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Pay the Olsen Twins

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Pay the Olsen Twins

"Hey guys this is. This is karen hotak. Welcome back yard nice town and relax your vaca- yeah i came came back from six days on the beach with no out of control sunburn. Which is i from me bravo. I have zero days with a margin of error error so that's impressive. Did you use a new type of solution or were you just on top of it is on top of it and also i didn't use any spray sunscreen. I had had to like lather up with my hands so i feel like there's an added layer of awareness when you actually put it on your body yourself yes ma'am. It's not glamorous but it works t._m. My that's my p._s._a. About wearing some so yeah <hes> it was it was good. I came back. I had zero complaints in our inbox about our current format so look. Everything's great good good. Thanks for hanging with us. Everybody as we try some new things we appreciate it now. I want to do an amendment to that. Thank you for not complaining. Yes so while i came back to like little to no complaints in general about life from anyone the retail sector just sort of imploded. Is that what happened opens. Am i getting that correctly and big and small ways lisa. The most pressing topic right now is barney's. They filed. It's not a huge surprise is we've been talking about this coming for a couple of weeks so that's not the big surprise really what happened within the chapter. Eleven filings is what's surprising zang so let's talk about it a little bit. It's closing stores here. The store is closing stores in chicago. Los angeles and seattle five concept concept stores seven barney's warehouse locations. Some of their locations will stay open including the madison avenue you store in new york. It store in beverly hills san francisco and boston and also to barney warehouses will remain open so it's not disappearing during completely is just shutting down a number of locations. It also secured seventy five million dollars in new capital so what this means is barney's. He's not one hundred percent done. They are filing chapter eleven so they can get their house in order and also they have a little bit of cash to see if they could prop themselves up a bit but they do oh money all around town the good thing about when you see a court filing like a chapter eleven is like companies that are private companies like barneys. We don't know how they've been doing financially. We have no idea because they don't have to do earnings. If you're public company oh you do we haven't known for forever. What's going on with this company well. Let's talk about some people they owe money to. They are are in debt to a number of luxury apparel companies a number of designers. Would you like to guess the number one designer. They own money to tom ford good gas but no or do you want one more gas. No so who so who does barney's though the most money to the row oh the most money to the twins <hes> <hes> you don't disrespect respect them like that. They owe three point seven million dollars to the olsen twins. Is this why the twins never smile now. They took away all their smoke in money. They can't buy anymore cigarettes. They are so sad at tired. Dammit here's some other people they owe money to selene two point seven million y._s._l. Two point one million balenciaga two point one giovanni one point nine and it just keeps going. I mean they owe money money to everybody. Wow which is what happens in these things. Bankruptcies are just no fun. I don't like it that smaller designers to some of the big guys. I understand stand. They could take a hit but some of the smaller designers like. I worry because that income directly effects like can they have another season so i'm interested to see some of the fallout out that we may not be anticipating right this second. You know i know they're keeping the madison avenue store but i would not be surprised if they shrank that footprint a little bit yeah well and a lot of the commentary about what's going on with them as most people think that they're going to carry on and one former number. It's kind of like this thing isn't done. We just think they need to get their house in order because they're so connick and i don't know if relying on that status is enough to push them forward but maybe closing that many stores will help them in subway so they can just kind of reorganize. I know that we got us suggestion on what we should pour out for this particular retailer going into bankruptcy. Would you like to state that drink. Oh yeah we did some melissa road in and she also sent in a question which i'm going to bump it to this segment because it's related to barney's but her recommendation to poor went out was perrier zhou et which which is fancy champagne for those of you who are like what the fuck <hes> and the the type of champagne is the bella pock bottle which you will. We'll recognize on the shelf. It is a very fancy looking champagne bottle with like painted flowers on it <hes> and just because of the fact that i had to look at how to pronounce every single one of those four words communicate how appropriate is for this occasion so melissa thank you for that but she also had a really good question and at the time so this letters a couple weeks old now and i responded to melissa right away with my gut reaction well before barney's actually filed for bankruptcy so here's a question she says ladies thanks for the show and i hope you are enjoying some extra time to yourselves this summer. I'll be quick was the timeline for barneys imminent demise. Am i