eight then finished tenth in the prompt gulf challenge on the challenge tool call one or a challenge tour event boy shorts soon after that he won the portugal masters by three shots <hes> at the end of the year charging up the world rankings. He got fifty fifth in the world rankings finishing third in the sound international in february and then he went off the rouser based. I qualified w._g._c.'s law globe trotting race back in the groove. Now he's back at one of his favourite tracks you finish third and in sixth at the albatross the last two years so surrey and louis the best bets to more giving green the two thousand seventeen asian tour order of merit when rising star is quick south european soul the best is always rookie campaign last year came in this event he was third check masters the core sets up before me being very impressive lately and the foreign and one bigger the process hate him portius twenty seventeen check masters champion and other ideally suited to this test. <hes> loves in the czech republic is go friend is a is a check <hes> <hes> and he's got a couple of warm-up spin the scottish open in a in a sunshine tour event last week so <hes> y- think poetry's could be ready to roast the albatross again novel stuff tough okay quickly glenn. Could you endorse on my favorite european so proud of the moment rogue mcintyre bad bad. Could you endorse it if i if i if i said i was going to back him. Would you saw don't do over just yet. I mean as you mentioned also. I mean abiam almost nine when he died. <unk> bound stacks becomes very hot again as i said the other way on the hill relates consi- show this would necessarily bring best in but yet you don. I know league championship. Galilee bruce does no one nine this weight boby. I want to know you play. Well probably thousand also we've is. It's now time for the solemn <hes> summary of the selections if you missed any of what the likes of said throughout the broadcast now's the time to jot them down again and lum alum porn or have sensible backdrop so the b._m._w. Championship steve palmer just in sumus brooks cook hot. You kante and jason crack glenn die. Corey does justice thomas johnson and is all white sign now. That's not me chirping and inciting back glen day. That's me telling glen day what his tips just still play golf to best understand say easter always he's on the round bellies is he or the year after my master i am the case notes still plenty more than twit pack pro he was the original slow player wasn't he okay and the czech mousters steve palmer. Do you think a twelve more offensive than twitter. I think it's probably nothing. I can't believe you ever have to apologize for calling someone a tweet me. No check mousters julian sudeley. Tom lewis gavin green and hayden. Porteous and glenda hoodoo like just the one basboga brilliant stuff. You're gonna have one of your most significant bets of the air on burnt to think glen. I definitely is lovely stuff. You talk all the paper around u._n._c. of his young kids and young. You know the young lions useless. I got a lump on yeah. It's like anyone guiding with the topo pressure on meetings weights. What what's the double. He's poker and who i'll really wow coach is gonna hit people. Oh yeah we do that. She had one gopher. Is that yours or you're just gonna go rolling on burn about. What are we so. I say okay stave. What's your one gopher this week but one gulf has justin thomas thomason julian sierra each way double is the justin and julian show this week. What are you gonna go wash cry uncle. What are you going to buy your wife. I for monday morning. Well just jewels. I say justin in june in yeah. That's really really good earlier on that yourself. Steve very much so yeah yeah. That's the deficit killer the deficit spitzer oh lovely in two thousand nine hundred deficit. That's always my targets. Get level for the year's stuff any of the good stuff before we convene next week or learn 'cause you just come back from the whole suspects to the grindstone. Isn't it now a off lecompte both children's tomorrow night for the first time ever. The war's going to get a haircut which always takes about four hours so yes i am. I've been alone para children so asking to be a big test matches attest. You'll be very dependent on the mummy's outages. This is neil told me i haven't got them offer. There's ways and means this bottles and all sorts of stuff unglamorous and what we got <hes> the <hes> excite you most between now next wednesday not facing exotic crowd into anyway is way old <unk> owners make and decorate next week. It's a nine if you'll statue pipe. Pay someone else to decorate. I'll wait. She looks and bruce well. Cry if these bogor and conan's get daniel be getting a new house to decorate never mind getting the existing assisting dwelling decorates it well. Let's talk about what is coming up next week. Because it's the tour championship culmination of the fedex cop like i say it's a bit of confusion asian because players are going to come into this thirty runner event with headstarts based on the points in the earnings. They've made already stephen glenn will of research to all by the tom. We sit down next week. They'll have it all sorted out. I'm also in sweden for the scandinavian international between now and then we've got full. We'll post costs and matty's here on friday to present bumper weekend of racing including the hungerford stakes but if you can't join us for them we love to be back next wednesday for another racing post gulf off price costs given the whole get to old baby right now. All jeans are on sale up to fifty percent off from fifteen bucks for adults ten bucks for kids. Try on a pair in store and save even more with five bucks off your purchase of fifty dollars or more during old navy's great denham triathlon hurry in now to find your perfect fit and save big with up to fifty percent off all jeans now at old navy validate twelve day twenty one excludes in store clearance gift cards register lane items jewelry five dollar discount valid with jeans purchase.

steve fedex Glenn monaco-based thomas madonna stephen glenn patrick corey conan rory mcilroy rand roy navy justin thomas webb simpson casey adam scott steve palmer brooks curran jon rahm dustin johnson northern trust glen
Podcast: The Children are Dirty, They're Sick": Extreme Overcrowding and Unsanitary Conditions Reported at Migrant Detention Centers 2019-06-24

The Takeaway

42:31 min | 1 year ago

Podcast: The Children are Dirty, They're Sick": Extreme Overcrowding and Unsanitary Conditions Reported at Migrant Detention Centers 2019-06-24

