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"kyle stewart haase" Discussed on NASCAR America

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"kyle stewart haase" Discussed on NASCAR America

"That's a little bit of a weakness when you have guys that you know when they show up everywhere they show up right. They're going to be contenders. That's the guy's gotta worry about to me kyle. This one's interesting era town merola we saw them make a deep run last year and and be in contention even towards the the end almost make the championship for but <hes> what do you think on our moral i just i haven't seen much of anything from them. This summer they did make a deep run because i had him out in the first first round out the next off the whole time and yeah and it bit me when we were when we were setting our stuff it it did by me but this yes year a gist. I want to go. That's with and go back to last. That's when kevin was kicking butt weakened weak out right yeah and and so that team and that team leader was doing something totally different than what they're doing right now. I'm almost putting him back in that stage where a ball in the store to make the playoffs when we went go back to to boyer into us but i said then. I don't think they're gonna go very far and i don't think that this one wheel. I'm not buying right yeah. No i'm not i'm not going to i just think that they have struggled as an organization <hes> somewhat and he struggled even more with the rooms package to find exactly what he's looking for. It's gonna franken. Arizona frankie thought on stewart haas you buying or selling in the playoffs. I'm buying which stewart is yes. I i agree with kyle stewart haase's pretty gate with with the vehicles and that pretty much but some of them are still having their bones but wait kevin came up last season three the play offs now. That was pretty good. Yeah no doubt about that and there's no doubt to this point kyle that fourteen and kevin harvick almost better calling we've mentioned enjoy lugano almost better in the playoffs and we look they'll never worked together a number of years here and i say it all the time when i talk about deal jared and my dad calls him that he's a big race player big event player. That's still jared daytona in the he'd step up championship step up the caliber of drivers that we're talking talking about with a kevin harvick and where they cow bush and with dini and these guys there that type of players joy out there that type of players they go to a different place they leave you back here and they go to a different place in play a different game so kevin zap that kinda gotta go agree with that d._j. Dr ashamed that but you gotta kevin harvick is that and i think if stewart haas is going on in the playoffs is going to be kevin harvey coming up. We're going to check in on twitter land to see what folks have been saying. They ryan joins us next. Yes let me say this also. Let me say this. I'm i'm gonna say this. Let me say this. Let me say this. Let me say this. Let me say this around. Let's say this let me say. Hey kyle what somebody else talk for. One donnie eighty something you laugh everytime title loop with the lady owner mitch. I word to say this. We say grieving star fred nate ryan who is here. Let me say this today. Hi nate halloo hashtag. Let me say this lots of questions about the stock market discussions yeah one from mary lee nineteen who wants lots question <hes> talk about gibbs. She wants know..

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