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"megan gailey" Discussed on Hysteria

"Dynasty is being safe, too. Vaxx and masked. Yes. Just put it on a boob. Oh in a day. I feel like a newborn baby is more well behaved than like an 8 month a 100% because newborn babies just sleep and don't know where they are, and 8 month old babies are like, I need stimulation. Anyway, the baby will probably be here and I will not be leaving my house. Two months. But the Boston show sounds awesome and the LA show also sounds awesome and we will shout it out in show notes, right, Carol learn. Great. We also have Megan gailey here, Megan. Can you explain what's going on in the NFL right now? Oh my gosh. Honestly, not a lot of good. A lot of bad. And I have to say that NBA is saying knock knock. We'd like to throw in some bad shit of our own, too. It's been a wild 48 hours. Yeah, you know, it's funny I was talking to Josh about that the NFL stuff this morning. John Gruden. Yes. And I was explaining to him that when you're somebody who is not a white dude in an industry surrounded by white dudes, you always have in the back of your head this idea that they're just gaslighting you and they actually hate you. And the grude and emails is kind of like, yeah, they do. Yeah. They're just a bunch of middle aged pudgy visor wearing guys at a mastro's steakhouse, talking shit about everyone who isn't a white guy. And.

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