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Black Joy in the Summertime

Into America

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Black Joy in the Summertime

"During the summers of my childhood in south jersey when the sun was bright and i there were only a ways to escape the heat. There was the ice cream man but that was just a momentary fix and of course there was the log at clinton art. Our rinky little budget amusement park which was pure unadulterated chaotic bliss pricing. For all of us. But the one place i remember most fondly was at some leak tucked in the pine barrens. It was a lake filled with dark colored water with mushy patches and sharp sticks beneath your toes. Which you couldn't even see going to add. Some lake was treat for those of us who didn't have money for plane rides or rich relative to send for us at ads on. You didn't even pay per person to get in you paid per car so we pilot drive twenty minutes listening to w das. The local soul and rb station on the radio handover a few bucks when we arrived and the day was hours sandwiches baggies sour cream and onion chips cheap soda from and the polar your neighbors your cousins kids from school and most of us waiting in cool ugly amazing wooder until the sun went down. We're black and it was beautiful in some ways looking back. I can't help but think we were escaping more than the summer sun. We're finding the freedom to just be in a world where being black and free are not always congruent. Black folks in america have always found ways of escaping the strictures of this country's invisible in sometimes geographic racial boundaries and there are few more vivid illustrations of escapism than our summer traditions. Some were sent back down south to visit relatives others to grow trips along. Well-worn paths to places like at lake still others created havens that withdrawal on more than just black tourist or running from the heat of summer and the heat of racism black people have sought and built whole towns and resorts that became beacons. Black self sufficiency and independence. Were families could swim and vote and fish and be there fool selves in peace teachers and artists businessmen and women working and middle class. Folks flock the places with names. Like i'd awhile in michigan highland beach maryland open loves on martha's vineyard in massachusetts and bruce's beach in california. These black edens drew generations of upwardly mobile. Black people who are should out of white america during much of the twentieth century today just a few of these communities remain predominantly black if they remain at all they've been done in by desegregation. The evolving whims of a younger generation of black families and more recently gentrification with some of these havens have survived. Detention was removed. It was friendship and fun and games and solidarity. We stayed strong and we still a strong. I'm lee and this is into america today with summertime upon us. We explore that traditions and legacy of summering while black in one of the last enshrining black beach communities in the united states and historic enclave. In harbor on the island it was unusual. Vava gonna americans to find a place near the water on the or william pickens third spent almost his entire life. Going to sag harbor in the summers i as a kid then taking his own family out there for the season what age did you start going out there for two summers ten chance. And i'm almost eighty five. So i came out here and the tender age. When he retired he decided to live out their full time. I've been here twenty years. I was first one in my family to retire here. I met mr pickens back in two thousand eleven. When i wrote a story about sag harbor for the huffington post so i called him back up to talk about the importance of this place. It's history and his experience growing up in the black hamptons. I had an aunt who had a home here. She built in nineteen. Oh eight wow. I came out in live going to camp in the forties. I came to sag harbor. I didn't like camp too. Regimented came out here where i could fish and swim and run and bike and all that stuff. So what would that initial appeal one thousand nine hundred eight. America was a different place but lack folks were finding their way out there. What was the appeal of his bucolic country setting on the water so she liked it and heard about it and came out and bought a little house with outdoor plumbing. Not inside plumbing. We outhouse as school. I was all school but that was how our family i came to sag harbor hundred and thirteen years ago. It's still traveling from new york. Yeah from our home in brooklyn townhouse in brooklyn. The whole family was coming out. My mother would prepare lunch sandwiches and put it in ice. Put it on ice from the icebox. If you didn't ever refrigerate you had an ice box And we would load the car. We had a buick and dan would drive and along trip in those days. You didn't have all these superhighway's for our five hour trip. And they own gas stations. Every you know forty fifty miles and then we'd get to sang harbor and we'd unpack the car and go to the on by then we had our own home in nineteen fifty so we unloaded and began to enjoy the wonders of sag harbor. As a family it was country. Yeah far different. In brooklyn new you went from concrete to sand and dirt and noise to quiet those an enormous difference in the quality of life the space and the clean air and the stars at night in brooklyn. You had smoke coming out of chimneys need. Never saw the stars that here they were clarion clear. You could see beetlejuice. The little dipper in the big debut. See you can see them in new york as you can see matt out here and zang arbor and at one point. I knew all of all of the stars and that was years ago and my mind was a lot sharper for me was great change from brooklyn and i love it. How often would you go out there. Why came out in the summer days. No-one live here year. Round except the shinnecock and montauk at families pretty much but for african american families year round existence wasn't possible man so it was a summer retreat memorial day to labor day and that ninety day period was when you have family and friends come out. And that's how we did sag harbor and then one day in the fifties. Some guy named colin powell showed up from the bronx and we became friends and we both went into service later in our lives and he stayed and did pretty well. He did right from so i think he did call. Okay and what was somebody summer traditions that your family would take party well. We wrote our bikes. We have bb guns. We swam a lot a hit. The beach played baseball to jackie. Robinson just joined the dodgers so all the black kids out here in the indian kids shannon cox. We all playing baseball steinway. Jackie robinson as amazing. There were bicycle races in this kind of thing. But it's very simple nothing to elegant a strategic but fun and then it was some fishing trips. My father by boat and he died to go fishing for portuguese. And this kind of thing and adventure you hide and seek with the kids would say seek. And all the children's games that we brought out from brooklyn and the bronx per johnny on the pony and bring leo. We played those games out here and was fun in the woodland's because you could hide better than you. Canada and tenements brooklyn. Kids had more freedom. You weren't monitored you know twenty four seven and you learn a lot about yourself and your friends. There was more free time more your own time and you learn how to do things and had no experiment. If you didn't feel it you do something in brooklyn you could try it out here and it helps us all to grow into man you know. It sounds like a means to escape the hubbub of the city and city life but in many ways escaping racism and gaze of white folks. We black would come together and be who we are together. Is that accurate. Well removed the racial tension that is omnipresent in america. Where white resentment works. Its way into your daily living here. A community of people who knew each other at converse college together worked together. Lived together in queens or brooklyn or new jersey or connecticut so we did not have the police looking at us with eskin. And saying you know we don't really trust you guys you newcomers. We're going to keep an eye on you. Have that hugh. We did not have the daily tension of the the white power structure looking at us over our shoulder. Monitoring behavior can we were sort of a closed society. Here where are more raising folk ways. Webinars they weren't imposed on us. They were generated by us. Big difference big difference. Why were communities like these harbor safe spaces for black people back back then. The town was which is ninety nine percent white. There were workman in town. The plumbers and the architects. And you know you name it. Gas providers and our relationship became interesting because they needed our money because the war had ended and this town was struggling financially and black folks injected a lot of cash into the society so our relationship was fine but there wasn't much social event intercourse though. Yeah it was. The the african american families all sort of knew each other. They were just twelve at one point. Twelve families here in sag harbor hills but we all know each other including my grade school principal. He was here. Much to my chagrin. Left him in brooklyn. You bought a house right in front of ours. What did it mean to look and see this community. This is burgeoning community of hardworking industrious. Beautiful black people on veteran because you had judges and lawyers and doctors and dennis and you had bus drivers. You had taxi drivers you you know. We didn't have any differentiation. Among the professionals versus non professionals we were friends and family and your title did not matter did not matter and our first house guess was langston hughes the great writer and poet. He was my father's roommate in college and he came here in nineteen fifty two and read some poems. Was he just langston family friend. He's just call. You know he my mother very tight because they admitted i say nine hundred and five when he was a student and she encouraged him in poetry she incurs you write him and say he should should publish this and he'd back and have these letters rebecco. I'm not famous lock. Cajole him encourage. You am when he told my father. It meant this attractive woman in philadelphia. My dad talks on her out. And finally mariner shot. Let's let's stop the story as langston hughes with the matchmaker for your chance. You went back and told me there was this and philadelphia. Gotta meet it and got gotta made him and he merrin merrin wanna marry but his father said you gotta finish law school first before you use. I leave her out there available. Maria's area so they made a deal he married one thousand nine hundred thirty while he was still in in law school. Run away the graduation in nineteen thirty two. He's off fox fox out there. Hello so anyway but langston was instrumental in putting them together. Music is when all this is going on colin powell's a friend of yours got langston that you realize then even as a child there was something special about where our i took it as sort of ordinary because my parents friends and colleagues. They weren't celebrities. But we never thought that this was such as super special place that we were so different from our friends back in brooklyn. When did you start to grow. Why grew in a sixty started growing in the late sixties was during july of one thousand nine hundred sixty two. I just had three and japan. came back. I do the air force and bailout getting married. I was thinking about coming back and set a bachelor pad nine hundred sixty two that i spotted some beautiful girl walking up the beach an orange bathing suit. You can still see colleague. And she had shades on and she was beautifully ten. And i said to one of my old friends young lady. Who hadn't seem you're who and he's pat brandon. I said where's she live. She's from way down there and none of ice said walk. Introducing the tour is there are no you go introduce yourself right. I did and i want confronted her. She's one on the water and went to introduce myself and said about a movie date in that that was in A partnership that was formed right here. The waters agents saying harbor. So i only want to say harbor. Say it's amazing. how much you. Life is kind of intertwined entangled with sag harbor front. That's right saying arbor an sitting there. You know drinking a beer. Who couldn't i found out who dad was america and we were married for fifty one years. We'd be married fifty seven She had lived. You became an adult and married and had your kids out there. What are some of the members you have a brain year keys because our first born was a daughter pam and she had a first birthday party year. Second birthday party here. She's at a party because he was born june first so we celebrate in sag harbor routinely her birthday and my son's came out here and they were born and have enjoyed going up. Here this is. This is a part of their life that they don't want to give up in central tehran. Being after the break. 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Well that's a feeling you just don't kit with meal security system to find out how simplisafe can make you feel safe insecure at home visit simplisafe dot com slash dateline today the customize your system and get a free security camera. That's sim plli essay f. E. dot com slash dateline today. And we're back with william pickens step back a little bit to go further back in history. Obviously through as you mentioned the sixties the black community harbor was right. You all out there. Bunch. but what about black folks and sega harbor period like how did we. I get out there and win. Because of the whaling industry willing was the economic arm of sag harbor in eighteen thirties you needed to have men who would be willing to go for a year and a half away from america to weigh all gone to the pacific. They had to go around south america. No panama canal. So you when you signed on the ship here. A few blacks from africans cape verde islands harlem brooklyn token number became shipmates on these wailing craft and they would be gone for eighteen months but that was really the first african presence in sag barbara. So you're going back to nineteen th century but by nine thousand nine hundred. John hope the great scholar from georgia as wife went from savannah georgia to say harbor by boat. She was going to live in new york but she got off the boat and sag harbor and liked it so much that she rented a room and built a house as the middle class black folk and the university folks heard about saying harbor. John hope grade scholar and then my aunt who was a teacher heard about it and they were friends she was friendly was this woman is hope because she had taught to test gigi and gave her the idea. We'll come on out so it started very small. It wasn't over thirties. That more african americans came to sag harbor and there was a schoolteacher who started technical high school and he came out and built four or five little cottages for his friends and rented them out and that started more volume of coming to say harbor back in the thirties. The depression was on so folks. Weren't taken fans investigations right harbor afforded you a fishing opportunity in cantata coming out by train and boat to check it out but you weren't buying property. The property was not for sale. That didn't happen till after world. War two an all new land became available so sag harbor as we understand. It is long island but kind of talk to us about the black beach communities within arbor. Well there three beachfront communities as your rest which was the first one. I was founded in nineteen forty seven by two sisters and all started very innocently after world. War two all. This land was available and the people who owned it needed money. Sagar wilson came along the owners. Here this family from virginia they owned all property that we have here now and he saw. Okay i'll do what they're doing and as you rest and find a lot of willing customers if the price is right who african american. That's how this happened and never was impulsive. Came through my father-in-law who helped sell the lots to all his friends. None of a beach. Gimme four or five hundred bucks and we get ourselves some property and they did the thing that made this different. Was that you own the water front. You couldn't do that in a-plus or a while but here you can own the bay front. You can actually own property that would guard against on the beach. That was the fundamental difference. And that's why the beachfront lots went really fast. He because the men and women recognized his glorious opportunity. We had our own beach and that was a big difference beach front. Ownersh you folks in the community been able to hold onto that sense as a change at all. Well it's it's changed a little bit. But i think there's a determination now that the families who can stay here we'll stay because to replace. This is almost impossible. It was wonderfully accessible for us but now it's accessible. Everybody and all we can do is guard against the encroachment by staying here and paying our bills paying taxes improving our properties That's the only way we're going to survive this. You know what. What percentage of your neighbors are black now like i'm more say what percentage of your neighbors white now has the demographics of the place dramatic change in community one of the communities at fifty five forty five now white at seventy thirty so seventy thirty one community is gone over that the stakes are that high though. If if you don't hold onto it it'd be going for all gone once it's gone. Forget to buy to buy back. Forget house for hundred thousand and now it's going to cost three million back. I mean that's the economics of the day. That's a threat. it's a threat. It was no interest from the larger community until maybe twenty five years ago. They were by never turn off the highway to see what's going on over here right. This is a black enclave. Maybe thought it was dangerous. Or maybe the waste of time. But it wasn't until the mid ninety s that the white population began to look safe harbor as an investment opportunity. So it's about twenty five years. The first fifty. Hey l. problem Because i want to ask you this. Your family's has been there for so long. And i wonder when you reflect on it all your hope for your family's legacy instead arbor francois. I wanted to continue. I'd like my children grandchildren and continue to enjoy this place because it is so special and accessible. I do have some worries about the future. I feel attached to this place. And i children are attached to this place and at attachment is so strong that i'm sure they'll move resist long as hard as they can Vacating this land. I my hope is that My great great great grandchildren have shot. Those plays and i just have one grandchild. Oh you got to get to work john. Hello is is he right there. John right there. you're here. Mr pickings his son. John was sitting next to him helping with recording amid john on the beach in sag harbor ten years ago. He's the one who hooked me up with his dad. So i got him in on the conversation. Also how you feel man hanging in there. Yeah well want to ask you ma. Obviously you know talking to your father about the legacy of your family out. There is pressure on you and your family. I don't have any kids. i don't have a wife. thank you this man. Made miracles out here literally found his wife made a life and still had brooklyn's still queen still had harlem in existence. So now we're here. We're just trying to still shelving alive and a living place. It's not a dying place you don't come here to die. You come here to live here to see your friend you come here to run outside you come here to take your shoes off you. Come here to let your dogs run you know. Come to hide you. Come here to thrive when you think about your generation the next generation are you concerned that folks will sell off and folks will look for the money and not be able to hold onto. It is a real concern. You have some like that. And then but then you have other generations where their their families are working hard to keep. This see is different for us because it didn't cost us. This was already given to us. We had to maintain and that's a costume itself but for us it's maintaining our own piece of life in our own piece of liberty in our own piece of justice and this is where we found it and this is where we've carved it out for everyone else so you don't have to come in and fight to earn these things because the respect is already understood the thing about these kids they don't change if you don't change the knox status saying that's the key to my grandma had to the door because it's the same. Wow yeah how was growing about their changed you. Well it's changed me in in. That is just giving me a well rounded experience. I mean it. It might be something more of a privilege but it's an experience it's like being able to come out and see your neighbors and know your neighbors but how your neighbors know and see you. Yeah they have to see you out on the water in join it. They had to see you driving down the beach to know that you're here enjoying rights and privileges not excluded from anything. The doors opened and the love is real. And this is god's country we are still in god's country without freedom there is no joy and we have found and freedom picking. What's it like when you hear your son. John described his experience and how much is meant to him. What does it mean when you hear him. Speak about this community that you helped kind of nurture and build. Well it means that it worked at the time and effort. We put in to establish this as a viable community over the last several decades. That that feeling Has emerged out children and grandchildren that boy. We're lucky pretty lucky. To have this and are alive and we have to figure out a way to preserve it and nurture it though. When i hit my son john extolling virtues. Place i smile william pickens. The third lives in sag harbor new york and we always love hearing from our listeners. Said don't forget you can tweet me at. Mainly that's at tre mainly my full name or write to us at into america at nbc. You and i dot com. That was into america at nbc and the letters u. n. i dot com into. America is produced by isabel angel. Alison bailey bryson barnes. Aaron don max jacobs and ice turner. Original music is by. Hannah's brown our executive producer is ellen brakeman. Entre may leave. We'll catch you next day

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Shanghai Station 1-1: Processing, Papers, and Drop-Pods

