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"kristie taryn" Discussed on Rob Has a Podcast

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"kristie taryn" Discussed on Rob Has a Podcast

"Germany's <music> from my apartment. It's rob has a podcast and now here's the guy who's making this promise to you that there there will be no christie chewing noises in this podcast. I promise i promise i'm rob. Cicirino liberty welcome back to our sunday night recap here last sunday sunday in august as we are here to talk about a competition less episode of big brother so a lot to get to here tonight. We've got a great guest here with us to talk about it. All fraum many are h._p. Productions including our recent love island wrap up and you know her from big brother canada six. Please welcome the great kirsten mcginnis kerzner. You know rob. I'm so happy happy to be here. I mean i know i volunteered to podcast. I just didn't think it would be the soon but i mean you said you wanted to come on. <hes> you know i thought you said meant you know. Couple of weeks left in the season just sucks. They sound you know well all right. Well you're here. You're here looked eerily the guy that you're not the target here tonight. The man who as with us i think every sunday so far in this season in addition to you every day. Here's the grade ten rio. I'm disgusted. No why why of i'm. I'm feel like i'm done with rather. They had an episode without a challenge in it without a competition. I just don't understand the direction of the show at this point i like. What do they think they're doing. Obviously we're all watching four the competitions. I don't know why why they think they can get away with this bird. They have no bush. They have no competitions tonight. I don't know what they're doing. Gross apparently this this checkers and not just all right so we're here. We'll have a fun a recap here tonight. Get your questions in hashtag our age a._p. <hes> pity as we are talking on a sunday night so let's get into everything from this episode where we got to see holly's one nomination <hes> we got to see nick as america's prankster and his nomination which was christie and a lot of other stuff along the way kirsten. This is talk about our headline of nick as america's prankster. How how how 'bout that. I ate happened. I'm choosing to believe that some of the maybe better players split the vote and allowed him to sneak in. I don't want except that he was anybody's first choice but i you said on thursday that he would not receive ten yeah and the prank was on any al franken was on me. I will say there are not ten knick fans as eric and i were trying to there are not ten knick fans but there is an army of people who hey kristie taryn is that is that fair to say. I think that's very fair to say and i think that we definitely are in a situation where the big brother audience they. They hate more than they love. Yeah yeah so yeah. This real quick turnaround time from thursday with the taco tuesday. Extravaganza ended up resulting in so many people watching the t._v. shows like hey. I really want kristie to go home and then putting all those votes oats on nick curse..

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