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Webinars / Fake Windows - A Light Read May 25th

A Light Read Read

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Webinars / Fake Windows - A Light Read May 25th

"Hello it's Monday. May Twenty fifth at Twenty Twenty in. That means to thanks. I today's towel day the day. We appreciate one of a single most useful things anyone can carry and it's time for the light read read nails vario newsletter about. What's going on in the industry brought to you by keystone and their expert Micro Strip fixture. These are super flexible. They fit all sorts. Various they're crazy powerful seventy two hundred luminous that's one hundred thirty four lumens per watt but they feature a smooth diffuse lens creating even comfortable lighting. These are great for schools. Hospitals retail tricky locations. That's keystone deck tech DOT COM or the link in the description. Jump into the news. Nema has updated their roadway standard for enclosed luminaires specifically directional floods and enclosed sat back luminaires. Wack lighting sued cast. Lack is defending a recent patent for landscape lighting. New Jersey manufacturer cast claims. They have no case when we leads is adding two hundred twenty s a use in commercial and twelve and twenty four volt portfolios. Mass has a new plan to cover their debts. They're going to try to offer bonds and profit participation programs to refinance their debt. They took on to buy out. Oz Ram moving efficiency forward after Calvin ended. This is Laura Sherman writing about how to keep working and how to advocate for projects going forward. The DLC publishes a report on controls interoperability. This is a white paper encouraging controls to beat more. Inter operable going forward. Kennel has licensed their disinfection leading patent to pinnacle. That would explain why. They settled their patent suit last week. Light Fair is going virtual. This is going to run from July. Twenty first to twenty third between sixty hours of courses in fifty sessions on seven tracks so Vania recalls track lighting. Her shot concerns. These are twelve models of smart tracks spot. Luminaires there's a worries about defective insulation episode. One thirty six of get a grip on lighting is now viewable Mrs Interview with Tyler. Goelden about the documentary. He put together about his grandfather. Herbert Goelden who escaped Nazi Germany to Sweden crossed the USSR and took a boat across the Pacific to get to his family. Before founding sat cow free Webinar on photo biological safety standards presented by the OPTRONICS LAB. This is about your skin cornea and retinal hazards wreck. Cell is releasing UV. See Rub webinars. These are free and paid seminars. They'RE GONNA to run from now until June eighth ever light reports gains at the star reports. Losses the led packager saw profits. Go up the chip maker saw. There's go down. Edison report interviews managed. Bhandari this is the CEO of GE current sharing his experience with current events as well as shown off a new product signify launches and artificial skylight the nature connect system features Circadian Luminaires as well as color system for office. Well being lighting controls association releases Spring Product Guide. This is the latest in lighting controls from eight leading manufacturers smart lighting market to grow by sixteen percent according to Tech Navio as smart cities grow Samsung launches as smart window light be sunny. Five fixture is a window shaped light that mimics local day-night cycle no word if it can replicate rainy days. Lex Review is partnered with Bluetooth Special Interest Group for webinars series. These are talks on Bluetooth mafs delivered by summoned slupic and Edward lease on the fulfilment of. Led's promise many Matthew is writing about led growing past being inefficient bulb and being the start of a number of better technologies free Peon L. Webinar on color tuna lighting Michael Royer and the is will present performance data on light sources. Cre- lighting monitors employee health. Some of their employees at their receipt facility of tested positive for the disease and they are working very hard to keep the rest of the staff healthy Alberta the province his spending a quarter billion dollars on school renovations including lighting projects. Missoula is proceeding with a streetlight. Conversion best is in Montana and they're swapping out more than eighteen hundred high pressure sodium lamps for. Led's or really as street. Lighting PROJECT IS ON TRACK. Two point four million dollars spent to change out thirty two hundred street lights as t microelectronics has joined these. Saga Consortium to help standardize near field communications in lighting products and their manufacture fluence partners with compassionate cultivations be Texas based candidates. Producer will use -fluenced tech in their facilities Motley fool. Explains why last Wednesday crease. Stock jumped ten percent blue bulbs for charity in Baton Rouge busies selling blue bulbs for exterior lighting in support of healthcare workers. Nora names reps for Florida slater. Lighting is going to cover show rooms and distribution for south Florida New York. Mta ADS UV. C. To its vehicles hundred fifty million dollars worth lamps headed to yards to clean trains and buses. I MEA efficiency. Grant Program is open misses an Illinois utility accepting project proposals for non residential customers a new guide to disinfecting electrical equipment from