"The takeaway is supported by net, suite by oracle the business management software and the world's number one cloud business system. Right now, net suite is offering valuable insights with a free guide seven key strategies to grow your profits at net. Sweet dot com slash takeaway. That's net. Sweet dot com slash takeaway. It's monday. And this is the takeaway for June twenty-fourth. The children are dirty. They're sick. They're being detained for long periods of time. And they're hungry. An immigration lawyer describes what she saw when she visited children being held at the US Mexico border. Some of the children are given a thin blanket or sheet to sleep with, but as punishment, sometimes those blankets and sheets are taken away, how the US immigration system treats children, also on the show, the black community in south bend reacts to mayor people to just handling of a police shooting. There's a saying that if you don't practice what you preach in what you preach is only a speech, and it won't reach and the controversy over video replay in the women's World Cup bus. We have our first part in our new series life after overdose. And I remember thinking that it would we would've all been better off, and especially her if she had just died during that first overdose a to get to folks. But we start in Texas. When I interviewed children in detention, I try to sit close to them, because we're talking about such sensitive and traumatic subjects but with some of the children, I I had trouble sitting near them because of the stench. That the migration attorney allure Mukherjee. She spent last week talking to children in a customs and border protection detention facility in Clint, Texas, many of the children have not been able to shower or bathe once since crossing the border. So I met with children who hadn't phased for more than three weeks. None of the children have opportunities to change their clothes on a regular basis. Nearly every child, I met with is wearing the same clothing that they crossed the border in and their clothing is stained in bodily fluids. There's nasal mucus on their clothes rest. Feeding teenage moms have shirts that are covered in breast milk, stains, and very young children, who aren't being given diapers as they need have urine on their pants. It is disgusting. More than three hundred children in the Clint CB detention facility under nineteen Ninety-seven law known as the floor is settlement. The government is supposed to provide the children with quote safe and sanitary conditions and they are not supposed to hold migrant children. For more than seventy two hours Mukherjee says that some children told her they had been in detention for weeks and the conditions were anything but safe and sanitary, the children do not have access to soap to wash their hands. And as a result viruses are spreading very quickly through the facility. There is a flu outbreak children. There are in quarantine. We begged repeatedly to get access to that quarantine and officials denied us are numerous requests. The children are dirty. They're sick. They're being detained for long periods of time. And they're hungry. I'm tansy Nevada. And this is the takeaway. As thousands of migrant children remain in government detention. Many Americans want to know how the US immigration system, reached this point, and the work that needs to be done to improve conditions in detention centers across the country to get context and history, I spoke with, w Hernandez and associate professor of Latino studies at mount holyoke college, and we're also joined by a lower Mukherjee, the lawyer, who was part of a team that visited the children in Clint, Texas. She's also a professor and the director of the immigrants rights clinic at Columbia law. The sleeping conditions in the Clint facility are not appropriate for children. Many of the children don't even have mat to sleep on. There are no beds. They're sleeping on the concrete floors at times. Some of the children are given a thin blanket or sheet to sleep with but as punishment sometimes those blankets and sheets are taken away management for what so on Wednesday. Good evening. A member of our team learned that there were twenty girls in one holding cell, and that two of the girls apparently had a lice infestation, and they were given to lice combs and toll to comb everyone's hair, which you're not supposed to do with lice. Right. You're not supposed to share combs, but they were told to share combs, apparently, one if the combs became lost, and the children, couldn't find it and as punishment for not being able to find the combs the sheets, the blankets, and the mats that the children were supposed to be sleeping on were all taken away, and I should mention that it is extremely cold in many of these holding cells at night, and the children cannot sleep, many of them have told me that they are so hungry. They wake up at night multiple times with hunger. Pangs. Why are they not eating? There is insufficient food for the children and the quality of the food is. Not a good quality. Children are given the same food, regardless of if they're one years older seventeen years old. Everyone is provided with the same trae and there are no fresh fruits. There are no vegetables. There's no milk. And there is no age appropriate or caloric appropriate assessment going on. So breastfeeding mothers who need extra calories to provide milk for their babies are being given the same amount of food as a one year old, a two year old is given the same size trae as a seventeen year old legally at least customs and border protection is not allowed to hold minors for longer than seventy two hours. You're saying some of these miners have been there for three weeks without bathing or more did CB BP respond to why these children were being held for longer than the legal limit CB P has not responded on that particular issue as far as I know. But after the media story started, breaking less Thursday, Friday and over the weekend. See. VP did issue a statement and what is striking about CB p statement is that they are not denying what the children have told us what their statement says is that CB p is not designed to hold children for these long. Periods of time in the feed the nineteen Ninety-seven florist settlement was supposed to govern the treatment of migrant children in government custody. Let's talk a little bit about what conditions were like for migrant children before Florida's before's came out because of a case in the nineteen eighties. And then it was litigated for a while in the nineteen ninety seven they settled and they decided that they're, you know, the, the best interests of the child and to try to process them out of these situations, but prior to that they could either be mixed with adults and adult facilities. They could sit in offices locked up in cubicles and offices while they're waiting and so that there was a lot of change because of Florida's and then after two thousand. And fourteen when the family started coming together, and Florida's was originally for unaccompanied children, and then they, they started applying under Obama and because of certain rulings although they fought that they started applying Florida's to families as well. So children with their parents in detention would have limits to that attention as well. That that's the twenty day and family attention. But I think the squalor and that's that professor Mukherjee's describing and the and the lack of medical treatment, and the bungled medical treatment, and the indifference to, to the detainees, you know, that runs across the system, you know, that whether you're CB p custody, whether you're in HHS custody, whether you're in detect, you know, ice custody, this is this is an across the board condition for, for all these persons. I want to have it for a minute to a bit of a historical point Davi. We know that one pivotal point for immigration policy here in the United States was after the wave of hate. Immigration in the nineteen seventies can you help us understand what precedent that established for what we're seeing today? I think the seventies and eighties, the Haitian case along with Cubans, but especially with Haitians Haitians were us as a sort of a laboratory to test out brand new policies, including interdiction at sea, the use of mandatory detention mass hearings, and then whatever rationale follow those, we supported those, those treatments. And so those very specific policies by Carter. And then Reagan administration, they are now the status quo policies nationally, and so those, those initial innovations became regularized policy that we that we that we consider normal today, and then they became an -sconsin legislation the nineteen ninety six and after another in other policies of, of ice in the INS before that, and w how did these immigration policies expand under President Bush, and subsequently, President Obama? I mean as we know with. Bush, we have nine eleven and then, so there's a huge expansion and a new rationale in terms of anti-terrorism for detaining people Central American migrants and Mexican migrants, and people come from Latin America, generally aren't in that category. But the policies that restricted their rights, and their and their access to relief from detention deportation works that we're using. It's supposed terrorists. Were also used against the everyday migrant as well. So that expanded greatly under Bush, you know, he had workplace raids. He he began family detention. You know, he had a family detention facility in Texas, the huddle facility, which eventually was was ended under Obama and then Obama as we know becomes the reporter and chief, you know, you know, deporting thousand people a day up to four hundred thousand people and two thousand twelve and so in along with everyone who goes persons they were detained prior to that largely in so, so the detention expansion just ballooned you know because of that. But all that was set up by legally making that possible nineteen Ninety-six an innovating on that in the late seventies and early eighties and want to play. A clip from a department of Justice lawyer, who argued before the ninth circuit about sleeping on concrete floors, not providing toothbrushes, etc. Let's take a listen is within everybody's common understanding that, you know, if you don't have to brush, if you don't have. So if you don't have a blanket, it's not safe and. Wouldn't everybody agreed to that? You do you agree to that? Well, I think it's I think those are there's fair reason to find that those things may be part of Saint amazing are apart. Laura. What does this argument tell us about the where the federal government policy is right now, the federal government's position as demonstrated by that ninth circuit argument last week? Is that children do not need toothbrushes soap places to sleep where they can actually get some rest, and this, the effect of that position is what we see in Clint, there is an emergency humanitarian and medical crisis, there that is the direct result of the administration's inhumanity and degrading position with regard to children and perhaps it comes as no surprise that over the past year. Seven children have died in federal immigration custody after almost a decade where no child was reported as dying while in the custody of customs and border protection. I was gonna ask what the federal government needs to do. To address overcrowding, but I almost want to say, who will hold the United States government accountable for these what appeared to be violations of the Flora's agreement, and, or even a human rights violations. Quite frankly, Laura. Many people have reached out to me concerned about the conditions in Clint since the story broke last week, I'm asking everyone to demand. Immediate congressional hearings on the appalling conditions at the border. I'm asking folks to please support nonprofit organizations that try to help meet the daily needs of those crossing the border as well as provide free legal services to individuals asking that knowledge and awareness about this crisis be shared because I think, regardless of one's party affiliation or political background. We can all agree that children need to be taken care of in conditions that meet basic human decency. When vice president Pence was interviewed yesterday on CNN. He was asked whether immigrant children deserve soap. P- and toothbrushes while they are in these detention centers. And his response was, of course, a lower Mukherjee is the director of the immigrants right clinic at Columbia law. And w Hernandez is an associate professor of Latino studies at mount holyoke college. Thanks to you both. Thank you. The take. Away reached out to customs and border protection for comment on this story and a CB P officials sent us a response that said the agency uses what it described as quote limited resources to provide the best possible care for the people, they detain especially children, and they said, these basilicas were not meant to hold vulnerable populations long term, and they're calling on congress to provide more funding. You can find the rest of their statement on our website. The takeaway dot org. Mayor Pete Buddha. Judge was supposed to be on the campaign trail in South Carolina on Friday. Instead. He was back home in south bend, Indiana facing protesters who were angry over his response to the June sixteenth killing of Eric Logan. Matter. Course black lives matter. Logan, who is black was shot and killed by a white police officer after being found breaking into parked cars according to officials. He did not have a gun. But police say he had a knife. The officer who shot. Logan, south bend sergeant Ryan O'Neal did not switch on his body, camera and members of the community are demanding answers about what prompted Logan's death. Oliver Davis is a south bend, common councilman serving the sixth district, and he's watched as tensions between the African American community. The largely white police force and the mayor's office have escalated over the years councilman Davis. Thanks for joining us during again, for having before we get into the details of how mayor the mayor is handling the situation. Can you give us a sense of what the latest is on the investigation into Eric Logan's death? Currently everything's at the prosecutor's office and that it's being handled there. That's our understanding where we are. As a city council is at our. Council meeting. We will be sending individual letters to our local prosecutor asking for a special investigation into the Eric Logan, matter because of Baena the uprisings that has gone on in town. There's a lack of trust and talking a little bit more about that lack of trust. And more is emerging now from reporters who are familiar with the region about the relationships between the police, and the black community in south bend. Can you give us a sense? Is this a new phenomenon or have these tensions always existed? This is my twelfth year on the council, and a lot of the tensions that started with this particular situation, started back in two thousand twelve right in the middle of Trayvon Martin rally that was being held here in south bend. I received a phone call that Thursday, but back in two thousand and twelve that are police chief, who was an African American male who was highly respected, not only African americ-. Communities here in south bend Bimbo throughout our whole entire community had just been fired. And so I made a phone call over to the mayor to confirm that. And he told me, well, guess the cats out the back and we had over two hundred people that showed up in protest of that. And we started to ask for an investigation to this matter. In fact, we said that the south bend common council is going to subpoena the police tapes. We had some officers talk about some ratio actions that were going on in the police department on tapes, and they then said that we could not hear them then. So it's been a legal battle for the last seven years may people to judge sued the council, and we have been held up in court for the last seven years as a legislative branch, we believe that we can Cepeda, according to state rules, and may appear talks about some of that in his book. The shortest way home. We believe that, that really started to. Built the distrust between him and those of us in the community because of how he handled it. He has a right to choose who he wants to in terms of his offices. But the way he went about debasing degrading chief boykin had a sour taste in many of our mouths. Mayor Pete held a town hall in south bend on Sunday. I'd like to play a clip from that town hall, and hear your reaction to that. The effort to recruit more minority officers to the police department and the effort, introduced body cameras have not succeeded. And I accept responsibility for that councilman Davis. Can you talk a little bit about mayor pizza response there or his his comments there? And more broadly was he able to address the concerns of the black community in south Ben. No. He was not because of we have we all did a resolution asking for more diversity within the sound police department back in December of two thousand four and that has not happened. In fact, it's continually to decrease and in a city with the diversity that is found in south bend to have basically about less than five percent of the police force, African American is a disgrace. We have close to thirty percent of this town, that's African American and to say that, well, we can find anybody or people are not signing up or they drop in the middle of an interview, and they don't complete their interview is something that we must not accept. There were protests on Friday in south bend. And a couple of tense moments emerged in those protests between mayor Pete and black community members. He was asked Pacific -ly. If black live. Matter. He answered, of course, black lives matter. What was the response to that answer was that satisfactory? Vigil honor of words that are being said, but actions speak louder than words. There's a saying that if you don't practice what you preached what you preach is only a speech, and it won't reach, and that's the challenge that we have is his speech reaching various communities. Not only were African Americans in that crowd. There were many are white community. That was in that ground screaming also. There are people who would say that the criticism of mayor Pete right now is not fair that he left the campaign trail has made an effort to respond to the needs of the community has held a town hall has embraced, if you will, the language of black lives matter, what's your response to that. Is this a temporary moment for mayor Pete, and will he be able to recover while the challenge of running for president as a mayor is not the easiest challenge you can see that in mayor de Blasios New York on the challenges? He's had in gaining traction. And so mayors have unique. Challenge that the United States senators or congress, officers, do not have to deal with in even in this whole crisis. Nobody's calling on Senator young or are Senator to Brom to deal with this these issues that local politicians local city council local mayors have to deal with. And this is where the rubber meets the road down here at the local politics tip. O'neill said all politics is local and many of the actions that we as local officials have to make the national officials do federal fish don't have to deal with that many of them, Keurigs, don't families in Washington DC in Virginia. Maryland era, even though they're senators, we have to live within our districts, we go to our barbershop, some churches are beauty shops