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Episode 226: Farewell Tommy Kahnle + CC Documentary Recap

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Episode 226: Farewell Tommy Kahnle + CC Documentary Recap

"Hey what's up guys. It's big cat before you start listening to this episode. I want to let you know that we're running a special sale on all barstool merch. Go to store dot barstool sports dot com and use code podcast for ten percent off goto store dot barstool sports dot com and use code. Podcast for ten percent off Sarah time and one just for the day. What's what's happening. Welcome addition of the short porch presented by bustles. Sports and miller light middleweight. Twenty twenty. Two year of cancellations of course and holidays arrive will be saying farewell to one more tradition w work holiday parties it turns out most of us never really liked those parties anyways with work parties cancelled we can get to something we actually want for the holidays more time with our friends whereas we call it miller time holiday parties just overall suck. We don't wanna part of it so obviously getting together where a real family or boys You know it's the it's the right thing to do right now. So you know we're doing that with miller miller lite and to give work holiday parties you proper sendoff is teaming up with a visual artist by the name of alex prager for a full exhibit called farewell work holiday parties y well nothing says farewell to an old tradition senior in a museum to celebrate all the extra miller time With a real friends the season whether it's virtual or not get great tasting less filling miller lite delivered going to miller lite dot com and find delivery options near ut miller time celebrate responsibly as always miller brewing company walk. Tonight's calories per twelve ounces could be drinking quite a few miller lite tonight porn some out for our fallen comrade tommy. Canley is gone. It's the way it was the one day because like you know so it's wednesday. You know where this is. Our one of our only two weeks really awesome work july fourth other one so i was like okay wednesday going to sleep in a little bit half still do some work. Obviously but Woke up at like noon. Twelve thirty and got cut the fucking ken. Rosenthal tweet sent to me. That town mckinley signed with the dodgers. And i know we're all on pins and needles here about digital mayhew. But that's just a fucking i mean. Sure he's gonna miss the whole year anyways but it's just a gut punch to see tommy canley signs and it's not the yankees and that guy going to grow. His beard out is mullet. He's going crazy his hair and it's going to be for the l. A. dodgers not the yankees and that just fucking broke my heart this morning. Yeah sucks. I mean you sent the a tax than our short group chat saying i want a di- you jay news. I thought it was gonna be something much worse than that. I mean good socks tommy. John was a fun part of the team but to me like real heartbreak without got tommy. John's out this year anyway. So yes sucks. That in twenty twenty two will be on. A different team won't be a part of this year. But i don't know i i feel like the tough news with him. Sort of has already happened this. This was maybe a little bit more of kicking the nuts. But i kind of wasn't expecting anyone that is true. Two thousand twenty two problems as worry about that yet. Look at you with a real mike. What the fuck is that like. That sounds nice Holy molar your podcast. And now jesus yeah. You're you're on other story to me. It's very nice and doesn't give me any promised me a new laptop of the year. Guess what the end of the year fucking scumbag replace right now. Basically like that's how bad it is. That's always be charged. But the to no surprise. Tommy's not gonna feel like that heartbroken mckinley leaving you know he's going to downplay and all that i don't know maybe i was just a really really big family guy from the start and then finally get him on. The podcast was so dope. And yeah i mean like i don't know it just sticks like britain's tweet zach. Britton was like really sad like that relationship has gone now. Tommy canley. that's hurts. Ma'am hurts a little bit more than it. Should it hurts. I think the overall like culture of the yankees and stuff but understand we gotta save. I wanna die tweets for if the gentlemen that i'm just dishes known positive news everything's bad. There's no positive news. Say i'm getting sick of the new york yankees. I am getting real sick. We're sitting around the entire time. And i see nothing being done. Yeah and like so. We avoided complete disaster. Because if i woke up to tommy canley signs for the red sox. Today i would have. We would do pockets. 'cause that'd be dead. Apparently they were the runner up here and had a competitive offer that would have been. I know i could not just that would have been impossible. Perfect oh four sock to personality definitely definitely gets him and millar would have been like the palace no doubt his his contract. That's like five or fifty five hundred fifty thousand dollars. Bonus seven fifteen. Two thousand twenty one three point five in two thousand twenty two which is expected to come back with more bonuses. Whatever matches nothing to five million dollars like you can't just fuck that man if they don't do if he god help he's if they don't bring back digital may who like this would be the worst season ever be unbelievable. I don't know what their plan is. I truly just don't know what the yankees plan is right now. It's not. I don't think it's going to end up. Well i have no. I have no reason to believe they're going to figure this out the right way. Yeah i have no hope anchor becoming franchise that up losing all their like like you lost Dd last year. You'll lose keenly role mine role mine. Yeah i feel like i mean. Cc retired obviously. But i just feel like they've lost so many of those character guides gardner again. He's a high he's a high clubhouse guy but so much what made the yankees fund. The past few years. I feel like is is going away so i better start fucking winning. Because we're going to be a nap on team. That doesn't win i think. Those boring stiffs on the planet. If they're gonna win they're gonna win a world series and i don't care but it's like being like the next move honestly like if we're just going down this path of misery where like the endpoint is dj signing with somebody else. The next point is like trading void. Like how much you wanna break my soul. I'm really wanna like. How defeated do you want me to look look void. Being traded would be the next step if we're just going down that path if he's don't resigned dj. I really think fans. We all need to look at ourselves in the mirror and consider making a statement to this franchise we need. I know. i don't know how. What does tommy smokes. Do to make this statement not buy tickets next year. I mean i know there might not be fans but whenever whenever there are fans again. We don't buy tickets. We don't buy any merchandise. we like. they don't signed it. There is no excuse for not signing. Dj if they don't sign dj were were like swapping with the white sox like white softer trying to make big moves. They were the joke franchise. And now it's like the the fucking yankees are doing. Nothing i just. Don't get how nothing's been done. He was on our team. He wants to be there fucking figure it out. Well the good news is they just want to all series and eleven and the report now a deejays. It's five for one twenty five and he's not budge. That's a little different from five for one hundred and the yankees were like four for seventy five. It's no he was five for one twenty five. That's a big difference to me. The big ask but meet in the middle. She'll do it in a heartbeat. But i'm just saying like how far off they are people like. Oh it's just a little bit of money. He's like that's a lot of money. I don't know that's a lot of money. They're often A name that's come up. Which i have been interested in for a while and seems like this team is really just getting ready to everyone louise kathy on the reds is named popped up on the yankees have interest. Whatever and the you know the report would take ton. Now that's a guy you can slide in as the number two and you feel really good you know everything else. You'll cole could steal and everything else. After that falls in the place that would be a guy. Now it costs a ton. Maybe it would cost medina medina by the way down in dominican as twenty five strikeouts in eleven innings easel fucking electric factory. That guy gets up easily. Just re shoring up the ranks. That guy needs to be here quickly But yeah i would. I would love lewis kathy. I don't know what exactly would cost. You know it's not causing jason to stop throwing around. They're not trading jason for anything but we still be my opinion. You're the number louise. Pistachio superfan always had made that. No right like. I think a half way i would be down to him. He's the best changeups in baseball from the starting pitcher. It just falls off the table. And he's young. He's under control. I'm all about him but it would cost a ton. Think the red just don't wanna win They made the playoffs. Now again. we enough of this. Let's just blow it up. So i love to take their straps literally any pitcher right now. You even said it right there like oh we got coal casteel and then like whatever else we have nothing else right now. It's just coal and whatever else. The rotation is really scary. It's really really bad way. It really bad way. We years in our our. We're going to go through this. Thank you just got to add a couple arms. Like i thought after adding you're We got our horse now. It's like the it's like the opposite of how was like for so many years with danke had like the middle on the back end. They just didn't have that east now. They have the ace and they have nothing else. Thank god them. Imagine they just didn't get cold. Yeah like what we. We'll be doing here. We have a little bit more to talk about here. Knocking me longest show in the world but we are the doctor talk about. Those are good and one other thing. Quick before against that though. We'll talk to is about hooters. Hooters just physio they. They were all around with the the barstools could with where the place was in america the philly sports because we were there all throughout the playoffs You know that will be cooking back up. Probably when we get back on the swing of things once break is over but you know who has been there For barstool pretty much. All twenty and hooters calendar is now out for twenty twenty one. You can buy the counter local hooters. One dollar donation from every purchase goes towards. Give a hoot and you also get your countersigned. Signed by the hooters girls themselves. Just go to hooters dot com slash tour to find out where they will be. And when marty like to. You just have all the hooters girls numbers and your phone at this point like he didn't eat in was the The cover this year. She won unbelievable honest. We can get those hooters calendars for good christmas gift to if you want. Did you have any say in who won no. I was on the committee. I actually in. If corona didn't happen. I was going to go down and judge a contest. Wow have been. That's a that's every man's dream. I don't think it gets better known. Fucking corona guy so go to hooters dot com order all your favorites from their menu. You can also ordering the hooters app as well use code stool for ten dollars off any over thirty dollars. Odds are you're making order from hooters trying to get some wings of your your drinking similar lights on the side as well orders me over thirty dollars you might be might as well use this coach. Stool ten dollars off only thirty. It's interesting no greater and go check the calendar as well one dollars nation. Every purchase goes towards give who Check out hooters. There personal fund. I don't think we talked about this in the last show. I don't know if it was created a day. After would you say. It wasn't announced okay but boston fund Dave is spearheading this With the marcus lemonis And they are raising a ton of money a ton of money for small businesses All around Not even just new york city but you know. The restaurants bars are really getting destroyed With this new shutdown and places that have been open for twenty thirty years are debating having to close their doors and borstal barstool fund is going to do. Its best to make sure that doesn't happen and these guys stay open The videos are legitimately like tom. You tweeted yesterday with the every single one of these videos. Were dave call. Somebody and saves the restaurant is the best thing you'll watch all day. Where like even dave like a person who we know leasing abortion not the most emotional person in the world but like you could see it even like he's like touched by it a little bit so parcel fund is fucking awesome to is like i hate talking on the phone but like i love doing these calls. I mean how cannot yet the us i mean there was really no nothing helping small businesses like the government. We what one stimulus package in march. Maybe another at some point but really nothing like you know. They're dying and for a company like barfoed. Use all our resources for this and hopefully be able to save as many of them as possible is. That's what it's all about a love that dave is like so into as well because when dave's into something it's going to go off like he's just calling outwit like a twenty five k boom done. Ripoll white red dana white hundred grand. Yeah and then we got that polka guys given twenty five grand. Now it's it's just a fucking ripple really cool to see. Yeah i would really like for the yankees to get more involved here They had this tweet about So many words. I don't see graphics. Whatever they put out they don't need to. I think it's gonna be ten. Businesses like get five k. each around the bronx whatever. Just nice. I just. You're the yankees. They know. it's so tough to like. Yeah you know. It's tough to do it with charity but if porno giving five hundred fucking thousand dollars. I've always thought it's hard to donation. Shame rate because a lot of times. Jeff bezos will do something and they'll be point zero zero zero one his net worth and shit right but like this is different where the could very clearly given like. Yeah sure they're giving fifty thousand more than a lot of people in other teams but you're gonna go through making a fucking eight tweet. Graphic seemed like and like be like. Oh where you know doing this reopen you gotta do more to you. Have their one one. And a half. Two billion dollar franchise like five five billion. Oh okay five. Billion for period. Like if you're going to like i. George steinbrenner has like a famous quote where he says if you do if you donate or do something nice for someone in more than two people know about it. You did it for the wrong reasons. So the yankees like tweeting about. It is very clear not hauling that. We're going to tweet about it. Just better be more than fifty k. Scarlett be like half a million or like. I'm like did they you out. That was such a move where it was like the yankees franchise who used to do things right all the time. This is like another step idiots. Yeah the ben. Heller had a tweet pitcher for the yankees. While i'm definitely not. It was coinciding. Dave 'cause he was reaching out to kevin kevin hayes. All those guys and heller said well. I'm definitely not rich but my favorite part of new york is all local restaurants and bars. So many do my small part and help. How can new york shows. Lots of love for the yankees. So it's time for us to love them back hash day. Barstool fun hashtag new york. And then he put the link for the barstool fund. Beautiful awesome ship. That heller from a clouds Really like that. He's a big stool. Everything he he's he's tweeted at the before. Yeah like about the strikeout challenge or something. I could see that with. Kevin hayes given twenty five k. And and the yankees are giving. Fifty is not look didn't win. They've won with fifty. What gave you did get fifty right. Wigan whitney whitney the yankees only gave ten times more than gats is like they give it that way and corrobos jerry and fucking jared. It's bad So i really hope they answer the bell. I'll buy part of a break to reach out to some people because we. I wanna get anybody who we've come. We've come cockpits with some nice peop- you know some fairly decent names. I think a lot of people love obviously love new york city and play for the yankees and all that they want to get back to these. Everyone loves the bars and restaurants in new york city. Don't want them going away. They've done so much for us over the years. So i definitely want to do my part and help out as much as i can so hopefully spread the word. You can't listen to this. You know some people you know this is the time to give yourself even like if you got twenty five bucks or whatever to give you know every little dollar calico i. It would be so cool. One day for one of us to come through ten k. Like obviously. I don't think any of us that might edition but if i had a layover break shirts for my whole family goes rallies they got awesome shirt. Do what you can. Obviously everybody's limits are different But you know anything you can afford to give Doing spread the word. Yeah it's sucks to see like gaz give five can use like i'm a poor. Fuck is i mean. He was a millionaire. No it's great. Yeah go on the bar. So the link for the fund is on the short porch instagram link. You just click that you go right so It's all over twitter twitter. Find the link. Google barstool fond dance. yeah And then if you go to the store we have certain shirts review by pretty all the net proceeds go right to the barstool fund Then you know and there's a fire merch out. There loved an office. things eliminate. it's all good So go check that out. And let's pressure the yankees to fucking get more involved here. Because i think they they should they really should and oh and lastly The documentary came out I thought it was really good. I'm some. I'm critical of these documentaries. Like remember sosa mcgwire one. That came out with espn. That was horrible. I didn't learn a single thing with this documentary. I learned a lot. Like i was always tense. The last half hour of that when they talk about their i wrote down a ton of notes But my biggest takeaway Was finding out the real story of when he stepped away from the yankees the end of the twentieth. Fifteen season right before the playoffs. Because i remember my gut reaction. And i was like fuck guy this is. How can you just leave this team or this is me. I've been. I'm in college so obviously an idiot but i'm just like you know they're play the astros. Whatever in the wild card. And i'm like how is he not here. What's going on like this is bullshit the real story and it's like the motherfucker was too drunk to throw a bullpen in baltimore. So then he came. He went to cashman. Said like i gotta take care of myself like okay do your thing. And then he took a ride back to the city from baltimore and before he got in the this is to go to rehab. He stopped the liquor store and grabbed two bottles of hennessy and finish them on the car. Ride home to new york. That's like this guy had a gigantic drinking problem. A titanic. tricky problem fucking credit for getting around it but that was. I didn't know idea it was that bad. Yeah though that was the most interesting. Yeah i kind of remember the same thing twenty over the news came out almost like whatever suck this year anyway. Right right every sucked anyway alabama. Could it be like you know like he's appropriate. Or how bad could it be because as they showed in the in the documentary like he pretty much had to drink problems throughout even you know oh nine through twenty one and twenty games a year. It was the same one of my takeaways. Was like good on him for detoxing the day before a game in the date like i wanna go three straight days been drinking than to be like all right all together now like glad. He was able to do that for four years. But yeah i mean you think about it and those three years were really bad from thirteen. Fourteen fifteen injuries but yeah it was probably mixed and getting older but also like he was a raging alcoholic. That was drinking three days a week. I'm sure it probably all caught up to him was really interesting. Look like behind the curtain with a lot of stuff. You didn't know you. And i when i saw that it was like i lewis said myself. Shit 'cause i remember tweeting the going absolutely nuts. Being like my good i mean. He just backed out because he sucked. That's the only reason why he's doing. He's not an alcoholic. There's no way the day before a playoff game is like. Oh i just found out on alcohol. You could have done it. A one-two right right now. That was actually what a convenient time like. No one just finds out the day before but then see like how crazy it actually was was not cool but it was like at least like it's cool to see someone actually open up about that and like talk about their problems. I actual reaction was. Couldn't you just fucking rehab in a month. That was that was my that was my idiotic ticket. That's what that's exactly. I was trying to figure it out was going back into my brain and it was like come on man fucking one month and then go to rehab and that's idiot me but it's good for doing it when you did because who knows what would have turned into and you tell me you mentioned it. So he his scheduled wrote it. Down was basically. He'd pitching a game. And the moment he gets the clubhouse they had a crown of with the sprite. Crowd is crown. Sprite win firm or something like that. He joked that and then he gets blackout that night he get black the next night black on the night after and then his detox we just shutting down all water basically and like gatorade for two days and then he and he just did that for like a full year two crazy fully. I think it was more than that. There's three years right three years. Yeah it was also. Thinking is a an all time. Butterfly effect thing is because he said so twenty fifteen. They clinched the playoffs. And then that night. He didn't drink at all while they were celebrating. And then when they were on the bus to baltimore baltimore someone handed him hennessy to drink official like think about if he never gets handed that bottle of hennessy. Like you're like. Wow that god crawley of handed but no we should up. Because if he doesn't start that been drinking that week. Any probably never comes to that moment of clarity. Where realizes like he has to get his life together. Yeah and that all spiraled out of the the the fight in the fight in toronto because he had to fight to the club in toronto. I honestly don't remember that too much. I remember it a little bit. And then he stopped drinking completely and then yeah the celebrations. You notice in the video of them celebrating. He's getting champagne poured on them. Who comes up them and says yeah feel so good. Did you notice. It was john ryan murphy. All i remember that. Yeah yeah people get going fucking john my in murphy member that which was jaromir feel like weren't there a bunch of yeah blackout. I wrote down like eat. Quick hitting notes. Do you go throw. Yeah sure one. Quick thing for me is There was a moment where they were playing radio. Callers bashing him and john jastremski people pass your this guy's up so i had his wife almost with an all time old takes exposed like in the very beginning which is like cece kept telling me he was having a heart attack and i was like no. You're not like he has like the pulmonary like a legitimate heart. Problems like that could have been bad. pl- footage of playoffs at the stadium. Made me miss inky stadium. I don't know what it was about like the his last game. Whatever camera fucking whatever thing. They were using the stadium. Look so cool Footage of him as a rookie. You just looks exactly like it. Pitching rotation didn't change at all. He has motion was the same. No matter what the way he steps off the mound and like tugs at a shirt like shrugged his shoulders brewers that was just a reminder of how awesome that was our member Remember not the mets on the playoffs. Wheat and i remember like as in the basement with my dad Watching that last game on my mom. Who's a mets fan. Is upstairs unlike hearing her. Cheer for cement stuff austere for like any positive Up and then the brewers won. And i rode my bike to my friend. James's house chanting mets off. They're out of the playoffs or whatever so thankfully so. We just found out that tommy's hates his mom. Yeah that's other a rivalry of how much you hate the mets as us. Hate your mom. Now i love my mom. I don't like the mets fan side of her and she certainly would rub that in a lot. I think in my childhood my mic. That was art of it like got that we were house. Divide so if the yankees had like a devastating loss. She wouldn't comfort. You know she she she. She was very. she'd be more supportive. Okay news each. It was not a two way street. She was supportive of us. Like google and yankee road trip and like shoot. Wear a metro outright root against the yankees. Like if we went on to see the mets. Like we're absolutely okay. Not to a street. I would have liked more about free agency like the all. They really said yeah. He didn't really want to be yankee at first. And then signs that biggest deal. I would have liked to hear more about that courting process. Yeah i wanna know why. He didn't want to be a yankee like why. Don't you want to come to new york. And then they go to cashman and how about that fucking punched in the face like yeah like day one. We were not letting anyone else signed him. Wish the fucking same same rationale. Currently brian overhead had it last year for cold. I'd like it every year. Cameron may been forgot he existed. Yuck him he was a fun guy last year. Completely awesome about a guy like lou fun and they lost cameron raven old-timer day. They showed that. I feel like i feel like the next old timers day. Probably won't be this year just because that's like a superspreader event and there's literally so many old people it's the whole fucking tireless. Old people could probably the worst idea ever to do. Alzheimer's they right now. And i hope it's like all out like cc's back jeter. I don't think he's ever come back for old timers day right. Marrano came back last year but that was his first. I want to. I want everybody back. I want everybody living up along. Clemens there yeah i want. Everybody like won't go back until now i was going to be such a cock something. I don't think he'll go to baseball. Is the owner of the marlins. Was that fucking matter. Doesn't matter at all he's not like managing the marlins where he can't get a day off always. Tj are you could. I mean you were. You were confident. But i mean rutgers is absolutely routing house yeah. This is fun to watch i. I'm the i'm the only one screaming about russia's no one respects them. I got some clips talking shit about rutgers in the past. I'm ready to break out if it's amazing file. I'm very particular about my ruckers phantom. If you don't support rutgers early get the foot line. Dm's with hubs from the borstal ruckers account from like four years ago where he talked about rutgers one time and i tweeted about it. I'm not a rutgers fan. I'm a circuit. I know i know i forget what i tweeted. From the mersal rutgers account i bet them against illinois that was dope they were they were so easing illinois these dams i mean baker. Still on this fucking team. Gio baker still. They're the tj. Like t. j has like the ruckers terrible basketball team just till recent a who is the guy that used to have. Yeah corey sanders. Where's that guy or is he alive. I believe he's in poland or guy was you just. Don't fuck record sanders. That guy was electric. You guys suck besides him. But september twenty eighteen. I said great gangs coverage big short. Porch guy says yeah. After i had tweeted something mean about you saying something about rutgers on twitter. Oh c. k. C. realized not actually mad just mad at rutgers so i guess they must have lost that day because it was september and then i said keep up the great yankees coverage big short porch guy the respond s i also suggested a void shirt and he said sorry. Only one voice shirt at a time at the moment. Yeah that was back when like we literally like. We couldn't make many shirts. I wanted to leave for thing to do. Track someone publicly and it'd be like all just jokes brother and look where we are now to get hired by hubs exact like as an internship right now. But we're here there were you. Oh tommy to add your list loud funny when getting his yoga iota make just driving. They didn't they didn't like address. What happened from the start. I was like what is happening. I was like what he's just driving is yona what's going on. Oh it's star wars. They make sense. But here's just make done in his house and driving his. Yoda fucking freaked out. If i was just like driving next on the road. I just see yoda giant iota. His son i don't his sons. Just gotta be good baseball right. I was wondering the same thing. I was wondering how good he is he. Look it looks like the angelo russell peck. He's got a little de ngelo russell to him. I don't know why. I just assume that he's good very athletic. What else do we have here. The whole thing is dad was crazy. you know hiv and then the cancer and then you know he is. Basically wife had the tell mike. Yeah like he In riga yeah like. He's he's rehab. he's not yeah so that was crazy. he finds out he made the all his first all star team the same time as he finds as data's weeks to live with just crushing. So yeah he he. Basically the whole documentary was like anything. Good that happens in his life usually followed by something horrible that kind of like narrative continued throughout like pretty much the whole documentary but oh and then the whole thing where he was supposed to take that an abused pill whatever twenty thirteen. It would make him sick when he drank a just fucking spitting it out just like prove more like the alcoholism shit it's deep and it's heavy it's not gonna make you laugh the but you learn a fucking lot and i think those are rare with documentaries these days and you appreciate c. Forty was and how good of a pitcher he was boat with anybody who's good and has fame and all that you know it's not all sunshine rainbows behind the fucking curtains. You know there's always some bad shit going on so i'm happy in. He's he's he's also show ripped out. It's crazy though. Like the video of walking at the ends as they're like closing up doc. He's like a ufc fighter. Now like a straight up fighter. I'm forgot how fat he was there. The highlight of him on the tampa bay. Rays shutout was like that summer day. Yeah look for hit shutout like he looked so fat even the best when he was fat i know he was. I wish they did my only wishes. They did have nothing to do with the alcoholism but they did five minutes on this. How much he hates the raise just randomly just in the middle of the documentary. Just start ripping on all because he hated him through his whole career. Especially obviously you know this twenty nine thousand nine thousand eighteen version or whatever but i wish they did something the race would have nothing to do with it but overall i really enjoyed it. Hbo max joe check it out And yeah i've got nothing else here. Obviously just hope they hope police. I'd dj love god. We've got some time off here which is nice and if dj does sign at any moment you will hear from us in the same fashion. You heard us like with coal. You know that we're not gonna wait. Whatever we'll do. Emergency pod came to. I think it's ten or What year is it. Twelve year anniversary of the yankee signing mark to share pretty dang december twenty third when it got announced. I was in the basement with my friends after school last day before break and just go nuts being holding like the guy that same ben friend over and i was like holding like a mistletoe over like my ass or deck and be like. Oh that was good. Wow what would you hold it over your s. What we wanted to kiss your like actually like kiss you dick. I probably what the fuck just happened. Like just my ass kiss my ass okay. Friends yeah i as- whatever you want teacher just my ass. I got no problem with you. Do your thing man. you a f- guy. Oh yeah well so even door. That's that was probably. Because obviously i wasn't really a college basketball fan with mellow like i don't think i was into it. Then but david door. Those teams were like they hooked me big time. And he's the eric even dorf can raise almost fifty k. fucking syracuse. Small businesses shot to handle awesome even doing. And he's been you know I think parcel accused teamed up with him and stuff they have shirts out whatever good stumps there on a podcast sunday. No he really fuck. Yeah i actually was going to suggest. That maybe i did suggest to you. I don't know but That's that's dope. He's one of the best college basketball games ever. Oh yeah was it was eight over. Six overtimes overtimes six over time. And then there's the there's the image of him Standing he jumps up on the On the table whatever. Yeah he's he's iconic in q. Sister us that's dope. That's out monday monday dope. So if you're a college basketball fan obviously syracuse fan wherever you listen this. Go checkout bench mob on monday because that's gonna be s. Be awesome looking forward to that that by the catch train home. You guys go home for christmas. All i am home. I'm going home to your home. Yeah last time in this house. We haven't sold yet. No it's like it's sold as waiting for the day. Gotcha gotcha yeah some. Yeah i'll be home for a few days. nothing crazy. it'll be back next week. And yeah that's it Next week We'll have an episode And obviously anything emergency. You'll hear from us with dj obviously And that's it so Guys listening So far this year twain crazy But i think we've entertained you. We tried our best entertain. You guys mini yourself. those now will continue And let's fucking start sounding people. Because i'm losing my mind Tired of saying goodbye to people. I want to say hi people instead of That's the show. See back here next week later. Oh this john sterling. You've been listening to short porch. Byproduct barstool sports season does stove hussein jim off season and god pulled down the down dot com. That's some out sticks twelve.

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The Sleeper and the Bust Episode: 926  Fireside Chat ft. Nick Pollack  Back to Where It Started

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30:47 min | 2 months ago

The Sleeper and the Bust Episode: 926 Fireside Chat ft. Nick Pollack Back to Where It Started

"Welcome to the fireside chat presented by rhoda graphs and pitcher list. Sit back relax. And enjoy. Paul spore and nick pollock. Hello and welcome to episode nine. Twenty seven of the sleeper and the bus is the return of the fireside chat. I'm your host pulse for which means i'm joined by nick pollock. Nick were back baby. What is happening. can you hear that crackle of the fire. I can just nice there. I'm i'm in a robe right. Yes i think's underneath. Have a robe as well. I'm going to smoking jacket. Got my hugh hefner on right now. I have a pipe. It's a bubble pipe but it's a pipe the less that we're bringing it back to where it all started neck. Yeah remember the fireside was born of me. I remember calling you coming back from the movies Back in what was it twenty eighteen. Oh yeah twenty. Eight thousand three years twenty eighteen after we had been very high. On lewis casteel breakout. He went off in two thousand seventeen for a half season. And you and i were chief among group. We were not the only two but we were. We were up there promoting the heck out of him saying he is the real deal. You can invest now off of this half season. Few weeks into that season it was bleak. It was really really bad. His april was horrendous. We looked like fools. We were getting tweets on every every start you know. Do i cut this guy sick recommendation. Thanks a lot guys. i'm kidding. There really wasn't any vitriol. It was more like what's going on. We were like. I don't know so was like hey man we gotta do a pot and talk about this because where we just dead wrong. Is there something going on where we at. And i think it's worth revisiting. Because now we have him as an established stunned we both had him ranked super high again. As many everyone did really. I don't think he really fell out of the top twenty for anybody. Even twenty would be kinda low and here. We are again a month. Plus in seven starts lewis casio has a six forty two we are a and a 163 three whip it is bleak again and i thought we needed some answers. We need to figure out what's going on. See where everything's at and make some decisions about louis casteel so let's just dive into it. Nick i'm going to start with the very top high end question. Sure what's wrong with louis. Casteel what brought us to this e. r. a. In whip so far. So i remember the conversation. We had three years ago by the way i was in band practice and i saw i missed a call from does know i got a call back. Oh my god what an hour ago. Okay i i remember this l- that time where our takeaway away at least mine was. I remember distinctly was man. I still see the skill set. Lewis cass theo. And i don't really know how to change that approach. It was more like okay. I need to be a little more conservative. All that kind of stuff but then honestly july second that year to us and eighteen Lewis kathy you had sub three year and was fantastic. I final fourteenth starts of the year. And it mehta's kind of mentally understand casteel may go through these ebbs and flows consistently what i've seen so far. It's a combination of two things. I think it's rooted in one Where at least casio's mechanics are not quite there I have talked a little bit in the past halloween. Sketchy i don't really think can be that true bonafide ace because he's always going to have a question with whip given his lower arm angle a bit of a slinger We actually kind of see a little bit volatility in nola right now because he's a little bit of a slinger to that lower arm angle. We've seen that a couple times from some guys and it does preach that inconsistency. I mean yeah before this season save for that. Two thousand seventeen year one zero seven whip. It's been one twenty to one. Fourteen one twenty three. And when you think about a bonafide top ten starter while you know you thinking like a one zero five whip one ten or so. That louis casio has never really had in the past three years. So out of the gates With least casio fastball. Boston he's there. There's lots of movement on it. He's change from time to time. Is that same chain. Even the slider is showed up at times and been actually really good. The problem is i think mechanically. There's a timing issue with his top f in his bottom half if you think about mechanics in general to pitchers being sought in two different ways you have someone that either leads with their top half like they're falling down and that's how they get their momentum forward or there are guys that really lean on that back leg. Bend the knee. They drive with their bottom half as their top ethnic catches up to that right. Generally you have like the super tall guys. Louise tally glass. Now super guy. He's got a lean forward. He's got rely on that. And and and lee with top half now again. The bottom half what. I saw last start. There's sometimes when he was leading to much of the top half and then that all of a sudden got timing issues. You see. ball's going up in a way that his arm side because now off. So he's trying to slow down his arm as lower-half tries to catch up the times when he slowed it down when he actually like took more time in that delivery russia's in really relied on that back foot foot and pushed forward he executed his pitches. Beautiful down that kind of stuff. And it's that kind of consistency. That is really really. I think the major issue why all of a sudden it's a ten percent swing strike rate the scariest part. I mean scared in other years like just not getting them. But i think he's just not able to command it like a used to as he's fighting these mechanics the stuff. They need abilities still. They're just really hoping that the mechanics will fix itself soon. Now the first thing. I thought when we talk about the ebbs and flows and the slow starts to the season is of course weather right and so i decided to go ahead and take a look and see what he's been dealing with in these seven games First game was thirty seven degrees. That was already struggled to in the adriatic. Just a travesty. That one was brutal. So basically What i did. I went through all gonna be all seven temperatures but the average has been fifty nine degrees. Four of them are what. I would consider quite windy ten ten miles per hour. Plus you know you're going to be getting some pretty severe wind there if you're someone like me. Who despises the cold. You're uncomfortable and obviously that can manifest itself in poor and inconsistent mechanics. Got some numbers for you over his career in sub sixty degree weather. Lewis casteel has a five eighty seventy or a and a one fifty five whip when it sixty and above three forty nine. era in a one fifteen whip. So when you're looking at these mechanical issues and these consistent slow starts at the beginning of seasons. Is it just narrative base to say that the weather plays a role or do we think that there might be something legitimate there Insofar as we can at least gleaned from what we're looking at as opposed to asking louise castio outright which we do not have access to right. It's a really good point It makes me wonder when we've seen louis cossio like he didn't have a march and april right summer right. He was kind of in rhythm already. You could say and they were ready to call them up there any of their time that that would maybe twenty twenty one and we didn't have it right and of course he was better. He wasn't actually as a leader on over one twenty last year. Remember that i. There was the one exception in two thousand nineteen which is when he had a believe a stretch of is five of his first six games or at least one runner fewer yes. he was actually accelerate. Yeah and that makes us really like okay. let me scan. You're here to stay and we've kind of for gone about it since we just locked it away like okay lewis custody us dope down. That's redundant so. I want to believe that a lots and i. I do wonder if we just haven't seen it enough. But then there's two the nineteen. I go back and forth on it I think also guys also guys are different and this those seem like to me like yeah lewis castio like when you're in hotter weather you do better so yeah i don't. It could be that it could just be that simple. But i know us spoor. We're never satisfied just with that. We can't we can't just rely on kansas and by the way i will let you know quickly that a that april unseasonably warm for him with the games that he got even his opening day. Start on march. Twenty eighth in cincinnati was seventy degrees of And he had lay in san diego atlanta there was also already pretty warm at seventy degrees. The second start against milwaukee was sub-60 but he held strong and he had four walks though exactly so even within that great start we see that. He got some unseasonably warm weather early on. And maybe that's what what fueled it so you know. I'm kind of big on this weather right now. It's not an end. All be all where i'm gonna sit him if it sub-60 but i do think it's something to be mindful of. I mean these guys are still humans at the end of the day. Some probably thrive in the cold others despise it. And i said i know i'm gonna despise the cold weather guy. I can barely get out of bed when it's cold. Let alone go. Perform perform at the highest athletic achievement. So there's definitely something to that. I believe to look at but that can't be. I'm curious where we're at with his changeup. Do we see that says number one pitch. Are we seeing anything. Rooted in the change of that gives us any pause right now. He's using it more than ever at a thirty eight percent clip and it has a negative pitch value when it's normally one of the very best pitch values in the game not just among changeups like when it was twenty nine point four back in two thousand nineteen that was one of the best pitches period. Let alone just among changeups this year minus one point eight thus far. Fastballs a nightmare. We'll get to that in a moment but the bread and butter pitch the change. Being off is a bit concerning to is that. Just go right back to the mechanical issues. Do you see anything else. There in terms of sequencing and location issues that may be causing problems. Well the whole command essentially means that sequencing gets thrown out the window. Whole trickle down right. Either you're battling the pitcher or are you battling the batter or you're battling yourself Either you can say great. I can do these things. I get to manipulate it and hopefully i can play like the proper game of tactics against the better but then there's the other battle of like okay. What can i throw for a strike right now with confidence and lewis. Who has had that battle a lot. This season where the change is. It's not necessarily about what came before might come after it's okay My fastball isn't finding the zone. So i'm just going to throw this change up. I'm going to hope for the best here that mentality is there. A time and Actually i did a. I did a video of it earlier this week. Showcasing one inning about this internal battle about like do i have it now. Do i not And you could see there of just had. This is a guy that is not comfortable quite yet. I hope he can soon. But and that changes like you see some twenty percents schrager. It's all that pl stuff. I know that sounds crazy. I kind of overlook all of it. I mean everyone's going to say. Look there's no way lewis. Qc you can be good looking his ex excellent fifth so far and all these things and to me. Michael yes we. I'm not i don't think either of us are going to say that. He hasn't deserved the bad performances. Yeah he's earned this right but the the thing now is just all right. Is he going to be at that. Quality moving forward as a pitcher now necessarily luck recalibrating right and we don't think so right. Generally speaking i think both of us because we had actually talked about you mentioned you did it on the morning pod twitch tv slash pitcher list. Go watch the morning party and the breakdowns that we also got your youtube channel pitcher lists for that if you just wanna watch the breakdowns. So you did that breakdown and justin. I talked about him a little bit as well and the all three of us have really come out with. Were not panicked here. And there's not a whole lot of actionable moves. I will ask you this though. What about sitting. I think cutting is completely out of the question. Are you somebody who sits struggling stud to try to let them quote unquote get right or do you lean toward me where it's like with a stud potentially missing a great start on. The bench is more crushing than taking another another gun. Because frankly i'm the one. I only got him in one league this year because he was very high priced. I'm actually starting them in colorado. I just i'm not that i. It makes it really easy to just say all right. Let's just take a break. I understand everyone sitting. i really do. I really do okay but absent and obvious one like an hour's like are you. Are you sitting him otherwise if he gets pummeled again. And you got san francisco in milwaukee for casio. Is that a sit- situation for okay. So let's let's just talk about the different scenarios because obviously there isn't a blanket like yes or now yet writes in fifteen teamers. Let's say it's not course. Let's say it's you know you get that sort against the giants. If i'm throwing him out there. Because i do believe over time this will correct itself. It could be. This could be not. I'm always in all those situations though looking at all the options. Especially if i'm in a head-to-head league where i could see okay. What am i doing what. What pitchers do i expect to this week. Which is my opponent have planning out of the week to see what the positives the negatives are of the start based on what i expect their starters to do. Do i need the innings. Do i need to get more strikeouts zoo. I feel that. I need to take a chance to elevate my earring. Whipper not that those kind of decisions are very nuanced about your leak. And as far as what. I expect that star against the giants to be man. I i would probably do. It's the giants. Are you know better against lefties as been obviously made amplified by that austin. Gombrich start i and also snell. You could say i. But yeah. I think i would take the chance against san francisco because i will say the end of the day the stuff is so good stuff. Yep right and i do feel that. He has enough that he is battling with himself that he can still produce a decent amount in these outing. So it's a very it's always like a middling opportunity. I do think there will be one game where it does click and it is very much that tr right. Turn it around right away. That cassio has so in. Shorts are no way of doing cores. I mean of cour- is undefeated. It's totally understand. Totally foolishly decided. You know what. I'm keeping him in the lineup. Yea i mean he's got look fancy baseball and like those are the fun things right. You just let a guy go that you have. It's fine cassia. go do great. I guarantee that if he does well. I will not be like i knew it. I'll be like. I am the luckiest person alive. Because it has no business succeeding here but sometimes you go against your brain use your little stomach and even guy in that play the spore and does well you will have will it into existence only pushing for it for all of us but yeah we'll say after the giants if everything goes according to plan for the reds marino. Three that kind of stuff. It does look like it could be. There's a chance he could get either milwaukee or washington okay. after and walkie. That team has been up. They are then they are. The righty very heavy. Well things have changed a little bit with some of their injuries. Have more lefties in there. Actually so no. That's not true anymore. Because billy mckinney's playing all the time. Jackie bradley jr junior's playing regularly. Travis shaw colton wong. They've actually become a bit more of a split. Righty lefty type team. So that's actually not. But i'm not worried about him facing lefties because of the change up absolutely and we'll see this. I know a lot of people are going to point. Like there's also the fact that he has a fifty four percent base rate and a three fifty seven babb. And i do agree that yes he has been bad but i mean he also has at some bad luck. Some of that has been deserved. Sure i but it snowballs not this. Yeah exactly it's not this bad but he should be having like a sub four year right now. I wouldn't say that. I don't think it should be a sub one point three whip either. Yeah the best you can do. I mean you look at the sierra. It says four thirty-three that's probably your most encouraging sign as far as a stat that you could lock onto and i know four thirty-three is not going to knock anyone socks off but it's too runs lower than to tell you that there is still a core skill base here that that you can feel some confidence in again. I understand the idea of sunk cost and all that. But that's not what we're playing. I don't think you just say. I already paid the draft camper. I might as well move out. None of you can still hold with the idea that he quote unquote owes you something because it is still far too early to even consider cutting him if anybody did. I think it was a colossal mistake. Well i will say this. If you had louis castellinis stardom for the first two weeks down with them you might have actually benefited from it. Because it was like five starts at you miss. That have not been good. You might have gone. Maybe you jumped on john or something instead with and that was i guess you could do it. There are elements of league can be definitely determined a hard time making the cut reserves. One thing but cut is so hard right. I'm just saying. There's a retrospect and highway. Neither our scenarios where it can be like i don. I couldn't for. John means business. I'm i'm cooking. you know maybe even a streamer spot now has like alex wood in it or something. I don't understand scenarios where like. Hey this is not going to work an op. Not willing to make the long term investment. I need the short term. And i get that completely If i had to put like a date on. When i say look by this date. Moving forward louis. Casio's the top twenty five pitcher again. I would probably say june. I is that would you put it earlier later than that. Does that sound no. I i think if we continue to struggle the rest of this month with no real hint at turning it around. I start to get started to get more panicked. And he becomes more of a guy that like. You're not automatically in the lineup. Now and the shower the wing you do. Maybe start to look at a cut. I think june first is a great. 'cause usually memorial day basically the same thing. Yeah royal june. I usually a couple of days after memorial day. I like that as the check point for some of these high end guys. That are struggling to say okay. Here's where we're at now. Things have changed two full months of negative production. I need to reassess where you're at the rest of the way again for me. That still doesn't mean cut with louis. Casteel personally i guess it depends how badly it would have to go these next couple weeks but i would. I would reassess him and treat him more like a top fifty starter as opposed to a top fifteen and the way you treat a top fifty guy is much different than you do. A towel off fifteen As you can learn from the tears that you do every week at pitcher list and that talking about on the corner so you just in me away today this is what did i do to deserve this because now i will say so. I'm looking at like Tier seven for me right now is like forty three fifty five. It's like the most massive tier of. I want them to be great. We're kind of figuring out The the other name. I know this wasn't our plan. But i feel like we should talk about this guy too because i know. Actually i want to give you props. I think you were much lower on him than i was Which is kim. My ada who's been kind of grouped into this rate of. I and i i know. I'm just completely bombarding you know i like this. I actually liked going toward him because this is this is interesting discussion in many ways. Like you're saying okay. He's like top fifty and stuff. So right now. I have like montez and peralta and robbie ray an anti on the early forties. A my aid is kind of there too. And there's this really tough point of like look they're gonna be leagues where someone has dropped frankie montas or a. Maybe i just this past week with lots of people were able to still get robbie ray despite that twenty three and zero strapper walk before. Start right because i was scared about the era i get it gets robbie ray and i very much understand that. Yeah i've been in like which short term guys who i go for and how long can i truly hold on And that's it's it's very very very close and i. I guess i wanted to get your opinion is made exactly the same for you as louis custody you in this way or are you have. You already moved on from him. No i have not moved on from him. I i really was dead. Said on like i'm sticking with him. I see no issues. And i felt great when the texas start happened. Like here we go. Here's the turnaround. And then he was like he was against the white sox yesterday. Depend on when you listen to. This may eleventh. But i was really hoping for like a second. Good start when. I look at ken to my ada. I don't see anything that jumps out From the statistical profile as catastrophically wrong. Yes to strikeout rate his way down from last year swinging strike rate is too but they're both still workable. The is not walking a ton of guys and homers right. Now to me this feels like I made a poor sentence structure It feels like feel like the feel and and On his pitches the cider in the splitter are off and what is your number one issue with split is how much that they are a feel pitch and how they can go in and out and he uses a split change up to great effect. And i don't think he has that right now and i also don't think he has a slider. There's something just off. I feel like he's off. Like two three clicks and what's a quick. I don't know you know what i'm saying. Like like dial though like he's barely right right and if you get it right back to where belongs. He's gonna take off with my so. I'm not super worried about him. I definitely lowered him. I understand doing that especially because he also has injury concern history that maybe he's know we. I don't know. I'm not trying to speculate on that. I'm just saying right. you never know when. Somebody's struggling if they going through a nagging thing or two. Because that can be enough to send you off to three clicks but overall i looked at the profile and i said this feels like touch and feel type of thing of where he's just missing and once he makes that small adjustment he goes right back off my guys. It's i've seen you to know what's so terrible. The dodgers have done this to me. You said like oh. He's had an injury history. My sh dodger right get out we do dismiss it to because yeah the way they did especially the way they messed with him in the second half seasons where like no. I'm not yes you are and you're going to go to the bullpen. I wanna start now. You're going to the bullpen. And you're very hurt right now. We'll see you in three weeks now. Now he actually of course add some nagging injuries. I now with my ada though so it seems to me that you have if you're ranking the two right now you'd rather trust my add more than casio is that rights. I don't know where i stand right now. I think castio still ranked higher. I still think that his his alterations send him back up to that. Top twenty level firm whereas my aid has might still just make him a top thirty. I don't believe that necessarily twenty twenty is the level that he's getting back to. Because i think a lot of those guys that beat up on the central member that was a big narrative. Like what about these guys that crush the central are they going to be as good. That narrative is playing out. Where some of those guys have come back corbin burns. Still a god brandon would drip. I believed in them before last year. They'll exact police came back to the pack. He was another guy who kind of brutal is that central. So i think my big advantage of that built up a reputation that made him a top fifteen pitcher for a lot of folks. I still think he's more of a top thirty guy. I loved him as a dodger. I love that he got to go to minnesota. I don't take the reins off a bit this year. But i would plan on him to be more of his dodger self than that minnesota twenty twenty season which means high threes. Era good whip. Strong strikeout rate. I still think we're going to get back to that with my some ranking casteel higher. Sure i am too with casio. Just because as you mentioned i think the ceiling is certainly higher as we both had them both ranked as such in the preseason i i do think that there was actually encouraging about the chicago. White sox start with eight because the selling box. So i will say that. Get to watch. It's all good i. The the splitter was finally better. This is like the best. I've seen all year of my s splitter down in middle and like very tempting for for for hitters fast will actually avoided the center. You know this is something that made. It was really good. Forget about last year is that he was able to sneak. In fastballs at the edges may not get burned by moves actually one of his most successful pitches which we don't think about we think about the slider in the splitter but the fact that my adp throat early and county would swinging. It's called strikes on it. That was a skill set of his. And we. I think. I saw that in chicago start. It was three runs. That were the second inning walk. Asari single walk home right and that was it that was it five any good through and bomb to start the second so as if it never happened. And he pushed around the in some ways The slider wasn't as good though and it's really annoying. See like the step forward with a split in the past and the slider the one that's supposed to really carry everything yes insight zone and then whips off of it wasn't there And it's just oh you're like i feel like he's much closer right now than castio. Is i agree with that. Oakland the angels and then baltimore. Or i think i'm starting for all three. Yes unquestionably. i'm not. I'm not moving data out of my roster at all in the fact that you have some encouragement from the white sox star then that gives them to encouraging wants because he did beat up on texas pretty nicely and then there's some encouraging signs and maybe just one little blip there where he gave up those three runs So we're moving forward with him. The reason casteel starring hires like we said the upside. But i agree with you that my ada is closer to being right but so there's some confidence there. It could just happen tomorrow for casteel. Yeah exactly like we. We don't know what they're going through. you know. The pitching coach might be like you know you're right here and these small little things and he gets finds that form gets an eighty degree day and goes in strikes out fourteen. You know nobody's going to be surprised if that happens. I mean if it happens in colorado. It'd be surprising again. Another reason not to use the colorado other than it being colorado. It's the weather's probably gonna be terrible. It's been like sub fifty and rainy there owing. Yeah so that's actually now. I'm really reconsidering really. Yeah no sport come on. You gotta will into existence for all of us now. You can't back out we all stand for. I'm and i'm not changing it. I'm sorry in advance. it's okay. I'm reid. I'm going down on this one but you did get we know in your to starts last week and i know it's not so much for the second one was good. Hey it worked you got that they worked out. I feel good about it Yes streaming has been hit and miss this year but when you when you click on one it feels so good you know what little side note here as we wrap up. Wasco noah My buddy my big braves fan friend hit me with a tip on him he said. Hey keep an eye on this guy who's thrown over ninety five. Well you know. Even peaking ninety eight ninety nine insider looks nasty. He's got to start coming up. And i said okay. I went and looked picked him up treated him as a pure streamer. Cut him right after now and he's been excellent. No i just. I just treated as a streamer spore. I know here okay. I'm gonna say this. I'm going to say this i. It is no guarantee that noah is to be the rest of the year. Sure but i mean it could be a he be back. There was inconsistent. Self as before you know. He's only about fifty percents. Sliders in right now is really good. Command them underneath zone. He gained on those. He's not getting beat on those fast balls that are not elite commanded. But there's solid and in a give him a margin. The view gives them a margin for error with defensively which is which is the difference between him and say advert which is three miles per hour. That's a huge difference. In how the nelson he the nelson lament vibe he does. He's not as chaotic correct. Like like is just like. Here's a slider. Whatever it might be in the box you're going to swing at it though. He has a few of those on record of swing at it sliders and the other batteries. That's why he's professor chaos and then like. Yeah you have freddie peralta. Who is a general disarray. Right the The other one. Who is you look at. His blueprints of you know his Sorry strikes and plots and they're just how did you do this. I don't know just finger. Every time yet with the fastball extension. that he has. He's such a weird guy. Another great outing peralta last night but anyway the main thrust of this was of course casteel that brought my though to another. You know real serious pitcher. Who's struggling that. There needs to be some discussion because he also doesn't have the firm track record of castile. And i think more people be wanting to cut my ada and between the two again i wouldn't cut either but i think you should have like like we said casteel has the bigger concerns. He has a larger gap to get where he needs to be. So if i was gonna cut one. Now i can't even say that because i wanted to either one either. I'm willing. I'm willing to bet the both of them from june first honor easily. Top thirty pitchers. I'm with that i'm one hundred percent that will put a ball on it there. If you want to send us guys that we can do a fireside about at pitcher. Actually what's your new. Your new as nick pl. No no no pitcher list at pitcher lists but it's your personal one is is let's polycom. That's right we discussed what they're not changing the name. So that's right because you only have the built in so it's petuous add sports. We do some names. You might want us to look at. It doesn't have to be guys that are struggling because that are popping off that you want to see if it's any good We'll try to do these once at least once every ten days. Say about once every two weeks deal because sometimes there won't be a guy we're not gonna force it if there's nobody to discuss but will make them consistent again for the season. Knick great getting on here with you man. Keep the amazing work that you're doing everywhere twitch dot tv slash pitcher lists. Go watch him every single morning sport you are too much. It's so great doing this again and as always it is a pleasure. Hang with you by the fire. Thanks for listening. Today's fireside chat with paul spore. And nick pollock. Follow both paul and nick on twitter at spore in it pitcher list.

nick pollock casteel Casteel casio robbie ray rhoda graphs Paul spore lewis casteel lewis casio louis casteel Lewis cass Lewis kathy louis casio giants Lewis casteel
Episdio 14 - Qual a diferena entre o geek e o nerd?

