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"low creek elementary school" Discussed on The Daily Show Podcast Universe

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"low creek elementary school" Discussed on The Daily Show Podcast Universe

"Hello and welcome to another episode of pod Save Willow Creek elementary the five hundred nineteen podcast and growing network. We are the podcast by the resistance and for the resistance inside Little Creek. Elementary School in Fairfax Virginia. I'm Judy I'm Isabella and I'm Tommy word fourth grade and we have so much discussed this week including Principal Walsh's outrageous decision to short recess by fifteen minutes. This is not normal we also have plenty more about pivotal. Walsh's efforts to build a wall between Lil Creek elementary and Santa Plug blood mill school. Your parents tax dollars. Hard at work later in the POD. We have an interview with miss stowed. She's a substitute teacher. Who we think should be the next principle of low creek elementary school. She made a lot of ways last week. She let us have to snack times so excited that before. We get going some housekeeping. We're recording a live episode of Positive Mill Creek at Jackson's died birthday party on Saturday. If you'd like to attend to get your mom to our VP to Jackson's mom. There's going be laser tag. Tommy we also have some news about Isis podcast. Yes our sister. Podcast has new interview with my sister. Her name is Victoria. She's an eighth grade and she's really mean to me. Checkout pod. Save my sister on itunes. Also this episode of pod Safe Little Creek is brought to you by Blue Apron. Blue delivered straight to your cubbyhole. Are you tired of constantly running out of glue? I know I am glue. Apron is your new source for all things. Glue crazy glue or cement. You name it last week. I got an amazing stick from Blue Apron. It's purple. I'm obsessed love. Glue a brand. I especially liked their edible glow. I don't think any of the glue is edible bathroom. Blue Apron it's paste modernized. Let's get news this week. Principal Welsh announced an escalation is shade war banning the trade of all POKEMON cards. He said quote. I'm calling for a total and complete shutdown of all snow. Relax decks until we figure out what's going on a few questions first of all. Can the principal do this? Absolutely not he is way beyond his authority. Here it's mind blowing for years the foundation of our elementary school continue to unmistakable truths first. Everybody Needs Kuti. Start and second that free. Trade is essential to the health of this school Isabella. I want to turn to you. Why are they teachers? Speaking about this clear abuse of power well does the teacher speak up when principal appointed Jimmy Johnson Hall martyr. Even though he's the biggest bully and fifth grade teachers speak up when he tried to ban all sanger painting because one kid eight the paint again. It looked like it was edible. We know this about the teachers. They are complicit. They are egotistical. And they are. I saw Sali's can I just say something? This a principal who is stoking divisions. He's making us learn long division. Every phone has a calculator a man I can. I say another thing. There's no reason we learned to play the recorder visible lonely instrument. Let's get back on track. I think we need to face the facts here. And this is unpleasant to admit but the principle is a fart face this principle who has shown time and time again that he's a fart face but all of his neighbors are too afraid to say principle welches afar face. It's always like calling someone. A fight face is worse than actually being a fart face being a fart faces. How is the principal? Welsh is sung got student of the month. You're talking about Pixel Walsh Judea. Yeah he doesn't even know what a fraction as and all of a sudden he's doing morning announcements and getting straight as part of a larger pattern of corruption. I mean why is it? That principle Welt is forcing us to learn cursive. No one writes cursive anymore. It's because pistol. Welsh is a right to protest in out an outright supremacist. This is not normal. Let's also not forget that. Principal Welsh has repeatedly committed adultery and Tommy Reminder listeners adultery as adultery is when you ask an adult why they're doing something and they say because I'm an adult and you aren't. I hate adultery. My Dad always commits adultery. When I ask why he gets T- ice cream for dinner. My Dad also committed adultery. And now I get to Christmases Isabella. What our listeners. Due to fight back against principal Welsh. There are so many awesome organizations out. There you can go to vote save little creek dot org for a list of opportunities. We are currently looking for volunteers to T- principal welches office. That's a great event for a great cause. You should also check out our friends at swing last and how Listeners Fides. We left all the play ground. It's a swing set on the left next monkey bars another great organization and a very fun swing. Okay all right back after this word from our sponsors great I'm going to go to the potty.

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