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A Bowl of Soul A Mixed Stew of Soul Music Broadcast - 08-16-2019

A Bowl of Soul A Mixed Stew of Soul Music

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A Bowl of Soul A Mixed Stew of Soul Music Broadcast - 08-16-2019

"Don't miss old babies saturday steel. It's a big one all jeans or a huge fifty percent off. That's right all jeans plus. Get graphic tees for the family for just five bucks saturday saturday. Only at old navy and old navy dot com valid seventeen genes excludes in store clearance select you reach the right place. A destination called soul. It's the one x you know what's next. It's a bowl of soul soul mix to of soul music. This is your man jay most in your listening to soul music at its. It's best a bowl of soul mixed of soul music. <hes> i wow it can also uh aw appear to aww <music> <music> baby girl <music> along mm-hmm aw <music> aw <music> mm-hmm and this is of of soul mix extensive so music on this abol of seoul for this friday. We're playing all new hot music that just came out from some of the best indie r._m._b. Southern soul you name it labels bulls that are out here in the world here on a bola soul we celebrate zo with his new single featuring devon morrison talking about smiling y'all definitely got to check that out that signal just came out recently and you know so this single from zoll which features not only devon morrison but common rogers on the four and madison jason mcferrin and font on neither one of us and it's a whole compilation of soul music including karma rogers and everett rogerson on love love up so definitely support support so on his album call four front and single which you just heard with devon morrison then call smile and this is a bowl of soul mixed his so music glad to be back you know professor t love has been jamming jamming with her rock and roll ban and doing her thing and playing gigs and now we got a manager and stuff but you can't neglect y'all out there 'cause 'cause. I know that you guys really love to hear some classic soul and new r._&_b. In on this show is dedicated to new r._&_b. Rhumba music coming up nex. We got a nice single called the tom remix of this song by live different schilling ford talking about gracious and this is a bowl of soul. Hi my name is andy stokes and you listen to a bowl of soap a makes two of so busy and and uh <music> <music> they did and uh-huh search taste and break in his school <music> did and yeah yeah uh-huh <music> yeah and giving you some new army baby got that loose ends groove on it. This was released by i song writer leads song based songwriter richard bailey on lazy robot records and you know this song gracious this which was written by richard bailey features the vocals of none other than lipford schilling furred who is well noted for his work with many established established producers from joey negro to the awful dodger featuring on the garage anthem. Please don't turn me on born producer. Tom faulk took this single a remixed it and you know put together and presented it to richard bailey and and this is what the outcome tom fox remix of gracious and it has that nostalgic flavor you know got that loosens thing because that was my back in the days from the united kingdom loosens and sold his soul you know but definitely giving it a twenty first century vibe on it so make show you support richard bailey lazy bought lazy robot records definitely get this single featuring live for showing you can purchase single on track source juno and bang camp and make sure you check it out here here want a bowl of soul premiering gracious coming up nex got some new independent arm be this single came highly recommended recommended from seoul tracks dot com this single chocolate child for miss the philip brandon and you know what this is as a bowl of so this is john york and you're listening to a bowl of soul with jerry chaplain branch and says little chocolate. It's put uh string. Try spine of what they say. <music> chuck rich. You're you're the no tie chocolate chocolate awards chai. Uh has been mission as you when you are a chocolate. The aw chuck with the beauty of this career is only been fired the soul the town with your time is early choices to when did it it. Hey the child shopped chuck chuck todd. I chart jack they do about a soul with take your time sis joy the shah aw shoot in their own the song is very fan or very positive an uplifting that is chocolate child from mr philip brandon in you know this song was co written with a legendary songwriter producer press thing glass and <hes> it is timely and sometime list delivering a view of youth that happily counters the negative narratives pushed by much of modern media as brandon phillips tells us this song is very special to him not only because it was his father's favorite song but also because it speaks thanks to the greatness and unlimited potential of our youth from decidedly personal perspective make sure you support mr philip brandin and you support this single chocolate child or which you can purchase on amazon dot com make sure you support philip brandon in regards to the single i think is very beautiful and profound single and yes it comes off of the album call philip brandon the story begins and you know definitely support our independent rb artists and you know philip brandon he sings jazz has and he also sings r&b and funk so definitely support mr philip brandon and definitely support this single chocolate child and coming up next got some new music from sicily no room for fair and this is a bowl <music> of soul. Hi this is bernadette cooper from the climax and you're listening to a polo song a mixed to me sick and slap me because i know i'm looking at the two of us <music> from the plan. Ah creed gotta in kabul. Hunt has yet to be ever peasley a cannot see and so the question also also cantonese <music> off <music> <music> <music> findings of law yeah we he's just out of a <music> quest sir fleas. It's awesome uh-huh <music> <music> number <music> surrogate heart heart out right sicily from bray. Y'all talking about no room for fair and i know when you determine you singing your heart out. Yes there is no room for fear. Make sure you support ms sicily bombay and she has her own website called sicily music c. e. c. i. l. y. Music dot com and she has numerous albums. This single comes off of the album called sicily the awakening part one. Make sure you purchase this album on cd baby. I