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"mcu russell" Discussed on Capes & Lunatics: Sidekicks

"Or kuwait really likes to watch your back by the i will join me has always well. That could not be still waiting down the upside down along the way again once in a real right always glad to be on on. I'm pippen i him aren't sure great to be back in amongst capes in late june early. July an excellent. 'cause they've got indraught. Yeah i think we're we're gonna wait for the first three issues the come out yet. Then do quoc. Quantum's yeah talk. I was talking to the boys. Were saying maybe at least once a year will check in see. What's going on you have to you. Go to give window beloved exactly. Especially if he shows up now like the mcu russell's awake spider pimps has the adventures of sausage and bun boy. I'm not buying oil russell's career. Who's this the web handed bandits. I don't know who that his you people need to give access like. It's your names. Maybe they want to remain anonymous. Say at least. I know it's not you could have your also he. I'll just chatting with russell a little bit earlier before the show. He's looking forward looking forward to his first omnibus. Yeah egg on your also hypoc Lilith will appreciate it. It's a masters of the universe. One of russell will be diving into that. Oh i can't show psychic show Song saint etf off. Okay chad i know that you. Okay has quantum maniac russell can it out in the chat room But yeah no good. Gherman wrestle Every every every remembers his first is on the bus firmness of its feel of it opening up only. Hey that's choking of since you're since you're a subscriber are patriot. Did you listen to a loath at r. I dot uncensored wayne's world not yet undies on my eddie Catcher have equal it. It's it's on the key for sure i count. White has pretty much still stretch. The boundaries set is fake anyway. But i'm looking forward to this. There's no boundary on okay. Yeah it should be missed wide swells. But you've got equal white many jersey. I guess got to choose right. Am i'm of the oj. Quantum zayn and whites world. Enjoy that. I love your other stuff as willow close Guessing for the on the chats so thinking that binding a russell. I listened to it right. Didn't ha wrestle. You like so much activity like on a seven thirty on a sunday morning least us. Why no encouraging. I think they both worked like light. Sell to those to earl revved up and radio are But yeah matt couldn't be with us. He stole baby. Watch janos allow. That best wishes met in jail and little one day. It was tuesday in its sunday in the so as i mean i know like i said i know luca was a weekly thing but he was down. He was a little bit early. Remember I mean not not quite a few days or something early Jeez thompson hasn't it. It seemed like only yesterday. We heard the news that mattie becoming a becoming papa. What seems like the by the waited a while before they announced it all year. Yeah but still. I mean so yeah. He's he's waiting. He's waiting so yes so probably Yeah we already planned. Probably tuesday night. When we were record the green lantern podcast is probably just going to be mean will Yeah i'm sure until at thoughtful fanciulla babies coming. Yeah that's probably by tuesday. Or what eight. They're probably gonna enthused her at some point. Because i know we really were like a weekly. And they're like oh yeah if he's not here by morning rather than ducey then he showed up that night so i appreciate them all right Might shift unite race favourite. Might see if you had. The shroud of syllabi of traffic is great. not that. what's it gonna tiktok not in that. Yeah yeah and it will not out the natal. Remember rating him in spiderwoman. He was actually really freaky in spotted woman. I liked the way he was portrayed day. But there's kind of like a certain. Also sorry i was gonna say there's a lot of spiderwoman villains in there. The brothers grimm although there was like a new version. Yeah y'all grunwald may arum aloadin siberia a handle over those characters. But the nato was. We'd because i think he worked so well in solo issue of a woman because he was creepy horror. But then if you throw him into like not shift team out loser that.

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