are communities, where as soon as we make a decision. We hear the effects of that on our way home Oliver Davis is the south bend, common councilman serving the city's sixth district councilman Davis. Thanks for being with the takeaway. Thank you. You're listening to the takeaway. I'm tansy in Vega. If you've been watching the women's World Cup. You may have noticed a controversial fem-. The videotape. Checking full possible penalty. It is something that can be reviewed with the are they are on church for possible offense. So we'll do it again. Be a are short. For video assistant referee is soccer's version of instant replay for the officials is the first time VAR has been used in a major women's tournament, and it's already been involved in several crucial moments take Sunday when the goal that would have put host country, France ahead of Brazil in the first knockout stage was disallowed for a foul on the goalkeeper. Here we go. No go. Not forgiven. Can you hear the boos there from the French proud and earlier that day Cameroon had a goal called back against England for being narrowly offsides? And the team was so upset over the ruling that they refuse to play for several minutes while their captains spoke with the referee. All this has got fans and analysts thinking about how instant replays should be used in the sport. And whether it should be used at all. Ricardo Salazar knows something about this in two thousand seventeen he became the first referee to use video replay in a game in Major League Soccer here in the US. He's now a video assistant referee for the officiating organization that services the MLS Ricardo. Thanks for being with the takeaway, hugging me. And we also have Charene Ahmed sports writer and co host of the burn it all down podcasts arena. It's always great to have you on things. Tenzin a high Ricardo. Were you so Shaheen? Let's get started what most concerns you about how video replay has affected this World Cup. Well, first of all, I'm going to try to be very nuanced and unbiased in my Commodore Barry, they're hopeful hundreds of things isn't I can defer all the technical stuff to Ricardo. But one of the things they'll talk of consistency to which the rule has been applied. Namely, the goalkeeping rule, which, you know, I fab the governing federation of FIFA the governs over rules and policies, they've changed it. So that now the goalkeeping rule where goalkeepers were actually given a yellow if they came off the line has now been changed. So only during regulation time not an extra time not in penalty kicks. They won't be. They won't be given or booked with yellow. So I mean right away. We see that this entire process was used for many feel including myself. I like the us. The women's tournament is a Guinea pig to see how it would be applied. And most important point is these rules were put in. To play five days before the women's World Cup started. That's not enough time to train everybody adequately from what I understand the officials only got six months and the players. Are they going to be expected to like change, particularly the goalkeeper's their actual visceral movements like it's, it's, it's bizarre and hasn't been consistently applied? And it's actually giving us less faith in the officials on the pitch and Ricardo you were one of those officials. Let's talk about we know that instant replay is something that's used in referees in all types of sports. Why what's different in? V. A R in soccer. Well, it's it can only be used in, in a like any sport. It can only be used in a set scenarios four sets in areas as you can tell when a goal is scored. And that's what we're seeing here when it goes scored with a penalty, kick or no penalty kick with a direct red card and in a mistaken identities. And these occasions to video assistant referee always always checks when when, when a play has happened and people are up in arms. It's being checked. And that's that's something that, that players fans spectators managers people who are have any interest in a game. He don't understand it. It's always being checked. And, and it's multiple camera angles hair were there to assist the referee, assistant referee. It's just main objective is to assist the referee at all times to make sure he gets the right decision Ricardo. You're the first referee to use video replay. Overturn one of your own calls told me about that moment. Well, yeah, it was a historic day or roll this out and Major League Soccer. We Major League Soccer worked many. Here's feeding up to that, that day we rolled it out to here, so you up to get a lot of other practice lot of scenarios reds, a lot of seminars re re wins that historic day means, so on thinking one thing that I on the day made a mistake. So nobody likes to make mistakes. But we're fortunate that we had eatery review that day as a safety net too correct? That decision on the fields and get the get the decision, right? Serene before the break you mentioned that A at least in this World Cup is sort of been used as a Guinea pig for the women's World Cup. But it was used in the men's World Cup last year. And it also faced some controversy, then what's different between now and then we'll first of all, like I said the implementation of this was done just days before the tournament began. Wasn't sufficient time for teams to, you know, talk about it, understand it? And Secondly, like the way that the reactions to it have been have been like I said, they've like I fab on June twenty first released a statement saying, we are going to change the way that it was implemented which is bizarre on. I mean I understand that VR is there to assist. The officials for the problem is that I'm, I'm seeing all these matches. I'm watching and I am again. No, technical expert on the I'm a player. What unofficial is so much that even smaller calls are being deferred to, to be are. And that's one of the problems, I have it, because it like effectively loses the flow and the dynamism of what's happening on the pitch. If everything is being called it ends up being like, oh my gosh. Like American football and in which was choppy, and it ruins the flow of the game. And the other thing is, is that it, it becomes a very tense situation, very, very tense and not. You know, do celebrate or you don't celebrate. I mean one of my biggest complaints with VR is that it's killing my live tweeting of the matches, but that's just my own thing. But it's almost like the natural, the visceral reactions that everybody has are on pause and in even for smaller things like it's I understand if it's an attack on the net and, you know, a forward is coming out. Like we saw yesterday Brazil versus France. We, you know, we saw van go up against about about on, and, you know, we saw that, and that was important that moment, but for smaller things, and when it's just like a heroin off offside. This is one of the problems with it like those who are in the our assessment room. Who are they? How are they making their decisions? How do they come to those decisions? So what it does is it opens up a pinned, or a box of more questions was previously, the culture of soccer was very much. What happens if the rough seas it, you know, I'm not saying it's the greatest thing. It's what everybody's used to. So it's going to take time in that time was offensively not given for the women's World Cup recur. I'd love to get your thoughts on that because. A couple of things is V A R in your estimate sort of regulating, the game that the spirit out of the game in many ways, you know, the whole idea of the video review system is minimal interference maximum benefit in that sort of checked, if here in, in, in ice, I believe. So it's my own personal feeling here that the world, the people who have interested in are in beautiful game have to embrace this. And I know it's not easy. Another point being as Cherie had mentioned a Guinea pig women being the Guinea pig. They're currently is that I've aware of any domestically that women have video review. So it's very new to the women's game. Although on the mid side globally. There are many, domestic leaks are being just one of several that have implemented video review and were able to work out the kinks and get. That consistency to where it's palatable and Ricardo just I mean, I guess the big question is, you know, beyond sort of the culture and the the natural rhythm of the game. Is there people who are saying that this is being used for calls that are not clear and obvious errors that it's again being overused in some ways, what are your thoughts on that? Well, you know, the video review systems not bulletproof, you know, we, we own the film make mistakes. And that's one of the hardest things that we have to take away on game day is, when we don't get something right? And again you hit it on the head. It's supposed to be for clear and obvious. And sometimes the person in the booth, you know, they got that gut feeling no do I get involved, a why not get involved. Where's where's the bar? You know, do I want to get involved here in sometimes we don't make the best decisions, and we have to live with that, what human? But when all the information all the technology is there for us. We hope we come away with the best decision on, on the day here. Do you your thoughts on that? I mean, do you think that ultimately VAR should be scrapped altogether which it doesn't sound like that's going to happen? Or is there a way to improve the technology or the implementation of the technology? To both to Ricardo's point to make better calls. But also to your point to not ruin the sort of flow the natural flow of the game. Yeah. I really really appreciate what Ricardo sad about not being in any domestic leagues in the world and it's very important. This wasn't given time to grow and to be sort of implemented in a way that felt organic it doesn't feel organic at all. If feels like VR is enemy of, of the beautiful game, and it's crushing all of our hopes and dreams. And that's not what it's meant to be. I am no way against a, you know, VA are in that sense. But I don't like the way it was implemented here. And I totally agree with what Ricardo saying is that there needs to be time to learn from what I understand, with in terms of the international refs for the men's side, there were given almost two years to train with us. We're seeing a big disparity in the level of officiating in terms of how it's being implemented, and that's one of the problems. I don't even think some of the officials themselves seemed to be familiar with it, and that's what would bother. Others me then the players essentially and supporters loose faith because it's like for various small calls. That's what's happening and it's supposed to assist, not sort of relegate and beside and be this disdain. An end I am. I'm all for Justice on the pitch. Whatever that looks like I mean, that's another topic for another day. But this doesn't feel like it's applied and supporting in that form of fairness serene Ahmed is a sports writer, and co host of the burn it all down podcast and record ourselves. Czars, a longtime referee for fi and the MLS. And now a video assistant referee for the officiating organization that services, the MLS Cherie Ricardo. Thanks for being with us. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I don't know why survived all those overdoses, but I plan on helping as many people as I can. I think we can't define success as just a decrease the number of people dying I've cried over it. I mean over people, I don't even know. I think they're all my friends are Ned and the ones that aren't found recovering. Ohio has one of the highest rates of opioid overdose deaths in the country, according to the National Institute on drug abuse in two thousand seventeen more than four thousand people died of an opioid overdose in the state. That's two and a half times the national average it's become a public health crisis. That's left the state scrambling to respond. But some cities in Ohio have been successful in combating the crisis, partly because of expanded availability of naloxone or Narcan, the so-called overdose reversal drug and that means more people are living after an overdose. But the big question is what comes next for those people this week you'll hear from two women we met in Ohio bolts survived opioid overdoses in the last year and each shares their story of overdose. And what came after it's a series we're calling life after overdose. The takeaways Alexandra, not brings us the first piece of the story. I'm in Dayton, Ohio, in the western part of the state here. Everybody knows the melody diner. I'm meeting twenty five year old April Aaron and her mom, Laurie. My name is Laurie area, and I'm a person in long term recovery from my substance, use disorder or what that means that I had to drink drug for almost thirteen years, I may for all. I'm her daughter. Then struggling with addiction since I was sixteen. So that's almost ten years. This is Montgomery County a part of the state that's been one of the hardest hit by the opioid crisis. And also the county with the biggest success story, overdose deaths. Have plummeted here down almost fifty percent between twenty seventeen and twenty eighteen that's thanks to things like Medicaid expansion in the state more cooperation between police and community organizations and less car fennel on the street, that's a deadly synthetic opioid, but April who was inactive addiction. We'll be spoke told me she's not really seeing those changes for me. I have a lot of people are a lot of SE from it from people going blue. About half of people struggling with drug addiction. We'll overdose and survive. At least once even more will witness and overdose by someone else APRIL's experience, giving Narcan to her friends is why she knew exactly what had happened to her when she recently overdosed, it was the first time someone had needed to save her life, but so are woke on in our, like that the room was trashed in my purse was turned upside down EROs, seventy front of me that was crying in like looking like really large decide scared and pennant. And he was like, why does it goes like I knew what had happened. But like most people, I think when they wake up in an overdose, they don't really know what has happened only because I had seen it so many times, like, did I realize that my purse was turnover and everything was everywhere because he was looking for the Norkin. He was trying to get it out of the box. He was trying to get onto the package. He was trying to get into my body. He was knitting join induce trusting Parsons on my chest her when God. And I was just really scared and I was really sick. That was the first thing that are inside throws crying for like over fifteen minutes straight. And I thought it was sick, and he asked me, what I wanted that I didn't know and he. Asked me if I wanted more dope, that are just was like no. Because I knew that it would go away, but it doesn't go away, when you keep using you start waking sick. But that was like the first amendment of clarity, I would probably like everyone in my whole action where I thought about it like that. So. As the opioid epidemic exploded in the US Narcan, the brand name for the drug, no lock zone became a first line of defense against deaths. The drug is available without a prescription in forty six states currently, including across Ohio here, you can find our Ken at Walgreens, police officers in your neighborhood are likely to have it on hand in their cars and free trainings on how to use Narcan are everywhere. I was laying in bed one night. Asking myself, what can I do to help her? And it came to me, give her all the Narcan you out. Lori APRIL's mom is the founder of a group called families of addicts based out of Dayton families of addicts provides free Narcan, trainings at a recent meeting. Laurie got a refill of Narcan and gave it to April. And I'm pretty sure that's safe life. Yeah, it might have been helpful if I would have taken out of the plastic bag out of the box. But nonetheless, she had it. I know he will thing not onyx around you're running around with Narconon being that they can, you know, use more or us anyway, because they're going to be narking quote bound to live, but in my experience, it's not like that, all people that I use with, like, beg people in Austin, arcane them before the us. Let's say, don't Arkin me if I go out and because it once you north really sick. I mean deathly sick. But the physical experience of overdose is just one piece of the story guide experienced some guilt over it. You know, some shame four hours northeast of Dayton is the women's recovery center in the stockyard neighborhood of Cleveland. I'm here with Lauryn Hamilton forty one years old today. Lauren is a practicing attorney and Cleveland is her home city here opioid overdose deaths. Declined about twenty percent between twenty seventeen and twenty eighteen but it's complicated. Many more people are still dying than before the crisis took hold here and officials are worried about a recent spike in central mixed with crack cocaine over the course of guests three years, I overdosed eleven times Lauren remember some of those eleven overdoses more clearly than others like the very first, I remember waking up the first overdose the police broke into my house, and found me about eighteen hours after I'd overdose. So I was I didn't respond to Narcan, my blood pressure was like fifty over twenty my kidneys have shut in my lung had collapsed. So I was in a coma for. Three days, I believe as an intensive care for five days, and I remember waking up in intensive care, and my family had no idea that point that I was even using these drugs. And, you know, they were all around me, and I mean it was terrifying. It was absolutely terrifying. Three years later Lauren overdosed again after using heroin. She was revived with Narcan by police. I was laying on a stretcher at metrohealth hospital in the emergency room. And they, you know, they didn't put me in a room, they just had me laying on a stretcher in the hallway and a police officer was standing across the room, and I saw make eye contact with me, and he walked across the room and lean down. So he was at the level of the stretcher looked me in the eye and told me that I was junkie, scum, and that I should be taken off or put on the do not nor can list, you know that moment to be disrespected by another human being like that. What he said to me. And the, you know, the message that he was conveying to me, that is how I felt that is what I that's how I felt about myself, you know, and, and to realize that, that's how other people saw me as well was just wasn't a good feeling. The stigma of overdose is something I heard about again. And again when. Traveling the state, I've cried over it. You know, I mean over people, I don't even know it's absolutely horrible. I you know, I think about people who have overdosed and died who have children. I don't have any children. I think about people who overdosed, you know, maybe just having used heroin a couple of times. But ultimately, you know we're all in the same boat. We're all the same. I'm just grateful to be here. That was the takeaways Alexandra not reporting from Ohio. We'll hear more of Lauren and April stories of life, after overdose, and about Ohio's fight against opioids over the next few days. You can find the series at the takeaway dot org slash life after overdose. And that's all for us today. Remember, you can listen back to anything on our podcast, and you can find that on Spotify, or I tunes, or at the takeaway dot org. I'm tansy Vega. This is the takeaway. And we'll see you tomorrow.