Warp Lords Podcast

2:27:37 hr | 1 year ago

Shanghai Station 1-1: Processing, Papers, and Drop-Pods

"UH guys isn't welcome to the Warp Lords. Podcast my name is Mike and I'll be your GM this evening in my world. I've created here in the campaign that we're going to name Shanghai station. The reason it's called Shanghai station is because all of these people had either been Imprisoned by or your kind of forced to work for this company that they are going to be doing things for that may or may not be murderous our cast tonight is Devon Dylan danger and jared one you guys introduce yourselves and tell me the names of your characters and what role you're playing. Are you guys prisoners or bounty hunters Devon and I play reese hoskins and he is as a bounty hunter interns. Yes knock quite a bounty hunter not quite a college student somewhere. In between he's he's a Grad student. Yeah I'm dillon. I am playing something pickens in something. His actual name and he is a prisoner who was sentenced to life of indentured servitude for the horrible crime unpaid student loans. Real fucking feel that. This is launching being in twenty twenty. I'm sure this will the relatable for all you guys you know what twenty nineteen to just not as bad more related but anyway anyway regardless that high danger. That's a good one. I play the ASPERA particular. All who is a prisoner who was imprisoned for the the righteousness of revenge that means murder. Yeah he killed a guy killed one whole guy kills one guy and it was fucking great that George Washington reference unlike remembering a really old youtube video it. What's your name you critical going man? Don't rush me Jeez. My name is jared. Mike always telling me what to do like pick a prisoner pick a bounty hunter so I said Fuck that I'm gonNA play a Google guy who doesn't remember anything that's my character Goo- he doesn't remember anything but his name is Goo- this fantastic cast of characters are all heading toward Shanghai station. A prison planet on the outskirts of the known universe I and on the outskirts of the known galaxy of Arborists the Galactic Security Company has outposts across the entire Galaxy Lexi and this planet specifically is used as a medium security prison. They have a space station floating above the planet and and below them are all of the prisoners and various indigenous peoples of this planet. And they're stuck there. It's completely closed off. There's only one way in and one way out and that's the space station where our heroes are arriving. Any now idiots might be accurate. I'm I'M NOT GONNA say it is or is not. We'll see welcomed to Shanghai station so our story is going to take place on the outskirts of the known universe. Far from any space colonies. He is or large organized. Groups of humanoids intelligent life is a planet swirling with horrific smog and storms rooms and yellow seas and Brown Earth. That appears to be completely devoid of any natural life and floating thing above. This planet is a circular station. Creating a sphere around this planet acting as a shield and also as an ozone holding this thing together Th this is Shanghai station. Floating Around Planet Laguna Owned owned by the Galactic Security Corporation. Some of you are bounty hunters that have for whatever reason decided to take up a GAL SEC bounty any other notorious for sending people on suicide missions but also paying out better than most other security companies in this universe. A few of view are here. Because your prison sentence was acquired by Gal sack and you're now owned by them until you serve out the rest of your sentence through who whatever means they find most valuable WE'RE GONNA start with danger and with Dylan. Your characters are sitting down in ship that you were transferred to several hours ago Your vision is completely black. You can't see anything around you and your arms and legs are restrained by some sort of cuff You can't really move. Can't do much much at all. And you've been in the situation for longer than you'd like to. You finally feel the ships momentum slow and then feel the ship drop gravity Comes back and you feel yourself of anchored to the surface that you're sitting on and then you hear the hiss of a door de-pressurizing it opens Question for you. Yeah can I see through whatever's blinding me with my thermo vision. No actually your eyes did not work until right at this. This moment there is some sort of forest that actually had you even your vision completely black. It wasn't even the darkness of the container. It was more so that there was some sort of force within the UH the cuffs. That restrained you that completely completely. Nullified any of your technological or possible magical abilities Gotcha Gotcha So my vision is backed me now. Yeah outside the door to your to your right. And to Dylan's left I you to see a light. Bray Room of the building the walls and the ceilings of this room are made out of some light grey plastic or composite material and the Floor or is kind of like a darker grey rubberized surface and there's a door at the farthest end Directly across from you guys. Is it open or closed it's closed. Yeah the doors close and then there's actually a somewhat translucent ambiguous humanoid figure standing in the corner and you hear you're a voice come from that ambiguous being and it says a prisoner's please step off and out from the ship approach approach and we will start processing. Am I still blindfolded. You've never blindfolded and actually as this You just could not see because of the darkness Arcnord because some sort of notification effect as this being says this these cuffs release and your ankles and your wrists are set free Rian. You're able to stand up as soon as that happens. You still feel kind of out of it But you feel a lot better. You don't feel a strong vanilla flying presence but there's your skin feels a little prickly and you kind of feel like a little bit of a buzzing in your head so what do you do. I would walk forward towards the ambiguous figure in the corner. All four of my arms are folded behind my back and I walk kind of quietly but cautiously fuck it. I'll go with them now. All right so as you step up to this aside this weird translucent ambiguous figure you realize it's probably some sort of Hologram you can faintly see a some sort of It's kind of like a pill shaped machine floating right around where like where if it had a belly button this figure would have its belly button and I. It's it's just kind of floating there. It's like a foot long and about like six inches in diameter and as you stepped forward the being says congratulations. Your sentence has been acquired acquired by the Gal set corporation. You'll be staying here now. I'd like to be the first to welcome KUNA station orbiting planet Luna your reside for the remainder of your stay but everyone at Laguna has to do their fair share. And I'll be assessing your aptitude fleas in an orderly fashion state. Your name my name. mm-hmm is pretty giral and you. My name is something pickens and I would like to get a room with a A Abi with a pool. WHOA WHOA MR pickens? What was your name something yes you have a name? What is your name something something? That's right something pickens something pickens. He didn't want the this. This goes on for a second. It doesn't stop immediately but I it just seems that eventually the the voice choice loop just gets a little live a little repetitive. It starts to respond a little too quickly and it eventually it stops for moment. The hologram robot essentially just kind of shuts down for a moment and then looks back up. It goes something all right. What are your skills? Well have you know. I happen to be a expert singer if you'd like I can do my rendition ring of fire by Johnny Cash. That is such a great song. So you're a performer. Armor of sorts. That's right it'll have. You know live charmed dozens of people at the local comedy night. Is there anything else that would make you more suitable for. We're here at Laguna. I can be a court jester. I can do this. I pick up my head and I lifted off my shoulders as I open my eyes and mouth really wide and different colored strobe lights shoot out and then I put my head back on. Oh Wow that's not a usual ability. I'll keep that in mind when we go to further processing. I'll have you know. I'm one of those Dollar Hams there. A dollar Ham noted. Yeah they're those things that The head comes off noted practic. What are your skills it? It is Pratique DOC FOR TC yes. What is your skill I am? I am trained in the ways of the fist. I am a martial artist by trade. So you're good at fist in there and I just kind of like I just Kinda like reach out all four of my arms and just Kinda had to do jazz hands a little bit there. fisting arts humor noted also I can I can somewhat see through walls but I can't really see anything well at all. I just thought you should know specialized impossible. Useless Vision noted it is that all you have to share Yes that's that's really about it. All right is there anything about your past. That Gal sex should know before we assign want you to a job. Well sometimes I get very very angry but it only happens once in a little while. Well Ah Okay so sorry Mister Mister robot thing or whatever you are. Are you a person I don't I can't I can't tell I I am the reception. DOT OUR DASH three three S. You can call me reese all righty you got it reese. Yeah it only happens happens once in a blue moon but sometimes I completely lose control of my temper and bad things seemed to happen. You know you should probably you see a therapist about that. Well Yes I was a monk and when I when I got to pray all day it was very relaxing once by home was destroyed. Loyd I didn't have the pleasure of doing that anymore. Therapy could work. Good call all right. We have your sentences here. I I haven't records that you critique committed murder. Yeah that was the anger thing. I was just mentioning. Alright your sentence was purchased for ten thousand credits so you now oh Gal Sek one million credits at seems like some pretty hefty inflating their. You know what that's not that's is that how mathworks that's not how mathworks that's how acquisition and profit from acquired assets works here in cal- Zach. You something you am some faulted on a loan for your education Asian. We acquired your sentence for fifty thousand credits. You Oh two hundred million credits. How come I gotTA pay more? When he did the murder? Please please come down. I I understand that. Not everyone wants to be here but let's make the most of it. No no I want to be here. I just want to know why I gotta pay so much more and I didn't even get to kill anybody. Hey mine was revenge ship. It makes you feel better as you start screaming you start to fear feel more and more Kind of like that buzz in your head. There's actually like a large humming going on that even even you critique in here and then the Ambiguous holographic guy known as a a reese kind have just like disappears and you just hear a disembodied voice I always left. Is that little robot. And he's on the floor now it's just the robots in an active and then the door behind him opens and and he says please step in. Okay yeah no I walk right in all right cool as the first one that you walks in the door immediately lately closes there's a it's pitch black and again your eyes or they just aren't working at this moment that is is still pretty Pretty intense and then you start to feel these. These unseen arms remove whatever previous clothing. You had a all of a sudden that Gets Louder and louder and you can kind of feel like from from from head to toe this precision like disorientation. Go from the top of your head to your feet And then the humming stops and then I you feel a painful prick above above your Your buttock and then. Hey now I'm not that Kinda girl you feel more unseen arms clothes you again in what feels like a one piece jumper and then the door opens and this happens one at a time. I'm assuming that after the door closes. You something you'd walk through as well right. Oh yeah okay cool so then you guys find yourself standing out there in this. Next little room is very small room. And you're wearing a gray jumpsuits Could you do me a favorite Tell me what you guys look like One at a time wearing a one piece gray jumpsuits grey as Al Plan. So I am Um and a- Sarah so I am about sixty three. I'm thirty five years of age. I have light purple skin. I have a long long grey hair. That's tied back in Ponytail I have to Kind of devices where my eyes are it. Looks like they're cybernetic Burnett. Implants that were meant to enhance my vision and the insides of them are pure white. I wear black robes with silver or sorry now. I'm wearing grey robes right. Now you're right because of the GAL sack thing so I'm wearing just a just the gray jumpsuit. I have to Dark black horns on my forehead that curve up. They're not super long. They're pretty short. And as an Acerra. I have four arms arms and two of them are made of psychic material and there are silver bands that line. The almost a theory will see through magic of my I my arms and they form religious symbols dedicated to my order. So Tho- those arms you tell me what color are they do. They have specific color or are they kind of just purple. They're a bit see-through though so like it's a light purple that matches my skin and it's a darker purple at the edges where you can see them form. And that's is that out of magic based thing that magic based ability So it is a racial ability for class yet but there are magic arms right they magical take it they can do. They can either physical damage or mental damage. So right now you don't have any magical arms you just have to arms It might come as a little a bit of a shock to you but at this very moment you have two arms I hate it I it probably feels pretty fucking weird but a lot of things about you. If I only have two arms arms I start trying to get out of the jumps on. My arms are in the jumpsuit so while while something is being processed you're taking off off your jumpsuit in this star taking jumps all right cool. What does he look like under the jumpsuit? How ripped is this guy? I mean like I'm I'm fairly ripped. Come on Woo me with that. I'm definitely am-among so lady toned or you pretty toned man like I'm not super. I'm not super muscular. But I'm pretty. Tony fasted many times so you're not swollen. You're just toned. Yeah I'm like super toned but not swale faint fake like think like Bruce Lee Lake. That's that's Kinda where I'm going so good. It's good luck right there. That Popular Martial Arts Television figure Bruce Lee in a in this universe totally. Bruce Salih was a master brewer. Well I mean he does that on the side. That's kind of what he did now now that he's incapable of doing the same stunts as he did when younger years he just kind of drink. Experience Brews Beer and rich people paying for it. It's kind of Mediocre Dylan. What is something as he walks out in his new jumpsuit? This tell me what he looks like and then tell me what he does is he sees sees this. I- This toned Assira tearing off his jumpsuit. So something is about one hundred ninety one centimeters which I think is about six ext three about roughly seventy four kilograms which. I don't remember how much that isn't pounds. But he's like pretty skinny and slinky underfed really Pale almost neon white skin light brown hair. That's kind of short and green is see kind of a goofy looking fucker with big ears. And he looks almost like a scarecrow stuffed with broomsticks at nothing more as he gets out and sees this toned looking guy taking off his gums hurt. He's like okay so this is the kind of prison we're in certainly explains the guy trying to fill up the backside. Do my arms come back after I get out of this jumpsuit. No no no you feel. You feel a slight a slight humming still and you don't have a fourth set a the second farms right now. How do I mean are you freaking out or are you? Oh Yeah I'm freaking out What's what is around me? Nothing actually you're kind of thing. There's just nothing no you're in. You're in a very small gray gray room. It looks. It looks similar to the last one except this one actually as something stepped out this one actually has to sliding doors that come. I'm from the the right. And the left. And they closed behind him. And then you hear voice over the coming from some sort of inner calm. You don't see any speakers acres or anything but there's a voice that emanates in its I. It's Reece's voice and he goes all right. We'll process the results of this data. And we'll we in touch with you shortly. Please hold on. And then you're just stuck there for a second flip out and trying to figure out where the hell your arms went. Yeah cool so I activate burs Erker okay. We're going there has. I'm freaking out. So that gives me a plus four to my strength bonus and I go and try and punch the door you punch the door yet. My strength is normally an eight and I get a plus four bonus do the or so. It's now at twelve alright. Roquefort and data data rolls over twelve that'd be opposed. Yeah Yeah no you got it funny I remember just a few few minutes ago a DM that is a Newbie saying go easy on me. It's my first time totally down for this. Uh So what did you. What did you roll? I am adding up right now. since I'm doing in opposed attack role do I add my strength to. Yeah Yeah Okay. Cool also also. I exploded twice. So that's I'm into it fifty two. ooh Fifty two good hit. So you you hit this door it's mandated that same way almost. Yeah sorry I forgot. I forgot to add my strength with his okay twelve. So it's it's a sixty eight sixty four more so you punch this stuff. It's like a composite plastic material in you. Hit It with all the strength. You have and you give it a real nasty hit this I right. Yeah and then the door as you hit it kind of just like you see cracks splintering splintering out from where you hit it and you're pretty sure if you hit this thing again it's going to go down like you're going to be able to get the hell Outta here cool but then suddenly you hear that voice right as you hit that thing you hear that same voice from race residents. I told you earlier that everyone wants to be here but you should cooperate. And then you feel on it really intense humming Roll me and oppose vitality check post vitality. I five hundred thousand credits has been added to your bill. Am I adding my stat or is it just the dice that this is the unopposed vitality check. okeydokey that is a Sixteen Ooh what you you can you use fall to the ground yet. This is just like insane and you can feel it underneath your skin. It's just like so my yeah. I'm going to force you to re roll what you just rolled with. Twist of fate. Are you really gonNA use that now. I'm just yes yes I am. I'm just saying I mean I'm not going to tell you whether that was a good decision or a bad decision but here I don't care okay. I didn't even. I didn't even count the number last time because I two explosions on it. But this one is a Twenty before so. That's better until they're the ten to one so like if I've rolled anything but one I would have at least been able to you know. Help Myself L. foued bit. Yeah and three forced out of a single you so danger. Why don't you go ahead and rewrote yours? Wait wait I got. I've got a question are you is that for opposed as well or is that just for. I thought that was just normal. Single die checks then. The single die checks is loaded dice. Twist of fate is to force a re role not I change their results to anything. You want okay and you can read. Roll a number of roles equal to your luck rank which is a C- Oh God each time you use. Is it all right. Well here we go. This was an easy thing. I was going to transfer over here. We go all right so yeah I still didn't beat a twenty four year old to AIDS. It's plus five is sixteen twenty one. Yeah I mean you're not like knocked out or anything you're just completely crippled not into it's just like there's there's some sort of crazy shit that's like just nullifying everything you've got your vision Actually drops at this point. You can't see as you try to move around you can't move move. I mean it's almost like this section was built for transferring really dangerous people to another section of the of the station like it's almost like they have some sort of since we're defenses for if someone gets unruly and decides to start punching walls. Yeah Weird fucking the jumpsuit dude. You're going to need a fucking wheelchair. Yes something what do you take any damage. He hasn't taken any damage at all. It's just like it's just like it. Feels like he's almost getting microwaved kind of said both both Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah So something you dylan. Does something do anything after seeing this guy is like almost shatter this crazy like door and then just fall to the ground. I did do something. I'd tried to force the laws of probability ability to make him not fall down and I failed specifically like what does he do after that doesn't work. Is he like unconscious like I go up to him and like tapping tap him with my foot is he moved. Oh He's riding on the floor and he doesn't even notice the tap he's just eat it is complete sensory overload this point. The TAP is nothing compared to what he's feeling. I think I'm going to start rifling through his jumpsuit to see if he has anything. Oh God he has nothing. The jumpsuit has nothing in it. It's a thin that I just felt him up for no reason. We leave on something. pickens essentially groping a very toned assure man who had some sort of mental breakdown. This room actually. You've you feel at home as it feels like it's actually starting to descend and then we're going to go over to the bounty hunters arriving at the station. Right now jared. That's my name your character I gu do is just you just google in just like Oprah so your character who is currently squeezed between A couple of these. He's not really tubs. They're not really crates. They're kind of like Like chests if chests were made of some sort of like composite plastic material and Dan looked really Super Sifi. Like he's between these between these these boxes just trying to keep his. He was head down in the in the the Cargo Bay of a expensive business class transport. What does what does that? Look like can you. Can you explain to me what what Gu's doing as this As sure since between these crates on this shift away on a on a planet Oh man. So he's keeping his head low take a thing about Gu I guess I should. I describe what he looks like. He's basically just like a big group you know he's clear he's just a big gelatinous thing that probably weighs maybe a hundred pounds. He can kind of move and change his shape but he's he's hiding in these crates and a thing about Gu is that he does not like being seen so he's going to look around and see if there's something he can squeeze into because he's been haydn around in these chests crates or whatever you WANNA call them. And he's GonNa cottages does look around and see what's inside Yeah yeah go ahead roll some check. He's looking around for something to hide inside of essentially because he doesn't like he feels very naked or I have. I have a clarifying question before you told me the result of this is he willing to move around or is he trying to stay like superstition. This cargo bag. If there's no one there he'll move around. So what was your Would you roll for that sense. CHECK AS GONNA fail. I got I got a seven three seven out of three. Yeah I mean you kind of like how how how does is work. They just end the Google or can he just see whatever. That's an interesting question. Maybe this is a good question for Dylan Dylan do Gupta. Japan is they can produce is basically the way groups work. Are there like giant pile of stem cells so they can turn turn any part of their body into photo receptive cells in C. So I had an idea of him being somewhat clear but he has like little flex that are almost glittery inside of him and he has the ability to move them around like Forming glitter into is Tuck. So basically. You're gelatinous gold schlager creature yes somewhat all right so so basically you're up in between these crates crates. It's a this cargo. Bay is probably about like it's like thirty feet by like a by like another ten across you know it's not huge but it's not small and there's crates crates organized along both the right and left sides with not enough space in between that someone can almost comfortably move through with a with a stack of crates on some sort of floating Dali Ali or something You you're this little stem of goop kind of just of Gu of Gu's goop kind of sticks up between leanings cracks in the crates and then a populi ball forms and you look around. Yeah kind of like a man. What's it called? The submarine shoots up a periscope. Yeah Yeah Periscope. You've gotta Gu like one. Bit Of Glucose that comes up and there's the weird glitter thing that forms into a gold. Ish I and it just kind of goes around as you get this. This ghoul periscope. And you're looking around and You kind of just see a lot of crates. You're more focused on trying to find any people bowl that might see you. You don't really WanNa be discovered you have no idea who's ship. This is oh absolutely not. He doesn't want anyone to see him. Naked if your fear for your for someone senior naked. This more than your fear for your life than that's your prerogative but is mostly concerned about people yet. You see a bunch of crates. That's about got it and then as as you're looking around you feel you feel the ship. Suddenly kind of jolt in slow and then drift rift and as it's drifting you hear the kind of a bunch of mechanical sounds underneath you like some sort of gears or being lowered in the and then Anna thump. As this thing comes to a relatively smooth landing you hear some noise above you. You know. You can't really make out what is going on necessarily necessarily but then the hatch on the back. There's kind of like a bay in the back of his hatch. This little strip of light shines overpowers hours the the very dull running lights that were in this ship it starts to open. What do you do out? People are starting to come in. I mean the hatches opening. Okay so what he's GonNa do in. This situation Goo has the ability to use disguise instead of disguising himself as a person. He's he's going to disguise himself. How big these crates their varying sizes? They're usually equal dimensions. There's some crates that I mean you. You didn't really get a good look. You're more worried about people seeing you naked than actually taking any details but there between the size of like of like like two feet by two feet squared to like as big as like eight feet. Squared okay. So He's GonNa do his best estimation and he is going to disguise is himself as a crate. Oh do you have to roll anything for that or is that just. Is that just what you're going to spend one magic so I'll just kind of explain how it works. So disguised as an ability creates disguises. To trick your enemies cost one magic to activate you can create a disguise to fool others into thinking. You're someone when you're not the disguises mundane even if summoned magically you can choose what Blah Blah Blah Blah. This is really long Disguise last until you remove it while wearing the disguise you you gain a plus one explosion range on posed charisma. Czech's Yada Yada if you succeed targets are convinced that you're another person. I'm I'm going to say thing until the disguises removed no matter how unconvincing your disguise looks. It's it's like a fucking gold schlager version of a crate. So you're currently it'll crack here. Can you just quickly roll me in agility. Check to see if you get on top of these things like how quickly you can get on top of these things turn into a crate. I want to be beside it like just another crate. I'll roll the agility but but then I also have to do in opposed charisma. I mean I'll I'm I mean. Let's just do the agility I. That's a pass. I got a one six one out of six right John so as you see this hat start to open in this little. This little sliver of light hits a spot right in front of you. Basically you quickly slide ride out of this crack and you turn into a crate. He's look like he does look like one of the crates now like glitter crate. It's probably some good glittery crate crate yet. You look like like probably the coolest create like you should definitely open that and I hope it doesn't Bite me when I open it and try to try to consume a lot the normal senses when you're a crate. I mean I'm not entirely I think so There's nothing about. I mean to be honest. I'm using this. I'M GONNA assume that you can still have. A general sense. Can agoo disguise themselves as an inanimate object. Where was this skill intended to be humanoid? I'm going to allow allows Craig crates. Okay but the vacuum zoom. You would just like look like a Goo- crate to be honest with you. I just imagined you would perfectly replicate take shape but you would be Goo. That's my thought but I think loops could replicate the shape on their own. I think using the disguise skill with it would be like I don't know Paint or something. I'm imagining. It's kind of slimy create but it's a great so let's say that he has a lot of different colored specs six and he uses them In the the specific color he's looking for all goes to the outside but we still haven't established can you. Can you see. I'm not really sure if he could. Let's see do you have like an eyeball sticking out of this crate. Assuming how you do this is that you create an eye and stick it on the side of the crater. Do you do that or no. This is this is always going to be a complicated thing because the question in is where are the is see why he wouldn't be able to see any given time being made of Jelly as long as he is like using a certain portion of of his jelly to absorb light all right cool so basically The hatch opens up all the way. And you see these two do robots and just kind of floating outside. They're they're kind of these controversies floating boxes. They have learned about four feet tall. And they've got little little arms sticking being out of the side that look ideal for picking up things like crates if you got a little black. Sensors sensor plates on the corners of each of the top of the boxes is and they can just hum a gently and they. They don't even really pay any attention to you. They seem more focused on removing. Whatever they they were told to remove disguise is working but but as as it approaches you do see it stop I and it wasn't Expected to have some sort of crate in the way who put this great year. Yes so I'm gonNA roll sense against your belly opposed. I okay so let me read it to you try to convince anything. It's just straight up. Oppose Charisma I mean that's going to be. It's going to be the same role either way. So let's go for this. I take Christmas versus chance. Yeah I was GonNa Roll Sense for it so I'm Gonna I'm GonNa make a role and then you roll pose charisma. Let's see what happens. Ended up plus one explosion range. Yes what that means is that I explode on eleven. I'm an twelve right y'all's right so I- explode on eleven twelve all right. I got one explosion. That's cool all right. Korsakov for sake of brevity is it higher than a four O. significantly. Okay you're good somewhere around like fifties where I'm at so these robots are kind of just like they're just there to pick things up and put them down there. Your purpose is to move boxes very little. Oh effort is put into this so it kind of stalls for a second as it approaches the your crate and then actually slowly lowers its arms and you feel you a little bit of pressure on the side it lifts you up rotates to the left puts you down on top of the other crates and then goes out about on its business. They remove a few boxes and then they kind of leave your site do anything before they leave or are you just waiting it out. I'm waiting until they leave so that I can investigate more. I still think I'll be able to find something to hide in if I look hard enough right. So that's that is your motivation right now. How is just I need to hide in something? Being crate is not enough. I feel very naked. Despite the fact that I'm hidden as a crate all right cool to be honest. I'm a pretty good crate but like I'm not a great I'm also not a Goo- I don't really know what I am and I feel really naked all the time Romi another Roman other sons. Check if you're looking around for more stuff love it's always funny like when you get to these moments where you're like. I should've fucking made my sense higher. Why doesn't anyone ever make their sense? They don't have the sense for it. Also funny because I actually blackjacks. Blackjack one yeah my I hit a three alright first black jack the game of the book. So you're looking for something to hide and you you found a lot of things to hide in There's here's in one of the crates. There's an you're able to open these crates very quickly. Look inside and close them very few of them are locked in Agile Gutman. And and you're I mean I'm assuming you're doing this quickly so you're not really like always he's rifling through it. He's afraid of being naked. Not about being caught you find some vials. You find more crates that you could hide in you find. Some fancy clothes. Looked like they were owned by some sort of Eccentric in a rich. A mogul of some sort like a just just someone with way too much money and they just need to find ways to spend it on but you also find a set of armor this is on armor that's made out of kind of just a very Finally weaved fabric averick. It's like carbon fiber kinda not really it it so to the touch. This stuff is like it almost feels. It almost feels like like Denham Hannam. It's just has some lines along it in along the seams and and along certain areas on the body On long along the sides the chest the The back forearms in the upper arms all all the key points so it's like a full body thing. What color is it? It's black this thing is just straight up black and it's got a really intimidating looking helmet. It's got A. It's got a helmet right next to it. That has like a what kind of a a circular helmet pointed face mask and a visor that kind of comes across the front and then like dips down in a sharp in in a sharp lines like a almost like a a check mark but like not uneven so goo just found pater. He's he's climate in that thing and then he's going to hide. Oh so so. He's getting in that armor. Oh absolutely dude. That's the that's the jam dude. He's popping right in there all right so as you as as you slip into this armor you kind of like you Kinda slip in and you start to feel around. Spread your Goo into the different lengths and appendages and then you feel what kind of constrict. But it's not like firm. It's not like a squeeze you it's kind of fitting exactly to whatever shape you want it to fit. What shape is that? uh-huh it's really if you push on it if you expand your out a little bit it gets bigger that's really really convenient. Who Play when you kinda shrink down? It gets a little smaller. You could tell when you push on it a little too hard name direction. It does have its limits. How small can it go? Can it go down to my mini-size your your mini size. Like the smallest get get small. How Small House small get? He's GonNa go to like how big would be like. I don't know like a two foot foot radius. I'm picturing I'm picturing about lake a hundred and twenty pounds of Gu whatever that would be. What does that imagine something about the size of bean bag back chair? That's exactly what I'm victory. So if he goes to beanbag sized to do does the armor I mean is he the shape of a being back. I mean essentially as the arms. Don't recede to that size. They stay at a pretty standard small shape. He would one hundred percent try to be humanoid to fit fit in Just take the the humanoid shape literally just like completely unassuming average not big not small trying to fit in. And then after after he gets the armor on he's going to try to slink into the shadows and and wait. Wait it out here do you have the you have the helmet onto or oh the whole. Oh thank dude. He doesn't want any of any of his his Goo showing then you're sitting. You're sitting in the in the back of this like hanger like the Cargo Bay. Yeah 'cause it's okay so to give it a little backstory. He snuck onto this this. If it's not clear he snuck onto the cargo bay following something and yeah. He's he's going to. He's he's going to go out. Are you trying to be like are you. Are you trying to play it. Cool or you're trying to like trying to be stealthy about it. He's not trying to be so stealthy that his his behavior is awkward and weird. He's just trying to keep a low profile so like whatever that would be thrown off the ship. He's going to pick whatever direction because he doesn't know where he is and he's just gonNA GONNA walk that way. Not Standing in the middle of the hall kind of on the side walking. Normally you walk down. This hatch is probably like another you know like just like a ten foot ramp the The ship landed pretty flush to the ground. And you walk out and then you see this. This pretty large hangar massive hangar. There's not really a ton of ship activity at the moment but You know you're you're looking around and there's a over on the right side of the hangar. There's an arm that certain to reach down toward the ship that you were just on behind you it kind of just gravitates to it and then it folds back in in you see on your right side. There's actually a bunch of ships just all along that wall just like locked tinge kept very tightly organized like a mechanical arm is sorting them. Yeah Yeah Yeah not like a human arm like a robot of. It's not even really an arm. It's more so like hey just a piece of metal with a few joints yet comes down and picks this thing up. And then there's there's a bunch of of ships stacked on each other l.. Held up by these arms and you see few mechanics to the left About two hundred feet away. It's pretty big hangar. They're working on on a ship's chips or other Machines over to the left you just see sparks and a few people moving around and you see a group of the people on the right side of the hangar. Like right kind of ahead of you if you turn around after you got off the ship Make me essentially back all right. I wish this was one of my strengths. Oh Fuck Dude. I wrote a one year old one. All right. You see two people addressed in Looks like pretty fancy clothes. They're very minimalistic. But the The Fabric Looks Really Nice. They're they're pretty far away from you though there about one hundred fifty feet away from you. They're talking to someone that looks like they're almost in like a militaristic garb thing. You really notice about these people that are taught in the fancy clothes is they have that same same symbol. That was on the ship on there on the back of their clothes. It's a in the T.. Underneath it almost looks kind of like a like amazing symbol or something I haven't as you're watching watching this. Go down they They walk and talk and and this has a door opens in front of them and they kind of walk into the next room. The delayed above the doors was was green. And then when I close it turned red Assuming that plastic probably the guy the guy in the in the military guard might have had some sort of access there and then and to the left you actually see a Hologram. That says bounties as you're looking around this ambiguous kind of translucent figure ear appears right in front of you. You didn't even really notice This this small Robot showing up and then projecting this ambiguous human at Hologram. And it says says Hello what brings you to Laguna station. Oh I'm hello hello. Do you know why you're here bounties. Oh you're about hunter. Yeah I should have guessed based on that sleek armor you got. Oh of course yeah. I'm a bounty hunter. Please proceed over to the left corner of the station. I can absolutely ooh go in that direction. No problem at all. Yes you're on the wrong side and he just Kinda starts walking my apologies. Sometimes I can miss a couple of things things here and there. Please do not re enter the guest area if you do we might have to take precautions. Oh we don't want that now the the the the Hologram disappears in this little hell shaped a robot kind of just floats away again. And as you're walking across you actually do see a ship flying in through the through the Hangar Bay. It's a small ship. It's asleep ship. It looks looks pretty modest I it definitely needs a paint job. there's a a a pretty basic cockpit with just a viewing window. Nothing larger like dome-shaped i. It's got some point year features As far as its thrusters and stabilisers go it. Looks like it might be able to fly in normal atmospheres but it's mostly meant for short distance space travel And then that ship lands in the proper area on the the bounty hunters and a bounty collections section on the left and I saw Devon. You're you're just landed in Shanghai station sweet. You've landed in a what do you do next. What it? Why are you here in a what do you do? Oh I check my data pad to see if I got any orientation instructions orientation structures why why would you be getting tation instructions 'cause it's my first day all right. You've signed up for the internship program. Yeah okay because we never really solidify notified that basically I. You're you're GonNa go through data pad and you're reviewing what your what bounty Johny Hunter's school What bounty hunters school told you you have to do because You applied to kind of do a ride along with a bunch of other security companies but they all said No. They didn't really think you're qualified to jump right into the field even on a ride along so kind of your last chance was to go voted to a Gal sack. Run Bounty Center and It's not really. You're out super psyched about it. You're going to have to just kind of jump right into bounty hunter. You Eh. Galaxy has a really bad reputation for what they ask of their of their bounty hunters and then the Viability of completing these bounds. You know you're a little nervous but I it says is right there on the orientation that you need a solid ninety hours of of bounty hunting this summer so publisher parish as you're looking out of the out out of the viewing Viewing panel on your ship. You See There's a holographic markings on the area of the hanger that you're in it's kind of like filled filled in a little lake with a diagonal orange lines in the middle of it says a bounty. Isn't it's a smaller landing area than the one to the right that is green and says guests and then it's