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"lakeview city" Discussed on Chicago Tonight

"At lyric opera of chicago. Unlike anything you've ever heard the first some of today's top stories pfizer's covid vaccine could be in the possession of all thirty four city hospitals by next week. Chicago is set to receive twenty three thousand doses of the pfizer vaccine in. Its initial shipment. It could come soon after and if fda approval happens tomorrow lightfoot says the cdc will determine who gets the first batches she says the city will eventually set up public mass vaccination sites but chicago public health director. Dr allison arwady says that cooperation from community and health organizations will be key to the city's distribution plan. We will be working as soon as we are able to pushback. Seen two partners are full. Goal is to push this vaccine to as many vaccinating partners as we can so our goal will be that people will actually be able to get their vaccine through their provider. And we'll be asking them to prioritize outreach to their patients who are over sixty-five who have these underlying conditions both mayor lightfoot and dr are would he cautioned that widespread distribution of the vaccine is still months away and dr are would he will join us on the program in just a few moments. Meanwhile illinois health officials are reporting more than eighty two hundred new cova cases and one hundred seventy nine additional deaths in the last twenty four hours that makes for a total of eight hundred twelve thousand cases and thirteen thousand six hundred. Sixty six deaths. The test positive across the state right now is eleven point four percent and life would says she's spoken with forty fourth ward alderman. Tom tunney and says she's quote deeply disappointed. The alderman acknowledged he allowed indoor dining. At and sather's the restaurant he always. I'm belmont and lakeview city. Officials are investigating and could issue sunny. A ten thousand dollar fine for violating city kovin protocols lightfoot says she expects there will be consequences the minoza he did wrong. He will absolutely be held accountable zero exceptions for that But i understand the anger and the frustration because this has been such an incredibly hard year more on this story with our spotlight politics team just a bit later in the program. Some buzz around chicago native mellody the business executive and philanthropist. We'll become chair of the board of starbucks. Non executive chair hobson has been on the board for fifteen years. There and co-ceo chicago-based ariel investments. She's also mary to star wars creator. George lucas and now back to brandis. And chicago's top. Dr brandis paris. Thank you and as you just reported. Officials are detailing their covid vaccine. Rollout planned today. An initial shipment of twenty three thousand doses is expected in chicago as soon as next week with healthcare workers receiving vaccine. I joining us with more. About chicago's covid vaccine plan. Is dr allison arwady commissioner of the chicago department of public health. Dr arnn thanks for fitting us in again. So i please remind us what are the recommendations on who should receive this vaccine. I or so we have to follow the cdc recommendations which put in the first priority healthcare workers and long term facility both workers and residents. And so that's what the whole first part of phases healthcare workers were starting with hospitals. But then we'll be expanding out from there and that's all kinds of healthcare workers. We're talking home health. Aides were talking dentist. It's a wide range. That will be talking but it starts Probably as soon as next week potentially with our hospitals. And we'll this first shipment be enough for all of the healthcare workers in chicago. Who need it not at all so we estimate we have about four hundred thousand healthcare workers in the city of chicago using that broad definition so twenty. Three thousand will be the first week and then we'll be getting more week after week after week and pushing it to help their workers to launch him care facilities and then following up and it's going to take a while for sure to get through that group but we're really excited to get started assuming the fda gives the emergency use authorization and the cdc recommends actually starting destination and then who's next after healthcare workers. So we will be waiting to hear the formal guidance of from the advisory committee on immunization practices through the cdc. They've signaled likely next. Group will include essential workers as well as people over sixty five and people with underlying conditions. That obviously is a lot of chicago. And so even as we're waiting to hear some more details about potential sub prioritisation within that. We're already planning thinking about for people who are over. Sixty-five with underlying conditions will be working closely with for example many many many Doctors offices and outpatient practices across chicago will be asking them to be reaching out to their partners. Sorry to their patients so that people who are older with conditions will especially be able to get it through their doctors offices and then we'll be working on the essential workers side with employers will be doing outreach. In communities of where the virus has hit hardest to ensure that as essential workers lived in those neighborhoods for example they know how to get vaccinated. And then we'll be having some mass vaccination sites they'll be by appointment initially and we'll start with healthcare workers. But we're doing planning in all of these streams we can handle all of the vaccine that is given to us by the federal government. And we've got plans that flex very large or very small depending on what that supply chain looks like now. During this afternoon's press conference we also heard from dr helene gayle. The chicago community. Trust us speaking specifically about equity. Tell us how equity for communities of color factor into your vaccination plan so we have thought about equity and actually put it at the center of every phase of his vaccination plan. You've heard us talk a lot about equity already on the case side on testing side and we're being more serious about it on the vaccine side because this is how we're eventually gonna get past covid i and so for example where even from the beginning where we're thinking about healthcare workers This is not just doctors and the nurses this is also thinking about people who are nurses aides people who are working sometimes in some of the more support roles which may be lower paid and which we know in chicago..

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