okay to preorder an item scheduled for delivery in november. I've done an exhaustive search. This item isn't available anywhere else but i don't want to tie up discretionary funds if the retailer will fold not sure if i could even file a credit card dispute four months later if they don't deliver the merchandise but failed to refund purchase so at the time before i knew how much money barnes owed everyone i said to melissa you're gonna be fine to preorder because when companies file for bankruptcy it's very aware that they immediately shut all the doors <hes> so the odds are very good that barney's will still have these stores open in november even though it's going to be a smaller footprint sprint but based on what you just told me. Melissa preorder was any one of those brands. We just mentioned you might oh cancel. I wouldn't do a girl. I'm sorry i know i do have faith in this brand but can happen between now and november yeah but it. It's a question that i have never even thought of before right you know. It's like if you're someone who's looking ahead and no there's going to be competition for something. That's coming out. It's something then you can't get any anywhere and he store. Do you take a risk on a company. That's really scary financial flooding and hope you get the thing you want or do you dislike go without it and hobie find it. This set of questions was happening right around the time that david's bridal was filing because people or like if i go in and trust that i can find something there. Will it be available months later. I for lots of people everything kind of worked out which is great <hes>. I think it depends probably on price point for me. Honestly i would probably not do it. That's just me and my personal opinion and but i told melissa two weeks ago three weeks ago probably to go ahead and order so melissa. I still don't want any complaints. I just want to make the like for this purchase but cancel that you may want to because i'd rather have that money in your pocket and have you're not have the thing you know so just food for thought for those of you who are examining the financial health of the brands that you shop yeah. Oh i hate that. We have to do this as kind of guessing game right. I don't like it. Oh i guess i should tell you bad news now. I'm sitting here like tell us. Another story in kearns like it is your turn youthful. Where do i even start with victoria. Secret secret vicky hush the brand that just won't give out the little fuck up that could to worry the secret chief marketing officer ed razek. Isaac is finally taking the him and leaving. The official statement says that he's retiring. If you've blocked it out of your memory razzak is the one who told vogue last fall all that to paraphrase plus size and trans models shouldn't walk the company's annual televised runway show because they don't contribute to the fantasy that that show provides why was he not fired right then and there meanwhile the news of raza retirement came the same day that victoria secret let the news news get out that it had hired its first ever transgender model down tina some pyo who will work with pink line and the news came just a week after victoria tori secret announced that it had finally cancelled its runway show altogether to cap things <hes> well. This is the penultimate cap. There are two caps to this to get the things off. Victoria secret is struggling with bad press because the c._e._o. Of the parent company l. brands leslie wexner goes way back with accused first child sex trafficker jeffrey epstein right so things aren't looking good there and then right before recorded this episode on august sixth. One hundred models signed a letter to victoria's secret c._e._o. Asking the company to protect contractors. I e the models against sexual misconduct. The siamese of this letter include christy turlington burns also includes former editor in chief of glamour. You're just dozens of models who are saying enough is enough and they wrote this letter really in response to this news that has come out about wexner is relationship with epstein and also there have been reports of photographers that have sexually abused models and aspiring models <hes> and so they're bonding together and speaking out about this and demanding answers. It's a day of reckoning vicky hush-hush to reckon and let me tell you we are not financial advisers on this show but i'm going to give you a personal test. If you have any stock in this company it is time to drop it. It is time to get out. You are going to lose money. I'm sure but you've got to get out now. Bath and body works is carrying them right now. Now you know what that that's sweet piece and cannot flow a whole company. Get get out get out now. I mean retail stock is crazy right now. Anyway i mean come on. I was thinking i was looking at some some stock quotes today and just thinking about brand. If i have their stock i would just like dump it like dump them all. Just get out you. A better use of your money is is taking your change hanes and throwing it at somebody's head because at least you'd get a laugh i least it'd be kind of fun and if you're gonna choose someone to do that too. I can suggest some <hes> old guys at the secret who were named previously. They need to completely clean house. This is a start but they need to completely clean house in order to rectify this thing like you know the people who bring a broom new a baseball game even though you're not allowed to bring brooms to a baseball game but they do it somehow they get them in into emphasize the sweep one team is doing so bad against the other that