got an Arrow pointing the back left of the of the hangar. Not What are you. I'm GonNA follow the Arrows. Alright so you get out of your ship or does that look like how. Where's where's the door on this thing? The canopy opens. I climb out all right so the middle canopy opens in what what do you would. You look like. I am five eleven six foot in my boots. I have wait wait wait for. Do you have heels on these boots. Yes yes there one inch all right sick now. They're three quarter inch and I have silver hair. I have a very bad haircut. That's hidden mostly by hat. I have very fair skin and blue eyes and I look maybe I liked twenty late twenties in human years. So you're pretty late to the whole bounty Hunter College game. Then I guess yes. I've I fumble with my blaster making sure that it's loaded and the safety is on. Oh yeah no that blaster is loaded and you're ready to go at least you think it's loaded. You really haven't handled one all these things before so I read the instruction manual though. Yeah Yeah toback. You've got a pretty good idea. What combats like now? That's exactly how it works. So you see a humanoid in this like kind of sleek fitting black armor. It doesn't look like traditional armor does really but it you know you get an idea that might might take a hit and a black helmet and he's also walk in that way and you guys are headed that way. I assume this Gu. Oh yeah that's Goo- I really wish that I had armor at this moment you remember. Oh Shit. Having armor in in combat is really important Hopefully they can set me up here. you know maybe you can call up mom or dad and see if the lend you read. Lend your credit card or something. We'll see what happens. Yeah maybe all right as you guys approach that the The kind of Holographic sign that says a bounties. Are we walking next to each each other. I mean you're you're just ahead of them. I was kind of giving you opportunity to to decide if you want interact or not. I would if I saw him. If he's behind me I wouldn't say anything. Yeah Yeah you're walk in straight to the boundaries. I mean that's that's where that's what you were doing. Yeah I was just asking if I if I saw him along the way. Or if he's following you saw his ship you saw his ship ship. Come in but you didn't necessarily if he's falling behind me. I obviously wouldn't do anything. But if he's like walking like right next to me and we just happened to be going in the same indirection he would definitely say something you walk up to the door and it opens in front of you after a quick. Were it's just kind of you. Get the sense that it's making sure you aren't registered as a prisoner on that that station before you get past this door on indeed you walk in a the well as he does that he's going to kind of look back to the other guy and be like this one a million times before uh-huh trying to fake his way as a bounty hunter on this place and he's just gonNA walk through trying to keep up the facade of confidence to be honest though now that he's actually covered entirely in this suit of armor. He doesn't really feel as anxious anymore. He felt when he was on the ship. And before that So yeah he's pretty. He's he's feeling pretty. Good about this This facade he's got going on Devon. Does your character respond to that at all or you hear this year. Is this voice. You did not expect to come from this armory kind of looked like a bad ass. You're not really sure anymore. I respond well. Wow that's great to hear because its first day so oh maybe I can show you around. Oh that would be absolutely wonderful sir. Work just stick with me. You'll be all right much all right so so this doors open in front of you and as you walk in you see that the a the right wall is covered in these Calligraphic projections actions. There's a bunch of a bunch of names or a short phrases and the numbers next to him in a in rows and columns the thing about above the phrases in the names says bounties and then above the on the right side it has different values for what they're worth whether they've been where they've been collector. Not There's a AH kiosks on the left side where you can have some sort of data input panel and also project an image onto the wall. But there's nothing really like they're they're kinda just running a demo mode kind of a an arcade game would in the area you know back in the good old days in the nineties and then there are some benches in front of view and then a desk on the far wall. And there's some sort of humanoid sitting behind that desk a seems to be distracted by something and he's got he's he's covered in scales. He's a ease. It looks like some sort of like reptilian creature so google is going to say. Well it's got a couple of things to say. I think he's going to says. Hey what's your name there. Mr My name is Reece. What's your name You can just do. That's what I call myself anyway anyway. Here's an nickname. Yeah it is a little bit. That's weird anyway. Hey I'm sure you spend a lot of time training for this so I'm just going to kind of actually. I have spent time at all training. Well I don't know about that I'm going to kind of just see how you do on your first day. So just let me show you and later on a Intel you about how you've done. Don't worry I'll show you the ropes if you miss too much while my orientation according to my orientation book later I've showed you think that's incredibly. Yeah I actually. It's not false. Actually it's shows right here. I put my data pat. Are you gonNA. Are you trying to convince him that. You're actually supposed to be his intern. Because if you are I really WanNa have you guys roper over. This sure. He's mostly trying to convince him that. He is testing him to see how much information he's learned and he can only do so. Oh by by talking to Devon asking him for Rees is trying to convince Goo that. He's supposed to be his intern. He's trying to convince Goo Goo that he's supposed to be somebody. Somebody's intern will you. Just do you WanNa do you WanNa try to convince him that he that you're entered sure. Alright alright so I'm GONNA have. You Roll Oppose Charisma. Check against Gu's intelligence so how that works your yet. You'RE GONNA roll according to rank. So what's your rank for charisma Di Di all right. So you'RE GONNA be rolling to die End At your charisma that any Any twelve's elves explodes. You'RE GONNA rerun those die and then Goo Roll your intelligence that's only blackjack on a unopposed. Role right yeah. It's not a black jacket. Okaz pose fourteen. What did you get jared? This is for him to believe that he is his turn that he might have forgot that he was supposed to have some sort heard of intern. Yes I mean to be. Honest do will voluntarily fail believe that he is supposed to be his intern. Okay or you could accept that if you want. BASICALLY JUST HE C- he sees that he can read him and it seems like he doesn't know what the Hell is supposed I to be doing but you also doesn't know what the hell he's doing but he doesn't want him to know that doesn't know what the fuck he's doing so he's going to follow him around and rely on his knowledge college until he can figure it out in step in alright following you around because I think that you're supposed to have the All right so Can you voluntarily fail. Guess is that something that you can definitely voluntarily fail. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa say that that's definitely a thing. I roll the fifteen fifteen. So maybe he knows in his heart of hearts that he well he does. He won the role so he knows that this guy's not actually his intern. That he's not actually I'm GonNa roll with it anyway. Yes Um yeah. How do you respond to the just to clarify? I'm not lying. I've just wrong okay. Anyway what did you say that your name was again It's reese reese hoskins of course reese And if I call you just reese yes I mean I don't I yeah. Well I'm GonNa give you your first test here in that's going to be we're GonNa find a bounty okay. This wall seems to be full of them. Okay this as you're doing this this ripped billion humanoid so you humanoid you're gonNA hear them when they look at you and then as soon as you look up. Get this one highly condescending I you can you can tell. This person is not impressed with what they've just overheard and look back down at at something behind a desk. I'm I turned go and I say what's what's that about. Do you think so do is actually just going to do the waving hand thing where you put your hand in a circle like doc go on like this is you. He's looking back down. He just does not is not impressed with you. Guys right now is if if you were to guess might be kind of pissed off that you're ruining the peace and silence. He had previously. Hey Minster gotTa Remember Your First Day on the job. I'm sure that it wasn't that that smooth either wasn't it. I'm assuming that you've approached this person or are you just kinda yelling across the room your president all right and guys were just having this conversation. Asian at the door. He didn't say you're going anywhere. No no no if after after realizing he had died in a very snarky way he would approach him in say a thing that I just said he takes a deep sigh and presses at this little like floating screen that was there and it kind of blew it. Just disappeared. Looks up and he goes yes. I remember my first day but I don't think I was nearly as much of an idiot as you guys were. How how can I help you? Well Sir I am not an idiot I. I'm trying to teach my intern here. I mean that is to be determined. How how how can I help you? Can you answer the question. Go on so he kind of steps back. Show Libya Lemme spell this out for you here. All right it might my name is. Flynn and I am the bounty reception agent here. I'm supposed to be here if you guys. It has have any questions but I I have to say it's been many many many rotations. Since since I've had to actually talk to do any of the bounty hunters normally they know exactly what they need to do I raise my hand as I have a question. I'm trying to teach my intern here. Please not be condescending condescending to me or him to be a very bright individual again this is to be determined yes you with the soon assumed to be diminished. Light in your eyes. What can I what can I do for you? What would you like to ask? Yeah I was wondering how D- have like Like cannot get a suit of armor like this guy here or he takes a deep sigh. Maybe after a few more bounties there my brand you you don't get one free I am not the armor armaments acquisition officer. I am the I am the bounty agent. I'm here to answer questions. That have to to do with bounties. Well what can I do for you step in here for my friend. He doesn't really seem to know what's going on and I thought maybe he'd be able to figure figure it out so really all we're trying to do here is where exactly is it. That we pick up bounties. Please tell me for my friend here. Who doesn't know he looks back and forth at you for just a moment? Any he looks over. The kiosks knee goes Normally pick bounties over there have you have you never been to Robert. Downey hub before My teaching methods are my own. So yes you heard the man. That's exactly where we have to go to pick up a bounty not my friend. Yes but I'm I'm getting concerned here. Have you ever completed a bounty for Gal sacked. Before I've done countless bounties. T's alright well what you're going to want to do. Is You want to take your Gal sex certification card and you want to insert it into that kiosk over there and then that will authorize. You are as my hand again. Yes yes what can I. What can I do? What would you if you don't have one of those alright so I'm just GONNA go back to one of the original questions I asked you if you've never done a bounty for cal before you have to become certified for acquiring and detaining haning assets for Gal sick if that's the situation yes I took that certification online the online version all right? Well then you I should have no trouble. Getting a bounty are GONNA go over to that Kiosk and Ryan you use your card. The card will then. I think you're GONNA have to speak to GAL SAKE headquarters About that but I'm not the person to help you here if you need a card though if you are not gal sex certified then. I'm going to have you go talk to randy. He's down in the orientations room receiving prisoners at the moment. But you can. You can just jump. I've been with them. And then then you can get your certification for Gal Sec. We might as well go in that direction. My friend to be honest with you. I actually lost my card a previously. When I was on a bounty it was stolen from me And yes. I'm sure I'll get one replace very easily. Well if that's what you'd like to do then you can leave here than get your replacement. Then come back when you do have a card. Otherwise your name again Mr my name is flicks Zeph and if I flicked ass okay. Sorry sign up in heard of hearing sometimes times you know with all the bounties and whatnot lots of disclosed it sounds mess with the O'Leary's flash gives you that condescending. I again in says yes. I've I've flicked much more ass than you've ever had in your life. And then he looks down our wouldn't back at his screen going to actually take a will wound. CMO will just because he wound. Nearly you can suck take that remark it just for some reason. It just like it almost feels worse than when you're naked it just like stripped you of a little bit of your confidence. Yeah well thank you for your sage advice. Mr flicks US We will direction that you've Advised and I do appreciate your for the help without even looking at me. Kinda just points to his right In the left corner there is a door with a sliding sliding door. So if you WANNA go over there you you can. Well he's got a lead. The NEWBIE IS GONNA continue on being the best advisor that he can. You can only learn through failure and let's go goo. Yeah we follow we follow. Let's do does he have any second thoughts about Gu's UH training methods or does it seem absolutely not. He's basically like he's like throwing them in and it's like sink or swim. He's just not helping him. He's letting them figure that on his own reece's obviously perturbed that he has to go through some sort of certification process and now he's annoyed because you know that internees ready to grab the world by the balls. He's a all these idiots. I've been doing it wrong this whole time. I've complaining. Yes out comply. I complained to about the certification process. Yes so you walk over and then these two sliding doors open opening near a small elevator like room and you step in and the doors close and they know exactly where you're going it just just starts to lower all right so some elevator talk most of the people that you work with Here on the station are actually not not not such like that guy was Kinda just a fucking asshole Louis Anyway. It's all a learning process. We'll get there eventually eventually. I just don't see the need to go through certification. I mean Iran. I did the online thing. So it's like what else could I possibly need to learn. You know it's really unlikely that someone would be able to pretend to be about me lung. Okay you've seen some of the idiots that are bounty hunters I think if they can figure it out then I think I can figure it out. I have a frequent at space harvard. Okay you they seem to think that you can pretend to be about two hundred but that's an absolutely preposterous thing to say. No one would ever be able to pretend to be a bounty hunter. Earth would actually be quite easy. So as as the elevator descends this banter continues. But we're going to flip over to to Dylan endanger real quick yellow so when we last left critique and something particular because having a little bit of a meltdown He realized that two of his arms were missing and he went into a little bit of a rage shattered the door and whatnot and and was instantly crippled by some sort of unseen force. Something was rifling through his pockets after trying to change the role of fate. So something as you start to rifle through this mobilized as sure as things the door actually opens the a live has come to a stop in the door opens and Something odd happens. A two arms as this door opens to Celestial arms just kind of appear out of the out of your shoulders there's no basically basically. Yeah they appear or they had like your silent thorough. They're on top of my My normal are also you have to independent arms coming out of each shoulder. Essentially yes and it seems that whatever force was as was notifying magical abilities or It just inherent magical things. I was kind of subsided. Arms or arms are back and the door opens and there is a bunch of benches. So you see you see a a larger room in front of you. Larger than any of the previous is rooms. You're in mid out of the same kind of material the gray light gray walls and floors or walls and ceilings and that that dark ray Rub rubberised floor ars benches in the middle of the room and There's just kind of like a pretty bright in laid lights Along the top you can't really tell l.. How many there are the multiple small light? Sources that led up this room and Something you kind of notice instantly about this room is it's it's it's actually occupied. There's two robots on either side of this room was kind of floating there but as the door opens you kind of just here era Humming noise like they're not really moving or anything but it's like they've come to attention and when the door opens you hear a voice over some sort of intercom will. Hey there guys. Welcome to welcome to Shanghai. are welcome to the Laguna Station Welcome you're now a resident events of of this year installation. I'm going to have to ask you to wait one moment while I look over the results and a alright right yeah. It looks like the You know powers-that-be here side that you're pretty good fit. For the special operations. In acquisition program here at a at Shanghai are up Saria Laguna Laguna congrats. Yeah this is a pretty good opportunity for you to pay off those pretty hefty credit owes to a to Gal here. So what if you guys wouldn't mind taking a seat. I'll be out in a second. We're just waiting for a couple bounty hunters. Come down and help you guys out. We got we got. We got a fun little thing for you to you. Do Just to prove your aptitude. All righty special. There's one thing my mom told me. I am special car. She was kind of uh when she said but alrighty then Mama Lo's there's actually a another door that opens right next to right next to that one and Inside are the armored humanoid and and kind of that L looking looking kid in a in a in a swashbuckling hat Actually I think it would be quite easy to pretend to be about hunter. Literally anyone could just lock it here. It's sort of disguise and the security is pretty lax reese. I know while you might think that that's the case. I will say that given my multiple years of bounty hunting ending experience. Maybe you can talk the talk but it takes more to walk the walk so the doors open. You see these you see you see these two robots on either side. They look pretty menacing. I should probably described the in a little better or detail now that everyone's they're on they're kind of like a four foot tall box that's about two feet wide in in either direction can retain your box. They have liked to arms that kind of stick out. It's just like metal rods that turn into this like Celinda rod at the end and then kind kind of a round tip. They got the same kind kind of a sensory panels on each corner of them. And then it seems like there's some sort of a hatch in the center They look pretty basic but also pretty beefy. They look like something that the average person really wouldn't wanNA start. Start a fistfight with as both of you guys show up in a presumably walk outside the the elevators you're in and by the way dangerous totally forgot to mention. You're no longer crippled at all either. Perfect cool yeah. I mean I'm not gonNa tell you what happened but I think you can figure it out. Yeah I have. I have an idea what happens in the elevator stays in the elevator. Yeah actually I have. I have a question for something something. Are you still rifling through for. TC stuff that I find anything to steal you literally. Nothing on me I told you. There's nothing in the jumpsuit. I'm just wondering if you're still so fondly him fondling until I find something that's worth stealing or someone makes me stop. I definitely punch him when I come to. If he's funneling me how punchier entiere going here. We are returning to the volume of all the way. or I mean like I would just push him off and if he resists then things will get a bit more serious are you D- resists resists a dylan or Is something just GonNa get full grow. Please do not get any closer tonight to my genitals I don't I don't spend uh-huh Whoa. WHOA why are you bringing up your genitals there? Hey Man I'm just trying to touch you inappropriately with how you're completely completely incapacitate was trying to rob you. You're the one that made a weird. Oh God I mean I'm I'm going to. I'm going to say this one's on you but as this conversation happens y'all secure over the intercom Hey WHOA WHOA. WHOA I would I would appreciate it if y'all didn't didn't kill each other before for at least sent you out there Give me one second. And then a door on the back wall Opens and UC. A lanky human human. He's got a thin pointy features in a short black hair and he's definitely got a little bit of a little bit of Acne Wearing a slim fitting set of Grey A. and Brown armor it has these composite weaves on the chest and arms and the legs like you know like a typical like Super Kiro or like Batman thing with like the the plates over the PECs and whatnot it looks pretty legit pretty militaristic. It looks like it could connect back to a helmet on the neck. But he's he's not wearing a helmet right now. All right I appreciate. y'All took a seat in a stop playing grab ass over there We got some stuff to go over for RIA. We gotta drop you down to top side like maybe fifteen twenty minutes so we really don't have much time left. I set up front. So just from my friend WHO's unacquainted. This is a penalty for losing your or gaining as well your bounty hunting in card correct Now this is actually a orientation right now. A We got him Cup prisoners here who qualified for Special Operations Program in You guys is. I mean if you're down here it means that you're just not Gal Gal certified yet. Did you lose your car and you can. There's a hotline for that. I lost my car. You can just call the hotline. They'll they'll send you on like it. You can go to any three. D Any sort of printing device. And it'll just print you a new card. Well that's not what flicks asset. So that's why we're down here. He said we have go see Randy. He's quite row. You gotta talking to Flakes Funny Guy. He's a I mean he makes me feel real bad sometimes but You know I understand that that his humor is mostly mostly just in good spirit. You know yeah. Please take a seat though we gotta we gotta go over this The details here. It's going to move out anyway. We have to do this to get you your your license so I will also accompany because I your mentor I got that so of course you did. You're a smart guy. I'm glad that you're my intern. Ears some sort of fledgling one hundred here right on it. I remember when I D of bounties very experienced but Yes I'm trying to teach my friend. Here reese the ranks sup- you will. Oh yeah that's a that's a yeah sure all right Is is everyone ready We're GONNA I'm quite ready. We're go over some basics here a soom. You know why you're here. I'm still a bit confused. These these meetings seem a bit weird to be merged together the B.. To be honest with you what are you talking about you talking about. The prisoner You guys as residents here in Laguna and the bounty hunters here. Yeah is is is that just me. It seems like the bounty hunters should have their own meeting. Oh no no. You're all going on the same place am I now. A bounty hunter is well. I don't really really we're all GonNa be bounty hunters is just some of us are buying. I'm just I'm just forced to be one of these. I get to work off my prison debt by like killing people. This is the best present ever. I mean we don't really lack to use the word forest here. We're really just provide an opportunity for you to who provide more value for this institution. You understand what I'm saying like this is a good thing. Coerced is the word that you prefer to use. I believe I'm being coerced to kill people to atone for killing a person guy. I mean if you want if if law those are all certified they're completely within Gal Saxena on legal framework so if you WANNA stay down there Leguna when we send you down there. That's all up to you man nanometer Go Right Ahead I. I wouldn't see a single person down that it wouldn't take your position though. I mean we're giving you opportunity here if you want to just live out the rest of your days on that Shit. Hold and that's up to you. You know I mean I mean. Don't get me wrong if if I can. Just you know. Get Out of this this whole place earlier. That would be much better editor for me. I disagree unless you like it here but I haven't seen to make completely innocent so I am ready to murder people for my freedom. It was that was that was that was in character. Well that's a spirit. We're looking for here. I mean I'll unfortunate that you might consider yourself innocent in Put a Gal cycled everything they can to provide the Me Randy yes yes. This isn't tough questions of optronics here. Curious speech speech because a lot of talk of burdock recently and I'm just wondering is the average bounty there are certain situations or alive or both or is there a monetary incentive of some sort. I think look complicated. Aided question right there all right gas on one last chance. We need to be orderly about this. Because the dropout needs to be positioned above the drop point and and this planet suspending Mann. We don't got much more time. We're almost over the drop zone so lit. Let's get through this and I'll answer your questions as I can't alright. So here's the deal you guys. We're here because you need to get Gal sex certified or we need to make sure that you are at your aptitude is high enough to be in the Special Operations Unit of our resident forty or correct all right here we go so there was a some sort of awful explosion down here at At saint all but one of our mining towns it was nasty as tale man. We we sent down some robots take care some issues. There's a some some big bass earning gain man. He's a he's a job he's one of these one of he's big dudes and he I don't know he he apparently was supposed to have died and some conflict Sierra depot I mean there there was some nasty shit there with the with the the rebels and I mean he's back now in He might have caused this explosion. Man Saint Albe Scott like a quarter mile. Sinkhole just lack right in the center manner of it. We sent down another strikeforce after the robots didn't respond in We haven't heard from them either. So we send you guys down. You'RE GONNA find this guy gain bringing back dead or alive are at. I'll get you your Gal sex certification and you'll get ten percent and you'll get you'll get ten percent of the of what the value would be worse. That's going to be a you know. Bring Back Alive. I'll give you two hundred fifty thousand a data more like more like a hundred. What if he's just mostly alive Mostly live still count his lab. He just can't die within twenty four hours of delivery It's it's kind of you know when you go to one of them pet stores and a you bring back the fish like a week later and they're like no can't do anything for you. That's Kinda the situation like if it does on the car ride then like you know. Let's say he got murdered third and then I found a way to like UN murder him. Would that be acceptable. Basically yes I need either an alive or dead gain. I don't care either way. You're going to get more money if you bring him back alive down to here. Yeah No. This seemed straightforward forward. Oh Yeah of course. It's not my first Rodeo. There my friend he looks he looks at you. Oh you little funny this. I mean like any hasn't really done a whole bunch. He hasn't been doing this for a while but he hasn't seen anything like you and he's he's he's he's pretty perplexed. This is question time. You can ask questions if you lack right You in the in the dapper hat there. What can what do you need now kid again a suit of armor please? Oh Yeah I was about to get out right after this Yes so If you guys don't have any more clarifying questions nations on the objective at hand I do. Can you send me like a dossier We're we're Kinda just going off but we you don't really know too much about this. I mean like we don't really spend resources monitoring the resources that's why I bought this planet. They all just live down there. We kinda just let them and do their thing. But recently this rebel group Her fury they've been they've they've been a a bit of pain in the ass So we got we got to nip the nip the head and the butter. Whatever they say you know you gotta gotTa do now anymore? Were clarifying questions. I have one thing Mike. Can I do in oppose charisma. Eh Convince him that I'm actually inexperienced. Bounty Hunter yes you can but yeah you can. Let's see what happens here. We are all right. So roll your dice right Dylan. Is that how that works. I assume you at your at your stat right Adding your stat is not a standard thing that something that dangerous to do. So I'll leave that up to you if you want to add the stat to it. Yeah no I'll do that but let me see. That's not the right sheet there you in so that's okay what did you roll. What role in this? That's going to be forty five. Oh okay I should probably houser charisma man six. I exploded once alright so I'm at thirty four Anna Marie Rolling two. Oh I got you I just got another explosion yes so randy you trying your hardest to make. Yeah I still got one use of that forced re-rule thing left so talking to Dylan. I just want to explain to you. I think of set the tone well enough year lake. If you'RE GONNA burn all your spells man go for it. If I spend more luck I can do this again. There's only one thing I can use once per session that I'm saving that. Yeah the thing is is is that you might WanNa use it other times Yeah I'll re-rule that I wanNA use it this time now. You realize the one day rewrote all career. All your role right down the whole five. Okay so first second there randy was thinking himself like this is a fucking idiot. Doesn't know what he's is doing and does not care but then this thought just came over and he goes. You know what this guy looks capable and I'm excited to have them on the Gal. Not so he went from apathy too slight enthusiasm like yeah. Maybe he's just just a weird guy. We get a lot of weird bounty hunters. He's probably from somewhere weird to pick up where we left off here so randy. Kinda just likes Stare at the wall for. I like to solid seconds mid-sentence at the just snaps right back into it. And he goes alright seriously. Though do you guys need to know anything else. 'cause that's pretty much all we know. I mean like there's something nasty out there. We think that the rebels might be in the mind. We're not sure I think that we have enough experience To go in that direction. Now help them out all right out here. One more thing to just keep in mind that the the residents down there they might not particularly lack. You I mean they're down on their Europe here. You know what I mean like. It's not it's kind of a class difference. They might might lack. I Dunno spit on you or some Nastier. Maybe I don't know I'm just saying Keep Your Eyes Open. Here's the deal we're going to outfitting again. We got like we got like ten minutes here. We gotta get those drop pods Who needs needs gear here I'm assuming you guys here The prisoners I'm going to go grab something for you but a you can do I not do I not what can choice. Oh no you get you get a choice. I mean canned of I'm GonNA ask your preferences. I'm just asking anyone else lack. Do you need anything else. Lack any of you got and you bounty hunters. Do you need something like this little boy who was asking for some armor. That's really nice of you to ask. Yes so I I Seems to have lost it was. It was unfortunate. Mix Up but just rob anything. Any old weapon will do the Baton Sword really really. Anything is fine just so you're doing mainly based you're looking for a melee weapons. What you're looking for something to hit somewhere I i? That's exactly what what I'm looking you know Oregon doesn't really matter I mean D- do you want a gun or do you want like something to hit something like what do you want to tell me what you want. Don't got much time like which one of those things do you is. There a is there an agility based melee weapon. I I don't really know what you mean by agility based melee. That was that was that was not. You don't know what's available because you don't know anything because you're fucking blava suit suit of armor. Don't entirely honest with you. I can pretty much work with just you know. Pick something up. Something that looks Nice. Ice flicks was filling me in on this a little bit issues answering answer questions do you a gun or do you want some hit with what do you want. Yes I would like a gun also hit people with you. That's what happened. My sister phases a little fucked up now Raise my hand. Yeah you there Reese reese right there could he have. Maybe one of each I mean and we gotta we kinda really don't be leasing out stuff to like like large amounts out to people at this point. I mean you're more than welcome to no. Oh no I'm not I'm not doing it. I don't think heaven forbid we'd be properly equipped for this dangerous mission no Celia. You don't know Celia are at. She's I mean lacks. She makes him kick ass shit but lack if I go down there and I'm like Hey I've got this four guys and lacked kind of fucking idiots and I wanna give all of our shit. She Ain't GonNa like that. Oh Oh you don't have to put it like that. I mean that's how I'm GonNa put it because I'm just trying to get you assholes down topside. We got five minutes. Come on the students. What do you mean I'm leaving? Now what do you need. Ah I will raise my hand. What do you need no shit? You need some your prisoner on Graham you shit anyway. What do you want anything or not? I would like a one one pair of armor please. That's it you don't need you don't need a gun or hits US my own gun. All right fantastic equip bounty hunter. We have here. You're in this group. I gotta go. What what is it lasting? I gotta go grab this Shit. We gotta be down topside now. Yeah I'm I'm I'm trying to be quick for you friend. You talk talk real slow harmon. What exact no? You're not Arman I point towards Q.. 'cause I don't know that he's Goo so I just call them armor man. What kind of melee weapon? Would you like well to be honest. I'm actually quite better equipped to be using. You know gun. Oh he asked for a gun. I mean actually that reminds me though that does remind me I gotta ask you guys what. What kind of weapons do you guys? Use prisoners. Sorry Krizner's residents a special operations candidates not talking to you. I'm not talking to you. I know you're mass about one hundred. I got a good feeling about you but I can you please let these people answer question here. Well I was just going to say I am my own weapon. But if he needed a melee weapon he could have mine. That was all. I was trying to say that way. You don't get in trouble with the Celia Person I'm not going to give it not you if you're just going to give it to him I I mean I I've been told them pretty good natured guy. I think you're getting the wrong idea here. Though lack I work for Gal Sek and I mean I don't think you're a bad guy you see you see. I don't lack you guys so like Oh nice here. I'm just doing my job. You trying to get my the job done. I'm sorry guys but like your fucking murderer man like what do you want to hit something with you. Want to shoot something with what do you mean. I'm good now. I'm all set with you. I would like new clothes all right well you you don't get a weapon if you don't ask for one I'm not going to get a weapon profile. Okay we got bad ass here Watch something what do you. What do you need what you need to gun you need somebody hit somewhere? Maybe like you're better with like throwing shit like I don't know what do I want more. I want a different outfit. Yeah I'm GonNa get you some armor you're in some shitty. No No I don't want Arbor. I I want like new clothes like can I get. Can I get like a scarf and a belly shirt. Okay so at this point randy to kind of walks ordered this door. Looks back at you guys. And he's not at all he's storming away and and he goes over to success this door. The light above it turns green in it opens up. He goes in there any and then right for the door closed you know normally they ask you out to kill each other while I'm gone but a you know. Do whatever you want I'll give fuck door closes so okay let's go through that that again. I need danger. Dylan I need both of you. Roll three luck checks. Okay boy. Oh Oh sorry wait wait wait let me let me clarify. I need you to roll. Three Lug checks they take minus windier stat on two of those and name those two first because his pissed randy off. He's not going to work for you as much. Okay I I really don't care about Randy Anyway so The first two. I have have eight to luck I wrote a twelve and a four so those are both fails. My last one is a pass a one out of three. Okay sick I to. That's it's a five so that's a fail- with a nine to five a pass with a four out of five and the last one is a blackjack with the six hundred six all right and that was without using any of your life changing the dice. Shit this was just what I rolled. I'm not sick. I'm going to save that for when it won't help me me at all. All right. And then who else needed something you ask for a weapon right jared and then you ask for it you ask for Armor Devon because for some reason he does not have a weapon despite being the master bounty hunter. GimMe a luck. Roll each of you also minus one of your stat though. What does that mean your stat is going to be your luck stat? Sorry and you're GonNa Roll One die. Just want okay but to reduce your chances of succeeding. You'RE GONNA get minus one to that stat because Randy's not really we try to get you good stuff anymore. A goo- failed I roll. The seventy two are all the ten and eleven always. You're supposed to only role one one day either way though those those are both fails. What's your stat? Let's explain to three so basically you're you had the threshold of two or one would be a pass and everything else fail. I fail Mike when you're thinking that you're ready to go back in. I describe it in. Then we'll auto. That's that's all I've got are. We are replaying more like that's that's all I have. I thought we were just talking about it now. Oh that's fun to just getting a lot. More you got media got bow. You guys are waiting in the center of the room. Sit The bench is doing whatever the hell you're doing. And then I basically that door that randy went into the light above it terms from red into green and then the doors slide off to the left and right and randy comes out. He's carrying two of these like similar crates. What you saw in the In that ship Gu you. I became the great. Yeah you with the great but these have handles on them and then they actually have a red light shining from underneath the handles like on his hands and Randy comes any kind of just like tossing them to the ground in huff. He goes all right. These are your this is your equipment. Here ah I just need a you do I need you. I need you to sign these forms. Here it's just a proven the lease your ego. May I see that so. He kind of just put like does his hand motion presses at the air and then in front of you these two do these two like holograms pop up in front of your face. Like a good reading level like good reading distance. It's got a bunch of legal jargon on it it says a it's as bounty hunter gear gear acquisition for one of forty two section a and then on the bottom of it. It says it's one page of seven thousand forty five live. You guys have to be out of here in a second. I'm GonNa read certain leading in its entirety yet. You start reading in its entirety. And it's just it starts to refer due to like every sense is referring to at least two other pages in the document I cross reference them so randy goes our ask. Let's see you sign these real quick. We need to get out of here if you don't if you don't you can't get the gear. Well I need to read before I agree and you can read so you need to roll in intelligence check. Oh my friend over there unoppossed unopposed just a check against your on stat. Oh so asks. Then you need to know about being a bounty hunter. Is this sometimes. You actually have to sign off on things without reading. It happens time but you know what it's all about. It's all about making the money in getting the credits you know. Would I mean so you use. Is it without reading. I've passed intelligence. I don't have to sign anything or read. Anything correct. No no he just he just a handed this out to people who ask for gear you guys are you guys are property of Gal sack they want equip you so you can do your job okay. We all are just know. The prisoners are the bounty hunters are expected to come in with gear because their bounty hunters. So so hey man I got gear. I just don't have a weapon. I mean yeah and so is the guy who showed up the resort says. He's a type three skier and needs to buy. It needs to rent shitty ski equipment at the rental shop. So Hey man he's very convincing Goo so goose signs it you actually are able to Reese you're able to read through this and the General Gist. It looks like basically you're gonNA owe Gal sack you're gonna Gal Psych about five hundred thousand sex sex which are actually their credits when they're Credits it's actually referring to sentence you're GONNA owe them five hundred thousand of that and then it has. Ten percent appreciating getting interest every ten revolutions which is a day Laguna. It's every time the space station passes one section on Laguna Manila. Make revisions to the contract. You try to and then this lake floating Hologram just doesn't respond like it's clearly locked document like it's it's a pdf another password for for it. Unless do you have a skill that would allow you to do that. A. Have Operator skill and the operator skill is to be. Let me say we know. Let me let me read the skill real quick and see if it'll go and the file. Dm