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"milenkovic hub" Discussed on Talking Cancer

"The first starting point for God in your local area many people will have already been on the gulf. UK website which is updated regularly, and actually you will be able to look for your local area on there. What I would also say is we talked on the phone. When we were talking previously about the map milenkovic Hub, which has lots of information to support cancer patients through the pandemic and on that Hub. You will find the update option but also with a link straight through to the gov UK because obviously if things as we said last time sometimes things get changed on a Saturday evening at 10:00, but you can get to the gov UK website from that map milenkovic and Mark once again, you know, the Practical resources available to be able to access medication from your perspective where where do people go immediately to find jobs that well, you can contact your local pharmacy. Of course, they will still be access and support for medication access for food delivery slots are still available etc. For those people home building or a vulnerable. We also have launched recently a virtual boots McMillan information pharmacist, actually. So so you could go Two Boots.com forward slash McMillan & Pub. An appointment with a pharmacist to be able to help talk you through any concerns or questions that you have around medication or wider issues with your cancer experience and we'd be able to jump in that way which is something that we started to bring in at the beginning of the pandemic earlier this year and something that many patients have hand care is to have have begun to access. So it's another way of life some of that advice there's lots of ways and lots of support available. So look at MacMillan support helpline and website as well as the boots website to be able to access that support Boise. It's always a difficult conversation and subject matter, but we need to talk about a very sensitive area that people are struggling with which is palliative care and especially palliative care in the community and the the vehicle T in contacting the appropriate Healthcare professionals, what practical steps can people take to understand more about their own or family members palliative care options during this time? Awesome, as you say palliative care is so very sensitive at all times and even more so a more challenging with all the restrictions at present, but I think the first thing I want to say is that for more than thirty years as a GP a really can't emphasize enough how important it is to actually have conversations understanding how very difficult that is the actually it's really important and I don't mean they're just conversations with your health care team, but also with your family and friends it's not easy starting those conversations, but over the years, I've seen a huge benefits as a result of those very open conversations. So in terms of practical, you know you it's important to say that palliative care is still available whether that's through District nurses GPS and Specialists or or at the hospice and some of these Services may be doing less face-to-face visits right now and trying obviously wrong. You reduce the risk and the spread of infection, but they all still there. They are still accessible and they have so much to offer in terms of supporting with physical symptoms and also emotional and practical support. It's a very isolating times, you know, without the pandemic. So to to know that this is still available and with conversations and bought some some persistence and supports that that kind of level of support is still there. Yeah, and and I I just had that I think also be really clear when you're engaging with these surfaces off then we'll contact numbers or available to you and and you know, which ones to use for when in many instances there will be a 24 hour line for you to access for queries. So do it may ask, you know to to know where people will be at the end of the line. And again, of course McMillan website has lots of information relating to palliative care some of it that would help you start those conversations job. And of course never forget that you kind of course contact the support line as well. Thank you Rosie. Thank you. Mark questions about cancer boots and McMillan A by your side took the moment. You're diagnosed through your treatment and beyond our boots McMillan information pharmacists are on hand with Specialists support from helping you make sense of your diagnosis back to advice about living with cancer. You can find them in your local boots Pharmacy or online via video appointment visit boots.com for more information subject to Farmer availability. Amanda and I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011 and June first phase of code reader was classed as extremely clinically vulnerable. So shielded at home for a hundred days. We have much contact with anybody. I found it really hard to get a food slot start with but then through the local Council I was able to get a secured time slot on the supermarket of my choice and also they would check just to make sure and make me aware that there were local charity group setting up to do shopping as he needed it and the hospital how much they're covid-19 case on Point Break arrival clean masks temperature check kind of the questionnaire every visit temperature again, when you got to the department you were going to hand sanitizer of a sanitized within an inch of my life during that that particular. If there's a standard if you need if you can't find it you need to be able to ask someone you get quite resourceful as your cancer experience goes on to me. That's where my job I mean you all like the 50 mergency service you're on speed dial. It is developed making connections with people the online Forum on McMillan website for me there a secondary support groups stay connected with people things that keep you connected with people. It's not the same as in person, but it is a good substitute if.

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