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"kate ensler" Discussed on Every Little Thing

"I am so so thrilled. I mean it was great to see democracy and action. You know I watch those votes come in and and people really spoke yes. You'RE WE'RE DID SEEM TO STRIKE. A Chord Weaving voicemails about it. I was very excited to hear nearly as one of the options so when I saw this word had a chance to make it to the dictionary I knew I had to support it. Be So useful to us to stay planners people who write wills as we can say siblings But there is no such word no class word for nieces and nephews my husband and I have tons of nieces and nephews still useful to be able to say nibbling. I voted for nibbling because I am one and the Non Binary Person Nibbling feel included and accepted. Okay so Michael. We have our word. Congratulations thank you so much. Now we have to get it into the Dick Sherry now. It's time to do the work. Oh man so if you remember we consulted a professional lexicon prefer someone who has actually added words to the dictionary. And here's what she said. We have to do so. I we have to find. Every instance of nibbling used imprint ever documented. We basically need to pull together. A portfolio that proves nibbling has been around for a while. Okay so to build a really strong case this is going to be a ton of work Okay but it's not just on you. Thank God we're GonNa Asker listeners. Help to okay great listeners. If you need a distraction right now. Here's how you can help us get nibbling added to the dictionary. I we need to build that portfolio. So if you see nibbling used in print or hear it on TV or social media any nibbling citing at all let us know the second thing to do is use nibbling yourself in writing and conversation a tweet here a line in a mystery novel there anything in print helps our cause send us those receipts at ut show on instagram and twitter or at yields media DOT COM or of course eight three three ring. Okay let's get today's question it's about. How tiny humans used to stuff their tiny faces? Hi My name is Kate. I'm so interested in understanding what people did before bottle nipples did babies just died before that If they couldn't nurse directly from the source what happened there man. I have so many questions. I'm probably after Nice another phone call but thank you I. Hello Hey kate ensler. Hi how are you guys doing everybody? Okay we are everyone's healthy and set. We're good have you been isolating? We have been hard. Yeah we're just tired of each other but we're good. What about highs and lows any highs and lows from quarantine so far Highs I just the togetherness and the slower schedule. So it's Kinda great to just be Pajama People together and play board games. Okay but the lows. Don't skimp on the lows. Oh Man The lows have got to be the public home schooling. I have five kids and so y'all like since the prayers. It's it's happening but oh man. Have you sent anyone to detention yet? I almost sent a kid to out of school suspension. Only didn't know where to actually send said child so but I made my children's start calling me Mrs Watson during school time because I couldn't handle the mirror on anymore so you called back in Simpler Times. Should we take a moment to put ourselves in that mindset back when are idle thoughts were about the other kind of nursing yes let's like blur out the scene and go.

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