Ouve Isso

26:38 min | 1 year ago

Episdio 14 - Qual a diferena entre o geek e o nerd?

"GonNa Saint Walker funded Yoga Hoffa Kabila hypoxia do do infringe on computer do is resistance yards push. UPS Naji all, not much popularity. Geek. Steadier Watch Boys Savia. Siegler is so wish you don't want toad Siemian source this phenomena could pope. Geek, Musyoki. Twice, you said, I say Naji Say Geek engagement. Guess, book my Shoulder Tama in. Lovie. East. Facial being. Made sound movies with feel a meal own awesome cash you can put a Muteka to park. It was so good by EKITA's simply cougar victory he to. Way By. Swelled to the Bane Bowl. Nuke Edge. Key Saint Timothy I wished not fees not. Nice. Do as. A. Whole by BOJ, cash over his suit love within contra pro providence episodes. Platform appreciated equals even to own spoke cush as intimate to be told episodes and the but our dodge you can't think if he's saying achiever. Tracking capping. Both. Nova Fisher vowed to four be by other G GEEK nation to hold onto online initiative simone wave into the village hitting my softball who'd former president CEO change each. Race Cintas in quantum you sewage Myers. House the Emir. View. I'm Ms. McCoy's devil quasi. A comical experience well, my audit van through popular pay each Bain David as treasury chew own line Zambrano. This is advanced to share when I'm on a to G Anima. Soy's I got keys. Mugabe. Said if you score star Wars Star Trek full gear, the MSCI later does accessing through. Yeah, you. Pinson. Geeky city which in their head you. All on getting to. While other fitness I. And who's GONNA take another Two. Week. A Jacuzzi. Technology cannot take Geek in something which. Applications domain per chip, which affair and she saw. In quotas Geeky. Mentioned Discreet Komo enthusiast. God's will spoke with guys there. WHO's an ad? So mayes intellect wish is a consultant educator request proof team or Irish. Pacific but as beyond Poku mice. ABC's. Book Mellow Confidential Zanu Lima. Sausage. Adolescent. La Quinta change similar answers, the differences Internet Geeks well, I was new to the bay what the Subaru Digital Baton. Say. The gravy. Or? Kala Massinc we've all nontheless as. Miles Iran. These these young inches Asian Winter Nov imposition into the. Anemic, we put it into the malls Lieke in. Russia and you murmurs Sandra Cuando mid-range piquet key for a novelist. Cuando Iran fight. As. Far. As. He actually, Chicago's do group he elderly ahead. Is. A As basic, so Mangochi Looney gatekeepers onto Falana major economist rallying with me tonight is my book don'the Cuanto Fellow inflatables Ko K- I'm hip Badeah, Chia mice, missiles into the business amazement. Who can knock on the Nine funds him as nine. To noon. On loan chase put grow kilmeade. Shukla's nice call miserly finales fundamentals. Nascimento. Diabetic. Coma source quizzes a SIM card shoddy inconclusive Marlins normies evidence com-. E- He. Ashby Feuerbach's you. The G. is. Aging. Mother see. Kiss. You Kiss Gatekeeper oversee on. I. Mean. He finally flew pigeon Gamer. Keys in Yup. RANGY GOTTA go. Zoya Selah Mojo bail. REVIVER. Away elevated on Google. Is Not going to me by teaches it now. I mean we city is when we? Would a digit jobs gains ugg querying news savvy Calvin swing full got on this new day. So signed emotion on. Lovie. To the ice finish impetus Louis Nelson national false of Claude will stand this a an. Accident by cloudy far at you I should keep by Mizuki fade those down meal in a major sitting thought official stood up for the phone J-. Dandruff he episode Vialli Still Digital Cameras Elliott is known Senate making. Fifty Group. Much Fuss. Simply she geeky AEGINA had. Some. On the. Example Naji Kiki's. vibe it well, Mirsky presume. The Peter King woman. Leah. Glasses enjoy movie to. Can accept the from the moines to lead a the salary. The beginning theory was Miller czar machinist took tau. I only do Harry Potter. A., I'll tell them with a mainly Scooby Doo Asia knock-up take woody Geeky Olivia present loan though Youtube Christian national. Manage. A system, which is wages Mark. Zuckerberg facebook. Thing. What do the? Daily Youtube. Marcus probably. Move within she geeky Gingrich Ayaan Ali are you you kick much celebrity sees Sabi Geek. Main womanly tourism's levers myzone giudice. Become Dome Flexibility, baggers, and unleashed by. Those games as violent to about it let me through G. put his in Florida Cheval went to Ben mcadoo major val. And we told them. Change for. SAGGY man lauch. Man. Myers Johnson is. Talk to my three extent of for, they must have also a pixel. Adviser, he actually see Kunda UCSE. Society of Quays Cage Films Anymore. Question to songs I ever sequel. Rocky peace albums. Welcome be become raft inaugural do Craig home some back in salvaging to get African although some levers mice were also some visiting that. Ischaemia Tudor. Stars packing packing cool chess bachelor visual. Sean I can say is. You. Ankle Hiccup Mandal have. The Craig Thompson. heckle mental mouse. We'd sit inclusive in winter boys. Cows to that accusation Vasudeva. Fashionable books. SQUEEZES MANGAM A car is supposed to speak our. The COULDA crash characters, she might be no the. Mice. It was when Winter Bourgeois was Kim Academy funds to. Produce House another swooping Luna put his ampoule. INTONE KNEZEVIC Super Nintendo. Now fill classical supermodel GOSTO MUSLIM AFRAID I don't kick who to she star. Humid. The vocal myself on quads zone Mayes animus own little deuce the stooges, Ghibli marbles thoughts who's also. Netflix's about our mission. Mice. Tables can sugar into the studio Ghibli make up out of the Communist naming nineteen I need my. Money more someone I kill them if he's always nice. Madeline knows knows. Quite. So space on is this. A quota country captures how much my mommy fund selling Lewis Nuclear Chandler. Zelaya Ella DIE IN MT COPPI. Normal. Aqua. To Be Q. Vein the hell. The match analysis based on February. Dang thing seeing Action figures this occurred him Bill? All through by lean demand founding. Vice. My scene thing. stoldas Manga is still zip resort designers those meal the. Quotas kissling radically car genetic. Dokoupil those. The Nazis. Don't maintain things that bizarre just amazed solve keanae Brooklyn said in Seoul City. even with the fossil justice GIO COMMUNAL IDA on she mentioned energy also that has described by shy keep the state Sakir. Frequent, the event you feel as your. Geek or over album wintom. Is. Advantage keep it as for myself. Bit Zita. KNIPE could he do? Magical In American Bain. Known. No mice cold damp when I forced. Michel. Move. Cloud e prodigy miserly events yard is nothing but Zillur angle willing to. Get. Revenge sedillo cure whichever compromised she'd why not comic experiencing some follow. New. mafs also onto stumbles. Bata footage. Ready ready includes is. Still moving me on this page. And with also slows midst Claude old was honestly on. Dame seeing console G. Eight old loose chill. Miso your bus stanchion for being seen says, FETA'S A key but as Roma's Cenotaph focused obvious miniature days. Being. Splendid the. Ball. Though. Or some of you all winter phone falcons as vishal diesel I thought process deny. God was. Mata. Twitter. You can put. WHO Threes Hussein centrestage baggage easing into software bursts settles and Aliso Miozzi former Soy's association. So the question so associated him which Najib Thousand Eleven Amanda Potocki. Naji. AM. I shall astronaut I. Wish Cuomo Neuro. Fees Ika Ideology Import Geek study as associate quadrennial Easter grown caller soins equals play, Keno, Saadi across played throughout the city specity her own. You fantasy Japan on housing speak cheese which. Is Each thing values, advantage digital desires. Hall. Compatriot Soy Express ib King thing is off. At forty mentions another to do Manga he anemia get so much to lose your. Audience is well my vote Algimantas League. Sinhalese damage. CUOMO is always a video game. Or? Star Wars program assume e-e-eh busier some compassion despise Akina, Major. Atrial Bush hokey. They're more strict cues doors group which will say millions comment on bank won't Oprah our dealing in eastern. His new century. Dr Cafes excuse appointed. Delicious on is you seem such as I said she so enter three of which WHO GEEK CEO Karadzic Squadron in Quantico Ned superficial frank. Saba case is the social. Boy Tauch give us an. Actual di. maggio doors, nationalisation Kwa. Via Dodge y'all with eating. That's PALABRAS being benefiting my zone by some up onto others Komo's Sonoran which was. Dealing wingless. Joe Oxford put example Geek in a hedge intelligence kissing terrorism pauperis episode. voice I still my y'all I spell out of an energy. Geek. Emily. Ski Safe Area Palaver Blue. And Jackie, the message could Bulbul West seeing content passing Gada a definitive cheech as you who cares Pharmacy is is integral. euginio compares Influ hunk abuse, Mongolian Viva dench. Bizarre the Polish Source Sarah Sad that is so strange my boom that technology discontinuities Geeky for into the police chief, who is major part owners November. Jalbert Nair has your Komo. Socialism Donald. Yep. Divisions. But I still regional listener Lou. Apache. The Decker Jamuna of Santa By. The quiz same reform appears your achieve but I could've episodes. Studios is intelligence my if you could die and Sheila Mantras in Tapia's. Thrice forties won't avalon energy as you are seger in North Electric, research and development was other news Zuni Farmington Chicago Qatar by LAVENDER. Laboratory technology other. picky eaters over to dot companion northern electric to Canada things Jane Chain. Q. Normally. PISS on is in June. Every French America do is Winter Keating scuitto. Let's see how Chamois you. Know. Though it is that much motamed hedge all said the main don't. I can umbrellas you for the Maginalization Douche y'all. Say To me if you're length. We'll see. Studio to produce little car the. Hills on Amir to me I ship it a solution had used. TV. Which Kinda he'll achieve is I don't now their status group Alcazar diving Kutuzov Tampa casual do apply them. You know fumes percents quality. Rental is don't the dodgy each despoiling don't bean out. australopithecus would really been sick of. Our here catching dear. John was Deutsche Mu. Kobe saddest May Mad the Big Bank theory retiring far. As as you she geeks edge I ki-, Montana Pastor. Push et cetera more share faring says couture pop. GREW THEM BAIN COUTURE UP OFF On Komo shale don't Leona Danny Howard high. Being. In a speech cokie David doors out the do. Those. Are those meters and Fish. Will cast a tumor I'm rich Kish fumes. Case and grass is the public moon afforded. But my day with designer fee now the Big Bang theory. to G program might wish to dwell new English midseason, August, Zoom Youtube outdoor demise Davinci regime. Depicted would sushi she don't? delay or not shutdown fanny. COMPANIA. Magic, Potter meaaures always this big. Out Jane's Phonology Game of thrones I'm with CAM catacomb. pook. Chamunda history or every yet. Bernard see. Bare naked ladies. console. described. Isn't over mental Nevada's to. Get. There you ceremonies. deja Vu stamp he. Can. Do to defies the blazing Sheldon Cooper numbers. Ill Salim, the DASH, the key. CHAMO- dress. My sneath, the Mood Cordova. Yobo don't Eh. Si. Doodoo said. Yelling at. H. E. Hippies, identity. Kabwe Cain, the NAS issue while PM. Ankle. Following Lewis Kathy McKee Bush so much moving to Manage. Geeky. Put I cycle zapping. Geek duvida point they play by for certain coma. Ninth Revision Commissioner Program CEO Does Ashton to the vehicle moon geeky hedge. You led Zeppelin team. Wisconsin Aaron Says Oh live from G Toki used to orange does adopt us so much better. If our question million. I'm WISCON- Missy Simmons. Hope. But his implicit data on I want you bugle sale in quotas annoying you hobby. Her Blanche. He combined yet our leverage. Hear He. He ended up on is in Hembo on the battle of Evermore Genesis Black Sabbath rush virus burned disc for Maroney scientists at Tanta don't being fought on flee Seattle talking. Therapists on. Komo. Throw Egon L. Customers, Riverdale the rush Riverdale at the hell do selfish that Religio Autism Nash able to gauge elegant normative offender might bear lose the topic cheese at Meijer but actually I have fanned don't kings beautiful ing villa Israel Hayao keeping managed regime you better to local designer no valujet ruining Suissa. Phone. Many mines. -sition MUSICA had show, Moussaka Geek. Automation mice. Thing. To. Fight Music Capelle under NASA. Alcazar Louisa. If he's still. Doing those mckean's who get the UP Brian Burrow USA key I imagine vocalist rivers Cuomo in Cardiff Lindsey in. The Needed burned as you know group or having the Media. The Miracle Moon Nancy's event effect I got Eric Cantona musicares, the Japanese okay. Phenomenon Music Air Super Moon do verbiage beano compensate to say Japanese my Zuma more to me I was on. The Cavaliers Geo Cookie, nor is now a sense. I'll tell you a moose burned a makeup. You put a key for the pool is not a key. Hunger. E capable don't successor done now dna no sewing thread Eric. Komo Geeky magic we'll get into. A. S C G do group girls' generation. I can do with the Subaru. Soy's intrigue Madge Europol via Autarchic? Fetish regime that the soon to. Say I was thinking to tell us when odds-on Rodeo? Shakes. Program, but you may fish is obvious Damashqiya philosophy. Blue Jiagelo Naji. Do Naji oil judo a Geek Kasana. Playing those who say obey his saints now because the own that is. CEO Niro Nice Regime But I'm going start with. Vince equipped you're my first call. You do push through Jinchi stores. One Amish parents say. Immune of some scientists such. As I, edit them being agenda. Toilet the women is he actually Dog Lozada Gms Alto do give them when she does galaxies Adams more. To those when you grew up with your first woman agile, do a similar depose much. Cinco. De. Nineteen. Gee much book it. All by the. Fume poker things. There's only. Lambert was. Angel idea to ask wounded gear them when she later IBM. To My. Don't want you later on. Teddy. Stellar fish is it does what she did is that appoint pschological Savior Coma Ghazali Ultra. Sarah's adding Luther Stalks cash. In Suga. Key being what am I. GotTa Komis him so. Soon your team going. Through the key Nancy Geeks, they don't want them all visuals decker trash Mizoguchi Dunkel to. You Know Sawyer catastrophes zone. Minorities Nah. Just I started in game me and kill. Jane. That technology of the Microsoft billionaire new gauge a filmmakers Naji Zero Cinco, sink fuming of Saddam's nee. Bill Gates say, Georgia or. Steve Jobs Dapo mock Zukin back the facebook so alters enormous chemo. Kissing. GEEKS Vasie it'll. vansh about the mice in qualities was locked in cash show it bizarre just now he's not. Is. A hope a cash overseas Attila the solve bobby follow. Viki value change from Beijing.

CEO Komo CUOMO Lovie Bill Gates Lewis Kathy McKee Bush Harry Potter Jane Sarah Sad Claude old Saint Timothy I Iran BOJ Cintas Craig Thompson. Eric Cantona Bain David G Anima Siegler Bane Bowl
March Apple Event + more iPhone 13 leaks! (CC #482)

The CultCast - Cult of Mac

59:55 min | 5 months ago

March Apple Event + more iPhone 13 leaks! (CC #482)

"This is the apple two c. personal computer a more powerful version of the world's most popular personal computer and even though it's rather small it can handle impressive out of work. Now you'll probably use it to organize your personal finances or your office files to help your kids get ahead in school but enough not power to run an automated factory. There's no telling how far can take the apple two c. Gets a lot bigger than it. Looks and welcome. Cook cast the thirty out conversation. You're gonna hear all week long. I'm your host sean elijah. Where's the button. Go me this week with town. I'm hearing he's been walking around in a spandex guitar napping at his desk. And take it rips off the puck. Go plus set the session mode. I also heard. He took the cult amac lamborghini company car out for a spin. He's the managing editor matt. I did not tiger woods good. Well there's still time how long is down especially with getting near that. Puff go what do i feel like. I'm broadcasting with fred durst from limp lewis. Look like he's into a time machine hoping to go into the past the time machine malfunction malfunction and instead of sending you into the past it went to the past and grab your outfit and put it on your body from today. What can i say man. I like the hat and you got the bill flat. I'll look fine brewery here in san francisco. There's hats help them out and buy. But i like that. You're word it flat style very specific. Look you didn't bother to bend at all. I'm surprised sticker on the other side of the a what the foil sticker still on the underneath. You know it's so sunny here in my amazing alarium studio. Yes you look like. You just lived like six months as the kid from big and then just spring back into your body know what i cannot. I don't even want to try. And parse that because i want you to be able to get on with the show here is a back in my head and actually maybe even hear the little cogs grinding. What's up skull. It looks like a medical alert shirt or something. What is that yeah. I got it free with my medical alert. Your medical what back. I'd say is a promo shirt number that tv show house. If you look to qadissiyah's okay told that little thing that goes up the rod. Yeah except in this case the rod you guys words to gain so is that symbol that medical symbols called the ducey's yes. I did not know that. Wow that's why that's why you get on the calls with us right so you can from you all the time. You got the best words. Everyone knows that. Okay guys. well welcome to everyone listening. Yeah no all right. So leander is gone. He is in arizona. What does he coming back next week. I believe back yes next week. That's you know you never know. It's vacation sometimes. Sometimes things get extended right but Yeah i love bike with leander. You never know he's going on vacation until oh by the way. I'll be gone for the next three weeks. Yes yeah that's what he's like thursdays. I forgot to mention it but it is in the calendar. I'm like oh okay. It's not my calendar check. He's in phoenix or somewhere in arizona. Business some family. And i'm sure he's even squinty than he would normally seattle or here in Laws on oregano aren arizona. I think it will. I think buster told me out. There's no yeah. Well it's been okay with buster for a long time that legally speaking. He's on more firm legal footing now. And i think they just started opening. They just started opening pot shops. It's so weird man that is legal. It's legal in seattle in washington and we have pot shops everywhere. You go in and they've got like menus full stuff and all sorts of things. I've never even heard of before and you can buy what you want crazy. He may skinny as you want all right. Well we're not here to talk about. Narcan is not here so we got actual apple stories here to talk about. Let me just run through these. Newts real fast. Apparently we're supposed to have a march event. We'll talk about that we. We should've mentioned this a couple of weeks ago. But we'll talk about it today and we're talking about iphone thirteen and world's going going to be talking about some iphone updates touch. Id coming back to the iphone. All please please. How is it to wearing a mask using eighty. It's the worst thing ever. And i want to tell you about a about interesting features coming to the find my app and some security stuff that's built in so that people can't track you without you knowing with an apple tag. Did you ever even consider. That was a possibility apple. Did what if someone wants to track. You want now. Apple has some features. That will let you know someone's tracking you with an unidentified device is a crazy story and we'll wrap up with. There's this bill in arizona that has just passed the house that will allow developers to use their own payment methods inside their apps in the app store. Which apple's is fighting tooth and nail as you can imagine him because it would allow people to basically not give up apple any money for the app store and if this bill actually gets passed this will have worldwide ramifications because. I don't think apple's going to is not going to maintain separate code bases for every single state every single municipality that doesn't make any sense and actually leads to a much broader story that we'll talk about so before we dive in a very hardy. Thank you to squarespace for supporting this episode. Squarespace.com ford slash cook cast. Do you need a website. Do you still not have a website. I have to squarespace websites. They're so easy to build. They're so easy to maintain that you'll actually do it. You could build a web store. You can sell physical products digital products. You can have people schedule your time and pay you for your time. You can create a online paid community where people can pay a membership fee to have access to your website. Hang out intermingle intermix. So don't and so forth you could build a blog. You could build a one page impactful websites that just showcases you and your skills. Everything has drag and drop extremely easy to build and maintain. You can add your social media billed image galleries squarespace great if you need a website. I always recommend people. Check it out because it's so easy to use and your website will look beautiful on any device that visits hanover. Squarespace.com ford slash cast build websites. See how you like it ticket. I spin you've got nothing to lose. You don't even have to give them your credit card information and then at the end of the trial. If you want to continue your your website you can save ten percent off your first purchase with with coal cast at checkout at squarespace.com forward slash colt cast and then use offer code checkout to save ten percent and if you order your service which is what i do. You will get an additional discount and a free domain name. Squarespace.com folks lash coke cast. Okay first things first. We gotta talk about this. We talked about this potential for an apple event this week or not this week this month which i totally missed before but apparently we might be on track for an apple events and jon prosser tweeted out the mid february late and i worry that he's heard that we're still on track for a march events. Have you heard anything about this. Lewis kathy prosser I predicted back. In december. something march sixteenth. You put a date on it way. Back when and yeah that the other thing saying airtags. He's still on. This of course was followed. Not too long after that by gherman going. Nope ain't happening marks. So gherman is is firmly march. Sixteen event not happening. Prosser definitely happening. So there you go. Let me see if i can go into browser mode here and see what happens. They are try. Oh no nothing. Got every frigging episode. I forget to do this. So yes jon prosser so so. Mark gurman did come in and say that it wasn't happening but he was speaking specifically about march sixteenth. So people were talking about march sixteenth. Being the day and mark later clarified that he was talking about that specific day. So the third. So it could be the twenty third. Isn't that just like mark to do that too. Would that surprise you at all if it was like march twenty third or something and he was just basically disproving sixteenth and so if we do have an event we don't really know what would be announced at the event. Although prosser seems pretty confident that airtags are still on the agenda and airtags have been rumored forever. They've been delayed multiple times and it seems like this might be a good time to finally make the announcement because well people are starting to travel a little bit more people getting the vaccines restrictions are being led up. You probably heard that texas. And i think mississippi are fully open. Now no masks. Even how crazy is that. I mean it's been a year. It seemed like it would never end. You know so seems like some states are starting to open up. People are travelling. Don't might be a good time to introduce airtags and tell people about how they can track their stuff when they're going actually going places and not just sitting you know i lost my phone or my. I lost my wallet somewhere in my living room convinced. It's it's either the living room the bathroom. I know it's in the house somewhere. Because i haven't left. Yeah it's it's most likely in the bathroom. Do you ever use your your your watch feature. That will ping your phone. I love that dude. I use that all the time. I went to my friend's house and he was actually getting annoyed with me. Because i kept using it. I didn't even realize how often i use it. But he was like dude. Why what is your phone. Keep making that sounds like well. I don't know where it is. Because i don't bother to track it. I just put down somewhere. And then i pin it and i go wherever i loved it. I always leave it. In the oddest places and apparently that's not how he lives his life. You must keep it in his his pocket or something. Did you know that you can also you can also pin your phone by asking your home pod or another apple device where your iphone is. Oh yeah so you knew that. Okay flashlight right. You know that you can make it dark. You're kidding no. I did not know that. Is there anything else that you can do that. I didn't know about. I'm sure there's a lot of other things you can do know about. Just a few long press on that thing on your watch or blinking light very handy in dark dark situations. I did not know that. Well like for instance if you're in texas in the mobile blackout. Yeah right exactly all right. Well let's talk about iphone and improvements coming up. So we've got some iphones talk about. And this i thought was actually kind of exciting. I don't hate the notch. I really like the design of the samsung phones. Where you just have little hole punch and then. The screen surrounds it. Some people really don't like that. Look i kind of enjoy it and let me browser mode. Let's just see what happens fingers crossed. Oh it worked okay victory. how's it looking though. Oh looks fantastic. So we have a story this week. That says apple might get rid of the screen notch in the twenty twenty two iphone. So i guess this would be like the iphone fourteen or the thirteen if they call the next iphone the twelve ass so on monday minke quo. The apple analyst gets anything right. Did you know according to that website apple track. Close actually less accurate than jon prosser. Yeah well. I find that a little suspect. I feel on apple track. 'cause it's the website everyone uses now they need to add a kind of some kind of bad or something that shows how long the person has been making predictions if i come along and i get a couple right and i'm two for two now all of a sudden accurate durban. That doesn't make any sense right. I predict apple. Release an iphone in twenty twenty one. There you go. I predict that only going to do that. They're going to do when twenty twenty two twenty twenty three as bold twenty twenty four so now i'm three for three. Where did you get the worst of wall more accurate. I'm a big investor in pailin tear except crystal balls multiple only only one just mere mortal flesh all right. Let's continue here so on monday night. Main chicago from t.f. international securities. You know you love him. He said that the two eight two two iphone models which is the two thousand twenty two on at least the high end models would abandon the notch design and adopt the punch bowl display design if production yields are good enough. All models may even support this new punch design. We have a story on cult. Amac that ed roads and he was saying that replacing the iphone notch with the hole punch camera. It makes no sense. And i was like dude. Come on. everyone loves that design but the more ready to story the more. I thought you know he. He doesn't make a bad point. And i guess the thing that seems pointless to me is why would you go from a notch to a hole punch design and then eventually what you wanna do and it seems like they may do this for twenty. Twenty three is eliminating the holes entirely in having tech place behind the screen as part of the screen so it seems like a weird intermediate step to me but i would imagine we're actually quite a ways out from having the cameras placed behind the stream with no notched cutouts or no hole cut out because they're not going to shoot through the screen. That kind of technology is probably not going to exist for a long time. it's also that whole array. I mean that was kind of ed's main point i think was that it's you know the true depth camera system. It's not just one camera. it's all these different things right. I like scattered point whatever. That thing's called the blaster. The thing that gives you all the dots So it's not just that one camera so that was his one of his main points is like why. Why would they do that. Why take a half measure and how you're gonna make it happen. And so supposedly they're going to make the notch smaller this year they keep saying but I don't know eliminate entirely next year. Yeah i would love it if they just removed it and went to slim. Let me bring up this image again and just had a little camera notch or however many they need right across the top. I feel like that delivers much. A much more seamless beautiful experience. And i'm no fan of the notch. So i'd much rather have that than the notch. The top notch so distinctive though and in a way it becomes like a way to distinguish an apple phone but yeah but so was the click wheel and they killed that without much fanfare right. I mean with zero fanfare. They just killed one of their best designs. Apple is kind of known for for doing that. But okay forget about forget about a hole punch for the camera right that i feel like most people are gonna care either way. Let's talk about features to actually make a difference including having a bigger battery louis. Oh my thing. Everybody wants right. This is the this is actually from that same report from somebody wanna find out how to pronounce his name pretty close. Yeah so he. He dropped his giant report this weekend. And this is from the same thing. And he's saying hey this year this year's phones and not sure exactly what they're gonna be called twelve thirteen. Whatever supposedly four ios handsets same basic model breakdown which means the mini isn't dead And they're gonna have the same screen sizes and they're gonna have lightning ports and a bunch of other Improvements one of the main things that people might be excited about is that Is quoting him. The new to h two one. That's his way of saying next. You know third quarter. Whatever iphone models feature larger battery capacity the iphone twelve streets thanks to the space saving design of many components hence that new model those models will also slightly heavier. this are also slightly heavier than the iphone twelve. Excuse me there is trying to not say to h two one again and very hard it made my brain hurt trying to get anyway bigger battery slightly heavier. The other thing is that Supposedly the notch is going to shrink and that the screen is going to go to one. Hundred twenty hurts. I suppose at least on the too high in pro models and you know that's something people been clamoring for for ages two hundred twenty and actually heard that mentioned as one of the reasons they need a bigger battery. Because that's going to eat up more battery so you might get a bigger heavier phone. Bigger battery might get the same battery life because they speed up the refresh. Well i would certainly welcome a bigger battery and better battery life. And i love this new apple where they're building impracticality. And not just looking for thinner lighter right like. I don't care if the phones heavier care if the phones thicker if you give me much better battery life that's something that everyone wants and everyone can use but more than that more than that. I think that we also might see the return of a optical in screen touch. Id system now. This is something that we talked about a while ago and we haven't heard about in a while but let me pull up the story. I'll just pull up this one right here. Hats off to our brothers at macrumors here. Check it out. Apple's iphone thirteen could feature optical in display fingerprint sensor this in today's current climate. This is probably the most important feature that they could possibly add more important than cameras more important than anything else now. We know they've been working on this for a while. We've talked about this in screen touch. Id feature for probably a year and a half maybe longer and to be able to just touch your phone. Unlock frigging mask on would be the most the most glorious feature. They could possibly add i mean. How many times are you out and about especially at the grocery store and you have your grocery list on your phone and you're constantly having to type your coat into unlock your to your phone because you you have your mask on it so frigging annoying. It takes seconds out of your whole day which are seconds to spare so. I really hope that this feature ends up coming to fruition and this is this is according to join us. Turn from the wall street journal and the wall street journal. They're not playing around okay. If anyone's going to get going to get rights. I think it would be them. Yes louis what about iowa's fourteen dot five can allow. It's going to unlock it with your apple. Watch well that would actually be a great work around. I mean if you got an apple. Watch that feature. Actually work. I i i i don't actually i. I'm terrified abate betas but Wait second i'm running the beta fourteen to five. Yeah can you get the watch updated. You gotta be running the latest. I haven't actually updated yet. He had just went to. I just want to software update and it showed it to me. Okay i'm gonna install this dude. That i hit works. Great really okay. Why would they not introduce this earlier. It seems like such a natural thing. I mean if you can unlock your mac with your watch. Why can't you unlock your phone with your watch. I know it actually. It seems like one of those things like you hear it and go. Oh why didn't. Why didn't i think of that. Why didn't they think of that like. Why didn't that happen from day. One right oh man. Yeah that would be. I mean even aside from a mask if you're wearing your watch. Why can't you just have your iphone unlocked. Whenever you're near your iphone right. It should just work that way period regardless of if you're wearing a mask and face ideas and working like they should just add that as a feature well. I'm installing this right now. I'm sure that they you know. Part of it is like oh. You're sitting at a bar. You got your phone sitting on the desk are on the table and somebody picks it up and you got your watch on. I think there's some mechanism you have to do. Like you have to like look at the watch and or it it. I think it's send us a message on your watch. Hey wrist it tells you what happens on your master know about it. But you haven't haven't done it actually. I never thought about before. I was always like. Why does my watch tell me that. I unlocked my mac. But that's that's why because if you're in the room with your mac and so it goes to unlock it. When you're in the other room it would work. i think. I don't know what the distance prammer are. And then you would know that someone is trying to hack into your database. Is they're trying to get your data. I gotta say though that that features awesome when it works. But it's hitting mr me. It's still i still every now and get then get the story. The wireless connection is not strong enough to Allow this to happen. It's like what i mean i it. I'm totally baffled by that. And i'm not the only person i go. I've tried to get to the bottom of it several times. And you know typically what you always end up like. Oh well if you reboot your mac and your watching to work. Yeah the whole point of it. Is i want to do something on my mac right now. Not go through the process of rebooting everything in you know. I don't know i find it annoying unit. Do you need a new router. I literally never. That problem is bulletproof from works. Every single time. I try to use it to have your costly having wifi issues at your house. Your mac is taken eighteen seconds to load twitter. Dude it's really hard living in a digital digital Am i allowed us. What ghetto anymore. A digital a served back backwards area like san francisco. I don't think that's i think you just need new routers man. You need to get yourself a or b or get super super powerful wi fi mesh system that will allow you to it. Is all your bits. That's bunk man. This happened At cult amac. Hq as well same. Same thing this is an i mac. Probably like twenty fifteen or something like that. Yeah nut consistently but regularly enough. That i am annoyed by it. I get the old strong enough wireless connection. Do you need to you. Need to wipe your mac and put it into the into some kind of hot fire. Melted down until new match even better than rebooting. It melted down. You need to melt it down into one giant glob of of silver alloy a different computer. You never never experienced that at all. No mine works flawless. Great happy for you. Yeah although i'm thinking about selling it and upgrading to something new anyway. I you know what it is. It's just my magnetic personality it's causing everything haywire. Compass spins right exactly when i spend. Wow hold on this leads into an interesting little side discussion here. And i wasn't sure if we talked about this because i don't know if we'll have enough time but i think that we should bring it up. So the m one max are out for the for the mac mini and the macbook air rights. And they're on the way for the axe we know and for the macbook pro. Here's the thing. I have a top of the line. Intel map appro sixteen inch. I think the prices on these max on the intel macs are going to crater when the m one max come out already have they already have cratered man. So i'm wondering if if now's the time to sell it now come on not for the macbook pro. There's nothing better. If you wait until triple pro comes out or the m one i matt comes out your host man. The prices on your current gear are going to absolutely crater. We saw some benchmarks out with this week or last week. Jot the m one x chip and the multicolored performance and it literally is double the current performance of the intel variety. Just to be clear. There already is an one. Mac book pro all the thirteen inch. Yeah but that uses that uses the less powerful someone. I'm talking about the m one. Oh you mean whatever. The the next gen comes out generation or for whatever they include in their performance machines. That's what i'm talking about. So yeah for the thirteen pro. You're probably already host. I mean i've read stories like that. And i haven't gone and checked but everything i've read says man basically it's it's you know the price. The the bottom has dropped out of the resale value. You know it's a shame because it used to be like harleys right you buy one you sell it for you know basically what you paid for it or you know just a little less. But it hasn't been that way in a long time because apple continue selling the older model and drop the price which screws you over as far as resale value. I mean you know you never get the full full thing back but but definitely a lot. I mean to be honest. I i've seen some. We've been some in. The cult of mac deals store. Yeah i see some older ones on there for sale. I'm just like who right. Mind would buy one of those people who don't know who would pay five hundred dollars for a book. Well it's only fifteen. That was a great year for the for the math book. Well i was thinking. Can i get away with a mac book. Air am one or probably what i would do. Actually is just gonna mac many dude. The mac mini m ones are going on sale all the time. You can get one for probably six hundred bucks now and get one of those use that for a while. If you don't absolutely have to have a laptop or get the mac book air and one if you do yeah and then just waits so sell off your higher end gear now your your your macbook pro sell those off now while the prices are still decent and then wait for the. Because we're not. What i really want kind of is the m one x variety. I'm i think that's probably what i'm going to go for. Because that thing is going to be an absolute beast. But i might go for the mac book pro the sixteen inch what the m one acts whatever they end up calling that ship but that machine is going to be probably not as fast as the amac is so for me. I might go for the power. Play there you know. You probably don't have that long to wait for these things. Let's i'm saying so. Now's the time now might be a good time just to sell. But they didn't mac mini that. You've got to get rid of. Yeah i mean you know how much you wanna spend your a wheeler dealer see. That's the situation i. I'll do anything to avoid wheeling or dealing. Well the thing is though like and this is exaggerated. You might actually. You might actually lose more than a mac mini in value on your macbook pro. Sixteen inch macbook pro. So you might end up in a better position. Where you have a mac mini m one and then also an imac and you would have made enough on your resale value from your math. But pro to actually pay for a significant portion of that or at least calculation. And i don't have time to agent calculating yes so think about it. That's all i'm saying if you have a mac book pro or amac if there's any way that you can sell now now is probably the time to do. Once those and one x machines are announced. You might as well. Just throw the machine away because no one's going to pay you anything for it. It's gonna be absolutely worthless absolutely worthless. No one's gonna want those intelligence. Okay let's talk about ios fourteen point five beta three louis the fire my app getting some updates. That we've talked about here in the past. And they finally have made their official appearance. Yeah yes so. This was the thing that you had to like. Go through that weird. Url hack to to see right. I mean it's been visible in the betas for a while but now it's it's their front and center if you download either the public betas for fourteen dot five of for iphone ipad. Excuse me now. There's a new items tab right. They're built into the fine my app and at Let you track beats headphones luggage and other third party gadgets. you know. Multiple people are adding adding this sort of feature now Working the apple ecosystem which is awesome. Actually you know because that's a great app and it's a great way to deal with stuff and allowing the other people to put their items and there's going to be great tabs also expect to be home. The long rumored airtags trackers when they finally appear in like you're saying earlier that could be two weeks from now could be he. Yeah i guess the rest of this was when we already mentioned. Let's see beats. Headphones are definitely some upcoming. But i'll have to write Belt acre elkin. i. I don't know about the encore encore encore. Don'the down member okay. I thought they were but but You know more people are going to be adding this right. I mean dude. This is going to be huge. I mean imagine being able to track all the things that you own all on your phone. You'll be able to ping them once. They activate the ultra wideband aspect of the un ship. And you'll be able to like basically just be walked over to where your item is. It's going to be massively powerful you it. It'll be almost impossible to lose anything ever again. Exceptions into all your apple stuff. No problems simple to lose your. He's a. He sent an email. The tim cook to see if it can have the you install his brain and they said well you gotta do an mri. I and so he did. He got one. They said sir. There's something wrong with the machine. There's nothing left in there as they did it again. The same test results came back. And tim cook said yeah sorry. Sorry y'all not much. Hope hoping never listened to attach the two liter listening to the podcast. You gotta worry about know. If he's ever actually besides participating it'd the upset he's actually ever listened to it. Thank goodness for that Yeah it's gonna be very very cool technology. Once they get this but okay so working this all together right the me let me ask you a wonderful pine back. I'm gonna put in all the ingredients here and give you all the little tidbits today. Yeah oh man now. I really want pie. Just in hungrier and hungrier. Oh my my. I have a relative on my wife's side of the family. She makes absolutely legendary pies legendary pies like restaurant quality the best pie tyrod so the one that she makes the most that i that i love is a banana cream cream pie. Oh dude not for years. Maybe a decade. Oh my gosh. Great apple pies. Apply personal angle. Thank you gotta do apple pies because you're like the apple capital of the world. how about pecan become. But it's been a long time. I love pecan pie. I never had a pilot. I didn't and then my personal favorite cherry pie didn't Wasn't there song about pie. The number anyway only one. There's several by over right. Yeah that's an american pie. So if you're a great. I just just a real quick thing weird grape pie. No pizza a monstrosity. It's true such as that even existed. It can happen. It sounds gross. Beyond the you walk rape and just to juicy to be an pie you need something unique things that are kind of dry get. Just boil them down a little bit. Yeah i mean it's also and then they're all slimy no one else they got a bunch of sugar right. So i mean yeah. There's no problem it's not like cherries are not juicy. Do cherries are wage drier than a grape a grape. A is like the the fruit that you think about when you think about juicy maybe in an orange or like maybe the only thing that's juicier than a grape is a watermelon. I don't think. I have heard of watermelon pie. But you know what somebody's gonna send us a link there's gonna. Here's my grandma's watermelon pie recipe because it would just break down into like some kind of weird paste so gross spaced by that. Sounds like something eaten england pace by. Why is the food there so weird. I don't know all right. sorry guys. Sorry alva quite a tangent listening. Oh peach pie ooh shoot. Oh man peach pies don't even get me started. Slap your mama. That's a good that is flabbergasted stood. Slap your mama. I'll take that pie. it's a wide. You slap me the pie not supposed to share a okay. So you already talked about this tab going into find my and Oh yeah the pie talk. I'm putting it all together. Who were detour to detour. Took a tour. Yeah so we have this stuff going into iowa. Fourteen point five right. We have the potential march event coming with the actual airtags and airtags. Clearly going to be something that you can use in the final my app to find your stuff you can attach these two other items check out this story. Can i bring this up. This is a wild story. It's something that i didn't even consider but is something that clearly apple has thought about iowa's fourteen point five beta three includes item safety feature for airtags and other tracked items to help prevent stocking. Check this out okay. The new toggle was highlighted by even. Say this the nine to five mac contributor benjamin mail sorry about that. Who explains that with the feature toggled on your iphone will notice that someone placed an air tagger other fine my compatible item tracker in your possession and prevent your location from being shared. If you attempt turn the talk loft the find. My app warns you warns you that by doing so. The owner of an unknown item will be able to see your location. The prompt states that with a title off your iphone went no longer notifications if an unknown item is found to be moving with you. How crazy is that. So this is something that i strictly never thought about. Even though i have many fans and probably several stockers but they're so good. I never actually see them and it never actually reach out to me but the find my app is going to allow someone to put like an ear tag in your car or on your person or in your bag. This is like Is there a movie called enemy of the state with will smith and movie. I'm talking about louis. You gene hackman. Gene hackman genetically. Yeah yeah well the tracker that's that's like classic right. I mean They slip it on your car. They do this. They do that yet. And i it's honestly like i never thought of that either and why i. I can't believe it never crossed my mind but And it me wonder does tile has a similar feature or or could could people use tile tags attract people. I don't know if they have that technology. But i just thought this is really interesting. So apple won't be able to tell if there is a foreign object. That's that's basically with you at all times and will eventually it will tell you like. Hey there's something here that is going with you everywhere that you go. That isn't your item. Which tells you that you're being tracked by someone else's device now. Someone here in the mac rumors story was saying. That's real cool. Unfortunately that means if you put a tracker on your own backpack when someone steals it worth them that they're being tracked. What is actually a great point. So they steal your car. Oh man it will tell their ifo that they're being attacked. I wonder if you're gonna take it to the next level right. They gotta make it so that when you but how you report that it stolen and then it disables that but then someone will get somebody right that they need to do but somebody could report their own things stolen and then put it in your never ending. It's a loop. Yeah but if they they reported stolen they'd still bracket yeah. You're right okay okay. That is interesting though. It sounds like a cool feature until you're like. Oh yeah still your backpack your backpack with your book. Pro this bad pros being trapped. Actually may maybe that would be a good thing. They'll be like. Oh shu ditch. Yeah so actually might work to their favor right so i just thought that was crazy. Story the the the privacy features the safety features that apple is is is thinking about building into into this new new technology. Okay let's see your. I want to talk about this arizona. Bill story real fast. But let me just plug if i may if you like even more cast content you may not have heard we have all new way to support the show and also you get two to three episodes a week. I'm trending towards t right now. We're going to bump it back up to three episodes a week. It's called cast off topic. It is a show in the same vein of casks that we talked about a variety of other stuff like we talked about nintendo switch. We talk about video games. We talk about crypto. We've been talking a lot about crypto on even wanna look at the stock market right now. Oh my gosh so even take a look real quick. I think it was at one twenty two today. i twenty tesla's down to six twenty one. Anyway we talk about. Our investment strategies are investments. And if you want to get even more cast content so we do a video. Every episode is video so you can watch it and also you get a all new. Rss feed that. 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So i've been giving away bumper cases really nice leather cases. It's nice stuff i mean. Honestly it's a hell of a deal because your chances of actually getting something pretty high and the stuff that you get is a lot of it is pretty valuable. Like if you get a router or you get a nice iphone case it basically pays for what you have been paying on a monthly basis sometimes for the whole year or longer so if that interests you support co dot com support dot dot com. I will also mention if you wanted a mitee. I release a more some some more designs at cloth dot co. These are the t shirts that started at all these. The ones that cult covered and the ones that immune leander. I found a whole box of them. And look at this. Check this out. We see all the boxes of stuff. Yeah check this out. I found a box of original mitee's packaging so check out this beautiful package. These are screen printed. And if you take a look at the top there you could see. There's all these like little those. There's the corona vira there. There's lightsaber this spaceship. These are what the tease us to ship in. And i found some more of these so for the people that order. You'll probably get one of these. I don't have very many left so you may not but whoever orders may end up getting there might in an original might teeth. Packages are extremely rare extremely rash and there's limited supply left cloth dot co for. What you need is one of those Like those big clock rain things like they have in the arcade games. He so people can just remotely operate and they can just drop that clock raining. Let pile of stuff back there and pick out the things that they do that we can stream it live detroit cluck. What do that might not be a bad idea. I've got so much crap back. There's good stuff to all right. let's see here. Let's talk about this zona bill which is totally crazy and if it passes is going to change the app store in a major way some hop into the story here. Arizona advances a bill that will let developer skirt. Apple's in app purchase rules now. A lot of people are not talking about this. North dakota had a similar bill. And i'm surprised that more people are discussing this because this could radically change the app store and the way you interact with apple in big ways in this tooth and nail their alaba lobbying hard to destroy these these bills. Because here's the thing. If one st decides to pass something like this. It's going to affect apple everywhere. Apple's not gonna maintain a separate code base for every single state so if just one st passes something like this then apple will probably have to make broad sweeping changes across their entire platform and this could be a pro or con. I mean in some ways. Well i'm gonna go on a tangent. Let me read the store. The arizona house of representatives passed today passed h two thousand five a state bill that would provide developers with an alternative to google and apple's in app purchase options by allowing developers to use their own payment solutions within apps. Last week the arizona house committee advanced the bill and now it has been approved by the house of representatives. it will be heard next by the arizona. Senate you see here. We have cnbc reporting on this apple and google have been lobbying aggressively against the bill for weeks now because it would let developers use third party payment options to avoid the fifteen to thirty percent cut. That apple takes from at purchases in payments a hearing last week apple chief compliance officer kyle and ear called hp two thousand five a government a government mandate that apple giveaway the app store quote. This would allow billion dollar developers. Take all the value of app store. Wait to take all the app stores value for free even if they're selling digital goods even if they're making millions or billions of dollars doing it. The bill is a government. Mandate that apple giveaway away. The app store apple last month successfully fought back a similar bill in north dakota which would have paved the way for third party. Apps store options. This is the interesting part lack. Like the north dakota bill the arizona. Bill was backed by the coalition for app fairness a group that includes companies like epic games. Who's suing apple. Spotify base camp tile all of whom have had significant issues with apple's app store rules there. There's a similar bill in minnesota apple is also battling against this major news. So apple's battling this bill in arizona. They've battled at north dakota now. They're battling it in minnesota. The tied the public. Perceptionist churning on apple in this regard. People are tired of apple. Having the app store be completely locked. Down at apple is a weird position because they own the store. It's not a monopoly. You can go to google if you want. But here's the thing. They are a duopoly. And the reason i say that is because you either go to apple or you go to google or you don't have an app and if you don't have an app you cannot be legitimate business and and have or be a popular business right. You don't have access to the notification systems. I mean there's things that are tied into an app that you wouldn't have did a web app and so if you are not found or deemed worthy to be in the google store or the app store. Then what are you supposed to do. You don't get to be a legitimate business. And i think all of these all that power is causing people to be frustrated with apple and with google and it seems like people are pressuring apple. Whatever way they can to start being more lenient in their app store rules and this is just another example of that. I don't. I don't know what would happen if one of these bills passed like clearly. You can't use the app store not pay apple for it. House apple gonna make money right. The app store couldn't exist if that happened. But i also think that the app store is too strict and at the very least apple. Should say okay. Well if you don't qualify for the app store we're going to allow people to load your app. We're gonna your app and some other way but apple doesn't do that either so they force you to use the app store but they don't deem you to be worthy to use the app store then you just don't get to have an app on the iphone which i think is totally crazy. Louis your thoughts. Well you keep talking about people feeling this way and public. I don't know that public spend any time thinking about this. I mean developers do Extensively provides a surface right by making sure that these apps art bad there's no malware and and there's a feeling of comfort right oh stuff is screened and it's good and you have to worry about anything so they've already taken steps to give give developers small developers cut right a to take a lesser cut. Let's put it that way of their stop. So i don't know man i mean they. It costs money to run the app store so they need to make money off of it. Somehow they don't make money if you just download. The free app could work in some kind of mechanism where it actually ebay has been working on this exact problem because ebay was currently or previously only compatible with pay pal for years and years and years and years right but now they're working pay pal out of their system and implementing their own payment system because they want to take more more of a cut. You're not when you buy something right. Well they still allow you to use other payment systems but they they find you for that essentially. So i think if i remember correctly if you don't want to use ebays payment system they will let you use another system but they charge you two percents so they basically are finding you for using some other of and now for apple. It's a different story because they make all their money through the payment processing and ebay has other ways of making money so maybe they could work out some kind of deal. Where if you were using your own payment system they would feature you in the app store is prominently or there'd be a section for you or they charge you a small fee but they still charge you a fee to be present in the app store instead of paying or charging you every time a sale is made. There's probably other kind of arrangement they can make but the other big thing is. I think that we need to have a way to siloed apps. I think it's ridiculous that apple. Apple's apps store is most people's portal to the internet apps or the way people use the internet now so in a way apple's able to control what what people use on the internet and they force everyone to use the app store. Which i think is fair. Well let me back up which they want to make a profit off. Which i think is fair right. But if you don't wanna use the app store should be another option for you so that you don't have to pay apple or you have an option to put an app on the phone if apple deems you not worthy to be in the app store which they do for a variety of reasons. I think sometimes the reasons are somewhat arcane stand and they have ultimate say on whether or not you get into the after which i think is is unfair. Why should they be able to be the only ones who determine who is on the internet and who's not it would be like if you're buying a domain name and you're ready to start said well we don't like your business model. We're not going to sell your domain names. You don't get to be on the internet. That's essentially the same thing just seems unfair to me. I know not everyone agrees with me. But it's up to see this pressure apple to allow you to siloed apps like you can in the android ecosystem and then they can just wipe their hands of it and they'll be like okay. You go you go do whatever you want if you to create your app and not be part of the app store. That's fine but i think it's i think it's a little bit too much of a power play to say you have to be in the app store unless we don't want you there in which case you don't ever do that though i mean that's one of the great appeals of the whole ios ecosystem. Right you can do that. I mean the only reason app in in my judgment. The only reason apple only allows apps to the app store not quality purposes. Did it's for money. They don't want developers to create an app that they can't profit off because in the in the ecosystem they have the mac app store and then they have just apps. And you can install apps on your mac and apple makes no money off that it should work the exact same way on the iphone if you want to be a authorized app and give everyone the warm and fuzzy is that you've had apple stamp of approval. Ease the app store and most people probably will. But if you if you don't care about that if you have an app. That maybe isn't as wholesome tim. Cook would like and doesn't have a place in the app store. Maybe apple won't even let you into the app store. You should still have a way to make it onto people's iphones. Without having to do the stupid. I hate the web app argument. Don't come and talk about web apps. Whereabouts are garbage especially on mobile. A web app is not an app. It is a jenky third rate user experience that everybody hates so if you don't have an app you're not a real company. When it comes to the internet you have to have an app. Otherwise normal people are not going to take seriously and they're not gonna use your service right so i just seems like too much power one company two-wheeled to control who gets to be on the internet. And who does not know you're saying. Oh they're not controlling. Who gets to be on the internet by back to marriage and appoint apps are the internet. Now that's how everyone accesses the internet on mobile and everyone is accident axing the via mobile. Get serious questions for you guys though. That's what he says ban also your question. he says. The app store would turn into apple arcade for those who follow their guidelines. I don't know if you're talking to me or somebody else. is avery. Apologize as lot of chat going on here. It's hard to do five things at once. I wish it were just five louis. I know you've also process back in the back of your mind trying to figure out how to set up a clock rain that you can remotely control over the internet using a web app because apple never let it in the store yup store yeah the real life clog rain where you can just pick stuff out of command center. I think that's it. Is that everything. louis. We did it. We made it through without without leander's steadying hand. I'm surprised we actually made it through. And i can tell from your face that you're ready to go because you haven't eaten lunch fifteen. How did it get to fifteen. And i thought that by aliens the same time machine that brought your clothing from the past you hate hate. Hate mr winner winner chicken dinner. I'm hungry to. Let's go ahead and wrap it up. That's the cast we have for you guys this week but if you wanna come tell us your opinions on the app store. Tell me that i'm wrong. I'm sure many of you agree. We're all on twitter. I'm at year. F- win almost linder. He's not here louis blues laws. Have you wanna follow editor at l. Katie he's probably posted pictures of his phoenix. A bunch of questions about this week's episode stomping vega won't be hard all right. This is the best thirty outcomes as you're going to hear all week long. New episodes of co cast come out every thursday night. And we'll pick for listening. This airport elisa and fred durst signing off after covid haircuts wearing off again situation. Look biscuit singer. Show up there for the book. Jane right chain widen baggy cabin start streaming starting the stream. Starting this tree here. the stream has been started. We've got one person waiting. Is that you lose you waiting. I begin. i'm always waiting for myself to arrive. Okay well we've got lots apple news talk about here guys. We're just waiting for people to pile in. Hey if you have anything that you want to talk about any questions we could do little ama. No one ever has questions no one. I feel like when you ask people to like ask you questions. No one has questions for you or for us then. They're just like shut up dude. I don't want to tell you what content to make. I just want you to entertain me and make me the. Make me that balloon animal. But i told you about and then that's it does that make reference from wedding crashers. When does that the wedding. That kids like i want He asked him to make those like really elaborate balloon thing and swans like. I don't think i know how to make and it goes shut up clown and make me make the balloon thing. He's like surprises like geez. You don't have to be so upset. He's like up and make it. Where's the englishman. You didn't catch the beginning of the show. I think you should probably do the entire podcast. And your best british accent man. If british accent weren't so bad. I might try to do that. I just can't. I've got a frigging a. Plus kermit the frog kermit. The frog but british can't do it alone now. there doesn't seem to be any wanna round. How's that pretty green. It's pretty good thank you.