they just they've got the room. They're ready to sweep them out. Can you sweep out to tidy. Maybe up your company. And how do you get the broom into the stadium because it explicitly says no brooms but okay. That's a whole different issue. What what did you think the ven diagram of people who bring brooms to the stadium to people who actually use said brooms and their household oh at the the circles don't connect you get a new broom a clean one that lives in your car and you bring to the stadium. I see i see because obviously really. I mean if you took the from home. How would your wife and children be able to use it while you're out of the car. You said it not me. You know i mean i gotta let the men have their fun right. In the sporting world. A woman never brings up room to the stadium. I watch enough baseball. I would know how women don't bring brooms. It says on the list. You can't bring it you coming in hot on brooms today. Lisa those are some strong words from podcast but hot takes takes on this fashion. Podcast has a little bit of sports in it a little too much for cards. Let's counterbalance this by talk about jessica simpson said heck. Yes bring it jessica simpson. My heart in two thousand loves you still jessica. Alaska simpson launched a new active wear collection. She has partnered with fam- brands to produce athlete leisurewear as part of her lifestyle brand. The collection will include leggings sports bras t shirts tank tops and sweatshirts. It's going to be available in the spring of twenty twenty. It will be available on our website and macy's dillard's bulk and norstrom prices range from thirty five to sixty five dollars. Why am i talking about jessica simpson and on said fashion podcast because she's made a shit ton of money off of apparel her company as of a few years go was a billion dollar corporation. Do you know how many popular brands we have in this country who have not even gotten close to be billion dollar all companies. This woman sells clothes. She makes so much money selling clothes. Her company was purchased and twenty fifteen via sequential. Oh brands group. The fashion world has never really taken her seriously back where she started putting out a peril in two thousand five and a mentor said of her fashion venture sure quote consumers aren't dumb. The consumer who is really interested in fashion is sophisticated. She will take a marc jacobs over jessica simpson jason every time rude and rude and guess he was laughing. All the way to the bank rich asked jessica simpson. Her stuff enough is good. That's the thing i like what she produces. It's solid solid. It's really solid. Where's it sold. I feel like she's at kohl's. It sounds like she's going to be at most department stores at least most department stores that may still be open and spring of twenty twenty. I'm sorry i'm i'm thinking about her her current stuff and stuff. You know it's so funny because i haven't. I haven't seen it in a little while and it's not doesn't mean it's not out. There is just that i haven't been in a kohl's last time i was there. I think i saw her shoes. I remember seeing that but she's been laying low like. I haven't really heard a lot of marketing marketing news about her for a couple of years as possible because she's just had a couple of kids. Maybe production pulled back. I'm not really sure girlfriends earn that passive income income while she raises her kids. I like this. The fashion world may wanna start taking her seriously because she knows what she's doing. I wonder if her graph leisure line will be a competitor to fab latics great question. I thought about that too because the same price point right yup and they're both run by blond ladies and yet that's kind of where the similarities stop but mm-hmm yeah real tenuous connection there in my train of thought but you the mind goes where the money goes. You're going to meditate on that. Fasching is my favorites jacked udayana time it is time for my favorite kind of crime financial crime conspiracy crime the non murder kind ebay. You know what there's enough murder podcast. We're just gonna be like the last murder podcast. The fewer murders take place here. Podcast august fewer murders podcast dot com not great winter so here's who's su anhil ebay is suing amazon for alleged conspiracy to steal high volume sellers from its platform through ebays user messaging system. This is according to the new york times. Ebay says the amazon managers directed dozens of workers to illegally use ebays private messaging system to solicit sellers to sell instead on amazon ebay raise concerns last fall and that lawsuit moved to arbitration. This new lawsuit has ebay claiming that the effort was not just the few employees but a larger effort within amazon with managers giving lower level employees lists of ebay sellers to target oh dang own. The suit claims that amazon has violated the racketeer influenced and corrupt organizations act aka rico. It's your favorite lisa. It's your favorite one of my favorite pieces of american legislation. Okay here's how rico works for those of you who oh haven't read up on it like me mertz. If you have committed to acts of racketeering activity from a list of thirty five crimes you can get hit with rico now. Find up to twenty five thousand dollars cents to twenty years in prison per count and you have to give up the money you earned within the racketeering scam racketeering during activities include fraud embezzlement money laundering bribery murder-for-hire copyright infringement. You know all the juicy ones. It's like the endless soup and bread sticks and salad at that's