choose band camp and she has some upcoming shows. She has a show coming up in washington dc on on august twenty first in new york an in rochester she will be there on august twenty four in falls church virginia. She will be verse six and in washington d._c. Again she'll be there september ninth and you know this song as beautiful. This is this is this is new independent music and you know she is from washington dc and she's a washington d._c. Based vocalist and songwriter and her current album songs of love of freedom was named best snooze soul on band camp by the band camp editorial team who described project is stirring lead timeless and modern. Her sound is is soothing. It's rich you know and like i said i'm very enlighten about the direction of independent rb jazz soul funk long hip hop you name it. Her sound is as soothing as it is. Riches musically mature and rooted in a deep appreciation for mid-century every soul and jazz nineties rb and reimagined folk music and her fresh face lyrics bully portray the hart doc young sicily has four and the wisdom of love and earned and freedom gained over a life of being misunderstood and told she was before all her time on mature beyond her years definitely check out miss sicily bombay. She's opened for award winning. Jazz has and soul artist gregory porter and jose james rb stars. Johnny gill kenny lattimore l. varner folk artists becca steve in on an alternative soul pioneer bilbao. Please support sicily bombay by going to sicily louis c. l. y. Music dot com and this is a bowl of soul and coming up next some more new music from. I'm jay time machine talking about celebrate your body and this is a bowl of soul. Hey this is chris jasper of the icy brothers and jasper nicely and you're listening to a bowl of soul mixed to of soul music you on this <music> <music> the color of dan stay down cater avenue. Eh owned the poem. You ain't noble reduce adduce off from to regret. You should be paid laid out by you so you're it's sake wasn't. It was evidently absolutely wolf <music>. Everybody was you the giving you some new music club james days time machine featuring the vocals of the legendary very sandra saint victor and backing vocals from tim owens in one of one of many artists that i've played here on a bolles also featuring the vocals of miss karen bernard say oh this is on your make sure you support james days days time machine and sandra saint victis new single call celebrate you can get that single on amazon dot com and definitely they we are on fire and you need to know why you need to listen to a bowl of soul music from the films took a little bit of the sixty sixty sixty thrown in with several seventy seventy seventy mix well with the with the eighty bring to boil the ninety tonight and just a judge of the future future. That's our recipe for a bold soul soul into a place where not big myself and <music> <music> <music> take me and baby <music> doc <music> <music> the league baby <music> it eleven yeah in giving you some new music. This guy is no stranger brian andrew wilson giving you do a soulful smooth jazz track call. Only you and you know the song begins with a bright trumpet before expanding into amidst temple that sounds just right on a sunny summer afternoon with a little bit of that kenny lattimore feel to it who you know brian brian andrew wilson i hit national attention as a child singer when he was produced by such gospel ledges as kirk franklin walter hawkins walk ins and john p kee and he was made the seamless tricky made the seamless transition to full grown star hitting the billboard war charts five times with his smooth alluring ten of voice on such songs as turning away and overflow we celebrate mr brian ryan andrew wilson here on abol solar and make sure you purchase his single new independent music from mr brian and andrew wilson you must go to amazon dot com and make sure you purchase this single. Call only you and this is a bowl of soul and if you happen to be in the new york area <hes> you know we're wind summer is winding down but it's still percolating dis some great activities. Everybody's going on and as you may know in august starting july twenty eighth into from from july twenty eighth to august twenty-fourth we have what we call holum week which really is harlem month and there's so many festivities that go on during during harlem weaken some of which on friday the county colin presents kanzi cullen public library new york public library. We'll have a holum column. We poetry jam from three pm to four thirty pm. Celebrating county color was a poet from the infamous harlem renaissance and you know definitely you must come in and check that out as well and celebrate the activities going on during hallum week which which is a big big celebration here in new york city which ends <hes> which basically ends with having the african american day parade in hallum and also if you are in the in the manhattan area <hes> stage which is big big deal of big event here in new york. Some stages central park will have the infamous ms taylor swift. We'll be performing at some stage on tuesday. August twenty the second and the fabulous the legendary fred wesley of the which will now be the new j._b.'s. He will be performing warming on friday august twenty th at seven p._m. And the fabulous the one and only who was a house music queen and still is but now she's a south sakhalin lying. Make sure you catch her on sunday august twenty fifth at six p._m. In central park i'm telling you new york work is on fire and in fact. I think this has been one of the best summers where i've seen did been a little bit of everything big celebration. I was at seoul summit in fort green to two sundays ago and let me tell you four green was on fire that house music was percolating and people of all nationalities colors came out to party under the roof. Ooh under the house music after like i was at the garage coming up next on a bowl of soul from gary indiana miss michelle cold and talking about you better leave the key and this is al bowl of soul of i'll mixed a saw aw gee leapt dp at the king. Leave leave key yeah <music>. Take your phone constantly asking you still keep it at in the back yard. Yeah the only the no he no council president will be to deep your the hey <music> uh-huh <music>. It took the <music> constantly hope space you. The council won't lena <music> a <music> the giving you some funky so from miss michelle kovin saga vow you need to leave the key at