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Bass Impact Ep. 4: Kenny Ken

Rock N Roll Archaeology

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Bass Impact Ep. 4: Kenny Ken

"You've heard the music now. Here's the story from director frank marshall. Hbo's news documentary. The bg's how can you mend broken heart. Chronicles the highs and lows of brothers berry maurice and robin gibb and the evolution of the prolific career as the bg's through interviews and never before seen footage discover how they navigated the ever changing music industry and complex dynamics of family and fame. Watch it now on hbo and hbo. Max welcome back to the face. Impact podcast presented by suburban base and very excited this week. Old time legend of the scene alongside someone. I always enjoy it. So he's got a great story and Someone that i write to personally back in the day and we get. We're gonna chat about that. This is a special christmas edition. So merry christmas and let me waste time and introducing the infamous the famous. The legendary came is now. I've known this man for very long time. And i guess you must have started dj. -ing when i started my business kind of before suburban base really established and you one of those names on the flyer the i would always go out and rape to in oh and we became good gains and he would have right of the start can tell me you know early right. That's what listeners. Wanna hear early days for me was always working on london transvaal. Yeah i was working on the underground and decide while might come from bethnal. Green hackney and mom lights were sign. The aachen you accompanied one of these acid as paul is but the word essiet put me off the just what s it caught me off the kind of thing and then one day we used to raven at some some fisa cup people cover his of getting nine and we've got like the top sincere six steps back in the day. I think he was zero. Six zero six one in clubs anyway so one day. We was driving a like tony. Sicne can go free ecstasy tablets in my pocket so we take once we try one thousand la a na. Nah nah come on. Let's just do one. This is try at once. The guy on the bay. So we took one h while it's probably got to siphon williams flight or we go in this club yup the whole club wrought even the even the the club owner step might use local. Come every week getting for free so we show. We went down to london as driving. Dancing on tony misfly. One of these estimates I think now with is one and it was officials back church lane watch apple and i'm a through some corrugated iron and wooden shit into swear ass a might. It was just some sunny. I've never seen before the music. Everything just hit me. And from deragon converting it was just brilliant just a house news reports it was just breathing and should feel feeling and when that music is free and a little pill l. but Changes your life forever. Just being engaged. Next thing you know for me was the different nationalities. the different colors that was in that people white people in people because of different people. And if i was just raving under one roof and that's what attracted me to it because it was the music. Don't get me wrong. And yeah the junk sail but if you're sensible ways about the jokes i mean people right environment as well and Diverse if people in this place and people were so friendly and that and then from there we just kind every week we was looking for and it was very very special time. But i mean you oversee connected with music before that a big fan and was a raving club in like before experience for you before that i was more of a are supposed to knock of a lot of zero six inside fans jukes anyway. It was mostly like Arm be so disposed you know. I mean style. Reggae reggae shebeens. After hours clubs. And i got them. Reagan's the pau easier and east is all that and that was me that was on the by. I mean i have. I had dj before that it was ninety. One time ago austin the apply a A dog wanted him tweet. Index like the x. An attitude Mixer in the middle. And i wanted them and she says moore polly again. I wanna play the party but that was the only time a dj now and then. Yeah under full about dj. I was thinking about teaching. Say so we get yesterday. I've seen an and you're excited about as echo. What y- what point did you go. You know i want to do this. I wanna be out. Maybe ryan to be doing this or one day. I was a lot the music so much and off-the-wall opposite circus station an everyday Lunchtime is to go to market around the cool not about certain station. So black market records and the guy who used to work in a stanford his name was used to get would white leg was so my record collection started before actually rave record condition saw before she started the jane yet so i get older tunes and when i did not selection the tunes of what could be watching people like groove rider called cooks. Dj bones them free. The stuck in my head do not. I mean there was also another heritage is cool them to done if you don kevin byard. Yeah evident dangerous right one day instead. Dixon did beat. No twelve understood so much. You need to invest sell twelve under. I was not in anyway. Course ex and dinkum round has been writing not income round mass sunday morning and he started the whole bay. We'll just let mix and i was watching. I was watching everything he was doing. And then when at told you can not not not going to carry on carry. But when by list i was straight on them and i was trying to learn to make myself. And that's what i started to think politician of Out pretty quick. You're not. I mean you must. You must the comments out. Pretty quick iran. That talk like you're just getting into it next year. you're you're an older lineups. i'm seeing kenny. And everything and not. You know a big name in the same from very early. And i go what it was ice mike it my business so now the actual table