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"maria zuber francis collins" Discussed on This Week in Science

"Like i said pal andro mc day but beyond that today was the day that the forty six president of the united states of america was inaugurated and last friday president biden. He wasn't yet as president president. Yes he announced his choice for science adviser and head of the office. The white house office of science and technology policy. Ms person is dr. eric lander. Dr lander was on obama's presidential council of advisors on science and technology and he co led the human genome project which gave us the first sequencing of the human genome and. Mit's broad institute which has been in competition for years for crisper technology against berkeley. He's a he is a firebrand of a scientific leader a bit controversial in some areas. There are questions as to whether he knew epstein in any way shape or form Considering he is in the same echelon of scientists that Epstein gave a lot of money too but he has so far not had many links in that direction and has just shown a an amazing ability to lead to bring the teams together to get science done. So this is exciting. In addition is position has been elevated to the cabinet level for the first time in history. This puts science epa table in the room during important policy discussions so for science very excited hope. Additionally biden's scientific administer administrative team was announced last friday and it consists of a diverse array of well-qualified individuals including science historian a laundry nelson francis arnold and maria zuber francis collins and pay koizumi in a letter remers reminiscent of votes nineteen. Forty four letter to van avar bush. That pretty much set science and technology priorities for the next several decades. We've still it created the national science foundation Really set our priorities for fifty sixty years. You asked lander to advise on public health threats to rise on mitigating the impact of climate change keeping the country a world leader in innovation to use science to improve social equity and strengthening the us research enterprise additionally biden has set forward his one point nine trillion dollar america rescue plan that includes four hundred billion dollars for a national covid. Nineteen vaccination and fasting program based on advice from world blast leaders in public health and science in the hopes. That science will pull us through this. I also mentioned that an hour ago. The united states officially got re entered into the paris climate agreement. What has happened. Today is is historic for Hopefully bringing science back into a a level of import in our government and.

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