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Licata via piano kidding the was at the elliott boss suggest some guy styled lady preserve acl team incommensurate at moon. Dummy is on d. Two to a oh steamer posey sony lead. Us is right back nike right now. Who who. I made your eat. My swabi brazil. She'd barbecue his without key. His assists allow us a fast fast cheaply throughout biology. Tv dodgy go lucky. Alma negra golo and look vice gave will save your demise values us back to give only seal so that goes you pull the phillies daddy prosekey. Kim prager phillies K. his serb. But i'm michael modernism organised. Something as simple as that may be cool modest gabrielle commodities to hitting that big technology and the food is present monarchy. Mommy backup kennel donor. Easy levers rescue lebron's this was the deploys actually doing playing the acadia classify subtle topical. Dc libra janci inside hyacinth. Papa kids do imprint. The door sustained tab only deliver now as el negro Qian aqi out to import it into out for their milk whoever yalta liam pre outta put it in put out to input mantle. Of course. Donald fell on my own pasta. Pasta tickle as the was a cone. seagate's said. Marcus were you mice. Four sir mayes impractical itchy when the so endure. Usa spill meaty Now wishy anew here put save seat. Dan we packed oppose each evening. Tabu miserable trump coys this grass as the grasses on base in the up underneath to measuring was daily impose each Bestowing accuracy stone so fran decades keystone complex onto the duck. On this end was a shea was a thing while being doing possibles itchy killing back for the kokomo. Anita janci cows a sip priscilla. We are clearly. This impact would say cows back to positive spirit. Died in with almonds and they go ape bertha. Give us it through. Simba q fis limited early. That guessing to the he proposed provide the country. We cannot keep it as simply he said. Look at those last year over year complaining on moving to a feet. But i being spill. Bali soi says mighty seasonal allergy sways. And give us a call about i. Suppose polyester you gotta put their patsy part of this ajello nutritive walk. You know geno verge. In neil rose were former this as also balls because he program he simply Price point of that promo digi. Inching gratias aimlessly stands at the me. You'll doug obvious your postage gotta own. Some fifty amish. Nine daughters was a key gala king keys. Leave louis michel modest. Zero samuel my forty nine speed certainly laws as soon as you put it products that started this also this saga to those rally. Swink the celtic coach through essa hypothesis. Omar influence your winters. Basil was set. Cossutta he for him with the ball taking care of him. John was a to quote you. You could use i and moving into lega with leg up on the hill. Day supply speeder. But i made you die. But i bill sign via the professor gadget. Fire schoolwork as into fis the response. You fool gear gadget. Feis boy al gwozdecky that saddam gina carano sport ties but i was sick stock value miyazaki balk versatile lalla louis bala dipoto. Who said well was papa key. Casey that carries brasilia's main. That will be divided propaganda. The hired you he. The movie experience in tacoma hitch throws it. Through the jackie hose yuka skull the plaza always say with communica vizo. The mobile. who'll base was earners. Take this keyboard but sip samco partenia sexual misbehavior. Connect data to you to the contest. You pool for say. But i will see any over-supply sean three-part parts that suggests though completely for thirty s the head you data food morality. Mayes on topic can only lose or now live taylor. Aboard aboard protest comically decarlo not noticeable simply comport. Abandon ship flies. A key almost decided to do so not subsumed at the moscow. Jesus you did not says the same hicken. Tata's as was not secure mobile cassano aboard rise. Bombay has more mccall in kazaa. Gather their zeal. Our few guy who put up on the way inches input jillian pisa but as a leader cares doyle. Saddam boo hoo baylor combat vee or their quota jentzsch fazillah being whole but classical has got up your the. I forgot to empty cena's ilaga. This quebec the super sin. Quinta visas my arkin. Also planet and ohio giannino vr. the oath santa's familiar up on the supra lane but are key to think that we not success impact nonconsecutive. That's am i say inclusive. You're quarter two years after being your party this super beer this associated with the gadget. You model yet. what they might dislike. You're gonna their cds. General was yeah. Google ceo whom i said you. Programmers in factories saint chiefs. Both those activists dodgy but persona jim. Carey's new on the ancient put is. Oh google phone toward to challenge but i'm for international. Invite this sinead vinson. Chameleons you all of this to know if you throw because geico swing come fox for famine in god and he said sheva participated deutchman. Joins you want for you at. So now the google us conduct daughter so faithless citing pisa gen you jeff for boob of poltimore he who brings it about opposite to prochet. To as without organiser soy's composite marzuki queen for the evil famous calming three degrees. Move to ca so anything. They bisque qadam icus jamaica. Say so as not so schedule. Your stuck at the digest. Jackie to boba some ability cheese converse a deductible of achieve those uzis relig- follow me to develop the spirit that will seal pissed while the sephardic you cannot kettle here for can walton nia ville descent so develop robby geography savvy thou- promo with affiliate base. Who said the ace akiva survive adviser but costa rica timofey. Now by la ville seem as my samir's affair put their laws appropriate capacity. Ciguatera say hit cousy daddy odious l. cassette bottles masters does massachusetts series myrna's lower denied. Who's who's who's lead. They discard is much to celebrate memorial in the dallas independent independently achieve blogger niece in this other knowing. Give fair nc meals more getting trucker that as i said in a dodge a cigarette out of saito so i cook. Episodes are being consumers are working trigger. Yamile temple try zing fukushima pessoa adriana view they'll have flex who leuke ella s lucretia keep budge who kill asha valley as opportunity died this space. Over circus's yes chica. Try some stem being his tattoos to does mean size and scaling via but fodder about the sewer attitude. You the suggests obvious. A cynical sturgis dissuade view. The swell proof show now we sociology. Using is that inch growled. You've allure versus apple's buoy to develop properly madame my look your rowdiest. G market cuddles cenci seamers is so in toledo thought sound brecca versus faster mizoguchi dear the swiss star though was. Here's our view of set. Hobart o'leary the coach y z. All lease go that via simply geology was moving to to gain sacrifice though to save us jeremiah until they hope their phillies auto lean do program a jio she couldn't jal was not cheever's mcconaughey. Youtube was portugal. Told us this program as komo's might seem quaint thing. Tv's he levels at the ozone justice. Gd deal also major finished with three threes yowling. It would look at. It said i car washes don't do grease balza. You'll be fanar sobe bro. Bucci dodgy quattro poll to there was no big deal. But you're set me of the my aunt. I'll be working facebook youtube lager poisonous platform of poverty project case she own phillies jet to although his second cheonan. Cb's who super need program.

