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"medina leland heflin" Discussed on An American Conversation Podcast

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"medina leland heflin" Discussed on An American Conversation Podcast

"Wilkinson american conversation podcast. A podcast about a comedian and to feminists having discussions every week. About what the hell's happening in america today each week we invite fascinating people and provide interesting news to be hashed out with the understanding that as americans. We can agree to disagree. We can laugh hysterically and behave politically incorrect. And still be friends for the next round of debate. Revelation leland and rose are not experts but alona is and that makes rose unhappy. Listen in every week. Be that fly on the wall. Welcome back today. We have our special guests jimmy. Shanna comedian alone. Is shaw our lawyer. Brown sugar have to say it. My god leland south park rose medina leland heflin we are going to be talking about what is going on with his asian tate so we have to korean and the rest of us are not okay. Let me read something. I go ahead. Racism against asian-americans immunities is deeply entrenched in american history. We stand with the victims and survivors of the atlantic and with all victims of hey and racial by stands with all our others insiders. Who feel unsafe today all right. I'm done preaching udub. We said okay pat being said in today's society. We have a lot of anger. Going on towards asian people. I'm not saying that it's towards korea. I would believe that. Were feeling more towards the chinese because of wonderful fucking trump in what he was saying about kung flu. And all that crap. That was funny. Cons flow lewis. Funny yeah no virus. Not so much. Yeah exactly. Have you guys had anything happened to either one of you. Have you experienced anything to your. Family's gio you jimmy. Go to tell me what's going on just the other night. I did a show or stoppage. Hey and i've posted a flyer on instagram and someone would go back home. I'll get mad. And i looked down but it was my mom not man. She must be close to white. Guys weren't even skinheads plumbing. I'm starting off with a job but seriously this is serious matter and what they do is they basically lump all asians together so half the time. It's not even chinese people that i know of a tie guy that that was killed. Yeah there's learn america yeah. Those are the old tiger. They're targeting these pussies are targeting. Old people which i think is the lowest of the low people that can't defend themselves. Yeah women and old people. That's just to me pathetic but grandma hit that guy. White guy his ass those then. You're all the money from the goes on me as well. I think it's over a million dollars. She needed to infamy. I actually had an incident. I live in a pretty gentrified area in lower manhattan and nine four or music. Ten forty five in the morning on a main street where i stopped in the middle of locked. Adjust my stuff. As asha my way to chinatown which. I don't usually go to during the week. But i just happened to be on the way there and this guy. That part of the story was really narrow. This guy coming towards me and he looked really angry and then he tried to sit on me. Dodged my jess me. And then he. I saw him to keep walking and at one point he turned around. He just had like. It's kind of euphoric kind of adrenaline rush kind of thing so i felt obligated especially obligated to go report this just because it was so look on him. I just felt especially after then. I went to chinatown. You're seeing all these people that are really vulnerable. And who don't report these things. They're not a positions recorded at at you. It's so difficult. Report hate crimes. I think it's gotten a little bit better in the last couple weeks. They're actually doing things you're starting in. Nypd now has somewhere you can tweet email and they're having more referendum. They're trying to get more people involved. Everson especially essence. Atlanta happens but even here a couple. I think it was early last week. I asked you an atlanta last week. Visiting my mother Last week here. He's heard that about the older woman who's filipino. When a church that homeless earn up horrible. Yeah it was a homeless guy. He attacked her. And the norman closed the door on her and do anything and they were trying to defend themselves saying that they didn't see that the beginning and then they showed the footage from the building. And then you see that they let this woman who's on the phone walk out the building right into it if they were so worried. Why don't they stop the woman from going out such like. Open the door for her to go out and she goes walks right into it looking down on her. That was shocking. When the guy closed the door they day just watched and they just close the door on and then a person who lives in the building walkout into that without saying anything china. Stop our ex president. That sort of egged this on any. I think definitely he definitely normalized races. Emitted okay to say racist things in the whole kung fu thing and a lot of people can't tell asians are so it affects everybody in la people. I can't tell them apart. No hanna understand about the local. Though rosettes different hard i actually my husband or soon to be ex is chinese japanese korean and my children are part asian but we would go to the korean spa and we could not even figure out which one was my husband when they were all in the same outfit and i understand bigger out your own husband. Nothing like ursel problem. Attention to the wrong parts leland. They all dressed the same. Because you have to wear the same outfit in the spa. But when they're all laying down all. The men looked the same. And i couldn't figure out which one was my husband. Something happened to a friend of mine in la where she was eating outside of a thai restaurant and i think the difference there was that she was their son. This man comes to start screaming at them. Sexual things your son's geisha boys harassing them. The difference there is at least in early do anything they were late getting there. They didn't really help them. They didn't take that seriously where it's at least here in new york. I feel even though nothing really came. Yes announce chuck came of it. I put stuff on my social media. I know a lot of people in the neighborhoods. So it's people and the police were responsive this Gentrified neighborhood what if it wasn't a gentrified you're in chinatown. They're not going to try to help you although it's really cute. I was in chinatown a couple of weeks ago. They have these now. They always policemen around every corner. And but they're super bowls jordan. You're there. you're chinatown here last week and it was dead there was it was empty. There was nobody around no body..

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