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"karen hotak" Discussed on Pop Fashion

"Hey guys this is. This is karen hotak. Welcome back yard nice town and relax your vaca- yeah i came came back from six days on the beach with no out of control sunburn. Which is i from me bravo. I have zero days with a margin of error error so that's impressive. Did you use a new type of solution or were you just on top of it is on top of it and also i didn't use any spray sunscreen. I had had to like lather up with my hands so i feel like there's an added layer of awareness when you actually put it on your body yourself yes ma'am. It's not glamorous but it works t._m. My that's my p._s._a. About wearing some so yeah <hes> it was it was good. I came back. I had zero complaints in our inbox about our current format so look. Everything's great good good. Thanks for hanging with us. Everybody as we try some new things we appreciate it now. I want to do an amendment to that. Thank you for not complaining. Yes so while i came back to like little to no complaints in general about life from anyone the retail sector just sort of imploded. Is that what happened opens. Am i getting that correctly and big and small ways lisa. The most pressing topic right now is barney's. They filed. It's not a huge surprise is we've been talking about this coming for a couple of weeks so that's not the big surprise really what happened within the chapter. Eleven filings is what's surprising zang so let's talk about it.

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