what we go is to me enough about opne. Though amazon com new york times on the lawsuit the times article notes that ninety percent of ebay sales are made at a fixed price instead instead of the auction format. They were so famous for years ago and more than half of amazon sales are for products sold by third party sellers. There's so there's a lot of overlap between what ebay does and what amazon does these days ebays complaint centers on the use of its private messaging system which is is intended messaging says communications between buyers and sellers ebay prohibits the use of that system to solicit sellers or to share contact information for communicating by phone email but the suit says the amazon managers told staff members how to set up and use ebay member accounts for the purpose of soliciting quote many hundreds of ebay sellers to sell on amazon platform unquote. Here's the other sneaky thing about this case and works in favor of amazon ebay terms of use states that if you have an account eve agreed to sign up and you have a dispute with the company any you can't sue and go to court no no bitches now you have to arbitration arbitration solve the problem with a mediator instead of having injury so when i complained about this in the fall they sued amazon petition to have it moved to arbitration because the messaging center is used by customers who have signed the terms and conditions. Lee said they're evil but they're smart right so this new lawsuit had to specify that this is a larger concerted effort that was organized and seen through by managers which is why they are going for rico. Why why is it amazon just hire some a group like private detectives where they could have contacted the sellers through other means. I mean it's not hard to track down. People these days like instead have gone through the messaging system. You could take two or three more steps and like found their email or just even guest at half the you know or at least go to the effort of hiring like an outside contractor to do this to have a couple of layers between like your staff and this paper trail right look. If you're going to commit a crime do it correctly okay ever melissa just a free tip from me to all of you. If you're gonna do you this cover your fucking tracks. I don't blame like i think people can be poached from anything. If you see a better deal on another platform you go go for it. Why don't we use the internal messaging system. This is just proof that nobody reads the terms and conditions agreement. When you sign up for a website well of of course they make them so amazingly broad. That's part of it too. It's like you have no other option and like just as a seller. What else are you going to do if you had a serious problem with them. They've got you over barrel right they do. I mean you are at their whims. That's why like if i sign paperwork to go to a new doctor and you're like do you agree. Read all these things. I'm like well. I guess so otherwise. I'm just going to bleed out right now right. What am i gonna do not get healthcare. I guess i'll do it. S s. I don't wanna die today but if i don't read this paperwork i may let's like on you can't win. You can't but look. I don't take sides rides and whatever i do take sides. I don't have to be partial. I don't have to be impartial on this podcast. I'm not a journalist on this particular show and totally rooting for eating here just on the grounds of conspiracy. That's the end of our fashion news moving dealers letter. Yeah here is connote from allison. Who says hi franz long time listener first-time writer atlanta once i found the perfect likings spur pilates. I never looked back there. Highways and the band doesn't roll down also they're thick so that they a everything in and be aren't transparent. When i stretch the band wow light dig no name. She says they were great for me. They have pockets which didn't make sense to me as i only wear them to class but if you want to wear them for daily life i get the pockets might be helpful. I've worn tons of leggings over the years and the athletic ones are at the top of my list. I find the fit to be true to size size and good quality. It's important to find the ones that work for you. They have a number of different styles and also purchased atlanta items on ebay threat up and posh mark with with leggings or swim bottoms. There's are awesome. I will only buy them if they are new with tags but i've purchased other non pan athletic items from a second hand market. There's plenty of athletic in resale environments so that's from alison. Thank you awesome for that rave review and in addition. We got a tweet deep from rebecca. Who said she heard recently. That athletic offers free hems ooh. I had no idea so i remember lululemon. Does this and i know uniqlo. Does this made well made. While does this athletic does this. Do we know of anyone else off the top of our heads that does free hems. I don't know if nordstrom free or not. Oh nordstrom i believe is free yeah and they have someone in house who like like like their taylor. Is there all the time that's amazing. If you ever have a chance for free just go for it. Take the ten minutes just do it. Take it and you can get your pants in like three to five days so great lease at this letter answered all of your questions from last time well. The first thing you said is i bet if somebody finds finds a pair of fat leisure pats. They stick to the brand. That was your gas because yeah because people don't wanna try them on. What's he find that they a product that you really love. Have you want to stick with it. So that's one thing you said