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"loki elliott" Discussed on Johnjay & Rich On Demand

"It's on free. Form the free form network. Then it goes through the roof. And i know suzanne did you finish it and in a date and you're right. There is a big twist in the last five seconds of the show. This creepy right. Yeah it really is. And it's it's crazy because it doesn't make you wanna almost like re watch the entire show just to watch everyone's behavior but i'm okay with it being done. They're like huckabee's even though they dc they teases he's season two. They said yeah so. I actually went back and rewatch to the whole. And i rarely do this. Went back and that whole other that same our because i was so fascinated by that. Show the lassoed nakao. Did you catch up on it. Something that i never do skipped the last told us like everything that happened in the middle like we talked about pretty much everything that happened in the middle. And i'm like yeah it's gonna take me too long to get through. It's all just watch. The end twists. But i feel like it would have been more impactful if i didn't skip four episodes and see all these different character. Things happen. All these other storylines expect the twist right so episodes. Seeing the twist is still creepy. Yeah right but if you follow the if you follow the whole story and then you see the twist. It's like whoa emmett. My subcamp Him and his mom went up north to relax. He wanted to you know. He's been training every day working out basketball every day. Since for how long. So he downloaded loki and in the end so i called his mom and they were in the car driving of north and i called his mom for a couple of things she called me for a of things and then i was like you know he. He's been working out every day every day right so the point is to recover and relax so i i'm on him for reading positive materials for that kind of stuff and manifesting and all this stuff so i said ago Hey listen forget everything. I don't need you to read any book. Seventy listening positive stuff. What i want you to do. Just do favor one one assignment. While you're gone for the next four days. I just want you to write down your goals again. Because he has his goals written down on the twenty. Write down your goals. That's all i asked. Just write down your goals. They goes okay. I will and i go by the way house loki. 'cause the new look drop. Yesterday he goes. I don't know. I keep getting interrupted just like you watch. Tv nuts said later. Watch low key yet. And i go. How is it he goes. It's fantastic. And then my son. Jake he goes. Did you watch low key. And i said no he goes. It's fantastic and i'm like all my kids are watching low where we're home. How come we're not watching together. Everyone watches it on their phone. Different time whenever works. So suzanne you being the marvel fan. How is the new key and that new episode of that dropped yesterday just to kind of set up the future of mcu. Like it's such an important episode. That i can't. I can't wait. It's like i can't ruin what you know what it is. What happens but it's just like a game changer. Good way yes. Because i was looking at you almost nervous about what i could say about the show. 'cause if you haven't watched it yet and kyle you should if you have gone back watch these watch the second episode. Because it's i think it's the best of all of the live tv shows they've done except for maybe a mandalorian episode. It's really cool. Oh yeah just that it up it just everything else up. It's like what's going to happen now. The last week it was every episode. We like that. It's not necessarily the first episode of just kind of showed you like this whole different thing that is happening while we're watching the marvel movies but this is like you're you're looking into a peak. You're peeking into like doctor. Strange and the new spider man spider movie stuff like that. Like you like okay. This is why we're going to get those movies to be the villain in all those movies. blame no. I don't think they got their act together at marvel. They've worked out storylines they got it. All everything fits. You can't go and poke holes in a lot of stuff like like you can't star wars and you could go poke holes on a lot of that and but i think marvelous got their act together one of those episodes that you just you're going to like i've been thinking about it nonstop since i watched it and i just want to watch some youtube videos to break it down even more for me. There's something i saw this morning. That just popped up like gun. Buzzfeed accepted like twenty seven things. You probably missed on. Just the latest episode of loki elliott. There's so much. I don't have to think about like. I watched the first episode. And i thought it was entertaining. The first part for me was very slow but like at the end. I understood why they had to go that way. I actually forgot that. It was out. So i didn't see it. I might go back but like now. I'm watching the show on netflix. It's called the end of the f. Ing world it did come out a couple years ago but i'm obsessed with it. I'm obsessed so good. I think it's three seasons two or three seasons and basically this these two high school kids. It's james and eliza and james thinks he's a psychopath and he befriends elissa so he can kill her and they run away from home together and they just get an all kinds of trouble but it's a very very dark humor very very dark. I remember when it came out. Because i remember the logo for the show. They like the f. Word is bleeped out. It's so good. Like i really enjoy that. And when i was when i was skipping to the end of cruel summer on hulu i realized the second season of dave is out came up to my yesterday and i realize it's an hour episodes so i need to. I started while. I watched like the first fifteen minutes of good. It was slow. You watch last season all of last season. I think i missed the last trip so broke up the back together in the first episode. I haven't seen her yet. But i only got like fifty minutes so i i you know i'm trying to eat right like i'm trying to get to the point where i want to eat right. I'm not a maddening right yet. You know like white castle yesterday. White castle genius had been white castles. There's one open here not the a few years ago and i haven't been and so i. It's at a certain part of town which is right by that possible illegal massage place. I go to so. I might as well kill birds with one stone. Go get an and massage and then go get white castle for the family. So i went and got the white castle. It's called Forget to big box. Scott thirty thirty white grape gays. I got a great critic and so my son jake. My son camp. No my son. Dutch my son jake and me and then i got a. There's thirty in there. And then i thought i don't know if that's enough so i got two extra ones night. He does two on the road and then we open up the case of thirty and eight. Seventeen of them gone four. I was like. I can still keep going like i was like. I literally have a problem. Like i stopped myself. Because i knew this wasn't right. Abby but anybody can seventeen of those downed ever liked the fact that john stopped himself. Because normally you'll see like food left over and you can't stand it. I know i was like eating eating. Eating and i was just at white castle. I here's a little reason. Why i also didn't finish at white castle. That gave me the honey mustard even barbecue naming hot sauce. And if they would've given me their catch up. I think i would have continued eating. They didn't give me their catch up. Use my ketchup. And it didn't invite doesn't always get like they're you know i wouldn't even if they are the go once even if you have heinz at home and they give you the heintz. It's different did enroll right with me. And so i if they would've given me the hind their catch up. I probably would kill all of them. But so i had to. I had to go all right. This is wrong. Stop was wrong with you. You know what i mean. I'm at some point. You're going to have to flip the switch and your life and get back out of control him like seventy each one of them taste grape. The onions.

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