Of course. I understand how everything works. Can we get some feedback from the pros at your intelligence to oppose roles related to piloting or operating a machine gene. You can also simultaneously operate a maximum number of devices equal tier interesting. All right so how. I'm GonNa let you do. This is first. You're going to have to roll agility check against your own your own agility to see how well you do trying to do this in a very quick amount of time without randy seeing you pass I gotta one all right and now I need you to roll an opposed agility because randy passes sense check so randy is going to polish she. That's a judy site roles. All three and then you add them together it yeah do you have a C- rank agility. Yes twenty all right right. Oh okay. Ready notices that you're trying to fuck shit and he goes a a What are you what are you trying to do their man? I mean just signed the document or not I we gotta get Outta here ear man. We gotta get topside like right now. Well Randy some clauses in here. Don't make a lot of sense. So it's going to amend it to be more I'm GONNA stop you right there champs. We're not in the contract. I I mean I don't really know what's in that contract to be honest. I'm just an operations an operation. Read this I know. I haven't read that. Why the hell would I rate it I bring my own gear gals that gave me this thing and he hits his arm or like like kind of like you know the council gave me this? I don't need to be like just asking people. You Show appear to be a bounty hunter and you don't even have your own shit they come on your will give me some fucking document or put it down. I don't know what to tell you. Man What did you do reunion. I worked for this company that you're also trying to work four. You're exactly so we need to get down. We need to get down to upside dot now. Sign that or not finish reading. No no no. We're going right now. You you either get the gear. You don't get the year seven thousand pages rates fucking easy man. Just sign the fucking document randy. You expect me decide something without outreaching. Yes I do you know what the Gal Corporation administrators. They signed sheet all the time. I never said nothing. I don't think they can read beyond syrups another lesson for you. My friend is that sometimes you just have to sign. Yeah it's part of being a bounty on. Yes Gu. I heard first time but I. I don't agree with that. Yeah we got much time you sign it or not. We gotta go I finished. You'RE GONNA stay up here and I'll have these robots here. They'll babysit you while these guys going down there and doing stuff down there so oh it's up to you man. What are you doing? How much time do I have? We got we got five minutes till we're no. No no I gotta get you gotta get your much. I can read in five minutes. I've got to get you guys in these situated. I've got a calibrate where that pods going to land exactly. If I don't do do that you guys might just end up in the drink. This is this is a coastal town. Man I don't know to tell you you don't want to end up in that water man. It's not good. I don't know what's in there why not. I don't WanNa know what's in affect me. I could go for a drink right about now. You mean to some you me too. I'm GONNA need to drink a whole lot after this one too much rain. I I never seen nothing like this. They go for like I told you before Sometimes you just have to sign off on the part of being a bounty hunter just sir signing or not. I'm taking his away right now. You may decision rally. I'm posted. I posted towering jared. I'll tell him all right. They compose because you are talking to each other. So there's no sense check here. He just read ABC's as you try to do this. Yeah I'll take out my posts it and I'm slapping it on. It could pose agility checks unless jared you can make not opposed strength if you want because because you can just grab his fucking hand and it'd be like now you know like you know this just coming so you can choose whether you want to do oppose strength or pose to be fair agility will be something he's better or at but you choose how you avoid this. Either you jump out of the way or you can try to grab interview like his hand. I'm just GONNA force the Fan. Because he's my protege and he's got you have thirty five what am I combating against is your combating against his agility. He's trying to stick a posted on you and you're trying to not get that posted stuck on here. I'm going to Oh agility. I'M GONNA I'm agility than that's ahead. One explosion plus six forty nine so while you guys are arguing A.. And Randy's just yelling at reese reese just puts out his hand suddenly like you don't remember seeing him grab anything but there's here's yellow post it in his hand and he scribbled something on it and he just basically just try the palm your chest and just stick this thing right on you and like somehow mid mid argument you kind of do one of these lake football movie we kind of like spin around you just dodge the crap out of it you just spend him back. Step Are You you're laughing at my shitty. Sports serve out here so yeah and he. He just tried to do something to you. You're not really sure what it is. What you? How do you respond? What is what is this little note? You're trying to put it on me. Are y'all y'all bass notes now. y'All can't be passing us. We're getting getting the fuck out of here right now. All right reasons sign it or not. What's your answer no Goo Goo? I've got four robot. Kill Fuck out of you man. I liked you. He's robots will fucking kill you. I just got my. I don't even have to snap my fingers. You signed that document or what. I don't think he actually likes you. I think he's lying. It has already on. I know stating yes. I'll sign it. I forged my signature signature. I signed I signed my watch slightly different than I would sign my L. Name right exactly. Now it's just like a scribble I mean. Yeah you put your you put your thumb down on the on the fingerprint signature metrics. We're in your body You put your thumb down on it and you do it like as fraudulently as you can you kinda. I pretended someone else's figure while you're doing it exactly when you signed the document in res just kind of another swipe in the air with his hands alright. It's about Goddamn time all right. I listen randy. I like to make informed. I knew he liked making decision. I lack I like getting my ass. Rimmed out where the fucking bosses. Because I didn't get these fucking idiots down on the top down tops when I needed to to take care of this fucking asshole gain down. There's blowing shit up man. There's there's a half mile wide sinkhole in the middle of saying all the right now that that plays plays Camper News. I don't get any money man. So here's the deal. I'M GONNA leave this room. y'All GonNa take your time management. Okay all right. I'll let you guys has figure it out are at here and just and he just opens one of the boxes and there are these like weird cuffs. Like they're they look like they'd go around your neck You're not really sure what they are. They're like they're like kind of like like Bluetooth. Headsets the ones where the battery the housing's around on your neck there's those and then there's another set of kind of like the shackles that For TC in something you recognize these are very similar the cuffs that you were in when you were in the back of that ship. There's also like this very minimalistic rifle. It has like a bolt for like a bolt action. Kind of thing on it and then randy walks over to the door all right there. You go those breeders those calms that's your that's your Your cuffs and that's the immobilizing dark on Halfon with that guys you might WanNa put those on because otherwise you're gonNA choke on poison down there so figure out how that Shit works. I'M GONNA go over here and then when the door opens you're GONNA walk straightforward you're GonNa get in the pod with the green light and then this shit's going down to Laguna. There's also a all you gotta gotTa do call me on those coms and then call for a drop ship when you got gain when you got him in your possession or have some sort of proof that you have killed him you you can call me and we'll come down drop ship pick you up break him up and then I'll fill you in on. What kind of benefits you get? When you're back up here sound good all right? And then he walks out. Yeah can I call anyone but I have a wonderful evening. So he walks out in about ten seconds later. The door opens again. And then there's door behind it that also opens ends into a darker red lit room so after I get my gear on I start playing around with the comm link and I try calling your gear. You don't have gear here yet. There's only like one. He only opened one box calms. Do you put on do you put on the COMS. Well I put on the Com- yes I do. I try to call Randy immediately. Yeah Randy goes got rainy goes. Oh yeah sorry guys I mean you guys kind of pissed me off but I don't mean to be misinformed. You've got to take that other box. That's where all your good shit is. So you WanNa bring that with you. It'll open open up once you're once you're down there. I think you understand why we wouldn't give you all these weapons when you're a you know up here in the in the station so get get forward and get on that pod you got you got you got about two minutes. You know Help this reminds me of my first risk. Seems to be going about as well as wounded. Perhaps we listen to his instruction go in that direction. Let's through that my friends. You hear Randy over the comms he goes he goes all right. You got about a you got about a minute and a half now I mean in thirty seconds. You all Arnout at room. I'm turning on these robots and they'll just drop you in those pods. I mean you can resist. You can do whatever the hell you want. I don't care you're getting that pod one way or another Randall that is quite unnecessary. No I don't think you guys understand like I will put uh-huh and then you're not coming back if you don't get in that hot wing in the pot has already gone into the Pie. Critique just goes right into the pot the pot as well okay no issues. I'll also go into the pod as much as I want the robots to put me there and fetishes discovered. Yeah so basically walk into that last room with the red light room and there's a lot of red lights about over about a dozen of these pods sections. It's a very minimalistic listrik room. This one's not cited in the way the rest of the march is all metal and some of the pods are missing. Some of the pods are there but the door in front of him is closed. And there's one that's green it's open and there's about eight seats four on one side for on the other. I take the seat closest to the door on the left side L.. Try to sit as far away from other people as I possibly awesome can because people make me uncomfortable understandable I just sit wherever their space. Yeah okay there's there's facing out you're in the back left how about you. What are you doing you who is going to sit in the space that makes the most sense as the leader of the group would sit in all right? That's Fan I'm also GONNA assume I'm also going to sing the Google grab that box and then one hundred percent absolutely. Grab your hat okay. So the box is in is in the the center of the the pod There's like a little section that it should fit into you can put it in there if you want once you guys are all in the pods your any over. The COMMS EGOS ARE AG as you're GONNA WANNA be putting on those hardest I'm doing the work as fast as I can. But you got about ten seconds till launch Put on those emails right now. we're going out hot. What does that goes on immediately? Put My seatbelt. I don't WanNa go out with you randy. I don't think those bells going to be Baba Rat Korea. My Belt is on. Hello guys. Please put on your seatbelts. Safety is hurry important. I've been to it clubs like this before I will strap in okay. I like. Randy's strong authoritarian authoritative voice as you guys all strap in you hear your Randy's boys kind of quietly the communist at two one all right here we go gas and then you hear this mechanical noise outside the pod Hod as if it was detaching from something and then it kind of like not as quickly as you expected a conscious starts to float downward it's floating downward and and then your speed starts to climb going a little bit faster a little bit faster and then suddenly the rate of Lassie the becomes exponential year moving real real fast There's like a a pretty rough vibration and then it gets really rocky the as you continue to launch downward everyone Romi vitality check I throw up. Okay fails going to intentionally fail that. I also also throw up. I'm Super Not Indo. No one's GonNa roll vitality. You're just GONNA roll vitality. I just failed twelve four. I rolled the seven out of seven. BLACKJACK I mean yeah. You're doing fine. I'm a fucking Gouda. Fuck off all right and did anyone else. Is anyone voluntarily. Failing or heightened voluntarily voluntarily failing Devon would you rule. I actually passed. I roll the two okay right on to three throb in my mouth a little bit but I managed to a choke it down so Reza's sitting there and he's like you know he's got like a stern face on but he doesn't really seem to phased in Gu is sitting there and he always looks like he's having fun with it. You hear his voice. It's almost like he's done this before. He's clearly very practice even though he's clearly never done this before He's done this role to convince Randy. You cannot roll the convince me but then from even though he tried his damn hardest to stay far away from any other people. This drop ship is pretty frigging small on the back end of the drop ship. Sit Patik and something thing and they look at each other and they've got the same look in each. They got the same look in their eyes. They see exactly what's about to happen I do do some vomits and ended the project. I'll fucking vomit all over each other. Man It's fucking disgusting. It wasn't the right. It was the eye contact. That did it for but it couldn't happen at a better time. You hear like this and then all of a sudden velocity is suddenly reduced dude. You're still going fast. But you're going I. It's slowing down and slowing down and slowing down and suddenly really. You're actually travelling like pretty moderate pace as you just hear this massive growling light of thrusters on either her side of the pod and then you just touched down. It's a lot softer than you thought it'd be the red light is still still on in the in the pod and randy comes over the comm. He goes all right. I almost didn't get those coordinates in on time on. But you should be right in front of Alba outpost He's probably touch base with whoever still in there. We're not really sure what the what the situation is on the ground there a. It's not even really sure if there's anyone in there at all make sure you got those. Were breeders on for you before you get a it down there. Everyone's got their calms on Kosrae. Breeders Rat Randy. We'd have of kind of a situation here. What seems to be the issue I in everything? I'm Assad shows me that you drop down ice and save the other passengers of vomited a lot. ooh That's not so good I get carsick really. Is there like a glove compartment with so I mean this happens more often than you might think I mean luckily in that box there some fresh clothing Fauria. That's where all your armor isn't what not and If you really still need to wipe down I mean I I guess you could stop in the outpost there and there is a special OPS kind of like a barracks. There shouldn't be anyone there you could wipe down there if you need to you a great news. You know We we might Lose signal at some point. There's some pretty nasty storms. Come over a Saint Albe you know big electrical storms acid rain crazy crazy winds that could pretty much tariff bill and right out of the ground. So if I can't talk to you hopefully can get in touch with me when you apprehend gain I gotTa work with this other guy so I'll talk to you a little a bit. Good luck bye. He's he's out. So yeah I now the light flicks green and the door opens. I let Google Out I. We should move forward As probably the right thing to do with as the door opens. There's a a hiss of the cabin. Refresh depressurizing and the door. Just kind of slams on the ground and through the gateway right in front of you. Just see the side of a drab building. It's weird the light coming in is like completely diffused and kind of kind of disorienting. Almost I. It's dark out but it's not really light out either and you can see the lights come in the strongest from right to the right side of the building almost like it's dawn and the box in the center pops open and you guys can retrieve all your gear. Now what are they ahead for spare clothes. I mean there's like a like a basic under armor just like a like almost like a nylon or not nylon on what policy polyester under under layer to put under your armor to prevent chafing or. Not if you need it okay. So I'll put that on under my armor and then and I will put my vomit stained clothes on over my armor. That's lovely Q.'s. Going to reaching for his new weapon I change into the non vomit covered. Thing I after right change I go out I I had out of the ship I exit after Goo Goo is just going to get his his weapon from from that area in then leave life as you step out that disorienting light and that I that kind of like Hayes is everywhere it seems like you know i. It's it's you realize it's kind of a disorienting because you can't see as far as you normally can because the hazier is just so bad I mean it's not like there's no storm anything there's like a a little bit of wind but if you try to see any farther than like a quarter mile you can't see shit man it's just like silhouettes at that point. What about me? I have keen senses. Senses you can make out details at of the silhouettes better than most people can. But you really. I mean you could roll the see if you can can see more but you're just talking about just straight up Hayes it's just it's it's bad down here like the pollution you've heard about. It's worse than you thought. I have sixteen x magnification advocate. Yeah so you just have magnified vision on polluted hazy shitty air you can roll. You can roll to see if you can see something else though. It's like if you have a telescope in downtown Beijing Beijing. You still can't see shit but you can see real close. I also I roll descends check and I got a two out of five to five on the thermal vision. Yup Yep. I assume that I could probably see something I gotta four four out of five so I- blackjack two cents an intelligence whereas Charles Dance. And how soon can I tell. Oh him to just burn the couch before it explodes. That was alien three reference. By the way for you reese you look to your left. And you're looking through all of his awful Hayes and you can kind of make out that. There's there's these posts around the area you're in with the building directly in front of you and then there's kind of you've also this. It's like you can tell. The Hayes is disrupted by the area in between these posts it. You don't actually see anything physical there but you probably wouldn't WanNa touch it pass that it's pretty much nothing until you see this very slight shape on the horizon. It's it just this goes across. You think it might be a forest but you really can't tell from this. From this point you can see the silhouette of a massive mountain in front of you and then a little further out you can get the silhouette of some of some buildings Outside on the other side of the building as far as thermal vision goes Pratique sees the humming coming of a lot of a lot of electricity moving around inside the building. You can't really make out specifically what's in there. It's like very block easy and then everyone so while there's these sparks just popping up on the right side of the building on the inside and then there's a few stronger heat signatures jurors. That are moving around a little bit. You can kind of assume that those might be robots or some sort of machine. That's moving around inside the building. Gotcha aside from that. You really don't pick up on any heat signatures within your range. Okay noted yeah. So what do you guys do. I would relay that I see the building living in the distance and that I see the robots swell so I would inform everybody okay where we could do nothing with that information. I'll just go ahead on my own. I'm waiting for other people to do things. I'm waiting for good to do something I mean. No I would if no one acts on the information and I would just start walking ahead towards the building so for TC tells all of you that there might be robots in this building. Everyone kind of stares at blankly and he looks dejected. Dejected and walks into the building or walk store that I would say look dejected. I'd just like if no one responds. I just go off on my own. He's not having a great great day is what I'm trying to say all right gang. Let's go in that building. I think that's where we need to go Yeah that's very smart decision. Something thing I would also advise as experience Banter Hunter Bounty Hunter seems to be the way that I I think that I would go as as well right and I was the one that came up with that idea all may with no income wants however. I'm just waiting to see what you come. Came up with an interested to see what good ideas you all can come up with as experience. I think uh-huh sometimes it's the way Tennessee is the right decision to make while you guys ruthlessly bullshit each other you step up to the door and it opens automatically for you. The scene inside is not complete disarray. But you can tell. It's not usually like this. There are some robotic robotic arms on the left wall. Probably what you pick up on. I and they are moving around frantically trying to repair the he's he's masses of metal and and wires and all types of crap on like these these six different tables all on the wall each one's occupied a and they're trying to turn this stuff into what it back into what looks like might have been a robot at some point might have been some sort of drone. There's ones that looked a lot like the ones that were we're up in the in the processing room or the orientation room that you're on at Shanghai station there are other ones that look smaller and more compact there. There are a couple that look like they sport some pretty nasty weaponry with large metal plating. But this point they're just in pieces and Odyssey. It's it's crazy as these things even got back here. There is a room to your left that you can kind of. It's a see-through has a see through wall on it. It might be glassy share. And there's like kind kind of a a table there like a conference room and then some control panels in there. Then you you hear this loud humming coming from the what you you know. What is the source of a lot of the heat in here? There's a huge Reactor of some sort or like capacitor battery right there on the other side of that little rooms wall in the room continues further on to the left there. And then there's a reception by their The same Same kind of a robot. You guys met in the hangar or on your when you guys I got process. When he got off the holding ship he turns round in these says? Oh hello welcome to Saint Albe. Outpost things are currently complicated. Are you here to you join the residents or are you here to fulfil bounty. I think that I'm here to fulfill bounty right. There's lots of work to be done. Our last right for us was completely destroyed. We only have two operational robots left the last strikeforce. I that came down here. They have not been heard from since that is all I know okay. Now that we're here we'll have this sorted out. In no time we're the best bounty hunters occurs in the galaxy. I have the utmost confidence in you as you should. And then the fish kind of like humanoid silhouette figure Kinda just like gives you a thumbs up like kind of like the What was that from dogma? The buddy Jesus he kind of gives you the buddy Jesus Jesus yeah and then just Kinda stands stands there staring forward. It would look like he was staring at me is I will return his pose. What was the name of the guy? We're looking for again just for Fred. You're looking for gain. He's a he's a Revolutionary Grandi. Told you he is a revolutionary leader for a revolution. A group called her fury he was trying to tell you some more stuff or give be an opportunity. Ask More questions but didn't go so well so that's pretty much all you know as well we need to know. Just give us a name point us in a direction. We'll have him dead ish by sundown. I mean there's there's no time limit on this. It's just get him or kill him and then return no returning until the robot we are looking for the the man named gain. Do you have any leads on his whereabouts as I told you. I don't know much more aside from that to strike forces left and they returned completely destroyed. We tried to recover information from the drones that returned but everything was completely destroyed except for for on our receiver. and kind of like stutters for like as if he's like accessing something or something else is accessing him gain. It is most likely located at the mind over right. I do believe Randy said something about the mines. Do you have a map map matt for what the planet to the mind. Anything literally any map present your credentials. I present Tamai Gal sick credential card and my data pad so you put one hand with nothing in it and then you put out another hand with with some sort of tablet device and then you don't have a Gal certification you need to kill us you're getting orientation that's what you're getting after you complete this job. That's what you're getting. The robot says sorry. I didn't recognize credentials. Present your Gal certification in credentials lied. We need credentials. Look at a map. Is Their Wifi here. Because you guys could be prisoners or you could be inhabitants of this planet of the problem with prisoners robot. can't you just use your Optical scanners to look at US and determined. That's not the case. I already have determined who you are and you. You guys are fledgling now hunters and or prisoners attempting to be part of the Special Operations Force. Okay is there. Wi Fi is folded. Hol what is why. Whatever it's called in this you I don't know what it is? It seems like it might be wasting your time. That can useless groped or the my. I'm hacking this dude. I'm hacking doc in spot Jackson. I don't need the map. Just tell me what direction Gillian miles away. Whatever then I walk Jillian miles else? Hack the robot. This is the best idea anybody has had all day. Sav Hacking this fucking dude of getting a map. And I'm getting all the data from the strike strike forces or trying to at least okay here. We go now if you fail this role because I am ready to use some ability to make that not okay. So here's a technical question for you. Guys who deemed on this system is he gonNA roll an agility check in then opposed if he fails or because there's stuff that would would see him. Do this in this room. Let depends on how he's doing it. Is he like tackling the robot in trying to get in. It's private bits or is he like doing it from his tablet. There's the sheet. I oh I didn't know this was gonNA come into play at all right. What would so? If he's hacking via tablet what would the the hack e role would it be vitality. Tally I would say like intelligence so certain. Yeah that makes. Oh so you're saying okay so I'm GonNa roll this. I will automatically hits that Batzelli. Intelligence versus intelligence seems logical to me. What do you think danger? I would say intelligence versus intelligence. Yeah Yeah I'm GonNa have you roll intelligence as an opposed sir. All K- as soon as you start to access this robots it does a similar move remember earlier when it was like paused and then it kind of shifted. We did a little bit and then it knew more information. It's doing a similar move to that right before you Are Starting to actively crack. It's it's coding all right. Would you roll for intelligence. I rolled a twenty with an explosion. Plus plus operator crater forty four forty four. So what are you. What are you trying to do here? I'm just trying to get like a just information. Any information permission. I can find like maybe a map of the area. So no I'm asking you what you're doing are hacking directly into this robot. Are you trying to hack into like the network. It's part of Gaining access to the robot and then if the robots connected to the network than I get as you can access the robot and you review the data that it has stored locally locally on the robot itself it has basically seventy two hours of recorded all logs of everything that's happened in that operational Operational area to look at the last ones the most recent ones the most recent ones. The robot's there was there is is the two robots that came back dragging the six wrecked robots behind them in the reception about help to get them up onto onto the tables and then they start worked on and then you saw five five soldiers in like really bad ass like gal armor like some of them similar to the armor that you guys were issued issued some of them much cooler fucking armor than that Some bad ass weapons. You saw them come through the door you did then go out. The next door cannot find out what happened to the robots the broken robots so everything saved on on their stuff like if you're accessing further logs like based on the interactions between the reception by an between them basically they have recorded data up until they got to the mine at that point. The communications link between them and and the operational system was lost due to interruption. And there's nothing left on their hard drive that stored locally these robots are so fucked up that they they could not find a map. There is no map saved locally on this robot you would need to access the network in order to in order to try to find more information while I will attempt to do that. Then okay so before you attempt to do that. Roll through this real quick. Okay so do me a favor. Enroll opposed agility cast thirty. So that's not going to do it. So before you try to get a further into the system here the robots form because again this is like a little pill shaped like foot long pill shaped robot that's maintaining a six foot tall like three dimensional Hilbert humanoid silhouette it starts to shift and shift and Shimmer and then this woman's face pops up. It's kind of like A. She's got some pretty striking fate feature. She has bangs a short banks that come across one of her eyes. And that's the form of the pillbox now and it looks a union goes. So what the hell do you think you're doing here. Who the fuck are you answer to the first question is hunting a bounty. Yes and the answer to the second question is reese. Would you like to know who I am sure. I'm the fucking ai that runs this this whole fucking thing. I accessed this as soon as you tried with your shitty little tablet there. I noticed what you were doing. I could rain fucking Hellfire oil. I think whoever ever programmed you and needs to reprogram that potty mouth ears Miss I could rain Hellfire on this base right now. The only reason you're here is because the last time we carpet bombed an outpost. We lost everything we lost. We don't know what the potential of the credits we lost work. I don't even know that and I know fucking everything that happens on this planet so get the Fuck Outta here and then it just the and then the robot falls to the ground at dies while I was just looking for a map right now. These people really like being helpful with people they they want to do. Work for them Letter program that I programmed her with a real bad potty mouth. I'll tell you what this is a family. The friendly prison you know. Well I broke that robot but I did learn that there is no communications in the within the mind cutoffs communications and I learned that there were five previous Gal Sek bounty or soldier types that came here and they came through this door Lagos and then they went through that door right there. So at this point randy comes over the COMMS and he goes. Hey there guys so I just I just got word from from From one of the higher ups did y'all try to try to fuck with one of the GALS AC robots. Well no I mean that was kind of a rhetorical question res I know to fuck with it. Iv that's kind of crude wave. Hey if we if we had a map or something I mean she said you were asking for a map APP. If we had a map we give it to you. May and we don't we don't fucking resources to fuck with this shit. We Don Randi. We gave everything we own this planet or something. Yeah you you know what they don't have topographical map of. I mean we've been in the red on this planet for like a hundred years. Man I mean like I can explain to you what this shit looks like back. I mean lag. There's and then he pops up a Hologram and it's just like basically what it looked like before it was shitty and there's a there's a long string of buildings on the like directly ahead of the building you're in now. The one in the middle is much larger than the other ones. And then there's a larger building to the right of that and then there's a larger building to the to the right of that on the other side on the top side and bottom side of it. About maybe maybe like a half mile north there. The top the typography get steep and then it gets extremely steep there's a mind there with a little building jutting out of it it's a circular structure with a big tunnel coming out of it and then and then a building a building kind of offset from that There's a lot of this is keep in mind that this thing's dated dated like way way way before this is like this is basically when the mining company bought this thing. There are grasslands to the to the west of this area and then there's a very steady decline into a beautiful beach In that coast continues southward so as is to get the location of the minds from looking at this or his explanation. Yeah you know. The minds of north with Buildings between so. Are you happy. Now I mean like I tried I talk to you guys up top and then you're talking like I'm bounty hunter. I swear I'm good bounty hunter like you mind if I get lax four weapons. I like yeah that we had to get down. You guys are lucky as hell that you landed where you landed. 'cause you might landed out on the wasteland you see that right. It's all grass. It's a wasteland now man you can't leave live out there. Thank you for your patience ready. I'm sorry I hacked your robot just trying to do my job. I don't think you you understand. Sandy is I mean like Sandy. No offense I know you can hear me right now. Sandy is kind of a bitch. She knows more than Alibaba she runs everything around here. Like is is quite a please. Don't just don't piss sandy off anymore. I mean like you can do whatever you gotta do out there. Just don't fuck Gal stuff stop. You're trying to work for us. Don't fuck it up. All right get the hell out of your duly noted. Don't you worry go north. Go North all right. I mean I'll be honest some some. This is like the first time I've I've kind of like Ray in an operation like this like I. I hope I'm doing alright job. I just I just don't WanNa look like an idiot in front of my higher ups. You know what I mean so I I understand Larry. Good job what they're doing great work. Don't worry we're going to make you look good when we successfully complete this I mean I hope so I mean I feel keep you know. Just watch that gu-guy. He's he's got a lot of potential man I think I think he's GonNa end up saving the day here Quite yeah I mean if you need any more help just let me know I mean again. We might lose com contact. But let's see how this goes over an out over out yet. That's always say over the radio. I'm new to this shit man. I don't know over now. I like him I. He's a good kid that randy. He's a good egg now. Let's make randolph proud. All right what do you do next. We head north. We go north okay as you as Ezee walked to the other end of the building. You notice that there are past that other room that you didn't really like check out. There's there's two robots actually in a charging station. One of them was hovering toward the corner of the building before. Like the corner of that room before you talked to randy and you can see it slowly lowly hovering back to the charging station This robot is like maybe the core of it might be like a foot squared. But it's got this massive massive piece of like what looks like super strong but super lightweight like composite armor right in the front of it that covers like a good third of the front of it it has got like a big old gun on the left side and then a smaller like chain gun on the on the right side of it and it's floating back to the charging station. Yeah there's door at the end you guys can go out that door and then move on if you like. Do I need to sneak by. The robot is looking the other way. It doesn't look hostile. It doesn't look hostile but It was doing something right before something was resolved Kacha. You assume so. I'M GONNA go walk out the door on the other side of the building then and get the fuck out of this robot house. Will you have something against robots Sarah Fucker as you guys. Walk out the front door. The building is no longer obscuring. Your view you get a sense that the door is a north facing door especially because now you can see it even more. There's a there's a bright light it's not like you can't really see like the the sun because of the haze but there's like a bright diffused light it's kind of like reddish and has some like streaks the sky is some streaks of purple and Orange pollute hells tend to like New Jersey. Have a really fantastic sunrise at this. Light is rising to your right as you walk out there. There's more more of those posts with some sort of like ops curation of the Hayes directly in between all these posts and you start to make out the outlines of uh of square buildings or or some sort of squares out there. I if you want you can make sense check. See if you know any more of what's out there otherwise you've just moved forward and three out out of five on my sense Czech. Sure that's a two out of three. I five out of five black jacked will basically you You walk out. Walk out the door and and you see that road buildings that Randy invention to smaller. These are all large buildings but there's two smaller caller buildings in front of a much larger one. That looks like almost exactly twice as big. These are made out of like again like a very similar grey composite material that everything else was made out of And there's another large building to the right and there seems to be some road in between it. The road is native some darker material. You're not really sure what it is. And Reese you actually see something spray painted on the side of the wall and it says on the side of the first buildings wall and it says She lives and you can too. And then there's an h f written underneath it but the thing that catches your attention the most most With Your Eagle is reese and also with your thermal vision I for TC sees the outline of a figure in that taller building on what looks like would be. Its second floor something with a good heat signature and it's pretty far away. It's out of your range but it might be human if you talked to any of your other crew. Utah Reese who definitely sees someone watching after they after that drop pod fell there watching and and they're in that large building farther on Kacha. Also you do see the faint it. Oddly like where where like logically there would be another. We're building on the right side of the road. You see it drop off. You're not exactly sure what it is. You think that might be that giant sinkhole was talking about you noted voted I point out the graffiti to everyone and then I also point out that there might be that. There's a figure in the second-story of that building over there. All of these hooligans coming out in repeating the size of the buildings are clearly we are clearly we are dealing dealing with hardened criminals is jerry firmed. Hello Yes you know sometimes sometimes sometimes you gotta you gotTa take a little time out. I have this written to You're asking my friend Scooby. We have we absolutely do have business to attend to did you miss the kerfuffle. Yes of course I yes earn we should. We should most definitely attend to it the years we have important business to yes so do. And as a goose snaps out of his Saps out of his trance betty apparently was in and starts rambling about taking times out business to attend to reese. You notice that this figure just slips away otherwise you don't see any other movement here this place. I gasped Ed and say the figures John Well believe it or not ladies and gents that one a lot better than I thought it would. I just wanted to thank you for listening to the first episode of Shanghai Station. This is the first time I ever jammed anything and I didn't have a microphone and now I'm sharing it with you guys however I think it went great and I'm excited to share more with you. There's going to be at least another four or five episodes of Shanghai I station. I'm not entirely sure in the process of editing at right now and because this is some earlier stuff we did. There is a little bit of splicing of the sessions from moving forward. We are doing one session one episode but right now we were still unsure the format. So there's a little bit of cutting here and pasting there and whatnot. I now that I've shown you how the sausage is made. Maybe you'll notice maybe you won't I don't know but I did want to thank you guys again for listening to this episode of Shanghai Station. If you like what you heard please subscribe to the podcast get all the episodes shows that we're releasing every week every Wednesday. There's new stuff new stuff to listen to talk to us. Engage with us. We'd love to talk to you. We'd love your feedback even if you have of horrible things to say all criticism is good. I appreciate criticism. You can find us on twitter facebook There's a g mail L. Account or maybe we're actually are on the website email now blow in the show notes. Check that out by the game. We have a great game here. We have a lot of fun playing it. You should buy it. You should play it have fun. Let us know what's working. What doesn't I mean there's a lot of stuff that's in the process here? We'd love feedback on that too. Just just thank you so much for being a part of this experience. We have a great time. I hope you're having a good time to and don't forget. We release new episodes every Wednesday. Okay I'll see you that not only