Nima best practices for cleaning your gear. Catherine cain talking about the realities of using light to disinfect for architect magazine. Dutch researchers can now explain how pair of skates emit light. This is in contradiction to the accepted theory. As to why? These materials EMIT LIGHT IN NARROW FREQUENCIES. I lighting has been assigned to patent fulfilment style. Led's on the Twelfth Archive copy of Edison's light bulb. Patent auctioned for seventy five thousand dollars. These are the British patent letters for the incandescent lamp sold by Oak Tokyo. You creates a tin dioxide semiconductor. This is a transparent film for solar panels and led's. Here's a fun. Diy Project Flexible led earrings are deco styles. If you've got the time to make something blue. Led is bad for your skin. According to the Journal of Investigative Dermatology as for hirings transfers appointments and other revolving door. News Max Light is named Mesh Beatty as the VP of product management engineering and supplier relations luck stack is hired. Tony Rezzo as their mid West Regional Sales Manager signify has approved board appointments for Maria but his yet Mary Frank loop now and Pamela nap as well as the reappointments of Eric Rhonda Lot and Rene Van Shootin volume sales added. Tom Cook as northeast. Regional sales manager and transferred Stephen Fleming's to the southeast region. Cortec group has hired Matthew Hoffman as their director of finance. And I have been Scott Walker. This has been a light read brought to you by nail get associated get gated get more and keystone tech DOT com. Check that out or the link in the description. Enjoy the music please like. If you do comment if can and subscribe if you haven't we'll see you next Monday to sit but they see A. She called around outlive. Bara mothers that she Freddie Gray's than a tight l'aigle news the sole risk s the Cheetah's spas that way data set it lands as to the screws loose. The WHO likes gallons we just fantasy. We just sweet old screws. This one does a lacks does and all you.

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11 Evidence-Based Tactics To Increase Testosterone Naturally  BHP53

BOOST Health

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11 Evidence-Based Tactics To Increase Testosterone Naturally BHP53

"Welcome to the boost health podcast where we are searching for wellness balance. Your host is Paul sanfer. A certified strength and conditioning specialist with nearly twenty years of experience in the health and fitness in street and degrees in human biology and business at blue self. Our passion is to learn and share new wellness tactics and help individuals create their own personal health strategy. Join us on this journey of being open minded and try new thins. You can learn more at my boost health dot com. Welcome to the show. Your hours thousands. Your balance that is our goal here at tell welcome to episode number fifty three of the boost health podcast today. Show features a special focus on testosterone. And how to increase your levels naturally. Now, if you're female don't automatically think this show isn't for you, even though women don't have as much or nita's much testosterone his men. Do it is still a vital hormone for your overall health? The show's going to include some really cool and easy to implement tactics that you can apply right away. And they include how you exercise a vitamin to keep a really close eye on a super food that you can eat and a whole lot more first couple quick announcements and we'll jump right into the show. Extra boost guides. The very first extra boost guide is now available. These guys will be focused towards on various wellness topics that I see a need to provide a little bit of extra instruction on the first guide is for full body strength training, and it requires no equipment. It includes thirty seven pages of pictures, descriptions, videos, and audio cues of all the movements. These are the exact cues I use with my personal training clients to get them the best results possible, a dynamic warm-up, full body, workout and cooldown are all featured is great for workouts. While you're traveling at homework outs, or even just to give you a few new ideas to add to your gym workout. I'll linked to this in the show notes and blog so you can check it out Facebook group joined the boost health Facebook group, I created the screwed as a separate place to share wellness tactics. Inspire each other try new things and have some fun to join just click on the link for the Facebook group at the bottom of the homepage of my health. Dot com. Boosts hell TV the boost L podcast is now available via video format on the boost health TV YouTube channel all linked to the channel in the show notes on blog. So you can check it out and newsletter. If you haven't signed up for the weekly boost newsletter, you can do so by entering your Email into the form on the homepage of my boost health dot com. This way, you don't miss any boost health news and last the items issue, I went through an unfortunate issue recently with I tunes my show, title and byline were a little too long. And because of this the podcast was actually temporarily removed from the items directory, not changed the title and the byline quickly and re-submitted to items for approval, and obviously it was approved in the show is back on. But if you listen on itunes, you may have to resubscribe to the show, I also very sadly lost all of the reviews and ratings of the show. So