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"michael beard clayton" Discussed on 20/20

"I served notice in the statements. She gave I believe it was true in her mind when she told it it was chilling. There was no motions. I don't know if she was still in shock, just breaking my heart the entire time. This seven year old then turns the table on police asking them a question. LV we'd find out for you. That was not the time or place for her to learn that she needed to be with family, it appears to police the Charlie's pointing the finger and our own dad. How could he be in two places at the same time? Town. Corning New York is in disbelief when just twenty four hours after Kelly Clayton is found murdered her husband's arrested in part because of the statement given by the only I witness to the crime, his young daughter and more tonight on the murder in K in suspect. Thomas clean is in Steuben county jail accused of killing his wife Kelly. Plen- Thomas arrested. I wasn't shock. Definitely like everybody. Did she ever confide in you about any struggles in the marriage where the having any problems, she did not has she ever indicated any aggression toward never she never indicated that people always think, you know, we make an arrest. That's the end of the case. But the investigation continued, and it was determined Foley after Tom was arrested that there was a lot more to the story family can't believe her husband could have done it. They point police to Michael beard, Clayton's longtime employees that time didn't having work through serve. Pro. He always had him up at the house doing stuff cotton. Download or whatever viewed had recently been fired. Could he be holding a grudge? There was initial check. That has residents just as a follow up. He didn't know anything about anything and indicated that he had no nothing to do with any part of this. Investigators are stone until they get a lucky break. Remember lucky Miller who with her husband, Greg hosted that infamous poker game the night. Kelly was killed. Well, she now recalls a strange request Tom made that night. Pass you by phone luck. The phone in like looking to see the past foreign he called like nothing. No evidence of a phone call. I think she shown me, and she's shaking like this. I go then he deleted him. She goes, you can do phone numbers who hides evidence only do it. If you really have something the millers full of their phone Bill online and sure enough at ten fifty three pm a pair of phone calls to an unfamiliar number. All behold that phone number comes back to Michael beard. Police wanna talk to beard again this time bringing him here to the state police barracks and into this hot seat polygraph chair Paul you're after that's the same Jerry sedan. How did he handle? The polygraph denies all. And Then. then he was deceitful well Michael beard. The hardworking handyman is failing the polygraph test miserably his limit girlfriend. Holly Barrett is speaking her truth. Holly tells investigators the Tom had offered Michael ten thousand dollars who basically burn his house down boss came into the into interrogation with that information said Michael we know about the ten thousand dollars compared looks down. And then he looks up any finally keeps up the whole story as to what it had placing himself at the crime sane. He did it at the direction every quest of Thomas Clayton. It's a surprising twist for investigators veered making a full confession to murdering Kelly Clayton as another job for his boss..

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