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The Haunted Movie Theater In Provo Utah

CopperShock Horror

27:17 min | 1 year ago

The Haunted Movie Theater In Provo Utah

"Hello constant listener I got to meet a new friend who has reached out to me through. Facebook, CAITLYN HAILS NEW JERSEY. As we had our chat I got to ask her my favorite question when meeting anyone new. Can you tell me about a time that scared you. She recounted a memory as a young woman helping her mother manage a theater. There were things within its walls. She couldn't explain. It reminded me of a similar story. My own mother had told me about the paramount theater in Provo Utah back in Nineteen, seventy six. I asked Caitlin if would be alright to create a new story for copper shock by marrying the two realities together for a new original horror story just for you constant listener. The more I thought about the two stories the more excited I became I've always wondered about buildings that just felt off. Syndication of bad vibes from wall to wall resonating and vibrating through a room. Buildings that usually get the most reputation for haunting are ones that house multiple lives at one time hotels, prisons, hospitals, and theater houses. Stage plays have been around for hundreds of years from Greek, tragedies and seven hundred BC all the way up to modern hits like Phantom of the opera wicked and recently Hamilton. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone who has never heard of Shakespeare. In fact, Shakespeare does have a play that is infamous for being cursed. It has many names the bard's play the Scottish play. The closest name to help you guess is Mick Be. For those who speak its name Inside Theater House sets into motion old magic known to curse the theater until the offender takes measures to clear the name again, I don't have the exact instructions and a quick search on Google tells me that it has something to do with the order of spitting over your shoulder turning about a number of times and being formally invited back into the theater house once you've taken the appropriate steps to clear the curse. Where the curse actually comes from. No one is sure but my favorite theory is in the writing itself. I once was a grassroots Shakespeare, production of Macbeth. Where myself and two other women played the three witches as a witch for this particular production I took out my guitar and we sang our lines and a haunting lullaby. Here's the catch. These first lines of Macbeth are supposed to be true curse incantations that Shakespeare took lines from coven of witches. It is bad luck to write down incomplete incantations. So the theory goes that Shakespeare only wrote what he wanted and not the whole thing. A repeated curse done by tradition thousands of theaters all over the world whether that's true or not is unproven. But listen to the passage. When shall we three meet again in thunder lightning or rain when the hurly-burly is done when the battles lost him one? That will air be the set of Sun. Where the place upon the heat. There to meet with Macbeth. I come grey Malkin Paddock, Kohl's non. Farris phone and Foulis Fair. However through the fog and filthy air. I'm Tasha wheelhouse and this is copper shock. NEAR THE CENTER OF PROVO Utah The paramount theatre rested on center street. You wouldn't be able to recognize it now because it's gone torn down a saw picture of pop up on my regular feed on my phone and memories about the place came back to me and the summer I was there in nineteen seventy six. I still remembered my mother standing next to me as I looked up at the exterior of the building I was fourteen and my body was just starting to show the hints of womanhood I'd be growing into soon. and Hershey's chocolate bar still cost fifteen cents. Laura. You know we call it the old. Lady. I shook my head. No. Because this place has been around since nineteen thirteen, it was called the princess back then. My mother continued to fuss with the door locked the lobby. Why would they change the name I asked her. My mother pointed to the large sign above our heads it read paramount theatre haloed in big bulbous lights that would shine in blink. Later on that evening, she fumbled with the door as getting the key latched to turn could be tricky and I could see her visibly lean her weight onto it. A lot of movie studios changed theater houses in the nineteen twenties. They bought small town stages like this one and converted them into movie theaters by hanging the white screen at the front of the stage. A smiled summer had just started I had plenty of time on my hands. While, I didn't love the idea of chores getting to watch movies for free while I did it was enticing. My mother tucked on the door one last go and it gave away. She reached her hand to mind as she led me inside. She gave my palm sweet three squeezes and let it go. She'd been doing that for as long as I can remember. I passed under the poster that read the omen now playing. I didn't know a lot about it other than I was not allowed to watch it alo-. I tried to stay away from scary films. I once accidentally saw the trailer for whatever happened to baby Jane that was when I was little. The image of the broken dolls face was more than enough to steer me away from horror films after that. Whence inside I walked over to the closet by the concession to grab the broom as I swept the floor I. Heard the swinging the heavy lobbying for and the shuffle of shoes on cheap carpet. My Big Brother. Mark, stood there in the lobby looking around he didn't realize it but I saw his nose slightly crinkle. I know what? He was smelling to all buildings like this one smell the certain way. Like they've been breathing a long time into old age and eventually that breath goes bad. The aged would and threadbare carpeting all seem to wreak. The old lady had a red carpet with interwoven gold ropes in its design I suppose it was fancied when the theater did the renovation in nineteen, fifty two. But that was twenty four years earlier and I could see its colors were faded into walking pads beaten down into the fibers. I remember thinking mark was very brave to ask Hutch Job Hutch scared me from what mom had told me. I heard the swooshing sound from the front door again and looked over Hutch waddled in holding a wooden box under one arm and looked up. surprised. WHO YOU KIDS When began to speak I listened is voice sounded like he'd been chewing on gravel for breakfast and the pepple scratched up his throat. Smoking for decades will do that. Hello Sir I'm mark. I'm here to interview for the custodial. Work. Hutch I'd my brother head to toe then to me then back to mark. Hutch, was cold as Methuselah in my eyes but I'm sure he was actually only forty seven or so. That right Joan. My mother stepped down from the side stairway and into the lobby again. You shouldn't leave your kids alone with a Candy Hutch gestured toward me I flushed in the basement and slight anger. I've already done the concession inventory hatch winning more hershey bars. This is my son, Mark? Hutch. Than turned to face mark I could see mark shifting his weight back and forth nervously. Well, can you lift heavy boxes in keep on your feet for hours? Yes Sir mark straightened up and put his hands to sides. How old are you? Eighteen sir. Eighteen sir. Hutch repeated back to him. He took a deep breath. Well. Get to it bathrooms need cleaning. Don't they? Joan, take these upstairs in line them up under the bench Willia-. Real? Said hetch nodding. Where from this time? Some universal. Some MGM, I think be films all of them. I haven't heard of any of these didn't get the bids this month for most of the films I don't even recognize this film studio. Hutch pulled a real. That had a funny symbol on its front of a snake wound into an infinity ring swallowing. It's Tail Hutch flipped over the real and it read four of seven Lemiel. Bizarre Renova. Must be a foreign film. I wonder how wound up here. Mother said squinting her eyes to look at the label over hutches shoulder same as the others some studio booking agent decided he needed to get out some extra films for his studio and looked up in a phone book. Well. We'll just have to keep running bad news bears and all the president's men then. I mean we have the, but it's not exactly family friendly for Utah. Hatched place the funny ten with the snake on it back into the box and handed the reels to my mom hutch gave her a nod. Then walked away around the corner into the as the hinges on the swinging doors creaked. My mother walked over to Marc and gave him a small side. Hug squeezing his shoulder chemicals are in the closet over there by Laura she left mark and gave me a loving pat on top of my head. As she passed me, she started to make short star trek up towards the projection room with the crate of reels jostling under her arm. Nothing, special or suspicious happened then. But. It was the beginning and it was a happy time. Our whole family tending to old lady and keeping this wrinkle beauty queen ready for a show every night that summer in nineteen, seventy six. A couple of weeks passed and I didn't mind most of my chores. In fact, I enjoyed learning how to lace film reels through the first and second projector. I tried to make it a game when watching for the circles at the top right corners of the movie. Back thin film rails on lasted about twenty minutes ago, and then you alternated between projectors by covering and uncovering their lenses. The projector booth was a bit odd all the walls flooring and ceiling relying in metal. When the projectors had been running for a while this room definitely made you sweat. Even the shutters to the outside were metal. Mark and I were sitting next to the projectors watching bad news bears for the millionth time. Mark do you ever find it weird this whole room is nothing but metal. Not. Really mom explained it to me. It's actually kind of a good thing. Why Movie reels are getting some updates now but old school ones are made with nitrate and my chemistry teacher showed me how easily that catches on fire not to mention it smoke produces poison. When it burns, you'll hear legends about movie theaters burning down all the time, but that's usually the reason why metal projection rooms like this exist. Catch the fire in one room and try to make it safer. But what about the people inside the projection room? Market we're looking at each other as I said this. Burned alive it's my guess. The door opened and both market jumped. You idiots missed the cigarette burn flip the projectors already. Hutch grumbled from the door. I, looked out the projector window to a white blank screen below and unrest of audience had been turning in their chair to show upward projection window. We'd missed the screen Q.. Hutch-. I'm really sorry get out kid you hutch turned on mark you're getting paid. Aren't you move mark looked like he jumped about a foot off the ground when Hutch said move and I nearly jumped three steps downward toward the lobby myself. The remainder of my chores were fairly basic. I counted candy bars for inventory and would even sometime sell tickets upfront when it got slower toward the end of the night. When the last movie goer left, it was my job to sweep the theater and toss any garbage mark would clean. The bathrooms are lobby and mom would count sales for the evening and Hutch well usually he'd go up to the office to finish writing copy and do theater bills rarely did he ever stay the night passed eight pm I started my regular ritual of sweeping the theater chair rose and flipping up seats. had. A rhythm to it by now I was on my third road down when Hutch burst through the doors. I stood there looking at him just holding my brooms struck by his sudden entrance. It was a lot later than usual for him to be here. His face looked frantic as he looked around the theater hall. Laura, did you see anyone coming here? No Mr Pickens. You're sure. Hutch started to get on his hands and knees looking down the rows of seats for another set of feet I guess besides mine. It's been quiet. There weren't that many people for the last showing. It's Tuesday. Hutch. Stood up scanning the room. It made me a little uncomfortable, but I stood there looking at him as he started to walk towards the stage. Laura. Run up there and look behind that side of the curtain and all look on this side. I did as I was asked. I took stage left and he took stage right. The Green curtains flurry too little as I disturbed them but justice before. There was really no one there. I looked to the other side of the stage at home. Check the doors they should be locked, but if one is open, that's where they would be hiding. Who Mr? PICKENS Hutch promptly ignored my question with a wave of his hand and stepped up to the first door on his side of the stage. I could hear him rattling door handles and kicking metal across the floor. It sounded like a small empty paint can. I winter on my side and tugged at the door handles. Each time I moved to the next door down. It proved to be locked tight hutch quickly came over to me. He had already covered more than half of his stage area. I was about to reach the middle back over by the light switch when he walked up. I. Shook my head. He looked about the stage and upward toward the ceiling. And after a moment, he rubbed his eyelids with his fingers as if he felt a hectic coming. Hutch chuckled a little then started walking back toward the curtain partition. I followed him down from the stage to the theater seats. He thought I couldn't hear him when he muttered to himself. You're a brave kid to being here alone all the time. I stopped in my tracks as he continued to stop up the aisle toward the lobby doors. I stood there feeling strange and realized is still had half the theater to sweep. Normally I'd be done by now what he said kept echoing again and again in my head. In here alone all the time. I jumped a little when I heard a voice from on High Laura Hurry up I'm done putting away the reels and Mama's almost finished in the lobby counting the till. Mark was leading out of the projection window. Okay, I've still got this whole section I called back up to him. We'll go ahead and turn off the lights anything. You didn't get to tonight. We'll just do it first thing in the morning I'm beat. Mark shut the glass window to the projection room and walked away from the casement. The projection broom light blinked out. Leaning my broom up against the wall I looked up to the stage and side. It was true that I didn't mind most of my chores. But there was one. One shore I loathed doing. I took the steps up from the front row seats to the elevated stage. The white screen hung in the middle while huge green curtain winged its sides. And I tucked my little body behind them as I faced the wide empty stage before me. I took a deep breath. and Said my mantra before I started walking forward. So cave. Laura. Just in out like always. For modern buildings, light switches had the convenience of being right next to your entrance or does. Not, the Old Lady, her electric veins ran wherever she was fitted some time ago in the nineteen thirties when it was converted from stage to film. The old ladies light switch was tucked the back of the stage. It was a lonesome walk. The. Overhead Halogen Bulbs in the seating section served fine. But were diffused into a slight gloom when they struck through the heavy hanging white screen to the stage behind it. It put all my surroundings into a sort of twilight. I took my first steps. It was a nerve to listen to the small powder of my feet. And hearing it echo back to me from the acoustically constructed walls. It felt like someone was within arm's reach behind me with every football. The fly space over my head tapered off into shadows like it was designed to do in order to hide all the set props and stage screens from decades ago. Now when you look up into its cavernous mouth. It's a wept tangled old ropes that haven't been touched in years. They tingled down like snakes watching you. Posing to strike and police up into its darkness while you scream. Every time I saw the ropes and that's all I could think. A strange fear I know, but it's one of the reasons I didn't like looking up when I passed underneath them. I saw firewall getting closer and closer as I fixed my eyes onto the light switch. It was nestled between two doors. One that used to be addressing room, but now Hutch used for storage. The other was aborted up exit door that was defunct some years ago. I approached the wall with the light switch. I felt my hand reach up. Before I flicked off. I looked back toward the distance I just crossed. I'd have to traverse it again and took a mental picture of the stretch of space. My finger pressed down. All Illumination flickered away. My eyes were painted over in blackness before they adjusted to the hazed empty space before me. I. Stood at the precipice of an enormous Victorian would stage. One more time I said aloud to myself. I jumped a little because the word time came back to me a half second later bouncing off the wall on the other side of the hall. I took my first step back toward the partition from the stage curtain. The journey back always felt longer. It was more empty more vacant. The depth of the stage lengthened before me. My steps were always louder in the darkness. And yet as I listened to them, there was a strange sensation coming to me a new awareness most people don't notice until it hits them is the vulnerability of the moment. The feeling of the void growing right behind you. It breathes down your neck in a cold brush and makes you want to take your next step a little faster. Your anxiety built up. That little thought begins to eat your confidence away. All you want to do is break into a panicked sprint. I've had similar experiences wanting to run up a flight of stairs one off the basement lights at home. But this was worse. I am specifically forbidden from running in case I ran into something and broke it. It might be a hint but Hutch said that he had problems with this in the past. A striking a note from small music box floated over me somewhere. It was only a single note but not to make my hair stand up on end and freeze in place. I couldn't move. I wanted to see if I could hear it again to determine if it was ahead of me. Or behind me I knew the way the stage play tricks with sound. I didn't hear it again. But heard something else. Croaking from a rope somewhere above me. It was as though the rope were strained and swinging something heavy. After a moment gathering, my bearings. I understood where I was standing. Beneath the jungle of old suspended stage ropes in the fly space. My breathing through my nose became more audible as it picked up pace. I couldn't stand to look up into the fly space when the light was on but now. I heard the small sound swing above me again. Keeping my eyes focused on the curtain opening I refused to look up. I started to walk again but with quickened pace, I was so close to the curtains. As, I reached out to pass the threshold into the seating area. A final sound caused a cold rush of blood to run through me. Adore him I heard a door latch click open and swing justice oh, someone were peaking out at me. I. Flew My hand around the curtains side heavily gripping to move it out of my way as I took a running leap off the stage to clear aisles I'd never let my feet fly so fast endorsed before. As I burst through the lobby doors, I could feel a small beating sweat beginning to form on my forehead. Laura you ready to go. Mom stopped when she saw how hard I was breathing. Honey what is it? I felt a sickening weight drop in my stomach. The old costume room we used for storage the one right next to the light switch. I was about to check it. Then Hud came over and he assumed I had. Oh can all go in there and check mom leaned down behind the candy counter and pulled out a large black metal flashlight. She pressed herself into theater with the beam of the flashlight bobbing up and down in front of her. I watched the lobby doors swing closed behind her. Mark came over and looked at me staring at the theater doors. Where's mom. She. I felt my breath catch and let go into a small laugh. She went to check for the ghost. Mark gave me a funny look but shrugged and started walking toward the doors as he was about to push into them. Mom popped right back out. Sorry Laura I didn't see anything the costume room is locked. I nodded my head. I must have imagined it. I don't need to tell you that after that moment I had basically avoided being in the theater alone if I could help it mark was a little annoyed but eventually, he just got used to idea. That was one of my memories of working at the Old Lady in Nineteen seventy six. I loved writing the story for Copper Shock. It was inspired by two accounts from copper shock listeners, Caitlin and Laura. If you liked this episode, please share it on your social media sharing episodes or leaving a review for copper shock on your podcast provider helps us to grow and every participation counts. Next. Week, we'll be taking you to bear Lake Utah a gorgeous vista and body of water. That's a popular summer vacation spot. But what else lurks within its waters? Feel free to send me a message over facebook to say Hello I love it. When people say Hello I'm so thankful for all of you who encourage me to keep going. Thank you all for listening and we'll see you soon.

