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"lenox kademi" Discussed on Ruby on Rails Podcast

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"lenox kademi" Discussed on Ruby on Rails Podcast

"You're listening to the ruby on rails podcast on the five by five network. You're listening to episode to sixty six and I'm your host Britney. Martin Justin snares, the director of cloud infrastructure for the Pittsburgh cultural trust he's been with the cultural trust for ten years in this passionate about his job. He really has AWS certifications always learning more. This man, literally eats sleeps and breathes AWS infrastructure is also a devoted husband father. And in his spare time an avid woodworker. Welcome to the show Justin thanks for having. Absolutely. So Justin, can you? Please. Tell us your IT origin story. Sure. I mean, I think like most people in IT started at a very young age. I got that first computer. And I just wanted to learn everything about it. Learn how it worked learn how to program things especially on it. I had stalled Lennox on my family's computer when I was nine which was not didn't go very well with my parents since they didn't even know how to turn it on at that point. But I loved it. And that's kind of where it started. I fell in love with. That I really focused on like computer classes in high school in went to college for network ministration network security more focused when I started with the trust. I had a few other jobs started with the trust. I kind of was thrust into the whole cloud stuff and really fell in love with it. And kind of sparked a new passion was before it had been mostly the security networking side. Now now, it's more DevOps in and cloud infrastructure. So when you start at the trust everything was very much stored on site the day. I started was actually the day that we actually undertake it a big website redesign project that was my very first day. So it was kind of overwhelming, but we worked with the with the developers to kinda get a plan together, and what kind of environment we wanted to have. And yet that point everything was all self hosted. But that was kind of the my first experience with ever even using ruby for rails for anything. So. Interesting. So I think our listeners would enjoy hearing about all the aid of US certifications. You have so any tips and tricks on getting certified. I would say the biggest thing is to get your hands dirty actually get in there. I mean for me at least, I'm a I'm a hands on kind of learner I like to get in there and just tinker with things in can kind of see how it however they works. They'd against documentation is actually really really good. So have never had a problem finding the answer to something that I needed to know AWS, just looking at the documentation. And then also I take advantage of couple different training programs. A cloud guru for one in lenox kademi is the second one I really like lenox academy training because they've got virtual labs. Grated virtual labs at that. So they can tell you exactly what you did wrong out in graded for you, which comes in really handy. And then just my general strategy when I take a test is, you know, I like to take their path the eight of his practices exams and get at least ninety percent before I ever attempt the real thing. And then on the real test. I land through the questions, I know right away, the speed through everything if I pause for even thirty seconds on a question. I'll skip it come back to it at the end just to make sure I can get all the questions answered in the time a lot 'cause there are quite a lot of questions that you don't have much time to really spend on just one question without one thing that I've really enjoyed that. You've done I got the AWS certified developer certificate about three years ago. And then recently had to get recertified and since then you actually built a sandbox environment at the trust. So that multiple people could go into the accounts, spin up resources and not worry about. About it. Do you think this is something that most orgnization should be doing? Yeah. Absolutely. I mean, I think we're we're lucky that we have a boss that kind of understands the the importance of the training kind of hands on training. So I kind of asked her that for a couple years. And finally, you know, we sent quite a few people to date of. Yes. Conference this year. So I thought it was a good opportunity to roll that out. So that everyone has something to us, you know, just to do the labs at the conference. But then moving forward to experiment with whatever they need to you know, NATO Bs just kinda learn in grow yet. So as the trust director of cloud infrastructure, what has been the trickiest part of managing rails environment. So I would say definitely used to be like managing all the gems dependencies, but bundler has made that like a no brainer anymore. It also used to be a little difficulty raw try to run multiple versions of ruby on the same server, so we're looking RBM or something like that to control which I ever being used. We've simplified that infrastructure down. So that we're only running a symbol single application on anyone server. So that really eliminates the need to maintain multiple versions of ruby in parallel. So really, I mean difficulty at this part at this point. I mean, we have got it into autopilot so knock on wood here.

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