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#18 | Retaillessen met Ren Repko, General Manager State of Art | De RetailTrends Podcast

De RetailTrends Podcast

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#18 | Retaillessen met Ren Repko, General Manager State of Art | De RetailTrends Podcast

"NOCAL- medical transport cost the cost of integrated pharmacy that has plagued over who spent lenders in endless career. In days hiking expect zip code. Since November twitter's Nathan up into the general manager from fish and Brent and retailer. State of arts did MOM. Americade. In Luke's. From the Natal's. NAST David state apart. Extent boons in. In stores. Man I'm Shelton Walter Bent. down. Don't often function really. Litho voter who you bent of all places. Yeah Yoga Yeah that also Voted put Yeah Benita Nike Shelter Digital Hill and sloppy today not and I haven't talked to. The, amount of and tried to go don't. Stay the voting. Who? Yada in. The lower career, the detail Hema rituals, action noodles, state of art. Our Rita listen. To A. Halen, if you're student nights. Not Even Hilton. Hilton. Poll I'm Saddam was couldn't cross economic sales acting Yvonne debate coach whole Spiel. Daddy to the Okinawa. All of our minds and Don Lee Start Kenna. Extract them buying. You may not even Hilton Gordon Five Nafta Purvey says. Yeah, yeah and vehicle Pochettino all sorts of by the north. Leader can. Actually. Look. If. You Dan over the by new Muslims. And blyth. An cancer host of each Vega a my how are you might increase? Don't need don't auto-owners statement was. And I need to building. Of An. Outlet we. Ought not inclined to retailer. Marshmallow insulating. Off. The here in cost Cathal. Tilton tune in no need for new to me a sleazy when the cost moxie Mal conform beat and insulin bent and there's A learning deavere retailers academic client overload. Who Nice to hear that click. Their. AILSA marketing glamour guilty. We should count executive. Yeah. Holidays to buy here that was tuna had lied in the Bureau Liden Rocha to me Hey, bureau beverly like Latin. Intimate. Ogle via May. Also clip and Bend Combi. Promote. She promote you hook Benicia ain't showed Lunka Dan Memeber Tuna. Data to input for Shell. Badminton lucan BEN TO SPOT AMARAL Volvo data tune and premium shift, mental Volvo and. States. Kenyon baffled on Ogilvie my Bell Dahiya Premium Segment Quanta I'd noticed the from Tasha faith in restaurants. And Wire Mine Easter. Account executive behind the counter after emperor to hope that say it makes premium modell involving ECOPA. cuisinart clear locust fix Snell stuff you overnight nails. design. Okay. Don't yeah. Dot was adamant Easter Yada Yada Bod and across from medical lead Kennel dot mom Tunde hit the legs Danica and it doesn't do. FFA video didn't so many Steve a medication and inhalers vodka who you call amid lex have tuna packaging design and amrried till design and corporate design have act filth reactor, Donald Golfer in Plymouth phone and upside down. and that wasn't halo creative. And Kleiner feed them on the new. Talk and Fuck. Who belong like medication the medical power, Omaha and humid for new exclusively it so therapy need Kofler goes up on the FFA everybody Oklahoma I. met him how to do Nietzsche Ville I'm doing well in full him to stop. Until nine clip. The Hey to media partners. Via. New Career. To Meghan supposed. To Detach sponsored Matt sponsored magazines that isn't too glad of sexual. Content. Marketing. And in between keg today not know homebake. Tech data on. Softening. MAG Did we modesto. Helped design was NATO in in Etowah. About my design audio content marketing and customer media's at Neum. From belong. And the sought out of our home. And indeed, I'd been co and if of A. Connecticut. All Russia she belong. To all the time about she hit. And no states and. Falko by by. Leeann candidate. Could he is month in the in the fields? Was Shot to she has yod and excellent. De Collegiate the here, the correct on creativity died. In, inclined reunion. Agencies. Insulating. counts. Bacall a skill. Samara. Design promotions the say customer media. Retail Design packaging. Oklahoma Helene. eastbound route. into. Whom in the. Stop overnight throat all the time that you have to shook your. Opinion of each thing not in. Throat or Exposing Kiko. Corporate new movie that new, not not administrative and food. And a cadaveric don't hide momentum hounded and Hardy Brian Shadow, not in detail to algorithm making our but hang the sharda tune in debate and over session they tweeted this out and produce Monnet Fowlerville produce monitor monitor your halo long are here verbal flays of guys over Banja. Andy. Alice Fauchon Product Machines, debating meet me and my Michigan. Mizuho my dad this year after the help category southern actor on bodily Messina the on bodily. Camano our the rest of on an on an article and Oklahoma. Outstanding Advertising, Mark. Every. Communication direct. Payments via. Okay. So. What salt based Today Show D'Amato was answering tool for our communists all the time today all at home, all that diverging data to the bone Scott to the day to switch them corporate media. Blotted tuna holders. Commitment. Elaine either in if I have to factor in the Dunes Bob Dole Metro, long copy of potential. Out Loud would adopt. Who are her McKay good to. Hell Tacna Dada Dada, all Joviality Logan into Sant- might lace back named. Hal. Middleton Hush Hush football behind coon. Madonna and not to oak. An oak well inside all behind. The could Oxfam the operators. In marketing of Communica Chiro moosh inhaler, parliament we product. Operators You've loosed on national back and. And dot spell data almost it's the Sales Mama, Alba, on the indigent in DD hookah. Locating, Donna Gingko alikhadjyev Muhammadu outstanding creativity that. marked. The blender Vermeulen Dot Millennium Book all the ANC Today and Nathan Nathan Millennium End pickles and failed to hold onto survivor into intellectual positions on the date of al-Batayna Hogue all the dice when he broke. Cope Asta Numata Cogan doesn't do fail to either because. uh-huh. Corcoran to foggy from my also Hail Ville Elliott, fall NOV UNEXCELLED NEAT in India you've in Albany. New Movement. In the site team cutlery men's research mentorship bridge relations men's for Mulan Viglen Dementia to correct sent to knock any diagnosed America van. Who had actually do on medical floor and automated designed good on the stock. Market Shaima Mitt from the formula portfolio behind start on stamp on to go. Former the from us. I mean he kinda. Lows in in Toronto cake enough for. Militia in. In Huston in Austin. All riding. On Takagi foothood will also hope was marcus to the. Two. Around nine. And Vaudeville phone outside the show that you knew an. dish. guyq shaken indeed loaned hangs Viral Bureau In need a FFA. Blahnik all and he was media parts of ourself Moscow, the the packaging garage, the retail Roche schnapp Machina, not fund the. From the bureau show and a blonde CAIPHUS. Nitsa. Dimension you team Jon Moguls. Klay died from your agency sign and. All. That you have to. Know and. New outta microphone who are behind it on the guidance in D. Mart document affiliated that. States. Inhaler Malik's. And tossed stop here in Asia. South. Now. Noon pocketing Malaysia pedometers. Meant what it states heavier and heavier and art. And Muehler and complex. And unbridled the Google well-made that you don vague take that. Momentum by Tankeea for skill in the momentous not Malaysia the stolen opened re-use not anything now evacuating bear. On the US Bond Number Twenty four, seven, a-. And the thing Madore Madonna do enough improvable have mental EC unusual from uoted how you need Longueville. And Colonial behavior. GotTa. Bake. It do do not have a second day of Tom had. These ladder and edited Conoco. Can All in America and the highly spring deepen. Given over your communication director right on bye-bye it on south yeah and also. Look. On little to show and baking pickle Monta Monta. Easter stop at the announced deal medic set it. And indeed, I'd details to. Stop Native launched my. Have Been. Notable. Tuna fill. Carotid Obstruction Uniqlo. Neyland my angel but smell the votes this is up failed politique on. and. Look at. How often awfully died at business for start anew and calling each other. By. I know what? The NFL hunter. Hall the Tunisian Bitchy Southern, a network. And bottom show dot Allah Tunisia shorter looting spots, mingle coon. A Numa and about by dish actividad plots win environments to combat on. She's plots universal service. She actually in the doctor who trying them by the portfolio and up-to-date will be the homeless plots in my dad looked at two Margaritas year pact. May Need. To? Build It can run in basically out. Behind type. So. You've done it beholding. God's people holding a support on the equipment but on communication. Funding. To of Stop Naima. And hazing Cullinan mine meet to my Hamish for my act law and periodic. Just, Save Yada show. and. Actual FIC- to. Feel canopic dried. And look date careerists retarded chief marketing pursuant to the. Hotel. But hanging on Manetti mud. Slides. Equal Nash Sales and operations upsets. The tomato to unit do Boston to scattergories this Brian Merchandising be looking. Click over their. Marketing Unit. Collided. Film finished Kobe Yeah. Hill who turnover about net eighteen today yard. Baby and closed today to Nada Kyoto. Construct Tune Mercedes. And he is I save Metro Nault, Ammon team inhale who specialists to equal to answer to Barbara. Something do full. All MENSA Open static. lloc to route upon Josh. To. Perspective although. Of in May. Hebel, a bomb. Option of some plots lots of follow was an ECOMMERCE studios who start with formula on vehicle doors onto. The tell coach. dingus scans on microphone from Hey, Ma fool mine tax daughter best. All of us need super superficial after stall on models best hold Omaha not. And we in VR MEDIC FATTY FOR YAWNING DESIGN AILA belonging. at new advertising companies nominees to familiar door don't vaguely right. Mark avoid expounds the Francke. To Tune hub adults struck shit. Building blocks on either owned or You own to Oakland Building Block and on. The progressives full stop later. Who took fat Mensa Bamako bring in teams agencies night to cloud took allegra tight for Dell and lots of gene or DASHBOARDS KPI obviously if the vice dot. Me Do I'm going to foul Hugh Smart. Also decided Gary Aflame Americans exceptional simplicity. Yeah. How the to stop. For segment and A. Mensur and others now the on a montage of an. Exceptional simplicity. Bislama in how Hundred is the is the MEDIKA position eatings MRI of need to missing my Easter SNC. Enforce include them to dot landing a favor bosses dolphin diplomacy. Exceptional simplicity that you can advertise and combines these Ginkel store designed that if the Web Shope Voss Turkish Tennessee to. A Modem also bottom me if a building for paving, bought and built. And as advocate on what is now FDA? Hey, my voters. Simplicity days packaging. Locked in did not detail up to mountain did stories in concept. Till the percent all exceptional simplicity. Hey, did on the days on the concept of Masino Minute Jameh Dot. com A student of it's couple of. Debates on the hated died seen data. Ena jets. Com Net promoter scores. Mac misselling of brand asset value brand as at valuable later of. New Mexico owned vehicles tend options of uncle. And evolve over the dashboard saddle pavement. Dot Relevancy. Anthrax you'RE GONNA. Do. For Hamer. Issue of. Not of monarch, GEICO? Still at what start? Show of A. Simple just how about on doom is can't an octagonal and he's just tells me that I will Scheffer. No have door. Upcoming intimate. For many. To Nano over him. Off was? Behind the minute answering your calms you meant a lot of. Mud Motors, McKinnon left at phase dino show and to have a mentor. Yet he's. Proforma start clip from s about okay. Heineke made at six Peck Avai and Heineken. To medic fats. Fan Start to space craft. Asphalt. On Speaker. If. Bianca. and. My concert vent as your filters do today. Locked on. And Dombi not say of the NFL taxi off the DOT. com. As. Pursuit Kasich? Detroit Women Team America 'cause and love? Brent Zoom. Machine Liquor to Hong Liquor yeah, it's on the. Water. You need to love love and water and. I should show that he she it an issue she to Europe Long, and you've Carta. Out Sheet. Do filled team and you've. Done not. Revive. Doesn't do. Enough to. Know I knew miyabe folk each meal auto home each. Out and believe. Enter activate. Design company each mute a block. And not have a MENSA and not as Masino Lofgren that have been mentioned to an extra all. Armed Takao. How Efi Dangled to Motorola. Failing, to Mitterrand's bullshit. I don't of course you. Shake a shell shock onto Gamaa. On the flu on our after. Posey's Sheesh. Price of stones found in Koneohe on blender lynch all to numerous to. Exxon data on. Hey Look at titled Osama Blinn Leagues. Our high salt needs to provide of mine. And Stone. and. Natalegawa. Lied. To Okinawa complex. Shimon. I got better China livestock he'll complex. Michael met. Up. A Calcutta poetry of dangle ill because up the McGuinness's snapshot in in Binary Yom adults snapshot Defy Yacht opened on phonology hit Mario Lamberth. From toilet for the categories act I go he'll belong. Belonging Jacob Behave like categories advisor product. All mode and all of us from Bain Mode and the marketing. Buddha Medi Bay mode of the allman Mode Intermingling Franck Pack News. It wasn't a spell Elston Oak. And polity politique mom myeloma. To. Category. For buying merchandising I'm Doug Marrone, whatever tune at all we stop. Overcome, phone finished Kobe nine MC ADA in. Private Equity Exxon O'Hara who you back mcshea veteran. To. New Student Tony then show I don the mark of. Arming. Detailing Halo Herman. Is Your Field of Mon- Finish Sheila Mama. How Automatic Elaine to Nada Levada the moisture assets in mcshea data. Tune. On the on the ENTOMBS I am say. Hey Malls east of grope. An The. mcshea Antonio Donald Likud voter Kuta. To. Buy the Dale's Ding modest on the bottom control, overnight mcshea and to Marvin. Overnight from lion capital. and. The Blake to Lanier styles that the minute Arafat clip to Shang and Yellow Doke Amankwah next she met lion capital was need optimal in a tight full hour my. Thought on top to you by Lion Capital D., Mary mini. Best spot to Shahada. Measure. As often Wyndham yesterday. April at Donnie. Retail. I. Excelled Today Hot a pill respect for the fact that he the CMO been excellent cloister and almost tax domestic. From the Vietnam coca-cola Model San off your excuse. And often to introductions. dish. Hoot and he'll static my. Diving commutes from drug. Use Anything Cocos. And and to and to saluted. Close Colin inviting. Must Lion Capital Manama on Ktar Bar Climbing. In and installed acro spawning on my persona to activate Argentina. Thousand L. Fink Ashville. Slept. Making a New Year stink in the best. Right into who you know put. A. Bomb inside the team Oaklawn to. On stones combat spotting to Donaldson itself open but Bob and unfair enough need for. Valence. He'll look data call June. She'll mccaw and. Yada just tall and. Guitar. heuristic. Making big tall and you cannot put the right. Time. Over the file fault and retailers consists Beh- used father in it's pulled the bent on bookie vote elation you kindred and to her like at that come. Over your work. Okay. The demon equal multitask. discuss. Fattening foods. Bookie with alasia and neat my back. Type. hoped. Jacob to not on positive. Allow Advocaat. And too many bouquets. Looking at any photo. Of Cope embezzle we attacked and. Post. And donation to the MOJO under Oakland. Dinkum Damato your bent, all CMO manager of director are AV skinny romantic now and the hope extended mentioned he'd weeding do. Konaga Harvard. Business School. The film. Novella Neymar film yet the best of all adequate Oak Matata hadn't excel. Guy Then. Stones now the new afloat videotape Who that? I extended Dinkic Shows Masive implements Tomo spite of dot also taught him. They have on the Tinky, todd over but today also performance. To. Patent or being coolum came when invites you have a new canal mcconnahey tinky of dinovite element Oval Ebanon macaca. Now, the hoax was kind of game blazoned day my stop down and you had all. Over all over the initial shit. Michael the national this. Is Neat who she? Knew Stan Ivanov Saddam by the VINCA. Strat I loved L. Muscle. To Hey Molina's thought any of your. Pain doesn't go. Nisha Vancouver. This eighteen evenly ESPN wrinkles from Ford all deviations traffic addict slow to wasn't from Doc-, Shapiro to. Offer via bake water inclined being here in the syndrome or sport. My fetal settlement made a federal Paul opened and got Haymond to Jimbo. Donald. Grow Avon Mbeki Schlick it. So pint. Finally meet for my. Ex market even the hey, my my phone food on back back. I'm Saddam host about LAS media, how you aim be black and it was foster from touchy she imbo. Could into the. Up. Started Moi Bingol Cuban Hamer my Shimbun across. The ocean port. and. Do have. HOUSTON. Would ever slick flash avoiding how we need of the? Coaches who have been mentioned. Full of NOMA and finish elk. Appear only baited shave and team bingles before on Jimbo dotty after Alvarado orbiting. Clam that you're Yarmur Dot A. With. Moist Astronomic Staticky hooted Indian and DR I. Go, P-. Omar Mbeki Bo at the all onto. The market opens up. At I'll intimate snuggles marketing director food service will speak now. Yeah she flush. Veterans Day Hey. Mike on Hopped school was ask for my of belong Muslim caboodle individual in marketing and Kumasi matter in the best. That states Arkadelphia Jeevan Manama network remain a Boston. And too much of meat twelve and today McHugh clippings from Bradtha. Koon. Station to. Try and he's jaded. y'All. On Fa Mulan Manama from the. On and he can. Put. He Melamine vk addition as you've been deserted me not. To Sit Khan Dada, AMSTERDAM MODERATE DOT COM. Dot Did he lit Phil Opportunity Act fully bent oven food specially. Often Hobie sheriff of your Bento. Catering. But I've done East East at all feel winkle and build a doom and local from the data center automation decor stone mcdade off after. He's Dodig Sheldon matre struggles on slippage shovel snow hat. Medea to monitor. Ding need to. Leave junk as of arguments show when texting shown detector quarter languish call the tune on our I block unauthorized sarum promotes each brand. Content Emma. Nominee Haley helping crotone washer food event and. From the from the halo grave and that's one of the to welcome Dr Welcome a Kuna M- shot soccer do can she? And throughout my Career in team in federal. Agencies your chain. Active and machine vehicle show awfully off instinct needling Lula need powerpoint. Hondo. And Constructs for Solna novel ALC-. Amount Him. And Zamboanga next, she s mints you. But out of all the main and over mindful from belong echoes, Equal Bill, the market, all affordable offer ticked Anelka fat on me to fuck. Part Shit and let's do this. That he'll he'll been you're accepted the machine and dinged up the OAK. Koon and you'll never stop. But the fact that put on. Key Afer that. Salmon. Khan. So all the time down to. On, parkway? Readers when I was. Now. To. To. Compete. Receptor gene to the cost, service of children, food rebuilt. And hated. Day Along bracket on over the business out of the business. and. That creates a connection. And dinged oak show move yet his. I have five Diet. Dot have. Depending on the right now. That I can. Stop. You overnight from what you're thinking Able to make successful American for Neyland. Rituals. Halo. We saw tycoon to honor toward the. Machine although of Nanette need of all halo although I was. GOING TO KEEP And have US foreign hayler closed lower. Taylor dilute. All Boven? Boven Bova nope bills it and blouse shoot. Brand. Product and Bingol. And duty MONUC perfect. All being is also. E commerce and Public Relations. Percent, stop her markle's health dicing and wholesale about Almudena. So Donna by each. Domain onto bills you. Out To. and. Funded inhaler located disease smart. He's live at. doff on the police in detox isn't shine doors for more Jane Doe Tenting Shorewood accused address to Africa. and. Feed Yard. To Yard Document think eight, hundred three. Dinkic fulls may heart who vadim and we were still. Wrangling. Franck ecstatic made remind Angolans Muluke a meeting of. Maturity ingles Dutch lingerie Likud. Iberia. And a nordic suit mattress stolen Kleiner a footprint cuisine. That the mom much indoors attention mouth on the deserted tuning yard fee eighteen innings your shave off. At critically, has moved to biff Lem and the debate of. To the WHO you met about now, the innovates she slow the hey. Metaphor Mulu of design for move on Alka or does it make yard? May Product launches needs some an? Of skewed at complained new are not meant also moldable diabetes met mode collection season dude hideouts in beauty. Wow that is. Beyond teams. Closely working together with one of the best mark on the planet. Ilkka share all dot. com the Best Malcolm Messy is the CAN. And Hazna to Mossy Photo Hi. Dana Insane. Life is your blood looking to dominic for mammals me ever in professional about it tune public relations medic. He's in promote. He's a nominee ecommerce canal `bout over at. Lower Hillock does Jeff Fisher Neyla banana behavior mouton dryer about. Art. And I quick the data Madam and. I'm for my Bell Big Little Mac start out and form of Y'all Deniro. My thunder all and then we do need to fill on Cobham. Tells NBA. Tight end some claiming Grossman Velka Merican lethal. If you him Khalid's. Ding Diva Day Development Unit teams met your interview can't teams and the. Wish Dinkic five into savings and he other machine by out of. State state. 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Launches, no. petits Don. I Beta by. The volume could Oklahoma not push had a collection From. Think. Only align each apetit couldn't. ACCEPT THEM DO. An. Item Okay and they both called obvious play is Envio Emma. Lehman, menam infection is still Dugan the whole issue. Over Push. Synthetic. Diet. Who Hoax Unit in. Dog Dingo the. Massage. Lady. Token. clopping to act. As your premium brand. Premium. After all. WHO Amazon Beijing. Promise. Not A. LOT OF AESTHETIC INFLUENCE AVID skilled. Mush. No need of. Need all your items Maggio in the phone coup eighteen. These Alexa to interview don't have. Until items. Open anti items. Met. goltz endorsement. Lots of. Value. DAYS SPILLOVER NINE COMA BY DOUBLE CATOON FANDANGO. By, VELKA A. About a ahead. Dishes might volk. To tune varieties. and. Mood. The Honduran. Sam AVEC. Sama backing he from the Kelder undersold FM. Festival fill that under Lincoln. no-brainer Marcel Middle. DANITA and four low. Put Pacheco diplomats. Also, the Ma Bell. And may base and SEND THEM ON NFL By buying merchandising, Excellent Moi. Him An AF. Fuda State of art. That save yourself from Asia close to cloudy on demand photo sitting. Obstacle Monument Taunt to do to, interested edged instrumentals. Belonged Ikea commercial that scaife salmon. Mid. Days before Mulu about Okon Sasol Shaw Sisters. Shorter but homes open moment. Only shots he for lots and dopey of. Door shots lot thought courtroom. Hellish wd. Couldn't. Adore my. NEW ON. A new elitest upstart and the following along the. Media. Fall. Moi. Moi. Now what does he? Yeah. Yeah well Local, open. Dunk today's. Moya heated listen wrestled pulled cost. Allows Dunk for last. In Albany, new fencepost cost and low tonight. Following retailers. Familiar. Fennell documental.