if you could take a moment to rate and review the show to help new listeners know, the content is good quality. That would be really helpful. Thank you so much. All right now here is episode number. Fifty three eleven evidence based tactics to increase testosterone naturally. I've had the topic of testosterone on my list of podcast ideas for a long time. But when a friend of mine reached out recently to get some advice about having low testosterone, I cited this would be a good time to bring it up on the show and dig into the research, according to a two thousand six study in JAMA the symptoms of low testosterone include decreased muscle, mass decreased bone mineral density increased fat mass, especially in the abdomen, insulin resistance, decreased, libido, low energy irritability and dysphoric for my friend. It's been a complex cocktail of really intense endurance training, having low body mass and too little calorie intake that is likely brought about this unfortunate low level of testosterone. This dangerous combo is not uncommon in endurance athletes as we'll discuss. Later. But that said anyone who is exercising so intensely that they're overtraining could be at risk for a hormonal imbalance like this on top of the symptoms mentioned above my buddy, also mentioned that he had poor sleep poor, workout recovery and digestive issues. He's a young man. So obviously, this is a little bit scary for him to be going through his working with a doctor. It is testosterone levels back to normal. And he's agreed to join us on a future episode. So we can share his experience and the strategies that helped him out. In the meantime, I have put together eleven tactics to improve your testosterone levels naturally. Number one. Not just for the fellas free. Ladies that think testosterone is only important for men think again, a two thousand fifteen study in the Lancet diabetes endocrinology mentions that testosterone is an essential hormone for women. Not just men, and it is critical for many functions, including. Cardiovascular cognitive and musculoskeletal health at two thousand eleven study in sports medicine strength training and acute endurance training increase testosterone in men and women the authors mentioned that having enough testosterone is critical in men and women in the health of the reproductive system muscle growth and the prevention of bone loss. They also mentioned that chronic training or overtraining can cause a decrease intestinal stream a nineteen ninety eight study in the European journal of applied physiology and occupational physiology found that concentrations of total testosterone were increased in men and women with resistance training two to three times per week. The testosterone levels were noted to be significantly higher after six and eight weeks of training over the eight week study period number two full body strength training as mentioned previously strength training is a great way to increase testosterone. But the way. Workout itself or the program itself can actually make a big difference in how much testosterone is increased as I mentioned in my article full body strength training versus split group strength training. A two thousand sixteen studying biology sports showed that full body workouts will actually increase testosterone more than a split group workout this makes sense intuitively. If you think about it, what is going to ramp up your hormones more sitting on the bench doing bicep, curls or performing a squat with an overhead press, which one of those is going to give you a bigger hormone response. I think the answer is pretty clear also your biggest muscles in your body are in your legs and gluts think of the difference in hormone responsive. We train these three times per week as part of a full body workout versus only one time a week in a split group routine. Number three, no extremes or over specialized training this coming from the guy that recommends exercise every single day. Yes. But there's a. Big difference between getting an hour of activity on a daily basis in a carefully designed program that has both strength training and cardio training versus a program that is multiple hours a day of just one discipline crossville champion Matt Frazier once said during competition, none of those things are in my wheelhouse. But I train everyday not to have a wheelhouse. I love that. I love the fact that he's saying he's not going to over specialize in any one thing while I'm not a fan of all the elements of cross fit. I do like the general concept of not over specializing. There's been some research showing that overtraining can cause a reduction in testosterone. Which is why I bring this up a two thousand nine study in the journal of Inder chronology looked at how running five times per week would affect testosterone levels. The researchers split the runners into two groups where one did moderate intensity, which is sixty percent of their vio to max and the other group did high intensity which was eighty percent of their via to max. Both groups ran five times per week for sixty weeks. The sessions were on a treadmill and each session lasted for two hours while this might sound outlandish to some folks it is not unheard of to train ten hours per week for a lot of endurance athletes after only twelve weeks of sessions to stop thrown levels in both groups the moderate intensity and the high intensity began to fall. Not just to pick on endurance athletes. It seems that similar results might be found