running the pot is is to write that i just. My mom is needs to get in with that crowd. But because i wanted to. Jay is just the kind of not get in that kind of crowd. You know what. I mean ads so by the time. I sti- jane on you. Who was who you know. And let for instance crazy club story. I was one of the first tape womb the guide near residency and Junk from napa jones single knepper yet. I was decline of the first people that gave me a residency. And then just kicks from there. Really you know. I feel like let labyrinth was a big part of your story. You know when you think about i. So people really conical into in our member right in there and You know you can say like every tune in the second rewound labyrinth was was a big that story. in fact in fact leprince was the first place to residency. Yeah and then. I moved onto crazy club a story in that. Yeah actually i remember like religiously got to see you. I will in in islam and is very early. And andy was a very close friend of ours thain and he was very young and he i i would take him to someone early raves. I coming come with a sandy before he was. You know the gin that we know and and row playful who's ways hanging out with us and so it was like it was. Missile from suburban base. Ran moving shadow. Loners of light will with that camaraderie. Now rivalry will hang out. But i remember. We used to love about raven i will do we. Would you know be on the dance floor sweaty mess. Join your set and you would always come down off towards it was as in crisis. None of this superstar deejay. Nah you would always come down and right. Would you be me and grow. And you'd come in and you to wait the ravens correctly after in atlanta procedure standard procedure. You know because remember is the before. I was a dj. You could see al-also yet. So once i finished muffing on the decks is Randall come on all mikhael diver. Noel to s shaikh through offing raw. Already psoriatic. naff just right with the crowd. You not mean stayed until the end that was you know. I've always been a right. Bob about right now back then. Yeah you do cama right. I have for a long time setting up now before the even with even. Yeah even then. I've listened. I'll stop doing all kinds of drug. Anything right yeah. Stop doing years ago. We're all very wise. Yes exactly you know what i mean. I call myself a rival observer. I still go. i'll go there and like yeah okay. Stand up if us on club visit. I'm looking just going to here. I'm going to stand up to the dining data while the look back in the day on a young as the good size my greedy really good signs of saw much creativity during that time. You know when you think about the people that were in the crowd and and being inspired you'll dj sets and ice. I am brand or gachet. Everyone was this guy. And i'm jumping in the studio as three key labels that i just mentioned you know the banging stuff the become not who tracks the defined grandpa at the scene you know. And then the creativity come from from your side of the thanks that the jays yes sought been been a mainstay of backbone of the scene. You know it's like incredible times what we create what we're able to build and labels ebola was for me a few my life besides above them by s- ram we've been shadow reinforced. Lofthouse taylor. They were they were the main cause i v. Come late didn't it. Yeah yeah. I really run always soaks about so of reinforced moving shadow suburban by we ask great fondness that i was know. We always of li- Up that game depending on you know what the next release was one of them. But exactly what's love just love. Just not maybe shout at you. Boom of pla- loom ramic will at another bang on. It was. yeah it was. It was brilliant. Yeah and And you stay that is. Would you agree is the foundations for so much of urban. Uk music now. You know when you when you is it is foundation is the foundation that music your hair. Now what drew up. The i mean the some joe. Stop a lot. The guys following the american hypoxia. Not i mean yeah up when you're talking about carriage upset. Yeah grind on. Google jomo based grime stuff. Yeah yeah so come from member. We were sitting on atari computers designed in this couple of seconds of silence. You know exactly you run at run at whatever up you know but yeah way the backbone for the whole thing over it. Yeah absolutely you saw at a label. I don't know that was. Maybe can when mixing plane is this. Where does the the phrase mix them come from mixing brain candy cane. It was the that coin that because melissa mc moose it was moving okay. Yeah that makes me mix plan and ken expressed. Yes money things ways. Emc hip as classic absolutely classic and other clubs will are important to you as you know. We I mean i. I was like a breeding ground for the big You at the edge. In coventry it clicks a obviously a story are crazy was big bottom our buddy days as well. Yep now then you add Roasted term mills. Yep you know that that was when jungles. Just thank you for coming coming out of the office. Call guidance the jungle. That's it yeah. Yeah yeah. I always will roast. His you know the definitive jungle club. that was. Yeah yeah yeah. Roses way for me. I would say roast for me is where jungle lady took with equal Yeah because it was closed as it was caused as black music and produces will why i was my canoes. You know that was. That was certainly of influence on. You know if you if you consider where it comes from people trying to trace it back to house music and a skull as much Lineage to sound system culture really in know and yes. It's a regular year. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. I was a lot the whole rave scene so much to house and techno and actually it has kind of evolved this the badge becoming more urban sound more was like lots of influence and and that those roots trace back to like sound system culture and that kind of influenced by everything. I think i think the music just like house music. There's no rules in house. Music is no rules in bastogne. Will you know like this could be influenced by anything. I mean might paul. It was the big red advice lines. you know. i mean the clear. The music was influenced by everything. Gowdy time when he done his first album. Hollywood different influences into it. it was experimentally. There's no rules yeah. Experiment was allowed to. Just you know not now for saying. This is why i sound light. We been making it. Sounds harry exactly shaping. Exactly yeah exactly exactly so with that said what's missing colored things because of all she. This is a special show. This is the christmas edition and hopefully own being sensible during lockdown. And they they the family the bobble wherever you know. This is a special shove. And i said you know. Let's have a listen to music with you can s listener cutler things. That were important to you either from your career or stuff. Us listening to and You you to call tiles and holidays are no straightaway and another important since we're gonna have a good chat about Or cry what one as first ones. This is a very early i mean to me. reggae lovers rock guess By a call malcolm no gesture and get lucky that little chat about it and what that meant you coming up you know this gene. How large data change. How would i thought when she human. I love you. Don't know no-one so can t tell me you know this is important. Track to you. I mean you'd have been a kid. This is this is this screen. In the half scarring. Tell me that that tearing there are separate will come around the weekend and my mom would be doing my aunt's here in the in the passage. Resuce your who stooge. Oh come passage in in the passage through his head and but that embarrassments be playing dominoes and the music and not just be putting on that choon there is one of the first tunes and offsides now back version one verse one tune and then you get number version of that choon Yes yeah you know. Kazan to stop the version of that would have had a different Maybe yes. I think it was big. You know you you you you don version of it overseas toasted on the might differ version and that record there is love it so much. Democracy scratched a lot. I'll the bad bad because you could get that to me is it was. I was so upset about best sticks because it reminds me the first time already starting to get into music as a music fan. Yeah i'm a lock as Tom and you cared about it so much that you you brought a yes. Yeah yeah you know. I mean so. That shooting day is one of the first things. I have a boat about might not be the first june. It was not in the ten. I this is. This is childhood memories for you. This is back to its again. But you can also had hattie's influenced your career you know you. Dj's lot you and it was. It was definitely a movement out of east london and i'm originally from stratford and then so many other shop and dance at high and that kind of the rcn that break beat style of music from east london and you can hear that kind of the influence of dont lovers. When when there was the jungle there was a produces back. They're not yet that para don's mazda linney from east london a main making jungle with direct direct influence. And i hope see more. They grew up in households. Like yourself where you know. This is late on a sunday often playing dominoes on the stove. This is our of memories and this is a hassle. We you know you. You grew up in east. On for myself i'm a little white boy from stratford. Okay but fourteen years planning to boost private east and that's almost quite trainspotting. He kinda music and don't have any us playing blues fis so young honestly at a show on was the radio shows studio one of them and i would play ray groove and play alongside all the other guys would pie lavas rock so i'll be this little. Why kit in the pie playing some gray coding. The on new my stuff a fan of flying fan fan of flyer and it was. It was a seven still been in school. And i'm sneaking out to play like i'm on on the bill finished blues by traffic. You know two young even do anything. So i mean these long memories you know just you know often. As part of all of us that l. to build that that part of the scene and bring up and element into what the music became. You know out blown out of the right seen wonderful time. I never seen on interesting. No-one rewind the tune. Don's tonight braley. No-one re- rewind yet. i never seen. I never see a tune. Get rewind adults until a right until all right. Yeah i was. I want to do it. But i never seen. No one that is seen. That is interesting. Because i mean before there there was. You know people. Frost were play in but he had star. It's kind of in the rif. Seen when i made so he's playing was playing house and stuff. I m progressed into what became jong based yet. Come you come straight in. With of like aug san system sensibilities right you know. Yeah i mean opens now starting with started. Dj also night house in that. Bob yeah styles to house music still. Of course yeah. Send me stuff all the time when the jungle started because it was more reggae influenced at that time too old sound. College came back to me. Get coming while. I was playing music. You know a draw tune and the critic mad not to ship is needs to get reading but agree. This is gonna be a tough one. Do you remember what the chain was can you can you think. I'll rebound yeah This'll be gold. If you remember it may i. It was called Off was called a seven inch in the seven inch on mendoza mendoza record. Label is out june dining. If you find that you don't even know where it is. Because i was looking for long and i was putting chrissy lost that some. Yes chris christie wisdom tournament. 