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Episode 90  Fed Us Then Bled Us

Fantastic Worlds Podcast

1:09:43 hr | 4 months ago

Episode 90 Fed Us Then Bled Us

"Previously other fantastic worlds podcast almost below. Its hundred points real shielding of you. So i can have active on martyr. You're crazy. I say i'm a hero. Abraxas fifty of damage. He swings down interest. Just just he's now bloodthirsty now. He's just he roars and satisfaction as he brought in drama the down and now he's going to take down this big white beast but also he'll still whispers takeout. I mean bessie get whisper. Pippa takes fifty seven points of damage. Oh my god. Are you downsize. I am down okay. So i meant i met negative five just so y'all know again. He's saying feral mode but he sees like some movement of the slide and he sees you and his kind of is come out of the rage they for a second and he swishes his tail. So you could get a hold of it and swing. This is logan. I play buan and has had enough. He's grabbing his pocket book. He is leaving the show and he's done. Hello my lovely. World's travelers are happy. Hannukah hannukah's amac. Let's let's jump right in it. We have episode ninety. Were only ten away from one hundred which is on freaking believable to me We've been doing this for good lord so long now and it's this time of year that i really liked to stress. How much love and effort we put into our products and how much we appreciate all of you listening and especially appreciate all of you On our on please. If you have the means we would love if you could Get some of those benny's that we have on her patriotic and join us on there as a patron fantastic worlds dot cash that would be a great hanukkah gift to me your favorite ju- anyways we have on the docket a review which is also a wonderful hanukkah present. If you're looking for something a little a little less monetary to give me you could give me a lovely review saying specifically just this is for you my favorite ju- anyways this one does not say that but it is from our good pal later home nugget. Who says the fantastic worlds crew. The old and the new are in fact. Fantastic at everything they do. Oh my gosh. Dr seuss over here. Later i'm in love with the first story. Line and excited to experience the new greatest show on earth storyline with great characters across the board from team tortta to the circus crew their characters with personalities. And some have possessed and greet people who are a joy to listen to. I find myself laughing with them and even crying with them and i anticipate the new episodes constantly. I love what y'all do. And i hope you keep it up. Well thank you so much later home nugget. Not only was that lear and beautiful. It was really touching to me. During this holiday season we will one hundred percent. Keep it up. that's all i got for. Y'all i hope everybody's having a wonderful holiday season. I look forward to seeing y'all on twitch i'm going to be taking a couple of weeks off of twitched but i will be back and raring to go in early january so looking forward to that i have just this upcoming week i will be doing twitch. Dozen will be doing twitch so please come hang out with us. Spend the holidays with us because we love you so much and without further ado here is episode. Ninety fed us then. Let us so jess house and drama. Feeling almost dying once again like i said. Last time she didn't learn anything she would do the same shit again. This is more just than android really. No but i mean the thing is like on some level she in all seriousness. She isn't really thinking about that. As much as she's thinking abou- seeing pippa in so much danger and seeing pippo go down because to her mind pip almost died as well and that's quite true. Kind of yeah. That's much more present in her head right now than than her own death. Because i mean she did justice. It's not like she just got over feeling like she should die. I mean this is like such a heavy topic. So i'm sorry for bringing it up. Stray off the bat part one of the big things. She has as part of her i. It's very marianne. Fire emblem where she's like. I have something wrong with me. Maybe i on one hand. I want to go out and live my life and have an adventure and like over comment on the other hand. Maybe i should just die. Because the i could be putting people in danger or i could be endangering the entire world with what's going on inside of me so she's not that concerned about having nearly died but she is definitely faced with the reality that like. She's never gotten that close to dying. She does still have emotions about that which are like not great. Actually looking death that close in the face is a bit of a reality check but not as much as one as it would be for someone who has a mindset. That's a little more healthy. Perhaps you might have actually ended up almost ended up seeing kane'ohe in a different dimension. Yeah yeah well. Here's the flip of that is i. Don't think as a -sarily pippa abraxas buluan are comfortable with the idea of you throwing herself endanger like that. Moreover i feel like we've had this talk well and also i would say especially in pippa that drama. There's a little baby child still and we'll be watered to take care of herself. People don't change in a day you know she can have had. You can have the conversation as many times as you have to. And they're still going to be some level where there are things that get ingrained in you and this is something. That's ingrained in her inch. It's gonna take some time as much as she was being cautious at the beginning she got emotional and like her emotions led her to then do the things she but until then she was being very careful. I mean like you guys were the ones all went down with the witch and we got rewarded rewarded for no lie. Pippa is alive because she sat down with the which i absolutely would have if i didn't have those extra thirteen points. That's the funny thing. Though is you had no way of knowing. That's how that was going to go through. And and i had no way of knowing that when i went running in with my way more. Hit points than you had that. I was going to get killed. You absolutely would be dead. Had andromeda one hundred percent speaking of which that shares fell almost bit you in the ass as well because yeah poor. Brexit had to fight his finger. That was hard core odd. Though i'm an oracle abraxas was missing a finger it'll be held robak regenerate. Oh here it is about eleven thirty in the morning you guys have had some tough battles and already pretty much out of spells. Yeah you guys down at kobe ho goal you have created yourself a nice little barrier to get back up to out these venture forth I wonder what oxygen rules are. We didn't complete others just like a wall like a gaps like they would have had to climb over. And that's why i put the lava on the other side see dozens of those. I jump into the lava. Be doing my job. If i wasn't always looking for that. Oh you know what you're right dust and you kill us all in this cavern that got us. It was just odd. Hubris stupidity carbon poet. It was just pure poetry hoisted upon our own petard upon our own arrogance. The next party that ventures. Well now we're we're we become spiteful break all the magical shit sorry. Nobody's losing our bodies you getting back. Well we're all dying every we all look at each other and do the enemies something to take wealth away and hide in a different dimension to kill you. But i'll be damned. If you get my stuff. You could super vengeful. Just throw one bag of holding into the other bag hall. Just say oh man caboose who. They got dark of oxygen. That's that's what i did. If the oxygen deprivation made a super bitch get a. We're all like turning our that move. Give me a rock. You have a sword. Gave me all rock. I wanted to do it was i just wanted to let you know this episode. Ninety you all we are ten episodes away hundred episodes. He played way too much of this game early today with my life. I can't agree with that statement. We need to play more so you all are sitting in. This cavern is silent for the first time in probably. What do you all want. Wanna do collapse on the floor and crying. Probably for a really long time. We're on the floor. We get and i remember. Did not get yeah. We didn't we didn't get up so god. No i guess. I first order. Business would be that but that would be assuming that pippa wants to just staring at the ceiling. You hear a trip and you look over and you see a breakfast finger. That is now just a bloody stump and it's dripping dripping. but it's also slowly mendez mend- needed with his ring of regeneration. She just kinda watches morbidly mesmerized by watching practice girl finger back just stares at at meditatively. Breakfast still has all the adrenaline going through them. So their ears. We're going to be twitching. They're going to be alert almost anticipating the next attack. And when there's at least thirty heartbeats where nothing's coming. Adam is probably when they'll is simmered down a bit and not be as agitated and then start looking around for for the party and pippa still still on the floor. He's going to make his way over there and just slumped down. Is mas probably bloody from chubb biting and spitting out his own finger blood everywhere again on his poor white armor that he can never manage to clean and just slumped down. Everyone's still alive. Buan was doing the same thing as abraxas. He was on high alert and just staring at the wall. That abraxas has made little bava puddle. He knows behind their ice storm. Raging you see late low flux of the of the blizzard coming over the wall and into the lava puddle. I think on looks visibly tired. Standing and slumped over. He has his hands raised in anime. Protagonist style or the arms are lowering slightly. there is no strength in his posture. It's limp and languid his glib his mark on his forehead. It's almost leaking energy. Just a little spurt here. And there as if something is malfunctioning. He's he's on his last desert. I don't have love spell slots left kuna house gone. I have two sevens left. He is ragged. And i think that the the between his magical energies source and him. It's it's fractured. So when he turns maybe there's a little blur of the aurora lights just kind of trailing him like in the nighttime i'm good okay and dramas sitting back on her heels with our hands like draped on the floor much like there's strength in her posture. Her hands are just a draped loosely. Breathing heavily. Her hair's all fucked up. She has blood all over her when she returned from being tiger the wounds she sustained transferred and as their healing. They're still bleeding all over her. So we're like very pure white clothes and hair and skin are all bloody as heck right now. She looks like frigging bloody mary. I'm alive barely. She's crawling over to sect. That uses ed across giant. Yeah i was gonna to say the other thing. Is she already did. Drink like that blueblood. He has apparently so she also has just giant blood all over her face pippa hauls herself to her feet a little unsteadily pats abraxas on the shoulder. Just more like just kinda fox him on the shoulder. she's her god she's tired. It's only eleven thirty in the morning. What the hell you know. Walks past boo on pats his leg to go to andromeda and sets both of her hands on andromeda shoulders and leans down and leans her forehead against hearse. Thank you so much for stepping in like that and also never do it again. Ever ever god you are much too young to throw your life away like that but also thank you so much. Drama does like a laugh saab and then hugs pippa. Doing the crying and laughing thing where you're hugging someone. She's like i'm just so grateful here. In life you and me both darwin a dark little chuckles slightly slightly hysterical due to the fact that they both they both were this close. Oh i also what did you say she turns to abraxas and she says you know i can end that spelled. You don't have to bite your finger off but she's still like laughing she says. Well i suppose i it it was very convenient at. Oh yeah i'll do that. Where's that little thing. He'll do a little hill. Look around. But i'm sure there's rubble bodies He looked for the pure white. But at this point. It's probably soaking up the blueblood from the giants the scorch marks from the summoned. I'd have let it let this place be. It's it's the muslim liam mason pose. It'll hopefully some creature will get nourishment from it. I my little looking. It'll look a little nub. It's coming back a couple more minutes. They'll be good is new. I want to save at. The bone actually grew up first right now. It's just a bone. There's no skin growing around in like you grow healing metrics. Anyone is that many feeling. I don't feel amazing if you have a little something that you can do for that. But also i'm not currently diane anymore and if someone else needs it more i can wait. I did not sustain injuries. I am let's go you are. You are stalwarts. Shield with your magic said. That's good that's good blocking off the cave entrance in the immortal words of any sports player teamwork makes the dream work. I wonder if the red blood in the blue blood from the fox giant mix together to make green blood ooh purple purple rate. Oh perfectly imagining like brady. Brush starts painting on the cable artists. But this is you. It's like stick. Figures draw tale of what happened here somewhere epsilon station. There's local mental wall somewhere that has those yeah snap go once Abraxas has healed her stance. She stands up from where she had been Communing with andromeda heaves. A big sigh looks down at her clothes and frowns at them and then they are pristine once more. She casts a critical eye over the three of you. Waves her hand. And all of your blood stains and your clothes are freshly laundered drama. Does well if we have to do this for the rest of the day. At the very least we do not have to be dirty. I very much agree. Thank you like inspecting his sleeves and making sure that like everything. Got off all the blood. He didn't miss lott spotless. He's very vincis even noticed how he likes to groom his hair in the morning and she made sure to tuck the locks back into class perfect. It feels strange to say but are we ready to go. Oh my god. St we have to my mind says yes but my body says not only. Just go back to the hut. I'm going back to tell door very far. Yeah but honestly. I'd rather do that. I'd rather walk home. She looks down at the kiosk tattoo on her wrist and heaves another huge sigh. But yeah let's let's go. Can we just go live with the centaurs. How can we that would be fun. Yes i miss. Oh diese and her musings. I should've levitated her up here. We really should have brought her. We were concerned about all the x. P. we were going to have to share with but man it would really have come in handy if we could have floated her up the mountain. She's still there. Y'all that's true. I don't wanna go. Getter needed a pain in the ass. It's fine we're gonna be eating our words and one of us actually does die in here but well we'll come back rich. You know what whoever dies they play from there. I'm back zsa. Heard you. I had some trouble in here. I'm here with my abo- how who you want to. Testing all in all seriousness. Though i don't remember who got the key for missy but buluan springs we we did get that key from missy that we know opens up a certain area heidel at if we should trust her direction after she fed us than blood us wage in you have to be tested boxes actually doing. That's fucking pissed. He hates witches even hate to now more than she did she. A boost i Yes but these games are getting tiring preaching to the choir all right. Let's take a look at our construction project over herea begging on the wall blew on dismisses the magma summons back into his forehead closes his hands and you can hear shifting behind the gate as he dispels. A pit has already been dispelled. I can't get rid of the stone. That way i have to shake it again with a another scroll. I'll make an archway guess that pathway seems clean smelling the other pathway you smell the remnants of what was a frost giant the frost giant east motherly. That you guys vanquished and also these end the ondraskova that were down there but you do not smell them anymore. You dispel there. They leave a lingering smell but they're not there anymore you know that. Sister dina spells smell some hints of cinnamon. Or my god. I niece hag get it instead of. I need a little bit of a niece. When i make bangles martha for like day of the dead on me. So i was gonna ask. If it's a linder like a the with cinnamon sweet winds breakfast just runs in thinking later falls into a trap. It was worth it. I see south might be the way to go. I'll follow the group east. According to the map there are off by. I don't see the sudden it's okay. We've been trapped here for three hours all hours. Would you like