for somebody who's over specializing in strength training. A two thousand thirteen study in the international journal of sport. Physiology and performance found that a natural bodybuilder going through extremes of diet and exercise lost about seven nanograms per milliliter of testosterone, which is a time his testosterone level win from a healthy level of nine point two nanograms per milliliter to a very unhealthy low level of two point two nanograms per milliliter while he was preparing for competition. Now, why not just have a nice body composition? All the time. Said of these big extreme swings. The key in my opinion is a healthy balance to your training program. I like to recommend three days a full body strain training on nonconsecutive days like Monday, Wednesday and Friday and cardio training on Tuesday, Thursday Saturday and Sunday the goal would be to keep each session at about. Sixty minutes. So you're keeping overtraining at bay in any given discipline number forward. Don't cut carbs a nineteen eighty seven study in live sciences found that testosterone levels plummeted for participants on a high protein, low carbohydrate diet versus those on a high carbohydrate low protein diet now, I'm not suggesting don't get me wrong. I'm not suggesting that we all go on low protein based on this. But I am recommending that we keep things balanced. It is silly to cut out an entire macronutrients carbs, don't be afraid to eat high quality nutrient dense carbohydrates found in vegetables, fruits, grains, etc. Apparently lowering carbs too much can have dilatoriness effects on your testosterone levels. Number five. Eat black strap molasses now, I discussed the SuperFood in my article in show on nutrient analysis of a plant based diet, and I added it to my diet after learning that it provides a megadose of calcium and iron. But there is even more that this wonderful food can help with apparently a two thousand ten study in the African journal of food science found that black strap molasses increase testosterone levels. Now, I have one extra reason to make sure I take my two tablespoons of this daily isn't the tastiest treat in the world. But I have a few walnuts with it that helps balance out. It's very potent flavor. Now, this could be purely coincidental. But I have noticed a little bump up in my heart variability score each day since I've started taking black strap molasses, I talk about how and why take my hurry variability or HR V daily. To track. How recovered my body is from a nervous system standpoint. In my article on the topic all linked to it in the show notes. So you can check it out. I can't think of any other variables I've changed in this time. So the black strap molasses might just be a difference maker for me in recovery in improve levels of calcium iron, and apparently testosterone number six do high intensity interval training. A two thousand twelve study in hormones found that hit increase free testosterone Moore than steady state cardio. The participants were fifteen highly trained males in their late twenties. They performed a hit session with ninety seconds sprints paired with ninety second recovery jogs. This was over forty two to forty seven minute time intervals they also performed a forty five minute endurance, run at sixty percent of their veto to max for control. They just lied and a supine position at rest for forty five minutes. Blood samples were taken before each session directly after the session, and then twelve hours after the session. The study showed a significant increase in test Ostro for the twelve hour measurement on the hit workout versus no increase in test Ostro for the twelve hour measurement on the endurance workout or the control a two thousand eleven study in the journal of strength and conditioning research found that adding running sprints significantly increased total testosterone and via to max in competitive. Wrestlers the running sprints were performed as six sets of thirty five meters sprints with ten second restaurant bills. This was done two times per week for four weeks. A two thousand seventeen study in inter-krahn connections found that hit increased free testosterone levels. The participants were men over sixty years old. They used a cycling or Gama ter- and did six sets of thirty seconds sprints paired with three minutes of active recovery. This occurred in nine sessions over the course of six weeks it also increased their peak power production, which is a nice bonus. So now, there's really good reason for me to continue doing my little thirty to sixty seconds sprints when I'm out with my cycling, buddies. Number seven, get some vitamin d a two thousand eleven study in hormone and metabolic research found that supplementing with three thousand international units of d three significantly increased asto Strom, another wonderful way to give item Andy of courses through sunshine, the amount of time outside and time of day will vary depending on where you are in the world, of course. But a good general rule. Thumb is to get outside in the midday sun without sunscreen for about twenty minutes several times per week, a two thousand ten study in the journal of investigative dermatology. Found that participants in the United Kingdom got adequate levels of vitamin d from thirteen minutes of midday sun exposure to thirty five percent of skin surfaces. They were just wearing shorts and t shirts for me. My multivitamin has twenty five hundred international units of d three. And I