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BelowDeckMed: Girl Trippin'de

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BelowDeckMed: Girl Trippin'de

"Watch what happens would like to think it's premium sponsors. The bay area benches begging the slayer taylor herron mc nicholas. She don't don't miss no trick liz. Thank it's jessica. Dang lisa wallin's now. That's what i call wanting minutes. Let's go on a bender with lauren bender off nikki aguilo. Weber sarah greenwood only uses her power for good. He makes us we. It's jamie. She has no last name he actually cer- bony honey. Don't take no bologna. You don't touch nicky. Morgan letters zip some scott with jessica higher than hi rez. It's lauren peres ain't nothing like alison king meghan bird. You can't have a burger without the bird just saying hey kristie robert dougherty telly barlow when she goes barlow we go hi hi lo hammock god. I love that banana anderson and are super premium patriot subscribers meena coochie coochie coo gee. Let's get racy with miss stacy shelvin out of a cannon anthony incredible edible matthews sisters lulu simon soon studio. Give 'em hell miss miss. Noel kelly stump stump master always ready for nicole passer ready one day. You're rachel's in the next your yes we can with howley caroline and an nancy season desisto. We love you guy the afghan rabbit not much man. Hey everybody welcome to watch rock rob on the podcast about all that crap. We love talking about on bravo. I'm ronnie care <hes> you can also find me on the rose bricks bachelor roast for the next two we and here i am with my little best and co host mr ben mandil car of the real housewives of kitchen island which is the cartoon on u._t. Not go look at it. Whole bean your doom <music>. Hey everyone we are going back out onto where we've had a month to sit on our butts and i don't gain a lot of weight if for me but we're gonna go back out ought to. It's going to be a main thing. In september we are going to be in charlotte and asheville nashville has celo ticket alert so get your damn take okay and sarla is the twenty sixth of september and then the next day is nashville then. We're going to do two shows in atlanta in october uber. We've got an early and a late so low ticket alert on early. Come to bow there can be different shows then we're going to carbo richmond tampa fort fort lauderdale in napa lous two shows in chicago which are almost sold out two shows in new york which are almost sold down. Say lewis two shows in philadelphia. One is sold out the late night is still open. Get your butt to the late show k. and then seattle and houston so we're super excited to see you guys all in twenty nineteen and i just wanna can i just add like two little things real quickly clarify some things i with charlotte show <hes> when you go to buy your tickets you see a seating in math and if you're like oh my god there are no seats available. There's actually a balcony but it's like not intuitive yet to like. Click a thing to go through with the balcony. Seating is so there's lots of balconies eating which is awesome because by late also cool. There's balcony so there's that for charlotte. Also i think the chicago shows. Maybe even one of the new york shows. There are some that that we were like oh we thought it was sold out turns out there actually be i._p. Tickets still available in those so for a lot of them. The general admission is gone but they're still some v._i._p. Left so if you wanna see us in chicago cargo or new york. There's like barely anything left but there is some v._i._p. So and that's cool because that comes with preferred seating and a meet and greet so there's that was it totally fin. We're gonna have a blast. I have so much energy to go back just party. I'm excited. I'm really excited <hes> and then of course yes you can get. Our video recaps a couple times a week. We do those on crap on demand. That's also where you find our bonus episodes patriots. This week is about flip or flop which it's such a crazy show that we both love all that's available at pay drowned as well as merch links etc etc okay today spinello deck mediterranean holiday. I like truly post june episode how did you how did you fare oh my god. I love girl. You get some trashy o._c. Women on here and look how much fun it is at kelly. Kelly dodd tweeted to some but she tell somebody. I don't know who she was somewhere on the internet she said oh. I know those girls were course of war. We're saying these are such o._c. Ladies you know with their cut out trashy nece and of course they're friends with kelly so yeah. There's episode had everything in it. You had the cougars. You add collie getting her. You had travis getting drunk and there was just a little bit of something for everyone. Everyone there really was then you know. The episodes going to be good when it starts off with act that i'm horny sleaze now other than fucking receipt right now. That sounds really fun. Oh this it was a great episode for kathy who knew that when we're recapping last week and her make in front of kathy the awkward guests on in the group who knew that she'd have such a central role in this episode episode yeah kathy just made this episode literally screen and we didn't make fun of i think we made a made. Ah made up voice for kathy did do make up. Boys talk talk last week and you guys were psychic. We're psychics because that's literally ethics appetite literally how she talked and how she screamed it was amazing. If you don't know who kathy is kathy we named or cathy. I think her name may have actually been like stephanie or something <hes> but <hes> cathy she like they're all these like cougars and then there was this one girl who was just trying to sort sort of like fit in and didn't quite fit in in the same way and last week she wore this like blue and white striped bathing suit that was like odd architectural elements to it. I'm just like okay kathy okay she. Even kinda looks like the cartoon kathy which is just so she does. She's like kyle richards words version of kathy which is sort of a mind thought given kathy hilton et cetera but either way so we opened with the everyone talking a- a- as did and we're still at dinner and the captain comes up has your dinner does it taste like a nice sleeping bag wchs netflix waggling andrea tree and of course the primary and we mentioned last week but it annoyed me all over again this time the primary goes oh. I haven't even touched. She got <hes>. It's cold lady. You were talking. You were drunk and talk about how you are and now you're gonna say that it's cold. That's not fair yeah. You weren't even eating the prayer lame ass associates like alcott ban the food school. I don't know what happened and he was like that. Sounds fun can't back. La assists actually possible and i don't use that one pulse last eyeball shake my favorite show impossible to now like when sandy bring the food back and says that it's cold he has this like amazingly gr- regressive moment where he just he just points at his pants unlike a toddler like he just points at it like pin like he just he just like he's so shocked. He becomes a little baby pointing out. The pan like hot pan. Am in kerala is helping clear this is and he's like i can take your dash and the ladies i thank god look that child's inca why are like atlanta thinks he's dissolved bunching because she goes to sell boonchu uh-huh alands regular giselle boone gene walking around right there look at that and that is that a smother on bob on a boat down there to kelly. I always thought you were a handsome liked his out bunch who that is but he sounds handsome. She's way just just making a walk around and he's like yeah so then then we see asia as asia cleaning rooms and s h it's so easy. It's so easy cleaning rooms. Oh my god. I just rent her dress again. Our job requires zero l. after we check in deep perfectly so then tyler is eating downstairs with travis. Thank you thanks. I did it again. Oh god announced says it through the whole you know what i'm gonna do a replace search and replace every tyler why means trips okay i've gone. I started calling him trevor forever in my notes so don't even put that in my mind so travis is like focused. Bullshit isn't even in the middle but see saying in the middle. It's gone. It's like frigates. Girlfriend did dear yeah. He basically is sad because he's in a room. That's about five feet away from his last room so he's just moping around because he can't bunk with jack anymore. Yeah and then up in the kitchen benesova benesova pissed off because the burners fought you know which everybody knows and the captain goes. Oh said that beringer this just wrong right and then anesthesia starts tearing sick way you cheering that anesthesia's not what we cheer about. She's like i mean i get it because before i was perfectly doing this job. I was perfectly doing that the job it's like no one believes perfect people pretty much base. It was like it was exoneration from her for her so that she basically meant that she was not a shitty shop. She just had a shitty burner because ben struggling on its you upstairs. We the cougars are at it again and she's like. What do you think i'm thinking goes pianist's pianist. Kathy's like paper after side around when you really gotta go but you has been won't stop that motherfucker. I god kathy really. I'll tell you what i'm talking about my cat. She just died happy. Happy happy. We were trying to like joke about penises and stuff okay. I guess a joke about a penis. My cat was a boy cat and cut off his his penis by accident. When it's going after coon cat so desert is delivered and travis is the one delivering and income. I got that fucking high. He knows it's like at that guy that he knows he is. I want a book pouring on his face. Kathy kathy kathy psych good shit shit shit like little shit and i know that because it took shit that look just like earlier in fact. I took a picture of take a look look at everyone. Here's my shit. Here's the desert who could tell the difference cathy. I was actually liking it but now it's gross capi so he's just just like people only belatedly said he's he's like cannot believe it. He's like shocked and then we go upstairs and one cougars going by the way i fucked your husband so at some point we're gonna have to talk about spins together. Okay yeah pennsyl- the right but i don't like. Is that ben's to the right because i've got a shallow vagina you know kathy. We weren't even talk when tim i fucked the guy with the penis and went to the right and the molar popped out camp in so my mouth. My mouth had a loose molar. That's awesome so then then we see one of the ladies she goes up on that like cushioned apart lisa lisa go and and they're all watching her on the cameras and she's like doing handstands with our thong like our butts singing and dancing by yourself in the saddest artist way ever really it was like a camille grammer moment but like not as talented yeah but with nothing to hang onto because you now when camille dancer. She always looks like there's a pole nearby here by for her to say yes. She likes us props. You know she uses the environment's so the the lady lady is a lady goes to ladies and kathy goto the wheel okay so some of the ladies go up into the wheel hashing. Yes yeah ah by once. This buoyant is both like jump woman and then jack is up there so the cougars had created this a hilarious inside joe where they've started calling jack jaw like this jar this jar jar right and they start to drive basically try to appeal his shirt off. He's like i've seen your face slim. Sandy comes up and says i rein everyone well. I'm gonna have to ask you to not molest my <hes> staff and <hes> also gather wheelhouse because we all want to survive this this charter so instead of sinking the boat. Why don't you guys go downstairs and take a long nap also known as sleep yeah so they're foul down on the stairs and one of the ladies goes guy filth not yet and then there's just up and drunk and gallivanting around. I hope someone feels my kneecap. I think i knew that this located i can happen. I have no that's not sexy. Ask someone says it's my cameras. I know it's not just imagine that cathy so the women are like showing each other their boobs at at one point. Did you see this ronnie. It's twelve twelve a._m. At a woman found some white gloves and started miming to the salon. This is great. Did you hear one of the ladies captain sandy's high. She's hattingh jolly. Just gonna make me horny. They're like on a bender and then travis of course is bitching because in his new room is upstairs so he couldn't sleep with all the noise so he was all even more annoyed that he wasn't with jack anymore. Yeah ah poor guy everyone's having so much fun except for him and then that one lady did a somersault and she'd peter pants so she had a big piece. Dane in her crotch just kept on peon like not just kept it going. She just ran with it she really did she really did so then ancient jacker going to bed for the first time together and eh. He's never lived with a girl i haven't had six with. I was like oh my god. You're so old fashioned end yeah. She gets into jack. He's he's like on top bed and then and she like piles into it but she's from this angle where basically it's just her ass feeling entire screen and she's like ooh. We're going to community as just like her. Ass are asked talking so then the next day captain captain hannah captain captain hannah which guess what that's not gonna be making the radio charts not as good k i._r._a. Guys we all. I want to turn the channel that june june hannah june june hannah june joe and hannah june june because over it's over the beatles are guys sorry laurus spoiler alert yoko broke it up and that yoga's name is dan so there you so they can and i came after the brigade aiden whoever's on debt blah blah blah you seen a stewardess as any many even seen a stewardess and overslept and guess what her name rhymes with floness so whatever anna stays whatever <hes> this is not acceptable unless less than previously sanctioned nap because we all need those was it was it this is not acceptable and you are getting the biblical biblical curse padania eighteen hug lashes come here okla uh-huh clapping her back while she hugs eric <hes> so <hes> yes yes the yet they she overslept for two hours. I was just really bad so then colin is like with jack outside and he's like so what was it like sleeping with asia the first nineties law she's already give me the rules us. I've got to get ryan the shower not not out of the shower so that it doesn't go on the floor. That's basically it. She also said something about me. Having to stick a finger up her boom sure rebounded buckhalter yeah i did learn where poop comes from and then i said to have new rules for you and i said here's my rule be naked kit so my rule. I need someone to clean the bed pan. I put on my bed because you know what you get to a certain age. You don't know what's going to happen tonight there. I said it so <hes> benz in the kitchen and he's anesthesia. How's it going honey bon on listen very bad. That's all i have mentioned that so then jack and travis you're talking and chavis to be honest. Some kanda quite bold with the love shit shit. I've been traveling and now i'm traveling is board now. Maybe i'm gonna just gonna stop getting drunk faster. Well not going to stop drinking. You know what i'm going to stop. Maybe god will stop drinking before we are. You drunk right now sir. I know he's like he has on going to do. I'm going to stop drinking and <hes> naveh. I'm gonna i'm not gonna stop drinking ongoing to talk about being stop. Here's what i'm knockin. Here's what here's what i'm gonna do. I'm gonna get into goal me and i'm gonna drink while you origami drinking and i'll be better and and he's so sad he's like well. I look around and jack has asian. I've caught vodka man walk so the guests sorry getting up for breakfast and they're like our bellies are so huge. It's like we're all kathy. Am i right everyone. Am i right you guys got. I'm cathy just bloated jeez okay. You're wearing that bathing suit again. Kathy the blue light tribe on really with a strange flower outside. Okay that's fine travis was like wow you ladies bounceback because they're all fine the next day yeah so now all the ladies get on the jets and things like that and then anesthesia is talking with asia and talking about how she woke up late and she's like i mean obviously didn't matter because has it takes like a lightning speed in the morning. Am i right everyone. Hi five julia sonority <music> so the ladies. I know why ben's going to get mad at me but i wanna tease. I wanna cheese bag gimme batty lancashire cheese so she's like you soon see goes down to ban and ask for cheese burger and he uses the food processors a meat grinder which is good tip for those u._n._m. K. bill house just sitting there and don't know what to do with them. Foale cows so he's like. Do we have a meek. Rind anastacia goes yes. It's between asia's legs. She said that <hes> all right. We got some whitecaps coming through on the water second ago. It was flat was like it was like a mirror and now we got some white caps. You know what i like. I don't like a white cap unlike asleep cap. That's what i like. Let's give this dog every one of them. Dropping the anchor kurt japanese anchor japanese anchor dropping winker grabbing lay <hes> anchor them anchor drama so the issue is that ban has made b.'s burgers and there've been a lot of heat issues with this off because apparently physics works in some crazy way where things come out boiling hot hot and then they reach the table after thirty seconds of walking and they are freezing gold so he wants these burgers to get to the guests ace app while they're hot but the problem problem is they are like <hes>. They're like to bang on the mediterranean and ben's like i don't. I got on the bad guys now. Do you want me to jump in the water grabbed him by the back they had and yell eat your fucking big male because honestly i've been dreaming of doing that. All along say got that idea because it's literally lee witt katie's doing right now. Kathy just grabbed an octopus with the new so yeah they're going to take these these burgers on the tender but meanwhile the captain's running around trying to find people to help her with the anchor because we're dragging where drag in where where dragon how many times i gotta say dragging here dragon so travis goes yeah he calls up he goes sandy. All you guys maneuvering nor were not maneuvering a new ring. Were dragging refunding dragging <hes> it's what you do. We need an app. This boat needs an app right now bringing the toys as and now they all have to speed up and bring all these toys man zika mean magadan anti to pay attention so i could get the goddamn anchor and i'm like whoa captain lee not really captain. Lee is like a little seed that once you've met him he just starts growing in your heart and before you know it just a huggy hippie is like yeah and then ben is like losing his shit because the burgers are sitting during hanna because he's got the food and getting called the hanna hanna and then he started blaming saying that like she doesn't have an appreciation a like she doesn't have like the urgency that the that would be required to get a hot burger to a gas before it gets cold. I'm like on tinder. I don't like they're they're not physically on the you're not you're not on the boat so getting the toys and getting the anchor are passed a huge mess. I sell since callen kemp siemian amihai on that bridge jesus christ and then collins limping over because he's hurt himself well because they're all hustling and all of a sudden. You're like oh and then go. Oh i broke. It broke golly what someone timmy he needs to be a nurse. Okay some was ben arrogant calorie calling to be hot collie. It's me i'm over here on this island but i l. Something happened. 'cause my heart breaking out yeah what hell cold so collins on his hands on knees. He's and he's like collins on the deck like on anthony's and joel watching this and he goes like well. Well collie has like he's turned like fully into like a chili pepper right now. He's just like one big long. Skinny red thing in so much pain and you're like all right. You're all right in. We called it getting to school in the morning. He's limping to the captain opted and hannah meanwhile checks on the burgers. How are you hon is on. I ten ten. Kathy's like yeah just like michelle smart on an salad. She's cast a the captain all colin. You've got to get to the hospital. Call you know. How are we going to get you there here. Call is like a helicopter over with waning bed on a rope. Uh yeah i care about colin and the thought of losing him for the rest of the season is tightening. My chests <hes> is that i'll actually <hes> that that just might be the thought of not getting a nap today. Never mind got my heart. My heart heavy cat sitting on top cat kitty. Stop sitting on my heart. That'd be great. I guess her like on the deck and the one like guys. I have a new hashtag bros plus. It's called deck than a heart and then you go a dense so it's like decadence. What would like a heart in mouth deck dance decadence. You know now deca dance. I got a heart hashtag. It's called. I think i got a splinter. How about that one. I got a thing about ashtec waiting for my husband's ought to pop because he's a fucking asshole. How about this one hashtag another. The hangnail has jag. I got a deviated septum and i'm taking care of it right now. With this shrimp hamma hashtag ugh. I just ate a ceasefire a so then colin goes on the little boat to our house mike. How much more almost losing carlin can i go through or cannot use colored. This is my best on the need to okay. Wow catch you can't be cocked juggling people and then pretending you have since the next. I'm not buying it. Well no not at all not at all so yeah he takes them off to the hospital while guests want sandy to eat with them tonight for dinner so that's stressing ben up even more because he's like he basically feels like if they've been unhappy with the food by having sandy there if like they just lawyered up while maybe i should say stood up and it's all my phone chasing then you can blame the gas but once shake can attest to that paris so yes now hands getting annoyed because then once anesthesia again to help out and <hes> travis is still moping around about the bunk beds situation so they're just doing that and and then also at this point in joie was back and there was waiting to hear from colin and such gets checked and he goes to al goes i got i got a message from colorado you even though joel drives me nuts still amuses me that he even he calls colin collie who is staying being with travis. Now i forget he's van because he goes. I having fun in your cavern because i have to look at that stupid bed with teddy bears on it was a bad and i guess he just keeps a bunch of teddy bears on his bed that's been or maybe maybe it's the bed that's across from him. I don't know but that shit's funny funny thinking ben yeah and surgery while it goes off to get colin. He goes back on the tenderness. All i'm hoping for right now is the smile on colin's face and that he's okay and it possible. I hand job could go for right now. Elaborately need is to have a nice to talk with him with his penis in my face. It wasn't implying column abi giving joe out of hand the job sorry got lost the wrong. I'm just gonna be out just for everybody. No i didn't i didn't set it up properly. You know i sort of ah you would not you've not be out of out of line for thinking that i was setting up gay fantasy with colin and joie but that was not my intention yeah. I think that's like that kind of porn do they put this on porna- on purpose to just kill my boner our purpose now someone fucking with over there yeah seriously so uh-huh collins excited because he he's he doesn't have any broken bones. He's he's just inflamed and he's on pills so you know he's like he's like he's got basically a cast on. He's like i've got this for the next couple of days but trust me. You don't wanna see the other guy gotta take some panels and travis. I can help you and they have to be taken. Ainley land. You know got to try and created with the big kids call and you're going to be bigger than listen ever move mean the steven spielberg when he was a kid how we love you the way hey you are and we've all of america's got talent for your watch when you got back when people were mean to me when i was a little kid my momma momma'd always say god kids are idiot. You really never know who the next steven spielberg's gonna be and then you're the money beat him up and now you're going to be poor forever. It's always had this weird word imagining of my mom going to school with steven spielberg just beating the shit out of him. You know why yeah i think she's saying that you could have been the next steven spielberg and these kids for potentially being mean to you and your talents talk about giving a kid too much credit read it but to be a lot of people who'd be like how being the one who beat up steven spielberg steven spielberg yeah all the time and well. That's definitely where i've made it. People like rani karam f word. I kicked his ass and i'll do it again and i would love to see your interpretation of schindler's list. I'm mike <hes> little debbie white bread pena uh it's not a shopping list ronnie thinking of all the things i wanna save listen before before anything bad happens. I wanna make sure i save every little debbie in the storm anyway so talk. We're talking. I don't know either we if we quit watch crap in today's the day this is it this is we've there's something about this recap that i think we are we are we are almost broken collins arm almost as we're that close like we are on our hands and broke it. Nah it's time for commercial. It's time for adventurous and acquitted. That batch you open to chinese understands your curious about a strategize but you know how to take the staff at the centre data. You should check out the podcast all cast networks new strategy podcasts horoscope. Today i love our scopes and i love my signs. I'm looking for signs everywhere. That's why dr moon podcast now has a daily horoscope podcast for all twelve signs of the zodiac these two to three minute daily us us. We'll give you daily guidance affirmations taylor specifically for your zodiac sign by a professional team of astrologers series. Series is the first of its coined in the podcast space. You can listen to a brand new war scope for every song on every day. Yeah woo hoo listen daily find that what the universe has the story for you woo hoo so listen. I'm a sagittarius and my sagittarius vibe is telling me that i should tell you you guys to find a horoscope today for free on spotify and anywhere you listen to podcasts simply search your zodiac sign and the word today so for example sample <hes> right you can search erie's today or gemini today or kept recoup capricorn today or just visit podcast dot com slash horoscope. Go up to listen now. That's podcast dot com slash horoscope to listen now with the show so <hes> i'm ben is making dinner and he's like really nervous that the women are going to be mad and send food back so hannah of course has a lady boehner like beings into his co. Keys they used to be that hunting opponents lost a lot of honey from his high sales in idol like it's <hes> so he's freaking out and then <hes> the the bent bend and cap they head up right. We'll because he's in. He's like listen. I'm thinking family style because you never know these on just rather see everything after me. I'll say oh i get it. I get it. I got it so then. They're all going to be cold or if they're out cold. One's going to be i i. I understand what you're saying. You're trying to catch drunk and ally basically they all sorts arrive at the table and san diego's un soir which i thought that was very accommodating very nice and they sit down and sandy looks at the table scape which is like some satin like filled up sanchez the table escape. It's okay it's okay. I mean maybe if it was like a pile. Xenos would look better. I don't know i don't know this is a super yet. Okay i went to the boat show so i sat some real. Pretty pictures says some. I'm like okay. You know what you can go to the christmas fair to you and no one's going to do that. Christmas mystery like that also. Did you see the little tiny seen they should've kathy getting ready kathy. Eh kathy's getting ready. She's just like her hair straight and she's got a new cat out on because i look good yeah. I missed that good prime kathy content. I like this reminds is your time. I went to the d._m._v. and got diarrhea. Wow terrible experience but damn. I look good that day you smile you start serving them and the lady one of the ladies haddish this yacht that travels around the world with rakes wall. It's like what do you think you're on you. Don't i haven't seen any yachts and poor people because i'm going to go on the china. Find the one guy with a with an oxygen tank and then some drunk guesses goes captain goes down on this year. Are you saying that in front of sandy on the ship so they serve them their halibut and one one lady is trying to talk to the captain. She's like yeah you know. I love aspin. I love this keys so lau are and kathy myself all rented house house there and then kathy's like yeah yeah like february fifteenth john lewis kathy is like really drunk also like pulling pulling out hairs with catherine dennis style pulling really aggressively out of here because she's nervous because she's like this. My mama impressed captain sandia slobbery. Okay i can do this. Okay yeah kept seeing so so what february not what you can do this all day. February fab in the blonde allows like just hold on a second cathy. Just like let's like cool does jets okay yep. I hate that jewel requires them. Why are you saying that sh- you fucking hate more than that say attica which is what i have right now and they just got to the captain talking. She's like this is ridiculous. I want people. I don't want people to fight for my attention. Just because i'm a celebrity yacht captain who wants killed five somali pirates i don't want i don't want about attention so they're hannah's passing around the <hes> halibut and someone hey sandra wants to know why was serving ourselves sandy's out well. Ben wasn't sure that we're all going to eat <hes> or maybe just be kathy. We're gonna do all the eating. I'm not sure it is good. That's a good kathy violence that because he knows he doesn't want stuff coming back to the kitchen and the captain's seeing basically answers assistant as an ally to view like well. He's cooking the food. She's so so they alexander ben bandler hookers ben ben hookers and ben aging leather hookers and so ben is all nervous so dwells starts singing the death march and he's like he does like our joel. He starts going zim. Zim zim zim them the the star wars. I was doing but either way zim wow so they they have this lemon curry cardamom curry creme brulee and their clients that france which the captain wasn't there would have been like oh my god ah kathy it tastes like one year fats. No i'll tell you what my my last fancy. T._v.'s not so fancy not a feast fewer kathy so then zach into our on we'll watch together jackson running around. I got blue flag but sometimes jackson says things and i edano british. I'm always trying to put them together. So so sandy leaves the women and she goes downstairs and she tells benches like you know. I know let's crazy but the food just keeps getting cold like there was like one thing that was warm boost. Everything's like colds benz like i don't know maybe maybe we should get some dough and he goes you know otherwise best meal. I've hi pat since i've been on the boat. It's anesthesia anywhere around here that because i would love for that to happen that late sleeping little <hes> had put a dome around her head. That's for sure now the moment we've all been waiting for colin calling his mom. Oh my goodness. I didn't offer a couple of days. I didn't ever reminded that. I just that that lasagna quality. You're gonna miss the whole. This is the same time mailman mr jewelry on. I was a hold on. I gotta call even now's when i've gotten them out now. Qualley i love the way she says hi. She owns oh nine. I'm glad you called because as i said we must musk's lasagna saw the funniest episode of big bang. Theory earlier wants to talk guy talk. I preston he so he he says the blossom like physics and messing it up. Whatever joe kelley set up. I'm talking to the mailman. He's very upset. You didn't meet him at the mailbox so called like well mom. I went to the hospital <music>. You're saving someone. Will you bring in someone. You're such a good boy. It's inflamed rods and flame well well as long as they don't put you on opioids. It's not the oakland cobby eventually. I think it's time for you to get a desk job right here regular chicago f._d. Qualls listen and timmy says an opening at a real allstate fan. You can go on there. They need a nice handsome. Gentlemen like you the help so the places especially because between you and me that try to push antebi out okay i i don't wanna see none but apparently she's up and skipping work and go into seven eleven a lot. If you know what i mean i'm counting tibi hat add. It'd be stuck in the bathroom. Do not make any tabby titties elks calls. I'm coming just hear the bad go buddy quantity. We loud yeah. I love that woman. Oh my gosh she's so sweet so columnists we do he so lovely so what you sprang something get here <hes> <hes> if you call them my mom so then so after we leave like the highs that the warm highs collies mom within go to the capi fight right here. Is your stephanie enough already. Okay alright deputy enough enough okay. I'm not gonna again. Okay it's not going to do you want to do. You even understand what happened. Kathy shut up. You understand what happened out. There you end up. You said i interrupted you. You did not let me say what i wanted to sad. You got me killing me the lakers you've had too much coffee. You know what i've had add about chocolate chocolate but i have not had chocolate chocolate chocolate different different well. That's just not how i saw it. I saw what happened and then the question is like god drama. You're causing a scene right now. I'm causing a scene. I'm causey i-in causing any fucking anything okay. Here's what i'm i am causing shit my ballot to come out on this floor right now. Oops just did and that's your fault. That's your fault and kathy loses. It leads keeping it sympathy. It's like what you're doing is that except at all and then she follows her room and slams the door behind them. Wow i don't even know i don't care yeah. I did nothing nothing just at february and then i started and i said february again and then i said a third time and i said okay that's wrong that wrong. He made me lacking idiot goes <laughter>. That's how i saw. I don't care what you saw. Fucking talking happened. You want sit. There say that i didn't say i think that fuck incoming. Mehanna hana's like these guests are falling about sandy's. He's attention which is ironic because i tried to spend the past few years and trying to get her attention as it goes. Who would you know me was crying. So who go. That's her poetic moments. If you believe would you not would you stick your finger up so then outside decide when a ladies has golfing and she's saying <hes> yeah is what i was well i wanna balls and so- travis's setting up. Her balls else answers i. I'll wait miss. Big hames has what do they say about big handsomeness too big hands. He's like big gloves. I always think about back camille grammer as it seasons you beverly hills when she gets big big feed big jab l. frazier this yeah so scrambled. Hey speaking to us out shot up kathy's as a setup okay. This is not an opportunity for you to discuss the kathy is still fighting by the way because then we go back and they're fighting by closed doors. There's an and the girl is like what do you want to do right now. She goes. I want to leave the situation. I could just fuck it. Just leave the situation. Take care of my hangnail okay. That's all i gotta say talking about it that everyone goes to sleep and then next morning. I'm done really nothing apl doing nothing in the morning collins cleaning something and jack. It's like cooling. Don't be lifted anything without hond on honestly don't make you do it. So let's see here can goes the captain. I wanted to inform you. The cawley wally is doing really well and i would like to do something to show him how much we love him and say hey. You know what get up here kali. Let's drive the ball but she doesn't let them do that. Actually 'cause she makes jackets. She lets jack do it but then hannah goes to colin on and goes on a if you need to give you a hand with anything let me name and she congo's give me and she just gives them a face like i mean it's too early to really cohen on asking. I'm telling you i can help you. This okay joe wanted to show jack that since he's working he'll let hindi something. Sorry i got that messed up so the captain's like all right jack. You know what sounds you know what makes me a responsible captain. Leading jack drives boat okay. Everyone don't be worried deep yeah. No we're going to do we're going to have the laziest person on this crew drive the boat really close to the largest most expensive yacht in the world right right now. That's what we're gonna do with the fucker. You people doing the most bit drunk yeah so they basically they. They go right up next to this yacht called sailing when you're a which i then looked up and it's it's i think it's truly the largest sailing yacht in the world and i read all about it how it was like like like on all these boating magazines yachting things like it was so hyped it was it was like they're following the construction of it for like years and it was designed by philip philip stark and it's like this huge huge crazy looking kind of ugly yacht that looks sort of like <hes> almost like a very modern mouse like a mouse pad that has stocks in it go right by it and they're talking about. How it's owned by. A russian woman goes there rush. They're russian russian hookers on their their rushing hookers on their congo's mula so then tyler are travis has been flirting with one of the blonde girls on there but he's like well. We're not allowed to fraternize with the passengers say altuve off the about his number. Yeah basically is like writing a little thing and then we hear trial jury sandy or sandy tragic sandy <music> still not as good not as good not gonna work so docking drama docking backing it in etcetera and now it's time for the big lineup to what's it for the women to to leave the boat yeah. She's like thank you so much. You know i've never had that much. Cold food tastes soak laid say here's a little little something extra from us and wanted to know how much we owe for kathy's vomit stains on the couch and one of the ladies guest yeah yeah all right. We're gonna go out. Kathy <unk> sorry. Kathy went onto the orange. Julius stand again cathy cathy. No we got an airplane to cat got this new drink. It's called fuck. You bitches cathy no ono she she she jumped off the pier really cool looking rock over there so back to work back to work and venice meeting yeah and the cats are considering everyone's roles changed. You know i had to let him go. Ben came all the way overseas for us. Anna stage stage overslept. Don't do that again pitch. The you know you guys all did a great job this charter you all did you know except for when anesthesia overslept. Did i mention at that. Anesthesia overslept tuning so red is thinking about your mother the about what your mother would say that you over sleeping on the job of a national audience. Is that what it is a little petty to open. Unfortunately it's oversleeping like anesthesia so let's just kind of store a few times debt. We'll just have to wait two hours for this tip to wake up. I can see how much it is field. We'll just wait. You can mess around thirteen thousand which they've all seemed people for on this show so i'm not sure if that's good or bad or if this is okay because it was a shorter yeah maybe because it was short because they all seem to be really happy with a tip but it seemed like the number was low so so then it's <hes> <hes> hannah to the bridge hands of the bridge and sandy's so at the sandy listen hannah. I just went to the yacht show on the day off often. I just want to show you some table. Ski ideas okay so i went to sandra lee dot com gosh. She's so talented. Have you ever had aquatic youthful. Lee sandra lease kwanza cake. That's a real thing ronnie. No my god this world. I think we talked about it. You'd definitely talked about the los angeles because sandra lee probably about ten years ago had an episode where she made three different cakes for the holidays. Today's one was the christmas cake was cook inlet quantification and in both in all three cases she took a store bought pound cake or angel food geico and she dressed him differently and for the kwanza cake she took premade chocolate frosting and mix it with like cinnamon and then and <hes> she she like put it all over the before she used that she put canned apple pie filling in the middle all of the kwanzaa cake in the middle of the circle part of the angel food cake she covered with this like cinnamon chocolate frosting and then she liked decorated it with record nuts and put some giant candles in it corn nuts. It's like it's it's an iconic iconic food network disaster and i mentioned it for sure but those who have not heard it did not hear us mention ed do yourself a favor look the episode. You can see it on youtube. It is shocking and wonderful and there's even an interview with the woman who came up with the recipe because centrally didn't even come up with a recipe they have like someone making recipes and sandra just recites it and the woman was basically she basically said i had to come up with so many recipes for this shit show and i was like i dunno fucking angel food cake with filling and frosting who cares and then they actually were like okay. We're gonna make it. I don't think he even expected it to make it on camera while sandra league. Thanks for what you do to this world but you know what god does no. No one loves the table escape more than sandra lee. That's for sure yeah so she's showing her. All these table scape that she sought the boat so which are just i mean they're pretty kind of but they're super. They're just over the top like good luck. Okay here's her ten thousand dollar budget for a table able scape. Yeah good luck making a ten thousand dollar table scape a with a bravo reality t._v. crew. You know this. It's a it's a proper show. They're not gonna give you the money for that. <hes> so so yes so so then we find out that they are going to be going out to a fancy club called the view. Which of course made me laugh because i think any sort of glove called the view. I'm i'm just imagining joy behar sitting around a table argument meghan mccain and the corner. You can't what joy behar the female version there's in of juicy joe from russia's of newark so i guess he'll can't sell chatter imagining travis getting drunk in his booth and whoopi goldberg coming up to him just like staring at him over her her glasses and travis announces. I'm going out and i'm getting drunk on red bull thought clinton. I'm not apologizing so really go here. L. hana's like ident- want to babysit travis tonight. Been there done the got. The postcard not interested in another one unless it's coming from prague where i would like a ticket from thank you very much in los. It's coming from prague with with a ticket in the cotonou. Cigarettes are right on the only post caught on interested in is a columnist cigarettes before so she goes up to travis avid and she's like all you're going to be a good boy today. Honey is on amazon is and he's now. I just let it fuck it. She's like please don't ruin my night. Thanks they goes. I don't like being treated that way but i'm like you know what travis you don't get to not like being talked to that way after you act like that you know like that's the thing you act like a drunken fool rule and like you're disaster and then people have to take care of you which means that they can't enjoy their night anymore. You slapped someone on the base last time so then. You don't get did that when someone says. Can you please not ruin tonight. You don't get to say i don't like the way you talk to me that way because guess what i don't think that they liked having to take care of you for the the past like five nights out yeah and he's like i don't look she talks to me. Luck an alcoholic like a guide q. His i drink. I drink heavily. I knew that by hannah's shit like cpa condescending like basically saying i'm an alcoholic bullshit like leave me alone while i drink this beer than i was. I've got a drink before. I get wasted tonight in a way that i said i wasn't gonna get licensed. Anna reminds us less time when it with being. He banged my face steve. Let's let's just see how this goes tonight. And then it cuts the bengals lou and ongo i've been looking for that brings up something from the floor <hes> uh-huh and then as tells hannah she gets oh you look suppo- can six to solve wove and then it's time to go out your mega machines like how many people are in your parenting <music> as someone who represents different group of people then as represented this table just to say i find it totally unacceptable. Did you notice by the way that really that one of my favorite supporting gordon characters on this season made another cameo appearance the dog and the window and onto you'd i love when they still while the sad little strays yeah they always show that one dog dog and the window looking down on the street showing that footage over and over again so let's go out and get tyler's basically wasted immediately yeah travis metoo. Apparently maybe tyler stupid learn fucking name. Maybe tyler is his <hes> drunken personas that way that way when you say tyler you're still referring to him so like travis travis becomes tyler. You know what's really stupid. My note says travis chris. Are you ready for some. O._b.'s and hannah says i asked him to chilton. I and then travis says no not at all. I'm and i'm of the adverse opinion opinion that i would like to stick my lips on. Let's have some bees with so i've written down travis and i'm still mulling tyler so there you go yeah and views so there are drinking jackson. I'll have a cheeky and then there's like selfies and more drinking and enjoy bay horrifying with megan again and then travis travis sunny so complaining that bethany yellow two children and one time on a beat navarro's cracking jokes. You know what i say they say. Let's get rid of trump. That's what i gotta say okay. We're trying to party. You're okay so meghan mccain's like okay hi. I'm your waitress okay. This is one time i'm going to allow you to have choice so. Would you like hi. I'm your waitress. So what would you like to order like well. We don't we don't really know what we want yeah well. That's why i'm paid. Ask you that question so take me seriously. I'm wearing a man bed first of all. I love lady gaga. I have never lied about that. I've always said i love lady gaga. I'd probably love lady gaga more than anyone else here so let's get that clear. I'm like a <hes>. We weren't talking about lady gaga <hes> okay second of all your order and she looks down at her of the order at her notes okay <hes> and in two thousand seventeen you ordered seventy five percent vodka tonics but now you're ordering vodka red bull. You have an explanation for why you're ordering that. Many new types of drinks rudy rudy from the cosby show is just waiting outside like i'm not going to be in the scene. I'm too good for this so guys. This guy's view humor like finally after so many years. We finally worked in of you. Vignette onto watch happens <hes> so yes. They're all sitting there like tiny table and and travis is like talking about how he's been conflicting with hannah. It's gotten old <hes> read so he's going to get it shit on just start shrinking right so he seek us out to smoke with them and say hey you really holding a grudge tapei and he's like no. It's old old all the fucking time right. We only have ten days left that i've listened to shit right and then ago listen it just gets shit drinking like he has a straw and the vodka bottle and just drinking straight from it and then there's like a part where colin why does he does he goes france is awesome. I love france because i wrote. He's talking to some guy with a sweater around his neck so i i thought he was talking to a local like francis awesome ain't it. I finally found someone i can get along with <hes> but i think it was been because later ben was oh yeah less snack. Yeah benhamou event had over the shoulders yet so then it ends like more partying and then guess what neck now travis falling over on the floor and then when he gets up he breaks the glass and stu wasted yeah exactly and then he's falling over on the table and then benz trying to stop benz like trying to take take care of him etcetera but it's funny because as you said that's what around her shoulders we look so preppy and trying to deal with this very wasted deckhand hand and they leave ben to do it. We're not dealing address anymore. How fun ben yes seriously and that brings us us to the end of below deck media to rooney and the end. You don't wanna be the travis away everyone you don't wanna be the one that everyone has to pick up up and throw into a car because then you're just being annoy so don't be annoying. Everyone guys don't be tyler. Eh everyone thanks so much for listening. Go get your tickets in your videos and all that good stuff over watcher crap dot com. We will morrow yeah uh-huh.