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Episode 47  Dialogue withBilly Bailey


1:09:41 hr | 1 year ago

Episode 47 Dialogue withBilly Bailey

"Welcome everybody to the hot ticket today. Podcast I am your host. Dirw and today. I am very excited to be joined by Billy Bailey. How are you doing great David? How're you doing? I am doing great. So I've been following. Billy sort of indirectly for for probably a year. I want to say and so today. We're GONNA talk oil and Gas Investment Hedge Funds. What's going on in Dallas Abraxas and all forms of fun that have to do with investing in oil and gas companies becoming an activist on boards. And what the future of energy looks like so billy. Why don't you give a brief introduction of yourself for those who don't know you from some of your year more exciting press releases? I feeling might ask some of those questions kind of brush up on on some of those those topics it was A. It's a dynamic thing that we'll get into an excited to be able to mobilize and I can actually speak a lot more about it today than and I would have been able to speak about it in months past so I think that will create a An interesting topic to say the least but David once again. I'm grateful to be asked to be on your show. I've been falling you for longer than you've been following me. I'll say that my shoe game is not quite on par with what? Your shoe game is and My background is one route. Born raised Dallas Texas My Dad Kinda jokes that he was the black sheep he left Waco Texas to go to the big city went. Smu The rest of his family went to Baylor on my mom's as small town girl from Grand Prairie Texas and I kinda took a similar type approach to my father was the first my family go to the University of Alabama and. I know that you can write a lot about Vicky Hall of. She's a proud Alabama. Lum I assuming we will probably not get him at topic. Maybe we'll we'll see what happens what we have to now. I mean the. That's what you did. You just open that can of Worms. So maybe maybe. I'll just approach it on football days. Which is what we tend to fly. We're talking about National Championships. Less on On the academic side. So that's what we're focused on from University of Alabama lawns. But I was grateful to go there out between. Smu In Alabama die hard. Football fan is. I was alluding to a win to visit Auburn. I and as a natural now Alabama alumni. I didn't like my experiences. Auburn went to Tuscaloosa. Next fell in love. Gave it a shot and I'm so grateful for that. The Life Lifetime friends that I made their move back to Alice and through. Persistence got an internship. Working even pickens at BP capital and what? What year was that? When you started working out who I can relate to a lot of the same stresses and anxieties that a lot of these undergraduates. That are probably watching your show or have been watching. It can relate to time actually in an article. Never forget about a month before my graduation that said this is the worst. Worst time in the history of all undergraduates graduated from college right now to try to get a job and I was thinking well. That's that's optimistic. Way To view things and it was tough. I mean what I'd say is really tough when you're a personality. I myself that wanted to bypass Besson banking bypass the south side go directly dive into the buy side and it took a lot of persistence and it took not accepting no as an answer so anybody. That's listening out highly. Encourage you that. If somebody tells you know tell them what does it take off? Frigging sweet but floor. Just let me learn and told me no about eight times. I'm actually right next door. Office buildings The even pickens. Ymca snuck in there in two thousand nine of his being dedicated and renamed to the team Pickens Y. And I snuck through the red tape and went to the front in stock on hand. Said Mr Pickings Billy Bailey said billy. I know you are kind of my office on Monday. He finally Look in this is i. Don't we don't know each other too? Well we've been following one another ordinarily 'cause this quote he said. Look if you're not worth a damn at least you'll have something to put on your resume. Start as an intern on Monday. Come to the office and so I just went in there and you Before but the first thing I did about the second week on the job as I did the math to figure out how many hours per day I had to work in how many years I had to be there. In order to equate the people that were senior as senior to me on the Invest Committee. I worked sixteen hours a day about six and a half days out of the week and just frigging grinded and absorbed in was a sponge and it was an incredible experience because a lot of the similarities. And I know you've written a lot about this impairing it's the eighties a lot of the similarities in complexities that we're seeing in this market today. Really Coalesce nicely with what console and we've been saying for about three years that we felt that it was instead of just as simplistic eighties. We found a blend between the eighties and the nineties and more eighties. Top down nineties equities. And that's kind of how we've been describing this market for quite some time. That's a little bit of the background. A passionate about the space. I love this industry. I love the people is not lost on me that there's troublesome times We've been praying for everybody in So I mean I love. There's so much to cover their now. I asked when when we had Vicky on the WINCO Webinar and obviously with Alabama. I said I'm not GonNa Dodge any tough questions just like you so we'll start with really really tough one. Which is how are you going to function in the fall without Alabama football? Like what what are you GONNA do That's that's like the lifeblood of this. The South the SEC. I mean come on. You're literally giving Jill's right now. Like I'm not even kidding like it is in the blood. I mean this is like we're entering. We're going to be entering the dog days of summer and I'm just a sports fanatic in so when it starts to get a July timeframe is when I let my body actually go onto okay football around the corner. Let's go and reading in watching. Let the been saying. I've been watching. What California saying I know California California school system just came out and said that more than likely it's going to be Internet classes throughout all word that Percents of Undergrad came from that that system last year so if that occurs which was opened up the season verse. Usc antiques useless to open up against Cao. So there's some murmurs going on. At a cow of California state shuts down. We might actually play Jerry World on. Which is the Dallas Cowboys? Stadium that that Jerry Jones oxygen is another topic on comstock. It could be touched there but that many bill we might play. Tcu start. She's near so many unknowns. I mean you've got people that are talking about testing before he gone but the answer. Your question it's going to be really tough. I'M GONNA be guarding the walking more than I've ever walked in my life by Wi fi. Big Go Josh. I'M GONNA HAVE TO FIGURE OUT By to get through because it's the saving grace nothing better than when that football gets kicked off on opening weekend. We'll Vicki said that she was going to just watch old tape games of Alabama. So no matter like they were gonna go seventeen. Oh they might go thirty four no if she just watches two games back to back so I mean in a way I mean. Even if you're a fan of the worst team in whatever sport it is you can just go back to the archives. Find all of the winds. Just line them up and then you're like in baseball. Your one hundred sixty two now. Allied data is kind of bizarre. But I've got a myth like this the way my brain works. I can recall a lot of those plays a lot of those. I kind of have been going through a lot of those games recently. Just reacting them in my head but so many good times I mean and look. You can't take it for granted I mean. Football is like energy. It's a cyclical sport. Thankfully we've had arguably the greatest coach to we've had two coaches in the history of football player. Brian Sabin and you cannot take it for granted that for the past thirteen years. What goes savings dawn and really? I know some people unless they get a funny but a lot of the same things that he implements. Who is football team is what we take on a daily basis from a process in systematic approach to me. We have a very detailed process that we stick to a lot of those same things that he talks about from an investing perspective. Exactly what are implemented in? I've been saying for a long time. If coach Savin wasn't a head coach and football he'd be probably the best. Ceo Any public company could ever wish that to hire me. The guy is phenomenal personable. And he's incredibly beats which are very important traits for any leader. So I want to circle back to that at the end. But but you mentioned teaspoon pickens and obviously A pioneer again. Timing is everything and when he sort of started his career and his push was one of the first people to really push wind as I as I recall just a really dynamic and interesting And and and you obviously got to work near him. No you got a favorite T. Boone story you can share with us. Gosh there's so many it's nearly impossible. I tell people that even though when I resigned I was twenty nine years old and he passed away last year. September Eleventh Nineteen Ninety One We got to spend a lot of incredible time. And there are so many memories that come to the forefront of my mind when you ask that question but what a lot of people maybe don't know because I just see him. He was really really funny and every single person is part of his love industry so much every person he came in touch with he treated the exact same so beyond the. Southam at CNBC. Before be going on. And you know we'd be in the in the makeup room or whatever and he would always like the trick was whoever's coming into make up. Say How would you think? I am at say I'd if you get it. Plus plus or minus five hundred Bucks Edsa like every single time is this is fun game and it really just brought down the temperament in the room and may just very approachable and he always had a smile even if it was the worst day he had a pretty good perspective. When I say worse that I'm talking about worst in the financial markets he had a good perfected that that's work and then there's life beyond work and he told us over and over. Though I mean he was incredibly devoted to work and one other story that I think One of my favorites. We got to spend a lot of time at his ranch. In Roberts County at sixty eight thousand net acres Roberts County. It was unreal. He knew every single tree. You've never seen those stone new. Every single plot of land as you can imagine started building that Started assembling that ranch in the seventies and over time it got larger and larger. And when he had his divorce I was also a young single man. Friday Mornings. He would tip. We've come into the invested as ICM's become an we'd be sitting at the round table and it was always Mr Pickens and then there is an empty seed and then I sat there and then across the table was our at trader and then a person building for forty years not everybody just. It was just a team right. We have been there for forever and publish saying I was blessed to be the first hired a decade or be began in two thousand. I guess twenty ten when I went from being interned in fulltime employees but Friday would come and he would say. What's everybody doing this weekend? And this is what he was singled. Everybody who kinda be sitting around the table there kind of look at me. I mean you know. I'm not really doing anything so he's like who wants to go to the rich. It's every almost every weekend for about a six month period. I would go to the ranch with them and we would just walk and we'd Watch football. We watch a lot of incredible movie theater and we would just talk about life. We talk about business. I would just literally ask him. Every single question From the eighties from the seventies from just trying absorbs much possible though that were some memories is conversations at vote share but some things that are just incredible but he is very amusing icon NAM. And somebody that you know. I think anybody going to get a job. The foundation that you lay in the earth's job that you get her the second job third job the money that you're making whatever it doesn't matter it's the foundation. It's that plan from that. You're building for the rest of your career. I'm grateful that he gave me a shot in a chance and I love them. I'm missing my wish. In these dynamic markets. We could our dinner yeah. It's it's really interesting that you talked about the first job and I think it ties together nicely with your concept of two thousand nine was probably the worst shot market ever until now and there's a lot of students who are coming out and obviously the world has changed and so you talked about the parallels of the eighties and the nineties and but everything is so much more complex the data so much faster you know you can create a social media brand out of nothing. You can create followers twitter. You I mean there's there's so much stimulation you have these students who are going to come out and have to build the platform and that your first job is your most important job and for me. My first job was in Anadarko. And I like you. You know I gone through. It was a really tough time and energy. I think people forget that. When did you start it in? I started in two thousand. And and so it was in Calgary and obviously like the energy industry head had been in decline since nineteen seventy three and. I think that people really forget that and then sort of nineteen eighty five and and my dad had been an oil guy and I always wanted to be an oil and gas. So there's no question. That was what I was going to do so I didn't even think about like was there gonNA be a job. I just assumed there was because that's what my dad did. And that's what was in my blood and Calgary was graduated and I mean there were just no. There were no jobs and it was a phase of consolidation and you know I interviewed. I went to the the Evening Information Seminar for BP. And I asked three questions. And I didn't get an interview now not surprisingly because I was like credit critiquing. Their business model in the in the open forum and I mean I now look back and I realized how much cultural fit and and like your tenacity of just going up to two Boone. And saying hey you know. Eight eight knows and he finally hired you. Anadarko a lot of managers in Canada and those listen. No this like six or seven of them. Were totally against hiring me. They were like there's no way he's going to stay. He's GONNA leave quickly. He's going to rock the boat and it was one. Vp that I had met who loved me? And he's like don't really carry your opinion. We're hiring them. And the man. I finally after seven years before I moved down to the US. I was able to convince some of the managers who'd been sort of not in the W. Camp that that probably it was a good decision and and I'm so fortunate for all of the things that Anadarko gave me in the first ten years of my career. Both the good and the bad and resigning was hard. And I'm sure it was for you so it would have been about two thousand sixteen that you resign. So what what did you go and do and walk me through that resignation moment decision? I've business decision ever made by General Fifteen twenty sixteen. I'd been praying about this for two years and in about October September October of so startling reminders. A second so I went from being a senior analyst on the team. Small team five investor committee directly on Hedge Funds. So we were the people that were working directly for legacy commodity product the Equity Hedge Fund that coalesced between commodities as well as public equities. Mr Pickens is private investments which encompassed one hundred and fifty thousand acres Lakers Mississippi Lime operations as well some Opportunities in the Delaware Basin some operating opportunities in the Delaware opportunities on his ranch. The what was unique about the experiences as you can hear you got to see the entire value. J. C. The public in the private and in fourteen. I went to Mr Pickens. We had dinner. Aren't which said a good spot here in Dallas and We sat down and I propose this. Strategic Shift on a headphone. You're managing and this was a week before OPEC decided not to cuss a week before the Thanksgiving Day meeting when they shocked markets similar to what they did on more clear seventh. Well I know you talk about the sounds. Seventh is one sided. Cut The PEOP- Yeah I mean it really was the fifth sixth seventh eighth and ninth is poll period. Time is the fifth you had Saudi. That comes out. And they seven one and a half that Peo Russia you had no fact that was back talking to Putin he comes back into the meeting on the six basically says deals off April. First were frigging ramping up as much as we as we want and then they responded like you are limiting dude that for that Saturday. Ocd PRICES AMOUNT OFFICIAL SELLING PRICES FOR. Saadi come out which said something that the the energy watched closely and they dropped it to historic low levels. Eight or nine bucks off aware Brent Turnley trading and you've alluded to in the hours sitting there waiting for five o'clock on Sunday o'clock central time in the futures market opens up and it was just made him and I know you talked about how you told. I think he said that the House early people you can talk to that boy time or something like that and it was. It was dark days and the Ramstein woodhouse house and you know it was I. I will never forget I I compare it. I know this crazy. I compare that weekend to September eleventh. You know slightly different. But just in terms of the impactful insured. Jfk assassination is up there with people too but for those and energy that weekend was the change of of the tide. No matter what you thought. The energy industry was before that weekend. It is totally different now but anyway so you were having dinner at rnd with yes. So he allowed the opportunity to become a soul portfolio manager for fund. So I manage that through the downturn. We hairdryers a six-year downturn so far started June. Two thousand fourteen year coming on the sixth year people kind of care tries in three separate years kind of two thousand fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty and so we look at it more just like this is a six year bear market for energy. And that's what it's been in the peak was June twenty fourteen so I started managing this Hedge Fund Forum and it was really taking what tended to be in the past was utilizing a to energy investing in coalescing what I've been spending the vast majority of my time on which was studying the specific of we traded companies and was diving into the bottoms of approach in. So we have morphed over time into this belief that you know. Commodity prices are essentially out of your control. It's a fun thing to talk about. But as Saudi has shown you even you know somebody that produces now producing seven and a half eight million barrels a day but somebody that typically produces ten percent of the global market or OPEC a cartel a whole bus Russia producing thirty five to forty percent of the global market. They can't even control prices. Joe If that's the case then you can. Only fixate fixate on what you can control. So we focus on the assets we focus on the rocks we focus on the capital efficiencies the amount of cash and actually be extracted from the hydrocarbons at you're producing on a section by section basis meaning that when he boiled down on those assets and. I know you know all this stuff disgrace great context for everybody so on forty acres. So when you think about ten thousand Were Boiling Matt Down. In each section. And we're looking at each section. Is that an empty positive project. And if you're putting a dollar ground into a non MVP positive project than it. Based upon math it's going to cost shareholder dollars so that formula was Kinda initiated in two thousand fourteen. I was blessed to be able to manage through the downturn. We were a positive is positive. Performance when energy rolled over by seventy percent and I resigned. Generally not twenty sixteen and the resignation was incredibly challenging. But it was because I also love the aspects of building business. My family studied family. My Dad started businesses. My mom started business grandparents. Old Nine yards. We are a family of entrepreneurs and I loved the aspect of instilling in creating your own culture. Which means that when build a team. And there's two of us in the office plus a Ping Pong table when you build that team. It's important that the mantra that we take every single day is that you gotta stick the EGO at the door. Put the EGO at the door. Common with your frequent launch failed ready in Hungary and willing to cry and that I'm GonNa be changing the paper in the Printer. And so you know we also need everybody. That's working here to have that same type of mentality. That's how the team moves. Forward is by that that aspect of just grinding and a not bringing eager to because this is the most humbling. Busy being you learn I learn every single day how stupid I am because when you're right you could have been more right when you're wrong. You should have been wrong and so you. There's no room in office in my opinion for an ego win. You gotta be gotTa set the pride aside and just focus on the fundamentals. So when I resigned I was actually doing a professional. Mba Course at SMU. And I thought I would be fully manager for him also get my pa. I'd love the academics as well. When I resigned I finished three classes. I dropped out to start allstone. Couldn't you couldn't balance finding the NBA Co mingling with Starting a company but I hope one day to go back and do classes. I love love. School and school is unlike the real world in school. You get an ABC or whatever the you know the the ladder is in the real world. It says a totally different formula. So even EGOS EGOS ARE INTERESTING. Because you know an atom and thing he bought it and and it's a great experience as a younger person. You know coming right out of school and going to work for someone t-bone because you know he also like and I don't mean ego. He's a character. He was very clearly the Alpha. He built this thing. He surrounded himself by people that he'd worked with for very long time. Presumably sometimes people would leave the organization because they were ready to do their own thing. Sometimes people just wanted to be the number two or the number three or the number six or whatever and so you see these these. These organizations especially long legacy people who've had success together and in particular become billionaires and the dynamic is very interesting and I think as a younger person. It's easier to fit into that culture and then as an older person you know clearly. I'm sure if you had been tenure hedge fund manager and you showed up at the Y. I'm sure t-bone would have said there's an NFL. W that. I'm going to bring you in because you are want train. You of all the habits I want you to have but then there is a time when it comes to go leave and you have to go do something from scratch and you did so so you started. Salt Stone in two thousand sixteen and the mandate is energy investing. We we are fixated we we love. We call it kind of a relational invest. I mean we. We want to know the people in which we're investing our capital with. And so you you know when your worst George Warfare for do sheers? And when you invest a dollar into a company a are inherently going to become the fiduciary to that that you're investing back so each share represents a partial ownership of that particular business in which he invested in. So we want to know not only you are. We want to know what you've done. In the past we WANNA know trial we WANNA know trials and tribulations. We WanNA know successes. We WanNa know all of those things and then you start diving. Deep into the nuances of the businesses and from a bottoms up perspective and where we feel like we differentiate ourselves is utilizing Relationships that were forced to be able to have and I'm sure people might potentially watch this as a thank you for taking taking my calls and I'm grateful each one of you and I hope we give some of that back to you as well but we don't pretend to be geologist engineers. I did take geology course at Tcu it was a you know the beginning stage judge or just love the sector by but we do like to know from geological perspective. What the rocks are actually telling you in. So that's what helps us from. Risk factor when you're looking at those assets know how should you value those rocks appropriately and then we build a model based on those particular companies and we tend to focus on the cashless dream on the BP redevelop producing resources. That are you know that that company is essentially drawing down and producing over a period of time and we value that stream and then we also look at the upside. That could be gone from an incremental. Well that's been drilled in. That's what goes into that. Mpv positive type project. Is this actually creative to shareholders? And should this project. So it's funny that you started in two thousand sixteen and we started one energy partners in two thousand sixteen as well and the second time in two days of heard about the oil and gas industry has been in the back since two thousand fourteen and that was certainly is go ahead. No that's interesting going because I feel like we're the only ones that's been saying that no I and I talked to someone yesterday. That will come out in the next week or so and they also described it as that and it's really funny because living it as I did and I I know you did but certainly as as an operator as a builder of a business. I didn't think about it as a six year. Bear Market. And it really. It really opened my eyes to a couple of things number one. The S. P. and the broad sector of of the world has not been in a bear market and the way that it feels to be in a bear market energy professionals can attest it is horrible. And so it's also interesting even though the bear market feels bad. There's times when you don't think you're in a bear market but it's this concept around bear market rally and and I feel like we've become desensitized based on the talking heads on TV. They're like oh it's up ten percent so you're bull. Oh It's down twenty percents so it's a bear and they're flipping all these terms but it's like we were in secular bear market which we continue to be in. It's it's sort of why I think a lot of the projections. I have in terms of employment and and what's happened to coal Kohl's been in a bear market for ten years and I don't think the psyche of America is ready for a bear market where stocks continue to fall time and time again. Jobs don't exist coming out of school unemployment just all of that. I don't know if our country is ready for that and I don't think the politicians understand that the lock down of the economy guaranteed the depth of the bear market is going to be so much deeper than anything we've ever seen and so for energy professionals. I feel like we're uniquely qualified to explain the pain that's coming But how did you totally agree? I? I've been saying that I mean it's it's a great. It's a great insight. It really is. It's it's you know you see and you see friends that are in different careers in different career paths overtaken and you see sectors that have obviously performed extremely well and businesses are cyclical. Some businesses have more sustainability than others but energy more so is incredibly cyclical sector and one thing going back to just studying. The cycles is and you alluded to this earlier. But the velocity of returns have changed dramatically because of different phenomenons that had been inserted in the marketplace in different changes that have that have been impacted in in terms of the actual players are in the financial markets routed to where they were ten fifteen twenty twenty years ago but when you look at history of from a cycle cycles in the last ten to fifteen years. I mean think about you mentioned eighty five eighty five. It took five years or you. Didn't it took. It took a war essentially for you to be able to retrace all of the prices in the early ninety. It's you and draw from eighty five eighty six and the Gulf War. I I remember that was what ninety one when we were engaged in Iraq and the invasion of Kuwait. 'cause think I was maybe grade seven I it is funny again. I had not thought about that for a very long time but I remember the first time a missile was fired. And you know I was in oil family. And that was the turning point that was the catalyst that basically made the nineties worked for oil and the Middle East. The geopolitical and oil prices moved up and I had my first summer job in ninety seven. Well was thirty dollars. And a winter. Twelve that summer went through massive bankruptcies and that was the backdrop to which I was going through school and then I mean you're it does five years is is right after nine hundred eighty five and I think a lot of younger people who didn't live through two thousand eight like you and I did Who didn't live through the two thousand tech bubble and I think I'm a bit older than you so I remember you know. Everyone thought they were the greatest investor. Ever they could buy a penny stock and be worth a hundred times later in a month and they thought they were brilliant in that crash was brutal and energy investors who and energy employees feel like. Oh yeah six months three months this is gonNA work. Its way through. But it's been six years and it's now changed so it's like another five years potentially how how do you as an investor in energy like we've been in a bear market. I mean the right strategy obviously was to be short the sector since two thousand eighteen and I know Tom law-free who who you might follow on twitter We've we've chatted. I'm going to have him as a guest here soon. I promised it and But he he in q one two thousand eighteen when around New York and he. He called his presentation. The big short energy and everyone laughed out of the office and he had to change his entire business plan to build sort of a tech tool because he couldn't raise money whereas shorting energy in two thousand eighteen would have been the single greatest investment. Anyone could have done for a lot of reasons. So how do you survive? As as an energy focused hedge fund trying to take long positions in an industry that has been a bear market. That's almost impossible to win. Okay so full disclosure. We are a long short hedge fund. Okay we have the ability to be able to be short People will have a you know. Particularly maybe management teams rather have A. There's a stigma against shorting stocks. And you know. I did a lot of soul-searching years ago about a what value does a hedge fund actually rain to the entire equation and I came to that conclusion. I think it's actually a buydell. At is critical. That hedge funds around because hedge funds in investment managers within hedge funds are doing detailed fundamental analysis for the most part spins type of Hedge Fund. You are of course. But they're the ones that are conversing with management teams and really pushing the envelope bright. You talked about that scenario where you were in. Bp's I don't know where the what it was right. You ask a couple of questions. And all of them were prodding business model. And you'd think that was part of the reason why is blessing disguised as you didn't culturally fit there but that's what hedge funds dudes. I came to the conclusion that there is a opportunity or respectful edge funds to be able to respectfully not only glean information from people that have been in the industry for decades more than longer than I have but also to maybe bring a different. You lends to try to see if a model can be altered in a manner where it's more sustainable for not only energy specialist invest in but also ultimately that source of capital into the sector. Which is going to have to come from the journalists and so. I've had a ton of conversations in fortune to be able to sit down with publicly traded. Ucf CEOS in talk to them about shorting enough work very transparent is not you know. We're out to go get this company. We're out to this. We have a fiduciary responsibility just like they offer to share responsibility. So when we analyze that we're just we take all of those emotions out the equation and we focus on what the math saying so when you look at the portfolio for a year and a half for a year until you know I'd say he says but only long we've had was Abraxas patrolling and everything else in the portfolio was short and so that was very similar to. I know you talk about smog all the time and I think that the statistics that you came up with is that when you run like fifty six to seventy five utilize your smog analysis. Ninety five percent of public companies didn't work is that roughly correct yup Ku so when we model these companies. What we came to the conclusion is that we are very detailed in our model in our assessment of take out the emotions look at the rocks. Look at the geology. Look at e engineering of that. Particular Company Howard. They officiant relative to another company right there so many different factors and variables that play into this is not just say you know one company type of game nine thousand producers. I mean that's the difference between energy in America relevant energy in Saudi Arabia Libya or Venezuela. Whichever you WANNA talk about nine thousand producers and one hundred fifty those are publicly traded and when you glued microcapsule it's more like two fifty so you've got a huge avenue to scrub and when you look at the crew producing resources and you look at the ability for companies to be what in our opinion was eight hundred. Fifty billion of capital in the form of one hundred fifty billion of private equity under fifty billion of public equity in the rest of it was coming up between rb els and dead that was put into the system to grow this incremental four and a half million barrels a day that we saw from the twenty sixteen lows to what appears to be twenty twenty thirteen million. If we ever see that again. Thirteen million barrels a day. And now we're at the point to where it started to shift a year ago with this free cash flow mantra in dependent upon whatever life cycle is business school one. Oh one whatever life cycle of of a company that you're in and depends upon what that should have model be growth. Should it be? Value should be no return of capital back to shareholders. What should it be your at this point now where you had this? Massive infusion of capital eight hundred fifty billion dollars and you've got shareholders are sitting there saying okay. We need some of that. We need to return on investment now so in order to get there you need to be able to be free cash flow positive unfortunately for these businesses you need to be able to be free cash flow positive as well as grow three to five percent roughly but then you look at the business models and we started scrubbing the assets in the rocks in in the united the unconventional nature of shale declines perspective. What we've found is that trying to underwrite utilizing decline curves at other companies. Were displaying in in. Presentations was not the correct approach because declined. Kurds were much more vast. And what was said but we would even include their analysis in our in our analysis to say that. That's like the most aggressive scenario. You could have right. Use that utilize sixty dollars for the next thirty years as threshold and we use to fifty gas and we do. We don't use utilize any deaths but we put the full cost structure into the equation. Then we even start to draw down. Gna as well and we say that these companies are will be forced to cut us. Janeane I think he talked about that as well. There's a abundance of as she made it's in the system which is unfortunately that she needs. GonNa transcendent jobs. Which means that cutting edge as transcendent less job than energy. Which is something. I'm not trying to bunt advocate about is ways I my heart is out to those in. It's it's hard forever but it's hard for the buy side of the site. It's hard for energy. Companies are for terms companies. Everybody's being impacted. That's so we're there with you and so when we look at at at. We came a very similar conclusion that you did over a year ago that ninety five percent of these companies. There's like five percent that actually the general in excess of the amount of debt that they have. Yeah it's funny like it allows us to go into so many things going to turn into the Joe Rogan podcast. We're going to have a four hour conversation. We're going to get some Scotch and some weed and do all that stuff like but you on energy sector look past. I loved Aubrey mcclendon. People like there's so many different views that you could take guy was a frequent pioneer. What Devon saw on the bar net heat strap pleaded every every other base? George Mitchell tapped from the Barnett. He said this isn't just a phenomenon. And the Barnett. We're GONNA take his age with us like we're GONNA take this behavioral UTICA Marcellus. We're GONNA the Eagle for. We're going do the Bergen and the guy did and he opened up. The I mean this. This boom was essentially spurred by an Elon. Musk type character. That's what he was totally agree. I totally I think. We we as an industry have been so protective about not having personalities and look. I don't know my gallagher from from Sam but when I saw the presentation when he was talking about the shale new deal and it was a nape it was just before all this and and it just there was no compelling vision for the future. There was no recreation. And you know our industry for good or for bad has not really been innovative in in the way and tissue or talks about it a lot and we've had her on the podcasts but like revision. The future doesn't just mean Oh. Co Two not a problem. It might not be a problem but you have to react to it and Cova. It might not be a major deal in terms of death retaliates etcetera etcetera but the world is locked down. So you have to figure it out and I feel like the CEO's that we have with the exception of Vicky Hall and saw ties back to the Alabama but my defensive. Her is not because decisions. Were always right as you said as I've done. Many decisions in our life are wrong and the question is what do you make them? But but cap but coming out and saying we need to be pioneers and Co two. We need to be pioneers. In in seal to net carbon negative we need to be producing the last barrel. We need to engage employees. We need to do all these things. Those are hard things for energy. Ceo's to do and I would. I would say that they haven't done it. And so yes. Anadarko will always be a blemish especially given that the downturn happened but I think your point my point my investment thesis was. I believed oil was going to be sixty dollars. I think that as you look at companies now I mean how do you value accompany in a twenty six dollar world with so much storage? Overhang demand questions and the answer. Is You can't. But how do you evaluate tesla or Amazon or Google? 'cause everyone's business models been blown up so you make an assumption you defend your assumption? You'll be transparent about what it is and the second it changes you tell people changed and you make a new plan. Doesn't mean you always have to be right so I'm you know there's a lot of the ties in there. There's a lot in there okay. So a couple of things one I I will to credit to Matt Managed Sheffield. I mean we can put Texas Railroad Commission aside you know whatever. We can debate that all day long. I think that that was I opening for the market. I do you saw the reaction. The President Trump tweet e- essentially re brokered deal back Plus Russia Railroad Commission came together. And I think that the aspects of the business where the businesses again it is being pushed by Scott Sheffield and Matt Gallagher at Parsley. At this point in time right they've been talking about for awhile while the need for free cash flow. The problem that we I see is that you actually need real a free castle. Not like an justed free cash flow you need actual cash accruing to the balance sheet and you need to start paying down the abundance of dead so there is a way to model these companies and we we model model. We look at them and we assess them. The problem is the vast majority of them took on way too much dead. And now when you look at the landscape as a whole we calculate that. Us Shell production that if you you're actually wipeout another huge hypothetical but I feel like you kind of like talking to teach hypotheticals if you wipe out all of the interest expense in envisages wipeout wipe clear all of the debt that has been piled onto the system. The marginal barrel of Shale would now be eight dollars more efficient every sale their hold has produced it is burdened by eight dollars of Intersex. Yeah I mean that is a mind blowing conundrum. That is in the equation. Especially when you when you're talking about buying the company's right access to capital is a critical component to being a publicly traded company. That's why take make the decision to go public. In the first place you want access to the copper market. So we saw pioneer it at one point. One five billion convertible deal and you saw with comstock. And then you've seen a Mike Recap torchlight is trying to raise five million bucks to three deals that have been announced. And the market has rallied. A hundred percent year to market has expertise up. Eighty eight percent gone back into the loss of returns which is fascinating to think about. Pioneer in two thousand and sixteen from the lows doesn't sixteen of Jan Fifteen. What's a Jan Bike Twentieth? Pioneers low energy bottom a February twenty six zero five of February twenty. Sixteen high near rallied. Eighty eight point one nine percent over ten month period of time. Pioneer twenty twenty rallied eight point one nine percent from the lows to the recent highs over a month and a half so like you. Compressed all of this you know like now when we look at these companies the unfortunate truth is unless you're willing to give a ton in underwrite which you know you're buying a stock you WANNA YOU. WanNa feel like you're buying this where you have maximum optionality right. That's what created the value in the shale. Boom you bought a ten thousand net acres. You preach this better than anybody right. Joe COUPLE OF WELLS. You create the optionality because now you can show the geology of hey look at these uphold potentials. Look if you complete here. Look at a resource. You know the whole nine yards and so now you're instead of expanding that option Audi were in this period of shrinking. Right so what? It wasn't going to be thirty. Six WELLS PRESENT KNOTS. Probably like twenty so like we were talking about the navigation outgoing who've okay. No was it sixty nine thirty who've Kate. How much can take us down? That's going to expand you a little bit like all. These things are changing the equation on a daily basis. Like you alluded to but we forsee is a continual really challenging patch in our number. And you've been talking about less than Tuna Rick's we've been saying for the one hundred. Fifty eight are accountable for In the way that we view electric today is the so in nineteen seventies oil-rich. Speak to forty five twenty in two thousand sixteen October dozen sixteen. You went to sixteen hundred nine oil rigs the now. You're at this threshold where you come down. Drastically velocity cannot much quicker than anybody ever could have estimated. And that's because you didn't have locked contracts nine yards and it allowed. The accessibility velocity which unfortunate translated. No less jobs and when you look at it these ridge so much more efficient than they were even than for years ago. I mean look at Pioneers Efficiency Liver Look at their efficiencies from a drilling perspective. It's amazing you're now have the very best cruise of very best rigs and that's where you unfortunately getting supply overnight scenarios get like these. What in the world is happening type of Moments Mesa? Now you've got Russia this building docks United States building ducts. You've got Canada building dots. Saudi Arabia Building. So these are almost instantaneous. Talking about me but spare capacity is defined as production being able to come online in the next couple of months while you're talking about production come on line six months so I saw I know no no no I mean and and this is I mean. This is what's so cool about. This is an we did this with Josh. Young and others. When you take people who are actually looking at the data and they're not just pontificating and a two hundred and eighty character tweet behind an anonymous name saying something that's repeating something else you can hear the let the depth and level of research and. Knowledge. That goes into everything that you're doing or that I do or that others do is is. How is how we face facts? And we make a business model that makes a compelling case to put investments behind it so so I love it and I and I agree with you I think one hundred fifty eight rigs is is certainly we. We come to very similar numbers even though we got there in different ways and I think that that's sort of supports that's probably where we had and where I struggle and and I think you started with this too is on the GNA side. You and I both know that the only to cash costs that companies can and put this in quotes control our s GNA capital to a degree. But there's no project that makes sense in this world with overhang and so head count headcount an interest and the interest you know we've seen this in the CD bondholders. And I think we've started seeing hedge funds and and I'd be curious your comments but hedge funds buying these massively discounted bonds because you know if you buy the equity you could be wiped out and I would say on have added sixty dollar world. I was right in a thirty dollar world. I was massively wrong. And so the long short strategy would have made more sense. And and then you go and you kick yourself and you say well. How did I not see this coming? Because the assumption was there wasn't a world global shut down. There wasn't one hundred million barrels a day of demand going to sixty five and and again the only thing right now companies can control is GNA and they and so they have to cut heads. And I don't think people truly understand how bad that is and how long how much more cutting there has to be because it is the only controllable variable and most employees are spent on the capital program. Which does not exist. You're spot on and where I'd say it's even more challenging is reverting back to the six year bear market which means that by theory. We've already started to take these efficiencies into account which means that you've already cut a lot from the system bite. I mean you look at where margin for oilfield service companies were in June of two thousand fourteen and then exiting in February twenty sixteen relative where margins are entering March of Twenty Twenty Relative to where the Exit there was no room records to come out on the drilling and complete side right the no room now in the twenties. That's all been brought out of the system. So that means that in these next few quarters. Emp companies are likely to be with the exception of massive restructuring. The most efficient they could possibly be and that's just from a just a math perspective looking at the cost of brought out and what can potentially come out in the future in. You know the fastest that you can drill. You can only go so fast right a minute faster. You complete a while. You can go so fast. These guys are freaking amazing. Amazing to go out there to pat side watching an action. I mean I love my favorite thing to do is to go into boots on the ground type approach talks with people that are actually getting their hands dirty and those are the People. I love the the chill with an glean information and insights from. Because they're the ones are doing on a daily basis and they see the pain distress struggles and a real life anecdotes. That are recurring. The one thing that I will say on underwriting these assets. I think where this is going to be really challenging is that we've spent a lot of time looking at the banks and what the banks had been underwriting or a lot of these lunch and we think that You know we'RE WE'RE NOT INVOLVED. We're not invested in any banks not invested. In the financials you know the the financial sector. But we do look at US loan books and we look at who they're tied to and we look at those assets and we also look at the credit ratings and look at how the credit ratings are already modeling commodity prices that are well inaccessible. Where the Kurds you look at like the SNP in their modeling lied BRECON. Thirty five forty five fifty five engevity. And that's how they're coming up with these credit rates so we think that unless the capital markets open up drastically which we don't have the belief that that second is forty three trillion dollars of anti fossil fuel cap or signed up globally. Did you just say forty three trillion assigned to never invest fossil fuels as a staggering number? And so when you look at and you look at the space where it is today and you look at pre pandemic the rallying cry was You know of course in the form of es G. and global warming. I think it's really really tough. And so that means a business models have to get efficient. Which sadly means you're going see NASA restructure. Yeah and I think that's there's so much headwind that so different than the Anti fossil-fuel movement in what I've tried to get my head around and maybe you have a better perspective on. It is like everyone does something to make money at the core of every decision you know even the even the shutdown someone is benefiting somehow even if you can't see it and so you have all these wealth funds who've signed up for anti fossil fuels which which is both an investment in new infrastructure. Which clearly they own the patents. Are they have the carbon carbon credits market? They own or they're trying to crush Saudi to get in. I don't know what it is but why why are and how does it. Recession Change that investment thesis given that First World Problem seemed climate change but zero th world order. Problems are like feeding yourself and feeding your family and having a job. How do you think that that plays out in the next five years incredibly complex than that all you have to do is look at any economists projections of what the future looks like? You know that there's like one hundred percent chance to be wrong. Those pronunciations which I'm not trying to religious melts added important. Look at what everybody bases their analysis off of sorts critical data. This is GonNa seem really dramatic but I think that there is a likelier a greater chance that you've seen men and I'm not trying to like I hope it's not true by the likely could've seen peaked incredibly challenging just given the way that the world is shifting and I know that this is a credibly debatable topic but I just look at everybody. We call a lot of people that try to ask. Are you going to shift Your Business? Model in a lot of people are saying yes. I mean we have three parking garages one of which just opened up right behind me in Dallas in downtown Dallas. This one opened up two months ago literally not a car. Texas is one of the most conservative states. I Know Dallas. You know tends to lean like fifty five forty five fifty five left or five Ryan but the business owners in the city or largely very conservative. I tweeted out. A picture of this is not like a falsified like let me pick like a fun like let me get it when no cards are coming like. I went to popular spots during the week in nobody around us. This Thursday of the second week of opening for businesses in the city in it's crickets and that like where China's different than the United States. In why we're so fixated on China's data. I think that could be a little. Bit misleading because you have to look at China's ability as a dictatorship to control policies that are instilled in the citizens of that of that country. And so you look at what transpired. They shut it down completely right. They put up six foot barricades around Wuhan and they had little slots where the army would essentially deliver food stupid citizens. Our hungered will they record? They were pulling people out of their families putting them in hotels and like literally quarantining with like welding their hotel collapse on people. They were quarantining like they were. Yeah it was a totally different scenario scenarios. So that's why I think the trends are not exactly similar ride because you had a complete total lockdown an actual lockdown. Nobody's going anywhere. You know this person. By the way we're monitoring you because we know exactly your barcode for every single person. We know wherever says walking around. We don't have areas of a free economy. Some people are debating whether or not actually free now just given the fact that we've been on a government shutdown but that's either here or there and you look at the data in. I just think that there's going to be a lot of psychological shifts and it's hard to understand. Warren Buffett did a unreal job of describing that of looking at the Great Depression and the fact that the Communists essentially get back to where it was after the Great Depression. It took decades because of the brain right. The brain changes a take me like one of the most avid football fares African love. It am I gonNa go to football game. We already have hotel reserve. Were playing the Abbey's at home and a Mike. That's me as I fly around all the time. I'm like the last one who cares. It's on the floor. I'll still eat it. I don't care but now my stuff. I'm changing that like I'm not the marginal one you know. It's so that cyclops is GonNa be really challenging. It's tough to know which creates conundrum once again for energy and then he could also create that. I think that you've got thank the Lord Libya Venezuelan At three decade low production thresholds. You got a massive not only do you have a billion words Storage you know barrels in storage. But you also have countries that are producing a low levels and so. I think you know everything. There ties together in the in the following statement is. It's really easy to to have hope as a plan. And but when you talk about the double whammy that was march fifth to ninth and those who were looking again. This isn't trying to be like a grandiose statement of like so we're smarter but if you actually pay attention to the data which you do which I do which others do and you make a thesis that is totally linked. I don't people think I'm negative energy. I love energy. I mean I energy so much that as cynical as I am as many speeches as I gave for. Six months that was companies are overvalued. You can't by anyone. You have to use smog. I still went long. Only on the relative value plays because I could not bring myself to bet against the industry like I mean I was in a way there is a love it I mean. It's the greatest people greatest people in the world. So we're not trying to be negative or just saying like people need to prepare and so I did a post yesterday on oxy indirectly about their their their reduction of force and that they're basically doing an auction which I think is brilliant because it gives employees a choice that if you're gonNA move or retire. Whatever in six months is what you want to bid you can bet it and so you get to control it. As opposed to like one of the two of us isn't going to have a job later and it's you and I and I survive and so one of the things I said in there was eighty percent of oiling. Jobs are going to be lost. And it's GonNa happen very quickly because of exactly what you said. I didn't think demand was gonNA peak anywhere near but I see like if you don't have Alabama football then all of a sudden. Why would someone go to Alabama University? That's part of the experience so now if I'm doing an online school why aren't they doing that for my parents basement so now universities close so then now there's professors who you've been tenured that don't teach that don't drive because they don't have a job and and so like you can shrink the economy so far that we may never get one hundred million barrels a day again and our Barman who. I'm sure you follow as well. I think he sort of projected like five to ten million of demand destruction. What do you think about that? Where do you think demand levels out in two years it? It's a great question and once again I revert back to what I said. I mean we've focused the top down so intriguing to talk about. What we're fixated on is a bottoms up. And so one thing to be clear on in January. We started to get a little bit nervous about crony buyers and we started too early January. We started to run a regressions on utilizing what we were. Seeing extrapolated route China Are actually panned out to be and I started stressing portfolio to see our position was based upon those potential scenarios. And we'll be concluded on because at that point in time we were essentially night. Says you know all of our positions were short like we. We tell our investors like this is not. We're not the hedge fund. That's trying to month month. I think that's in my opinion. It's trading opposed to investing we're investors and we focus on the intrinsic value and we want to position the portfolios investors in a manner in which we have longevity the capital tell them that this investment should be viewed more from the from the standpoint of a an irr as opposed to a month to month or a year type of return right so any investment that you make you should view it in our on an irr basis and when you insert that dollar you know we think that the velocity of those returns. Meaning that if the time is compressing. Your IRA. Ours is increased. Then that's going to be dictated upon more than likely what's what's out of control which is the commodities. Joe You look at that and when we start stress in the portfolio. Look I think if you know it gets as bad as it could potentially get in on where position really really well and I'll tell you. This is the truth on March seven. Which was the day that. March seventh was a Saturday six when driving in the office like no being short I was like my heart was literally shaking for the people in space because his seminal year discussions that you had an innocent people against the that's not is truth These are my words. Promised is true and it's just really challenging times and I think it's lost some people that it has been very challenging times for six years now and I think that what's going to be interesting. Is that now that oil has gone back to this. Twenty five hundred showed he did start production coming back online. You're going to see a response. Because those barrels are now inaccessible. What cash costs are and so it's just makes lodge they need to be producing? Those barrels is just an important part of the equation and so when you look at underwriting. These securities any focused on that. May we still foresee that Whether it's demand or supply or whatever happens in next two years which like I said. I think the arts on pontificate in his thought process in his in his Specific data points of maybe five to ten million barrels a day of less demand. I could very well be true. I also would be surprised because of it just gets me hard like India. Sandy Liquid United States. Nationalism is going to continue to reverberate loudly. You're going to have these countries. That are the nationalist movement began pre President. Trump's election and more isolationist tied events are going to create in my opinion it even more challenging environment or oil demand fossil fuel demand natural gas Grub because Powergen. But it's just going to be tough times and so how that translates I mean. Look if gas prices are going up because less associated gas Beneficiary for renewables. Renewables are going to be competing with your with gas on the from a power standpoint so that makes them on the margin arguably more competitive We do study some of those companies but were not invested their We're all the above approach. Mr Pickens has always been that way. That's kind of grammy. I'm a believer that you need every single form in order to be able to power anyone. Komo sufficient forms of power in. We're fortunate to live in a society and you look at the correlations. Between life expectancy related to how much incremental use also feels per capita in. Our industry is different from tobacco right. You actually utilize more energy. You're actually live longer lives tobacco you live more frigging tobacco products. You can deliver shorter period of life that the business models that we've been saying now for two years are very similar to tobacco companies synergies less interest expense less estrogen a less L. E. more efficient business models will create a free cash yielding vehicle. That generalists can no longer ignore just like tobacco. Companies are regulatory risk that risk there from not perception risks. All of those are risks right and at the end of the day. Cash matters in cash is critical in that will create an industry. It'll be sustainable. But then the human nature aspect comes into play in with human nature and jobs. And if you're somebody that's taking a million dollars two million dollars of cash out of the business you have a family to protect and even though you have a fiduciary duty. Maybe the right thing is to sell that company. You're protecting your family in your own self personal interest. That's when it takes much longer for the consolidation period happen I think. That's the big component that think people miss. I misunderstand is it'd be like me coming to you and say. Hey David I think I can do the podcast better than you. Why don't we consolidate you like no it? Outta here like. Have you seen what I've been doing right? No fortunately fortunately we don't get paid here on the PODCAST. So you you you you can take over any time you want. But it is interesting. So did you cover. Your shorts are you. Are you still position entered? We had six shorts We covered five of six in March. And you know humbly saying I mean I've let this business like says most humbling business. I mean it's so hard but we feel like unfortunately there's still a lot of really attractive opportunities in still on the short equity side and once again I want to reiterate it's not like an I. I hope like part of the promise talking about this office. He hoped that manage the company's still will answer your calls but the truth be told his I always hold the opinion that I hope if were short security in. I speak with you on the phone. Your plan is so so articulated in a manner to where it is so insightful in an altering from we have to remain the humility bill to alter our investment parameters if something that. We're analyzing is wrong. I hope to change our view and we cover that and we would be along if there's value there and so that's what I think is a little bit of the Misundersta side of the equation. Is this as in. You know trying to say our short energy your short shell companies. No this is analysis. This is math and I think there'll be appointed time and I hope that we're able to grow as a business to be able to capitalize on that point in time. He saw quantum raised five and a half billion dollars earlier in the process of doing that. I think there's going to be a phenomenal opportunity on no different than the eighties. And I think once that the G I wrote this down so wanted to you to have it shown seventy nine nine hundred seventy nine. There were sixty publicly traded companies in nineteen eighty seven. There were twenty in nineteen ninety. Six seventy four in two thousand and one there were forty now in twenty nineteen twenty twenty. You're at like a hundred and fifty right. The shale boom created the opening the capital markets. You know the kind of the TECH BUBBLE SCENARIO THAT YOU DESCRIBED. And then now you need the compression you need the consolidation and that's where we love in the sector. We hope we can be really really involved. In underwrite the securities and a point where everybody's happy everybody hopefully makes time money because cash flow generating opportunity off these assets is so abundant that it can't be well. I think that is a great place for us to stop and and I think that needs oil but you know what actually that is a great point. I can't do that but I I love it. This is fun. Yeah and the Abraxas. You know what I'm going to have you back on and I wanNA focus on on. Hopefully there'll be like attorneys with the the economy will be opening up and we consider back tests some of the comments but for the listeners. That the way I think about these conversations is is there is so much gray area in everything that we do and that regardless of your opinion on whatever the topic is is just having exploration with someone and listening to their views should change your mind about something and that that if there's anything I could hope for coming out of the corona virus it's that you know a one byline of an article that you read every morning on your favorite news station. That's an echo chamber misses the fact that you and I could have had this conversation. It could've lasted fifteen hours talking about long short and the business model and neither of US would be right. We both make a projection. We both invest in it and we see where it goes and and I think our our society has been dumbed down to the point where we think that that all issues can be characterized in a two sentence tweets and the that should form public policy. And and so I. I really enjoyed the conversation. It was it was wide ranging from from football. The T. Boone Pickens. And and you start your career. Which I think is great advice to wear. The energy industry is now and where the pains coming in the future. And and I'm really looking forward to having you back on a have been as I said a fan of yours for awhile and so it was really really good to to get to spend the time with you so thank you so much for joining lapsing on your comment. Because I think it's critical. We think that's a huge opportunity. Because one of our aspects words understanding these assets is listening. I mean there's so much knowledge to be gleaned from getting to sit down and talk to somebody that's been in the patch for decades and just learning from that. And the stresses and the pains in the cracks in the hands. And that's what we love to do. Is the real people talk with people that are getting their hands dirty and talk to people that are making the decisions from a leadership perspective and that helps Noreen liberal or these to underwrite screws absolutely until next time you can always follow us on the web at www dot heartache of the day Dot Com? Send emails anytime you want. You know you have my cell phone because it's out there too and I look forward to hearing communes me over until next time be safe. Be Good every great day.

