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AP One Minute Headlines Mar 15 2019 19:00 (EDT)

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AP One Minute Headlines Mar 15 2019 19:00 (EDT)

"The excitement builds a new era begins as the Republic of Ireland take on Georgia in a crucial UEFA European qualifier. Tuesday, March twenty six at the beaver stadium comes show your support for Mick McCarthy's first home game back in charge. As the boys in green looked to qualify for euro twenty twenty the Republic of Ireland versus Georgia March twenty six a beaver stadium kickoff seven forty five pm get your tickets now from just thirty five euro at TicketMaster dot ie. Bookie applies. Presidential veto. I'm Tim Maguire the AP newsmen at at the White House after noon has the freedom to pass this resolution, and I have the duty to veto it. And a very proud to be tow it President Trump issues of first video of his presidency. Overruling congress to protect us emergency declaration for border will fund is definitely a national emergency. Rarely have we had such a national emergency. It's unlikely either chamber in congress will have the two-thirds majority required to override the veto. The man accused of killing forty nine people in a pair of Moscow and try Christ's church. New Zealand showed no expression when a judge read a murder charge against him in court today. The Brenton Brenton talent Tarrant says he's an Australian white supremacist Christchurch mayor leeann Donzel says it is an act of cowardice that he has performed the shooter livestream. The first attack on Facebook another online sites although sites are getting sharp criticism for slowly taking I'm ready to take the next step. I'm ready for university. That will help me advance in my education and career university. That will make me feel supported an connected him ready for ODU online quick at or go to online dot EDU today. I'm ready to make my credits. Can I'm ready to take classes from university. That will help me build a my experience to prepare me for the teacher university. That would make me feel supported a curse and connected. Click this ad or go to online dot EDU today.

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