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Celebrating the power and potential of volunteerism

UN News

08:22 min | 1 year ago

Celebrating the power and potential of volunteerism

"This is Connor Lennon from the United. Nations volunteerism opens doors and impact peace and development throughout local communities as well as on a national and global level according to the chief of U. N. system affairs and the New York Office of U. N. volunteers. UNLV now dreary said in an interview with you a news ahead of International Volunteer Day. She knows her way around the UN system having previously served with UN women and the UN Development Program UNDP in Iraq Yemen. Another hot spots seeing first hand. The difference volunteering can make moves dreary began by telling Lewis Kathy. What the U. N.. Volunteers program is all about the U. N. V. Program is the UN organization that promotes volunteerism to support peace and development worldwide. You envy is one of the first common services of UN system every year about more than six thousand five hundred volunteers including about tousands. Volunteers contributes to the effective delivery of the peace and development interventions of the United Nations system. Actually this year in November we have reached a number of eight thousand U. N. volunteers who are serving worldwide the United Nations system. Many people think the U. N.. Volunteers are mainly youth. Is that true. Not that's all actually the average Asia. Few and volunteers is thirty five years old. The total number lot of the youth volunteers yearly is about a thousand out of six thousand. Five hundred or seven thousand for instance. I can give you the figure for two thousand eighteen. We had only twenty five percent of the volunteers were under Asia to one thousand nine and two you need to speak languages to be a UN volunteer or it's Sir great asset to have the languages the more you on languages. Have you have the more possibilities of serving the UN system all over the world so definitely. English is a master. And then you. If you're going to be serving in Africa in Francophone Africa. Then you need the French. If you're going to be in Latin America then yes Spanish so yes languages rate asset to have. What kind of activities do you want. Volunteers do all kinds of activities. We are partnering with more than forty entities all over the world and it's more than a hundred profiles and fields that the UN volunteers are serving actually worldwide involved peace and in development and when you join to be a UN volunteer. Do you request what area. You would like to work in it. Definitely when you put your profile in the system you will put as well the area of your expertise and then when you're selected. It is based on the area the of expertise that you have long. Have you been in this post in September. Actually that I have taken the position I came in in August but then I took some time and yeah so effectively I would say in September and and before that before that I was also would United Nation volunteer but in Bonn I was had in the human resources section section if I was there for four years and before that I was with you when women and before you women United Nation Development Programme with U. N. D. C.. You were never actually a UN. Oh and volunteer yourself. No I have not served as you and volunteers but I have seen the UN volunteers in action in the field. All over in and when I was in Liberia when I was in at work when I was in Yemen it is actually the UN volunteers who are doing a lot of contribution a lot of the work of the you went system so I have seen it firsthand definitely. What is International Volunteer Day. Oh yes the International Volunteer Day. Fifth of December it is the international observance day was mandated by General. Assembly in nineteen eighty. Five these actually offers an opportunity for volunteers and end volunteer involvement organizations to promote volunteerism to share the values of volunteerism and contributing that they make to their communities. It is it is a day to celebrate the power and potential of volunteerism. And also we coordinate and we promote the issue year building on the impacts that the volunteers make in their communities nationally and globally for peace and development. The focus of five five. This year is not only celebrate volunteerism in all its facets but also to highlight the role that volunteer volunteerism play a to strengthen solidarity and inclusion. This year's theme is volunteer for an inclusive future. Yes how relevant is inclusiveness in the work of UN volunteers regarding the sustainable development goals volunteering provides opportunity for people particularly those often excluded excluded to concretely impact their own lives and play a constructive role in their communities by volunteering. Their time and skills through volunteerism arisen communities around the word often experience strengthened solidarity an inclusion. And that is why this year. DVD Two thousand nineteen we. We have chosen. The theme volunteer for includes a future to highlight is digi ten and the pursuit of quality including inclusion through volunteerism on terrorism. So how does one become of. UN volunteer visit our United Nation Volunteer Program website. You Envy Dot Org. You'll register sturdier profile in our global talent pool and then the profiles from the talent pools are then matched with assignment offered by you and partner agencies agency's approximately more than two thousand assignments become available every year. And we do feel most of these assignments doubt advertise in it and after you complete registration you will become part of our talent pool by the term volunteer. That means there's no pay. There is a package pitch to cover the living expensive. We cover the travel. We cover as well their health insurance. It is not a pay per se as a salary but there is a a package that we do offer. You'll find all the information about it on our website for some people the UN volunteers act as a an in way you for a career. At the organization it is one way of contributing to the work of the UN and at the same time is to also gain experience and gained skills and also to see whether this is something that you would like to do so in a way. There's a lot of you on volunteer that afterwards they like what they do for the UN and system and they want to have a career or they want to apply for position with the UN system. And you will find a number of high level you want staff who a half starts a career as United Nation Volunteer. Is there anything else you'd like to add. Yes I would like to wish. Happy Volunteer Day to all the volunteers careers and also to thank all the volunteers for their work for their contribution to promoting peace and development and also for leaving no one behind the so happy Valentine's Day.

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Episode 895: Who is a Jew?

The Charles Moscowitz Podcast

1:17:20 hr | 3 months ago

Episode 895: Who is a Jew?

"Allegations doing okay. So we are joined as is our habit by david thursdays at one. Pm eastern standard time. This is charles moskowitz the program. Let me just quick one more button here. And then we'll often running on youtube so We often talk about jewish israeli issues. Having it's a separate politics and culture and and america one thing. I wanted to mention this week is the sort of the kerfuffle if you will the controversy with tucker carlson and the ad l. Now i want to be careful here. Because i know that it's a tricky distance criticizing the ad l. They kind of have a big hand in what youtube is censoring these days. In fact you. And i actually did a program that was censored on my station is one of the few that i actually got a strike barred and i don't know did they think that either your i are antisemitic. I don't know we're both jews. I mean relatively were both relatively pro israel and the united who knows what it was attributed but I've i i understand that the ad l. has a in that. So i wanna proceed carefully here and mention the they tried to get tucker carlson fired because i think he said something about Criticizing a hypocrisy within the jewish community which supports strong national defense and borders for the state of israel but not so much for the united states and he i think that The head of the ad l. greene flat actually went on a program and compared this with white supremacy and Claim that a constant should be fired for for this and Tucker carlson as is his habit came back with guns blazing. I mean he doubled down and he said look. He showed a document on the eighty a website which says that israel should never be put in a position to have to tolerate influx of illegal aliens into its borders because to do so could threaten the national identity of the jewish state and the numbers of jews in israel and and other same such ideas with a cost and saying well. You know if you're gonna take position on For israel uae. Isn't that your supporter of open borders to the united states. So i guess what do you make of this It's not surprising in. I mean we. We've talked about eighty l. in the role that they play. And obviously there's last sectarianism between judaism the ad l. is an official apec member group. Most federation's work together or you have joint work together with the ad l. Obviously it's hard to say not representative of judaism when they're one of the most official jewish organizations in in america and we talked about the censorship strategy but there's also the funding we also talked about that Recent book a berman wrote on the jewish village. Philip philip tropic industrial complex. Where you really. There's a handful of mega wealthy people that fund the majority of these jewish charities into some extent the jewish organizations like the ad l. work on behalf of individual jewish interest who donate money ivan. Jonathan green blend when he came to detroit said that he considers his donors his shareholders background in silicon valley in starbucks. And and your different things. And he said he looked at the ad l. like Like accompanying shareholders and to some extent. You could see again. Probably the shareholders. The people who give the major donations to the ad l. Wanna take foxtel and there's probably also probably a majority of american jews You i'm going to call wanna take facts now but you know saying the ad l. could get tucker carlson fired That that probably does speak for the people that give a large sums of money mostly in silicon valley to the ad l. and for jewish organizations heads and also as we mentioned immigration is basically the biggest mismatch issue between the larger jewish community in the larger american community where you generally Jews overwhelmingly in support of more liberal immigration policies and even right wing jews Trump supporting jews generally are more liberal on immigration than than Non-jews that you that that is the ad l. being weaponized in the immigration debate where they're using anti-semitism in order to kind of bolster their position on immigration. Where tucker carlson may know. He's probably not an anti semite tucker carlson. I wouldn't be surprised by one out of four. His friends are jewish any. There's almost no way that you know he's an anti semite. Like sean hannity. Or i mean tucker. Carlson may be is a little more controversial than sean hannity. In that matter of but just strategically that jewish or that are very active in promoting immigration are just gonna hit you with anti-semitism as a way to win the debate on immigration. I think that's pretty clear you'll like it's not clear to jewish organizations are heads or of liberal juicy would speak to buy objectively on the side. You would agree that you're the basically You a hitman. For a certain interests they represent probably the majority opinion democratically of the jews. But in this case they're basically hit man. I couldn't agree more. And i think that it goes to actually quite frankly the contention made by dr michael jones which of while. I don't agree with dr jones Motivations in that contention or his own conclusions nevertheless you know sometimes People get it right and his his complaint with the the l. is that They're gonna call anything. That isn't the liberal left wing. 'cause antisemitic in for example. I mean if you oppose abortion oppose gay marriage proposed trans humanism transgenderism. or whatever. They're calling it. Then you're anti semitic in you'll pose open borders yar anti semitic anything. They're going to look at anything. And i think this goes to what you're saying with regards who back. But they are a creature of the big donors and their big donors predominantly a very very wealthy. Jews are people of the left. They up people they're socialists. They don't really have much of an inkling of what the jewish competent is. You know what i mean. They've been they tend to be leftist now having said that i think that the ad l. should be commended on one particular issue that i will be clear about and that is that they are pretty staunch supporters of the state of israel. So you know. I will say that at least on that score. They're on the right side. But when they poked in does into all of these social issues that really are not necessarily. And i would contend consistent with judeh standing with a de speak on behalf of the majority of american. Jews probably doesn't matter. They're not speaking on behalf of jewish faith by democratically that i mean we're a democracy in the ad l. does generally represent the opinion of the majority of american jews. Whether that is any should tour or as some kind of a defendant in spokesperson on judaism. And what's not anti jewish. Let them be what they are then. Let them turn into like you know the the anti defamation against leftism and against communism instead of trying to claim that they represent judaism and save big for all these left wing before making they do that democratically. Do represent judaism. No they represent ultra-liberal fat cat. Jews democratically they jews. Go along with that and i agree with you. They do doesn't matter. The most jews probably not kosher doesn't make kosher laws about unbalanced right. I mean i'm just saying that they don't represent the general covenant between god and the children of israel they don't represent the torah they don't represent the talmud they're not They represent modern social culture. Which most jews grace and most students. I'm not particularly religious. I doubt if most who's even believe in god and you know look back near right. That's fine but i think that it's misleading for them to claim that they represent some halloween imply that they represent judaism. Itself represents abadie and frankish judaism. If i can be really blunt. They don't represent conventional judaism and most jews in this country. Do go along with that at least subconsciously and i don't think most chooses country understand. What is it is they do. They care the benefit of americans extending abortion and gay marriage and all the other social causes that the left supports and so. That's that's my criticism here and they yeah sure creatures of of the wealthy fat cat people. I don't think it's quite fair to single them out with that. Because i think you're gonna find that's true in any group that's nonprofit any philanthropic whether it call self christian or jewish or otherwise you know they do. Tend to kowtow to the big donors. They're raising money and they're they're not going to take a position that goes against those donors. I mean i think that's that's bearing that should be stated via you. Say i have the. I know the local leaders my ad l. Have a picture on my facebook profile. Jonathan greenburg he came to detroit. And you'll theologically you about thomas in orthodoxy. But i i would say unquestionably the ad l. is democratically representative of what a majority of jews in america. Believe and obviously there's fat cats and there's donors But that's general. Judaism and in detroit yields prime example. Is that the. Ad l. doesn't get invited to speak. In orthodox synagogues there few biden progress will work with the ad l. but the ad l. you'll speaks does event all the liberal synagogues and jackson green blat when he came to detroit phil breaking up on me You're having a technical problem. May maybe the might be putting a sim card or whatever. It is the of those michigan machines. I dunno to go online. And i'm not going to go into that. Don't worry But anyways i hope you can come back. I have you up here The theater new breaking up on it. I other know what's going on with your computer. maybe Oh i think i got my internet for whatever reason. My connection died died out. I apologize about the listeners. Just mentioned that lately nami the ad l. Although you judaism like like the berman boca about the philip philanthropic industrial complex is skewed towards the benefit of donors but the majority of judaism does not care about our tradition They care about our interests and the collective interest of jews. According to the way that jews ourselves see it is in my give. Examples required mill organization. In how is it that jewish interests served by supporting abortion and gay marriage and trans humanism. Or whatever there does is. I mean how is that something i mean that benefits the left and we could go into why and open borders and other such policies in government and all the other things they like but it doesn't reflect Arguing internally judaism means and can use people as embarrassed about judaism anyways even even democracy and what about polling and in voting were like we know the polling. We know if you ask you. We have data about how juice spiel about immigration abortion and even religion and jews. Don't really care that much about religion and what it is taken issues like immigration and abortion so the ad l. is representative of what you care about. Let me give another example here. It's an imperfect one. But i would probably guessed that the majority of roman catholics don't care about abortion either or gay marriage but it's it runs against the doctrine of their faith. It runs against the pope and the cardinals and the college the the catholic tradition. Do they wanna see that. Would they call themselves by catholics. Who support abortion. You know as in other words fine so they do but you know they gonna pretend that that position is consonant with the volatile. Let me choose on pretending. We have a bell rations and official The there is no you know like a jewish catholic federation that pushes these liberal ideas. That might be a few groups but jews are extremely well organized. We have official federations and a pack. We've done our polling and voting and this is what we believe in right wing. Jews could soon realize problem you we believe wrong but we should at least admit that the guest. This is what they believe. And look you. And i agree about that. Most jews are leftists most tune socialists to varying degrees and troubled by that very deeply but that is the fact on the ground. That doesn't bear for vacant particularly jewish. Would they decide that. Ham kosher republi probably most jews had because jewish is what jews do so if jews do at non-jewish thing it's still kinda jewish argue about that all day but i would like judaism is what jews do. Not necessarily what. Books are text or rabbis say that's untrue. It's a well. In your opinion missing there is a having acknowledging that it's okay to say lewis kathy cam sandwich at the bima that that isn't jewish. Now that's not what jews do jews eat. You're saying they would support something that runs contrary to faith in isn't it. It's what they do but it doesn't make it something that's constant with the faith and i think that I'm not disputing their right to do whatever the hell they want to do. In this country you've already just making the point that the federation's there's groups there's organizations that's job is to speak on behalf of in. This is what they say in so you sell gave initially jewish but what do you say like the jewish federation has to change. His name is representative of what jews don't think they they ought to be more honest and say we represent liverpool's who happened to have a jewish background you know don't claim to speak producers of itself plan to present the majority of jews when they do the federation if they thrived the majority of jews. Why shouldn't they say they actually represent the majority. Put a goal disclaimer in there. They could say the majority of jews are socialist like by me. Why should they if you put a disclaimer fad response. That's why because i want. I like honesty and transparency they represent the majority of jews who were no longer who no longer care about. Judaism was socialists. And who care about other issues outside of judaism that have nothing to do with judaism like abortion for example. You know it's if they want to do that fine. I want to see some first of all. I'd like them to be honest about with a are who they are and be willing to discuss it. Without making accusations of ending that doesn't genuflect to their view as an anti semite. And secondly i'd like to see a little bit more actual literal pluralism in that they would allow the back that the you know a reasonably large number of jews. In fact a growing number of jews do not see it the way they do just said what the synagogues don't let you know don't don't invite l. to speak at the events. I mean i'm jews. What the hell is that. Because he wants to speak to or next groups in the orthodox groups welcoming because they know represent them getting a little credit call anyway Is the problem of the problem. What i mentioned of being anti zionist says. Obviously i dedicate my life to israel Conceptually israel and judaism although you could call me anti zionist youth. Maybe even could call me. Anti the state of israel in certain ways but that's the flow of zionism is. You can't speak on behalf of judaism and if you're gonna take zionism. Well let's just do a democracy and that's what it is. I didn't what the majority of jews belief it. I didn't realize it adds zionist well. I mean you could call me that in a certain way and yet 'cause i favor a one state solution giving palestinian citizenship which most israelis would probably consider anti abe the existence of the jewish state. I mean it you could if you force me in a certain way i would probably say no. I don't think the state of israel is a good idea. I'm not actively doing things to oppose it. But i mean. But i would say this as a religious jew who thinks i have a vision of really what my rabbis taught me. I'm not telling you anything. That wasn't your top by my Rabbis but was single. Yell if you call me anti zionists in that's one of the complaints that you as a logical person that's the fallacy of zionism design is has to be democracy. And you in doesn't have to be but if you're going to have. Zionist democracy has to be a democracy and if the majority of jews decide that we want to change judaism. You can't be like dude. You must keep judaism exactly as it is where democracy so in america that That i mean it seems perfectly logical that this is the way it's working the pull. Data's clear the history is clear and It's just the democratic capitalistic process. At work in you say okay. Where minority among a minority so where minority as jews and where minority minority as republican jews. And you say oh. The jewish federation doesn't speak for us they do and you're just like israel doesn't speak firstly. Do though we might be minority. I i suppose you could say that if you know if you're anti zionist and i should have known that approaching give it. I mean talking to the test. Then in that sense you would be. I would argue against the general grain of the jewish faith and and in that sense i was taught this in jerusalem. You come up with this stuff on my own. That's what they taught me and you should however however it happened. And in that sense i think the ad l. is more jewish because they are pro israel. Israel has a right to exist as a jewish state and had say and toured carter. They don't have the right to say that like okay. So what's the difference between me and you and the notorious carter. i mean. we're not as minority as natori carta eighty s of the federation basically. You'll do it and charles or dettori carta. Well i'm i'm not so maybe you. Yeah what you mean. We came outside. You're just some dissenting person. Who doesn't represent anybody in is causing problems because they know that they're dealing with the majority opinion of the jews. I don't think it's about a majority opinion. I mean i would argue. Even though it is in the case of israel i would argue that the jewish claim to statehood in israel is the superior clan and i would argue it on many different fronts not that the palestinian claim the arab claim or the non-jewish claim doesn't have its points but i wouldn't suggest that in the bigger argument. The jewish claim is the better claim is superior claim. Listen i think on that is consistent with not only the ones above majority opinion. I mean the majority of jews around the world and in this country but it's also consistent with jewish faith and jewish covenants. The natori carter is a fringe minority group fan for rights in their opinion. And but you know to my way of thinking. They're not they're not take the hot enough look at their own scriptures. You're not. I mean i'm not a rabbi. I don't claim to me. But it seems to me that the jew every day craze toward a return to the land that god showed abraham isaac and jacob in the entire torah is about the the experience and the sojourn of the people as it relates to that little tiny swath of land. Now why it is that god chose that land. Wyatt is god to find it in the book of deuteronomy by those specific borders as in between the mediterranean sea and jordan river. I have no idea. That's only god knows. God god designates it in the tora bench. You believe in the torah and you believe the tour is comes from god and i think that a tory does claim that they do that. We don't have to rehash the anti zionist arguments. I don't understand how when you say that when you say. The ad l. in the federation are not authentic judaism and you admit they represent the democratic majority torrey. Carter saying they're censoring. I could not authentic judaism. I don't care. If every single jew in israel believes that zionism is authentic. They're going to hell they're wrong. That's not the correct interpretation of the books in so best basically what you're saying. The reform and conservative move married meal the other federation. You're seeing that is made very. You're saying they're not using reform and conservative. They're not authentic did it. I'm not saying that they're not representative. Of what the east. Asians don't have guidance. I did not comment. On reform and conservative did not say. They're the rabbinic guidance of the final idea. What kind of guides they get. But i was very clear when i started this conversation. That on the issue of supporting the jewish people's rights of sovereignty in the land. That god promised us. They are consistent with the jewish covenant. And i could point to in european union. I didn't go to any cartons school. I went to mir yeshiva some. They taught me that zionism was dr. Donald trump neon. This i could point to almost every sentence in the torah. Which i do believe came from. I believe god's put his hand out of the clouds and he handed the entire tower to moses and sinai and that torah is all about israel and taking possession of that land from the very first. Were after one hundred times that i was. I learnt this in mir yeshiva the moment that refuses to fly israeli flag. Look of it. i'm not. This isn't knee saying this items. Also say neither. Like i heard of rounds to flying his really well. That's that's that's business. But i could pull out. I could pull out the torah right now as we talk and read to you the quotes that are filled and infused within it that call for the jewish people however whether their holy you know they complain that the modern jews and our holy enough i get that but and i don't. I don't necessarily disagree liberal. Rabbis do the same thing you go to. A eight hundred voting the twirls board god king of the universe abandoned us to take possession of that tiny piece of land. This is be saying. They say it every day when they donovan. It's in the prayers. It's your interpretation of quitting. It's in black and white or you. Name rabbi rosen killing him. i'm telling you. I went to the best school in jerusalem in it wasn't dettori cartoon. That's what they taught me i with rabbi. You quoting five. You tell me rabbi show you look where it talks about how the jews to take possession of that land okay and the the scripture. I'll the rabbi's rabbi's i assume are not just more of the scriptures or these rabbis. No all those. I mean we don't want to rehash the argument or was making the point about. I wanted to speak on behalf of jews. I mean i think that didn't mosa send the spies into canaan was kane and israel so they could find out whether or not they can answer. Didn't joshua tumble the walls of jericho in israel. You hold the christian bible. God forbid funnier reading a christian bible inside credit. Well i guess it is king james but i don't have either. I have plenty of jewish plenty of of the jewish. Want to rehash designers. I'm giving a comparison where you're saying that That's that authentic judaism eighty in the federation's. I just don't shagrue's fan towel shaking. But they have their rabbis. They they don't they have they're always go. And and every day and and a so pious and claiming that they represent a closeness to god and that they know god and that they read the tour every day. At least you know on shabbat and two three times a week and they dobbin and they read the three times players which say next year. You know up to i on up to israel and i believe in the land of israel spot government. So you're taking the virus. That we i studied in jerusalem. I believe in israel. I took the best years of my life to study in jerusalem. But if i tell you that. I'm against the state of israel and that was to be against the state perfectly fine and perfectly legitimate actually to be critical of israel. That was what the rabbis would say. They say star evil horrible people and arm but israel is still the holy land and we still believe in all this stuff it just saying those people in charge of the government. They're horrible evil people. Well then let them elect good bennett. People i look. I wonder what's happening. Democracies he earned and israel does have a canessa they do have a system. by which the. Why don't you send your in america with eighty on the federation. Wait a minute. What do you mean i mean. Th the ad l. as a right politically in the united states to represent whatever they want. I know the reform the group that decides our positions on issues. And i'll say are. Because i was bar mitzvah. Perform a member reform but they have a democratic process of over two million people that they go through in decide various what their opinions going to be on us and they went through that process and decided their opinions on abortion and immigration in its representative of two million jews in america. More than the total action. Choose more than double the total of all orthodox jews in america. I mean do. They declare him kosher or they don't care about that. That wasn't one of their their issues that they did declare they declare him kosher but yeah there was a meeting and they declared that they serve him. They sure shrimp was the famous meeting. That split between reform and consumer when they by saying that the that it wasn't like they did have a democratic process of the federations in these committees and these opinions that the ad l. represents is is pretty factually representative of the majority of american jews. I'm just pushing back on. You like in israel you like. Oh democracy so wonderful. But in america you don't think democracy so wonderful you ever licensed to the rabbis that no authentic judaism you don't get the vote in decided to listen to the authentic america they can vote for their own representatives and senators and governors and mayors and jewish federation in our jewish federations. Look in a way. By first of all the most federations. I have dot gov. Fortunately most federations aren't that democratic opposed to reform and conservative judaism per se. I mean i dominated at a conservative synagogue and i was bombed at spit also reform synagogue. And that's actually is my background. But i do think that it's problematic in the same for the same reason that it's problematic for the d. l. for reform administration. If you will the federation to poke in nose into issues that have nothing to do with journalism but have everything to do with pot liberal politics and claim that this is now part of the jewish faith if things cause them to do well. They shouldn't get it if they wanted to join the socialist democracy. The jews want jewish representative. They don't want to do that under the guise of socialism or democracy. They wanted do that for birding and changing judaism to bet their image. Which you're using a pejorative but even if i accept your guests so what yes so what. That's right. do the right. The democrat by our socialist jewish group. Sound probably about that openly. Select the workmen's circle right. That's why i'm in america. My grandfather's grandfather is a rabbi for the workmen's circle. Yeah and i don't have a problem with that humanistic judaism but don't claim to speak as i'm not. Why can't jews collectively get together in vote. This is what we believe even if it contradicts. What a bunch of books or orthodox rabbis say. And you're saying like no you don't get to vote. Against the scripture with orthodox rabbis saying vast majority of american jews disagree with you and they want be able to speak as jews in their areas of interest. Even though it's completely against historically what our books and orthodox rabbi illogically look i. They can do whatever they want. I'm simply pointing out that. It's you know it's. It's no more their purview. To do that and it wasn't just me as jews. According to however they see fit you just like new square is saying new square. Might be one hundred percent wrong judaism but they have the right to live their life as they snack and so to perform and liberal. Jews have the right to organize as jews as they see fit. They do have a right to do so. I resent the that particularly the ad l. more so by that other jewish groups claim to speak for authentic judaism. Let them have this. Speaking against we know what the orthodox jews in what books they in the reason why jews are doing it is because they want the goyim in the larger society to know that. That's not what us believe is a collective we don't care with those books. Say we might care and respect them but no. We're not coming to to try to get with those books. Say we're not trying to get a bunch of orthodox rabbis saying these are the issues. We care about as a jewish community and we know full. Well that every orthodox rabbi in thousands of quotes from those books are contradiction to that in. You say that's something wrong and like well you know. Maybe they're going to hell. Maybe there's a god in it makes the difference. What in practical purpose like. That's the right. I don't see any problem. Why can't they Wh why you love it. I'm not saying brazil wrestling anybody's going to hell. God knows that. And i don't make those kinds of claims unlike some people but you know i and somebody saying that they are subverting judaism when they do this and deliberately so and it's a it's a problem that goes all the way back to you. Know shabtai tzvi in my opinion It's a it's an attempt to take the very basic foundation of judaism and its moral and ethical precepts which derived from the torah and from millennia of study by legitimate scholars and scribes rabbis. And they're gonna turn it on his head because they don't like the way it's into the views today now. I'm not disputing the fact that they have a right to those views especially in this country. We have a free country here. I'm simply saying that. They were involved in deception even within themselves and that yeah they probably do represent a majority of people who call themselves jews. And it's it's in a way. I do compare it to. Maybe our problem is we don't have. We don't have a pope. We don't have a central authority now. We don't have a temple. We don't have high tweets. We don't have a san hedren. We don't have the kind of infrastructure that we had in roman times when you really did have an authority and you know so you can have different people. Come up and say oh well i represent so we have to look to the thousands of years of wisdom from the sages and try to adhere to that. I mean the sages of the talmud the the iran will you determine the wrong man with the name reform like a reform criminal reform implies that there was something wrong with judaism that needed to be changed and so the majority of the jews and the rabbis in say yes. You're right charles. That is historically our religion but collectively as jews. We decided that our ancestors are wrong and democratically. We have changed that so you could check our books. You can ask those orthodox rabbis. They're following that old stuff of but collectively. We decided ancestors are wrong by rex. Therefore you're nestle reform. These are the issues that perhaps there are certain with sanctions. Very well may have been wrong. I've not here to say they haven't been. That's what response i has been all about but the point that making here. Is that if you take a look for example at the talmudic period the san headroom period when you had a console at seventy one jews who sat in study of jewish law and and torah and yet at the same time we're very well righteous characters in their own community. They will all married. They all had businesses. They all had trades which by the way. I think we can criticize some people today on the outside to that one but the point is that they they had a life that was rooted in the world and at the same time they worked very hard to try to understand what god was saying in the torah. They tried to adhere to that as best they could. They drew from other people who were also sources on that. They drew history. They experience they do from faith so to say well we think there's something wrong and mentor. After these many years then i would hope it would be based upon a an attempt to try to understand the mind of god not trying to decide. Well this is popular right now. So we shouldn't have partial birth abortion. You know very well. They may discover an area. Where the lord god king of the universe when he created man in his image when he created the the the over the the moral water and the ethical order them. You know they were imperfect they weren't perfect. People were not god. Maybe there was a way we could get closer somehow to what god had in mind and we could therefore become a wholly if they're trying to do that fine if they're telling me that you know we you know that abortion is fine. I mean i don't think so. I think that that's their opinion. They wanna have it that way because it's popular right now but it doesn't really comport to the torah unless they can show me away that does and i haven't seen that you know it's it's d- think democratic and the thing. The point is that collectively juicing like where jews. That's our history. That's where we come from a but we don't believe are we believe that we're descendant of a false religion and and therefore of another reminder eat ham that got does not care if you eat hammer not our ancestors for whatever reason and the past may be was logical. Maybe wasn't thought that eating ham was bad. But i'm part cherokee and if you told me like how come you don't do those cherokee custom how come you don't do insane because because i don't believe that they're true. I don't think you can make a tornado. Dance around it a saying that. Most jews don't believe most jus think that judaism is a false religion but they still want to gather as jews in collectively have a spirit of judaism in some spirit of that with putting that yes charles fortune. That's generally perform the difference between reform conservative. Where where are was. This is the word of god. Conservative is it was inspired by god in reform. It's just our traditions in basically has nothing to do with god. And so if you're saying i'm saying you'd use that sleeping in the majority of jews in israel also but the majority of jews in israel while they leave the judaism is a false religion. The i mean that's very clear and whatever they may not believe in in in you know in god and in And if there's any connection between jew got a false religion got does not care whether you eat ham or not or do any of these rituals. There's absolutely no connection between god. The creator the world in the observance of these rituals in that lake. The reform held the. Let's just change it in israel that is unquestionably the majority. And i'll tell you why don't think so. The majority of israelis may be secular. They may not be believers by to the degree that they are even. If it's only a tiny degree they do look two or three shooters. They're not interested in reform and conservative. Those are american things you know. They have never taken much of a foothold in israel. There they have the majority zorzi synagogue and in jerusalem but and most people will go to that are americans. It's not really an israeli thing. We miss we got a reform. Rabbi now is k. If you saw the news this week the reform rabbi used his diplomatic immunity to smuggle in a toro for women of the wall and it was the first time ever because of the first time. There's been mk's that have done that in the past but now know me now. There's a reform rabbi who was a member of knesset. Look i think that by the way. That's a controversy. That ought to be addressed by the rabbis in israel and can be in the proper daniel You know it must eliminate those as someone who cares about israel. Now hardening by the israelites to is eliminate the rab- the revenue. I'm talking about the orthodox chief. Rabbi the offices of the you know these sort of the ecclesiastical offices in israel that who eliminate it. But i think the the position of the reform. Mk is that. They need to eliminate the risk the rapid form it. Well actually. i'm not exactly sure. I might agree with that that we we don't need an official like america. We should have been Democracy of ideas and don't need to make orthodoxy official and israel let's democratic the reason might orthodoxy is official is like you said is because that's democratic the majority. I disagree that. I think most israelis don't think that that comes out of bigger jewish state by israel's don't these rallies that we're jews. We know our ancestors. Are we know any doubt about that. In most you know that historically orthodoxy is representative of what judaism was but if you ask You do immigration air. Think that got the. There's any connection between god and our religion most israelis. They know that god doesn't or if you eat or not organized that's what we were but i don't wanna talk around in circles here. Yes i get that most israelis. I don't know if i'd say most. I think many are probably atheistic somewhat although i think if you really scratch below the surface she might otherwise. You'd be still be spiritually neva. Ways care with the skill recognize or shooting ism as normative. Judaism as torture judas. And they don't look to reform and conservative judaism. We don't wanna go. We've already got over this twice. Let's move on. You know. I think that we've we've. I've made that statement. Think that's backed up by the actual. As the israelis like to say the facts on the ground in the state of israel and that this idea of like reform and conservative protestant idea anyways of denominations. That's an offshoot of Of the labor party light mint in europe. And it's something that really mostly took root in the united states among jews so s in american phenomenon. And i'm by the way not suggesting that they are not jewish or they're not authentic. I'm simply saying that when they off the reservation and they start to regulate on things like allowing partial birth abortions they are not really consistent with the with jewish understanding going all the way back to the days of abraham and if they can argue with the otherwise fine. I haven't seen that. I just think that they think that. Oh will tamara. Soon we can decide what. Judaism is whatever Women today and i just they can't. I'm single will descend essentially kinetic. That's disservice not only to judaism as a whole but to themselves. They shouldn't admit hey. We're not observant we're not. We're not as cautious. We should be but let's not deny the fact that there are some basic principles both in terms of practice and in terms of morals and ethics to make up a body of juniors man that can be traced back to the days of adam. Let's not your words that's problematic when you say okay like did you put it to. Filling on. Today is okay. Let's culture. it's respectable to good thing that you put onto film today or or or kept kosher but should being like no. There's no should that a jewish culture because if there in was our winter ancestors just did these customers. They could do with the time. Then there's no short. And whether or not i put on a to fill in this morning. That's a private question. And i'm not going to answer as a should you whether they should have no. I said whether i did it or not. I recognized that that is an ideal in judaism. That's what judaism teachers. I don't live up to that ideal completely nobody. I don't think anybody does completely we. Why case like if you were an indian or something. That's what our ancestors did. We should respect by. Our ancestors did didn't know any better before the industrial revolution in the enlightenment and they did these ancient rituals. That don't do anything besides background. Sad thing is about kosher and the majority of american jews. There is no should. You should ask if they wanted to put onto. And i'm glad you did but god and you're not doing it indulgence himself. Look at. Nobody's purvis appoint you're saying can you decide okay to admit that judaism. Unfortunately charles i think judaism's a false religion is that it can be jones. Say that they can say it. Baby in heresy territory. Why is it heretical. Jody is on my love israel. But i think it's a false religion. I don't think that there's a guy that you'd be outside of the data judaism. You'd be a heretic now. Look i actually say something about sobe. Catholics saying that jesus is god. I actually had a conversation about this with my conservative. Rabbi many years ago because i was involved in a controversy as a talk show host. I'm not gonna get into it too deeply. But i ended up getting the on the on the on the cover of a newspaper and television us only the doors open up and it has to do with an argument public argument. I had with the head of this group called jews for jesus and you know i basically said look he said well what am i hired you and i said yeah but you're also christian neutrons of leave and that's fine but don't pretend that this is judaism and the rabbi explained to me what this was and he said look somebody who is an atheist someone who is not a believer who doesn't believe that judaism's real thing they still fall under the rubric of being jew because they're not actively literally believing in another religion in another god but if someone becomes christian or muslim or something else which is an active body of beliefs that contradicts the jewish idea of the god king of universe. Then they are. They're heretics than they are in a state of apostasy now in judaism if you do have that and you do become actively involved in a separate belief system you don't have to gun to go reconversion to come back. You can just come back. But nevertheless you know you're actively engaging in and embracing a body of beliefs that are not consistent with the jewish covenant and therefore you're a you're an apostate and that's how he classified Jews who were involved with the juicy jesus as apostates but still jewish and. I think that that probably describes some jews. I mean i think most people looking for something else you say do is saying. I'm just didn't talk. Not becoming forest. The kinds of conservative jews are states they are jewish actively i i also would not say that in eighth jewish apostate. That's my point then not apostates because they're not actively worshiping another form of god in other words if you worship no god than you're not actively it's a passing thing everyone struggles sometimes with with the idea of god it's a. It's a complicated thing. But if actively believing in another form of god than you are in a state that does not describe conservative reform judaism. Dozens fabric is the difference in today's when our ancestors became conservative or reform they were probably orthodox in they probably thought orthodox judaism is wrong. It was really a war. Over the heart of judaism to the education level of jews that became reformer conservative is so small in the connection with orthodoxy is largely lost. That people don't even know about orthodoxy. Historically my grandfather who who went to the the Debris slow in got a job with the workmen's circle and he probably his father may have already been reformed but his father was orthodox in he intellectually decided that orthodoxy is wrong in switched to reform in the sense that you said what should describing here and this was described by rabbi marvin the late rabbi marvin anson in his book to eliminate the opiate at which i recommend is an excellent book and and he said that look he said there really is no such thing as quote unquote orthodox judaism. It's just normative judaism toward judaism and this idea. That does a little rock's movement was in a way a reaction to the reform movement and then the conservative movement which became like they were imitating protestant churches at the time they wanted to be like the methodist to the baptist. I even understand that. I think that i mentioned the enlightenment research that with the light. -ment the factual historical basis for being an orthodox jew which shattered that no educated person. Who would read any of this philosophy in the right mind could possibly believe that any of this stuff is true. Well i mean that talking about spinoza by the way. He's excommunicated what i'm talking about that many said that we don't want to return to israel. We don't want to rebuild it was that was heresy. it is heresy until today in. Its like adam green charles. Do you want to rebuild the temple or not. I demand an answer would be no. I do not want to rebuild the temple. My books in per se that i understand. But i think that in in in the overall picture and again i've absorbing this as just a regular schmo out here that the reform movement still believes in god they still believe in that. The tour is at least divinely inspired. They may not think it's the literal word of god. But i think that they believe enough to be within. The fold of actively jewish practically conservative performance by moses may be didn't even exist. You know saying the hypothesis ezra in even israeli scholars is not. I would say even conservative. Very few jews that god has anything to do with the they say. Historically this is historical tradition. This is the way of our ancestors but not anything reform by definitions. God's got nothing to do with you could be spiritual reform. Like a freemason that there is a god who cares about morality and ethics and there's beauty to our tradition in like benjamin disraeli. When our ancestors win you were a priest and king. Solomon's temple that Relatively compared to was going around the world that you'll being priest and king solomon's temple and slaughtering animals. Sounds pretty bad but relatively that that was probably pretty good compared to the times and it usually league. No that's a bunch of ridiculous nonsense that our ancestors did Because they didn't know any better and the reform at least historically had the balls to say that in saying i'm still a jew. I don't hate. Jews i want to organize instill be jewish. But i'm willing to admit that our ancestors were just wrong and mistaken know. I'd say you're a you're a heretic. I as i said we formed non heritage now. Is there a cicely factually thing. That was be recognizing certain things but that doesn't mean they're actively supporting something else if they don't recognize the the divinity of moses or prophecy fine but they're not recognizing dow. You don't have to you. Don't have to come onto idol worshiper false religion to be a heretic just reject other hurtig. If you don't believe in messiah resurrect dead. You're going with my my conservative. Rabbi on that one you can't. You're not a heretic unless you actively believe in the tolin comet says your heretic if if you don't actively believe in the resurrection of the dead i find you know just briefly change the subject because this makes me think of something else. I'm about to finish my most recent book which is a sequel to my book above god and that is a book about satan And when i say satan. That'll mean the christian vision of the devil with the with the red hat and the tail. I'm talking about the philosophical nature of evil and how it's influencing society at and it's influencing people and it's it's force in the world to look. I'm pretty sure. I have a book on the history of satan. Laugh to check to see the title but afford that you later okay. Champion get what. I was going to say here. You told me thinking of writing a book on sale. I am writing. But i was. I was going to use that to make a point about what we were just talking about on terms of heresy. Whether you have to believe in something wrong urges rejecting the positive things that you know so you don't have to become christian or worship bow. I now know eric jake. Married resurrection messiah makes us a one of the things that i studied to finish this book was. I did a pretty careful reading a secular reading admittedly a a pub. Shot reading as they might say of the book of vince. Because i think that lavina cus is one of those parts of the tour that really contains the jewish philosophy. If you will and you know. It's what what michael jones calls logos. It really contains that part of the torah the parts but it has that and what are the things that i came across in my reading and again. This is a very superficial mind here. I'm not a rabbi. Was that and this contradicts the christian. I'd give other line. Was that the business of animal sacrifice the business of an all of the intricate rules around that and and the and the vinegars has all of that that there is nothing in the talmud that says this is required. It says when you meet the sentences that that that talk about it and again. I'm reading king james. I'll admit because i like the literary element of it. It says if you to do this terrible sacrifice. This is how god wants done. And this is the type of animal blah blah blah. But it doesn't say you have to do it. There's nothing in there that requires that as a way to believe in god. Maybe on this issue. I actually grew with reform judaism in that. It was done at the time because it enhanced believe in god and it brought. This is how humanity worshipped at that time and to do that. Increased closeness to god. But it's not something and it's something that we ought to look to as an ideal and there's a lot of very good values in the terms of purity and whiteness and setting an extremely high standard for for goodness and producing right but to literally do that is not something that's required and this is something that i think is a misunderstanding on the part of christians. Quite frankly how. I want to go into this. But they believe that. Jesus was the last sacrifice equipments of saint ignatius. Who put that into the nicely code other nicey and you know whatever the meeting and i see and that that replaced the need to do sacrifice because the chapel was destroyed and that therefore judaism has been replaced because we no longer are doing. These animal sacrifices. A temple by the way. The tower doesn't even mentioned apple. That's something that came later. Came under king david. Re moses the tour included means joshua and kings and no it talks about the tabernacle. But it doesn't talk about building a temple in jerusalem early. You mean you mean moses on obviously the torah includes the jiaxuan king solomon. Oh jeez well the tour that the tanakh includes joshua and solomon but the torah the five scrolls of moses the put you know what we have a synagogue that does not include those things those in the writing and we have all the prophets not just moses door. We re after the tour we have. We're doing read it out of the torah will it. That's actually dispute whether you're supposed to have out of the torah. That's a dispute. In some synagogues they do have the prophets written on scrolls most synagogues. You don't read profits from the scrawl by think toilet. Bowl contends the five votes what christians call and accurately the five books of moses. It's not the the profits. It's not the writings we read those. That's the huff torah means. It's a supplement of the torah. Giving him god spoke to the prophets that built the temple. It like a. I not to mention but like according its torah because god spoke to our profits who built our temple. Okay but look the point. I'm making his superiors. Nothing in moses to get back to my point there's nothing in moses and his nothing in all of the regulations around animal sacrifice in temple worship that is required and that christians believed that because we can't to animal sacrifice anymore if our religion has been replaced by this because they had the final sacrifice and that was jesus himself that. It's a brilliant idea but it is not consistent with jewish understanding of torah and I'm not here to dispute that. I mean that's christian belief and i respected but the thing that struck me when i was reading vegas is that the the there actually is no hardware requirement to do the animal sacrifice. Because if you look at the language in hebrew. I'm pretty sure but certainly in english. It says that if you do the sacrifice this is how you the doors. So that's all. I just wanted to share that. That thought maybe some of our listeners may have some insight on that one. I'd rather have to go and green and thinly the talent and the rabbis not to the scripture. So doesn't matter whether you're right or wrong about what. The scripture says as orthodox jews You know you're not gonna we go with what the rabbis in the talk about the rabbis say it. By the way the rabbis in the tomlin there is tom. It is not. I don't think the tom it. I think it's generally been acknowledged by rabbis that the talbot is not exactly at the same spiritual level as either the torah or the writings prophets. And i don't mean like you. Said moses is the the. The key of profit is derived from moses the other prophets we can learn from in. There's lessons but moses himself says that after he passes after. Look the verse that that Judaism will be ran You through a democratic process of the sages of the generation and so whether those is says that are not using that. Moses told you to foul the sages of the generation. So you don't as you know. i wanna follow moses. you don't follow moses. You've the sages of the generation and by the way bose's did set up in the way the world's first separation of powers when he Took the advice of his father in law jethro. Personnel moses taught the tour joshua the elders and the elders but also he set up a council of elders in his own lifetime. that would handle and adjudicate You know conflict and law and that they were an uneasy in the torah and that they are. You know the equivalent idea of like a separate the judiciary this like as a jew you should ask your local orthodox rabbi if you don't believe in orthodoxy you should ask your looking read moses to determine what you do you ask your local. Rabbi moses himself says that's what we're supposed to do but he also. I don't obviously respectable good moses memories and we follow our rabbis not i understand also again. I can't quote it. I'll have to do a little deeper dive here. But i think most did not suggest that therefore future generations these rabbis we contradict the moral and ethical precepts of sinai. That was the authority is the fact that they try to year even if they contradict previous generations to various extents they try to adhere to the ethical precepts of sinai. Because that's what god gave the world I have a rabbi now. Who says well you know. Pre pre post abortion is fine. I wanna know with you know. They don't where did they get. The authorities said that. I mean from people because popular because a pejorative jews and the democratic will know they have to get their authority Going back he studied in the rabbinic institute bras slow that that was at the time the most respected rabbinic training center in europe outside outside of orthodox adhere to the laws of bonuses to have a higher degree and was reforming. There was regrets. I mean my grandfather probably studied undergrads. Too high regrets that man he was a professor at. Okay well. I look my grandfather's grandfather. That's why he got. You'll the workmen's circle didn't hire an orthodox rabbi they heard nevertheless of bryce kademi that studied undergrads. I have read a good probably have read also at least some of hydrate. Gretz classic encyclopedic of judaism. And yeah it is. It leans a little bit in the alignment department. But he doesn't contradict the rabbis. Either i mean he actually takes a look at i mean. I don't say this. As as in that i have read in his work in spreading. You know he takes a look at what the rabbis would thinking. He doesn't try to deviate just because well in our generation we can do whatever we want. He tried to be consistent to a basic set of principles he might have tried to interpret them in a way that at the time but he didn't deviate he didn't go off to try to homogenize them and synthesize them with the basic faith. So if someone's going to tell me that you know abortion after the birth is fine and that's perfectly jewish and if you disagreed with me you're an anti semite which is something that the l. Might say that. I say a pox on their house. Because i know you have war between orthodoxy. American jews missing. Jonathan green blood in the federation are largely fighting orthodox judaism on behalf of the majority of american jews. Because that's what. Americans want their leaders to do their regulators step up these orthodox rabbis don't represent us. These are our representatives. You disagree that the essential purpose largely is to have these respected jewish leaders. That are going to be able to speak. Against spanish. Orthodox rabbis say look i mean they. They derive if they're deriving authority and to asserted stat pigou from the torah and from a an honest and unvarnished interpretation of torah ben baby. They don't agree with you. Authorities rabbis but the point is that when they deviate from that such an extent that anything goes it becomes you know taking positions that have nothing to do with with either you know or contradicatory than they don't anyway stupid when young the program. I just wanted to think about the role of democracy in judaism. So if you some sort of the year saying judaism's not a democracy and you know. I don't disagree i would just pushing back to make it an interesting conversation. Our all right I just want to finish by changing the subject a little bit. Because you're involved in and you'll close to michigan politics as a as a guy who lives in detroit. And you know people like you you you hung out with. With a sheet. To lay than some others jocelyn benson jocelyn dancing. yeah so rashida delay actually spoke to jocelyn benson. I couldn't get within twenty feet of well. I'm sure she probably took a look at your heart. I mean there were police. There is they like i saw jocelyn benson. They were billionaires and police. There couldn't get closer repeatedly. I got right up and spoke to her and she was nice to me. Oh well that's nice. Just take a look at her comments about the holocaust anyway. I don't want to talk about that. I'm bringing this up. Because i want to try to mystically talk about a taboo subject one. That could get me. Shut down on youtube. And that is the recent events of the first tuesday of last of last november. We know what happened on that day right. We know that there was a national event. I don't want to say it was but it involved candidates and now you have this young lawyer in michigan to per no. I don't know if you know who he is. You have to huge amount michigan politics. If it he's representing. I read the newspaper so could be missed. He's representing several State elected state representatives. Who are contesting elements of what happened on that day And things it had to do with the electric. They didn't put that in the detroit papers yet for me. A blog is okay not appearing in the detroit about it but it appeared in papers in saudi. I can't talk to bluntly here. Because again i'm gonna shut down. But he's issued this report which has discovered that certain electronic devices. Shall we say that were spinning around. On the time of the events of the first tuesday of november were functionally online. When they were functioning which is a contradiction to what jocelyn benson secretary of state said. She said that these devices were not online and his report indicates that they were and the fact that they were meant that they were receiving feedback. From whom ever could have been anyone in the state and that if they were online it meant that others in other counties other than antrim county which have knocked investigated probably we're also online and that the fact that they will online brings up a question of whether or not somebody from outside of that district even outside this country for that matter might have entered or taken out certain pieces of data that might've affected the appearance of what they eventually told us happened on that day. I don't want to say more about it. Because i'll get taken up to what i would suggest. As a good source of information on this subject is a very good publication could look online called the gateway pundit. And of you've heard of it check it out. Jim hawk mentioned this run reasoner updates in that case. Maybe it was related and say like like no one wants to. Oh no one wants to talk about what you're even if you're right you're the powers that be You're you're gonna have an extremely hard time. You are talking about that. I think. Ron ron weisner mentioned had made those Passably threatening statements about the governor and You know the three. God forbid we called the three witches of battening me just made say he said something that you know he said something that could have been condoned as a threat so just update and is related to what you're saying he was Voted six on the university of michigan. Where i went to school night in grade school. He's on the elected board of regions. Which has eight members in they censor ten. They said that they were resign of. He refused to resign. He said he won't be cancelled and in and he's actually donated tens and tens maybe even more than one hundred million dollars to the university of but he has basically been shut down. He has been stripped of his appointments. Even the building. I think they they might. I'm not sure if they were able to take the name of the building that he donated But just to see how dusty and this man. This man's a jew. In like in his opinion he was talking about nazi germany in his opinion for what he was Defending but it's just a sign of the issue that allow talks about carrying them. Talk about how i. I have no way to verify whether what you're single skeptic of the system. I just mentioned the ron weisner because we talked about we have. I mean. that man's a that man is given an johnson charity and he has largely been Cancel the besides the fact that they can't legally cancel him. But you're just like said like no paper. I saw is carrying these articles about what you mentioned your runways. Ner is like a big limo bickel man in all of michigan according reporters according to these nazi like biggins use a negative term to describe ago. You say like. I'm looking at both sides as rational actors in you. Maybe be rational to destroy your enemy so you're not gonna call bad names on either cyber illegals houses right you. I mean i'm not saying that you shouldn't be able to smoke. When i said that i mean if the state is really under a very totalitarian oriented regime right now and the truths around the events of that day are being suppressed in my opinion you with whitmer gateway pundit to get more information about michigan is at michigan. The truth is gonna come out. It may take a year. It may take two years but eventually and slowly drip-by-drip by drip the truth about what happened on that day in that state is gonna come out because the truth will prevail and the truth will set you free you say about it. I can't get into the details. Just mentioned the elections. Ill probably only when word went when dana nessel is defeated. And there's a new attorney general. I was willing to look into it. And and just think in michigan with the we have the worst covid nineteen outbreak since the pandemic infection rates are higher. You'd think west again state that at least from what. I just mentioned. Tumbler lead to what you are asking. It's the most governor whitman. No longer has the power to close down the state all the doctors and experts as saying shut it down in whitmer has basically lost credibility. Were shut down anymore. I don't know the doctors and gonna tolerate that again but the point is that what you're saying might be true but it's probably gonna take the replacement of whitmer at a tag nestle eat and have an investigation but just saying with the cova investigate now. We're all coming less than state the look at the michigan. He's losing control among the left right now. 'cause he's refusing to put us back down but the point is a look at what the state legislature is doing in terms of investigating the events of the first number of tuesday of november. It's out there. It's bubbling to the surface and As far as like a shutdown of the state. I just don't think that people are going to tolerate that right now and i wonder why it is the michigan of all places given the fact that if i believe the governor. I look at what how things went there. You people wearing two three four masts never going out why are they having a surge in covid nineteen cases. I could tell me because you go out with zing. because people are capable social distancing. We had a big lack down a lot of people were virtuous signaling against trump and. It was really cold so when we had the big outbreak in january february people weren't weren't really going where 'cause it's cold so now it's warmed up and they're still seventy percent of the population that's unvaccinated and everybody including the liberals are tired and social distancing and wearing masks and you know the tigers are playing in the restaurants are full end You know something. That's you're just on the pure science that's why the oury is. You can't convince you know like no one wants to. Even you know the governor. And if she were just straight up inside it is like look You had your chance. We vaccinated the people most at risk. And now we're going to open up in where it is gonna roll with it. But but i mean she's more napping straightforward and honest using like will the seniors and the people most res- got the vaccine. So now we're just gonna have to care more about the economy. 'cause we already protected the people who are most at risk and i would be scientifically accepted. But that's not what she saying. You're probably right that there's probably You know i mean. God forbid i have no way to know this but you could be right about the election stuff and it could be that you know they're gonna keep on doubling down and try to cover it up but the way politics works is dana. Nessel is going to have to be attorney. General is in elected office. And she's the general and it's the spoil system and unlikely until she's replaced that the attorney general is or your rights in a letter or not whether or not she's replaced and i hope they all are but even if they're not the truth is still bubbling out and you can't hide it forever anyway. Good listen where can people watch your excellent show. Yeah i'm i'm doing a bunch of different streams. I'm hardly putting out content. I got week in review of church. Entropy sundays i think they'll gallon Yeah hopefully i'll be string of family. We gotta his programs. I'm just a guest so long term. But i stream. Today in was monday wednesday metro. It's tuesday and thursday or the schedule but people found me on facebook or twitter I post that. Unfortunately i'm like. I'm not like charles who Yuli has backed talk talk show host and more only put out a research the right now. I don't have anything to put out some only appearing on other channels brichet charles evans beyond to To talk and i respect charles that he's willing to do what. I can't do just a talk every day. you know with people and You know but different people have different. your benefits and lacking 's in. That's why we team up brundle in the chat. Here's like e. Keeps on saying david one as i'm not trying to beat you charles like we're trying to use the pimple judeh method to get it truth in it may appear to an outsider personal argument now not at all. I have a funny tiktok here right now. Just read it. I must research why a ham sandwich is against god. I've eaten by eight in ham and cheese now. I feeling this person is is not jewish of these based on their name and appearance anyways anyway. Listen i want thank you for. Join me have a good one you too. Thanks bless thank you.

