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"mater lacrima" Discussed on Now Playing - The Movie Review Podcast

"Is Jacob and I'm here to tell you about our fall donation series. Yes, it's fall the pumpkin spice in the air. It's also in our coffee and our pop tarts and our orios and even our pumpkin pie. But fall ball means October. And that means Halloween. And that means we need to discuss some scary and spooky movies, and we're kicking that off right away with our silver level donation series that I'm here to talk to you about. We're calling this the three mother series, and they're all about the films of Italian master of for Dario are Gento kicking it off with the three mothers trilogy that includes suspicious and fern, oh, and the mother of tears. And then we're gonna. Throw in another film of his nomination or creepers, and that's all gonna lead up to remake of spirit coming out later in November. I'll tell you more about the donations Aries, but first, here's a preview of inferno. No obvious how this connects fear other than I think structurally here at verse. If you remember the spirit started with some voiceover and female artist who's trying to find out about a haven of evil. That's kind of what we get in this opening here tip. It doesn't have that crescendo build up that spirit opening, you know, that built to an amazing kill. Some would say peak and its I eleven minutes. I did say that here we're just going to get a data dome. We're finally going to understand who the three mothers are and what the keys to finding them off own the differences here because I think they hit a lot of the same beats a spirit. There's a lot of walking around building and weird stuff happening, but that was a problem with Suzy ban like why she the one that which is going after at least with rose here. Yes, she starts off with his three mother's book and it's that old four trope like you messed with evil. You read the Latin saying and a demon comes alive, whatever. So I can appreciate lease there. Some attempt to explain why this evil is happening now to someone went searching for it. I have a couple real problems with his opening. I do think it tells me how relates to suspicious in that right here. In the beginning, it's going to tell us about the different cities and that one of them was Freberg Germany. So that lets me know, hey, that was one of the three. She's in New York. That's a second one, but holy shit. What a data dump at the beginning. If this was something I was watching NFC eter or just even watching fun. This is the kind of text that would wash over me. I would try to keep up, but it goes so quick and is bringing up so many proper nouns and mater suspicious horrib- mater Lacrima room and made her ten broom. It's impossible to follow first time your viewing it. I pause the movie, watched it a second time. Pause the movie went online transcript at. I spent probably ten minutes studying this because I'm like, this is shit we're going to need to talk about, and there is no way you can get this except repeated viewings of the movie and studying of the movie. And I just wanna say they're already changing things and Fuxing identities. I mean now suddenly the mother of size is called the mother of sorrow, and she's the oldest when she was the middle child last time. I don't think our Gento cares about mythology and facts and strong timelines. I think it shows all of his work not just in this Chile that he has obsessions and they tend to be visual and auditory. And so that's kind of where I've meet him. I'll forgive him all of his ridiculous plots if he can cast this fell with his magic, my problem for the opening of this movie and really this entire movie is it's very hard for me to concentrate on who the main character should be..

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