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"mort burke" Discussed on Couples Therapy

"You get two extra episodes a month with just MIA Naomi we again real deep with issues. We goof around. We Sing Song. Sometimes I mean we'll tell you happy birthday. That's what we do on the Patriae Riyan. It's a real wonderful time. People seem to like it a lot so you can sign up on couples therapy dot com for that you can also find the call in line every once in a while we do advice episodes and if you call in you can leave a voicemail and ask us a question we will answer it on one of these episodes so right and if you want but you can find all that stuff couples theropod dot com. What else do we have to tell them anything else? I think they know everything else. Yeah we met we met Ashley and Mort for real at a party. I think we reference that the whole thing but that's where we met and we were like we want to talk to you guys and honestly it was a fun time. I think we we were in a weird emotional space coming in but I feel like we all got on the same page. We had some the laws. My soul feels rejuvenated really. Does I feel I'm floating. I hope yours will feel to you and Ashley. Did you guys meet working on. Was It mythic quest now. Oh Yes yes. We did mythic Quiz mythic quest I I think the first thing I did was with Ash I think half of my body was covered by a green screen. I think yes you had to stand. I heard your voice from afar tar in this. I wish I wish all normal office comedy plus me as a Centaur would be ideal before we get in deep. You guys introduce yourself slasher voices for the listener right. Hey I'm mort burke and I'm actually Birch. We're dating dated aided and are continuing here making that choice every day haunches decision of course more than I met on enlisted I played the lead on that. Show your sexy or now look great. Wow that's a nice thanks. I think my only acting credit is. I was in a a photograph in the Pete Holmes. Show what I got paid. I did you gotta pay to photos got paid twice okay. You know that's all I want because like when I love procedural when my favorite show is criminal minds this is his last season and I was like okay. I have no power enormous girl fifteen years coming to a are you OK longest relationship but my big big goal was but you know they always have the faces like the previous victims. I was just fucking victim fate. Yeah you know what I mean yeah. You're a photograph actor. That's like you're really only credit. Can you get me in then. I don't know ash more I mean first of all. I just need the listeners to know. I need to tell you on the record. Thanks for coming in thanks for going on emotional journey with us today actually and more you know late in the day in the afternoon I was like hey can we push to six thirty instead of six like a goddamn animal because we were in the middle of a cat issue and we just had to run around and we just had to get him in. You know the doctors at five o'clock and of course that's it's the only opening they had at the vet you know when I got somewhere to be fucking fit for the listener I I was. I was typing away at my computer and I looked down. I saw spots of blood on the ground and I look over and I see our dear darling growing squeeze. His ear is bleeding dying dying terrifying moment that very much whatever your phrasing was a little corner. The cat is not dying. I am dying thought yes. Oh sorry that's fine lines. Yeah okay so we went to the vet and everything's fine but just that moment of panic and so that's that's the that's the emotional space I'm living in today..

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