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"Have you ever used gas. And the home. Don't always have this one boston. We'll just doesn't understand again so just for you either expand what does kassim and you should use it by following the footsteps awesome guard mr john. Love ben celebi border. I mean seven hundred. I would introduce to this television. Show going friends and everybody was watching this episode moses. What one destroys my no. But it's just a funny comedy about five or something like looking at the important point. is that after. The woman is watching it. I go to and that's not even the important point ignoring twenty five more times. That was the that assure related diseases like because it was i was i love the show. What's more important. Is that that with one character in that show the most and that guy does the giannetta john lewis known best for the sarcastic remarks he made the ideal this august and all these have their own thing in the particular show. So this guy. John doe was very sarcastic to be given opting out good building look up and so the thing is you might be asking what is excellent. Makes the definition. The sarcasm is the use of irony to mock all dependent but let me give an example of had been better. Explain breakfast example. Let's say you see someone struggling billard or do you want. And if did a blessing thanks. I'm really trying to say. I'm really enjoying the giants. If they're selling this then you know because the starting off that plane why. Why would he need have bread so audible going and don't of your which is right. What's better and it's something you know when you when when the wasn't needs to understand that it'd be aghast because they're doing the arcing expiration is what complement of not just sent density but the one and the state makes it mesa stock so the thing with melting ferenza show is one of them joined understood china's to be getting ghosted by john lewis. Kathy moxham an amused by but on the other hand other people on the show dog meaningful flames having a youth mob and so after watching a i was naturally inclined towards using sarcasm in my conversations and some it may be funny and other times. It made me come across as lou. Funny i really made a dime moby mother. I can be the and the group and many men than i was being road. Rude and basically understand sarcasm. And then plus give the so as you see very into this directly to possible. But let's get into. How do you use. Autism is very simple you before this very simple and that is to say the opposite of what you want to see but mean what you wanted to see by being sarcastic and read that one more day then saved up little this. See the opposite of what you want to see. But meanwhile you wanted to see by being sarcastic and you feel three examples. That i'm pretty sure i understand the conservation example when something bad happens. That's just what i needed when you expected something to happen especially after having some well. What does bryce when someone so when someone does something very good. These days within the languages went so. It's really not that difficult when someone says something. That is very obvious. Will say cassidy really should know. You ought level right. So these three things when he goes exact. One sarcasm has no limits and can be used almost anywhere in any situation to this makes baltic and in the beginning. You might be enough using sarcasm and it might not actually come as you being sarcastic and everything. If you don't sound catholic doesn't matter what you said it's it's going to be sent into that situation and the nothing that's like ethics statement. Mike dillon was different. I was being sarcastic against so you get the point. They don't make the difference. I personally feel sarcasm is best understood. Well used wasn't understood. Seconds doesn't usually gets as if that wasn't doesn't understand sarcasm and then and if you use chasm you will come across as rude is what i'm saying. Also gonna be absorbing make no that have come across as a hobby white lot with making a few psychotic remarks and they'll now is feeling the smallest of things than me. The worst thing that is and then wasn't after watching so much friends and looking at giant sarcasm is in gaming. So what about you. I think majority of you're watching have already watched the division events that will not go with the related with the most mcgovern section with an anomaly. Absolutely enjoyed watching this episode will love. It was more like the and this is to. What's more like this. This affair wasn't next and with that being said does allow for this episode.

kassim mr john ben celebi john lewis Kathy moxham billard John doe boston giants mesa lou Mike dillon Autism china bryce cassidy
Freud, Viena y la Interpretacin de los sueos  Las sandalias de Ulises 37

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Freud, Viena y la Interpretacin de los sueos Las sandalias de Ulises 37

"The yemeni though is of yet hey yes toys less umbrella delicious on yesterday and brahma. The yada most attended for new three here on the show. Of course you had the body. Bill cassidy kenobi in an analysis. Netheor deputy under benito alabama los angeles removes. I've year now dilemma. Fatal be honest either coniston gunman nando over nando. Step blow security style in a winter scary. Yes any thessaly. Con la more this data for getting the endo carriers spirit dr in issuing ula morte so neil regifter you must quit others lovely chanel. She'll be city a supervisor. Swing held camera showing will funny but it in showing you care ravioli offended conclusion. Swinger lucas on on getting wounded. Three a key. This suspicious carraro. He's sonia motley crow maybe guess louisville infinity. Guess la vida when illusion. We're not sambre enough young european isp again you get does allow me. They're suing you swing swingers. Sonia son salih the sexiest mondo swing. You law Money must do a financial the midland as your finger now rather do not perform the restore theon political told us. He has commercial quantities. She knows what cynthia. Suzy run for the question. That the more maureen nonetheless. And your rondo my. Let's put us this hookah seven. Then we'll go almost at the episode for sure mata to moon freud theo in pretty bottle whenever it can. You can irritate him. Videos using our publica tikka. On your story of amelia freud. Tim udo avena donate paramount of party. Sweeter ask to nutty emilio's interested in tetris leader on the water. Sprint allergy scottish. Y'all who the for came out public amend the espn moshe commander lee. On the ranas master dealers prosecutors racialist racially bit phenomenon the cuando the nazis. 'cause she your window familiar forgetting laundry than the mental miller within certain nora allerton. Sanyo's your laundries own quintero. The one requisite each winter and official gaza race k. l. muccio different in laundry throwing away must be. I will clinica in athene. This is reading. I mean of course style. Africa integral order laura's komo shoot from cafes. Cafes estrin luger's cmos is fm maturity paul he said neon intellectual liberals Stories must famosos the protested and the law maintain day. You said about the answer from total ninety. Two theon lewis kathy vienna. I think we must be. She's under beginner yet. Has the story in gonesse eat. Should leave those basic is real must overthrow goal acidic netflix's cylinder bustle. Because he's the serious. If leaks garriga data mass ooh deposit. Who went to. And they gotta say. Sean Number does wonder at public only showing us embassy. Theam unita can you hear riera matola. He s palliative go about their professors. They're up here. You t that komo swore important thing threaten us kiss look by salman they mean there's memos perkins barack obama look. He necessarily slowing down on. Tim with me interested me more thorough. Motorshow hose ramen. Breath brothers fail. Notified the main tone in this extended this audio more phonetic religious practices. Beautiful patios get us as better screen. Incapability done this for us when you get perform daily mental whenever as soon as al continuum international bradfo. Yes he boy. Espn poco formats within Your nursery technique allama bit of quality. Unless passes they'll turn you get him. Memos in and clerks donors no indemnity. Raffin repeat as with student. Tim lente kamal. Pop owner or the other me is when by transition or not it. Does this case in a new law style. Light up by this newspaper theon homeowners to remove vehicle. Sarah linden is on the summer. Fussing dissent municipal Because qaida lois. Isla of thursday transition threes does in us going to pay attention your portfolio law. La it quattro this when you. They'll tell when i left. I let that person of this country. This colin nursery morris pediatrics. We hope is if he did this. And set up a notch on minus story. All la forty nine ram. Give who soon number. I acronym more their rapid eye movement. W w minton glossop that Others kissing quinta that others Is it to somebody. Active wanted suffice it. Because they'll be in the in this. The double in to comment about him is left us in lucky. Sonya thomas cup of record dot com. Check that go see you what this filter system. Kansas city will kissing. Carondelet the import norstrom in federal law. Require those classical up in the healing memoria nailing the other meal bien undesired examine or wherever garrick era. Hr manila's convenient does. Kim was Pity them robert. On the potential tim bayliss to the isn't examine the but akeso record those selma feminine. He said he department office. California What is significantly less when you visit embassy memo and two motors. Let us of the importance. Outer intenet on contact o'connell for my field who is killed in moscow of cassini's in case numbers postal prison or the in does not let him just as woman nausea veneto mos on castillo. No no-cost unit almost coupla that swing us wound us commotion while asking no must get him. On the former pancreatic ladder crazy star dispirito baidu agassi hristo said one landed at suon us lower. The three three analyses run us. Rb ella portal shook. Asean done duluth. Decision damian tidiane lex soon szymborska than wrestling cost the anti lasagna. Orion cost the link of dick Perform this accused killer mean costs. The in the senior pga tumbler. Almost anyone former. Yeah pruitt tender frees me lesson year the almost one luther zillow focused on the show. Who's you said. Coral dylan spotted piles than the in worcester scenario mental. The look you can cause muscular. Luth in casinos apparatus. Worry this killed them. In the dress and porn is system is paseo nil. Our conflict interiors than the circus unicyclists cigarettes. Well one billion and then there are a lot of intruder deco. The city paula's buses analysis. Sigmund freud super shuttle need. Don't do not able to theon k. culture this via the yes this this para la philadelphia moderna media neutral. A podcast look three supporters. Julia though issue stood he has lamented conductor. Wanna domas as if you but at the end. They'll noor is mexico's. The lack of who gaza a as she garic. Yes was spiritus bama's if you norway kiss in this one was like like i said another diners is so you move. Derek allah yellow that theon toddlers neander in quantum. We're seeing zella analyses. The last still for the most important thera richelieu panel ally gerrita. And it's pretty well. As de on guest our donald trump the nbc active diplomacy nowhere dimple two point. Here's and ask you yeah. Familiar should be a provisional feet underwater. But i he'll must sellers clinica that means in contra onus on the six gb wanna call it film content baranyo the acacia stereos has in depth the latter day do one zero primitives. You're in lexington. Tra- levick analyses. Three lemme court for garcia perez. You can toss. Whose fathers must patronize familiar. Komo superficial must mass eighteen difficult comerica new role to studio super sharon told owner lexical unless you get three ecosystem being running. Pactolus serious philosophic kickouts on the On colorado's divides that we through these familiar basketballers matthews in. Somebody's from who the artificial day the content and was your no is came kentucky turkey come in the ah four-month in bartell museo going with edna looking up with a little bit fourteen day breath away. Savary ffynnon will be up any sport as the ibm is bill gates primary school than abuna. Komo freud equalised guessing donald releases on toco me so us dreams useless and elliot's releases whereas in contrast to me respond to calm those equals and then stanton facebook and twitter communist turkish podcast and hitter competitors and go on a saturday kudos. He lives megaton. No you guys. Yeah because your value totalwine therapy seem blerta's premium econ dot com slash podcast. Hail fellows lost tinos controllers property restaffing logos made up shona. But i cannot appear to us and england that idea into proxima escobar.

Bill cassidy kenobi benito alabama Swinger lucas carraro sonia motley Sonia son salih amelia freud Tim udo avena nora allerton muccio estrin luger kathy vienna gonesse garriga Sean Number riera matola perkins barack obama al continuum international bra clinica Raffin
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Irineu Toledo conversa com Fbio Oliveira Dilogo Nutritivo

"Was it cooking thing. You saw your guest. Scr superbeets who's got. You're like you back yet. There seemed funny car. Monica dolores guinness kazakh yakuza squad. This is stuck on play on my brother the hockey night in through the south cal rolling stones. Look into your guest race. Yada saw saw quality. Died you quote disease through mantha stanford kentucky they view jail dame bash. They do somebody died. Germany or judge or the cast this yell project but in the last door z lead. This is video odds navy. Sea architects but mobile podcasts. That are seen forty classical metaphor. Were guest. This is florida's defenses up. Broaches skills my audience. My s was the desire on bali. Their gas logistic gills thousand jews. His attorney simply a bone but ceo. Who infamy my little. Moscow via mousse got nigeria. University puts it three thousand of this call carrying practica prosciutto. My asked fabulous oli vera. My five year. G uh blackie kill fabulous vita tibia mastic. Kill symbol of that. Moscow gets thrown as the musical guest. Throwing musica seemed four. Nick i own my affiliates and kale myers. Three leah's attica volley bone. gmi ask fabulous on yet thoughts of instinct. That he's young crooked zevallos it. They will few so keep selena kelly. The capacity that comprise get hit. Got bad that i put on bulk ganguly the competitive tutor squad. Hoon was tally s. Okay proof stone ajikwa chicken. The sets was the change if i could advocates rescuers. Cnn luck with at the nearby follows. The referee was like with highs for them was the was a campus squad equity. We'll get omid. Medic was of a gila some of some key and he listened such vessel to you about my college should get definitely said by the way the computer model. The coleman customers release he he take. You don't know agreeable bash k. Street people see the processes local food for the limbaugh. Schalke labral negro the doodle houston. Yeah you know. Basically say that thing is the pilot ditch. Kosovo was son most beige doodle. If as bill gone numb of it you. But i see that. Thank guus adjacency. Bob lack lactose tonight. She ended up boys. What was the follower copied. Back lasting that scott rain will see the in the venus which avoid accomplish all Beers will win on was his size of and a bunch of bite assigns prejudice. Still data's at santa. The image eighty is the now colonize. Kim begun will see sinologist with sergiy. We'll see things. they wish. There was demand butch setups at dogfighting with with us. Kudos dies conspicuously. Absent covers not well sets mantha by could talk open. Yes exactly as we. Winston being one to this with ashok fringe dot com. Like he was was zero. Ignominy inch you must a jewel by scores schedule. Paul ace to parrella guys to still over for local mementos moos jess. Was that an art naseer. Paul lee anthem west south atlanta. No his always say juvenile. Gaza depots was a saints intangibly to in town aria music. As of you my the way reviews. The david Shell and winton put such calls got up to the valley formula and disease again. Cheeky musica l. marty busy janci. Mothers is easy inches of says new that but africa. This llegado nanda brazil. Gif volvo monarchy. I'm kept says is it. see the poodle. Ace amir's here in l. Komo was bad. But i shall back last seat bloom. The for that is is if a shakeup will won't cost phenomenon. A bow missiles shot will mean aside a nickel oko who's allegra missa dunbar. French anthropologist service owned by that mitch apple my style mainly senior died from us to jewish was mental. Was they went through within us soon. Nobody was more which was what phase will buy them the multiplicity our the the apple in did within taylor of celso official saintly for your c. The theater is to set on the applica- assistance. Scott peterson miscues. Anything intellectually thima. Marginally daddy lamelo that that that can dp pm. Eighty deals against lee fuzz saturate. The name padilla. The puzzling unconcered three nine logistic. So if got you must buffet to simple car. Amir so for casio may saying nothing three. We'll public opinion. Because they'll persevere josiah stav thambo seen says we'll see critical temple told so-called some daughter still clench achilles oviedo schism winter diversify cards in history flat. Dan saint saying again with kicker on. This thing that god does. Doesn't i met in your guest followed. Hey puna swelling who lost the best foreign ago event is multiple mosque bates. Because it's cloud keys must square. Well that's what we need to cancel. Sustenance austria was him. But i think was was regime on was it. They will also send about eight think. It is but by us about If he muscle since he was shadow walking with emperor. Thought was batch. You hippie g. as a this But i suppose lewis kathy gentlemen yes some older with go but i say shine start with bush on feet declaration acquaintance secret that the poor muscle. But you'll week with this one. Little meals miss a biopsy. Mr out increases zik without power can have another spot lease of infant sample ninety. Look david house you it will be. Liz atrocities minimum. I asked him. I asked the person that just a message if you gave confiding in gaza had enough. There's up which you need poker room on my veto. He made people too so yesterday. The asano so popular city stotka source files and chemicals will might as well see then the divorce toubon the hiccups because gomez portentous musicals. Eight hour using donaldson gal brasilia four yards ruin drellich samir's allotted ups faysal musical mob was pulled in payroll mao can work was important to continue investigator. Lucas similar toy spit sock will do sassoon. That gavel. New york new york new york. New york people vandal or gas if a seeing my asked overseeing last so proud to commit seals do my study. You'll camille to nicholas set ios. Never say have moves. They civil war so my astra pat our guest potter. Sit carole go back. Yeah you see although to castro up pale the point podcast pity a pessimist economic with assu. But that's the master of your demonstrable him. We've that one by only was go. I got you fee. Is cinch hours of this team a swimming miser shooters eleven to in but a muscles about women has concern was about to ask somebody. Somebody was a woman limits for not about has gay a budget has i was. I thought which head of the about cooking. Throw kalomo uncivil. Denise made out for my lucy liu last initial gsa. Smu talk for a type of follower. Who am i asked around. Ceo who my aspirin lead. They'll commit to stallions with difference. Lipstick locational hmo dan through the mamounia dental care. How about to tell the template three guy asked me lady. Diet coke zero ticket a single mama. Supra castle gassed up force. Johnny hill manche earplugs. You upwelling prager minimum. God was thinking journal of his wishes. Romancing was hit the reserve than semi best. Five is all save essential passages in Since he went the golden guests the center. Nothing for me. They had you up and think things eight Industrial dumper for his essence missiles was so gruesome died based without closing of us at the mice said masive pistols glass. Also michio is awesome. He as as many things so good for geo or other but it was in my didn't doesn't show makeith these systems. Logan middleton dokic on when you go into journal on one is assault because he told us sponsor guest i guess was the mcgrady breath shaded did it but to the birther. Mettler scoreless mental. Does my dealers depends on mitchell's mentha amid. Yes the estimate they should be the predominant squad pulled development quarter was instance. Vins yours will says with a bunch social disease specialist will killing two birds because he killed up on it on my ass moonwalk guest and our guests medical grade moose recovery omega key camp. Who's gonna llamas sculptor. Coundon fish on went governor We said yeah. Wow plus gamma sal. In those funds begin when was the domo's could come up with were so whether muslims dhakal his silence was they missed a season and would have got allure soviet. Exactly but if they use we keep was the grass rebel be jokin wasn't procured sep bape umbrella budget and a little that was going to go up for sale began on this so massively malls you go dancing. Also and disease olefin his even but a key shake locals seek vm. Was guess another day. was this past. Garage was gm on a muscle. Golden legend i say send each other in the Don't moments at present from week edgy. She got this. This is the group as a symbolic thin said denison. Oh in though you're going to see you got off of your local a super show. Vote them those greasier. The esotique would've estrogens. It'll allow awkward that. I saw jason a- bill by after somebody can don't come on this being they. I just don't complex was okay. Follow the mask. Surgical my start. He'll say when gomez was say they will to desire to call mastery. Elliot's got value. Kiki divorcee komo's segador coma message only won't de okay defy ficus atiyah those sexual being there but i'll go set by synthetic size of his ain't so policy front who spot. You could of dommage that he was apple. Bios incites that donald get gene. Will fella with some joe walsh again follow. What was people say. We're going to demand. Social god of the astronauts orange crewman as your gasoline boorda. The a couple of no no to my akkad masters. I tell us by our game finals. We'll see doing the intimate civil civil to our my put onto his mentor. The and l get if you now to this is wedding gene. Did you was rescheduled brand new. Add up toca zip. Progressive got stuff. You dot lameda. Mia was on his rhetorical circle. City office budget they're easier. Us they add if us. Yeah a passion takao castle fellow. This binds e. was last lasted shovels. Yeah so i mean. Oh who's been the band's elevate okawara thank you see this gorgeous sabah. Toco mytalk ranch. Use your engine. Does he started selena out. They need an input lung down. But i thought this quaff medical syndrome. He's central substance that can jay is foam disaster. You never had that depressive meek. Which timmy over the ranger here if we do. That was voltage. Mooted dago was sudden. Tessy fool and visit how champlin slurs By we still up on saturday by century image monitoring was what bessant steel ms dench. Angie all a lot safer proverbial manual episode mice. Debbie pair to aaliyah do the my stelios arctic valley pulls saudi castle. Interest in this space on is unequaled. Nicole was year that was going to brazil communities. Thousands ball five. I amiel damp. philosophy moves. Guiseppe gow 'summit lose get was in prayers as well fee superdome say in drag professor mac. Cad looking beyond associated the ding said so no more national guard move as new strategy. You maumoon through legal The some ramona's look what you journal party now the who teen price splint. Cs your data imposter. I bought a book with george chat. Key komo's engine qantara on my ass inspire people the neo sick demise. Two guests that. I will say with farmers that way. Your top assam key. Who is my so fabulous. Vera schedule by dodging brave. Sabine van twelve that file. Lodhi moves geico sympathizer dvd physique at talk more z. Castro county. There's gonna considering path moves on the laguardia who cameras sacrifice. It must be that. Make my larger than comprehensive s. Implementable can stop hit. You've autism events. Presidency is even simple. You're into poverty are sort of cast threats ya violin. Look only us somebody. Somebody's swat omonia alimony and the world is osama wakey. Hmo down with a separate. With god while follows ako s through five byu only vega acupuncture the musica stroke tadeusz. Cds super nato program.

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3. El misterio del nombre de Jehov

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3. El misterio del nombre de Jehov

"Kabila Kostunica stand you Know not collusion in many. I spoke our podcast in the Qatar. Does it cover the Clara famous case machine company serious concerned more than network us are there because the area your sister podcast. Tiberi and yet kickoff Kazmi Hotel Window is the barometer that our communities in Moscow speaker. Porco static Dickie's but to either passenger must relief gaseous. Yoda's are demos. Yeah lushes desk these tenure up to a Collie step yesterday talk. Katembo or musical is economic cycles. Masha Raffaelo last year. Colony Speaker. Aureus miracle this economic bubble Charlotte they cover is there's video. Yes in me. Steadier under McKay a cycle race rather economy of Ramos bloop brutal steamer. Leprosy called shockers Carla. All these other Kimbro about hoyle. That's not as they'll put gas in controversy. Lavish correspondent yet but in baton a similar eight percent tariff big in DC also is tucker who Halloween disres- leaders perfuse tins. He Scenario Itala. Who had a diabetic left audible is Bro Reality Team? The shot is star depended Rondo Charlene. Protea Beetles Rustavi Hindu widow. Melissa who stole last year? We'll go ashore as your third parties. It'll is to punt under medi. Russia in Russia has eaten by lack of light. Might be home is not a good quality we know. Is this your whole Boca? Parachutes are who they say. This book conspiracy will eat any advice. Took this notion emotional magical district see bill lefevre c. Has the jury liability this portion of the Book Jesse coming off? Theological Gabby a Middle Helene Lottum opponent wrong. You're not sure you're not sure how I used that. Outta yet either. Halloween natural yesterday's done for the nursing beating should raimondo. In those five tackle. When he was a garage it was able to Hebron Atlanta actually Amanda Renovation. W what's up for no conscience? Nobody knows what's up checking intersex. It's you whenever you. Our Coalition Diaz to see Tino Fuego Journal divo- clerkship butter. Cookie is kicked by a pack. Your bags and then she just segue is suitable. Irish go another pushy brigandage. Goroka geeky within your nose can go how much she gets declaration. And that's up for this ticket. Moscow Echo Moscow ecological under other scandal k. Makita prolific period. We stick gets better on this particular book. The second now say you would just make winton gives Rico not not. There's there's been days through author either directly in Concord and CEO Glycine Akitas Stunt Tennis Game Not many borrow early and said you get into marketing corner of winter me neutral. Babur come Gaza and look here. Scammy ALMA escapes into furniture. Not sure it all rectal annoys normal the last course yourself. Areas Noise normal given your location. We hope what the deal is. Provo Utah Cello Guitar Short. Sean Hannity will take you. Nobody's interested in. We'll follow up with a few no politicking which are gonNA similar to tap it. Okay SIP as you can you? Can you indeed Kosinski? You're doing bonus mustache chain similar. Northerner show them of course people have been chuck into other solid veto the bobble noodle but you wonder large maintain as a stimulus checking our with us as well in that role. We don't we're not gonNA Nesh hit Lee isn't that yes that's nasty. Casey's our luggage went on. We cost me go pushy. Belligerence sanitize you know get behind has former role in the excreta orcades sticks Annalisa but then recycle interest. Clark Rush Malaysian labute. I'm Bogor said that only rotate around Schiavone Story interposes historian Matzec Bodega Garish within K. K. Caca you're going to have the K. K. On equality in Dave Gorman Wurley cycle of knowing them in second on Amazon Does Not Saga Fisher. Deliver reissued develop whatever he and his you poor. I mean. Okay Mush in the circus to Hyun daddy because one of those upper body today is here so they must be competent there. We would've wish we talk. An ongoing legal can ruin every out get competitiveness. At least cody go. Leonard has litters the present on here you are orderly south or shaggy. Our into this is Annette Lacombe community on the last littoralis give up. Yes he does ground. Us say possibility fell about others but a Hebrew. They almost got data. I mean Green Ticket Window C. Calculated your Nicole chewier interviews. That apocalypse I mean is not Bava until last last blake. Elliot's Seni- that much but it must get fifteen minutes machine guns right alligator on become look experts. Kamaz worth proportions. Dsp dreyfuss you don't get it up a lot of whether it was legal. Radio men for locomotion Loma get a lot of penetrating fielded an established portfolios. No NAS quinto call you. Go Live is getting all their window. Level and put a little onto CARPATHIA member of mobile in hey is the food is located fifty years known representative Particular Keno This and external fracture interview laboratories of Nilo they kill wounded Gig ester known aphorism is worth a meme if roop difficulty in an established Donosti Super Emma case Casula Menu Aston Limousine color with Gibson with Yamaha. But I'm in I'm guessing. Didn't continue the Estrogen Vigo Islamiyah's Cosima de Lethal Shams worth but Israel's currency GonNa last school vin or check every been in caliber shoveling Google behold. It GETTING DRUG GIVE COM which simply I mean Cassia Kissidougou black comedian or should I guess he like our Silica. This Rondo Efrat Eternal Informa-. You sure love me around shape. He's under the former parakeet. Is this Korean that our epoch embiid famous reported numbers? Perkin? Okay. Yes billy celebration. I usually stop syndrome. You CUANDO. Who is going to be having tickets that here in Sacramento? He started in. Hilo your approach our but is pretty thorough. Look Borders dwelled. Noise will bowl of physical shake polar speed well. It's just a mutual a speech Wallace. He'll in this average beautiful potatoes reporter. He'll local Yogi. You the people the end he Claro. Como interbred can kill Athabasca nutritionist. Said deal innocent they go. Nah Say we like well see to that is that he said that he planned US users. Even your son is normal into the air harbour awfully perky fundamental Dula has collision with that. And it is that you are going to have to caveat. Keep you hear about the museum like our data. Ramadan issue every night Feta Numero. Today's sure get brochure for almost you mean as a law firm and this they must get it they say yes to the workers in the goal. There is a quarter. She'll sit with the national book. Will this ever you dinner? Astaire come from an amish for dental nationally as speed but it's close but this version Monica Lewinsky and Bush. I lost his quirky in Wilmington. And there's an emotion but I mean I will second number. That's what religious note involve when I started this representa- activa Momento television a feedback. It doesn't your Mahindra Cintos Amigo or show that caution Levin L. E. could give the interesting at your peril Hellman Bush of women level on the EIB Orlando bucer ankle negotiate but for much more untucked guaranteed able not much seem bizarre but she said that Prison Lattakia in your leadership essay. Definite danger is present that I'm Ali in media material in Essaouira Debbie Seducing Lau evacuate. It'd be pushing theater that involve representivity guest editors from WBRC on your show so yeah. Komo peanuts axion as much of a reliable or shake. The this is going up with the area. They've got a computer system. We don't tell them plunder the almost killed and Saturdays and say window. Hey female active. That is infertile. Gary Hoey activism modifications in kissing underscores or second Kika yacht. They work as well look sick. Outta MEDICAMENT IN AS FORMULA FORECAST. Schwinn and we'd go see. Bremen deal if you get one hundred dollars plant in Montana herself brutal. Someone ANTAGONIST LOCAL. Maruto push then to the sheet generous yes? Sme Deon Porcelain the romance and Israel if you want get into say well look on DNC. Were Your Summers County. Nfc media's doing an earlier. I see that I love is next up land. That's your new nosy. Groom Seniors Tech Establishment. Secrecy Fin Leoni Central Bureau. So let's see grow secrecy Friedman. We do not think it's been interesting. That don't have insurance. You know here you can number. It is tough weather is Ford or Chevrolet. Weather and a K Markan influence into English is a hundred percent on your legs of your your company. Emergency Kit toefl unanimous correspondencia Brazilian roller shake one. Another's plantes while. Of course I don't plan bushby meteorology me yet here. This sally Leflore if mental fruit coming from China must have foods unions quantity Bush. Hebron away or Donyo. Real push then showed it on me. I don't check them Luna Wave. I shed quasi and quarterback Monday or here to nuclear nuclear or delirium of frustration funds yellow shaggy into a equal upper class parties. Ease secret that the former symbolical and coriander run electricity. Guada- and has pushed the Lewis. Kathy donors that we do not going to let into this wish. Benda La Fosse they of the UK is simple. Better Soviet decorating Taylor's Sin. Data's didn't couple of those accused under Jewish. This city hit Gorica summary. Tarik Cohen your meagre growth gathering. Et renters does she beating in pushed in your circle of Shiva lower. In case I mean going to focus on getting squash him industry of our era. Itochu not your yes see being the Bosh then splinter decay in recent deal. Gas Kushner assume burqas reader locator sheep. But I think you getting is open. You're with an eastern seaboard. No noise book is he is focusing more sneakers and relished a spark Gammon doused Arche Tomas. I Studied University of Bush in further legality steam. Or the score's there's Chemo's each. You'll get frustrated. Moore's first-half is like Enough Benita. Velika me into next year. They're terrific percents alone. Larry Murphy and START WITH YOU. Proton shake it. She role emotion others in authors podcast. Bay. Much Comoros prenatal centers. But I I love seeing the most porchet. Today's deal people Kim Berlow last. This is the first complete when the other stores. Yeah WHEN AMELIA MISSED IT. I mentioned receivable. And there's no yeah goes around to the senators this get them or thank me by this big when the interest with this you know. They want this. They help works. Carreno DACA is not on his show from them. Intelligent medical make an image. That is convenient. Matab raiders properly. It has company and then endorse reinvention. Do that can take us. You should correspondencia again. Ingram gives him remorse. What gives you like to be that of. What can embrace a world war you say after implementing review is in Bisham community? The Manila Galleon the book weather the legal entity it was commercial enough. So that the emperor he the curriculum curriculum and does not lobby to us. Whether the Bush you see intersect minus noticing see how much can understand scored of quasi in Bush has done shorey. This Komo originally veteran Larry breaking spending. This podcast is given by the sea. That's the because you know circles community. Trish Komo Gwendolyn Sierra. Here Noah Parliament Warner. Bros your podcast. Babu last day shall brush across Mel Brooks. You more a episode. You're getting more cynical. They must push a ability. Policies issued a little push practical. Perma simply converts you put it must facet secrecy though beginners. We asked him not. I like Burma get after special challenge for Malaysia. Racial theories that terrorist of EPO managed to feedback? And not as this podcast include your ill made. But I keep West Bid Derek we're Musket Brooks moby and this style. You almost gotta cells your scrutiny. On Indices Bama severe kill me and Portis fears thinkers. Nato's coming Tanisha facebook in Ceylon. Either Mass Yeah. This is the podcast for our compatible. Forget quantum diplomacy washburn demonstrators equal emperor without getting phillies. Here where this opportunity be gumby.

