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"The story. You're about to hear is true. It is a story of friendships that formed half a century ago. And created a global phenomenon. This presentation contains beautiful music and epic sound design. On your headphones and enjoy. Blockbuster starts now. The following is a true story about the making of an empire and to visionary world builders who made it possible. This is blockbuster. Episode one. Fall nineteen seventy one. The Hollywood studio system is in shambles. Filmmakers are struggling with the new popularity of television and changing world and in new generation of creative thinkers is beginning to emerge. It is an incredible shining. How'd you do that an ambitious group of young filmmakers gathered at the Hollywood home of thirty two year old Francis Ford Coppola Coppola, fresh approach to making film has earned the respect of Paramount Pictures, which is about to release his film called the godfather? It's an exciting time for Francis. Tonight. The attention in the room is on someone else. Steve it's just phenomenal sound. Thinks mardi the blow of a projector bounces off a screen to light up Coppola sprawling living room and everyone in it Francis. Martin Scorsese Brian depalma and some other friends everyone's eyes were drawn to the images on the screen in front of him. It's an action packed car. Chase film called dual soon to be an ABC television movie of the week. And it's directed by the youngest person in the room twenty four year old Stephen Spielberg. Francis was amazed all this and ten days. Yeah. Well, no, the thirteen we went over a little bit. This group often debated and critique each other's films. The camera work is amazing. But tonight, it was all praised for Stephen. They actually wanted me to go back and blow up the truck. But I'd tell them I wouldn't do it. Yeah. You don't need to blow up. We all get the truck deserves a slow death at the back of this dark Spanish style living room in the shadows. Leans rail thin young man in a plaid shirt bushy hair and full beard. His name was George Lucas. He hadn't planned to stay long. But just like the others he'd found himself drawn in it was Stevens camera work long. Tracking shots what many filmmakers would shoot as three separate shots. Stephen would combine into one with the moving camera. Do you have a Stanford? Yeah. Yeah. He had to jump out last sec. Wow. You got them to do that. They all felt like rebels Hollywood renegades. They're laid back. Dress code itself was in defiance of the slick monkey suit aesthetic of the declining Hollywood studios looking to make money, I and good movies. Second George in particular was from small town, California Modesto to be exact like many of them. He's grown up on serials films rebroadcast on his local TV channels to fill time Hollywood didn't make stories like that anymore, and he intended to change that. And he saw the same. Take charge attitude in Steve's film. I'll have a hamburger, please, no one. It was a growing tradition for this group to go out for dinner after a screening at Francis house cheeseburger for me tonight. It was mel's drive in a diner down the street from the iconic grens Chinese theater mardi Brian Steve and George all sat in a booth. I'll do the same and extra pickles. All right. I'll have them right out for you, though. None of them knew it yet. All four of them were on the cusp of breakthrough international success so Mari. I hear you'll be working with Roger Corman correct picture about train robbers on the run in the south. We're trying to shoot it all in Arkansas Bacall, and what's next for you? George George and Francis have been developing film called American graffiti. But Georgia's most excited about something else had this idea. It's a hero's journey sitting another world, George often spoke in visionary ideas. He was just twenty six years old, but his film friends admired him he challenge. Them to become better filmmakers themselves on thinking. Joseph Cambell sort of sci-fi venture in outer space, like you'll flash Gordon series, actually, tried to get the right supplies, Gordon. But they wouldn't sell them. So a kids movie that was Brian to palm not necessarily kids movie. Well, yeah, it's an adult kids movie, George had a nickname. He hated the kid because he looked so young for his extravagant ideas. He was sensitive to it one of the reasons he'd grown out his beard to look older. Now, all you get is cops hard drama. What about strange lands and creatures and? Scape from the everyday still sounds sort of like a kids movie. Brian would never really understand this kind of movie that we'd make dozens of successful films in his own career. But Steven understood completely brilliant, George really absolutely their fantasies. Streams very tales a modern fairytale edge of the world romance adventure fund used to being practically everything that's been done. Before has had a great story is a great story. I can see something like the great swashbuckling adventures. But in outer space, it's another world love the idea. George Stephen would always remember the moment, he realized he and George were different from Marty and Brian and Francis they made great and important films. But Stephen and George felt called to something else making movies.

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