'cause he's and he's probably not that that to nam and it wasn't even it wasn't even a junk is more like to fight. Used to go off in the dance. You know chrissy. Obviously because i always try. He's good as a lovely kate at always trying to catch up with him when he's in la visits over there quite a bit and this this dishes gone out on christmas day cane. So what's the family up to what you going to covid situation. You also listen. Well let me just wanna marry christmas anyway by him on mrs with sliding doors we got nowhere. Okay dr bake to weld. Catch anything so not i can come on. We keep it does right. The coverages of stocks got loads of sweets decorations. Up as you can see behind me loads of presents and everything. So we're good to go capable chef. that's lovely. Yeah definitely a look. I know it. Yeah i know and it's about. It's all about family. You know we got we got off and and you know we pull the followers of the podcast and the label. Keep in safe and stuff. We've we've here trying to give that message in a real because potent. Every every christmas is the around is not. You're willing bravo's acid in wolfenstein. And if one goes to hell family gathers around everybody goes. There is christmas. Went up to that. Client life with all the off three tshuva in families and in the wider community. And that's you know that's what we did back in the day when was raving. That was the right family when and let's just list because we i mean Let's let's take us back to sign win. I reckon you and me both solids as well because an opportunity you picked out for me and you said this is one of my old song fibers and yeah was really because that's definitely a mindless on favorites and this is i mean i was. I was a soul jazz funk you know those days. The pirate stations like solar j. fm l. w And they play in. wr r. this is before. I even whatever your and this and this band. The challenge was studio and they had different vocalists and and light you sometime. Jocelyn brown would front and this was luther vandross glow lousier and this was before he blew up as loofah duluth. we both knew and loved with silo. Career let's listen to this one. We'll have a chat about that blooming. Ten sa- pleasure and you transfer all. That's new shoes. And wear given what we know. Where g menam walking in the change featuring live vandross the glow of love this. That's i am. Before he had blown up to the legend that you'd be kind and before he solo career and you could sell from those recordings a voice is just incredible and the nice thing about introducing stuff like this but this is a special edition they might be some of our listeners. The just just been rave and german base and and style was like that that maybe doesn't know some of these early attracts if you do wonderful Tell us how these are important to you. And you'll musical education. That choon and a host of i was alone. Era was on the amazon really going raving That listening to music by music. George benson new. How deeper than that was assigned to us. Eighty clinton music now really had a big record collection and that recorded. I'll just used to love time. I'm bob played played a Goes potty and that record of physical played about four or five times one off to the abbot who played stein again. It played a big would avenue. I mean it was just really brilliant. Soon huge huge chain and maybe people don't know pre rave there was also a movement that was kind of aware asked paul movement the ray groove after we had that kind of that fostered like jasmine early mid i-it's jazz funk movement which ends like this this would have been post disco like so after checking can knows roaches and stuff like that. Yes but then. We had that ray groove khanna movement bobby and steve and and finger pop no those kind of socks. Oh and that that became before there was warehouse raves for for music and hall courthouse. We were gone ally. Rae groove raves. On me it was a big rave called durham. Cnc and say yeah. You're soundsystem touchdowns just like sound system. Not was just so music and you know. I just didn't play. You're not played. Samis in the early ninety s but Yount that them days did for me was when the whole music live in the uk. Changing when i was growing up when i was young boy who you heard was what was on top of the pops yet that was sounding music. You hurt you. Not i mean and the guy what my mom and dad. He used to buy as well. But that was the only heard that when you start a new arises you know you haven music coming from the site so not. This is music that you don't you dip a heard on on the on the radio on top of the pops or anything you'd have to go to one of these whereas parties to hear that music and that's where that's when i started a rule domon rises into music issues. It sounds britain. Not means just next level so i mean that was the influence on you. It's like discovering the yeah you intake. Yeah like music from america. The was a said more to you than the pop music really. Yeah because i'll definitely because if you listen to music while making tonight some of my intros even i like melodies that i mean yeah i like melodies ally come i mean. Don't get me wrong. I love all the german base. The baselines original journal by spiceland pleasant be outlets of bring back. Some of the old school baselines. Yes on music. Yeah and that's where that comes from. It comes from listening to people like change. Listening to people are cow. Malcolm no model reggae and soul influences coming to the music while making today. Yes i mean you. You carried that soulful influence into music production and your deejay says that she makes makes them. Blaine kenny kenyan. He's like yup taking the people on a journey right. No pre program sets you know. Tell us about tipping on dj. Set when you first came out. Was there a typical deejay did you. Did you draw for a different tune. Depending on what the crowd would do in a venue is in what was it. Dj set light back then up never ever preplanned to say done. Some free plan