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Nueva York  Los podcasts de Paco Nadal (oficial)

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Nueva York Los podcasts de Paco Nadal (oficial)

"They know us. Soon lose. Bouquets Lewis. Kathy. TVN. Leave it. and. They're finally even at Dina. Me differentes unique. Behind Theresa Charity. ES Shall. Be had in Phoenix era acid. Well being many those show. E. N. Veto. Revival in two. Compact on. or St Noise Young. Start spreading the new. Arrays. Monte Carlo She's thousand meters. The that must be going again. I Like. The. Way I. Trust don't leave Asia this asking Nanka they were. GonNa. Civic. CAMELIAS! Sick or not, he's ever going to me. They're saying I. Is. That means have. Metro interest taxis years viatical beefy in. Deed. Buster Os then showed his kidney even much cassie because he. Will if you're going to say. The. Teen. Moore Sheikha you this. Room for. Colorado. TV. Continue he brought. Much winner Julius Tugging. On Komo. News. This, Complicates Estonians Him. They. took. It has nothing in. Lebanon. It is recently diva then. Thirty. Can heal this. The National Rail. The being harassed moods would. Bit Don't but this. Create stories that six annoying. The carry up to each. Week. This. Kid Eight of this but. You'd better get. Back? Get His. Foot! In. Do, but he deco boyer. Citizen Physical Getting Worcester's. How blessed. MISSY anthony that. This is. Going to be within. The Need. Ski She does she look Ocean come into combat analysis you. Him with each. School they their. Kelly All Alameda Guy. Thirty Nine Zero. Masks. A. Willis. The Asia economic has. This is the that is getting ABC tunnel minnows. Of either he will I tend to your Komo Sap. Stuff. For. Their stuff you in your. Numerous I! E should be really and they don't. Shunned. Mean can tyler chauvinistic for sailing? If he. said he's having this room to become an ego. But it can seek for. That game. Say. The totally which is. tweet our cash sales. That's leaving. The deep wish enormous policies Savvy S ks. Kennedy, more share, share. In anthropoid them. Into here that. You're not show she. Coaches Sung. Il Khalil. Win I wished. I imagine. Earth. Getaway Sky Nine months and within and. Nothing that game. I see him, but it's not. His name was there will LASCO. Such imagery were standing. Against glycine present parallel parochial. Tremendous, but actually she matters for him. Pro Empire State. What are the ones that? Would outdoor short in the. Less. But these mortars us in. The she and I. Again this theat game which is. Nothing. No no astronaut. Molly she she him on Kinda. Punish economy. Called Marinol. You're much. Almost you can look againist. We. Multiple test keenum. Bronx generous referral emphasis. They choice for US CLASSIC NBC. We will not phone us. Option has alternate. Format you should have interest in it. Yes, mcchord! Did he yet. To win that National Get it then coaching. Much. From. Russia you'll pay. imperium wishing. Lama Hoodie Polka. Show momentum yet at that. Quinta Guinness Pitcher. Fatal shooting. Radio. Show Moore. Phillies. Jimbohannonshow. which to me and tell them in. Counterpoint senator for Gandhi Kagan reports. And I I want. They Bush. Escape by Yourself Montana implement win on you, he's. Finally stuff you. You're. tyrod lunar question considerable lemonade. calibration anybody's combined years i. E l'amore escape. The Guy She Disney kill Luna. She's finished a mutual willis. The! owner. Yes. I Came loose control is the. Pattern threats either. We stick. By nearly as Much shallow Xinhua. Komo to restart either mainers interviews initiate the. Columbia Salary Theresa Hogue at the medicine, really better sheet. The IMOs casually administers the until last. gwen thrusts Internet. Deputy Duncan an essential question audio go not. At Willow. porculus El Pais aren't they want to the Info? I've ever. With your list. It is. A stop, Boone, talk the baby boom the. Boom Talk. Over the go to Laredo. precarity traveling West is stop one talk a bit boomtown. The say talk over. For the of working. With the L.. COMPLETING THEIR NATIONALITY DUE TO WASHING my hair. Probably my stage by Newell. INFORMATICA. Sherlock favors left over. The established by nearly admission theory, Bitcoin Internet the Mason, continental MUCIA's. Compressor of mineral intake for with off with E. L. But himbal. Omega is the full of this. was. The worst case is that. It shut noise and Buckingham. Get Jaffe. Female like plan Shit didn't they. will get shallow Elliott. None of this fucking next. To get away. and. Apply to Miami Beach. I'm in a new. Seat the compatible. Gay Note that boy does better than. The impress theblaze. Bush even limited in podcast their marijuana. Is. She. Came Merchants Meteorite. Which has best as Much for? The aim of the theater capable livestock. People talk. Radio she let me ask you. Let know about you, not the way in which you. Love your local, okay not. into the city in the Lower Manhattan when in downtown. or Cut them pushing that started financial district level channel. Varies China down later leading. Chocolate. Green that he pulls you. WanNa. Get therapy. Brancheau. In all star and they'll. Be End. USERS CAROLINE STATE OF UTAH. Cleaner show. They were holding Michel. Ferry gave liberty. Island is GonNa Start let's start to. ali-aliens! GonNa feel in? April Under the table. And me down in. Media. Must Within Europe Potato Shimbun. Not The pair. were. Quick Napa. I gave David Square at imbalanced building. Land. Therapy Alone since me, no. There there are liberal wave. Kate motion. In. Initial, mass, Alto. Empire and stuff of the. Phil, Fan, them or one works three. MEKA Dorothy in him. The Risk Athena's one World Trade Center. In. This town. Moshe Storage. To them. You're phenomenal uptown on the part of the. Case Against Nevada. You don't synthroid product risky however. I gave. My Santa Central Park Metropolitan Museum in came a winning museum. Study Rally. Lag At least when Bush is young lush option. Such. Mass. is going. By show Bush. As my vehicle similar into fish. It's national. Fewest. Activity. She does them well. Than I are they recommend the. Minnesota mutual of NFL. Came in an. Area! Whenever the. CDs Ian Miller. Killing means me therese us. My happen, he will last. You know. Which? is on my skin. So she could, she organised the year on. THEM THE Bill in Bronx or to Yankee Stadium. The Bronx row the roofing. Level Anomaly Alidina diminishing. The element. For. Eat. Wings in river, she of the sure goal of. Boise matter one eighty McAfee shelly like looking at the. Case. Grant. Oriented. Hudson yeah in another. Hell's kitchen Chelsea email nephew mentally Finnish station. She gives us. Or you know pianist. And there's really spurs for on yet again. He's stacked. Bully go mighty. The are he's one. There virtually. Mississippi out. Continuing Berry. DIVISION WHEN THEY MINNESOTA GO pushed up and lower interest US investor to the if. I WANNA. Make ALMANAC ON. This calendar. Utilised considers caffeine. His Yep any. Didn't challenge lakes out to to fear this debate shelter in. Be for. The last one hundred. Eleven! Let's get. Engrave Moscow Jan.. Later meantime this Daniel. Seen not yet labrador former, the Shilowa to the mass held territory video the. By status. Early astronaut. In Him, they'll. From Jerry barriers stay more than you. Should we? That's the impeaches insisted. He did. Pick. Didn't. As industry. Media. Initial go nothing. Another. Case that should. Whether maters. I seventy laugher. Shelter Dilemmas. Video Kim Deitch had some yet. They were much more. Apology down. DNS Kim sheet data sheet. If you're complete I mean they were cheering? Corner Chaplain test because she will get better today leafy. They stash thousand. Different really but this plethora or pandemic. dinty gap seller mother me that Shaw this has critics. Say trump integral to run by. The HIP hop. Eligible to do not Tetra or The you're. Welcome it was. High Lane paracale goes to be the ruling. Them Rally. The number lane he theresa poll Chelsea. leanest. The more. What are you got? Ta? Procedure is fantastic, is they? Are. You know she's not the plan is. For initiative classical almost Brooklyn for. Those. Through your issue. shipowning more that guy. When? Stomach. The more in Brooklyn is doomed Williams. Do Voice wherever the. Link tally percents. IMPACT SHELTER DE USA. Depot cafeteria. More. Inwardly lethem being William Sheboygan reveal because. The most. Yup. Michigan. Municipal Maria, the. Home and share eat anybody. She yeah usually. Eleven coming to. steeler! Look for our home which she got. Your dealer skied at Broadway born. We got to. See. ended. When she can. Handle Parabola. Sanyo nonetheless. She gives me crazy girl look. interbred like I'm Talia eater. Synthetic, champion! Versus job where she didn't look mommy not. Know. This. Is. Your, scores. Thomas Quinn UCF in. Team. Our people around opponent FANTASMA. Hope it at. Elm? Roman Mommy. Rama, she gets. PUSZTA classy Gut, but He's. In Marshal not will. Of. A. Rescue ship of Broadway or off off Broadway hit forever away. Neighbor when it's like Web Golovin shown? The nutty Tadayoshi Begin. Don't get one temple motorcycle either and talking about shooting said does innocent anina meaning collaborate spectacular? Blue Man Group FESTINA. Compress. Komano wash. DEGROM! When either interacting winter choice. And this I. Feel to head. What is he telling? Me that. Actual team give giving tallow is. The outlet? By an outlet. In State Island now. He's lucky. Micheli fellow Democrats Very. Time in the. Anti. In Stadium. Fight outlets through mobile. Outlets shopping. Bus Ie luthier. Birmingham Pasha embark. Will. Eat Meat, about, it Amina look. CEO She. She had to be very. Share in Machel Memory All star recommend. You all know pimpernel. When was in Cleveland Moisture showing the face, it cannot having. Your windshield on data and I won't. The US, giving compact on. 'cause they buckle. The only way you're. Who is. The CAL Komo he can be interesting label game and you're like. Be on the finish showed it to do about Obama I mean I'm not saying. We are? Pushing pushing your DNA Macho. is on them in the Renault under say, he must see them which i. Will. See the other's record healers Hebrew invite the Rockefeller. Shoe Yell Chick, but I read A. The scene Thursday not to let the. Nima? Tournier Keanae Voice Martina is. Yes. Bush Bush. This? Here's AT THE MONTANA COPA! For Saladin guy by Mushek. They were. The apparatus and when thousand. Nine hundred local Musica jazz the blues. US! Go by without of Dacia piloted. Rich part of. The. Julia pilot later. This. Year is Talia parental interest clubs various interest had. This, depending on earlier which I can. Guarantee Our Manager level he we're if. You're really you're is important. They better them. Peninsula Komo News. Komo near your kill. But I'm going to. Eighteen but. Managed. To land actually. Intimately. Movie for. Donald Mental annoying I must. Admit Ryan. Made of. The Queen or the ruling? Fussily delinquent in. Led! Downtown, Utah Theory Raphael Uptown. CYNTHIA CUESTA DOT COM. Dollars. He's incompetent. McGinnis suspended gay in. The S medicine. Cal Kid. To the US Amidror Portal North. The minimal you deliver we. Came when Tom. This. Season S for American. Abraham. Didn't think Oh. You're not gonNA make them. Agreements. A rookie get perfect polite. Abusive. He and that Russia economy were. Able to control she was. Letter hit. That reached a new. York fee pass is not. The entire lescot undiscovered tellers. Rita. Him. When Winter Fitness! Lunatic by, will you? She tell. Ya. Shares, he will not companionship I refer. Cavalier latter. Ahead window violent. Historic Atari for. The. Cubby dentist, he would appear no inclusion. Shelter portfolio than the. Letter. W.. Number who gonNA yeah she. she was gotta take Lantana and thriller. Feelers Empire. Filling. Out asking Nell located retailer, she must all. See, them. In New York she. Seat the Oscar. Informacion Paktika Guerra tantalized. The to world these. Various technical in there yeah, bonus manigault minimal. And did. She not noise can over. Really. found. Becker. Alison the and it's not those pretty Matica. Win. This women. And locating a push. Owned Anti. To Tutor in Korea mortuary window minute. Establishment. For Nine hundred! Less protein. Shuttle. Talk. To. Stacy my customers. Together. Since I was. Probably. The show all the. English I still I get happened she. Oh, she quinta Palo she. Shepherded another team in the. Winter, until you maintainable Inter Athena. Whichever! They're. Working on this. He can with theon. Arup, Metro Lachapelle, mutual marijuana talk we handle. I thought I thought they were. Which? Either shallow show, entirely complementary. Course Times. The individual owners. Michelle for. Apartment? Number me. Talk she gets. Get into. Come into, New Orleans is. Indicative the. One hundred! Mooch until us? In. Packing the Hookah L.. E.. Keel. Cutters pushing locally. CALICO metro to the. But she you. Know it went on A. Good. Game can never. took. Command Annoy, your ESKIMO. MOONDOG! Finish with NPR's. Ministry burnt A. issue. But more than. By going through a you, they. junk-food! In track luggage as You're. Doing why you're in the restaurant in town. But I wish. GOES, mastering the! Control Tower. I I mean it's time backing. Ask more short while. For. Me! Not. When I'm saying PD clerics own sake sack, because does the. Recording a motor. Or shake shack own villas. K. Mass may wish to. Eastern in Lower Canada. REPACK. Shall we come whichever? Implement dealer. Mantle and finally. When more realistic? Notion she do is wash war for front, thank. You she. She a weapon. Up Shaimaa these. D. Cadena. Different. You Push Push. Push either no. Picnic at center. Meant that and medical can blow. A whole foods gets real national badminton cullen pillow. Takashi, does he? Won The picnic and simple paddock me antennas. Back came charging which is. Leaving The Cable. Impractical Medicine Buddy Atlantic? S E our poboy have interact daily. Shown that came in. And South Dakota. Contrast sandwiching gravely meaning she. Laura's past our. Equal. Komeito. You date show. Don't necessarily program which? was. Broadcast in by Andy Kaye, but as To give me Mayweather Macho. Show Hotel West, Broadway. The Broom Street. Spring, Street I in mutual. RESTAURANT IS IMMATURE LOG Alex. Going over. Regrettable value meal Karas Komo he'll. Chen title in Interleague. Woody Allen as the you know you're. Finals going and I must. Attain got matched. Your whenever I thought been most. moved.

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Cowboys Hoy: Pearson al Saln de la Fama, Quin Sigue?

Blogging the Boys

21:05 min | 5 months ago

Cowboys Hoy: Pearson al Saln de la Fama, Quin Sigue?

"Cowboys number. This show that he didn't wanna ground simona. Harare is the fetus. Manacle dole felice altos tenors. Ticket diller's waikato's stumbles these. A lot of people are silica. Lucas vienna brophy paraly- game is a genus favored. at least those but are lucassie. You have depicted the ownby startled. I lost mobiles. En las. Vegas get las vegas that new year's eve kim bus depot in an adult superbowl april. Su questo lewan wants to say that info kylo aloes cares major mucci more latins young gar mccain lose becquerels it start canham bukit circle salon. That are ill findus. Puzzle new solos super bowl prosciutto. Tom brady the money in real time. What is it that camellias liberalize gay. I may stop on. Radio is united on komo karaoke officials failure. They will the the on autozone six game. Which girl and. I stay scully campbell. Simply in the san. Jose cohen lows. Manila's then you gotta locate in record quarterback the staples as he promised they been. If he doesn't wanna coke zero into wednesday single dambiyn iran. Choose they can is when you got in those million yesterday. Special for officials in those becquerels that alice pork phen- portofino poor fiance. Who is well all those by alice. Gibney multi sim parental model. Is baron. noel. David baker. they'll present the salon de la famille drew pearson. Poor phoenix electile. By partee. classical those miller and you know it ambien plays kelsey. Royal has nokia outside. On the la mer the mendez is that candle drew pearson their fundamental bantu us sovereignty i issue distribution in alabama in sierra loose candy. That does porta campbell dishonest. Parental gay david baker through puerta. Docket it kamala ziama soda. But i see let's get on your electors farmer. You soon that i shown commune it's one. That is young kid not all system. Canadian citizen newspaper candy at those getting security. That coonass fremantle through patient alonzo. Salad to a citron's meteoric impulse. Reaction is also farmer. Am flus cuando. Is genesis he does shawn episodic opin samos gave us even stuff for me. The men on the east gate to eases worries. Listen porta a well. Starting inside on that a farmer who escaped willing to nuke episode of the san is a willingness to mar maria mel producer. Pearson pass genera. Lie this dot in canton crooked. Toria mass gustav political weller gateway. You gonna is this party. This is a lamilla pharma. Damn built into this units per year journals. Well as the menedez's distinct does not Up on nope weather's hotel. Lucas echostar e bay. Kim blow up peyton manning cofre electric munin cylinder affirma- loser goes in nba. Daniel alicea When i don't you e controllers leonidas the career mosquito kubota you style kyoko. Tony dungy quarterback genesis down but leeann as presenters irregular. David baker was peyton manning aka yesterday electoral campaign money. All new participate. The money does mosquito said electile in premera. Nuke is a bleed said l. healy. Bill boondocks killers down organizational manila through pearson look sacramento and raise cialis. Locate honest tunnel through title. Are the start birthday jerry. Jones mass is stopped by royer. Stolac allay their iraqi jerry jones lissouba. But who knows what else. Negotiate races through peers on iraq couldn't say they're illegal lessons that that gabe baker are not through yale. Memento is canal l. Memento is doc ski all drew pearson lagana muscian durand in respect to the was lucas significant. But i'll gail rally at that. I asked him to impo. Yellow level is yeah david baker diplomate. Okay that they call famer you can leave are indeed. Is it to law. Siempre david baker. Simple as you say gay priscilla promise. The government will be immortal alleges on drew. Peterson missed opportunity. Yet in mortal even can toys the finish on patel salon la as simple agency gustav through pearson commu cheema who are give glory. They keep going. Kettles are less numerous or oppo premium. Pass our maria story as the opec discipline echinacea and we in the house. He's officials ski. No seven is slow through flicking poll premier passi our mardi. Icbm ave maria finally started patio gateway in los playoffs. Control kim immune. Sorta lithuania royer stole a guy like who are these established. Owner marina say bombasle on komo. Ill hail mary baradei mass. Look which is this who gala gala. Better deal in a blame through pearson. I've yet to buddy us who us club drew pearson. But who got us. But a political position dylan satisfy the in this scenario crook to doris insurance but remained that paramount el partido to end the start getting wusa. Sarah peres who've been country you're crooked. Guingona proponent said to carry up. And you ain't gonna wound the wilbur allen. Normally that ticket sarah mutua say his prosciutto biddle in this star who nylon principalities is grand mood. I'll stan laura threat those days. That who are under threat does get quadra. Poor quattro de la memoir organization machakos has star. Let them in late importance here. They were not significant goal. Dental nc in la in lack historial kills murphy-o'connor news. Wanna get if you knew who confidence nusantara gaddafi needed them. Poco own super bowl. It's just the bonus. Low the zoom stunt. Damn clue was lewis kathy for kerala's terminals a competency a- terminals symbolic one allegation that is increasingly through pearson. Ms yes that an essay. Muthu muthu temple. Yoda up part of the canton ohio. You mean gunter. Look john mallon gay german today your each other journalists crucial jerry jones. Seo consensus gal. Gondolas lose except bion in canton. Lose lose boosters savalan avalon interest. Gondolas loses paren- simplisafe. Cuando jerry jones save say law intro. Donald celena mints. You're not join me at each school. Even contact sierra jerry. Jones perkins a secret john. Nope wailers barack loses but attic until one pm. T need that now. Mazda bin salman is momentous. Women didn't give us a study around the jerry jones not time we contend to tell us officials at allies in which has wasted content though bidault momentum williams unitl going through on jerry jones at umbrella. Get on. Get on these schools. Oh no steady at those alabama. This woman britain drew pearson. So wouldn't it be an owner glasses. Who is the lakers thomas. Game mucci mos and cantons amazon. Michael emmett smith troy aikman get until six qualities that one i postal own through pearson built on elon. Electoral jimmy johnson. In to wanna save money. I jimmy johnson but also on are from poor poor pandemic no salah former detroit. Dallas cowboys gone through steelers. A pittsburgh landau casra in those million dollar welcome yukata lose million deals local city boston dip elite and then which is innocent deal but also drew pearson and let me sit sitting monia jimmy johnson bongo or nausea him blow asda proxima does. Does he fit in this. Aero bill pearson soon at them being is those who knows what ghettos you. Donald skin siegen oprah people. Working in those deals are ultras. Those who well always capacity and carport potatoes vicariously own ghetto. You're gay scene. No-one travel in supreme. Renew komo ella. Healy used also under tony. Romo in room pondo and canton nomadic. The tony romo plan fhimah so but at all your little kara documentary-style ems pero tony. Romo poverty got an tre million deals nokia shukra going but a serial healy enel. But he made annual goodell team is say but premiere i knew a seagate your own alabama gail yoke study at in missoula karma yoga nacional. Renew your day. Been they go through the innocent moment barong who threatened to premera new s demarcus ware. The marcus wearing wow been kantaoui. Lamarcus where those annual to to entire wound to sink cossacks capable zero pacific dental top ten in stood atlantic fairly crooked way sacks journal parole Bro lear all linux failure sacks endorser kassian stint as tape daily keep tall as a deal. Does meat those meal. They toilet colors old. They ca- team they lows meal over the broncos them better minorca rondo succumb beyond the lion fairly crooked demarcus ware approximate the steps and sell on the feminine. Lose million is premier on komo Is famous game three. Grammy goes position stole salon. That are up finish through pearson. The import circa then super bowl sink wednesday. Say's yes then. What's going data pocono on consulting mutual san own experience. Yeah is pacific royal aboriginals. Mommy's they'll they'll as big as new jersey. The out of the lose casinos personas circa del approximate allah skin and for muscian mucci mistica as marindola's mundial in with your rally that premium mutual particularly. I wear this star positional. Careless known anonymous kinnear i'll in line failing sinoe tambien. Then through the conference and us you know. Don't think how people in lose marketers. Dallas mature shumpert. Kevin costner schedule newspaper. Our joe-marie makina luquillo scour wisdom for the in top cinco de confidence. Yeah national e bios colombian mutual. Ck problematic iann. The paltrow plenty. Who say is the lines com. Lean linear as the draft kings bay. Many linear points bed the bed. Mgm fondue will who book. It'll it'll sort of put the over kilos seen as where taller lion. Faily kennison are super bowl that rapper. Our who lewis goes on and on numerous kinsey soalestinian practicum in the premier primarily. Lions failure is also very specific teleconference. Chanel stunning symptom. Lavar used ami missile printer. He misrepre indio. Mucci cmo then is poised gail katina career respect iraq prescott denic on izzo. That i noticed that. I see lewan. Inter governmental swinnerton polka proably barack at three molars that is a mike vasic and caputo. There is a fan they can star movie and it said that took you to insert enosis casinos says thin kindo day. So pero has manila's no as until sunday coupon. Numerous roy gauloise iquitos in a lot of stan. So who knows casinos. Premium green bay packers stunned implemented who are local dna which is emmerson deal or am industry in finale conference. Yeah dylan us journalist. Daniel rogers is gang quarterback. Is that gonna tumbled seeing combat leffler parliament there on a saturday. They will contend that production. No-law nathan tito into rosatom. poway jackal. Radio follows the. Let him play in a guy. Tom brady sorry almost us. Senate contender as you get. Your son was gone. Or they act. Wireless companies elena failure. Rams los angeles is lavar. Gate denison dealers from roaster. Talent also oriented. Try some you stafford. Supreme it onion los angeles a ck. Got up recuperating poco bueno you got more guess who still the rams. The length is on the daego. Polian alaska was starting to putin into law garrick career. You better know newswoman forty nine ers disarm francisco imaging militants young perky dominy masao position correct. In san francisco noto system that jimmy garoppolo by resigned primer. Who are lows forty. Niners a ck toys yamato moslem soon curious. I almost pacific on san francisco. Jimmy g. e. thin in portalegre confidence nasional latinos in kintu years. But i me akio. Alaska always go minimal bring to allow santos liens get. Ill konkan nauseates officiel. Drew brees for casey. Keep us rubery say the then. I keep getting italian to see but at the ministry in unison. See my top l. a. proxima book a better there. Yeah the data gay failed report. 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To until ghetto kaput don't know went up with the power stunt. They went on your opinion. Does su sort of brindisi can electric casinos thing and his dress. pick dollars. barbaros allies you this brand new para us eric. Kirkham crucial respect. All your fault. Every file telegraph delaney fairly quality in spraying clower loser. Las vegas pinson gave when we always in promos almost bureau lescoe we standing on the strategy hispanic. Your cows lows amass didn't just goes anticipate. Sinek yokels elect premera is barack iraq. Brisket yes saudi. Santa style landau style. Rondo lemon talamante. Mas look you see almost data. Bamboo prosciutto cape chill reeler policy to ended actress called an premera cowboys political respectable cinemas phased grossing veto. You see an end. Twitter twitter arolla mao. Nf l. isn't rita lleras is on the moscow district. Told him it was more by an mcquarry. I'm he was a cowboy channels. Proximal sallow at this technology podcast. The blogging voice get programs distinct. Those local authorities does does rj choi prosciutto to grant interviews thousand poco kucha. Na na minnows can miss missy more through pearson goldman donald violence gucci. I called patterson kootenai corner livesey meghan meghan moorea guilty charles as product in blogging. They won't use the most labrador.

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Viajando 76: El tiempo en Rumana

Podcast RadioViajera

27:32 min | 5 months ago

Viajando 76: El tiempo en Rumana

"The jungle beyond the impetus tina. I'm actually lima. Often eagle or canal import bank pacific. Thanks for coming clean money. Ram and these are the most valuable got damage. Your coming. donald schiavo almost nonfish as she. sean. I need. But i'm just gonna suspect by his. Almost icy died romania issue stellar that are open sequel interrupt our country yet another spices introduce tissue complete alcohol. Thera i sow casino condolences. kostya suspect. that's but if he gets money. S it'll skin-to-skin up. Look ethic is he had no way no by mustard undesired. New annuity fia. What are you going on your kian commodity. At the time you died and who is not that not bite pretty entering to yell by saudi radio. John boyega chaperone chaperone shema doctors. And you look at another yucky mission. You almost two north unite for muscle. 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Another monk data it is able. They must be without new national. Need that speech test. Not reply this negligence. For carla davidson sanguine. We got off your list yesterday. Maturity insurance they thought they will read out loud into tony. You're not just putting money. They don't mind established the heat up or models that in metros bischoff. Boris you've lost your ship or the dementia wriggle delano zero models style. Nuclear deal for to bomb this winter list yet in a particular staff legless year for difficult or the wisdom that up. Still tony's in hilo offi boston reformat our easter fencing in a need machine nas dante northwest sheila skimping cuando sorry for in the interest if he much important motor scare audio nygren for adleman. Dna informative equin. Duncan sheet the taurus. Defeat us in your two hundred fifty gutter. Then this was models are emasculate winton fascist. Npr's laura are under lucille for the chinese picked. Up roy. more are supposed to speak donaldson up in negligence. Forty for ramon that polonius school you should. We had him on tennessee law. That's got a right villas in bus yards for this chief so he didn't want to come in on this yada yada cy. Chief england ramaphosa has for colors. When you come into hundred celebrity casino lavoie one either in united torah. She me that out of our most long. He'll china in fema get only boy washing. Arenas neum gusty you don Moon keith in one of donald. Not alaska this much money they nothing. They base that nora famous that they show up cornish run feeder our strategy cibo young movie data utopianism almost doubled for channels mo saccharine patio. Somebody who is gonna be dot. He hollowed out knows mathematician. That not enough you. But she choosing issue aware. Paul heidel yet in the quadra. Laura's skimmers i think this on your dental of i challenge shoulder of the i might ask you does data come in the nfc manner yet. Your article a thundershower normal audio video aldebaran would. They're not spring by the saudi official on me on this at the end of nashville nicaragua's. They'll talk show in. We'll show the mossy salutory Defendant equals the game notre. She'll she'll mossy sectors. Are you normally static. Fueling the artifact does talk to the nomination will share less kannada scholar. Got up attack on st. i mitch interest thanksgiving neon medium daniels. They lack on of the loan. This was in brazil injuries. Injuries offend me. Eat at says she does give the match. The ultra show. Boris about look. I'm stuck on the field that you talk on. Stereo mini erotic iraq. Did your costa rushing yarmuth newstalk chitale also either. But you're raising animals fiscal. She'll be like. I said yes from north receipt like this year for year i she. He'll shatter sink winter another. She has romani. Done your in throw. She'll scheme the saves debut author. What people this year four four hundred fourteen gonna. She ended up on him for the money. That polonia school. He must concede article. Moral masters picked up a lot of the money. There's eat a logical for las vegas. Usually you're stuck. W lark speculation. Macanese more local reporters media thatta study of form. More dunya calling national last lena. That's menas this holiday that tendency long. Silence dooney lewis. Kathy segal the future of my act one. Incomplete only does not thought he. Wfl fully cooperatively in fact. She got from speaking. Donnas glueck notebook. You're not paying ammos most begins. His robotics could aimless running through some disqualify. Lhasa or need is happening people. You stuck out because conservatory. Enga- getting to santiam player startled the path of what he goes unicef one festival negligent stay scott steele to question theon guinea national. Do not change donators. It has to do not only finchem mental. Am i quarter. You know not out. 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The he felt vaguely shakily. And i not use that as i. Yes if anymore only romania and nina if you the story cassini lobby you could not be not able to wide open up. Your modesty win vs cafeteria. Yes macadamia shoot over this much money. You leave your kitchen table. Arctic monica trashy. My medical bills velox in houston shoot from the combined. You think entire tomatoes normally pork. Any money me unitas. Tvos nacional del. Nearly you'll tak- backing meal and we'll share all young congressional circuit issue. Nice cody by gushing miserable peaceful. Either medical important gone in dominated more luminous gusty your own economy seeing corey that doing she issue other skiers nichols they. Will you know. There's nobody skype c or she wants to meet us for difficulty out a romana. In alanya meekness info scheme fit for cargo of boston. Your main she looking for more young. All the casteel your fingertip or they're gonna need actually others into specific bush's you're just as well he. Also there'll be gusty wind up on splash not even at the not speaking to give deadline. Has she told us the studied. Got it in your yard. Passer on your e elementary for the rushing visit gusty usa challenge show warning us make fish evil equal. People isn't she. He'll shake literacy venue. Do not gonna need. Somebody got his staccato. She kept on showers costly two year. Nuclear uniquely los de breath as much masculine disinterest fashion year. yes in quinton video of message. Tocado it your broken down videos. They st locally blueprint tapping sequence. Cpi data the roseanne. couscous report. Thought is that a lot of marshall said when we went to indeed also pointed at one st annual needle trophy interesting. Could she stilo. But i should point. I'm with they. Don't you look that that. Yes yes it shop chat. John skipper scott bundles full and dark humor. Like you say you want monarchy dalai ramzi dot com check on. What is missing. Dennis hotness not got the look saccone street happening phase him into issued Sunday studying rosemont. America's money the albion nicole us. They'll see looking or they shut up prenatal this kind. Of course they're interior or picking you. You're listening equality. gave signals. Give yamana stadium on the stadium court. The issue not reading here. Mush important is reminding because read up computer khalifa punishable. It don't steel fantino morals in your career kospi. You should've davis. He's got the promotion data. Transfer i gotta pick roof carlos caro following. Didn't they maintain the if ucsd will do open on what promotion. But you gotta start gusty you. I imagine they meet quarterly. Infosys skeleton can average. I should've gotten national kospi. They don't pull them of paseo mercy into scar four hundred dollars. I mashed fema tested bukovina. Ninety be is this on. Tv spot in yaounde alleviated we. She does steadiest being thousands. I managed wind chills. 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Inside the Parker - Ohtani's 2-Way Tear; Dusty Doesn't Get It; Baddoo Bashing; Betting on the Bases -- Guest: Harold Reynolds

The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard & Rob Parker

30:49 min | 3 months ago

Inside the Parker - Ohtani's 2-Way Tear; Dusty Doesn't Get It; Baddoo Bashing; Betting on the Bases -- Guest: Harold Reynolds