to go southeast or northeast votes for the southeast tunnel. I agree i'll go wherever unfolding breakfast. Breakfast is just gonna kinda around. The corner scrunched down as much as they can. That is twenty five stealth. Wow while the walls of this small cabernet rough and jagged. The stone floor is smooth in has been swept. Clean a small pool of water surrounded by pale. White stones light to the west along the opposite to the east and oaken table holds a wooden bowl. A silver chalice sits in a small alcove to the northeast. A short passage leads to a stone door engraved with the image of a naked pregnant woman sitting in a meditative pose. The women's hands life folded in her lap and a full moon is painted upon her belly. A trio of waist high pillars of stout gravestone stands in the corridor. Just above the door. Abraxas will rela- i smell water. A seawater he's gonna creep ever so slightly really slow not even not even as claws making even the slightest clack just slowly and you know he'll sign since he sees boo on. There is almost kind of like a relay point so he'll actually start signing what he sees he excitedly and for for boudoir. It doesn't know why abraxas cited but what you what you see with. His hand motions is table. I see a table and it's coming up like really like big hand movements like is he just wants a non who know but his head and the way you can read his body language as the signing table really excitedly excellent. Describe the room and we'll just nestle right at the lip of it and kinda. Just wait there for the rest of the party. Okay and pippa will sign back at him. In addition to great table love tables. She's gonna make the sign for enemies. Breakfast will will do a scan of the areas smell the area lick the dirt and see. Maybe i don't know if somebody stepped in the recently a to to do a little little perception perception. Twenty six is what i got. You do not see any monsters are fairly competent between your smell and your perception check that there are no monsters in this room. What you do smell is the would from the wooden table. You smell what smells like corn on top of the table and you can even visualize some corn seed on the table and of course the freshwater of the pond water is about a foot deep and it's not a very big pond he'll just stand there and do the motion for and so for buluan it he you think maybe he signing wrong but he says smell magic and like well. Why wouldn't you use the detect. The hand sign. Fred detect that the coming out on to sign languages. Smell smell for magic. And he'll he'll look back and we'll just stay there ready for the party. That's going to be where he's going to be. Waiting is now that there's no any maze. He knows checking for traps. Checking for all the magical stuff is yeah. The rest of the party's job. Then hold his hand out to andromeda let's do our wonder twin like step down the stairs in tandem. Yes please heads out all the stops mostly gonna. I'm gonna roll a trap finding check As pepper moves up next abraxas. Scans the room that is going to be a twenty three. Do not detect any traps. And you tech magic around the door on the opposite side of the room just the door for this is feeling very unpleasantly familiar No mitigating and drama never played karen and crafts. Are you sensing what time sensing only the doors magical. She nods and we are in the maidan statue and not as the matron statue. Do you think that door leads to the other. It would be allowed to mount inclusion that it is a teleportation right yes that's the type of magic. I'm sensing everything we've encountered so far has been very You know we just talked about it tests rituals that sort of thing. I'm just getting a vibe. But this might be. There might be more magic or ritual or something. The tops of the three stone pillars in the northeast passage have been hollowed out to create shallow fonts or bowls. Each with grave. Simples chiseled into the bottom of the font west to east. There is a stylized ear of corn. We are six spoked wheel in a downward a downward pointing triangle inside of a circle. Can you do it. Well really the only knowledge. I have is our con- i don't know if that's okay. Okay i got twenty six. These represent the corn sun and water. These are the only elements are a crop planting fertility ritual used by burying which is to celebrate the passage into womanhood called it. I got my puzzle brain today. No i brought her proposal her puzzle brain domains. Yeah that we'll son cross like a sun cross and then like a yoni a yoni is always a lady it's always a witchy thing always nova janica. Let's the jay which is love. You heard it here. Folks love j.j cannon. Now what what would we put in that. Third thing though. That's the question water water. So i'm assuming corn obviously the sun what we the corn could be son and corn. It has a full. Can you describe the table again. Dustin you haven't oaken table and on table is the wooden bowl and a silver chalice that sits in a small alcove next to the table and then on the table itself is okay. balloons going to inspect the silver chalice standard switch. There's nothing inscribed on anything. From what i can tell this is a ritual and the corn obviously represents an ear of corn. The six spoke wheel represents the sun and the triangle and the circle our water. In this case it's a fertility ritual performed by ovarian. Witches are sure we wanna perform. Well that's a good question has to do with fertility. There is a pregnant woman on the door does pass there. Perhaps it is an unlocking spell thinking. You didn't find any traps either. So it seems safe net could be. I mean as far as anything in this moral place could be deemed safe. I'll go on the water. Sounds good sounds great. I'll put the corn in this Whole start throwing all pick up a rock and light it up. Well how fun toddler breakfast. What are you doing. Breakfast has been distracted by by the corn. He's wondering it should pick a couple of putting my pay. Oh yes turkey turkey. It's been minutes since i've eaten. And he just opened up the packs. Okay more than i thought he shoves a whole bunch of it in his face and then divvied up smaller portions and you know shove some so forceful he's like shoving handful for foreign dramas like manager. This'll help you Especially with tiger belly. Change always makes me ravenous now that you mention it and she takes big john on looks. You expend a lot of your mystical energy. Time to feel that belly leaves a little handful for buluan thank you. I am quite famished. And peckish at the moment then scarfs it down shoves it in his mouth. It's very hard loss. Who's doing what and how are they doing. And dramas popping that corn right into the whole pedal soul does. She took shots by a breakfast is going to be by the door. Not too close but in his mind. He's picturing some sort of monster popping out of there won't be ready so he's got his field and hammer out. He's letting the magic crew take care of the rest. I think everyone's trying to find the previous most perfect most fitting rock to light up. He's he picks too big. If except not shining picks up it has a flaw crack right there. So he's just like eight quarters picking up rocks and jodi them. Oh god okay um pippa is. She's she's got an empty glass vile out of her bag She's gonna she's going to fill up. She was planning on using her canteen. But i'll honestly. She doesn't really trust that she knows that the water didn't seem magical she also doesn't necessarily trust that it's not actually like some kind of magical so she's gonna use something that's not her drinking vessel. The last time she dealt with a pool of water didn't necessarily yield great outcomes. No it really didn't pippa takes the challenge that was on the tables. The plane nothing special about it. Silver chalice as described by dustin over to the nothing special about it pool of water apparently and kneels down to the side. She's she dips the jobs the challenge sentence she's she scoops water out and then as the the ripple settle. She notices her reflection for the first time in a long time. She hasn't looked at herself since she took these robes from the zena Bob yoga's hut didn't even have beds much less a looking glass and you know they've been passing by frozen streams and muddy rivers and stuff on our way out here but nothing really especially reflective for her to look at so in in sort of both of physical sense and a metaphorical sense. Pippa hasn't looked at herself since she took these robes since she killed susannah and what she sees is a completely unfamiliar face to face that she is always seen looking back at her in a mirror. Hair is not it sort of the rich honey blonde. That usually as it is i. It is ice white it is frozen. It is icy. Her skin is usually a much. Warmer color has also likewise gone ice white. Her eyes are green ordinarily and they are now a bright icy blue. She looks like jadwiga. She looks like a a winter which and she just stares at herself and thinks just many things all over among sort of the lighter things. She's feeling oh no wonder boom on didn't lack me when we met such a symbol of how far she's come along from the person that she was even two months ago when she was still traveling towel door knocking over rich people with abraxas in odessa. And she has become this completely unrecognisable person literally in just two months of being out here. She doesn't have time to deal with that right now. There's nothing to be done about that right now. But she dips the chalice again even though she doesn't need to to distort the image to dismiss this version of herself that she does not recognize and turns away from the pool comes back. I put it on. it's pedestal. I pour it in and then the wanted you find you rock. He found a really nice linen. Kinda has a jagged edge soviet but only on one side. And he's like and he lights it all up in. It's kinda glowing. He makes it look son like an gingerly puts it in and when that happens. You hear a ch- you hear some years turning. And they just keep turning secret thing unlock. Did you hear that that moves something. Well something happened. At least we're not being attacked yet. You also notice that the phones have disappeared so that going to check out the door. He does look any different to Door handle is it a push. Pull the word. It's going to be a doorknob turn. Poll pepe takes her crossbow out and loads a bolt and walks up to join abraxas at the door. I know i congregate as well. yeah. I bought crossbow. I'm also just doing a quick. Just general perception yeah. He reached where it really slowly knowing the he knows the deal so instead of just automatically turning his kind of waiting for the three mid claw when he one percents. Everything seems fine. You don't pick up anything all right everybody back just at least tales breath away in this gonna turn the knob. The door opens in another room. Look into the room and you see a small hallway and then it just leads a sixty by sixty broom that is empty and there's a an a wall with a door doors doors doors other we haven't run into a limited doors down here right. Don't just went through know. I mean that's his point. This yeah this is a rash of them. They've all been caverns right. You unlock the door where you felt felt the tin regulus I don't think it's time to explore this area yet. Feel like we should clear behind us. I but i would feel safer. I am so curious. We know how to open the door. We don't know what's behind it. Let's make sure that the way back is clear. Yes i would feel safer. That's why there's wisdom in those words dustin put us back on the other matt. Please go back in the other math. And as you close the door you hear a And the door locks again. And then you see those three podiums reappear Oh god dammit you realize it's about a about a three minute timer will at least we know. Nothing's coming from this direction. Hopefully help the corn replenish itself. Yeah everything. Replenish yourself as corn on the table again. We'll take a handful. Then when you take a couple of your throat your replenish. Oh got to teach a lesson. Think a couple of kernels showing kerryon. Let's take that last passage. A breakfast is going to follow his nose to the south east corridor following following suit with their nose and being a light paw which is a twenty five stealth on his little little pads that like squeezing on the kittens. But not too hard like little little paul pose. This'll squeezy so you see a calf going down or while and then to the right you do see another passageway. The smell goes down into that passageway. That's off to the right. I just want to just state for the record. I still throw was a seven. And i am tip telling after a breakfast mine was a nine and i'm also doing after brexit. See sometimes i can roll okay. Just that one time. I had a gonna crane my neck around the corner and get a little smell anything familiar. Something new unknown you still smell lingering odor of the andros use But you don't smell like a fresh set like it's a sent early in our own at this point. Smells like ass could only mean one thing andress goo you see. The stone stairs lead up to a narrow rectangular chamber filled with the overwhelming stink of urine. Yeah it's it's pretty gross smell right now. Oh lord what. Just general trap finding role as i'm following abraxas. Twenty-one takes a handkerchief from somewhere does hold it against his knows what you see is the walls and flora haphazardly covered with countless lines of jagged ruins too short flights of stairs climb two small platforms at either end of the chamber. Yeah there's a table that sits top race platform to the east. I think it might all all the creatures might have been killed already but thank callisto. Area mercy already killed them the corner of the room. You do see a giant chest with no immediate enemies and site is cautiously. Enter the room. Oh pippa one second. He gets done on the he's he kind of does that like i've seen buffy where Jerusalem does oh is like the. Bbn me thank you take on the senses of a wolf and as he staring at you kind of the colors become very vibrant your eyes. I'm picturing turn from that crystal blue to a wolf yellow and you've just been imbued with keen senses which now you get plus two perception bonus. I don't know if you had a low light vision before. He probably did as they have human standard. Oh now you have low light vision so now even with the when you look back into the room. The shadowy portions of it are lot crisper and clear. So yeah two. Plus two bonus to have sept show and now you can see with faintest. Candlelight is like the blazing sun to you. Oh my gosh pippa turns. Here's this is amazing. How often can you do this. Well i see like this but this one should be with you for a ten seconds. Six minutes as long as the time it takes the time it takes me to finish five bowls of us six minutes. Okay all right six minutes. All right. I hear ya. She's looking around the room. Dustin may i redo my perception check based on the new shirt augmented census. I am too distracted by how clearly i can see everything. It's now over So that the for everyone listening at home That was in natty one on the diet. Now i have an excellent trap finding bonus of No sorry twelve so that's a thirteen perception. Hope it's a shitty trap. If there is one the only travel whose sister shitty detect any chapel. I sure don't but we ucs now that you've got on the room is there is something on table and you have of course once again. There is the treasure chest in the opposite corner. I don't see anything but you know. Proceed with caution because honestly this is wonderful. And i may have missed them. Would you like nd an eye to south of magic. Yes that would be excellent. Let's go little one hands out come detect magic you pick up a slight magic low inside the chest like there's magic inside the if that is related to pippa she's gonna wanna open the chest. Endeavor has okay cool yeah pepper. Pith was gonna go open that chest. Let's hope not a second migrants familiar in it. Oh let me go army of your face on it. You're gonna have a pair with your face on your home and najeeb of animals that have my face on it's to be. Oh hang on pips haflinger body with a cat face. Yes oh my lord that's upsetting as you go to lift chest you feel on your hand when you pull it back you see a green news off of the sharp edges on the chat. Okay do i need you. To call me eight fortitude save. Sheriff you know why pulse why not. It's my it's my worst safe and i love rolling and super bonus. I think there might be something from a matter with your role you got which was a seventeen okay because it was going to be a thirty with with all of the bonuses have passed this trap and i'll see l. She wipes it off on her clothes. And we'll actually. She just pressed she prestigious eh. She precipitates that was a nasty one by the way. If you would have got wendy indexed damage. O o on the rogue