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"military air transport service" Discussed on The 11th Hour with Brian Williams

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"military air transport service" Discussed on The 11th Hour with Brian Williams

"Are you still threatening to potentially pull the united states out of nato for any reason and do you believe you can do that without congress's explicit support and approval i think i probably can but that's unnecessary the united states commitment to nato is very strong remains very strong but primarily because everyone this spirit they have yesterday i let them know that i was extremely unhappy with what was happening and they have substantially up their commitment yeah and now we're very happy nato now is really a fine tune machine i think that nato is much stronger now than it was two days ago i just a collection of greatest hits a reminder at least two of our allies in press interviews after the president left said nothing of the sort happened behind the scenes in brussels so it brings us to the last thing before we go tonight the president disrupted just about everything he touched today that's his thing and his supporters say that's the great thing about him as we saw he nearly overturned a nato meeting before flying on to london where an interview critical of his host theresa may the prime minister came out while he was having dinner with prime minister theresa may that sort of thing and now we read a potential disruption having to do with the color scheme of air force one this is important need we remind you because unlike any other aircraft in any other country in this world air force one represents all of us wherever it goes on this planet now the axios news organization is out with a story that trump wants the plane to look more american and their source believes that to mean it should be red white and blue perhaps he doesn't think the iconic shade of blue on that aircraft represents the united states now this president has just recently presided over the very expensive ordering from boeing of two brand new next generation seven four sevens which he may or may not get to use while in office depending on their delivery date and when they're ready the air force may have its own opinion about keeping the paint job as it is as the historian michael beschloss would seem to support here's what he told axios and we quote every time you see that blue trim and the words united states of america spelled out in that same type face as an early version of the declaration of independence it brings back jfk landing in germany to speak at the berlin wall richard nixon flying to china ronald reagan stepping off the plane to see gorbachev in iceland and a thousand other scenes of presidents in our past still quoting from michael beschloss jfk and jackie kennedy approved that timeless design created pro bono by the premier mid twentieth century industrial designer raymond lowy to replace an earlier version of air force one that had simply said military air transport service and which made conspicuous use of the color orange which kennedy rightfully found gaudy it was jfk who chose what lowy called the luminous ultra marine blue that has appeared on every version of air force one from nineteen sixty two on so michael beschloss gets the last word and that is our broadcast for this thursday night thank you so much for being here with us good night from our nbc news headquarters here in new york <music>

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