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"matt williamson williamson" Discussed on Big Blue View

"Podcasts. I'm your host ed valentine and today we're going to talk a little bit of vote of giants football as the giants get ready to face the new york jets in their two thousand nineteen preseason opener and here to help me break down <hes> the giants breakdown training camp break down a little bit of <hes> of expectations for the giants in two thousand and nineteen is matt williamson williamson occasional contributor here at big blue view and host of the locked on n._f._l. Podcast matt thank you very much. Thank thank you ed great. How's things going good good. You're you're busy these days. I keep getting messages from you that you're that you're driving back and forth and going to pittsburgh steelers practices a lot these days yeah one of my many hats i wear as i am on healer nation radio regularly and we're doing shows from camp almost every day. It's about an hour and a half from my house so i pretty much live in the dorms like the players and seacombe from time to time to mow the lawn and those type of things so you know don't don't we ever kind of grow up from from dorms and hotel rooms and stuff. It's fine manners. There's like community showers and it's true dorm lights but the food's good in the atmosphere is good and go to watering hole in the evening and hang with the some of the people from the team and whatnot so defined environment but it wears on you a little bit too there. You go yeah i'm doing. I'm two and a half hours from <hes> from metlife stadium from where the giants train and i've been going back and forth a little bit. I usually try to hang out..

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