the door missing the shell kovin kovin hails from gary indiana of course you know gary indiana was the home of the jackson five and you know we celebrate eight listeners shell coburn right here on a bowl of soul and she's just bucci just blowing it up and definitely you make sure you support miss the shell l. kovin and definitely you support her and you can get her music her music on amazon dot com so here wanna bowl all is soul mrs shell cove. We're talking about the key at the door. We got some new music from this this guy he's from sardenia but this guy he's he's. He's got such a funk bone in his body. This brother plays guitar. He's a smooth jazz artists and he collaborated on this song with darrell walker. Here is miss the roberto tola and his single google featuring dr walker call slow motion and this is a bowl of so. Hey everybody in sugar miskelly you. You're listening to a bowl of soul with professor t love <music> <music> to me mm-hmm the inspiration a full you you is the way thank you face the music using a hand saw aw good good to me then the whole to make you think to you know from jobe it does not focus folks joe by solution <music> <music> and take take it <music> good to me and i hope to make you feel the same way to the give to it feels that noble <music> humadi does the lotion your on those three <music>. You do possible uh-huh <music>. It's uh sweet like that. That is from mr roberto tola talking about slow motion. I and you know we're borough played <hes> some of his songs here on a bowl of soul and you know he sent me. He sent me to single and he said hello terry. How are you doing hope to find you. Well please. I'm so glad to let you know that. I finally released my new single. Slow almost featuring my friend the financing darrell walker. I would be very grateful if you could kindly listen to it and you enjoy would would be most appreciative. You decide to add it in your playlists. It's been added into my platelets definitely support mr roberto tola what i'm saying this guy so fabulous he is a sweetheart he is from the island of sardinia which is off the coast of italy and he is a qatari composer and studio recording artists. Make sure you go to his website. Www roberto tola our o._b. E._r. t. o. teo l. a. Dot com makes us purchase his music. His music is beautiful beautiful. Smooth jazz music and i'm gonna leave you with with something from kia michael's this single call not my friend here on a bowl of <music> yeah plane driven eh crazy in our in our time to have so take a walking how he's killing. Can you in a and then. I still have older man. I tried to convince me. We say y'all. I'd aw i can't take this. Don't be nagging. Cowherd indochinese live in half hour folks who believe that i still love courage. I've i tried it is time show <music> found a it took nothing too <music> <music> they <music> it set you free such pre three shy hang without do lay. Hey i'm coming and i'll never come back to the liman out. Now i the way love for you giving you some new music from miss kia michaels who is a soul tracks favorite talking about about not my friend. Make sure you support miss kia michael's. You've heard on this podcast is broadcast. The new independent arm be from all of these artists. Make sure you support smile by devon zo featuring devon morrison gracious issues featuring linford schilling for with the tom funk remix chocolate child by mr philip brandon no room for fear by by mrs sicily bombay. You also hers sandra saint victor with james days time machine talking about celebrate your body. We also heard only you by bryan andrew wilson leave the key by miss guerrier gary indiana zone shell colon in slow motion featuring dr walker by mr roberto tola and which you just heard not my friend from key michael's michaels. Make sure you support independent r._&_b. Music jazz hip hop support independent music and and this is not love and make sure you catch up with a bowl of so right here on the progressive radio network www dot f._m. At six p._m. Eastern standard time three p._m. Pacific you can also catch a bowl of soul which is broadcasted also on live three sixty five dot com. Just look for a bowl of soul. Make sure you like my facebook page a bowl of soul a mix of so music and follow me on twitter at a a bowl of soul and i am also on instagram. Just look for professor c._r._o. F. t. love on instagram and definitely if if you wanna hit me up by email you can catch me at a bowl of soul at g mail dot com a bola soul also broadcasted on on radio dot com. You can catch a bowl of soul. I want to thank my listeners especially my listeners from germany. I wanna give a shout out to germany germany. You've been holding tight with a bowl of soul and i really love you all out there and i thank you so much and so many listeners all over the world and canada and south america and africa <hes> in france in england in australia and in russia i was like wow outta sight baby out of sight you you know and in japan people listen to bowl the soul and then you can catch a bowl of soul on radio dot com as well as well as on iheart a heart radio dot com. Make sure you go to my my podcast page w._w. Dot a bowl of soul dot dot com and make should you treat people as you wish to be treated. You know there is no price for love. Love is for free. You know oh and you continue to harbor hatred for your fellow man. It destroys all of us not just one person but all of us because we have to show. I know that we have humanity for people and no matter what people say out of times. A lot of hatred comes out of a lot of hurt. That's in people's hearts but i'm gonna tell you something. Love surpasses all and love is supreme like john. Coltrane said a love supreme freen. I want y'all tune in or bowl so make sure you continue to support. I love you out there. I love all of you for appreciating me bringing classic soul and independent arm being. I believe in supporting the artists make sure you support these hardworking individuals that are out here on their grind every day day to give you great music to listen to so stay tuned for bola so coming next week baby and also make sure you get nonstop. Stop sole twenty four hours a day three hundred sixty five days of the year seven days a week three sixty five just look for bolo. Enjoy your friday and have a great fabulous weekend and you're listening to a bowl of solo. Oh you're listening to us. Get to old baby right now. 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