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"lally jake" Discussed on Answer Me This!

"Does Michela bomb podcast, do sums about squarespace. How close would you win Langley? Get to Abacha's face. Well, well, well in step aside when we were contemplating the origins of Flap Jacks the ot kind versus the pancake kind, and I mentioned this draw of myth in Scotland that used to be full of cold porridge. Why do you have to imagine that? Again, it's giving me for them and yet a lack of evidence pointing to the definitive existence of those rules lucky for us. Nick from Renfrewshire has piped up to say I am in Scotland and I can confirm the porridge draw story is true is checked. Every joins free, but a smear of oats. Nick says it doesn't happen anymore these not with anyone I know, but the older generation with teddy that they used to regularly get porridge slices from a drawer, there would be big wooden metal tray line draws in the kitchen. This was the porridge draw or just a general cooling draw. Size. It's like if you use the solid juror in the fridge, but filled it with. Yes. I mean. There's nothing repugnant about solid drool when you use that terminology as pretty repugnant glow green slime in it. Rights Future Generations might be as equally off as I am by the very concept over porridge draw. But maybe it's just what your acclimatized to just don't know how you would get that metal tray clean. Ever. Exactly. My son's vicks every day that shit hardened select foundational levels of it is like cement I. Wonder if maybe in the Scottish highlands, they did use the porridge draw as a general kind of households. UIS will like a cement mixer come. Yes. Story well, sticking with the food chance We have the following correspondence. From Francesca, we'll non. Helena to me. This did FAB lollies used to have a joke on the stick? I mean, I would argue that a FAB is slowly is in itself. Giancana. Sh. Why while you? Why are you baiting people this? Really. Having a hard enough time. If. So when did the jokes end? Laughter Fade it as the ice creams melted. Another ice lolly that used to have jugs on the stick. Sometimes when I'm researching stuff of this show, I happened upon a lacouture in the Internet where Phil like there is under representation of knowledge on a topic that a lot of people care about. So to me all the time and this one I, think they could well have been on a FAB I. I can't remember specifically, but walls and lines maids tied them. Lines made produce the FAB I was curious to find out that the FAB was one of two ice creams. Bro Towns to ride on the wave of popularity of thunderbirds F., A., B., they launched Zoom. I. Remember that one that was like a rocket in three flavors are dunked. I'm I did three years of overnight radio and. Your don't have a ready answer for, do you remember the name? On shake. I don't David Jordan. The same was Iraq now, like rocket that's for boys. So a few years later, they announced the FAB for girls originally had lady penelope on the rapper 'cause goals. Actually was some bird brandon and it was an official tie. It wasn't just inspired by the name has been ret conned to fruit and Berry fabricated and bullshit like. That works for me but Pass the laugh because zoom is no longer manufactured and Fab is. Great in the seventies and eighties, there were the informally titled Lally Was I. Think It was essentially getting kids to spend that twenty five pence on Wolseley versus aligns made lally. So there was free shit like cereal toy style Deva's with. Cards, badges, Moscow magic tricks, little facts on the rappers. Some something. We'd have comic bookstore characters. They wanted to collect the more. Stories, but some of them, this up lines made had A. Crime. Squad, which on the stick had a secret code, and then wolves had the rival super spy which had the same, and then some of them really went for it. There was another lines made lowly logical goal. Once you ate it, the stick revealed a little plastic lower, and then you could paint it, and if you collected ten than you had enough for five aside team, you could send off for Kevin Keegan's mini football pitch. So that was Iraq as well to get people to buy these team faulk. Me Painting lolly sticks a collection. That's your summer. But this I thought was actually quite Cool Wolves did a Count Dracula's secret lawley on the stick. There were little stencils Eddie. You could draw faces. No six different wants to collect Georgia. Different Vampire faces other lot seem quite fun and what was secret. Secretly love garlic. Yes. Garlic flavored lolly. So I remember when I was secondary school and must be specifically between about nine, hundred, ninety, two, and nineteen, hundred five. There was a girl called becks who is collecting all of the lally Jake. Sticks. And eventually she, I, think, just right to wolves to ask for a full list. 'cause couldn't complete collection. It's for the latest. Just ask for the sticks. Now, if they were winning to distribute the sticks, he say 'cause then maybe she would like make our own bootleg lollies but then the joy of collecting sticks surely not to know what the joke saw what you've just said the joy of collecting the sticks are pretty low energy joy I've already said I. Don't understand how people joys were so low generally I mean it's extraordinary now, but anyway Anyway. That happened definitely in the nineties. However, I. Read that they phased out lally stick Jake's in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eight So therefore, you think, but you have full memory using that actually because there were so many different ice cream distributors doing the lowly stick meam that it carried on or properly. So many sticks left or maybe just the the school tuck shop had stuff that was like years of date. But it also could've just been the start of a phasing out, and that supposedly is because at that point, this ice lolly market aimed at kids whether we're extremely low price, just not considered worth it anymore and I. Guess also like in the wake of haagen-dazs. So go for this fisted auto market is worth more go for the ice cream van market, and so you off when all the twenty five dollars with novelty sticks such a shame because even as a grownup, I, think with an ice lolly, it has to be on a stick. So you've got the stick anyway. The stick interesting. There have been a couple of revivals of these in two, thousand and eight indeed. Walls hired James Corden to write new jokes. Who did he hire to write the gags? Well, also, there was supposed to be printed in English. German, and Greek, and because of these just word playing those dating, translate you. In fact, we have to write different jokes and localized free to those cultures for the plans to make sense. Yeah. Like my four year old son's favorite at the moment is, what's a pirates favorite letter R.. COM translate..

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