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The Connecticut Sports Guys

Connecticut Sports Guys

1:57:23 hr | 1 year ago

The Connecticut Sports Guys

"Blocked Talk. Radio. you're tuned into Connecticut sports guys on blog talk radio call in to join the conversation live at three, two, three, four, one, seven, six, seven, zero, one. We're live every Tuesday and Thursday night at seven. PM. Let's head into the studio right now. But Connecticut. Sports guys are on the air. You. Sports. Guys here on a lovely say ready for the weekend. Warm Up. nate, are you there? I am present. Re You doing tonight eight. doing pretty good. It's We got some nasty rain here. So it's kind of A. Day But excited about tonight we got A. Big Game between the Lakers and the nuggets and a little bit of a nfl warm up with the dolphins versus the Jaguars. Yeah and it was last. Are are kind of playing. 'cause all Jaguars but? He I, the dolphins have been a good story since the mid last season, and of course, we have the Jaguars quarterback was becoming a folk hero last year as well. So it could be. Patrick's. And you never know what you're going with the. Lights throw over four yards. So you might see a track meet I mean needs. Teams is going to the Super Bowl neither seem to go into the playoffs, but it could be entertaining Thursday night and I hear some people. Like, well, it's football and we for. Exactly, I'm just happy that they're playing and you know for Fitzpatrick didn't play real good week one he was just coming back from death in the family and he threw three interceptions but then he threw three touchdowns in week two and look pretty good. So you know I think it might be a pretty good game. Both these teams have played better than they expected to be played and you know what a game last night that was just one of the best. Basketball. Games. at least competitively that I've seen in a long time and you know we got to see the emergence of a brand new superstar. Tyler hero was just unbelievable player on the court all night long and he didn't even start to gain. So I was super impressed with him and. At least double down on heroes as both the you know the the action and the name but the. Team game where I mean Miami doing this for months. Now you know or or or since the bowl open I mean every waiting for you know. What do you call the Cinderella team? Everybody's waiting for him to turn into Pumpkins. But they still every time you think it's over they've come to far. They come back and then come back with with a vengeance I mean and like you said drought it's a new hero every night. In a got to explain it where to get it to start every night. And Now, it makes were intrigue I mean it makes more I mean. We all like to see Lebron to see Michael Jordan at his best to see superstars. But there's something about the the unknown guy you know coming off the bench or the person you don't expect to be the leading score. So coming through. So in Erik Spoelstra, I mean his legend continues to grow. He coached an amazing game. I mean his game plan going in was just phenomenal and and people don't even talk about it which I don't understand but he he had that zone set up and it just I mean it gave the Celtics fits in the first half Jason Tatum had zero points at halftime, which I think it was the first time ever in his. Career that he had zero points and a half, and that's because they're were playing good defense everybody on the halftime show was talking about how there must be something wrong with Jason Tatum. And he looks like he's injured or something, and then he came out in the second half and scored twenty eight points. So they were all wrong it had nothing to do with. Him being injured it had to do with the defense and aerospace posters game plan he he's just a really good coach and I really like what he's doing with this team. He only went like seven players deep last night and I thought that might be a mistake that they might get worn out but they seem fresh all the way till the end and and. They were ahead almost this entire game and They had a little bit of a lead going into the end and he just he coached it so well, and he set things up. So well as a coach that they just you know they never gave that lead up and they were able to pull it out and it was just a great game to watch and. You know like we've been talking about all along. There's just some great young players in this league and and Bam Meta Bio at Kentucky and Tyler Hero of Kentucky or too young guys that are going to be in this week for a long time in are already showing that are stars. Definitely, stars in the making any need that you need. To be a good generation because I don't think. Broader Next Co. we are next Michael Wind up just yet. I mean I on May, turn out to be it or you know Your honest may turn out to be. But as of right now, no one seems to be to mansell over in the NBA but it's GonNa be very interesting. Now we got Denver to see if they can keep being like the Miami Beninese East they could be the feel good the West Not a lot of hope for it. You look. Usually, these kinds of situations, right? It's greer Bronco, something special or especial game any feeling for you about the about. The extent. I feel a lot better about them being able to extend after watching the game on Tuesday You know they were kicking the Lakers asks I mean there's just no way to beat around it. They were up by twenty points and the Lakers just looked you know just mystified as to what was going on and it was the nuggets refusing. To die they've done this the whole time they've been down three one twice and come back and won the series and they don't. They don't ever feel like they're out of it and they're a good team. I mean, they don't have maybe the greatest player in the world like the Lakers do but they've got some good players and they've got good team. And they survived a run the Lakers came back and the you know being down by twenty points they made a run and cut it to three and and then the the nuggets came back and and you never relinquished the lead and ended up winning the game and it it just looked at the end like the Lakers were completely gas. And had no energy left after fighting back from that twenty point deficit and you know I was really you know, Anthony Davis he had twenty seven points but the guys seven feet tall and he had two rebounds and he had rebounds until about you know the the midway through the fourth quarter, he got to loose rebounds and I'm trying to figure out why? Guy. WHO's seven feet tall can't go down and get a rebound humorous acts like it's beneath him to go and get a rebound and I'm not I'm not trying to bash. Anthony Davis on this show. That's not my objective. But if they're going to win, he needs to go down and help on the glass. They don't have anybody else. That's one of their. One advantages as him being able to go down low and get rebound, put backs and and help the offense in the defensive side of the ball on the glass and he almost seemed like he refused to do that in that game and I think that was one of the reasons that they lost and You Know Lebron needs some more help I mean Rondo. Came alive during that comeback he had eight assists and three steals down that stretch that really helped them get back in the game. But you know coups Mo was horrible finished with eleven points. But when he needed bigshots, he was just clanging it off the back of the rim and you know none of the other guards are really helping them out much caldwell-pope and the guy from the Spurs, their Danny Green he he didn't do much either down the. Stretch. So lebrons gotta get some help I mean he had he had a triple double. He had thirty points, ten rebounds and eleven assists. He's doing his part, but he needs Anthony Davis to get some rebounds. He needs some of those guards to get some points and make some outside shots or damage the nuggets are GonNa come back again I can see it happening because they do not. They're not afraid of the Lakers and they're not gonNA quit and they're not gonNA give up But I wouldn't mind that at all. Your assessment of EMC, Davison please feel free critical, it'd be Davis plus plus. I mean every day he I think he has a little bit of. Him. And you know he was got in New Orleans and use annoying it is the next. Big thing, and then you know a couple of years later. Out of New Orleans I mean usually I really get mad if he players or don't understand these players that want to be. On. The Of the goal of a you know somebody like that. 'cause I experienced up close and personal with Carmelo Anthony Big thing and Carmelo Anthony was supposed to be coming. Chris fall he was gonNA. Attract players will always wanted to play with Carmelo and you know how many zero? Every day was was down in New Orleans and I didn't hear anybody clamoring to get. Race to in you know your basketball star star is not that bad. and. I mean it's warm. It's down there. You know Nicole goes yeah. You the and every once in a while but. I didn't hear any clamoring to be the number. Two man is David. So that makes me wonder about what he's really like I mean, I know Carmelo had a little bit of a renaissance this year in the bubble everybody drive to recreate off I. Don't know still a short Sampling for me but still like I said, I, compare when you see a great player, other players WanNa come play with them usually because I mean it means you're to be. An immediate she just wouldn't championship and. A lot of that around the days in fact, he had to go and become the second banana in that usually doesn't happen if your the superstar so I wouldn't be surprised if you've got a little bit of a I, don't know a little. Show laziness little I'm too good for that attitude I wouldn't be surprised that at all but we'll see you know he he yeah bounce back tonight and who knows but you know he really he rubbed me the wrong way when he was down there playing for the Pelicans and and and thought that he was this big superstar and then he wanted out and it was like he was gonna he had these things where he said he was going to refuse to play and he demanded trade and all this stuff and I'm like, what is this? Guy Done Nothing he had done nothing. You know it's one thing if yeah, it's one thing if you've won three titles somewhere and then you have a falling out and then you want to go somewhere and it's like well, you know this guy is a proven himself to be a superstar. You know he can Kinda do what he wants but somebody that's never done anything in this league besides put game points upping meaningless games. I it pisses me off when they just act like they can do whatever they wanna do, and then now he hits you know a big shot, the other night to Go Up to zero, and then it seemed like it game three on. Tuesday night. It seemed like he was just standing out at the three point line the entire evening and was refusing to go down and get a rebound and I just it was just driving me nuts. We. You I mean. Kyrie Irving and Kevin love me like to me. Fifteen were Lebron to Lebron them do what they had to do to be great players. Michael Jordan was looking at that ESPN special and you saw the presser, he put on the players around them him to be. He made them better. That's what superstars. Any Day was just WanNa Check Yeah I got my twenty five points. Check I got eight rebounds. Okay. I. Did my job. And that looks like what he's looking at. And somebody else? Yeah. He has a big shot the other night you know, but they're few and far between him and usually he's the guy who's performing well in when everybody else before me. Well, it's not somebody who carries any any team on his back. So not a big and please. Come on. Come on I can't take that anymore. I mean that that one loan brow chain start there. Maybe maybe. Yeah. Do something with it. You're worth billions. No you something you make thirty, five, million dollars a year. Man Get that thing. Wax I mean. He almost uses it as a he he's like his calling card. You know they called him the unit brow there for a while and everybody made fun of them and instead of getting it fixed and. Get rid of it. He like kept it and uses it as a badge of honor or something. It's like dude, they're they're not like laughing with you. They're laughing at you eighty. Exactly what? You things we to do a lot of college football me but I, WanNa, get through a couple of things. First of all the jets announced today that other wide receiver out for this is. The quote of the day from Adams gains I don't know if you're was we're just looking. Receivable. Bulls. to first of all, pretty pretty clear coach state, the third game year but on the other hand as just coach. He's just kinda going through the motions realizing. Over and I mean everybody's looking at just yet. You up here at least up here. Looked at. I. I. Know You guys I know you're fan but I've decided probably a lot of Joe Chatter around about the jets down in. Tennessee. But up here it's like. They're the worst team ever. And give it up and you know you and I. will go go round rank darnold. We can say that to me just overall the team I mean, what do you think? Yeah I. Mean I I listened to the NFL radio all day and You know the Every fan that calls in is is ready to already get rid of Adam gays and you know I don't really blame them I. Mean it's like. What were they doing when they were getting ready for the season I mean they they got rid of Jamal Adams because he was, you know causing a distraction. You know what? I'm starting to think that almost everything that Jamal Adams said one hundred percent true and You know we all gave him a bad rap but look at what's happening I mean he's making plays just like he used to make for the jets now on a winning team and the jets are still doing the same old crap. You know without him and missing him big time and then you know they go out and spend all. That money on CJ. Moseley to be their big time linebacker. He opts out and now they're left with this defense that looks like a sieve. I. Mean It's a joke. They can't score. They have. No you know they've already got their running back les on been out. He's not playing. They've got fifty nine year old Frank Gore running the ball and nobody to throw it too because you know they didn't really have any receivers to start with and then any of receivers they do have hurt. So you know I, put this on, put this on the coach and I put this on you know I like Joe Doug. And I think, yeah, I think he's doing a pretty good job but you know somebody's gotta be to blame for this this team that's out on the field I. Mean it's I it. They can't even compete there down by twenty one points games in the first half I mean that's embarrassing. And I mean I I'm I'm not a big Joe Douglas detractor. I'm not a big Joe. Supporter. But here's the problem I average. Obviously you have a fan base. and. Sam Darnold was sold two years ago in the Baio Douglas, but it was so new, York media and everybody this was going to be Joe name point out. This is GonNa be the next great jet. Paul. Hoping Court. And you know the coach was a detachment. Everything was about developing Sam Darnold. He gets fired. They've brigands you know. Everything about developing UH SAM darnold. He's he retained. But now again, we're going into the third season of everything about retaining Sam Darnold in leaky up things like well, we can't allow audible. We can't allow them to do this. that. Around. But like you and I talked about on Tuesday night. And I'm not a Sam Donaldson quarter but I'm starting to feel sorry for him because it looks like they don't want any but he will stay. Away, there's something wrong with Sam Darnold game discovered maybe you thought about him as you know being mistake phone. USC. USC SYSTEM HE NEEDS A lot of talent around because he can't create talented. Were art critiques about between you and me we came up with that kind of. L. P. Right. But at some when you gotta come out I know it'd be hard to say Sam can sucks. They could come out and say, Hey, right now, everybody on his team is trying now. Everybody on his team is dry. There's nobody secure. Nobody, you know Joe Douglas Commander saying. What I thought, it was GONNA be. And Not a I'm not cutting anybody, but I'm not definitely not resigning people until they show me what they can do for us going in the future say something like that. So at least. You know what's going a little bit. Right now, it looks like Joe Douglas Sort of vacation and left Adam Daisy and Sam darnold dry. Yeah and You know you gotta remember Adam gays was the GM there for a little while Fired the previous guy in before they hired Joe Douglas you know. So he's to blame to and you know I, and I I've been very critical of Sam Darnold I wasn't a fan of the pick I wasn't really high on him coming out of college. But if you go back and you watch that game like I did I watched it for a second time and he looked like the only guy that gave us shit whether or not they won I mean he he was he was doing everything he. To, win the game he was getting very little blocking but he was you know running around sidestepping undercutting guys making good passes when he had enough time to throw the ball and he actually played a pretty good game and I was very impressed with what he did on Sunday with nobody around him and nobody helping him on defense and nobody really to throw it to I. Mean I I just you can't really blame him for what's going on up there whether you want to or not he he's actually doing the best he can with what he's got around him in my opinion and I do I actually kind of feel bad for the guy as much as I didn't. Really like him and didn't really like the pick of him you can't really blame all this on him. He's doing everything he can and I. I do Kinda feel like what we talked about weeks ago when the whole Joe Jamal Adams thing was going on was you know if you keep him he may be a distraction and he might cause some problems. But if you let him go and you trade him like he wants then the other players just think they can do whatever they want and don't have to listen anybody and they can just a trade or do what they want to as well and it kind of that's what it kind of looks like on the field to me. I definitely agree you. Before we get into the compound. As the did you hear today that Sandy Alderson is coming back to the mets to be the president of the club? Win Steve Cohen over. I did not hear that. Yeah was announced today Steve. Really Kinda shockingly 'cause he kind of been in the background with a statement saying that when he gets or if he gets controlling because the owner of the mets he's bringing back. Sandy. Be The president and run the on and off field. Rations which I would say is bad news for everybody from Brody Bandwagon. Down through the managers because I think that CEO here in. A clean sweep I don't know what you think. Yeah, I mean I. Don't. I think he's GonNa one his own people and He's GonNa want his own guys around him and you know to be honest. It's not like they're tearing it up with people they have in place right now. So you know he's a pretty accomplished and respected baseball executive and I could see him I, mean he the Guy Seventy two years old. So it's not like this his first go around and I agree with you. I. Think that if he is brought on the seal goes through, it could be the end for a lot of the people that are there. Would I think I mean anything she was the one who put even who who brought the wrong. He's the one who made a lot of those moves before. You went away the other thing if they think the best. Back, from the brand house to be back in the front office. So it'll be very interesting since there's no other reason why the mets sister out of it now it'll be. Very. Interesting. What Co in transition movie like much like our Washington. Who knows but let's give the college football. So we've been looking forward to getting day with our our little warm-up show here for the weekend Start out with the Dion Sanders, taking over at Jackson State You know nothing against dion bad about him. No. The good about him but these kinds of moves kinda worry me He brings. Star power. He brings feelings on your recruiting end of it You actually saw him coach in high school. This year is son. Maybe the Sun will come to. But what is your reaction to Dion Sanders? You. Know I gotta be honest. I kinda thought that the whole. Deal of him being the offensive coordinator was just kind of a gimmick because his son was on the team and all that. But I gotta be honest I was pretty impressed with his play calling and with the way, his his team played out there when I got to see him in person now granted that was a high school game. So you know what is what is this going to mean as far as transitioning to college I don't know. I do think that I think he can do it I I think that especially at the level that he's going to be coaching that in in one of the historically black colleges I think that I think it might be a good place for him to try the coaching thing and see if he could be successful I I was impressed with the way that he was calling plays I was very impressed with his son and the skill level that his son had. You know everybody thought that when I when I was going over there for that ballgame everybody thought his son would just be this guy that ran the ball and you know. Fast like his dad and he he was not. He was a very polished pocket passer quarterback who you know went through progressions and was a really seemed like a really good leader and So I was impressed with what I saw from his coaching now whether or not that will translate to the college game. I don't know but I actually Kinda like what he's trying to do here I mean they All these people have talked about how they WANNA help make change and do all these things and it seems like dion is actually doing something. So I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm actually impressed with the on Sanders and I'm actually rooting for him and I hope that he does a good job and I hope that it goes well for them but you know it's a different ball game. A high school team and and being the head coach at any college. So I think he's got his work cut out for him but if anybody can do it, you know Dion Ken I mean this guy played professional baseball and was was a very good player. He was probably the greatest cornerback in the history of the NFL. So it's not like he hasn't You know run up against challenges before and succeeded so. Think, he can do a good job and I I hope he does. But you know he's definitely is going to do definitely have to learn as he goes. Yeah I'm only problem I. Hope they're wall while. You know it'd be. Success I could just see Florida state right and you you know attract him or when you know it'd be really good who knows who attract him and he's not a great track rector records for pro players who. Like the. Going back and even being fashionable coached I mean. Raymond. was a very good quote what he would net the level of sanders I mean. I I. It's hard for me to remember a coach who very successful especially nfl going back to either college or. Or? you know I might be wrong I could. Probably a couple they're thinking of right now at the pro level but definitely 'cause comes to me and like I said, the other thing is i. hope he's in there a long haul will be you know he's got patience to I. Don't know what seems. Even. A couple of years you know in sometimes these pro athletes when Southern come initially run out of patience run out of attention speier and whatever and I hope he just doesn't you know get. And Use the being the star used to being on TV each used to being noticed if he becomes the put. Or A joke I don't know what his reaction be, but you know he's been there. You. Know please eating for all the right reasons and hopefully ESAB success. I mean I. Never, Dion Fan I respect him never my favorite cornerback. I always liked a little bit more visit quarterbacks in the NFL I like the fact he didn't get a lot but God. And God. He think he could take away feel because he. Can take any buddies number one why risque? Things about that. But. We think we will see what he'll do and you know. It'll be interesting. Yeah and he already got You said, you know it might help with recruiting. He's already gotten a defensive back Jew Devora, Selman? Who is a Jackson Native He announced today that he was opting out of the twenty twenty season and that he's transferring from Mississippi State to his hometown school. So you know maybe he'll be able to bring some of these guys into the program I know the Jackson State has struggled the last the last few years. So they need some help and You know I think that this is. A good sign bringing this kid in from the sellman kid from Mississippi State. If he can get some of these guys to transfer in and play for his team. You know I think he might be able to do it but I was impressed with them like I said, he did a good job coaching that high school team and This is obviously a whole `nother level. But you know he seemed to he seemed to know what he was doing and you seem to be taking it pretty seriously when I saw him live in action. You here Let's go back. Let's still recap of last week's action. I know you were interesting. Louisville game a Lotta offense the canes look like they're making a real. Move To. Become relevant again, i. mean you and I talked weeks go about when we were doing our our ranging shows about how much the Miami teams of the eighties and early nineties owned the NCAA I don't know. Or bad thing. To give them back on top is I mean they played tough and loose and anybody who's ever seen the thirty for thirty on ESPN, which were so well dug about the U knows that those guys down there when they take over a town. They're a bunch of marauders. So tell me what you thought. It went you saw. Yeah I. Mean This didn't look like the mark. Richt. Lead Canes, I, mean this they look sharp. I was very impressed with coach D. as game plan on both offense and defense and it looks like they've got some serious talent I think you know they they WanNa win right now they've gone through as we've talked about on this show many times they've gone through some bad years and they've had you know this is not the canes that we we've known and seen throughout the year so I think they might be. Ready to turn the corner I mean obviously, we'll have to see what happens. They're playing Florida state on Saturday four to state didn't look good the first game but you know that'll be a little bit better but opponent but Louisville's pretty good too. So I was impressed I really liked that quarterback Eric King who is a transfer from Houston he's not a big guy probably about five ten maybe five eleven two, hundred pounds but he's gotta live arm. He's got good mobility's really good with the RPO the run pass options in the spread concepts He was eighteen of thirty for three, hundred, twenty, five yards and three touchdowns and I I was really impressed with him. I I like the way I can see now why he won the job, there was a lot of guys down there competing for that job. The Williams Kid tape Martell who transferred from Ohio State, and is now apparently transferring again You know he's not that good but they did have some some competition and I can see why this guy won the job He was very impressive and He's got some town around him I'm. Telling you right now number nine, they're tight in and Jordan. He's going to be an NFL player He has got all the skills think of all the great titans that have come out of the you you know Jeremy Shockey, Jimmy Graham, Kellen, winslow junior I mean there's there's a, there's a bunch of Greg Golson they've had a very long lineage of excellent tight ends in this kid is the next one of them. I was so impressed with him every time they needed a big play every time that the Louisville starting to come back in the game they they. They went to this kid spreading. Jordan and he made it happen he had seven catches. For one, hundred, twenty yards, seventeen point, one average per catch, and there was one play where it was third in long and they kind of flipped it out to them in the in the flat and he ran out a DB came up to tackle him and obviously went low because Brandon's a pretty big boy and he jumped over the kid and ran down and dough for the end zone. I think they actually ruled them down at the one but it was just an unbelievable place. So I, was very impressed with the offense and the defense played really good to you know they they brought the turnover chain back out I. Know You love that Joe the big bling I can. See Big Joe with the turnover chain on. Pimping. Down dial and these kids were going. To get I mean to get one of those. We gotta get you one. Last. The case we can borrow theirs just to get a picture of you in it 'cause I'm telling you man they they got a new one this year and it's even bigger gold or chain but they they had to bring it out because they had three at least three turnovers that I can remember and they've got Jalen Phillips. Who is a defense event thinking originally went to USC UCLA. -fornia he's from California and He's a transfer and and he looks the part man. He's he's a big old boy and very strong and very fast and he was getting the quarterback and then they've got really good linebackers to You know they lost Shaquille, Quarter Min to the draft and a couple of other guys. But they replaced everybody it seems like to me as you know their they're secondary got picked apart a little bit but They made plays when they needed to and you know got some turnovers and we're able to to outscore Louisville but I liked that quarterback to me Cunningham. twenty six to thirty, six for three, zero, seven and three touchdowns, and then they've got a really good running back jv in Hawkins He had twenty seven times for one hundred and sixty four. So I like the Louisville offense I just didn't like the mobile defense they had trouble. Sloan the kingsdown. Does he was just playing from behind the whole game for cardinals. Yeah their their defense was just not good and You know they they. They played okay in the beginning but once you know coach d. as realize where the holes were they seem to really exploit them and I like I said I liked the Louisville offense but their defense left something to be desired and I think that might be there at killys he'll this year. How about this I mean coming up for this weekend I mean for years when it was when Florida state if Miami, the late. September. Hookup between those two teams was must see tv now it's like. People going you know it's going to be happening this weekend. I. Mean You. Would that was like an early national championship game when both those teams are on top and now they're just an afterthought hopefully became they'll get back because I guess. It is interesting when they're good Florida state, I think the longer Journey to get to where they were during. The war going Era So With the downside down the south anyway really talking about Miami Florida State. Not. Really. you know I mean just. Florida state is just been such a mess the last few years, and then you know just. They did you know going in and hiring away that Oregon coach who had only been in Oregon for a year and Gosh of course now that I go to talk about him is his name escapes me but I was kind of like, what are they doing and you know he? He just was not ready for for rebuilding the. Program and then you know they bring in Mike Norville this year he comes out and gets ten Oh lead on Georgia tech at halftime and then just falls apart and never scores again and gets beeped Georgia tech at home. So you know I I just think the seminoles are in rough shape for whatever reason it looks to me like they have some talent you. Know they've got ser Tan out there corner They've got a know black men still the quarterback he's a pretty good They just they just I don't know what what's wrong with their program but there's something wrong down there and I've got to imagine that Bobby Bowden is not happy with what he's saying yeah. I mean it's funny I mean there's certain programs. That seemed to be, for Notre, Dame's one of them You know out there still that you can plug new coaching and the recruiting stays pretty much on level. You're still able to get some stars and stuff like that to the reputation, but Florida statement and the way McKay in canes for a while. if. You're spending how they were national brands and they. Kind of. When these coaches left, and the new coaches can't recruit as well as kind of kind of find to watch. So you know be interesting to see what those who programs over next year I think Miami. Well, today You talked about Central, Florida against Georgia Tech on Gabriel, Four hundred seventeen yards for td about doing Gabriel. Yeah Man, he was He was legit. I mean Georgia, tech I'm actually pretty impressed with them so far they were playing central Florida, pretty tough in the first half you know coming off that big win. Down in Tallahassee. So you know I was I was I was kind of interested to see what happened in the second half, and then the second half was just the Doing Gabriel show he was just swinging the ball all over the field really liked what I saw him. He's got good arm strength. He seemed to be able to go through progressions pretty well I liked the offense that they've set up around him. Josh. Hypo is now the coach central Florida you know not an easy job taken over for Scott Frost after all no excess. Frost had there. I mean he had an undefeated season. You know going Don t know that year and then claiming their their share of the of a national championship which don't think any of US recognize but you know be honest. They've had some success the last few years and Josh Hypol- doing a really good job. You know he's been. An offense coordinator by trade the last few years. But you know jumping to being the head coach is a big chain and there's a lot more that goes into it and I was pretty impressed with him. They've got a really good wide receiver as names Marlon, Williams he had ten catches for one hundred, fifty, four yards in two touchdowns and just a Lotta offense they they look like they're ready to to win some games again and with their schedule I wouldn't be surprised to see them you know. Being, keeping their ranking I. Think they're ranked fourteenth right now and you know I could see them maintaining that throughout the rest of the season based on who they got left to play. And then we got Notre Dame taking care of business against out for unite both wondered about that game, and of course, the Goodie in book shows up. There hitting on all cylinders. From Canaan Connecticut through Prien got in for a couple of series of fifty two to nothing. But just real notre dame or is just bizarre one week. The NFC. Notre Dame. You know South Florida had some problems they've got their new coach the the old offense coordinator from Clemson is now the the man down there in south Florida taking over for Charlie strong after Charlie strong failed to get it done and It looks like he's got a lot of work ahead of them because they were they were not good and You Know Notre Dame played all right I like What Tommy Reese is doing on offense. You know he's the new play caller four notre dame very young guy. You know you remember him on Sherp being the quarterback. quarterback you have. The bench bill them out a lot. That was he was. He was Kelly's I relief pitcher and he did a good job. He we he was a guy couldn't get to go away I mean I I think kind of drove. Kelly. Crazy. Because he failed Kelly out. So many times killing it and really liked him. I don't think he. He was a little bit of a mistake thrown quarterback it wasn't really would teach. A. prototypical cyclic three, two, hundred, and thirty pounds swing the ball eighty yards quarterback. was kind of a dinking don't in he get the job done as best meetings. Cool under pressure. But you know he was Kelly redressing Lee had to use them in but he's running back ask so I guess you want him over so I like that Marie sudden even I liked him when he was at. Fan so but doing something but still I mean and the Notre Dame Fan I'm looking this year it cashier I mean I I know what he in book is. And I don't see in book is the Guy Match up in the Clemson Game I. don't see the guy that's going to run the table. She's going to have his troubles in certain games and I'm looking to notre. Dame we probably want to US T. Yeah I could see that I can see that I mean even again, south Florida, he wasn't very impressive throwing the ball It was more of a dink and dunk kind. Of thing he completed twelve passes for one, hundred, forty, three yards, but no touchdowns and really most of the damage was done on the ground just because the offensive line of Notre Dame was so much bigger and so much stronger than the defensive line of South Florida and. For my sister ran for one hundred, twenty, seven yards, Williams the star from last week, he had sixty two yards on the ground Indian book ran three scores in. So he had three touchdowns and then they had three more touchdowns on the ground. So they had six rushing touchdown. So I, I was very impressed with the running game, but they won't be able to run the football like that against Clemson there's no way. So in books can have to figure out how to throw the ball real quick. And then we got clemson Uruguayan Mari was quite a forty four yard bomb yet and stuff we nine nothing against. Of, course. Scores expected What'd you like about the team? You saw there Clemson Yeah I mean they're they just look like they're in midseason form already, and then you know one of my concerns. was you the Justin Ross, their their best receiver over the last two years You know had a injury in practice I guess he had a spinal injury. I don't really know all the details. I don't know if all the details have been released but I was kind of like, okay. You know he's back. He looks like he is in. The best shape of his life, and he's played really well, the first two games and did have that long forty, four, yard touchdown catch but they already got their their next guys stepping up frank, laxton junior number two You know he he caught three passes and two of them were touchdown and Obviously you know the talent mismatch was huge but I just liked what I took out of the game was that Clemson is already rolling and they look to be in They looked to be a mid season form at the beginning of the year. So I think it's I. Don't know how Dabo keeps doing it but. He keeps doing it and you gotTa give the Guy Credit I mean. What he's done down there and Clemson You know which has never really been a true powerhouse before until he got there I mean he's just got that machine oil dot in rolling. Just, thinking about it is he's he's a good coach doing if you've got a great pedigree cover from the Alabama programs you know he knows all he did his. Job, and then again, you know it when you when you have a place that's attractive to the kids to go there for a while I play. Carolina. Not a bad place right here it's a beautiful campus and stuff and. All the bells and whistles and that want, and then you got to coach now. It's A. Student relevant three it's no longer a turn around scurry dear now, one of the two or three big time houses in the country So as long as Davos days there, I don't see being change, I mean the only thing that could ever changing to be left and whoever takes or can't do the job I mean you're gonNA lose this big time system that's going to happen happens to everyone these coaches. But usually, they're able to attract. Good coaches come into work under had a coach to coach and so. I don't see the Tigers being anything less than number three. Perceivable Future. Well, yeah, and he's he's managed to keep his defensive coordinator Venables You know he's had offers to go and be a head coach. He's gotten offers to go to the NFL and be defensive coordinator in the NFL but he likes where he's at and he likes what he's doing and now. He's getting the opportunity to coach two of his sons who are paying for Clemson right now, one of them is a you know pretty. You know pretty good player I think he's a linebacker slash safety kinda guy kind of a shamrock type player and he he gets out in the field quite a bit the other guys more of a reserve player but the fact is Clinton kicks everybody's ass. So bad that everybody gets to play health herbstreet kids were out there playing on a over the weekend. So you know he's getting the chance to coach. Both of his sons he loves it there and Clemson he's been there. You know for I. Think he's been there since two thousand twelve and since he got there Clemson's defense has been amazing and just the what he's done with those defensive lines you can't say enough about it. So I think that's a big part of Daboh success is You know having venables there to to set him up on. Defense. Twenty First of all I also understand big pay venables very well pay him almost head coach money which dates here. Big beaks spectrum of the problem is if you're going to do, he's getting paid that well, and maybe so we're talking about Adam gays today were talking on the radio around here about some guys are meant to be coaches some. Poor gators some guys aren't even meant to be coordinators but when you get a guy who's a great offense or defensive or offensive coordinator. But he somewhere enough to know I can't do the job thing I can't I have to. Act Up again, undecided ball. I know I. DON'T WANNA pay. So what you WANNA do all the press conferences and stuff like that. If he's that self aware and they're willing to reward, it was good really good money for being the best defensive coordinator country. Why would you wanNA leave I mean, why would you? Yeah No, they signed him to the largest. contract ever in the history of college football for an assistant eleven point six million dollars over five years. So yeah. I mean but but he deserves it I mean look what he's done. I mean it's one helped him win two national championships. He's been pumping guys in the NFL. I. Mean I as far as people getting paid that guy deserves every penny that he's getting. So I don't really have a problem with that and it's good for somebody if you're having success not stay there. Right you and I probably get paid. He's worth every many every every day he gets. And then we had Oklahoma state at Tulsa which Derby Dot of a game. and. You know watching this game and I really couldn't get a handle on Oklahoma state I don't know I mean Tulsa is not that good. I what did you think of the game? Yeah I was really shocked from what I saw. You know you're just so used to seeing Gundy's gundy's running gun off offense. And I just didn't see it. I mean they might. They mustered sixteen points. I think. And You know I just kind of struggled a little bit to even beat Tulsa and you know we thought it might be kind of a high scoring affair but we didn't really think they would struggle to win the game. And they did I mean they Tulsa gave them everything they wanted and I don't know I I. Don't know what to make about Oklahoma state this year I I do not think they have the same type of talent that they've had. In the past that you know quarterback and you know running back. Supposedly, they've got that same back there but I I didn't really see him doing a whole lot the Hubbard Guy Add twenty six carries for ninety three yards. But I didn't see the breakaway plays his longest run was twenty yards. And You know I don't know they played three different quarterbacks. Did you notice that while the game was going on? Yeah they had. They played three different guys and it's really hard to get a rhythm Keep swapping dudes out. So I think he maybe still trying to feel out what he's got and fugger out you know who the best players are. But. I. He hasn't really had two quarterbacks Mason. Rudolph from what I've seen them. Really. But You know done. Do you think maybe his time at getting to the end and Oklahoma State? I mean. Still no action there. No. Not of leaping over Oklahoma you know more more people talk about Texas and. Still the number one and two teams talked about in that conference Baylor may get some some love every once in a while but outside of his. Being with his mullet and stuff he doesn't seem to get a Lotta. Respect and stuff I don't I don't know I think he's times coming up with the cowboys. I don't know I mean it's Kinda like the Brian Kelly situation they seem to be you know content with what he produces and you know he's been pretty consistent over the years. Being about an eight or nine when you know eight or nine win team, but he's never really gotten them over the hump and I guess because he played there and he's coach there for so long you know he's got a lot of He's got a lot of support and even with some of the things that went on in the off season, he was able to survive that and You know if he wins six or seven games this year I bet he survives it again I mean they just they seem to be pretty happy with him at the helm or three buddy I mean I just always compare You know you you were too young for this but Jimmy Johnson Oklahoma state before he moved to Miami. And he was always the. State was seven wins six, seven, one, eight, win in Nebraska on on the conference. Maybe I'll ride on my come up every once in a while but it was Oakland we're in Nebraska Omaha Nebraska and no one every talked about and then suddenly because genius when he goes to Miami, I wonder if that's what good. To take over a program that we're a successful coach moved on. And he's got the players. You really need to show office stuff. He's had the opportunity because you know several times he's he's actually gotten really lucky and had his best seasons when a bunch of jobs have come open heck. He's used the Tennessee job three times to get an extension. Maybe that's why he's still there. Is there every time you know that job comes open his name POPs up and then he gets an extension raise. So I mean they can't really get rid of him because he's got like a lifetime contract over there now from all the extensions he's built up. Which I wish I get my boss. Feel that way Yeah I got I wish somebody would just hire hire me because I grew a mullet and you know everybody around here in Tennessee every time that we wanna fire coach like let's get the guy with the Molin over here and Then he gets a raise. And I'm. GonNa be Mediocre. Jimmy key raises I'll take. and then you have to Louisiana Georgia state game circle here easiest squeezing at three point win Jim Mitchell, had a really good game. What was it just struck you about that game. Yeah I mean the we was actually down going into the fourth quarter and then then the lodge Mitchell just kind of took over and I think he's the real deal man I was very impressed watching him play and Georgia state not a terrible team. I don't know if you're a member but Georgia state came into the Knoxville last year and beat Tennessee. So, it's not the Georgia state of old. They're actually a decent ball club and you know I give Louisiana, a lot of credit coming back in the end like they did and then winning over time you know I believe I'm saying this but they look like they are pretty good team I mean I don't I don't know who else they have. Left on their schedule but you know they they won in week one when they probably shouldn't have and outplayed their opponent and and then came back when they were down against Georgia state and got the victory. So I'm watching them play man they got some playmakers. That's for sure and that allies missile kid is He's a running back to watch. I, wonder if we talked about you and I were both tired I was to million Campbell and his team I. Wonder if if we reverse the the schedule and put this game I in in Iowa state at the second game. It would have opened. Some is to Isla State about what the cycle we're going to be facing. You know maybe they weren't ready maybe think they thought it was Neil Cajun from Louisiana. Maybe they realize that they have some real players this year maybe that's caught them by surprise sometimes you do that and you know. In the mood game can't catch up to their, they haven't trained for it especially first game a year. What do you think? So I definitely think. So I, I, definitely think they got caught by surprise. You know I mean this is just been such tumultuous off season. There's been so much going on about whether or not we're going to play and whether or not. When we were GONNA play in the season got pushed back and then it went to an all conference thing and then they added some you know non comp couple of non. Conference Games a few teams did and I, just don't think they were. You know really able to Scout like they usually were and I think they did come in and take them by surprise and week one and You know they. They kinda shocked them and like, and you talked about You know maybe just a little rusty giving up to special teams touchdowns like that plane anybody it's hard to win when you give up to too long kick returns blocked kick like