"Your clothes shouldn't just reflect your style. They should fit your lifestyle to kohl's understands that that's why they offer an amazing selection of products and national brands. That don't make you choose between fashion and style and comfort work in workout. Like nike under armour adidas champion plus. Kohl's new exclusive at leisure brand flex balancing smart relevant starwood functional performance and comfort. Kohl's is designed to give you the look you on for the life you lead all at the value you'll love so check out. Cold dot com this african king of comedy. Michael blackson here to share some clues information about my must. Listen new podcast. A podcast with michael blackson. We cannot forget my co host. This chinese best friend. Thanks mike this right. Chinese best along with me is going to be up to change. Don't wanna miss it. You can find michael blackson. I heart radio app on apple. Podcast away from the berkshires to the sound from wherever you live in. Mlb america this. He's inside the parker. You give us twenty two minutes and we'll give you the scoop on major league baseball now. Here's baseball hall of fame. Voter number eighty three rob parker. Welcome into the podcast. I'm your host ballpark parker. What is show we have on tap. We have former major leaguer and current. Mlb network host. harold reynolds. He stopped by to talk about baseball. What's going on some good teams bad teams all that. Plus we'll talk with bobby. Nightingale who covers the red hot cincinnati reds for the cincinnati enquirer. That and much more. Let's go to lead off. It's getting rock and keep them up. Rob's hot take the three biggest stories in major league baseball number. One shohei otani with the los angeles angels. I'm sorry. I don't know if you watched Sunday night baseball. And you saw the home runny. Hit two guys throwing a hundred miles an hour. I love it. All any batted second in the lineup. Thank you joe maddon. There was the first time in baseball since nineteen three that. A pitcher batted second in the lineup. What nine thousand nine hundred eighty three and the crack of his bat when he hit that home run in the first inning was unbelievable. The noise that it made down at the big gay incredible. I hope this guy can stay healthy for an entire year. We get to see this guy's talent this special. We haven't seen a guy like this since babe ruth and we didn't get to see them. Most of us do young. But that's what babe ruth did before he became a full-time hitter. He was a pitcher and a hitter. So here it is shohei ohtani show us shohei number two dusty baker. What are you talking about. No oh the angels fans were within their rights to mock your team to get on them for that cheating scandal with the garbage cans and all that other stuff you know. You made a plead at people should look in the mirror and if they have never done anything wrong. That's not it. It's that your team didn't get the wrath of the fans last year because a cove head twenty twenty there were no fans. The astros got off scot free. No you're gonna get it. The astros have to accept it. Just take it when you cheat and you get caught yet gotta take the punishment if people wanna forget about it after this year. That's fine but don't tell the fans they're wrong for holding the astros accountable. Now that they're back in the ballpark number three but do but do but do you listen to my radio. Show the couple with chris. Bussard seven to ten eastern monday through friday. You're gonna hear but do but do but do that's right achil- kill but do the tigers rookie outfielder. This guys have an unbelievable star to his major league career. First game up. I that bad first. Pitch boom there goes home run. Then this guy had a grand slam home run. He had a off single and another game and and then on wednesday his first at bat he had a triple. I mean this is what a fiery start. A great store for guy was a rule five player from the minnesota twins. Maybe just maybe. The tigers got lucky and found a player who fans can love and embrace and who possibly could be a diamond in the rough. Who's already shining. Do bodu here comes the big interview. Listen and so good now. Let's welcome in. How're reynolds a former major league ball play of course and one of the star major league baseball broadcasters on the mlb network how welcome to the podcast. How you doing bud good man. Thanks for having me picture. No doubt baseball. Season's underway has been awesome. Let's first before we get to the diamond. Tell me about baseball's response to the new laws in georgia. By pulling the all star game harrell and taking it from atlanta to denver. Would you think of what baseball did well. It was definitely the right decision. I have no hesitation about that at all. Know how to say about anything. Commission did actually The disappointment has been more. People haven't spoke out. About how right. The decision was For the commissioner of baseball to make a decision like this there's a lot of sites a lot of trepidation And he made the right decision. You know you look at just on a personal level. What he really had to give up himself you know with people would let the owners and everything else. He had to fight with or agreed with and to get this done to make that move. I thought it was very powerful. No doubt i'm with you as the league of jackie robinson speaks volumes. That baseball couldn't turn its head harrow. Where a lot of people can turn their heads and act like nothing's going on so it's definitely commendable by the commissioner and baseball. Well i think it was important as well that Doing jackson born in georgia and jackie robinson though the players sit up last year With all the racial injustice that went on in this country a major league baseball open their facilities for people to sign up for voting. And we're big part of of peeping pushing people to vote and wasn't democratic or republican independent. It was american base. You know civil rights. And i think here the issue this year watchos disappointed earlier. Was i understand if people had a tough time last year standing up for right or wrong and filling like they've been want to get involved with the deficit went on but voting. This is sacred to our country. This is not racial. it should never be and to me. That's one of my second things left in our constitution is the right to vote so we should never be suppressing people from an opportunity. We should be reaching out to engage people to have more people in the democratic process of voting. So my disappointment is that baseball did the right thing here. And the pushback is not understanding it. So that's that's my take on the whole deal. No doubt all right. Let's get to the field. Our guest is how reynolds of course the former second baseman for the mariners and the orioles and angels. I don't have enough time for the team. does that it. That's how you close out but let's go to the field and shohei otani. I mean we got to see him sunday night. Baseball was throwing one hundred miles an hour hitter. Unbelievable the crack it a bat on that home run hit can pull this off harrell and play. You know pitch and play every day as a hitter. I think so I'm excited that joe. Maddon his manager and the governor's office letting him do it. You know if a kid goes to college and he goes to play college baseball we have two players in college baseball all the time pits on the weekends and da so they play first base or whatever position. They do all week long. I don't know why the got this major league level if you have this talent and the ability to do it can't pull it off. Is it possible fatigue. Later down the road. Jack can see that. But if he stays healthy He's really d. H. it's not like he's running around the outfield and gonna crashing the people maybe making a catch on the fly ball. He's taken four it back anaysts hitter. And he's throwing a hundred miles an hour during the weights. So i thought it was one of the coolest things to see him. Do both in one game. But that will be the most taxing day of the week when he pitches and hits other than that. I don't see it being the taxing. Let's go to the american league. I want you to give me the best team you got in the american league and then the best team in the national league. Who's the best team at least on paper well on paper. I think it's the chicago. White sox I think they match up as well with anybody. i know. A lot of folks are saying the yankees. I just don't see the the pitching depth of the yankees making it through. I see that with the white sox. I think tony larussa over six. Two games is a huge advantage. And i love their talents. I love that team Losing him as early on is going to hurt them but they had a number of kids already step up early and swing the bat and play. Well so i i. I picked the white sox team coming out of the american league. How about the national league. Who do you like. I mean there's a lot. I liked the padres. I not shoulder now. But i liked what the padres did. And the dodgers of course on paper A couple teams in the national league. Who do you got well. Baseball's really knows what you know. One guy killed like basketball possibly or a quarterback in the nfl. But i think what is injury and we have that kind of shoulder injury. We don't know what kind of player is gonna be. And i would say not going be back for a good three months so that knocks the padres down from me. I have them steps lockstep with the dodgers. I really felt like that. But the dodgers a superior team. They got depth. They got pitching offense. They got it all and they got beds. So i think the dodgers are the team to be and what type cheeses injury makes it a lot. Easier for me to say that now than it did. Make me two weeks ago. I have to agree. I picked him actually win the division and the nfl. Wes but with no tat tease for as you said at least three months. That's a devastating. Blow his name is how reynolds get his baseball knowledge on. Mlb network how appreciate the time man. And we'll see you down the road riquet rod. Hey it's rob parker inside the studio with rob park on the black affect network talking. At and t. We all want to be heard and when we're not it's frustrating. It doesn't matter what it is. Look you order a sandwich with extra extra avocados. Then you get your sandwich. Nothing nada zip. Look you and i both know. Extra avocados is a weird requests an extra extra avocados even weirder. But that's not the point you just want to be heard and when you're not it doesn't feel good but you know who is listening and making changes though. At and t. Did doing whatever it takes to show that all their customers voices are heard so they're given every customer both new and existing the same great deal. Are you hearing this no matter if you've been with them forever or you're thinking about jumping over. Every single person gets the same amazing deal that means me. That means you ata listening to all of us check smartphone price. That's fair for everyone at att dot com slash best deals restrictions apply. Hey it's rob here. So the other day. I ran into an acquaintance of mine. Now i know this to. We've hung out before but it's been a while and here's the thing. I just couldn't remember his name. What does that happen. I got there eventually but man. It was so awkward. That's happened to you. Wouldn't you just love to turn situations like that. Into miller time think about it when enjoying a miller lite. You're relaxed being yourself. And just hanging out. I could have just said. Hey you want a miller lite and we both could have had a cold beer with just ninety six calories plus it would've given me time to remember my buddies name so the next time you wanna turn an awkward situation into something more chill pick up some miller. Lite you can get it pretty much anywhere where they sell beer or go to miller lite dot com forward slash rob parker to find delivery options near you. It's miller time celebrate responsibly. Miller brewing company milwaukee wisconsin ninety six calories and three point two cards per twelve ounces. It's time for the pocket. Protector central the analytic numbers. You need to know well. Maybe anthony masterson as his name. Be s analytics is what do you got for me anthony. The first week of the twenty twenty one season is in the books and it was one forty ages snow dinger's cat on the field home runs and became singles all the quirkiness that makes baseball great. But what we're seeing out in anaheim. The season in regards to two way players so far is truly historic on sunday night. Shohei ohtani became the first pitcher to d. h. End that second in the order since nineteen three and it's feats didn't stop there. The twenty eight team working the year hit a four hundred fifty one foot home run in the first inning at the time the longest home run hit in this young season as well as the pitch at hundred one point one miles per hour in the third again at the time the fastest pitch thrown by starter. Just high school stuff. According to mlb dot com otani became the first player in the statcast. Air with a batted ball of one hundred ten miles per hour and a pitch of over one hundred miles per hour. One hundred fifteen to opt that. It was the hardest home run hit by any angels player including might trout's since twenty fifteen just unreal. But if you think it stops tiny you're wrong in the same game first baseman. Jared wall should a pair of home runs including a walk off. Three run shot to down the white sox and was named my under the radar. The last season walsh to ninety three with a nine. Seventy one oh. Ps finishing in the top ten and rookie of the year voting and like otani. He's also got an arm. He made five appearances as a pitcher in two thousand nineteen posting one eighty era and even though he's supposedly just a hitter this season so klay hall of famer our poop holes in the lineup. By the way walter showing. He can be otani light in a pinch. Joel madden has some serious toys and disposal. If he can deploy correctly that paul was a big week. The big leagues for is it fair. And now here's shadow league dot com and it'll be insider jr. gamble i. J are is it foul or fair for the angels to expect shohei ohtani to be able to carry the burden of pitching and hitting for the entire season. That's bad that is a foul ball. The jury is still out on whether or not win. Tear pitching hundred miles per hour and hitting bombed. Nearly five hundred feet will break him down this season but so far it has every year since he came into the league. I tell you what we have never seen a player like otani so capable of throwing flames when he's pitching and being a powerful dominant hitter probably in our lifetime. Unfortunately you like the test dummy such rare experience. Can he do it. Sure will his body whole who knows tiny was doing it in two thousand nineteen before he got hurt and he's off to a quick multifaceted starts so far this season sunday he had the entire baseball world clocking and he didn't disappoint striking out seven over point two inning while reaching a hundred miles per hour. Nine time you say nolan ryan expressed you also smacked they four hundred and fifty one foot home run. Did you say mark. Maguire power in two thousand nineteen was rolling until he was sidelined with the problem in its patella a condition that occurs in approximately what just one two percent of the population talk about bad luck. Been in two thousand and twenty experience comforting his arm which mri reveal. Were flexing strain. Not sure what. The angels are hoping what happened in two thousand twenty one but it software and watching. Let's understand something though. Otani doesn't have to get hurt hitting or fielding. We saw something night. When jose away him out of cover the plate the more you on the field the more responsibilities. You have the greater the chance to get hurt. It's fifty fifty remained. Help you this season. When rob was a newspaper columnist he lived by this motto. If i'm reiten i'm rippin. Let's bring in a writer of broadcaster older new. Now let's welcome to the podcast. A friend of mine friends with his dad also work where he's working. It is bobby. Nightingale who covers the cincinnati reds for the cincinnati enquirer. Bobby welcome to the podcast. Thanks for having to be neighbor. The podcast congrats on the website. As well matt thank you so much. Mlb bro dot com. And yes inside. The parker which you know drops every thursday great to have you on bobby. Let's start your team that you're covering the red hot out of the box to start the season five and one. I thought bobby when you lose your sight young award winner and trevor bauer. That things are gonna go south. Why haven't things gone south. Yeah i mean. I think everyone kind of naturally thought that but i think you look at the offense. I mean. last year they entered the season. Everyone thought they'd have the best off the best lineup in the division. Sign the kathy. Dhaka's sign shogo. Akiyama hopes for their offense and they struggled. I mean they hit to twelve the lowest batting average last year. And it's like this first week every every hit that didn't drop last year's dropping now. I mean every everything they're putting in play is finding They're just producing a tunnel runs. So you can teach us except the offenses carrying this team. I mean fifty seven runs and six games. It's unbelievable production. Sought costs the analysis swinging bat bat and almost five hundred. And i think he's the thing that he's doing both for the team bringing so much energy backflip in Turning into his teammates and ipm up after each of them that he said he leads the team with four overs. I think you spend rbi so egypt. The guy that's is providing that energy and he got the You know he. He was in the news when the benches cleared against the cardinals. He stood over a pitcher and You know let's go but you know for a team trying to get off to a hot start. I mean it's just firing them up and He's kind of the catalyst everything that's going on so far Guess bobby nightingale who covered the cincinnati reds for the cincinnati enquirer. Tell me about the pitching. Do they have enough and with no. Trevor bauer who are the main guys that they have to rely on the pickup. Bobby lewis kathy o. Their main guy. He's on the ten day injured list but should be back within the next week or two But those guys are the main guys that are going to fill in for our. I mean if you went into last season i mean it's kinda gray was the opening day starter in louise. Castio was number two and bowers number. Three coming up and unproven season. So they kind of look at it the same way saying you know. Trevor bauer won the cy young but they weren't expecting them to have a cy young. Keller season you know going into the he was their number three starter. So i think they're looking at it in terms of yeah might be a step back a little bit anytime you lose the cy young winner. It's gonna take a step back but maybe it's not as much as they started would be in the past. They also wait miley You know who. When he tells me he pitches well. And then tyler bally's the he had a breakout year last year. And if he takes another step up kinda fell into that sunny great Week sto tear the nfl. Central is no joke. I mean when you look at it bobby. You got the reds cubs. Cardinals brewers the only team. That's out of it oughta pirates. They're already one in five to start the season but that that's those are four teams. That all could win the division all make the playoffs. My right yeah. you're completely right. I mean i think a lot of it's gonna come down to who beats up on the pirates who beats up on each other You know each team at the they all have law. And i i think that's the one thing that There's no dodgers. there's no matter of rain and their division but four four teams that are capable of winning a lot of games. I mean look at the brewers the back end of their bullpen with devon williams and josh hader the starting pitchers they have cor corporate burns brandon woodruff. If they have lead after seven innings. You almost have to look at it as a win. Their one of those teams The the cardinals are always there. The cups have. I think the best often especially if they keep this core around. So yeah right there with you. I think it's a really tight division and Yeah i think that's why it's so important. They're good after the hotstar. You know five one record and in case people are wondering i said name bob. Nightingale sounds familiar. Yes his dad is bob nightingale. Who's one of the best baseball writers in the country working for usa today. And i wanted to say to you bobby. You know is awesome the c. You progress and move on and get to cover baseball and do what your dad did i. I hope you're enjoying it as much as i enjoy seeing you floors doing this. Yeah the kind words and yet spent a lot of fun. I mean you've got to be the the beginning of my career when i had the. Mlb dot com internship and detroit back then yup but yeah it's been it's been a fun ride all right. His name bob nightingale for the cincinnati enquirer. Check him out. Bobby thanks joining the podcast anytime. Thanks for having me. It's jones for baseball fans. Take on the game. We look hung on everyone. This is win. Mlb bro content reporter last week. Getting my thoughts on how i believe. Aaron judge promptly of big year this year. It seems to me. Judge might be an inside the park. Listen he's been nothing short a magnificent yano. It's only been five games. So fall have judges anchor. Twenty two from the plate with two home runs. It's important to note that judge could become a free agent twenty twenty three. We've seen plays such as tatis and inland door willing to sign a status with their clubs when their organization step up to the plate and may respectable officer if the yankees want to keep judge's chambers on one six hundred a river. They need to talk to him. Nice or as we see out in the bronx hob lami swabbing calling all sports fans. Peacocks got live coverage of some of the biggest events in the world. Plus exclusive analysis and commentary catch tons of action with live. Premier league matches snow sports. Rugby matches golf tournaments and more looking for sports talk. Michael holly and michael smith host brother from another featuring in depth conversations on the latest news and sports culture and politics plus stream. The dan patrick show for interviews with some of the biggest stars in sports and entertainment. And don't miss the rich eisen show for insightful football expertise with powerhouse guests the tokyo olympics or this summer and you can get access to live coverage with p. car plus get warmed up the game by streaming specials and documentaries featuring the world's biggest athletes for all of this more go to peacock tv dot com slash sports to get started good afternoon. Would you like to try a free sample of our brownie. Oh sure that's very good. I'll just take one more to be sure. Yep still very good. Some things never change like never being able to take just one free sample and geico saving folks. Lots of money on their car insurance it macadamia nut i taste you. Take one more sir. Yeah i thought so. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more money more money. It's time for betting on the basis with dave gas guy. Love that money that money last week we were two and one this week. Let's go three. No shelly new york yankees tampa bay rays game number one. I'm all over the yankees biggest reason for that route shells going for tampa bay. He's on the back nine of his career. In fact i don't know how much he has left in the tank. Giancarlo stanton and aaron judge each homers for the bronx bombers last week. Stanton monster grand slam. These guys stay hot and they stay right. I like the yankees big of the money line. Houston and oakland has game number two for me as off to a horrific start. In fact it's one of the worst starts last one hundred and five years. The major league baseball astros on the other side despite the fact that fans of throwing trash cans on the diamond. I'm taking houston with shock to win that game as well. Lasco's on sunday anaheim in toronto. Shohei otani is going for the halos in this one. I don't know how long he's gonna. Last control was an issue for him. Despite the fact they left with no decision like the offenses in both of these games. Take the over between the blue jays and the angels out bringing the closer yours why. Mlb is better than the nfl or nba. and it isn't even close. Here's reason one hundred. Y baseball is better than the nba. And the nfl and those other sports have done their part as far as social justice but here was a big one. We're talking about on the fly. Pulling this year was all star game from the city of atlanta because of the voting rules that have laws that have been changed in the state of georgia. I mean we're talking about july. it's coming up. Baseball didn't flinch. It moved to denver. The players were behind it. The corporations an advertiser's were behind it and baseball made a bold move. I love what baseball did from the standpoint that this is the league of jackie robinson. There's no way baseball. Could attorney ted from what's going on in georgia and just accept it. Bravo commissioner rob manfred bravo to baseball as a whole in the words of new york tv legend the delay bill jorgensen thanking you for your time this time until next. Tom rob parker out. Can't this could be an inside the park same bat time same station. Hey it's rob parker from inside the studio with rob parker on the black effect network talking. At and t. We all want to be heard. And when you're not it's frustrating even if it's something as silly as a sandwich shop for getting the extra kado you ordered when no one listens to you. it's frustrating. that's why it's so refreshing at. At and t. Is hearing you and making changes. They're given every single customer new and existing the same deal checkout smartphone pricing. That's fair for everyone. At att dot com slash deals restrictions apply. Your clothes shouldn't just reflect your style. They should fit your lifestyle to kohl's understands that that's why they offer an amazing selection of products and national brands. That don't make you choose between fashion and function styling. Comfort work in workout. Like nike under armour adidas champion plus. Kohl's new exclusive beth leisure brand flex balancing smart relevant style functional performance and comfort. Kohl's is designed to give you the look you want for the life you lead all at the value love so checkout cold dot com.

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La Movida Tour de Francia etapa 21

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Gimme gimme. we're not gonna to get my mutual You put some up until spring. Daego meter by seven lou saw ankle our weather windisch iyana no escape. appropriate lumps illinois. Note another skit mike. Denison gather data. The bruce ellison alex between no dombi an ex dumping on the gross he was gay governor governor scott. The governor's away we. We don't know what's the total law llamas important meeting kentucky tweet the rover. Not lafayette mayo. The new is the does this the when those mentors as the us. I'm daily fit made up into premed intendo by hedayat Bay dallas. this was the su- but i feel here. Metro schemes akito metro so he italy esteban content to liberty. Carol i said does messes. Ea does bliss through the frontier. The the Gin lavar is also was olympic. Course see no no say. Killing the annual implant is he own body. es gone with banana. I'm i i'm the insurance. The komo benassi put winner. Aimo baby to me sean. 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Your extreme convert. Cerny phenomenal nerves over your name. Sakina secure. Don't ask to follow. Is that yeah? You'll see but abercorn which is this yours. You'RE STUCK ON TO ISRAEL. We need to entertainment. Genesys do Viduka Eight quicksilver. For these businesses devito McQueen's ee. Follow known cardinal. I've always seen the do. Get Care as doing your keynote started. Want me daily key Fusi IKI points. You observed Califano particularly the coal. We think you know with a couple of success. When we shake me by a seen artist it there's GonNa Fossey Mizen for mutual PUZO STARRED AS FOOD IS CONCERNED. Mckay moment. Fisherman's paradise cost. This was this day. Mecca-based Basha Genius income. So I can cost cost the daily ups. Which is the deal. This is a kind of my face Mush K. G. for nowadays youtube triple fizzle minimal. Perceive a few complete pervade as starters Kentucky which is no Mozelle is used to report ultimate star a quarter Mozelle. Emma quizzically. 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Carry you a As well as improving pathology Kiosk modell Dachshund Symptom Cobra Species Attack Louis C. Besides point impo doing our own Aqa Base Adam trenchant which commencing in domino. Mommy Nina do convene for Kelly Kellyanne match inch chapel irving remember fishermen surgery moral arbiter via Baltica they rescued. Say's Mr Poice. Yeah H. You're Milton advocate. For some of the New York Oily Roving Marcelino even what occasions to me? Silica her mentor quiz and support from various. Vj do by mutual also any market for the main course cuisines separate car act budget could you ask? Bloomberg BUST EXQUISITE QUALLS FEMA. Jakarta pushback was JANAKA Z. Walk for SPA. The MONTECASINO for Yorkie Barak Joe Complete the Physicians Nuggets Nuggets. You leave your timing version. Killed Russky to car a facet facet the me Maasai. Book my Dillard's King You draw spin. Anciently called settles naked woman seem. Yeah Apu Nuggets NEFF quirkier. Bill is adequate coverage saga gene. Sure what Pratt era change make? Few cushion limited to Michigan conceal. Careful Tena cuisine. Yup before really glad that the term Pristina Peninsula each spousal a mail order Kayak. I gotTa do all the entering the toilet particular pupukea as a negative review. The deploys the the will soon that Fryer. Don't you put its spies? Negative free to my fused affordable. You'll ask you negatively more than two oil where you put food on. What will you help me? Mutants seeing Kayak e Cada. You'll Vika in Salem Cuccia this analogy or it's the audit do nuggets compiler passer so see a college avenue. Fledged you genius scenes. Seen not going so ball my sparking cy Joe to start the C. Tablet power but I've used by Lewis Kathy so slow he'll cheer is Moscow's. Today's Madonna's extra mcwethy detainees raw. Tim Up too soon as you can. Each year became Mrs Your Pool League of Hip Sofas Missiles Karen pulls in her qualifer you discover. Overseers Quiz skyrocket boy. Ghazi these. Yeah you Volta Pushed Muscle Ziprecruiter. Sal represents a bizarre bizarre fees this is our gotTa Kyla Tally the somewhere. This fledged Larry Cottage on quite Omar cuisine the market solace or which shows in limbo intrigued with Paul relegates on cars. Either billion dollar. Kelly's our so game car. Garage Approve Inch Matt. Scott how does he get the hero in Padania deal through the media to bag Osvaldo part of an since you quit notes that other one tomorrow with local seem zone battle guy cutting reversing look at a scooter Bella Chat Jeez Apollo Principal coys and they consisted his job. Imagine Kuzina this Guy Super Shakeel spread of deals that four gene zone without a value metabolic panel them other formerly garden. Mail Order Fleet Commander Win. The I league you Fogelberg. America's COFFEES FOR TEMPLE TEMPLE FOR CLASS CONFLICT. Which all boolean dipping going forward. Now as is what impetus to Khumbu stone wound down sharply over poor. They say Penelope Produce Occurs Full from. But it's your position. Mitchell both cuisine as yeah either easy Mitsuro Palacios meals Julius. We interrupted L. CONVERSATION WITH FOGEL. Agua CLOUDY CUISINE BREW. Image Forego pickup. A W to trust for this woman to convey diversity of inch of Alah as Yoga. No New Youtube Mice Brussel Panella Jolla Cooper. They think most proper follicle boost your reach support over the Paris. Is this where Myrtle beach was? As kicking off this is almost accused of abuse regions known gene as a damage. Bigger loop is out of my head. So cuisine Hsun Poached. Jagua gained one. Callao's you put those sub defeated spacex caustic Shamas in evolved credit and certainly for the supposed to Negotiate Yoga. Who Does the threat of gloss critical of the postal? We assume as this vigilant contract. Who's a thing Taylor swift zone for pig all folk now hope fiddled propel to allocate seem as Hewlett? The voice said. Well no Sarah how it Figel Fogel ill you mostly what age. Who DONAL BARCO EDITION? Yoga for this show as you know I should talk about. Their work is dogging. Oh Mahia Atto. Who Reggie your tour take you to? Vicini Lewis Educate geography. So would you mice? Yeah you couldn't quizzes scene for which were badger social almost cuisine. I would check it is because you love and inspect each can see. He was second without them. We should also opposed to drought too much hope. You morally usually to topple and fall within the meals prepared. You won't you hope a mute Euskara football which per he told Dave momentous. Cg UP in prison for our buddy you gotta story must goes off. We're GONNA hope or or increase I would almost syndrome is key Violeta me for ten Silvio via marchioness meals G The if you might think. Assad is of Indo though to eat it to move storage you causing scene you forgot my question was your class is mad at a safeway. Started to Jude's through but not Gina Papa Guide you former. Masayuki lever the custodial. Do we kind of gain more at contemplating game now the Countess. Y'All draws Pegu folks. We'RE GONNA hope to cope. I guess you ain't gotta those exquisite that will make the into them you hope Activity Mall Ninety two do stupid hopeless must to Illinois for the four sets competitive. We're digesting pret. Vehement Lugar Quartet. Put it together if this two boys. Beluga to gangs drug habit. God I've got my Scott. Savage post bezos unum. Yeah cuisine philosophy when cocoon. Keep Victoria the cuisine saying to CNN supermodels. Fatto precisely the Fletch Game Pinto Pink Pink ABC Asia Jillian Pacu average breath the whole poem use Plaza de Someone and sailors. Chris callen could sa Pinto jets for its Negoti more news into your system to Cyprus. In some polled the imperfect which is in the Muslim premier moment for moving to Alex G STORES UNION STAB OUR EDUCATION. Disag- machoism Champions VISCO question figured curricula is she has to think for this Azeem. Utm The square which has got much better utm with mid water for me Yasha. This squeaky mice bear to this E. G. is as usual he by eligible to sell now. Walkways Akikusa you're obviously Africa Mucus blow. Dvd post-coup sacred bond bills. The problem official in Turkey eliminated ash conference British more. You'll know nobody would imagine hookah gas. My La body of the full evoke for you and also cohesive Cavallo becoming door central government to be episcopal subcompact fogel same civic for the National Appalachian and continue to do it accusing Dan. Disabuse Iota Bukit budget during Saint Paragraph Sake to appreciate how likely with Ross from so on our. Don't limit complicate your area on the draggy. Blue Pru carrots up trump if follow. What IF WE'RE GONNA America's abreast say his disciplines cab? In which would you pick up forward you read dodgy home pills cubs deliver door. Yucai intimate deliver during that. You mean girls got how it would hope applica- CEO me in Gaza through garbage. Jacques Cousteau G. Dot Quality Modrica Donald Accord Mu g kept Klay flukes. According to multiple he gets up your chamber. Jacor Don Jr. seem prepared pry Chamois Dory Pajeros portier for the effort. I mean I'm awed teammate. Gelato PILL GETTING SEQUOIA Allen Water. Hope Cartoon Tina Familiar. My started your water or the birther copy is Octavian Air scoreboards. My say live how rich guarantee you will more. He start e- either still do should step which leads to Reggie IAGO. Y'All through spur. Faith but at the Mohegan Dodwell sage e allow the committee to Queens Umehara key. Mohana to being Ramaphosa possessive admirals Potala. Good now must've I take Sicher An immortal of is if I knew my selling wilderness. One Uber Pill reconciled to fill it was more severely dot com collage palliative to sell to your shot or not movers. Pigaso spill out with really paranoia. Consider Morrison to my brain disease in quail no because CISCO CISCO WHO got chemotherapy premier shining showing what appeal due to the more elaborate. Who got your points you want us? As switching parameters away to Kamori Ilya Gov pulled over a chance to introduce in overtime enter over for Premier Edouard did our Fadullah new holiday Jago and then we invite US interesting simply Darwin she said. Yeah. You've just started. To think cowboy told Chakib fourcade little amish to title Pizano mouth as the Jaguars and oppose the job gets puts hickok moments. Show booze on edge to Missouri. Szabo would start as you quasi more acute avella gotta ask you know profound sake. Shotty cuisine episodes crowd of Jj come. Calculus isolated nature for this year for tally. Died does pursue. It'll say no do cadaver such a Muslim Declaration of Mercedes story very much much gemology stopped wearing though. Is that a major doing quite a key. Abc International Pacino. Meanwhile skeedaddle Ma Madonna. You put fight is just around. The military style. Doors Kinkel sagged those who scientists these things Aron Winter. And we do withdraw the plotting overturned. Who is your back? You bought a casual thing. They do a Cayuga DR savage devolve and in August so Hannity. Bill proposed a prayer t automate. The strategy is simple mazes Luebbe Tau fought which way to the Bone Aka Cobra bullied to the Mississippi river passer headscarves into no here to bash by Dodgy International. Would you buy this newscast models team Alberta casual also so you bite these long with a miracle? Is You take our hair? Days is illitch. Got Off to divide this to sell to immigrants for individuals Ziprecruiter selene. She is initially Tuesday to provide you. Get your sink. Who owned US twitter? I hope about the casualness. Hope about the casual and also we mail about the crashing. Hope as you move on to the butter cashing Superior Fussy Talk. You're going to eat which Addison pistols fell on the bottom with kicker this enormous Ab Bala. Canada Does Not Stop Education. Bassac itchy encounter each gecas. You talk data by the Master Chef continues on the program to possibly Supreme Care Panish to Jeez. Don't you say range Parolin won't be so depressed because both of hey tennis. Evita Carrot Canabal consummate following ahead collaborate deficit Jude Ted Quizzes. Popey car cuisine cuisine. Yoga cuisine curious triveni. This incredible equal confused for nowadays minorities confirmed woods lagace and Lagarde ingeniously was loose advocate occupy contain. Feel of. What's legal car scene for visuals Sister Kara spared upscale. Moscow is a key board book fallen as AIDS. Apis is now seeming contrary twitter. Komo abuser. you know sorta as Jim is hades the to the mass is what a caching. Chevallier. Nfl by PRECIP. Todd seen almost king website. Did you financial are without doubt Cornish? Timo mentally pub. Deputy prevaricate face it. I got a single place. Subdivision bore were themes about at the SKUNIK ABEBE. Muslimovic guys do must've cousteau e Il Neva. Limber Mark Adela Guatemala's if you can win in these Picasso Car Kinda Shaky Project on sounds a few so source so tiring a days hashtags tweeter bebbase salvage eighteen thousand children myself. Fish oil kick sash decimal Markelle for Mosey over who got division Mark Zuckerberg at Kochi Rooks. That don't poke left in the joke relative sawmill with all of the semester me into the internal focus in day. What's it looking for with bone? Staticky Roseanne come to start as math where she can start again. It's Alan the Jovian Musso. Podcast FOR SCUBA sexual to San. We backup you're so could yours started. This was miserly. People context say participated educates a mclovin imports community at temperance forages. Eager Cook Eight with modern. Sign up out brain Zeppelin's helpless democracy inch inclusive versus the Assad regime live. We'll have a live virtual richmond to procure. I jeans acquitted. Visual conveys does historian is solving stemming estimate Gary Amazed Gustav Virtue of our informative but as well as drug Louis Singer calls. That broad is coming up in. Listen when you kill absorbed with Value Melissa via Okada Amass follow us over tacky started abuse warming quasi mutable Beer Mazarassa chef butyl below travel. Go make follow ability for Dod Chef Ridge Lodge drinks you the key King Saba. Even who grabbed me about new boat occasional quizzes? You'll be team are you. Must've profit Gwen. Semantic won't do gas. You didn't division. So He's you're convinced non-scheduled says Tweeden's Tigra thing to do link Agena La Hippie novato linked to preside all over in. Segue is a whole bunch of Latin. Want to knowing stagger in days individual former US national developers who follow the exclusive visit places at Arabic is at Church.

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Benito y sus recientes pasos(Playboy, Mini-Documental, Feat. Dua Lipa y Balvin, Operacin)

Frequencia Urbana Podcast

46:02 min | 1 year ago

Benito y sus recientes pasos(Playboy, Mini-Documental, Feat. Dua Lipa y Balvin, Operacin)

"It just doesn't feel like summer without an ice cold Coca, Cola in your hand. Stop by your local convenience store today. Grab a twenty ounce bottle of Coca, Cola or Coca Cola, zero sugar, or pick up even more delicious refreshment with a twenty ounce bottle of diet coke, sprite, or Fanta, so no matter how you soak in that summer sun at home or on the go, grab an ice, cold, coca-cola, today and enjoy. Pop BMI ANY LOFGREN sued. Out Too much noise agree tina low. Middle. SALUDA. Advance. Hey Buenos how in a Link Louis lack routine I low key buttle a ICBM YUP me Hoddle Fan, my beg. Don't hang on both GUS A. TABLE SELLING, nobody! Kwan Macedo de la Salle E at. Eight, yes. We're not get the L. promote podcast. Concrete will get someone that I ended up whether not. Big On exploit Geyo. palling. Hit four and what you see my. Tongue be like Buddha's go look look at Tamazian. Look now balancing press. Iowa Lara's Jiali progress would start on facebook youtube. Weiner Dessau and your thoughts. When! On, demand break. See Palace I lead day-by-day been the leap bed. Bunny timing wasn't level single. people own the. Though Santa Down. The Single Omaha still don't talk with content Leeann Kohana thereby Bonnie. Loyalty Maresca V.. Masa Bosnian after this or Cialis way DC whether they're Meyer on the posterior to folks radio in caption by a fleet. Get hit number. They wouldn't Lascano even Sunday. And see at the Julio by Bunny, Izzo. Estonia, it, we're not going to see me in story. Playboy on the default or Hugh Hefner Gabbana's Solo playboy. Ultra, ultra Bechtel gas struggle. Playboy escape metaphor the he dial gay. You're probably gun. Oil while. Allio on. The Hugh, Hefner you'll get really funny willing Hulu at power. And also. About Army April. Guy Egged on the. Thai. Playboy are so. Big and lows. Parallel, little baby boomers ask. Chain but oh. Oh, you. Haven't they up labeled with your New York Cassia playboy item canal rally whatever pro knowing. Okay. Wow, or read, but also fly. Ground low had also is charity. To mock. Oh what welter than. NARCAN. Company other playboy. Our mutual a group or community in Contra, aretha. Marita guess go up only. Allow. beat. On area not north. Guys pretty hang a Louis Palumbo your. Couch is charity. Go No. There are before in Tacoma. CM GOING TUB union. Of C CEO F. What. Malaysia Mali. Out these playboy playboy. Roy To all those Ko. Legal you're wrong casino. Dale A. Granted. Them talking unbelievable money how. We'll mobile nichols. Went on gay. That someday equal okay, and he he appeals I guess to the audience now the NCI. Had people per calcium days symbol look around okay fashion and evening their soul dot UK. Woke let y'all Ariza these are seen nine, not up custodian and aloom at essent. The'd can noted the Nashes, is that Sunday the segue that get those ASEAN funk Butler delacour tutor that get tone. Get also Gerrad McKay glycine functioning at night. Sam Go get whether they've been there. Forever Bony. Bonnie Bernie. Away I I let item Filmonova. Gail L.. Solely Cudi again here, hear Atlanta. And like ammonia that get memorial him. It'll balanced. Out Here at the. GEICO. You'll be out of mental Hannah. E.. L. Pro Choice, hobble Tunisia. Yes, so how you go! Let us take a little cigarette. Alexi Bony K. K.. That's how we learn clueless. Cattani MENSA ESL look pal testimony. As look author, young angel es the. Grand Sacramento delgadio our Bunny Alexey. They'll got any. Thirty eight dollar cost a little common Taddeo housing I said Karen. IMPRE simple Hank Louis poll. Look significant policy lying your Alga Goliath. KOMO GRANDMA's. Italo Mundial meant a obviously ladle is. A taboos, then troy, they'll handle Armenia Hannah Hanadova rebuttal. Macci, E. L. come okay. I feel about rare our this. Coping my while by say. Bory democracy. They're tiny. I call. Me On sixteen. Helical tiny. Tiny and Nancy Steen Ethel. UNDERGRAD or you're not again. Lucky, order, or spotify, okay Camogli Tina. Enormous you're better. Off! Youtube Soluble. Day J.. At the pedal to teach again, though hang spotify career legal. Interest. Implement at titles. He'll loughrey Gordon tiny EJ by. So. Young the INTRO and prelude dot. By Nissan. Featuring DJ being. L L like artist a man. Are. The body at all L.. E. Colonial Sixteen yet. At the at the at the demon. Deacons? Okay, okay so single ABALTA. OPRI. Youtube developing assault. Less. Negatively pulled on youtube grand. A Multi maybe I'll be so better known waiting. To. By Michael Child Bamako, Charlton Blackie. Egg, why don't they do? But if we can only be one day bionic which I don't be otherwise anybody while being Bonnie Hebrews tiny. Sometimes. But I never want to only. Gives you. I. Saying But I. Know. Tom, meet. Regret. But it's thing. Paid. Off. Aw. How? Knockout mind. meaning. Don't Know My. Concern. Phone. Number. Waiver. Back. Bombing. May again. Daily. I love. into. B McClellan. Out that. On moving. Along. Mile! Guy. Go to. Go. and. How often! Naomi. A. Meal Okay so! You'll get a pocket on the while then all. Hill combating little tamer. I beat. A British of being. A Margot Warner Music Group. WHO A any sentiment! The Milky! Day and any other Toria on your. Afraid my home commodity, yes. Psycho. From them, if already they `electricity a one case I, D G F. New rules. Gay! Dominque liberal our. Calvin Harris get. Dali. Top up our. A Lintel. Amo, equitable Hourigan Jay bobbing by bony semi. ICBM peg. and Sony Look. At the Holland'll are Bonier. YOU'LL BY BEING A. S WHO Bento one be empty. Could Try Yakamora where William into an associates will say I went on Milo. Battle I guess he ghetto Camo. I'll kick off hour. La lack genie up on our on. Jay. Barney, he ultimately sake me government being Komo Four, eighty, the. Bill Barrera then throw it. Through and local I work. They do some import origo. Else will be in Puerto Rico Lulea. Their own body or I'm going to pay it all. In an. Episode, they say overseas in all by the way soy. Beans. I WANNA. See E being Paler. The WHO not both swoop the on it they have. The will team Femina to came old NC l.. KOMO L. Low tone, okay up whether you're tall guy or all came up I'll CONSI-. Bokhari maintained press. You own unfair our lab on where you are onto. GRANDBA- at only. MARIAH CAREY DNA DNA. Tunnel, they woke Ebi and the the. Croquet. Communists, young men on the level. Stay Jay, Bobbin, the GEL together blended together very welcome. Okay, Cookbook Kayla Lobato, barring swabs and swabs with by Kazimi latter level they. THEM CCOO on Komo Canosa. No. It own-account young be lingering. Concern said note that GEICO. income your last Cohen Linguistic, Komo que flows Caesar. The has been on Komo Danny. Paraguay says tie of Flu Yadda. In. The Railing Weihe. Yes, I will get episode. Milton by being Gobernador. mobitel Tanto Cassia then call compelled by American. Bet on all. Need to? Get by being usual Toga to thousand. A Journal says he yoga. Embrace humanitarian meant an employment s indefensibly ESPN. Everydollar Belong K.. Episode men come with Komo or at noon on the. McConnell Dowell. Sociale Adl. E I dumped on race color and Allama AC- got gas in every dollar they. Says say say are going to, Talk Crossover La Z, Don Tom Tongue, am the. Two Billion Dollar Cuando by Paula the. Follow The. JC where are we aggregate won't take daily gala elaborate sooner on England you. Can Find Your. Komo in Tacoma gain WANNA say. Don't they don t take? Telling why are the into? Panel Tom the employing in Priscila Center. Site Komo Bendel. Our grown drill ESO L. More. We mental impact in an annual. Battle into. Comedian King Roy Tony. Time the BOLSA Dodo follow drake, for one way or so MINKA. From. Same Toyota's win new. Who Toil Day by being the impasse Oh. Here all seeking and he Olympics Obama Guy I'll say that he will. Or Dome any foul at the MLB threaten them all set a million. Aldo multi Tommy gone with the. On! Numerous for K., eight, five or La Vina Tomoe Info Lau brings. Gallup Barack at. least as much of DOT com, you'll get. All of the. Wrong La Palma. I'm Fossey Music. L. Paulie going at Alabama at some answer Kuchar. Until. Getting a you. I'll look at. Say other as lead beat the WHO. Are Using together Monagas. Whom I associate and hashtags look challenge. GRINGO umbrella challenged. Challenged. So Green? Green. Are there I think he's he's A. He's a check on the other jobs your. Tone reggae tone. Being on, total. Tax what can. The Er Italian so Kesselman Tallahassee Paulo. Gutierrez ascent on and Monte Cigar. Mindset. either. On. The US. Bonnie's. Solely player out of the. Plug. Consumed consume the DOT. com. Some of the Olympic Bombonera you'll? What you see most nearly come on. Detroit's, on if I. have. Lawmakers also. Not The anthem Laura e e L. where you're. A lucky or not will not go to exit payroll not not to read I know you know you go Samui lejos on boom to. Run so got out, but oh I, forgot. To our that I dude up, they are the L.. Fashion if I were either as We have already buy A. Product. If I were either. Talk. Tower pocket Komo Ko remotely into Komo Grandma. Okay by. The mill CEO. Chuck Cuando El Hamid impasse. That oxycontin the. County jail gay telling us? There! They also handle. Halley Tony, going instead of. The. Northwest. If, we don't say. He got the. Gay Order. They. Say the. The. Go Kettani headed fully crap email. Yeah, hinterland, political, okay, no Kuchar mosaic already gone now. It doesn't Tulane angry Marc's. Corrado also will and whatever else. Does. As low greenwell asset tongue bengals. The auto. A madame trend. But will definitely. against. Moldova. MUTUEL I. I call hours Yanni. BOOMER! Blah for my soundcloud soundcloud Camo gear is soundcloud Janta Welter. E- enthralled? Who are Tanto Lt Conway Okay to control any en la La. Yo ENC tolerate Komo game controller CEO Healthy Academy. Senior Sonko Komo. Albert. Ground they. For Mutual. John, Deutch Aladdin America eating Mary. Bono Mowlam I. Suicide Dallas. Sarmento. By being at the Wiz, he though as in if we. WENT UP SIZE SUPER BOWL Bony beyond. A Consumer Bara. Get on being. Krantz Young's necessarily. Better be they'll. Content will be their kitchen for God. A KOMO news story number ahead holding K. top out intimate dip lateral. Not, he'll e. Among Lalita to pastor Komo located suddenly. Realize, you're not going to say so big a sandal. Phone. Phone fact. was I a by body lenient. Win Catch back. Home where Goswell mental is Melissa Leo as I lot three Docu an. Area because Alibaba. Because they were. Not. Then number. Includes overall. Number the. Electric. In yaupon canton say. In camels and Talkies Attala Impo. Way at the Long Island. You'RE GONNA. Live by being a doggy Tokyo e Wallaby like three women look woman. Tell the Bony and Youtube. Artist at light. Youtube. Beeper so I suppose you over new. Youtube music. Did Either Board Christian Medical Get DNA Our Nima Sione as swallows recent. In Vivo into the another mood. appreciate those day. De la soul, the peach kings spirit animal eat Gallo about Michael. Reebok Nintendo Coca Cola or See at Battersea those who throw in rolling stones. They spotlighted his work Rolling Stones Complex So Joe Joey Joey Lila woman. L., A. Mono chair where something Malia. Mo All those so e. A man to. The? Different wants your facebook. You Ligament, Idaho Argosy Mallory. In the Komo will somehow L.. L. The woman tied Ethan Okay. Thank you don't say gay. Connor who? Wouldn't don't say look at. The woman. Lola. Hold the woman wound non. Fatal May. We'll. Over commitment. Kucha aboard. Titanic. The final them being may Montenegro game forgotten threatened. Different the Cambio. Yawning ESPN. Logan. Consuming Komo on an Leroy a woman tally. Basically! Trending. Out Is. The woman! Episode mentally ill TITA AKC playing a comedy, and where you're coming on all of the goals, I reveal their your entire ema go. Your mood on Tumblr. Enter. Either I mean. The out. Flow. Jim Morrison the doors are sequel I think that's what what see geico McKay drag a little bit, but it's A. Cell Seabrook let it be young gay. It's. Will Sequel daily. Single. They not super, three Dr. Say The poppy seed earned be SWALEC, more economical, low whole enthrone on our mutual around on. were broadcasting by Bunny, so I've chuck goes. KOMO hidden messages get get it out of a GIG that they want to portray portrayed. Getting. By you before and. Sophie hangers! I'm. But. Impact on the does. Army Gaza. Allah Donald Rowley. Caesar! We aren't GonNa let alone Paulo and Monja. Waller Yankee ears. woohoo okay. I'll be WHOA. CASO body and more throat, and so right associated has happened. I was nine. You get Kale. Young one on email yellow Danny. Williamson. CIA was overcome. Okay, wall. Barrow on questioning. Phone Mass Yoga Okay Look. Willow Lopate Louis C. K.. Tells! Komo, alley, okay, Kucha Castillo. Northbound on society. They are notice. Get Double Win. Tell Dagenham by saw Danino August. Yes, okay you go. Pocket UNICYCLE. Reading the autobiography. Document that. It's a spotlight. On. In Gamal Slogan. The more. Bobby Ana. Someone my. Number four hundred. Dopamine does. Lewis. Kathy will. Come. Accommodate wild. It doesn't cost case on. Our I guess on. The lack rally like Dita Noble in. Daycare. Today I'll go actually de Gaulle an MBA penalty. They will not take a all. Sino Megan Eight. Years? Doma, mom in the ES Odom. Griego. The Woman Day they form US Yong, l.. Carello Gabby also either Pero CIS. Woman died. They sued the money they will la. La La Vida sweat persona or gallon. An. Awesome Abedian. Sign not although I oughta. Say GET BLEAK I'll benthic warehouse on my beats wily Yoga. Piece. They, they killed with poignancy. My memory will actually. Run by EGO. Their daily Toria a draw. In Tacoma. Gate! L. Conservatory on. On on two hundred mile and the Dallas Guy La the they'll deco. They will get where you'll decoy Matt Pueblo top. Cohen Equate told them no Hola MINNESOTAPA, Golfing Quick Komo for the. Lobby way they. Say. About. Midway. In a in a in in in your. Alexi thrown up at a sun on Komo. Bunny separate the Komo Komo, Izzo, your aliquippa explorer. Pointing Three Great Komo money. Fifth those who square. Clearly that it might. Komatsu Philosophies Philo Sophia. NOCCO. Hawk Santo will told condominium he cares. More said Lo memo better to. See that's a. that's a big clue like nothing. On the Chancellor AL, uphill, Knowing our case, so it's only how. POGO DOT COM. Ca Kamala Yong last. Que Kayla. Noah. Where Komo Gate I, WOU I. Ended up with. Pets. Hey or he? Came Ian. Did I said get it. Could I get an email? It's A. Get lead thirty dollars Lisa. Integral Yoga to look at all of us come okay. You'll see in the USA Mohammed Paul Kahl. Yeah punk getting pulled out and Ben K. Alexi Tottenham Lee their. Lack of pass on Soda Plug Elliott to. Whom Look Pal. Teletubby beeping allowed. To be. Brought them hundred meanwhile. Lee Are you're compelled to Lebron, James. Compelled to James Letterman walls oxide. Illman Paso if we're going, to. See. Don't Kiplinger by our own. Alina to me more. It's a closer Barnabas. Dies any well older motorcycle charm. He'll. He'll Como Que I'm gonNA look at the inaugural, pro-gay and Tabun talk, okay just a BMW. Get Dot. COM ADOBE ANSWER. Et. Do. Not eat see federal. Okay at love. Top. Aki wonder you're. So Dopamine Laurie. To I company let alone a trauma. Bonobo by SAM winner o'malley Piazza. Say I went on my. SOS. or Being being LABBE maintaining our oil K.. I'm mutuel. In Persona Day. To Day on. Or organic dead sorry. Allow. L. Keesa Alkiza in at the moment. Alex! Being Simply, see you. would. Finished for Redmond. Roy. Or your. Here's the. Heat the fatal fatal. The way US I locate law logo Yamakawa. Money for. Careers. Site our. Whole us. In the ESPN me talking. Persona Kebbi on Sunday type Kayla wing. Our is seen combustion La. La Get paid hours till the the way to all. Know. Beltran our. Full Oversight I. MEAN, look! Oddly Guy. Follow me more fi, but. Persona Corrientes. Equals Ebay. Focused even more normal have. Also. Cacao mob Lambeau Alba's equal pogo frigging Olympism all winter when you say. CEESAY. May We'll talk the hokey. Fregate also be able to. You'll see me if we go see A. Tom Lisa's pl Toy Congo interplay. Our roaming through meet allocated. Yes SALONGA. Swing men. Town or swinger s Rockville yes, or some interpreters offer acid their source I guess on appeal. Our Yama Okay La things you're. Talking about the book L. Ill Ties I. E Atlanta. New boogie though is. What I get, they are not. Knowing. About in Australia, you grow Latonya new, poquito. With care for as A. GAG FOR COLORADO KEN Boom stay Manono. SARNOFF wear commodities. He's wanting Got gave it may suspend the Oakland game. Garland necessarily had, but show had beat that. He's a look songs. Your Mommy fans the fans, but the to France they were. Betty being a coma, Cuando to to two. Or to. Eat knuckleheads F. One, or you just want to know that you're okay at the end of the. Miss Open Dome Pocono. And labile fear Ongo Idemitsu camp where suit team. I guess what battle. Komo News Statement. As. A bottle of ALICA l'Etat, Greg. Won't allow Yang's. Rigo. Global Map in DC. Get Okay it's. Not Photo you story. Don't that also get why. Job Oem anti pull out with Nokia's and Nokia all the way inside knock year Anthony. that. A. B. L. Garriga allies at PILO ESPN. From stories they're doing. The. TV eleven karate will. Be Over here. They instagram gay to is linked went. Out On. Going along as he wound up all. Are the. Aloe. Loud did the bunny. Doodo. Play. In the spotlight element all these easy. It be on. that. Look like a bunny argue about. Order season. Dental. They going and love your. Own simply. AUTOMA- being. Cultural. Banging. Colder against your own. Area. But I. was going under three the. Gaelic. Icy Gaze today yeah. To. Do. With us. have been crabby. Back as always Italian. But. Look how all they got. Feeling owns. A not opening. I'm accessible fossilized. Kogi Blah yet by by the woman. Limit Ram I the holy in now. My silent Scott Online latest all. Outside your own side playworks. Spoiled. By accumulating. Play Williams doing all about being. Willing number one allow what on the label. Autumn Consort Consumer via into Gaza All Rolling Stone Ronnie Stone. I don't follow you. Can we all try? Them will win the. Nokia or not? Owning stone set. You're GONNA get them. On, Taylor, with the you're. On what s okay? Looking at very. Easy I don't I, said Yam book. OUGHTA. You With y'all. Go but other at the. Went on Bravo Thursday lanyo. They look for low socio. On. Thirty see what I got. Ronald. Welcome. Paul K, Cowan. Compose or ask up Mirror I. Call Everlasting now if We are on. An phrasebook I will know how many. How many all meal! Rally you. E. If I. Got doggone rally. Than Tanya e Yellowy Mono you so fucking is steaming boom paraphra Landau Bonnie. Bonnie Alan. Bonnie ABC NBC because he's come up with. They're saying me more in the car is he eats out well Sa. L. O., A. The content. What content online line? Hoping. Made your the way seat I. Go one Donald UCI. Meant Joel. Where head of the LOG doodle panel John Taliban sand Momento Safira. Liaoning will. Except Tito. Her crowd of one one the way it does, or doesn't foregoing insult, famer, Mindy, E- Ambien! Complaint. UNIKA Bonnie Deanna, kick. Online key MENSA. Hey, site they. They go more. Or. Gaitho, Yankees archies up the. It tackling. Doom I'm Linda. Improvements I e e then throw Parlamento your. Jacinto Say My. Fred at. The airport in. World meanwhile Ireland people waiting. Your Cook. Money Yeah Camo layers are see by sequel more. Local K. lassie in a in a young, not on the island alluvia settle. Your could. Okay, you know. Even, even his his award, the Grammy Gator CBO all. Hands if I know. The people. That are Cassini Antalya about Bonnie seat. DOT I. Al Qaeda's Taylor. Campus like. Pizza compulsory. They'll Mundo Latino Pacific. Latino. Forget he's. Wow last by composite lanyo Allen. Lee because he don't know you're not Cooler Price Oklahoma bombing. As boss see. How so compulsive Latino, even presenting La Vina. Being being? There are no anymore bid. There are no anymore the the gay lowly the time your love. I. Guess. He got on chair. Athough anymore shot outside inside Enga. gooby anymore. Remo. You want on the the handed of Kim No. No sometimes else has Alan Lawson. Ben This Omar Michael. Mark say. Sally after you'll go. On it. I, Know how difficult! Qassim pursell tomato of wet. Consumer L. Dot. Against Calandra. May Have into. Ripple also guy. Also Guy PARLAMENTO CINCO Tamer. Gay Dinning Omen Cy. A, containing a policy the will. Do Episode Mental Alan Kay Representa-. And lobby swallowed. Castle bitel Oprah. Alcoholic there'll be swallowed. pleats diarrhea. Occasional then go home. To get ABC, bookstore s expand your old retry Kobe. They Oscar you'll descend. Compulsive Dodig! Premium Bony Pedal as young they up Scott DNA swiftly Garcia on ESPN. Radio big alley that scene, okay, at the end, mutual, massing winter and numerous rebels. At least unique altitude. and. Faked or not? Owning Wpro am I going Hasselbald Coward Aloha under? Platform the dollar Song Abuse. Be Yellow Yellow I? If where a pulled up? Only now. And See Bama parties reckless demo. Thin controlling Komo Esau Carl F.. A. See Liberty many times to. Off To. Where this Guy Komo game inside. Won The MVP the way. The handle two warehouse us on the day to pursue Gomorrah they. Noticed in by all the they'll get senior bowl Delo side no. Getting up with those local, they ballot comfortable sooner than Aimo. Down? L. Probably Probably. Gobble the name was cow. Case I'll go. I'll go since it August apple. gave us. Syrian lonely. Though or one of The dollar, S. told a Yamaha. Another Carlisle a young child Catta. Pass Oil, but okay. I, WanNa see you. But Glenn let's. Come along. Consume at go a crab you're. Own Chug Donald Diet here to me so tamer. The ending Mutuel my ballot A. In Jamaica posse. Forget our own say. Only night I mean more a memo Allah. They don't. On into their. Melinda, Gates. Same thing. At the Dakota simply will tidy up our. Else you only included. And Little or Cam I'm be real tight bank. Daniel Dental Hannah's US you. saw. A Bright Serrano. Ask Killing Contend Air Castilian Clinton. Okay, see, we're not supposed complicity. Daughter by Paul came the WHO numer on a whole gamma. Paul Collier Musica Pero doing me hint that. Lincoln Belka moves. He's gone. Factor say I mostly got holes. GUSTA premier not to boost. At totalwine. Pay The palolo pain that it would. Not. Who? Won t comment on an art deco. Guada- so the. At the United Way, so look at Basa bobble guy. Latins! Under numerical Loma. Llamas. SEGADOR Salama we'll see about. This guy, you know biometric. On Cohiba Kennel Dhamma e beginning someone. Will. Say and Goblet, as actor to sell a brutal fully rally ten to one when I look at Basa Angle, where I guess what about. Romantic. I will walk away I. Mean Pro ended their local political him. By one locked I. Say they will. Not. Tolerate sociology frequency leader instead on facebook. Youtube that I think I'm GonNa tabbies all your local a good. Team against Iran your online for. Brow. Obama and local Novo main thing. Can Your reports on holiday? JACE jace. Get Him on silent they will ask. Somebody. Bam Oh. My Gosh Apple. More level of, Suma, Banner both Gus.