is when someone's life. I think years ago you can even be allowed to choose to mix on cd. I think he did an album force. Yeah yeah yeah. Some bison moving shadow yes that was tree plant you know. Obviously not i mean when i first i jane juicy said would highlight in a crowded sunday veteran. Sanada cry yet and how was gonna plan. What would they was going to get. Played in do supply of not some fake faith nine in his. He's very difficult to pull off because initial confident. The dj won't before you got none of in june's by you capri plan to sit on. Never use the preplanned Because i would like to. Would it take for one day. Giant play one of them choose competent in teams. Before you. and that's it you said smith stuff. Yeah but i mean we. We thought you mean in current times the the as the currently chase off pre-planning sets and if you and you'll you'll have you're screwed if the before you is played. His last song is the opening song of. You'll set exactly done. That's a new sign that right then i'll be in a position where come to the club light while about ten minutes late. Yeah and the. Dj's on before me is a young anglo mentioned on nice. Young dj or yeah. And when i looked into the booty style wow that'd be loss coupled tunes. I said we can use that. The company choose well. How many book on our set. My play will not apply. Not me just weighed. You know how many different mentality you know you would have to allow for any possibility you know back in the day and you have enough enough records the if the next to date. Dj's zinser you could roll it career. I think i remember carrying that rightful even cutler time you would i was on its beta box boy for today. You know in the club without having to go to secure. I'm not carry you cover you get bags. Skin days andy row play for gandhi. Everyone back it back in the albanian. I'm becoming shop was well and the pundits the front we get back and get with a good good stuff you and purchased by opening the good stuff. Thanks kenny everyone. At a chance to get on the air going to be ex- ex- customers of boogie. Time coming here get stuff again and always an exclusive or would make vip. That was a big. Yes exactly you know giving giving out that. Vip that may be at your name on the intro or special and tell us about i experience of going and it said that you at the top play. Choon no sat and we just lost liam for music ashes well so reticent patients. Ns the big shots were soul. When announced the africans very upset about that tennis us about experience of like kinda music hassle the first apply. I've a cop was a chin and it was called Member the our them nurse you on tain greenville. Sit on will yeah. We've done it. It was ten bad. Dj's nine in a club. Kind of thing. Yeah and if wombat deejay did that before and it was it was done over a jungle be and that was the first one that i ever caught as an exclusive asaka. Yeah yeah that played places somewhere in acton in west london because the lockdown come from west london but my main place for cutting back in the day was music ass. Yeah i the really jaycees. Yeah nice got jt alone. We got it. I didn't wait as long. I think i think the dj's preferred white iran because it was almost a social governance lie. Hang in the babas and chattan never social. And that's what that's what was. Yeah i just got jcs. In only to be in. and out of. I'll i'll go in our day but you guys at jt. S and and a harry potter. Leon on definitely was to the same tell us batman lot music was a was a big part of mind and a lot of other deejays careers. Because like you said is not cut. It was like the local barber shop. We've got out guard. There and gardening lives on. What a coupla cite five tunes and then you'd get address And that the sonic initiative in you trading on the elections loan. So you said a guy to five Music cast of sun cold. Because i spent so much money there that the money will add for them five jobs that be finished but chris and liam was so cool. That's just what you want. Combat next week pious. Not means so. I had a really good relations sock patsy. Anything on one basically not just made up of teachers at the same. Why was well into the. Dj's yeah yeah. They probably looked off softer title. After it was like. I've used to get phone cools off a leon. Saint can come is does not want to come down there. You just wanna get into now. You know i mean the albuquerque's up fuzzed. I reached out at ten o'clock in the morning. Don't come at six o'clock at night. You know i mean it was. You never know who else is coming for the dole. And what they're going to be homeless if you go. That's right. frost. Frost is coming. I come in On us a night side can get these that you need that. Shoot at any say going to cut it was just. It was just a place if you music. Anyone who stopped domino's go go to music. That was yeah. Yeah and it launched a you know so many baked songs. The exclusive the gave him the extra attention they became the ones that were You know the highlight of the set that week at the exit next several weeks as long as i live and that bill correze and ready to their music. I mean we used to get people coming down from over the country. Scotland island wows just to co stuff up music house yet and music is is a big chunk drama bicycling. Yeah i mean there were record idea would regain his mind things right for us breslow in the jungle trouble. Basic music house was big of careers because the night with us Get stuff a make mica. Dj sets bell because you knew by guides unbeaten ice box one box of vinyl. And they're not app another folks which is really really heavy planes. Yeah i mean an them. Time jets caveat music and usb nowadays jets carrying music that heavy explained for the listener. That doesn't doesn't know that adopt by is because it was he was a metal plate with like a lacquer on it right. These heavy aren't yes. It's not