also take a work break during the middle of the day on most days to get outside. And so can some race for about fifteen or twenty minutes, and I figured the combination of getting sunshine. Whenever it's possible. And having the multivitamin fill in any grey days seems to be a pretty good strategy number eight sauna for those of you that listened or watched episode fifty one which was the benefits of sauna you might recall, one of the benefits was increased growth hormone. And it appears that he mild increase of testosterone may also occur with Sony's. According to a nineteen eighty nine study in the European journal of applied physiology and occupational physiology increase on use can cause an increase in growth hormone anti-stalin and a decrease in cortisol and speaking of cortisol number nine control stress. Most folks are aware that when your stress levels increase your levels of a hormone called cortisol also increase high cortisol levels can lead to increase fat storage and a slowing metabolic rate, which are certainly not xylitol on top of that. When you're. Cortisol levels rise a decrease in Testa Strom typically occurs. A two thousand ten study in hormones and behavior show that there's this type of hormonal balancing act that occurs when cortisol levels rise in stressful situations testosterone levels tend to decrease considering this and the other long term health benefits to managing stress levels. It would be wise to keep stress under control as much as possible number ten sleep. Oh, how boring right? Just another thing that getting more sleep helps with will add getting more testosterone to your list of reasons. I promise you won't be mad at yourself in the morning, if you get more sleep now, I was always a six to seven hour per night person. And I usually felt okay with this. But then I saw a twenty seventeen article on the popular science website where the director of sleep and neuro imaging lab at the university of California Berkeley is names Matthew Walker. He says that we actually need a minimum of eight hours to mitigate reduction. Of our cognitive performance net is one thing to feel okay after six or seven hours. But if we're not performing at our best, then that's a bad sign now. I just go to bed at the same time as kids which is about eight thirty. And then I sleep until four thirty or five this way. I get my solid eight hours. The how much sleep though, do we need from testosterone perspective, the doesn't appear to be any research that I could find on a specific number of hours for optimal testosterone levels. But there are lots of studies showing that not getting enough sleep will definitely decrease your testosterone. For example, a two thousand eleven study in Jaama looked at what would happen. If sleep was restricted in young healthy men in their twenties. They were restricted to five hours per night for one whole week, and the testosterone levels of all the men dropped ten to fifteen percent. I remember these are young men in their twenties. So for testosterone levels, the drop that much as huge, obviously other factors will affect. Testosterone like sleep quality and the lifestyle side of your sleep cycle. But we know five hours is not enough of healthy young males loose testosterone with this amount of sleep. According to the same study about fifteen percent of working adults in the United States, get less than five hours. So you may wonder if six or seven hours is enough then well, as I mentioned, I haven't seen studies to show a minimum requirement, and this may be likely to the vast number variables. But we do know that eight hours is best for cognitive function. Based on the aforementioned study at Berkeley. So why not just shoot for eight hours of sleep? And you know, you're getting enough for your brain power and your testosterone number eleven monitor your heart rate variability those of you that have been following the show for a while are aware that I'm a big fan of tracking. Hurry, variability or HR V. It's a great way to know. How recovered you are on a daily basis, and it's really cool. A two thousand ten study in Turkish cardiology. Journal found that there's a positive correlation between your testosterone levels and your HR V score. This makes sense after we've learned that stress can actually decrease your testosterone HIV tells us a story of how recovered our body is from a nervous system standpoint. And based on his research, we can now also make a general assumption that our testosterone is higher when our HR V scores higher. This is really exciting to me because I've had a higher HIV score lately. As I mentioned earlier, and I think this is in part due to eating that black strap molasses for the iron and for the calcium. But then as we learned today also can help boost to SaaS Jerome, and I think this really brings things full circle. And it shows how connected our body systems. Actually are. Thank you very much for listening to the show today. A few things you can do that would help out boost health of you'd be so kind please subscribe rate and review the podcast and your podcast at leave a review on the boost health Facebook page subscribe to the boost hell TV YouTube channel and. Follow my boost health on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, you can also visit the boost health website at my boost health dot com for links to everything along with more, motivation and information until next time. This is Paul Sanford, saying goodbye and find your balance.

