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"madison beer garden" Discussed on Morbid: A True Crime Podcast

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"madison beer garden" Discussed on Morbid: A True Crime Podcast

"Kind fun to be around. She's beautiful her husband. Said she was amazing. Wife and mother like just all around a great person year old a nine year old son. Yeah she went to madison beer garden. And yes it's beer or excuse me bear. I said i said it backwards. My mind immediately says beer. yes. And that's why i was like yes. It's bear garden. Which i thought i kept reading it wrong ahead to look it up like three times. It's madison bear garden with her friend. Sarah it's just like this local pub. Though like college students sung out at it was like a cool place to go so sara ended up leaving for a bit and by the way. This was like linda's like naito like she was like. I'm going out and paul was like have so much fun right like this was just. She didn't do this often. She was just like. I'm going to go out and have fun so sarah. Her friend ended up leaving a bit with some two dudes that she knew i guess and she ended up coming back and when she came back. I think like forty five minutes leader. Linda was gone okay to immediately was like that doesn't make sense in patrons at the bar said they saw her with a man with dark hair and a dark beard. Who would later be identified as darryl rich Her friend. Sarah was like this is strange but maybe she league knew someone and got a ride back to oroville. I'm like that's all. I can think of because she was like steffi leading. Go home with anyone married with a child so darryl rich later explained that linda got in the car with him the way that he was able to get her in his car was to offer her. Some marijuana okay. And whatever it's the seventy i mean. She was going on and when they were in the car he asked her to have sex with him and she said no and the way he said it was he asked her to make love to him okay and she was like no thank you right and he went ballistic because he can't handle rejection so he punched her in the head as hard as he could and drove away with her in the car. He drove her to where he lived in cottonwood which was an hour away so drove her unconscious an hour away. The last story he told was because he did tell a couple of like little changes in his stories..

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