without play is Is weird the reggae. Back in the day. I'm talking about the indians since nineteen seventies the reggae all gung Place they wanna ways. You know the special special. We just took that culture of audience. Jungle drama base. It wasn't especially sky. We've cut in. Lake freezes suburban base new june common app by be out without solid. Come to your shop get south you and then go dance music that way you can have it like ci fresh out the studio we fan we gotta in your hands and it might take a month for even to get test persons that you've got it for that month giving it to get that pre yeah so literally and the nice thing for us labels can we get to kind of road test it a little bit we got like we think we might attrac- weaknesses decent sonoma guys. We would know very quickly because because you guys at its ice. Mayo's and the crowd is. I'm able to i love. I love some of the talk about me on catalogue. Some of the moving shadow catalog absolutely it dole. Things like helicopter choon. You know match rate base. So i on my her name was the site world out on you. Know that was an instant rewind and it was it was people beside you know really testing those tunes out. Is this gonna work. We aren't so when we o'day drop able yet. There was is from spreading by his Was signed decrees. Yes the cruise lovely offers yet. Yeah will so remark. Yeah there was quite a few and day tunes in. They was some of the biggest june's billionaires co-op with martin the other day and you know it's just like no time had passed meanness Is that even when also tonight. Driving a big rose louis castle. You did it before you know pulling up any. Lpm at site. I will now. I start now. Go that connection. It's like no time and pasta. All not real. And so talking about music. We've listen to a cutler. There were definitely influences. On on your life and career we played some the of jamaican origin. We played some of american origin. And all the kind of the uk was very concerned with this like improve of black music. Ours hundred four. We got some point where we were recalled into making music of our own That was real lie of and uk and one of the first to come along with was something you've picked out here An ice cold richie. Rich the guy that she slugged jay street records and they put out jungle bravo's and queen latifah they will like the uk all of those releases. This song became like an anthem. Halcion hassi indoor anthem. It was over your story kind of london. Club's anthem south house was originally a b side of was turning up and we are remember selling in the shop. You know when we started out and it's like it was it. Was this bayside summit. I'm going to play a little bit of this. Richie rich salsa house. Maybe go a little bit of Richie rich sausa- house. That was such an important tune in so many ways because it was one of those early productions of the really sorts of coffee in the racine that was from a uk producer in a uk label. Although they very cleverly if you remember this they did it as an import so is also rats and devotion we getting. Any member was an import. Yeah yeah and wasn't a very clever very clever. Why is it so tell us for for you and your career. That's the dance or dungeons the road this before i started dijon. Dj tony st johns nine. Tommy big time day job in any way that you got a mix of it and just june on the chew and that's what got means. Dj did having that shuna four on the expense. Play these this music. I mean and remember guidance. The stafford up that market an describing the june on Piano in it staff member the equipment went and he paid it. I said yeah. That's it listenable. Surprise you and you give me a different mix of why never heard before you're not an awful e af from my that that's their favorite tune in since from from nineteen eighty-eight from started writing. That is my favorite. You know opportune. No chewed up yet. Even in juggle juggle vice. It's me like that does. Yeah i do. That was very early. Must have been like an eighty seven. Eighty eight release. you know. y- you know what i mean so many it was a it means. It means a lot to too because every time i heard in a raven just freak out you know what i mean. Yeah six not me up. Just don't get road. There's loads of other tunes these fans and institutions there. But for me personally. That's there is number one but this is a tune reading. Might you want to be a dj. This i want to be a the. I'm in show There was there was another chink. Steve hoffman lengthy shoes anyway. Them conned music. Then when i say as steve evade the that right to choose their i suspect come up on and they're not asked me. It's about playing smile. Because i really like the music we need to be playing it and i remember one day. I was a biology right in a failed and it was my birthday. I cry records in the backer. Bruce quite was one of my friends at a colony models. Ended the call. I'm we've rider group set to me on my birthday. That right and he said to me about the robot finished up that and it still carry on you know. I mean but the main pot right in finished so it was just like a free for kind of thing not me. So that's gonna get your records. So i wouldn't go. More records will cry up on the scaffold. The blues plate the food than i went on as soon as i went on the side. Sny ship the elbow coming. Pull the plug that yeah because it will generate as you know i mean degenerate is gotcha but that was my first experience of playing in front of a massive for people. You know what i mean. And and i pulled the plug. That was. yeah that was. That was the chew i often. Don't mean sounds is the at the beginning. The whole crowd with matt and then i'll just classic rights lorries money classic. Yes and i think what was important for us with stuff like that. It's like seeing. Uk produces come in for emergent of that time and yamana definitely national of like let people