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#15 Dr. Pazio on How To Transform Your Health & Slow Down The Aging Process

The Darin Olien Show

1:08:58 hr | Last month

#15 Dr. Pazio on How To Transform Your Health & Slow Down The Aging Process

"You're listening to the Derna League show I'm Darren. I've spent the last fifteen years exploring the planet looking for healthy foods, superfoods, environmental solutions, and I've had my mind blown along the way by the people the far off places I have been. The life altering events that have changed my life forever. My goal is to help you dive deep it to some of the issues of our modern daylight societies, fatal conveniences. The things that we do that were indoctrinated into thinking we have to even though those things are negatively affecting us and in some cases, slowly destroying us and even killing us every week I have honest conversations with people that inspire me. My hope is through their knowledge and unique perspectives they'll inspire you to. Together we'll explore how you can make small tweaks in your life that amount to big changes for you the people around you and the planet. So. Let's do this. This is my show. The DARNELL lean show. What's up everybody? How's it going? One welcome back to the show. Stoke for another episode Stoke to have you join and some of your time today because sick great episode but I just wanted to say I'm grateful for all of you I'm grateful for all of the new subscribers to make sure you subscribe because we're a mission people we are definitely on a mission I- mobilizing I'm listening I'm creating things that are going to create a super life program moving forward a super life ambassador program More specifically Super Life Warriors so that you can stay healthy. Fete eternally awesome and then turn that awesomeness into being ECO warrior as you become more aware of our current climate. And as we feed you more information that the collaborations, the people that were gathering and talking to in the research that I'm doing some people. Were stoked. So I've listened to you from the down to Earth show. I've listened to all the messages, receiving thousands of messages. Every day of people being inspired people being touched people wanting to do something with their lives and we are putting that together. So stay tuned for that got Dr Alex Paseo his long name Pazuto Poulos right Dr Alex Positive Opelousas say that ten times fast and you've accomplished something today we had an incredible conversation. There's so many synergies here he runs the Paseo shoot. And you know we talked to longevity. We talked superfoods. We talked about background that he has from Being a Shaolin trained. Warrior, as well as having his medical degrees we shared in that. Kind of education of people and plant based diets, and it perfectly meshes with his optimization his his is research and his ongoing orientation around microbiome and restoration. So anyway I hope you enjoy the show. This was great fun and this guy's doing incredible stuff. So stay tuned. And enjoy the show. Cool. So Hey, man welcome super excited to talk to you Dr Pasi. Oh, I may not suit. You've got it. You got to give me the first Benefit of the doubt pronounce your last name for me. Topless. Paseo topless. See it flows. It definitely wasn't gonNA flow of I. Tried it song. Set the tone. So thank you for jumping on here. an again getting to kind of see your bio functional medicine anti-aging kind of regenerative aging, and then there's interesting terms that you have kinda thrown in the mix around medical engineering, which is pretty cool and I think we have some actually, I saw your. Residency was finished up at Mercer University. So I'm gonNA open up something around that that is interesting or where we might have a connection. So anyway I'm GonNa, give you know everyone hurt your intro in the beginning but just give a little give a little synopsis of You because you have this medical degree but then you just went all the way in on regenerative healing and functional medicine and I'd love just to hear that story a bit. Sure I'm in. The back probably UNDERGRAD years. I was an environmental science in physical anthropology. A why I was really excited that you know you've done some. Travelling around the Amazon so I studied Joffrey are Tamarin monkeys in Panama. How was like my first. Experience really with the while. You know seeing animals in the wild, just saying ecosystem works and. In a release fertilized in me to go into science and then. Just fascination with primates in obviously were primates. So that laid the foundation for that later, I went to the University of Colorado and did. Some neuroscience work some chemistry. was after I had found yoga end Shaolin Martial. Arts Khufu. And before I went to medical school, I was really deep into teaching yoga doing stronger yoga and. Becoming a black belt in Kung through, and I found that doing this though simple practices in becoming Vegan at that time. I'd healed saw of injuries myself. Pull Walter shoulders were all shot from that end. So it was just great to see how it could get my body back in just the level of clarity in just how good up to eat plants. And Mike Okay I wanNA take this next level medical school. And Medical School I was like, wow. There's all these other doctors that are doing things outside of just what Western medicines doing. So I got involved in American Academy anti-aging medicine in their fellowship program. Later did stem cell fellowship with them in recently just did a peptide certification with them. So it's putting that all together was create in my residency program was one of the few programs that