and the second one was the second part two was you had questions about if there were the resale market which is obviously found product art on so thank you for answering those questions those really informative. I love it. This is the intel i like to see. I hadn't thought about the new with tags thing on l. Like i think about about swimsuits sometimes but pants is interesting but i mean leggings. Get beat up like they're up in your crotch. Let's let's just be real and they take a beating in terms of the kind of activity. You're doing if you're running. If you're biking. They're just getting a lot of wear on the fabric so i i can understand that mindset. I'm not quite as strict but i also. I'm a little more on the leisure side of athletes better well. Some people would just like to say can i have breath death leisurewear without the swamp and that's how they get it new with tags. That's why yeah yeah. Swamp past pre swamp ass. Take your pick. If there's going to be anyone. Swamp bassoon should be my own is kind of the theory there. I think personal preference and are beautiful. Resale market allows you to have those preferences. I love it love it. Oh my god oh my god also b._t. Dubs i saw a golf bag in the airport the other day and i really wanted to like talk to the owner of it but then i noticed that she seemed to have like a germ like a typically kind of germ. No girl stay away. I couldn't touch i couldn't i couldn't even look at her. Luxury is not worth it. She was in the next switch switch back. I had to move on so i admire her bag. From apar- i like the idea of us when we see it out in the world we do something say hello to the person or not to the person or take a drink drink up there. I kind of liked that. Take a drink of some emergency after being near her <hes> i mean maybe we need a secret handshake secret signal about signal how whoever's holding it just flashes you a couple of hundred like yes. I can't afford it. Yes i see i want it. I don't know the rest of those words this week. If you would like to get in touch with us or to pop fashion podcasts dot com you can write us a letter or listen to old the episodes you can find on twitter at just pop fashion or over on instagram at pop fashion podcast leave. What do you want this week. Well related to chugging emergency. <hes> as you may know i just recently returned from my week trip with my family that i take every year with two young children and a bunch of adults who spend too much time together during that week and every year there's like some sort of calamity like like there was the year my nephew to go to urgent care. <hes> there was the year that my brother-in-law's glasses ended up living in a pineapple under the sea a- and last year you may recall that <hes> i came down with tonsillitis better known as tinder mouth. Ah it's a phrase and trying to make work so feel free to call it tender mouth when you get sick after you start online dating tender immune system can't handle it you get tender mouth as a kind of like foot in mouth disease no no it's not like that at all. It's more like ma. I think like mono. Oh i see i see tender mouth. Yeah yeah germs in your mouth anyway. I got through the whole trip without an illness. Everyone was in one piece. Nobody got. Nobody had to go to urgent care. We were free of calamity for an entire seven days as a family of sex and if i've learned one thing on this show over the past five and a half years is that health should not be taken for granted can be fleeting be hard to get back back preach and is one of those things where when you're healthy you don't notice it you just go about your day and i just wanna take a moment to be grateful grateful for the good health shared on this trip because it was the rare occasion that we were all in good health. That's amazing. That's really cool actually yeah yeah but tinder mouth use it with your friends and hashtag it. I want it to go viral. I wanna be famous for this lisa. Never give up on your dreams. Would you like to share a one one good thing. It just might be the right. Is your long thing that you learned with tender. Mouth is is my one good. Thing is a book. It is called my lovely wife. It is by samantha downing now. Oh you got to know your own mind to know if you are ready to read this book. I am not kidding you. This is a dark book. Not everyone one is gonna like it know thyself. Will you like this. It is about a husband wife team that are serial killers. It is fiction and it is his bat shit bonkers people. This is a crazy book fictional story about this husband and wife team. They kill people. It is insane now. Can you say the title again. I'm writing my lovely wife. The reason why i'm recommending this book is because what's the last book that made me feel this way was gone girl and it's an intense book in all seriousness. It has some dark spots that are pretty awful so be careful if you're not in the head space or if it's just not your back that's completely okay but if you like that kind of gone girl insanity sanity. This is probably a great book for yell. It is twisted. It is frightening and i could not put it down but i mean for those those of us who are sick in the head and loved the americans on f._x. It sounds like the perfect number read. It is a great summer read because you just want to keep on going and it has an amazing last sentence. Ooh i need another book to read like i need another hole in my head but i'm up at this. It was a lot of fun so you guys have a good week this week. Thanks for listening to us so we'll talk to goodbye both back.

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