go. We can do this. You know when you record says and jason emerging from the early days not scott simon baseline smith. You know happy mondays. People that don't mean doing their thing of mike and this come together really times. Brilliant times really. Really good signs and you know you're talking about like biology raves and some of those solidify twenty-five that was that was the you know the hassi ended up north and and all the orbital raise we used to call me orbital raves and we'd like to listen to the to the pot radio and find out where to meet in point. Follow a compromise somewhere. We'll should memories of that of that as both a raver and the dj bad trust me always a big part of that. Trust the i always then. This is my visa mill hill services on the one. Yup that was one. That was a main spot yet. If you didn't know if you didn't could listen to pirate radio mobile funds. No we didn't did. We have our phones. I mean people would have been great big one s- jemaine put together. Roy ask anyway. If even if you didn't listen to radio you knew as abe about ten o'clock nine. Ten o'clock drive to mill hill right now one day and just sit there and the way the parties your information or someone because it was it was essential areas from now on the one you could get often twenty five. The lewitt midland. Wherever yet to be you know you could get anywhere. Not practicing for me. It was just madness controlled madness you not. I mean not yet. i'm in one. We've been so right. There's a panasonic factio neom full. If one convoy of costs from familial olawale. I don the twenty five. Why a discount way was low. I'd say at least i under caused might be more guy dandy and full guidance loads a cause and it was so we could see the factory along of our away what we couldn't get to it. Yeah so people would just pop up anyone. Who's who's time people were talking. The 'cause on the heart show on the employee's does dumping the yeah yet dumping the call a running across the field to the factory or infamous raving in big massive factory thousands of people and full of sudden. Enc the committee dnc. What's coming to mind. He said this if cost pops up on the employees back on move at night because with how in the molina he brought up movie economic around back to the concept car toys. That was all the fun of you. That was all the music is like a big adventure back then. You know what i mean. Yeah add so. This'll mike the pa you know. There was the the freedom of movement and needless is given out and even the way we had to find out about arrive. I mean these days you got the incident and you get information. You want your fingertip ever-shrinking may we you know tune in and try and listen mate strangers in a in a service then. That's where we go in that. You know it's incredible. Maybe one of the main main mean places in london was captain common on sunday afternoon sunday morning. Yeah we clapham common off the rabies common common and longer just turn. They ended described cool mark and had a full sierra. This school sierra had one of the most path in the systems on the hood on a call an easy she's in the back of this full sierra bryant and if wanna be sick you know what just be writing. He's call you know maybe caitlyn freelance raise lovely. I'll figure little followers listeners can have similar stories and similar memories. You know nothing. It's just going to If you know this is a special edition of the show and nothing to to bring that kind of like memories and good times and in a been a great software for people to recall those happy at times. You know this is a wonderful thing you know. A little bit of happiness is was being so tough right as a dj with deejays point of view as money. Coming in what the government. The government event is nothing to send you going on bills and everything not mean. So you know it's it's not just me everybody in the entertainment industry suffering victim. Where the ones who a off-field we've put aside you know deejays producers juices Sound people who've plop equipment Ten thousand the news. Everything being affected he in the fair. Everything is being offensive. Amazing him. Shaw have been kind of neglected for this because now on these podcasts cannot sit before that you know who would have survived two thousand twenty without a little bit of entertainment. We've out music or tv or film or you know this. If you're trying to say it's nonessential which is seems to be the message from the government and maybe governments around the world. I mean i'll i'll i'll be living in the us last last several years. The message seems to be. The arts is non essential. I mean canes. Exactly what message would you have survived. Who would have survived without music and tv and film that live entertainment and give us a little bit joy and hope you know what excites me. Because one of these needs to sit on me awesome. Just wipe the dj. Stop not lately. So i've been doing absorb the time out sir. Production on point be w with the production for years. That i mean yeah lost sight as took it really seriously of the help me on me turning everything. Obviously all speak will. Had you do decide to do that. Me doing everything. So he's sunday net. I'm starting to make the. I'm confident enough to lay out. Your major is is being able to do that. Yeah patriotic is teach myself. Yeah i mean yeah having a time to concentrate on and and be creative and that creative event. Yeah you know. I've just not from. Dj's is a dj friends. Was that'd be osama by smith couple days ago and he sits me kid. It's just making them what what's time you're why not. Ss even groove ride. Everybody's just in this in the studio just teach learning yes. Educating yourself more mean you never finish learning man. You never shared uk and for me. I was like there's always is always a lesson thi- and we can aways the more we can always do better but