character cool cool. That would have been fun are then. What do i get for my successful defeats of corrosive. Poison potion of non detection a gaseous form a roka climbing and a wand of air walk with seven charges heading we can go get a decent hammer and a score of iron spikes to block and tackle and four fifty foot ropes then also next to the you notice that will actually hidden behind the chest. You notice as you get closer to. It is a giant sized portable ramp portable ram as a battering ram as a battering ram in siege weaponry. Yes excellent. okay. Get all that cool stuff. What else do you. What do you wanna do. I think we one would have walked towards the table. And also i just want to remind you that. The entire room is covered with like stench covered. Bruhns like they were drawn with. Share and blood in all kinds of stuff as well giants. So grow. these andros cues. They're basically giant gorillas they're somewhat seventeen guerrillas. Well that's why be. One has a heritage in front of his face. Gross poor abraxas. He's like he new yasha so he's like. I mean the his first in green pepper notices that everybody else seems to be suffering pretty hard and jesus her new favorite use of precipitation. Which is nice. Quills it's all clean. Because you know what she's had enough she's had enough. She's almost died so many times on this trip and drama almost died like thirty minutes ago and and you know what at the very least at the various things will be clean. Dammit they will be clean. What does she had it. She has had she has had Some has been had this room clean now. Clean clean guys wiped away. They all disappear. What's on the table west on the table. You see a crude unfinished map on the table. Top with a few areas marked on the map so Can i copy it down on paper. Because i have a math making kit. He doesn't want his schicker. Met me or make me a man put on the playlist. I love that saw. So you copied map and it pretty much leads to all the areas you've already been basically. It doesn't tell you what's in those areas. It just shows you where everything goes up through basic one area in one of the other maps. Does it show possibly the room where the key that missy doesn't. It's a crudely drawn map. It's like somebody who's literally mapping out this cavern. Like you guys are now. We'll be looks at it. He's like Let this is lacking. But i will spruce it up a bit. Any discounts takes out as map making kid in sharpens equipment. He scratches it out. Real quick on a very fancy valium and is okay. I got it breaks is actually looking intently. Remember he the max maps actually. He gets excited about him because of expiration remember. He was geeking out when they got that. First map went. Oh my gosh. They were still entitled or ages ago. He's gonna make a mental note to share those with boone when they get a chance. Hit are dying. There's nothing of interest. Bruins happy to leave this once. Foul-smelling room let's bounce girls. Alright i believe there are areas to explore. Pass to a with a tag was whether skin west. Yeah i wanna see what's that last year. There was a blinding light behind. It and i want to know what that okay. So you all want to explore this direction. Where the blinding light is as you. Approach that corridor here in the distance. Sounds like a little girl crying here. A little girl and then after a few little boy crying. But you can't see anything because it is so bright and then you hear the Who me it is. I- blinding light though. Says i take out my. I'm highly suspicious. We've yet to run into any children that are overweight. No there wasn't children that were being eaten by the witches out scalps peppers. Crossbow is is still out still still in her hands doing a perception check. That is a. Yeah i'm holding the. I can't emphasize enough. The white is blindingly bright. You can't know for sure breakfast reaches into his. Pack blows some dust off of this old gear But he puts on his goggles which actually provide a plus eight bonus against a visual based items. They're basically for the snow. They count as polar effects and for visual effects. I the we've yet to run into children that we haven't had a fight. Something are posing children or fucked up or we have to fight the most fucked up things in order to get to the children but if but if pepe has heard a cry for help from something that she genuinely believes the child can ignore. It can't won't move. What kind of spells could we use to try. And suss out. If they're real children and make making arcana check dustin what narconon be to know what. The light is Yeah i i could also do one while we're at it. Yeah you're kind of big onus Okay earlier fucking one again and features like in the role. Twenty dice roller. That wasn't even me. It's just like dice all of them. All dice hate me including including theoretically random algorithms and i'm incandescent with rage. Just what did you roll thirty two. You know that there are some natural circumstances in nature and actually breakfast with your nature role. I'm going to say that it's called the fonts of light where basically light just kind of explodes out of the ground and the only way to make the light go away is to basically cover usually like a capstone or something like that and so you know. Most likely that some are in their room is a font of light that in order to get it to stop glowing unique to cabinet interesting so it's probably not magical then. I guess i mean it's probably the magic of the world because you know it's the lost lost factor. There's a flight that you don't know what it comes from. I seem to remember. There was a thought of light or something and lost. The only person that's watched lost i. I didn't want loss. I watched like the first three seasons every single episode. And then after that they lost you do when you're dealing with a pulse of light that is so blindingly bright if you do not have enough fortitude within. You will become dazzled the four to immune to being dazzled o. Eilly the way this is nothing from the blinding brightness of the sun cascading down the glittering a winter draped tips of the kadar mountains. Nothing thank someone's a poet today oranges. I'll take off my my goggles and wave and back and forth to save. You know anybody could use them. So here's what. I'm going to do a breakfast i is. I'm going to reveal this area. Obviously you can't see it because it's bright. But i want you to tell me where you go to try to find the sponsor of light and if anybody follows him you will need to roll up your fortitude. What if we close our eyes and grip onto. It doesn't say anything about that. But i'm going to let that happen if you close your eyes and you're grabbing onto him that works let's do a kindergarten chain okay. I'm gonna do my thing here so you know a standard the standard. What he's been doing the last couple of caverns he'll he already started at the top of the stairs. He'll do his normal. Go to the bottom of the stairs. Pause bringing the smells. It's still bright. He's not it's not that he's immune to being the brightness. It's just that the dazzled condition. He can't be dazzled. Gotcha and i was just bitching about his dumb arctic powers but that's part of his arctic abilities. He's i'm immune to the dazzled condition. What are you gonna use to cover this font my pot. Dustin as i'm going down the stairs He's going to reach through his pockets until he find kind of a couple of leftovers. And there's just the slightest amount of the lobster that they had at the heroes feast and he's gonna just finish showing that in his mouth chant a few words and he's going to go lobster abraxas again where his for goes red and then it goes his hair slicked back. Starts getting in the The crustacean carapace so now on top of his for it's almost like the o. Frigging voyager a blade of armor was church. Now he's got his little crustacean skin. Okay ready to go just to get a little bit just in case there is a fight. He's he's got the most armor possible a breakfast. Where do you go next. Are the sound still going on or they have. They stopped the sounds of still going you. They just sound like on the far end of the cape for end like the opposite. End of where you're at. What do i see. I'm sorry. I missed it when you described what's in this area. Don't see anything. It is so bright. You it's like it's like stepping into a sun and the where they're wearing the night vision goggles and someone turns on the light and they're all blinded. Oh lord all right. I'll just put my hammer away in on. Bring out a sack. Just be ready to cover something. I'll just go with shield and sack for now and all right folks. It's extremely bright at here. I'm going to use the walls to aid navigation. So i'm gonna i'm gonna head down east and follow the walls here. We go grandma tail. Don't squeeze too tight and pippa gets a big fistful of abraxas. His tail hair very carefully reaches reaches her hand. Backup for either buan or andromeda boone class. No go for it. I assume the to squishy squish people would be in the middle. No that makes total sense. My goal is to do kind of like this. You're gonna go around the room around the room. Okay so we have like a handhold for him. Strategic weiser's like look At least will know he can. There's a brighter flash. I mean he again. He can't be dazzled but it's not like he can't be blinded that way he can always have at least something solid to get his bearings. Okay so i'm going to say you actually go around the entire circumference of this room and you feel where there's a door And you feel like the circumference you realize. The font is probably somewhere in the middle has all the light as much as say. The seems very evenly distributed so center would probably be the most likely place. We've just on a loop around in other than the door i'm gonna. I'm the head to the center. Bear with me then. I'll just rumor abraxas status. You've picked up first step in you. All sudden smell about thirty feet out fake creatures and you smell about four of them surrounding and him in going in for a surprise attack essentially so. Why don't you also role for rounded yup so bad because there's nothing we could do beyond beyond his his own be a square. Yeah this is. I was trying to run through my head. Is there any situation in which you guys would be able to detect other than his sent and even with a set you will smell them but you don't know where they're at so they all have their all he's specifically are invisible in light so spare that's fine. We did come in here. Remember life of me. I smell a prepare yourselves. We're all block fighting. Blind eyes closed up time for some good. Oh action up. Which i don't have any we what you get. I got a thirteen drama. Which get twenty one twenty two. She'll twinsies. I think you're better pepper. What you get nineteen. Oh my goodness we are in another pickle. Hey hey coffee and they are all going to get a tap on each of you We want and drama. You guys are all following him in a line right. That's what you said you were doing. Yeah yeah i'm still connected to so the first one will attack a breakfast bring it. I know your ear so they can hate you because their best is going to be a thirty one. No yeah okay. So i left does not land a hit with their small little claws then the moves on pippa. Let's see we got a twenty five. You both hit got both that That that hits twice. Yup i need you to roll me a fortitude save fortitude giving you ferry herpes. Another great title theory herp steer. Everybody has herbie's don't worry about it. That's a net seventeen. Do i need to add some bonuses. No you you were you will you will pass with that. Lucky you ray. I'm getting lucky with my fortitude saves today us guys are a little sneaky so they get their sneak attack. Damage ono playing to me. That's the worst. You took seventeen points. Damage bipper hey so you feel to clause just rake across your chest. It's slice right through your robe and through all your clothes and just you hear If you could see you see blood just stripping down and staining the front of your your nice Recently cleaned rope perverts. A nasty acrylics they went straight for your bodice straight for the bosom and one is going to do a similar attack on in drum with a natural twenty. Let's roll a second. See if i can Twenty eight fit Yeah i sure even my regular. Ac abraxas you already told me there. A critical hit card for getting created. Didn't have a lot of right from the middle of the deck spent a hero point to save andromeda. Lost last episode. Just to loser right after. I'm assuming this is a slash attack natural slash. Yeah okay sorry long gash normal damage so we get the gig normal damage not going to get through this eight bleed off shit a successful. He'll check cuts the bleeding in half rather than ending it in you. Okay so on your turn. You're going to get eight believe until somebody who firms. That's amount of believe you're there has to be a wave gushing then what the sneak attack damage. You are take you ten fifteen sixteen seventeen points again. So that is forty. Four points of damage. We survived the frigging rust. Nece just to get killed by a bunch of fairies eight when that happens and did. The last berry is going to set his sights on boo on and lay in Worse yes natural. What that's what i do. So is it always gotta be music. Gets the twenty so what you keep your car. Their access. Same thing right from the beginning or the middle of the day host spirit just pops out of my forehead bats it away With the tech deals damage to you instead of the target also hits itself or are you going to say i sneak damaged deck. Hit myself too. So let's see what damage we have here. Catch myself by surprise with thirteen blitz damage to myself and i have to roll my own for two. Oh by the way in drama. You need a romanian fortitude. Save iro the natural. Nineteen and enrolled another natural twenty they pass their fortitude safe. I did a lot of damage to myself in my own ass kicked. It happens in ten. I describe the natural one as a younger for four and then like cuneo was ghosting. Buluan from beyond the ether and just put up his hand to push your claw back into yourself. The that is the end of a surprise round and now we are on the fantastic worlds. Podcast is a fantastic production. Shit you enjoyed the show If you can't get the crew we recommend connecting with our fantastic community. And i have to say we have a fantastic community some of the discussions that happen having on discord have been amazing. And if you are not on our discord you should check it out. You can join the conversation other areas also like read it where our lovely logan does some great job moderating that and you can connect with us unsocial off through facebook twitter and instagram. You can find links to all of those on our website. Fantastic worlds pod dot com. Want even more the. Up crew consider joining our patriotic at fantastic worlds dot cash. I am dust in your game dad. Fame master you can find me at dustin alexander on instagram or twitter. I'm abby i play pippa and you can find me opponents famine. This is you can reach me at espinosa now in six. A i'm jess. You can find me at Hank the clink this is logan. You can find me at main man. The theme song was composed and played by amy hankinson. Thank you sound effects. Sir thank you sound effects. Thank you silence gate for your sound effects and music. If you enjoyed the show please do us a favor and spread the word friends family. You think may enjoy the show as well like abbie sister. Mattie which we hope will someday list to the show but probably some day in my dreams. Maddie will actually listen to this show so next time. I hope you have many fantastic adventures Was my entire Last of us. I've got i've got other stuff but like no i want that brick. I wanna take them into brick town of which i the mayor and my god. I play hitman like that. I don't wanna use the guns or the knives or the sheriff. Ken only wanna use like random. Shit you can find on the ground. Ask absolutely he'll be at full attention. Alexa shutoff poco. They have an auto dispenser. That just went off. I don't need a reminder and hear the phone reminder said your phone was silent y the the word app overrides the setting because it sucks that way nicely. Imagining the recent spell leaves a kind of a winter winter fresh little icicles trailing between the eyes of both pippa in abraxas. You folks pick up because it was such a recent spell they got cast i to me that we all kind of match used as abraxas has white hair andromeda has white here pippa has white hair. Yeah regardless here. Yes jack regalia tour band. too bad. we've really got our aesthetic straightened. Are this called the whiteouts nice. I hung fook bobby. Do they are done. Yoga white outs actually has a pretty good name for a punk band. You might ask you stupid bitch. Book your fucking gas.

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