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Kisah 09: Baca Buku, LPDP S2 Kemudian bersama Syora Alya Eka Putri

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Kisah 09: Baca Buku, LPDP S2 Kemudian bersama Syora Alya Eka Putri

"How has kellyanne shelia you see. Bill is gonna go with andhra than quarter fee then. Gummy that he alum me. Deka and messy bear rudy. He's i'll be other in part by gipper. Only uber usa dunia honey undercover who house maurya shoddy sienese gigi guests you buggy tonight in unique about manslaughter. Men s new orleans you e joan out by different on any out benefit. You grab a high neo. The chrisny surprised he doesn't jack. Shot would cry. Podcast must alkyl to me cut. I am yeah. So she'll s newer than hobie. I'll yes Mattie she sonia hall our social they auditor anymore jobs and win the boo boo osceola fussing my android software theodore. I am economic yourself social too. But i didn't get off duty moham- out three qaeda than social get the concubine analysis assault. Ohio uncommon golic at the moment analysis. Not the how. Looting wound up of mohammad said sarah by nearby and Mayan gunman who could get it now. Yeah gusts going through those topicality hogan saturday. Social game lincoln Yeah mingle gets done by tangible on regina. Thank get along guitar than Sociology yoga window monitor his dirty fail. Utah thirty feel alone. Neither daddy backchat guitar Ago mayan that the runway model alissandria associated with to got chappaqua. Adana bug it. The giving lighting it the other way Comedy dedicated to gus. Aweso while i was saying nothing. I don't know who dr j. d. mellon to guest augusta sociology to san fernando valentin middle school. Did you just been processed food. I did ask gao me. Son yankee jack at the muscle unless Senior dome on get found fast. Get on get the muscle Ghetto mccracken. Care sala become clear discreet yet ab Goodwill awesomeness an uncle too young. I ghetto on windows ear. 'cause i am the allowed me sample child into russell Get the muscles across to the decal opera. Be at will be suddenly on. My gator became the digital. Even by jack. Get virginia on a whole ghetto. Call on the c. scott. I'm here You got on. Yeah worden now him when asked when you find on every day India young online onto any to muscle tone. He thought i made this little coffee. There was nothing in the who. How does this hour gonna set up on. Is our jewelry do as new up the online guy do not thou new jersey. Didn't get up it across the turned him. While i'm ghetto. The scary told her colorado comic rear. Offline i don into glossy the hoffer often coskun automaker sandy donated with mossy commandment up to sky identical internment She'll get the gold medal. We'll be it's thrown awkward Lobby several combo south dog. It the while morris almost them all of the s you wanna address yuga nominee auto been daca on linear. Got someone Moral scott get. It on monday. My not like comedy news to what the guests at S to wear beacon profits. Go now like on offline glare near the planning aurea dismissal Offline we're gonna disentangled a pizza online thought to this optima get online now. It'll can online any online. Got the enron lines mayan hectic. You get a nickel Locally up by zoom fucking go meeting at the bucket. A bucket of gins your sm assault. Get the coming on my end. Cameron do a full time. Going an idea that by into call me by dr indika leading hunters new glennon yoga. Yeah on an equal shot on your muscle. Same nearest saddam Leah it'll are the lumine soussan rename. Welcome get those among the is based Doggy to walk quarter doberman hectic to guarding the monk pool. Run another idea paige phone into the. Hey wouldn't just give. yeah plus. You've got some columnists article on mental young. Vaccine burger official thought on that identical mossy sutton is not gonna win. Bukit have some. Be sunday Young thing. Already if i slow bowling it all equally harlem shannon shot would get the south Then into be asking in do w not come under mancusi dedicated wounding luggage if our day on awesome item with loose Will offline online ghetto biscuit that began when he hit on the mountain gets the united award. Love would remind wounding the all flooding. It does seem a d rock on line. Three hundred ninety stopmold film battle New doggy at moma. Smoke didn't get along did it. S can happen my life mood as you appear at our affiliate russell factually correct on the elliott noise leah. You don't get up via a call. Utah is out on in my when he needed on august win. Hectic seed. go on go assaulted duga guitar. Don't do i know senior l. Okay get Mobile cards run game. Show up on their phones. You're going to look after office. Our idea alphabet i'm becky. They'll begin opposite Does now my expectation. Now that i thought to mossy specialist Roseanne natto loosening own as defending against rose. Okay can get that boiling the ma at the feet without the legends of number manage to end up any by india model nissan nikola on holy year. This guy could get light a lonely all franken get that the one skittle the most alleged another destruction of alpha beta. Dot bucket delegated aqua healing. And i'm not young any in your when you're so much. A month historical much grass falling us some meals took it w you blizzard minister up with some. You know you don't see it again Into anytime about the nest. So i'm getting on your young at night. Cochlea doing in a bid get racial. Yeah owns young. Hopefully order to trending online learning auto grasser will want you to get to the down on whistleblower Russell of took the gardening out and get a muggy. Mass soi skied utah in Boost Defeat matter better. Get lockdown to our foggy advocacy Because honda in that in utah to ask you to cutting the ending also online new scare with the the line in america. Human negative home. Movie up Tony allen get apple in iraq. The fucker meeting young unique. Stop to run. Bordia is to get the antibody button. semester if you i'm on would deputy daily muscle can't get them on the money on mundi accordia nemo for online down on moody took a system blizzard by young dot com unique gas though docusign muslim the world. Let's see the hawaii dot took off the middle not begin around the humanitarian but seiken sees missed remaining at the muscle to customers co okabe satiny but the more online though bra by them ghetto camera Look under in the ghetto wife fight than it. Let's get down you to as do i do get out for glebe. Remain billionaires gotta outbid live alone. Enough awesome drop-off maria moons kalo alison india Uncoordinated these it turns out of course osan especially sassy jerusalem. Jerusalem needs to talk to could be all right around so dot. Okay god god. I am gap overshadow. Don't think we're going to have this little school office a plan okay. Advocates of our own lives likely to rescue stewarded. One god monmouth is dimmer. Mangano popular here. S what nato. Busy top in yemen right. Now in new. Manila million do Name elad intending humanity might not put off the day but theses Lamola auto brand komo obvious envious. I could non. 'cause i decided obvious lewis. Kathy guest on down through disrupted oil for the yet unused yet the muslim but was the poster can. Can you have lost again. Yeah yeah alley so we allow that will get rid of on. The i get the audio fumble wealth forty year huggy immokalee korea stopping guscott on as hadn't long on on raw alkyl and walk. The fucking scott was to happen. Depending how mr sunday tony dot image. It'll soon we'll get into that s. Do you see life. Threatening adult is dishonesty blessing lawyer. I knew that yet. A somebody needs to get your muscle gap mobile International digital camera estela copter mossy slash. Do anything in school wanted the mongo to care what s new near to is only newer begun to this newer. Which you to do syam my second piling. Yes strahan miracle. Debbie says million line. it's also thinking. Yeah lincoln who the mangano Jobs is i'm better on the big bus Navidi get meme condoms. So coyote incumbent took us looking into a wooden lpd vanity. So we can do you pronounce. News obviously has a new. Do in this seat. Walter told on the it up and i i asked the daca three marketer. Google heaven to go to a semester ron. I'm gonna come from school system Elegant mole was talking to bob. Macey soden up According young ghetto nine gun doro saudi to download will get through monday gone. Yeah out bundy. Who three calm stuff to utah now. I'm your yeah. It doesn't even if they're not ghetto bumping downey opposite. Miami can ask on nets off on the phone with a bitter ending. You know getting scott on the bitter media. It doesn't mean south dakota offered studies yet. Push out on you. Get the new royal acquis shopping to rome upon ghetto with uber auto at the medicine for pretty taught me. We've got in your article. I'm gonna say i've been line youngbleaux. Markle begin under la assigned young dishonesty. It's gonna see as though the time stood channel so near this weekend. Atlantic ordinary monarchy to get all throws sabina begin economic there minding digital To government social organiser going undertow to denver among thought dog. It off begin the ninety dollars. Duty get assigned you roll was. Yeah just don't be bs. I thought i was to get. You wanna see bia up on ammonia talk. An album will eat nolanda. Miss the whole carry set abby sets with the dukhan cal barranquilla agenda to scam was last seen knee humbled thinking a new ninety minute. That unprepared does not diplomatically owner to the degree to begin again in the hits special guest star Now for mobile controversies gonna quantity. We can Honest virginia madden. Look i'm gonna separate the lesson pocket an opposite than saudi to otto hoc onishi any likely had copies of Honest awesome this bundy. Bundy classiest Botany step not Loss walking but the hundred gloria out to the right now so Thank suspensive install agata westbound downloads lesson. In see now up other equal. Here's the need to process beginning Bahati the On on maverick as a whole did you will be kanye Harriet i income. You also compass either. It's a similar. Sim fucking or only pockets of coaching. Kid i awkward you. Get the moment julia up. Woman korea which diana Aena the net loss of apple mocking again unique throws hollywood get new boundary. This mondo gets salted. Thaw endow allow shoot catholic kissel. My winning either still. I was in stopped reminded. The processing is offering ready. Honea industrial gets a the little fan. Difficult come on you out to our new good. But the korea go eaten did not w runs on leading up the versus on the yet. Always these kicks. Alison me kasan. Three hunkin fucking. Daca on the way to get the after the financial lewis melania ama- hamas i'm gonna want s arthur. Ubs he's lost his job on process. Lexi begin asked cy Down the number thirty may for better the country knee basis. I get to be aggressive. Government payers. little would've gone up faw. Y'all know in nothing to lose you. Come up with that length barium out nina processor. You might not be can assign. It'll be bending on apple by got not always. I cannot overcome media off. Do get profitsharing often. Not calling on august five for india to go hunting. Ula process samples my sarma article benjamin. If united by business lexington un walked Apple relative dedicate with the process of sign the hop onto david at the hop on sl. The he thought both the south Two on talk. You don't get the Residential grandkids something wrong. It took the has been better and to by the potential to make automatic jomon opportunity lives in the nation's capital. I on a dollar for everyone was thrown off you to kneel at the garnish. You of all right. Then get i ask you though. Get anybody. dizzy get walk. I wonder armisen get Designer young cannot be if any. I think it's was nothing. The subject of us got the gut feel intended to get on some thunder. Lola's alexis obviously depalma. Minute have thought when you see till nine yet by cook. I think we've got senior up kevin Almost you process by kareem might do it on into the canary. Kathy get to get good roles exceeded Gumbel gotta get on you at the. Let's see a mom. You didn't not find someone on the modern demotic go flexi look at one out of accent out by the accent rollo's in services mobile almost look at the among upping industrial awesome up. I'm dellagha toco sierra. I told them i. It was just too much. But i'd say the children s after the original it'll be a we pretending to get it over at jax capone. The gelatin me. Get our going to the leah. Utah saturday but ross. Good to see to get a look. I need to use you the country Again focus bucknell more start. I'm not willing to go to see if i don't go process our only dog. I don't do their loss to the hospital. I need a new process near get the more ads. The by the isd battle on an odd on the air. How about that. I do see up on ninja. Get the should be sending get worse last balu onto landing in became notice gaps. Get the can't get locked up and go howdy. Howdy howdy Nike still on day. Brian you tossing the adding three months ago. This gets Lewis 'second set up with me been into this. Obviously it'll be on on that. I was an outlet now. Alpine depending on some by possible avenue. In i mean not long. It'll only take at all you need is seeing it. The lhasa beautiful crap and alger. It'll it'll get neely about. Can you get to see. This is a little do on summer. won't they would suffocate near the onus on. Its own in someone gets off Thicket almost. I'm not to get the w. appealed the nba process. Nantel by idea conscious. I realize remind all typical rbis getting any rural Allama nine now for are covered by yet to dyslexia before the decided as my toronto estimated the number of three all doesn't dan gas was. You can of nothing documentary. Faouzi get would learn coming up. I see that i got three. Were dessel Night or less visit can't offering stock isn't enough southeast of new scuttle out now new outfit opinions you bring in the nice opera com showing your senseless gyonggi unique in the very do this past. I'll seats follow below social conscious thoughts. On how the apple tree Rang enough partner. S up against him. I almost get the ulla muscle. One second only. I don't know if it's on ghetto. Johnny tokyo big ad Group author can't really see what high on wpro almost i all of somewhat on kind of new debrosse gag utah on full full oscar. Let's see w. ifas to receive ideal jerusalem. Fire can't get you know. Go the people from the sewer. Deputies introduced by sociologists pay muscle few tuhan off the total equal to us. I'm obliged gadhafi. That people now muscle the big new girlfriend. You eat fat. Get to ask you to robert bridge physical. Yes many among your brand. We love our academic noga by jerusalem. We'll get through opportunity online. Then get care castle. Show the top on the moscow that russell club in the pedigree bouma blessing miscast dong obscene. Inform us new scott on guitar. Got on By knuckling pharmacy solid judo sunday. Tokyo's look job. We're trying to accomplish export off. I get to net them because he though copying got informacion social to outbound. Did you do busselton gun. Murders that after i it's been held on your social in hancock with a community together. The miami d. muscle can also the up almost one year to fasten your she got thrown unto him senior by the up sheikh. It will be done to out. Michelle argue throws yoda. The anger associated. Ninety two degrees. You're having to discard gardening Is it won't associated Muscle pill would django. Dj get the falling. Two hundred zero blinds sociology. He's july. Let's go get get the demanding. Gunderman wouldn't multi mediev- method. I can't. I saw romney tom. it's on the website folks astounding scott familiar with a romney osceola Negara had well e avenue e casino. Billy is how does your dog lianzi nafta the salvation number do what the scientists who were up kneeling nya well anyway hundred and just double muscle. Kin gone fangio. It became. Japan wanted to care only technique on dot to jewish or bogus. It was a quitter. Be wearing logging into the pecan associated with you. Yeah napa were merely diploma minded. Dessel mahara but depends. You should do that. But the kaliszan on the equality scusi Youngest almost up. Laura down the all the nazis for our would do zealand. Uk on nuclear and rocket sounds fbi bus little simple matter and get some autumn brookwood anapa under some bucket highest authority mukasa online and the engine anathema manhattan Up on america in for ruining became a little while apoptosis thou- socket order him. Elite auto. Saudi spoiler leah remini while the rocket again host. Got a lotta money. You don skurdal dow many of these again but experts facet. Follow me. So go greg elder hackers. Yeah it's tough tough on it you can. Yes i can get your book timothy b. lounge up empty. We have to get to introduce an up by by either on the ground yet Office for who got and vote reminds or unbreakable code on. Ron look at disney economic by any at of the war new. The african union had to discuss the subject. We do get Got up on a inaugural. I'm really really That up. I wanted an eye. The associated Kalpa tomorrow your own. You not get the in. Why did you sign up in the gap. That also took a union. Academic hubs planning within in our judaism nasal zero. Yeah we'll get horny by gets okay. I really appreciate that coming up from them. And then you can get off bud squalor. I'm gonna just got the allegations Gummy grade ninety scott in your Guest host was the woman puppy hair. I'm using digital indian asante four. Who only area finally offer which are augusta. But i do go. Buffalo to little raises will be associated with fellow half alarm. You get a lot. Thought is thought he still again. Who would end. Domingo do muscle care you snap. I remember correctly. Gets lucas duda. Samuda almost a measure to send unique hundred llahu. Putting money into ebola argued that the site market the excise natural son get the wrath roussy nineties binding. You're talking a get get does car gonna forget to live. Brad jeremy the shot calling the lawsuit cow. Depiction get i to do unless you can tell you a little bit asa scully weasel it and w alliott your honey panzica alone you when you hobie major into. I don wrong. Used the three and forcing me. Hot muggy books Yes ciders there have been guliani by just got our began on Walk and you're not gonna be on Cap battle was over robot by the progress on monday. To yeah the unions camera became. Mandell gets regimens ala which will look at the of fog. It's on well on ca gum. Get through was fighting but it met office on my job. Jonathan in utah reality keep lion in the opposite opposite To have his emo out the thought. Blondes out get out of hear. The topic get why also begin. Detailing rauma star would injuries on mondaygordon by john. Young off gramedia so come Remy's alert optimus fucking find seeing how she also edinburgh targeting younger declaring. Some are muscling in. Don't buy omaha Thought up also gonna get cooking apps. Be some day dedicated The ruin beyond off Goose utah muscle the way. This was just need to get the hundred suburbans guitar for get the summer us up aunties near you begin on that. He was only took a gun. Cal me osama guess copay on. Get to call me. But jonah will walk on buses scully. Grand canyon be able to pay my public. I think this is how the work among off. I i don't get authored Orlando unique and of catherine doubt three that she took off when the diesel About how how book without the job. We're not gonna slow children the book. Up mytalk cassandra. Loading i mean. Get the company us dollar. How how how can you talk can ask us election. Squadrons rider all massana blizzard. Talking young rwandan hook it began. Estimate of i get my was promising. Methadone be in idea godot. The founding long to on an id at the led by daniel schorr seeing it. I'm not gonna be enough auditors fall. I'm scott we'll have honey clinging a new summa but done down on the top five hug it. How many inning and gets get off on. It would get online any yet. I could apple. But john doggett grow financial all window. Go on this car it get lawful. Who snap at the pierre. Newly bug was who we an unlucky clearing on my job to get into academic dining finds you but hey we're good guy at a fog. We'll be by coming up when you're gonna get busy with on getting one hundred hundred or had read there. Global isn't i saw about digital blended. Copy some oh. I m most. I know that you need. Don't get the american young Yeah i had yet but the couple separated yeah address opposite get could the glad to have a this step at the masala esca and get to what i saw worrying about you or basket thomas amongst but it be out the less will get the infamous bottom spot. The cap was regards. The more infamous his remember kipling little bit skeletal miss lewinsky to get on get a year been getting now to help us. He spot-on thong. It's a capacity. tightening at one. Dog is ending up with a little india a husky hunker down. I'll give it a grand and richard spike from the voice keitel. You gotta get up the networks. Don't support can you get in your holiday book style from our underneath to go to korea also connected by logic about if you if you wouldn't go with the london by now so i do get the target of mama was nato attack. Fiction adds to how scott steady drops chump big it. Not the new all his wind up in google tag on them on the phone calling to ask us on. Get one of the most. You gotta get some too i think Summer for san diego got landed. Get hobie what can we support online. Get your granny to get and the hundred daddy raleigh. Durham isn't a faculty. Find company but when you hold yoga. Alga young ops assault so pushing it you get to see. I got kinda how. I didn't see alcohol. Get call inside at the same Basan listen here and let me in summa summer. also it's sluggy apple cinnamon yet ammonia cy young fellow On commute isn't the dow on can she wants to competency of targets at ideal with the economic according to my clock at the government gumming dahl annex expert model. Join me can always up. Some idea is go. Go go go. Go go browsing. Through some of our knock it'll told when rancho by now how slide you must be beside the it earning don't auto for momentum going at the. Pk it'll get kerala online. We can lead to either. But i can't help it. If people come down on the bombed gun muscle get to call on awful at get a hold of it though michaela on because i'm busy dog. Rife ati kindness and or open. Can you will have you said antonio detail get engaged youthful. She laughed allies. Yes and dislike zone plan into some of that will hungerthon highly nothing Diane see possession. So soccer among phone russell's fire beside the unions It it three also saw the malcolm the fat i get them up by likelihood this evening ganging ethylene capping from agricola. That what does that. You've got scarlet find begin begin harming listening. It's good morning earlier on raw among from nudist news. The fun thing. Almost you've got the minority. We'll get the care about the takagi momentum. Look on west new out. The seat of didn't quadruple vending. Gatty samora skunk win dressing up in. He put the morning sky. Couldn't come on. Graham began on needed to go make. It is it. Can you next job through. Great london also got one ready to us. They also russet via thought. Move up can walk. It doesn't get a camera above publicis expert. Fussy laura expectation. It would be suicide On consumer expert finish Been onto our tanya. God us duty young room to awkward. You listen deviancy over you over the air now called on wrestled. Cassini ramon Social media to halloween Black the la injured sat angiogram. We'll bring in style worry. Maryland reject the episode. And i keep that athletes pistol with. Yeah utah aalyah. Me you got your.

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T02E13  Omm Seti: el sueo del antiguo Egipto

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T02E13 Omm Seti: el sueo del antiguo Egipto

"You podcast is put his kutab into go natural. Naturally the podcasts. Many those are the media lab then wish through one window for our nickel but then tara in go got mobile. Locate get our guest Levy kathy adams in kalorama going into the s own. Don't mass guerande adores saying there's as many those hallows archive this real. Stop puszta embodying. Podcast gonna say he. That is the topic last a photomask. An al though as the audio evolves the twos google podcasts. Spotify each over the as they are bleak film. They both you both cast. But oklahoma thurston were must be a heart attack in the embo. Gase chris vickers. Enormous have failed afew. Ingo guide yeah. We're not gonna lack edgy. Luckily apple be her kita. This idea authentically. Lark the gas liba report. Here's policy-induced and on the mass contact on ocean to boost with lettuce and on the pavilion contra fears dylan wore a hip and you've token by sando barilla's corporate caveat in stock guy mega this auburn and dido portal yet the liberal noticed average performance in the older scabby andrea. Bill l. d. laurel lowering got nothin' the city. It only our polite oriel barat in indiana who your unit on good normally the absolute in dana in boca internet new nominee. Arapi either the acura informacion de de to how stories that i know this can liberal and on the la porta who name mccain around russell window us. Hindle no friend that the bullet as the theam shaw sacheverell as temple. Diabe this our the debbie legal jamea sarmento those with this lapworth avila liguria yuck dr. But one day. I wanna those dependent. This put a libro caviar and in this capacity e the millo monster tabah fiat at the lateran karna. Theon city liberal police. Carlos borja got these staying lis- don't buchwald textile gabbara theologian robert uva. He showed a dollar ten be suffering interior sparking us owner afia investigate theam kissing gula seti dorothy lewis the real latham in london. Miller with inter squadron. If i meet north indoors or know that should be the obvious though being other. Then the obidos del quarles heavier domovoi sappho dorothea. That won't get in la porta. This the beginning of the pain acid those interesting when the us they will get a noncompliant. Inhale moment. oh your. Mario unused this bush. Ready fuel. That your school he louisiana dodo forget a loss. Because mrs but the dominion lobby publica to official Nothing that they do the heap. Though the national geographic digital hip top boost candor have and on the up by ebay for premier with i start ingredient mohair on said the great see. Let's see god. I knew fierstein tight. Amelia complain complainers your sister. Cdc's bingguo econo- friend as we know spun fissile main gun talk really lucky. Indonesia machine docomo gusts really do image owners said the aparecida on lomas mass. Get another the likely to lahia an acadia. Polka the mill interesting. Are you know documental for poco. Shady s and. There's the fire third. Amish him through the obidos in a heap though about a theon going more rain gone weeks. I was there usually. They la assured that opportunity that the third temple. This extra ninety overwhelm said the monsters hip here. Bush get lara phone beetle. Lexington fear able to keep the locker. There's the mohair and there's the law what that when i say. They characteristic as she me well away. Here dorothy lewis eating matthew. And eleanor millner within two squadron. Laundry's going to finish see at the annual free on the block but if he beat under scalia home in at this. Medical is the deport. Mortell onion thunders. Not any other. Pita theon around fifteen dollars papillas other fulfilled dylan yacht. The bronco is sharon in impeachable. The ariba inappropriate with a theon. The dorothy allah nina dr than they. Don't let us colitis. Not the lower. Ineffectual esta la. Bikinis dorothy lewis. Who had dan goes occurs and malacca it's the milagro more personnel solomon coho. I'll medical yellows procure by. That is the the dorothy she know a lot. Our response you. Moore's mris yours when i sit here. The consequences theus geeky. It usually not laughing aren gone. Is that book. Odhiambo daughter fee mbatha. Lamastra grinning there is put our owners liberals kellyanne guess prince arpaio. The goes in on this survey yanni mcmanus owners want to windows their heap though theon disrespected escape or blow cuando a jab your in the leaders enough fear then the deeply middle continue although ya poor. Should we hold this wound on and dorothy and yellow. Dorothea descend okay acadia. iraq soukous but Sapphire book last year. They're going to meet the ferrarini than danica. The news original moment though the other one hour shoghi yogi. Got the laundry's yeti. This caribbean komo in intra ilah saleh the heap though dorothy zero sober lassus. That was the lost. Your says he there was for our news. Komo seal element the year at the neither gonna immune dope arabia they to write. This was personnel office. I'll okay now. The oppo the while is batch. Gabe don't theis said i'll direct or the local unit here fear their she'll returnee on lucia hip tolls much important thing latera finales rural communities. They'll win the mortgage on this bipedal the popular liberal or more towards the to boehner with organic gone staticky. I like in betono. She still gamonal city the closest particularities in the asia comment for other scuba rear camera. But there was a massacre. And emeka moondog. Dylan were hippo. While his bachelor's and your horrific allies in your only they send your lie sturdier. they'll baio nilo ekondo. Your dorothy lucy and bethel are going through here for theon realm in deborah from the epa of usa hip dot the around in whatever the total. Okay where gory buys. The delillo and longer is gonna own. He'd feel iman abdulmajid gin. This bush essay compared to insure maria this. They're more nothing et al. Que nope within the mineta. The other format ganassi are going to number two this city. Aroun- gallivan doe din. Blow radio at the abbey does get latham and other goal propia on city geico record of our kick. Wando york's poorer premium with is photography. They'll temperature widows and restore in kosovo as sheila. Difficult komo sukasah. Don't this jammed with sean yard yet. Another be seen as vita gates. Did you hear this pathum in the in the two la garifuna shortage this othello. Vote the geico monico damian on polk weleda should resume sericola suri and under your inaba. They must there's million. Sheila corta the middle year. She realm induna southeast asia. The number of interest gabby s. He the alarm. And then they'll farren said the premium is they study are going to split the took out on a split. The pantheon gamal com police coke wallo easter unico alot remedy s s. When a story at wgiram said to were seen is the original ghanaian who seeks still. Took kim gonna theorist i study at billion a but. Absolute them in the nevada. Myth glendow schulman damascene. Demo- gonna kill respond. The on gil capable can blow in the fisa issued a hamas academic. Just a handle this the interested. They risk a hippo guitar. Gonna sell him on tiptoed he'd fears that lost yo Can off muslim has much use. This was discovered theon is less. Bwi this all in less fink. The fellow miserable go knock metaphorically organically patillo heap few. Eat this stuff on my way. Moscow said the burn love. Is this gender sapphire dacca. They mika kgb and should have a whole bunch and show but then he got yelled miserable. Timbo establish candle short on the north korean dial caja via parachute the accident the issue and gus other industries padres cuando separately bitos colorado our whole better but indeed dealer pedal lameda on reality that get sure. I'm in iraq about them. Who let your the clara is be soonest but jonynas shooter. Our emeco is look eighth. Okay total stolen. I keep talking about this. Let marine gwenda. And he said going okay. Can you come in demand. This national geographic and on the via Homicide the delors hip combat the mesa canadian analysis thinners iraq in the weeks for dante's the door the locality go e. maximum exponent. This discover theon. He acura here Our holiday gumbo looks dundonald. The regius komo in partisan karnak on this would be graphical in us will domestic us at the needle komo telecom or of wonderful lobley gotham. They ran this office in liberia. Theam hirohiko rocky and feel took ascione liberal day akin weeks it record local near this extraordinary amount home city where you know i. I met many many years ago when he said the ethical mutcherson us. When did door they like. I said chicago looks to see her doing good. Here's the those but you to avoid any akhavan your luke. Sure in annual on lincoln avenue which consistently end-result weather on us listen controversial but here it owned blessed as chattels. It owner could we have abilene continent chimpanzee indices story as a book monkey delusion data i capital tinny is has anybody of the impulse assorted but india does not meet donovan on other kimbler deputy mayor. In having those intas indian graphic topa lavar gonna gather mood kalaheo hirohiko equal via dot com kiro. It he knew the area as well as any egyptologist. He's ever my people. That alone is home. City cuando j. Were heaped on meal over interested in deiontrez owned reoccupy circus bank daniels but gave poor premera with pushier schober l. block. Debbie shine you other than the in the area. The gay your practicum practica trust. Good weeks mccomb. Double noga sheehan. Komo india base the difficult. Get the near barracking ear martina. Theo was cherokee and more english. The feeder komo another. You'll get the near mental uniform and you have a look on fiscal mindy borge asia flick path. The data ktar go. She put on a special. The bush the maytals. The director of the lavar is important colloquia. Who knows the loire is in block is better the those if we begin consumer senior low key bombers has covered both hockey bipolar. They're second las. Let's talk well-maintained not split kathy. indica he. Abm via lonely evidence. Get animals kit affect the opposite the by than younger not immediate top arabia dan block. And there's there were lavi new gabor premera with it should know risque. Yes i call luther venus and was blow the navy those no opinion in north vietnam referenda in vietnam. I named guadalupe river. Boom dot on the mark. Candle komo realm different stubborn a abajo by hippo in on this really here she that extreme occupies less affair farther that he really a window. Personally theon lather. The city iowa those are. The miller was interesting gwenda. You'd rather was new nominate. But i'll know ski fast more own. Possibly value if wounded. English was poor ca ada for a number of them. They were others. Comb inspector a half eric. You'll over the temple. I gotta go to that game. Said the episode of their doorstep is almost condo for minimal. Her and said of cantata review were those but apple. There are in the own yeti mental archaeological rochon lab a young fellow equally yankees see sheerness garner said diaz theravada lisa. The middle yada feared the foldout inland normally. They'll ramallah decorative the company are the gabby say salom off with mutcherson yours inspector without this one hundred. Got out of your. Shell moon these more beauty. Oh inaugural may holidays. Gas delays the toes lost dimples. The salama las. Compa niro's call a heap. Fios is synonymous outta matica but respite or get in a fiesta andrea. A mature each over the total l. Let other engraved. Ls gulag archipelago. And i guess heap views one developing estonia india. Your to the endo in kerala aloni bossy the little guy into to the star mrs. toronto in the abbey where we don the off your home city. Remember with gail me. They stumble her lawyer thorpe. Wisconsin which are winnable and fear which carino yelich liquid undefinitive gave. Dorothy we see the other hollow in mundial equipped vehicle govan devices. Anecdote does the komo l. respite. Oh guess indio. Mississippi blow the dossier respiratory extremo imprinted. Skull sign use and wasco for said one into issue. Release yourself on city. Bill young He allow he'll toe the cd's they have suffered. Does say me were wellness. This caribbean relievers. The blah blobby does he. Does your toy your boys and pravo. They are monkey. This emmy stereo gandolfini diva gallo own aloe immune doctrinal shop delta tiempo site. Salama mutism anecdote. Thus it'd be be this gone almost at the widows. i get a gallon. Dominion shouldn't have persona motion sibley. He didn't go to immune. Does pithy el mundo funari. He fears either appropriate extruder. Or the la propia really silent last beer rescue for los anti worse than a heaps musulman illicitly. Hugh show pero. Your therapies supporter allowed. Really no jelly game should the done to divo- to use case after govern the blow those para jonathan is the extraordinary own. You who is located eating not yes. Thanks county you'd almost have your going to stop us under from total keenan stab. Look your signal. The line is behold capital last new fifty out nigga stolac here was not intimate. Your yes time. Ultra on the cbo listener who sweden. You won't be able be. The sweden step will be feeder insects. Las flores nava nice muscle us seed. University direction. Committed the lead the top into this. No i would saying no listen. No kidding hit begin to kitty. Onerous this young get bored last. Notice blow the obidos severiano. Rufus is a free a lies scotia. Give you a site salama but experts are. Have you done this there. Those in warm said the coming under boras notches cornell in derna yes look gilead store lada stuck with salama is the hindi opposite deepens about data and the author said this ocean. Remorse shows mir those. I suppose that's reports. Theon is he goes with in real dollars. Have yankee la cynthia this ask luther emplo. Now that we're going to lean mass sal market fast. Apathy were mia those dealers. Athena's seemed been delay stadia the internet's parent harrison bogo. Lhasa must keel us. Said the simple tube owner sorta gone within the a level initial sanyo's hunter zany zini be and field show shown below the abbey. Those mohair. You're familiar a hookah dot com with kita the w those are fabric fabregas uk. Divo- poor lobby sione. Dan strenuous ivanova those circuit. And you always said the the this allure. This is dario sacramento. You should redo sri story. So we stadium in and elvis korea. This post. the larry maria for she's gone gone gone on said the gues- yes. Lorraine got enough you on this as this receipt. Gave us millennials sunday's allow mandate they'll on city zanies During the a dimple poli call knows liberals the correspondencia this scholars this funeral procession through east escobar canadia e size lapel. Shawna gave a horrible Opposite the eleven zany. You are the artist on news. E obser- the dilemma though for my libra scale Until they can mutuals. Which is secret does the lobbyists say i'm benneton manifestos. Beholden show below the ucd scuba tolo tolo loci in those ramsey's tales that he came to abbas says the no solo run premiere. I knew the nello by the way. We're gonna throw temp lewis complete description. Thanksgiving i ordered or the negative. Donald trump behold amoeba human. There are does las over asking me barrier yakim in southeast asia incomplete copy at the finish. This boys land. Knock on my buddy too little safety. We are either. Laurie up were told me now to doses planets. Co necessarily says. You'd be jobe ebony out to us so missiles of whether goldberg if we're winning some ice fell and he was a very good song. Didn't through midday. Good natural is in volume butkus available to believe that you'd be happier zero partic- par lose does parameters pithy l. Is those a hippo. Came more we start. Blues one hundred zero paraly- syria auditors mundos. Demo we started lose e to emotional mrs abandoned in a heap though. Incongruent the owners. Promise come out of the city they sean. Meteo bihar renders luanda's they'll bias poco warriors. No doctors He was notionally lotto in kato last month. Yes but analysts at the neither going konami city is eight. Salama the nausea loan. the owners. This anecdote us gave you a dot com the practicum into daniels theon guest chengdu in his debut. Show the podium. Podcast the Is tom dan marino shah the lateral area allegra but at the let me show heavier sierra the chart london pocano this as have your alama e e yoshua were the the almost everyone down. Hobby sierra gaulish ropy. New wireless in la rather k. Gayle put extra study in the summer of also the donal gonna feel. I study the lebron lowering medium safety. The union got kids won't let me stanford yes. Elastic fan their incarnation. No elastic heap though big oil oil momentum nikki over again. The definitive mental readiness loudly rebel north. Daily stand allegra. Okay in trailers labradors. Dekalb sandy where he toy massive come in the in music different our knees she mcchord is leaders believe it only stood in kenosha left caller. He s key mizmaa if get up out of the story and people is issue fasting and relax though there in corona theon as competitive mentally At our female now my caveat. Yao's the adjusters yes. It came non-physical commentator not the other yamashiro for internal you be with you in another less pretty Told us the is obviously been gandhian other semester. Semesters da who the city in essex star the radio isla public athena's the difficult corralito asia while i see task is the asia in. I wanna simplify lengthier. Wanna point selleck winter. The daily califa- sincerely canea our our the rally. Sorry that you are a who she not on the mental perivian. Okay komo you throw away you and was public. Athena's the difficult ceja precip barrel lou gehri- which we must the locator l. moon-walker they mccoy publico not glow in Unisom hosiery the blow that we those landau this you say. Be eunice romantic. It shows behind stylist. Gathia took on city perimeter cetera africa path. They're recoup berar lewis. Kathy does mealy lucas. Caviar sobral solo. They'll blow the nwa those f. Wakeup call the chamber this eat. And if any developers comfortable and look yo yes not only are absolute. I mean they might have usual passerby tallow. He kept annoy interrupt. Then throw the mutual stay. Quit to receive your conduct combined. You push swallowed. you are either a methyl. Financial put dim blow shinoda mentor lifestyle. The area beaver the city. Now in turkey. I get fail. Get any more skate. Sandy with her. But these fruit are the dylan. Telecom with roy gonna sarah to look thin. Barrymore bayramov blow cab locate the renault. Then through the warriors. Rather they'll yoshida. It's the very matab on this. Attempted severity wounded in muscle. Been telling him that. A similar teams. Miss be up new bicycle day. Which is going to miss your food. They got this. This cal state got castle in los of discounts. Can't yasser via him. Up to guerande those kids san antonio an you know that isn't this team. It was happier to your the an upper which are within you ski. I never been out of visit. Could do market. You've been under which is at rodas. He missed the middle. Yup he added chemicals. Slow the the apple logo. Las kidney ass- no. That's that's your development over density kiki cargo to go to school at acadia to appear at times instead of came loose domas. Also we can use come on. What are your thoughts on. The larry unity whether farrah onus on the rest but under winter i mean to shoot doom bash finale of yours do not use the neo number this daca and he told the schinkel your patio. A ma palo owners swelter the foul. Sir bert are still nfl. Supporter even deka ally. Rbi last two mba. Say farrah necas. But they're the harish grammy and dove eka. Eileen and info form appear with the harrow. friend us back issue. gosh we're speedy to boothia. remain darcy. The one if i if your in alonzo miller with intouch portalis logistics alydar will buy it and at the moment don't know pooja interim mental aleka mortgage a jarido laws. Mosul manage sat on a ghafur end. Arava in dario musulman yucky local. She that our when the brewhaha event this theon you. This hour affects young illegal. Komo almost said the style undercover are really though this was probably familiar and he's a mass janice ratio of era. Roy deal is killer. Skittish scope does pay on bill. Ma former is field. Fion- though the lower comunidad cristiana e stadio caputo. Okay i'll not. They'll blow the ramzundin show by the city. Pretty mirrow in those senate who go ahead and toronto. Latin bob them seti female mandate sendero push contravened in rondo to those laws. The sales the stopover mojo in his view with akita. They'll moore lead the distant. Blow up this the monastery to alyssa with us. The loganville opperman decrease geno with our kita. This afford eliza they had him we ll ramirez dina steers. Is today the hippo. Your book or leamy the north complex shadow de la. Dav those gawky. Yes that doom birth karuna pecunia blocker in the layer number a new enough immune dog and i knew them were unicor. Guido give us in moscow still capable latina is the mahar for the this will be the komo record. The double gave up though she to the portal. Basic athena liga. Theon they'll tim blow. The moment doesn't maximal union. This kgb basil professional these. I'm in the komo in demand. This a few of the dial paraly- city orders moondog who have your sierra shoot me neuters. The there are theon equity vunerability cement. The does this as man as they travel an heaped off wei. But these i mean the the landowner to the city recorded okinawa moment to blow your nose. Memo's if wigwam grew the mutcherson demanders apple avocados less funerals. We'd be there in in dallas has ask those practicum in from the motion. How they landed della tomba this kahlo. The absolute i'm in the bordelais story of the hip to start their no shoes karen fiasco larry elite afc atrocity in the upper to the event. Fieschi are no lowering theon receipt issued. About how lonely co claro lonely coriolis caputo mohair kokomo legal la the hawk salute in although an fob or the story of the heaped yengo do with yeltsin visas ampicillin fabulous layer the ability. How city issue to mba then are even have any trouble notional templar the city prenatal bid on monka yet they need to neon death academy to radio better gosh workplace those eleven scare 'em if conflict of interest or not to win allowed in sector prank travel forgotten torahs hebrew until the now say the company to buy a other from the nursing staff giving them and they become believe especially new go natural gas ecology jose mafia and handle for the final midday. A for me. I ll report show at there. No this time we had done by two portable. No yell if you would say no. La shia elaborate caters meet them. Look sticks thursdays right. Now though i standards medicine in africa asia la vida this tanisha. Theol- geico fiat hobson demean togo latter atoll baraboo scar by subtle connell. Cassius mccormick laugh. You re those implicit experience battalion. Ghana issue here Aloof the spurs. Do not believe in them. Show free though. In shukla's up in india in mill within does shawn the cather relevant the mafia hip trustee in their mutual musalia leaders they sturdier in moon academico borges showmanship. Serono's equal motels send demo- bv most famous gandhi. Another's worcester appropriate saint kimbler the onset. The kemba mascaro demi stereo in in wounded than us for our news. Ucla cho- mutuel Standard quarter lutheran determiners Depot the hoesch alvie dhahran but i almost identical shock in the weeks. The most radio sean. Authors grandees expertise la casa. the guy. Okay shoo on is over. Laura respite. Lie fear alab. The mass strenuous. Shalita the city kennedy ceo qura bethune mala polara they stumble in like i said chico and luke show laguna del hip or here stubbornly them say in in a heap because there's no law nor salvatore imbera this So much of immune to the in fia bitter damyean mafia emmy stadium stock instead. Robichaud the your. They then develop economy. They don absolutely. I mean the extra naughty. You're gonna this podcast and all that upbeat amoebic. The most only limit on no propium ferrall nikonov per women. The hip you know. Owner narrowly earth toll in demotion doors. We had those poor operational a few other city. Lobbyists video at is the the values careers arrangements risk-averse womb brought is a minimum of the in worcester o'connell ammonium more and you didn't really laputa melissa. While was got loan. Youtube meter. Memo's author whom perama there's pathy al the the dorothy we city bombers gordon initially on this narrow lobby that extraordinarily update stop sloboda. They in worcester mass systematic. Here's palestine. I gotta ask our bartolo. Sierra the canal video in youtube dental ramya for these told us low so show the your stores programmers. Med does astara at la. applica- fuel. napoleon podcasts abuna area the our goal she and brett show not charis or last year off. Yes but you know cisco chambal shuki then through the poco midday day. Good natural his in bellevue button.

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