having that creative outlet is just so important you know throw young people like ourselves have been in it for so long. Might so can of tuna wichita of your own productions. There's distant you selected absolute labyrinth classic. Every man every man. And we're gonna play back a special Remix version and we're gonna have a little chat about this again mordor. Great a you do wiz everyone to waste vermont. Wow what a heavy. that's that's especially when remakes and Now remember being dropped in like. What's he called on he. Full ninety. Four can regina rugged von worry. Yeah and man not used to muschamp the place that was like labyrinth khanna. That's one of those ones against rewound. Right ten hitler that choon obviously. But then you're raving meeting new people. And i was a roast and a guy cates out. Smith names so seem to the style will come to cincinnati. Can we to do this. Choon why We're gonna get someone else. Sing it to get involved lasted yet you know. I was really production of one team before that but it wasn't made the juice news to someone else on a bogey be will give records. Yeah i said to come coming on the show. My son went on the studio. And i was begging the tune. But nelson's nine. I'm doing this. And so that was my institutions me arrow and the guy who who on the actual engineering and Steve behind communist little bit on the as well. I'm glad he's talking to the guy He is not alive evanston piece of commentaries nine when he died a few years ago. So it's not. It's not the dunkley original. I remember lit way different. S why to me. I remember from light sound system and the blues pot is us out you what they've done. I don mission from l. donkeys record. Light will joel wherever record company. Yeah can we do a cover version. And the nicer. Gabe throw it Not tested i will smashed up the place as well as the you know what i mean. Come on market vinyl records but that makes that makes what you just played. Gap is the first time of epa donna tune on my own a turning over the notes. Now engineering one now. No engineer just me. Yeah yeah just make it. That's why that's what it means to me. Because that june is the first united dunham meets on in the knox vice. When i made that it was I won't because i want to. Plus yeah i don't think he night wants us to ask us and it just different to the club as well right certain tunes switch with juices idea of what yes to mike or what. He wants to mike something. Yeah we'll just. I'm not going to do it that way. No to try display there is. That's good you not mainland contrite. That way you know and just a different vibe to the to the club and an opportune side to come on that climate as well not not suburban base thinking losing. Shut up white. Lack confidence will be fuller's starts to bring at tunes lot more locally robert dunham beat some basic. Yeah absolutely added producing influence. Slight your dj says in. I did that. Did influence. The other your tj of now offering giant influences martinez. Isis influence mahmoud the well-made Music right the way all dj anyway most itunes. You might have to have an impact. Yeah look you're doing a. You're mike if the insurance meaty good. Lot of lead low chains of intros. And i'm thinking here june jokes since rubbish. I mean so up always drop like just getting drunk right bombing. Yeah yeah i mean. That's that's where more. Dj interest influences. Production i mean. Can we wrap it up. What can we say about the legion. Is kenny came is next few well. After a white guy from the beginning basically still hungry to my music wonderful. A really reading drama deejay says a that last night Seat downright bristol. A really really and someone came up to mississippi. Can you could see that you really enjoy what doing and it's just what do you not. I mean i stopping now. You know. I'll always be here as long as people in a and just what we ship on the mirror. Christmas cakes site been it israel. Why ain't no joke. So you know just keep site and the government do distraught stick to the rules at yeah notch message ken. I completely agree as long as we still love this. This is what we're doing it. This is why we've nerve i. I took a break from suburban baseball. Been in my whole life. You've you've dedicate your life to this and And i always say. I'm going to keep doing this as long as it puts a smile. Face i noticed very kane a now. Europe sent very genuine passionate about. You know everything that you've done for. Could you give me a pleasure you given our listeners. A little pleasure and A cold front you enough. Thank you so much for joining us today. On the on the base impact podcast. Merry merry christmas to you or your loved ones and stay siphoned. Thank you so much came christmas. Merry christmas thanks. The base impact pulse subscribed for more episodes and follow up suburban base records on facebook instagram youtube for updates and additional content. Thanks support tune in next time and stay safe. January nineteen seventy eight a nineteen year old singer. Songwriter has released her debut. Single those nuts you just heard were the first notes of music that the world ever heard from a young british woman and that debut song she influenced whole new generation of female singers and showed what women in music could really do highs. I'm your host of the podcast strange phenomena the music kate. Bush in this podcast. I'm discussing the history and story of every song that kate bush has produced in order album by them and every episode features a fan or two talking about why they love that song so much we talk about not just the big hits john but also the besides and her collaborations loomed so come. Join me on a journey through the extensive catalog of the one. And only kate bush every able now where you get your podcast and a proud member of the pantheon podcast network.

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