that. You know beating anybody's tough if you're getting on special teams. And just just come across PAC twelve. Voted to play a seven game football season starting November. I saw that. Big News. It is big news I you know it's it's it's GonNa. Be Weird to me. How they're gonNA make all this work. I mean. Some teams are in week what four now and other Games haven't played a game and it just it's it's GonNa be really difficult in my opinion to. you know what? How did they do the top twenty five? How did they do the college? Football playoff is the PAC twelve teams going to be eligible I mean I don't know how this is all GonNa work out but it it's it's kind of coming together very strangely, and this is what we really didn't want to happen. When we talked about this from the beginning, we kinda wanted the unified decision, and now we've got different decisions coming together at all different times and it's just making it a big mess in my opinion. Yeah, I mean I I mean I don't know. Maybe go back just don't have the playoff this year go back to the old system for one year. because I mean, you're gonNA, have some play seventeen games playing. Some blame Ted. I mean, it is going to be a weird thing to to Try and sort out end. I mean anything more football than for you know that. So I would say that the fact well should not be allowed going to happen championship they should not be allowed this year. You know big ten I would say even borderline. Mean because I'm sorry, you're getting started you're in the middle of October. Other teams playing you know. It's kind of. Often being equal. You'd better be undefeated but I mean you know hey seattle. Out of it. Because they're one of the best teams in the country. I mean I day back twelve for sure they. Yeah, I don't know news teams are really good enough to to make a case to compete for the championship, but you can't I just don't think you can make Clemson or these other teams that have already been plane. You just can't make them sit and wait for these other seasons to finish I mean I guess. If they run the table and and they get their season completed by January I mean I. Just I haven't really looked at the schedule this decision just you know came out today. So I haven't really seen the framework for their schedule but it's definitely it's definitely making it difficult to put it all together. Doesn't it seem Does. Too Little too late I would say are wasn't we stick to to look at the SEC Sec. Of course. free near one of the premier not beat Premier Conference in the nation I mean you're in, you're out produced the most big top waiting five teens there. T there for everything being equal. They were the conference that never wavered. They were conference that say you know we're playing football this year and he like religious down there. So I guess there was no question of it. how do you WanNa see you're doing running the bring guests here anyway started. Yeah I mean let's talk a little bit about week one coming up here in the SEC. The first week of the season, and there's some pretty decent match-ups coming out in this first week Kentucky is going down to Auburn to play the first game at twelve noon on the SEC network I. think that'll be a pretty good game I mean mean you talked about this on Tuesday? Kentucky's got. Kentucky, it's not the old Kentucky I mean they're gonNa have to figure some things out on offense. They've got a trance. The transfer kid from Auburn is is competing with there other quarterback Wilson who is back this year he got injured last year I don't know if you remember a lot about what happened but Kentucky you know Wilson was their quarterback and He got injured, and so they ended up putting their water seaver slash running back Lynn Bowden at quarterback, and he ended up leading the team in rushing, receiving and was second in passing. So he was a big part of their offense and now he's in the NFL and and they're going to have to replace him but they've got a really good running back in this Kvass Kabashi smoke. Who A redshirt freshman ran for six hundred, sixteen yard last year and You know I think there'll be a pretty good team and I'm interested to see the game against Auburn you know we're going to have the second season. Vo Knicks. Who played pretty well as a freshman I mean you know he was a little bit inconsistent But. He definitely shut flashes. Don't you think? Yeah, I was very impressed by phone. I mean turnpike like a rookie quarterback in the NFL I mean he's going to be overwhelmed a little bit at the speed. I mean he he was put right in there. He was thrown alliance. You sit around waiting for his chance to to start. He was he was their starting from day one, the wizard of growing pains NASA be didn't. Didn't whimpered. Whether under storm. So I was impressed by phone get chance of of. Keeping Auburn you know competitive down there and You know I number evening in the nation's right about where they should sit. It's a big big year for their coach. I think he's got to eat I really. Come up with some big wins and and may run the table like Lsu but really start being Georgia. Start being in Lsu's UPN some team that can creep up by the Alabama So I'm really looking forward to seeing what bonus can do as a sophomore. Yeah me too and he's got a really really good wide receiver Seth Williams, he put together one of the best single season campaigns for wide receiver and Auburn History He caught fifty nine catches last year for eight hundred and thirty yards and eight touchdowns, and with the young quarterback and bone knicks only going to be improving and Seth Williams having another year. To develop I, think the sky's the limit for that offense, and maybe this is the year that that Auburn can can step up and take it I mean who knows what What Alabama's GonNa be like I I did hear I. Don't know if you've heard this but mack Jones one, the quarterback job down in Alabama did you hear that news? I didn't hear the final thing. I thought he had a pretty good I mean Outside at too I mean pretty much. The quarterback is secondary position for saving more is running back to teams So I think we'll have it going back more to A. a McCarron type offense We'll play action more running the ball but you know I wasn't surprised. You know what he wants to experience. He doesn't want to give away any chances of early losses. An experience I mean. I not saying chocolate and that's When His stats from last year only twenty one your fast and with sixteen touchdowns and six interceptions not bad for freshman who's thrown in there you know. To. Who I know say? Yeah No, I was very impressed with him even week one playing a pretty decent Oregon team and You know he showed enough to bring them back and lead them to a victory over that Oregon team in the opener, which was a nationally televised game there in the Jerry Jerry Dome, and so I think you know I think he's just GonNa get better and with with the weapons that they have around him. You know they've. Got couple of pretty good running backs that are all fighting for the starting job that's going to be more in my opinion like running back by committee type of deal. But they've got two or three guys that are that are going to be there fighting for position and I think that you know I think that everybody is you know picking Auburn to be one of the big teams in the West I mean I expect them to compete. With Alabama it's just GONNA be so different this year with the SEC only plane SEC games There's GonNa be no more. There's no warm up. There's no playing You know you you be in the opener I mean these guys are starting off playing against SCC competition and I think. That's something that kind of excites me but it also kind of intrigues me as to you know who, who can who can win this thing and who can come unscathed and whether teams can actually finish. undefeated it's it's going to be a lot more difficult to go and run the table every team every week you're gonNA play is going to be an SEC opponent. And I think definitely does help through the coaches that have been through the wars and been successful already. Ready. I. Would say that Lsu and Alabama have a little bit of a leg up during this season because they have you know gone and done undefeated Georgia Kirby smart a- as. A good chance at it but it'll be interesting to be the coach that haven't been there I. Think they're the ones who depend on the conference Cherry picking to get some easy win so. It's not as devastating if they do who's going head to head against a team that's as good as so it'd be very interesting. What do you think about Florida? Mississippi state. thought four doesn't Florida Play Miss? We were going to run through here. No me I'm. Sorry I'm sorry we're the only. Man. Yeah I mean I think that for the is kind of an unknown team to I mean they have gone and You know they've they kind of had a quarterback battle So to speak, they've got the big time five star recruits emory Jones who you know decommitted from house state and switched over to go to Florida but he couldn't beat out cow trask and I. think that says more about Trask than it says about Emery Jones I think they're still gonNA use them re Jones in some packages and Bring him in kind of like they did with Tibo and he was a freshman and he was a younger player but the best returning quarterback in the SEC from production standpoint is cal trask. I mean, he threw for three thousand yards in only ten starts. He threw twenty five touchdowns to seven interceptions game against all burn and You know went back and forth against Joe Borough who you know as everybody knows was the best quarterback in college football. So I expect the exported to be good this year I expect Dan. Mullen. To have a pretty good season and you know lane kiffin has taken over down in old miss They've got a Guy John Ryan's plumlee is the. quarterback for Ole miss and I don't really know a whole lot about him and his name Kinda sounds more like a law firm than quarterback. But you know he he played pretty well last year up against Lsu he ran for two hundred twelve yards and you know four touchdown. So you also added one, hundred, twenty, three in the air. So I think that if anybody can. Do something with their offense. It's Lane Kiffin It's just gonNA. Be a little bit different. He's not playing Florida, Atlantic anymore he is playing in the SEC again and we all know how I Anthony Sec when when he was the coach Tennessee I, it wasn't all roses as finish six and six and his one in his one go around. So I expect before to win that game to be honest with you you know I think the number five ranking that's next to their name. I'm not sure how accurate that is but they. Have a quarterback who had a lot of production I just went over in cal trask coming back and he's healthy now and he's got some pretty good weapons around him. They lost being Jefferson their top receiver from last year. But they've got a kid named Trevan Grimes who's they how state transfer and you know he put up some huge games last year on their run to the Orange Bowl and I i. expect them to pick up right where they left off and I'm picking Florida care of business against miss and week one. I I'd say I don't know who wears out well faster. Lane Kiffin teaser me with women. But Yeah I i. don't really interesting. I love that guy. I don't know he's got something. Somebody's these presidents of universities you gotta got kindergarten photos or or he's got something about him. I know all right now do Mississippi state against. And we got the beginning of the Miles Brennan air in down with the Bengal Tigers. Replacing Joe or it's you know. How do you replace? Year. Joe Borough had probably goes down as the greatest quarterbacking job ever done in NCAA history from top to bottom beginning to end I mean no one. I think long time for someone to put up those staff haven't seen the success a joke or had last year so. My friend and could have the could win the heisman trophy and Show. That's how a great year yet. Yeah I mean he's got He's got a lot to live up to and You know one thing that I wasn't aware of until recently is that. You know their leading receiver Jomar. Chase who just had an ungodly season last year over over twenty touchdowns and over twelve hundred yards receiving he opted out. So, you know the the number one target is gone. So Miles Brennan also, they're running back, my Hilar-. You know he's the running back for the Kansas City chiefs now. So they're kinda starting from scratch a little bit on offense. They've got a kid named tire. Price. They've always got these hyphenated names running backs. You Know Clyde Edwards Allaire into now tyree and Davis Price I. Don't know what it is with the hyphen. But you know I guess You know why not might as well put another guy with a hyphen in his name back there because This guy could be the next big running back four Lsu He wasn't his toe highly touted as their other Guy John Junior but you know Davis price played more last year and so he's got a little bit more experience and has we talked about on this show experience is going to be pretty pretty big going into the season. So I'm interested to see what Brennan's able to do and You know what Davis Price and And John Emory junior able to do with the running back at least he's got to good running backs behind him. That'll help him maybe be able to work the passing game off the run. But I'm also very interested to see what Mike Leach the pirate is able to do with Mississippi state I mean they're the cupboard was not bear when he got there he also brought a quarterback with him guy from Stanford. Yeah Kidger. Delo. You know he's got three years of starting quarterback experience and you know in his best year, he threw for over thirty five hundred yards Stanford. So I expect him to play pretty well I mean he was considered an all American candidate before his injury plagued two thousand, nineteen season. So if he's healthy you know I think that I think that Mike. Leach, you'll be able to do something and then you know Mississippi state also has one of the best running backs in the SEC in Keilan Hill, and so you. Know, he's going to be able to be throwing the ball around and he's also going to be able to hand it off and get some yard so I think this game might be a little bit closer than people think and I give Mississippi State of shot I, I give Lsu, the slight edge but I don't think that they're just GonNa roll over Mississippi State especially in game one with no scouting on either team, and then we got Georgia Arkansas usually I would say Georgia halley favored the Georgia quarterback situation isn't really settled yet and. I mean got Olympic Franks. From Florida showing up on the hogs sidelines I. mean he the Guy was. Good and bad as far as I was concerned winning the gators I mean. Three three he was exciting but he made a lot of he seemed to make a lot of mistakes and interceptions I. Don't know what you thought of him What are you Georgia in? It's Yeah I'm really interested to see what what Jordan has done as as I wrote in my article. I figured that Georgia would still be probably the number one team in the east. Well that was before Jamie Newman they're presumed starting quarterback decided to opt out. So you know now they're gonNA have to decide to go between their incumbent Bennett or You know there are other transfer jt Daniels from USC. So you know I don't know if they've made a decision yet. from all reports I think that they'll probably go with JT. Daniels would be my guest but the good news is they've got good running backs. So they always do they've got James Cook back. They've got Samir White They also have a another running back named John Edwards who you know he's another good running back to so they've got three really good running backs and then. They've also got their leading receiver from last year he's also back George Mickens and I. I don't know if you watch the sugar bowl but it was like the George Pick and show he battled through some maturity issues as a freshman last year but Oh boy did he show up in that sugar bowl? He was the best player on the field in my. Opinion and whoever is back they're throwing the ball. They're going to be throwing it to Mr Pickens quite a bit. So I think with those three running backs and with George pickens. I think they'll I think they'll handle Arkansas to be honest with you I believe they. Franks is definitely an upgrade over what Arkansas had last year. But you know they've got Raquin Boyd is running back. For Arkansas he ran for over eleven hundred yards last year at six point two yards per clip. But that offense just lacked consistency all year long and they lost a lot of non conference games not to mention conference. Games. So expect Georgia to roll pretty easily over the razorbacks. Better few years Arkansas has been anything's really speak about. Coach gene is I mean bobby betray? No KINDA. Put them on a tailspin hasn't stopped yet So it's been a while razorback for something to really talk about but you know who knows maybe maybe they can start running around with flippy Franks maybe steal a cup like. This where to but maybe they can at least the middle of the pack this year with France quarterback and then we got an insane and evil genius and the Alabama at Missouri Ten PM ON ESPN on Saturday night. Mack Jones. Like you said, is now the starting quarterback. they a couple of good wide receivers talking about Alabama. Missouri either. Yeah I don't know a ton about Missouri I I know they've got a pretty decent quarterback who is His name is Shawn Robinson he's actually a transfer from TCU. Lotta. Transfer is going on in case you haven't noticed but he's a dual threat quarterback who can run it and throw it. So I think you know Missouri usually has a pretty good offense It's just defense is where they come to struggle and I think they're gonNA struggle big time up against Alabama Najji Harris is a senior running back now and he's going to be the premier featured back I expect him to run. All over Missouri and then You know they did lose Henry Rugs and Jerry Judy. So they're gonNA have to have some receivers step up. You know losing two guys in the top first round of the draft you know I know that Alabama replaces guys pretty pretty consistently but you know that's that's going to be tall task for these guys Devante Smith senior He played some last year and you know showed flashes of brilliance but you know that's a tall order to come in and replace Jerry Judy and Henry Rugs starting to Kinda seasons both those guys had. They were unique talents I mean those two were just those are those are generational talent. I mean usually talking about a linebacker defensive lineman offense at one minute at Alabama running back with you talking bad taste out it's union road where I mean. They were gained breakers from the one yard line to the other end zone. Didn't matter I. was spaces there. They can take advantage of anything. So yeah, it's GonNa be there. They're not be replaced they're going to have people just in their spots. Yeah. They've also got Jalen Waddell who played a little bit last year you know obviously the bullet cough Winter Gerry Judah duty in the speedster Henry Rugs got most of the headlines but. Devante Smith had a pretty good season and then also what what had thirty three catches for five hundred and sixty yards and six touchdowns and he's their return guys. So you know Smith and wattle there. They've got a lot to live up to. But that that, Alabama defense led by Dylan Moses should still be formidable and I expect them to put a pretty big hurt on the Missouri Tigers in Game One. We'll. So let's go first Tennessee against South Carolina your backyard Tennessee ranks sixteenth coming in after eight wins last year I know that. Not. What the volunteer their fans want where do you rate the volunteers right now in their, we call rebuilding kick-starting whatever they sitting for you. Well you know they do have the same coach coming back. So that's you know that's kind of a different mode for the balls. Usually it's a new coach and this is going to be the year type of thing, but they've still got Jeremy. PRUITT at the helm. So there's a little bit of consistency there on the coaching staff, and then the one thing that I will say about the volunteers is They do have a heck of an offensive line. They've got Brandon Kennedy who is a six year player at center He transferred from Alabama, and he's a pretty good center and I I look for him. To have a pretty good year and then they've got they've got guys around him to I. Mean we're still waiting to hear whether or not the KNOXVILLE. Catholic High School Five Star Georgia transfer came as we're he's been cleared by the NCAA. However, the SEC has not cleared him to play yet. So still kind of a question mark there as to whether or not he will get to play but the good news is they've got Trey Smith who Ford decided to forego the NFL draft and come back to Tennessee for a senior year which a lot of people you know didn't. Think was going to happen after the medical history that he's had. He had some he's got a history of blood clots and actually missed almost an entire season and so a lot of people thought that trae would take his talents to the NFL and go get paid but he wanted to stay around here in Knoxville and want to try to build something with the balls and I think that's to be commended and You know that that offensive line should be able to to make some holes They've also got five star soft more one year Morris at left tackle and and that kid you. Know. He had a really really good freshman season He was he lived up to the billing in my opinion and now with all this other talent around him they, they should just that offensive line should just get better the question marks are going to be a quarterback as they have been pretty much since Casey causing left town jerk guarantee nose back seems like for twelve year and You know he's just he's just a little bit inconsistent man I mean sometimes you'll make some good plays and and get the offense rolling and then other times he just looks really bad out there. people around here are not real high on him and they were really hoping that the freshman Harrison Bailey would come in and win the job. Unfortunately, he's apparently the third string quarterback. So not expecting to see Harrison some Bailey on Saturday I think it's going to be jerk and Tano out there as the starter. The good news is they do have some really good running backs I. Love Love Love Number Three Eric Grey he's from here in Tennessee I got to. See Him play in high school He's a bad bad man. He ran for a freshman record two, hundred, forty, six yards against vanderbilt last year and He's just the real deal I expect Eric Grey to make a name for himself this year and we also have tied Chandler who's the senior little bit smaller of a guy more of a outside the tackles kinda runner whereas air great can go up the middle or run outside. So I think with those two guys though. They should have a pretty good running game. The question is going to be on the outside at receiver the starting. Austin. Poke the starting tight end is suffered an injury. He is not going to be available Dominic Woulda Anderson, who was the starting tiny and last year he graduated and he's gone. So there's a lot of questions at tight end wide receiver they lost both their water cevers, Marquette's Calloway and John Jennings both went into the NFL. So Josh Palmer. Is. Probably the you know most at least the the best receiver they have coming back and he had thirty four catches for four, hundred, fifty, seven yards but he did come through pretty good down the stretch and he had a six catch sixty eight yard performance in their come from behind gator bowl victory. So Luke for Josh Palmer. Probably be their best option wide receiver and them to run the ball a lot behind that offensive line because they've got a lot of young. wideouts who are going to be trying to make a name for themselves and I I look for South Carolina to look for them to give him a tough game for no this this fifteen or sixteen ranking. That's next Tennessee that means nothing in my opinion until I see them go out and beat some SEC teams I don't believe it at all. So I don't think they're. Just, GonNa Roll over South Carolina in fact I don't even have a pick for this is I I don't know enough about South Carolina to to pick them but I do know that they've got enough talent to play with Tennessee and I know that jerk canton of still the quarterback. So I certainly don't believe that they're the number fifteen in the country at least right now. Well. Everything is. Better to tell you these kind of steps men with. at South Carolina gamecocks one street over Tennessee and five minute last six meetings at care at Carolina so. whether that holds up who knows but that's something I've thought out there and as you said, but you said. Last week or last the other night. South. Carolina is still a mess so it could be you know Tennessee's catching them at the right time the coaches on the hot seat. And who knows what Ki- what gamecocks team you're going to get? So we'll see what happens there the other seven o'clock or late in the game is going to be being the against Texas A&M. Jimbo Fisher third year. Yeah he's What are we got? Yeah I. Mean this is the year that needs to produce I, mean there's been a lot of talk. There's been a lot of money seventy, five million dollars thrown into Jimbo's pockets, and most of that has been given to them because of what he did it for the state and not what he's done day am they've gotten their quarterback back. In their four year starter killing Monde The problem is, is that he seemed to have regressed played pretty well in two thousand eighteen and then last year he kind of took a step back. So you know I really am very interested to see this game against Vanderbilt I I expect them to win just because I don't see a lot. Coming out of vanderbilt this year and I. Really. Think that they're gonNA be overmatched playing a non totally non. You know. Non. Conference Games, and having full SEC slate I. think that's going to be too much for the commodores to chew and got. Some pretty good weapons on offense they've got a running back Isaiah Spillover You know he broke the I look for him to break the thousand yard markers this year he had a pretty good season last year. He's kind of an under the radar guy but he had a really good ballgame performance and came up with some tough yards in their loss caused against Lsu and they've got a good wide receiver and Joan Osborne you know. He he was their leading receiver last year six catches for eight, hundred, seventy, two yards and five touchdowns, and he could have gone to the NFL and he elected to to return for his senior season, and he was a very highly recruited player coming out of Houston Texas. So you know Mandis got some weapons and it just basically comes down to whether or not. He looks like the two thousand, eighteen killing Monde or the two, thousand nineteen. For Jimbo Sake, I hope it's It's the ladder or the. Whatever you know. Open twenty eighteen. More you know what? I mean I. Guess. That's the former. way we live overlooking this right now had to, you know be fire pizza fire. What are we looking for as the top two teams in the? Sec. I. Am probably just because of what I know at this point looking at Alabama to be one of the top two teams as they usually are and then I'm probably looking at I'm actually kind of liking what I'm seeing that a Auburn I mean they've got the most coming back. And you know they. They're just I the West is always a little bit stronger in my opinion at least in recent years back in the day when Tennessee used to be good, which was a long time ago, and when Florida used to be a power you know the east was neck and neck with the West. But now it's it's a different situation and Lsu and Auburn Alabama I've just been running the SEC through the last several years. So I'm picking Alabama and I'm picking Auburn to be the the two best teams as of today in my opinion in the SEC. All. Right Israel couple more gained that I'm not I don't know if you're ready for me, I'm GonNa get you to cause some interesting games are going to be happening on Saturday We talked about earlier you very impressive Bill Dylan, GA-. Gabriel we'll be leading UCF against. East. Carolina noon on ABC on Saturday Anyway he's airline against any kind of. Problem for game really thinks. I don't think so I, think the just hypo knows what he's doing and I was very impressed with I've actually seen I can't believe this but I've actually watched UCF. Play two games already, and that's usually not the case but just due to the way that the schedule's been to who they played. You know they've they've played to decent teams in and I expect them to come out and play pretty well they they looked good against Georgia tech and I like that quarterback I think that I think the dealing Gabriel is the real deal. I expect him to be throwing early and often, and I expect them to win against Carolina by at least ten maybe fourteen. Or the Review Cajun's to know we talked about them just a few minutes ago WE'RE GONNA kick it on Georgia southern one over Georgia southern by notes getting here are having Tobin nineteen excuse during certain how many players will be available the. Raging agents I don't. WanNa, say luck because they do have a still team but the gorgeous day underside through this weekend. I think. So I think with that running back, Mitchell, and with you know with the teams that they've played already with Georgia state and Iowa state I expect them to keep rolling and I've been very impressed with what I've seen them both on offense and defense I expect them to roll over Georgia southern on Saturday. All right next game is another noon on Fox Case Day Against Oklahoma. The only thing that I think we can talk about here is when we're talking about Spencer Rattler over under sixteen passes or not over there. I. You know I think maybe under I expect him to throw before but I expect them to get the ground game going a little bit too and I. Expect Case State to put up a fight just because of their early season loss I think that open their eyes a little bit I think it got them focused and I think they'll play them a little tougher than people think. But I still expect Spencer Rally to throw four touchdowns not expect them to win by at least seventeen. Here, the game I my interesting in noon if I can find it on the SEC network Number Twenty Four Louisville gets number twenty one Pittsburgh Kenny tickets off to kind of Hot Star quarterback we've pissed for having watching him on on the outside the last couple years not. He's nowhere near an NFL caliber quarterback you know he's GonNa Anybody. Forget in Marino But he solid quarterback I think doing cardinals Do you think the cardinal live being number two and one or two or three now? You know I don't know this is a good game right here. I think you know like I said the problems that I saw on the Louisville defense last week just basically unable to stop the canes throughout the entirety of the game worries me a little bit and you know I know they were playing Austin P. in week one but you know Pittsburgh put up fifty five points. So they've shown the ability to score and you know this quarterback shown the ability to leave the team. So, I expect this to be a really close game but I do feel like me Cunningham is a little bit more talented and win that running back jv on Hawkins and the receivers that Louisville has I expect them to win but I I think Pittsburgh. Or I think Pittsburgh will put up a pretty good game and they've got You Know Nar newsies coach over there pit and he knows what he's doing. So I expect us to be a pretty close game to be honest with you. Next one in three thirty game SPN. Cadets of army will be going to Cincinnati both teams were undefeated right now only children wanted out whether both rings are drink twenty, two in Cincinnati bearcats number fourteen using armies. round game can ground down to their cats. I think it's possible I like what coach fickle is doing at Cincinnati. You know he had a chance to leave in this off season. He had couple of offers to go to some bigger schools. In fact, he was Kinda rumored to be the favourite to go to Michigan State and he quickly turned down the job and said that he wanted to stay and build something that's Cincinnati. But I can tell you that this is going to be a big test for them. Army has worked good coming out of the gate and I don't expect them to to just. Roll over Army I expect the cadets They always play everybody tufts and they're always out there churning out yards and I expect this to be a pretty close game. I am picking the bearcats to win but I wouldn't be shocked if I saw army come out in the Black Knights came out on top. But just because of what I know and coach fickle and what I've seen them at least last week I watched their game I expect them to win but I'm looking at about a five point line on the one in picking the bearcats. I got to you never been. To a game at army. Usually, go is when the greatest place to football game I know they don't always have the most exciting games with the atmosphere. There late, October early November game at the Mix Mighty stadium up there. You can't see a better place to see a college football game. I've heard that I've heard that and you know me, I'm a stadium Connoisseur as I've been across an up and down this country trying to hit up as many stadiums as I can just to just to experience, and You know try and see what the different atmospheres are like. But I've never been to west point to go to a game and I I'd I'd like to also go to Annapolis and see a game at navy as well. So maybe if the world. Turns around and we can take our mask off and be close to people. Again, we can. We can set that up and I'll meet you there and do a road show. I. Love that. Next. One as well. We were talking about Oklahoma state earlier they're doing West Virginia in a big twelve. Showdown Oklahoma state is a little bit of a mess. I mean is this the right time for? West Virginia to come in and and break this five game winning streak. You know. I. Hear what's going down because I don't know if you heard the first the opener for West Virginia, they had eleven players that were suspended. And it wasn't to do with the court situation. It was. Yeah. It was a break of team rules. I think, did you hear about that yearbook that one? Yeah, there was eleven eleven players were. Suspended for the opener for West Virginia, and so I believe if I'm correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that most of those guys are back and we'll be playing in this game. So I I think this will be a close one and based on what I saw last week out of the cowboys against Tulsa. I think West Virginia, give them everything they want. I think this'll be a close one and not if these guys are all back and playing I'm picking the mountaineers. All right three thirty we got number Texas at Texas Tech SAM ALLENDER OFF TO A. Fast Start I think he got visions of putting together some kind of Joe Chiro like senior year and he surely needs it to. Get back to that five star recruit getting start about to be coming into Texas. I'm like the kid I do like the kid I don't know if he's got enough to. Take him to the next level as a starter or someone a franchise quarterback or somebody that they can build around es data. Really good. Senior year Texas tech is Texas back there WANNA know but. Texas usually security guys pretty easily. What do you think? Yeah I mean Texas Tech WanNa know but they barely held off Houston. Baptist. last week to win the game thirty, five to thirty three. So they're coming that was on September twelfth actually. So they're actually coming off an open week, but I was not impressed with Texas Tech Barry beating Houston. Baptist considering I've never heard of Houston baptist. So after after after the LONGHORNS won fifty nine to three, over Utah, I expect them to to keep. Rolling, and it seems like maybe Tom Herman has finally got his offense installed down there in Texas and you know Longhorns quarterback Sam he threw for four hundred, twenty six yards and tossed touchdowns to five different receivers in the first half. So I expect Texas to role. In this one I I'm I'm going to probably give them at least a twenty point edge over the red. Raiders. About. Georgia. Tech. Your little. Hi, I'm got Syracuse to. Cheer Jesus up and was an up and comer a couple years ago they were upset special. Annexing heading back into other direction. What's what? What do you think about this the Georgia Tech do you? Yeah I. I'm a little bit shocked at at Syracuse and You know they. They were the surprise team. You know they took Clemson to the wire couple years ago and their coach was You know the next big up and coming coach and it just seems like the wheels that somewhat fallen off since then so I liked what I've seen out of Georgia. Tech. The first couple of weeks. You know I know they beat Florida state came back after a ten zero deficit and took them out in the second half and then I know they lost last week but they played pretty tough. I mean they had trouble stopping doing Gabriel and the central Florida tack but you know. This. Just looks like a different Georgia tech team to me and I expect them to win this one I'd give them I give them about ten point edge expected to win by at least seven points maybe ten if they're if they're rolling on all cylinders. I was state is at Tcu Horn. Frogs seemed to have some confusion with their quarterback. They do income last year who through twenty, one, hundred yards and ran for about hundred is not starting. There's starting a Sophomore Matthew Downing I guess is rumored to be the starter getting. Those changes made at Tcu and is that going to help Iowa state recover from the Yeah I think it is I. I'm not real sure why they decided to. Move on and go with the younger guy and I think this is Matt Campbell is a good coach. I know that they lost in the opener and and like they were maybe not ready for the region Cajun's and you know our boy broad Curti did not have a great game but he is talented quarterback and Tcu Just you know I'm not real high on them this. Year and I they lost jalen break or You know and I expect that Matt Campbell will have his team ready to play this time. I feel like I feel like that loss was something that they can build upon and something that they can. You know, maybe wake their kids up with and I expect pretty to bounce back and have a pretty good game. So I'm I'm picking the cyclones. Any other seen any other games you see on the it's interesting this weekend. Now I I heard that the Notre Dame game has been canceled or postponed is that Something, you heard as well against wake forest. postponed. Due to players testing positive or. I think. Yeah. Wake for you know 'cause you Notre Dame nothing bad happens to 'cause they're they're God's university Reschedules in the November nineteen and everything should be okay there. So Brian Kelly gets a we talk you can celebrate its fifty nothing victory for another week. He's he's not gonNA be ragged on the subway alumni for being just read taste and not having a clue. So he gets a week off from that. When we go into your you are you ready with your picks? Yeah I've got ready right here and you know names no doubt fixes. The week I'm up three one right now. So hoping that these picks will the ball rolling. So to speak and the first one is in the buccaneers versed the broncos. Jack, Jeff go actually stepped in and played pretty well last week and You know gave the steelers quite a scare but with cortlandt sutton out withdrew walkout with von Miller out I mean how many more people can they lose? I mean I I don't know I I'm worried about the Broncos I feel like Tom Brady is getting a little bit more comfortable in the offense he was able to hook up with Mike Evans last. Week for over one hundred yards and then wow, what a game out of Leonard. Fournette I mean that was the thing we talked about with some of our callers few weeks ago was that that may be something that can really help this Tampa Bay offense and It really worked last week I mean I know they were playing the panthers but the panthers offense rolled pretty well and their defense held up somewhat against the pretty. Pretty prolific offense in the raiders in week one. So I look for the buccaneers to take this game and I expect you know Tom. Brady to. As much as it pains me to say it I expect him to play pretty well in this one and I'm picking the buccaneers care the broncos. What do you think about that pick? I think you're right because I mean. As much as I liked Jeff risk with a story like I said, let me talk to him. The other day I followed him from a freshman at Florida. Seems, like a pretty decent kid and unfortunately didn't work out for him. To Go leanna attack and he's he's tried to start his career with San Francisco, and he had a couple of star with Cincinnati competing there. So. He's a nice. Story. But he's definitely one of those quarterbacks is not. You know you've shown nothing where you think you can even pull up its Patrick and and give you three or four weeks in a row. So yeah, I'd have to was the Cincinnati art or I'm sorry that The buccaneers? Okay. Yeah. I and also you know Philip Lindsey I think he's got turf toe injury or he's banged up to. So now they're gonNA rely more on Melvin, Gordon and Roy's Freeman but you know I just they've they've lost so much man I mean von Miller Bradley Chubb or so important to that broncos defense and you know with Bradley Chubb still trying to come back from his injury and von Miller being out I expect Tom Brady to be able to sit back there, and then pick them apart with Mike Evans and Godwin and OJ Howard, Leonard Fournette Ronald Jones I expect them to have a big day and I'm definitely picking the buccaneers my second pick. What type? You stay here for one second I mean, the one thing I, that adds to the whole. Thing about John Elway. And I can't help but get on this before you go away. VIC FANGIO had Georgia Denver Broncos I'm still scratching my head on that thing because you got all these young coaches around the. Young ofensive minds that. That, you know as. You need it seems you need to get like big day. You need to get a Shanahan you know Kyle Shanahan you that would have been a perfect fit elway played for his father and you know our young offensive genius to get there. Instead he takes a wife loan assistant and you know you've been coaching. Making, the eighty one. And he's been in this. From. I'm looking at his record right now is is resume. He started out and done more Pennsylvania high schools in nineteen, seventy nine. And he worked around I mean he's been you know. Assistant Jokes linebacker. Gordon even were given the wording I mean he'd been coaching for forty years whenever you get a high a head coaching job at any level. And John elway turns the keys over to him. At this time in his life I mean I'm not a guy. And I just I think John elway got lucky winning peyton manning to go there and run his team for a couple of years and living on his reputation as a player. And the fact that he won early in his time of running the broncos buddy he he's definitely been questionable over less. You're running with the quarterback Tears L. The coaching. Carousel, and you got a question whether you really should get a GM in to run it for him. No I agree with you I I was very confused by the hiring of Vic Fangio and that was just not. Who I expected, the Broncos and John Elway to go after I mean think about some of the guys that they've let go You know who who were coaching there and who were doing pretty good job. I mean Jack del Rio was the head coach and you know. I thought he was doing a pretty good job out there and they got rid of him and ran him out of town and You know they also ran out the the panthers coach and. I I just I feel like they've gotten rid of some pretty good coaches but then they go out and pick this guy up I. It was a head Scratcher to me and you know especially with these kind of young team that they've got. Thrown. This old Geezer out there to lead them I think is a mistake. Absolutely. All right. So let's go to your second. All right. Well, I know that the cowboys came back and won that game against the Falcons last week and got off the Schneide and we're able to somehow pull that game out. But let's be honest if one of those falcons players. Had A brain in their head. They would've ran forward and jumped on that ball and the cowboys would be owing two right now. So I just don't have any real confidence in them going up against the seahawks defense for the cowboys has been atrocious this far the season and both games given up thirty nine to the Falcons and you know I didn't like the way they looked in week one either even when they had Vandereycken. He's gone with a broken collarbone and I just don't have any confidence in their defense and then I've got a lot of confidence in Russell Wilson and decay metcalf, and Carson and locket, and all the boys for the seahawks. Just you know the way they played last week and we're able to win that game against the Patriots with not only. The way their offense played with their defense coming up big on that goal line stand. To end the Game I. Really Am am pretty high on the seahawks right now. So I'm picking the Seahawks to win the win against the cowboys and to be my second mates. No doubt pick of the week I'm going with the buccaneers in seahawks over the cowboys. Well I can't disagree with any. No I mean both of them soon very good and I think you might be. Another two know weeks. I'm hoping so I'm hoping so I'm feeling good about him and I wanNA keep the record up at a respectable level for this show and for myself and for you I wanna do it for both of us and I feel like I feel like I got to winners right there. I really do. I definitely agree we're getting to the end of the show a great show tonight. We didn't take any callers but I think we've got a lot of good information I. Hope People out there listening to had a good time with us. Really remember that we do take calls three, two, three, four, one, seven, six, seven one but anyways anything else you WanNa easy as you know what the dimension. Since baseball. Now it's nearing our get ready for the playoffs. You know. About, almost a decade ago. Now people were saying how Bryce Harper and Mike Trout we're GONNA come in in turn the MLB under ear and. Neither of going into the playoffs this year Bryce Harper's got one ring. But I mean they WANNA spite it in my in Washington not because of them. Mike Trout's never that doesn't even sniff the playoffs. It just goes to show you know team. You have to have a team in baseball to these guys overall I mean try to put up the numbers I've been abreast of rice heartbreaking been a little bit of it underwhelming. Player and stuff maybe one or two years. What do you think? I think they're both extremely over paid I mean, let's be honest I. I know everybody loves Mike Trout, don't and paying him forty million dollars a year in paying fifty nine year old Albert Pool Gills thirty million dollars a year because essentially handicapped the angels from doing anything they can't. They can't pay anybody else because every dollar they have is going to do those two guys and You know I just think that one one guy who bats four times you know a game. It's just not worth it to pay somebody that type of money and you know I. I just remember exact same thing that you were talking about hearing how Mike Trout was going to be the greatest player of all time and you know his rookie card sells for four million dollars and all this stuff but. What does it really matter? If you don't even make the postseason I mean I I I i. don't get it. All right me another good show mother good big weekend football coming up can't. Ben And actually starts tonight Miami Jacksonville. They should be underway right I don't know airlines underway way right now so we're doing that so far member it may not be the greatest in the world, but it's football and we Any or four they got through. Get through this ball. Made anything special going on this weekend no, I'm excited to see a little bit of SEC football I I'm really interested to see what these games I think. We've got a couple of good match ups and I'm I'm looking forward to seeing. You know seeing that Florida Ole Miss and that Kentucky Auburn Game I think those will be fun to watch and a couple of different you know teams everybody talks about the SEC being the best conference out there we're gonNA find out because they're gonNA have to play each other in this time and there's GonNa be no cupcakes everybody's GonNa have to pay somebody good for once. That's for sure. All right nate will So send it out tonight. Good night tonight good weekend, and we'll be talking to you over the weekend. Sounds good buddy. 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