did integrative medicine in residency through the University of Arizona through while. So, not a really great background in stuff like and then what I try to do is. When I started putting everything together I was like wow, there's so many moving parts. And You're trying to treat somebody but you don't WanNa. Overwhelm them. And there's so many different components from their behaviors right to their diets to supplements you're gonNA give them to the medications testing you're going to do. This is what we do and I looked to engineers have a lot of really great trends that are engineers. Like engineers solve problems all the time you talking talk it's not typical. The Systems based Engineering Mechanical Engineer Era Maintenance Itchy. So engineer but a stern looking into it now like why am physicians engineers? I'm like we should have education in engineering. Right because if you're, going, to optimize. System. You need to do systems based engineer you need to do maintenance engineering and his protocols hurry set. and. Why airplanes don't Fall Scott, and that's why Formula One cars are amazing. They are and. You can just see so many examples from like the software industry everywhere. Google now everyone's using systems based engineering, it's standard except for Miss. was certainly the normal, the normal medicine of the kind of the the the germ theory approach of the American Medical Association you catch this you get this and then we we deal with that down the road. But before you get into that I am ABS- I just have to highlight. There's so many things that you just said that I wanNA unpack in one is When I was seven years old. My Dad asked me what I wanted to do. I. Said I WANNA go to Shaolin and study? Come crew. And a small town kid from. MINNESOTA. So clearly that didn't happen but my dad enrolled at adult karate class and I was so eager I just annoyed the the instructor and he kicked me out but the medical engineering man that just that just hit me. So Square on it of course, there's there's microsystems, there's macro systems. Have our ecosystem, and of course, we need optimize it. And we need to track it. You know it's like electronic medical records are not very good for tracking optimization. They're really good for like tracking problems and you know putting notes in ordering prescriptions, but it's not good for optimization but project management really is. And there's so many great project managers tweets out there and if you enter a patient into a project manager sweet as. A project will then you can say, okay, you know we're checking in on these things at dinner. Riot and seeing if they're compliant with supplements at these times, I'm ordering labs at these intervals right and then you know they start on this exercise and then once they're done with Adam. They arrested the next exercise so they don't get overwhelmed so and we're just in the very beginning calling this one point all even though it's far greater than anything that we've done before it's still very beginning. When I'm hoping is going to happen is once we start getting this out is that I want other doctors to do it I. Don't want this to be some proprietary thing that you have to come to the Paseo Institute for I WANNA. See all types of people using different types of engineering to optimize individuals, and then we can talk together. We can say, okay what's the best way to go about this? 'cause it's never really been done. So let's take it through so I can people can understand like if I were to come to you. What would be the protocol of of this concierge approach of of that, and also how you can expand that in what you're talking about like how would you approach? A client and in using all these principles of functional and Diagnostics and medical. Engineering. Shorts great question. So The first thing we do is we have patients fill out a questionnaire. And the other thing that we do is we have them send in all their old medical records that they can get their hands on. we also vet them out to see if they have the amount of funds that are needed. To program. We do that early on because we don't WanNA disappoint somebody in saying okay we can do this. ANTASTIC program Tori you. But you know you don't have the money for it. So it just Kinda see. We let them out to see what kind of expendable income they have to put towards us and what they're willing to put towards. Because that will really change the plan quite a bit. There's different levels that you can go to for optimization. So after we kind of them out in a field, a questionnaire out in. The in the medical info I go through all that, and then we do about an hour an hour and a half a consultation in person or now mostly zoom because the code. After I, get all that kind of information on them and get their background feel how the one thing I can really get an idea of if you look into maintenance engineering systems based in. There's this thing called the discovery process and INA discovery process. When you're looking about a new system, you wanNA find out what are they major problems that you're experiencing right now? that. Could lead to catastrophic events. And we treat those right away because you know you don't want. You know there's a crack in the fuselage in airplane who cares about the seats, right? So some of your diagnostics to cover some of that beyond the person just saying what are some of those things that you use to uncover So that lot of that's in the second process. So diverse process to see like, okay. Family history what are you complaining about? What's been going on? That gives me an idea of what basic labs I need to get in on my basic labs are not basic but the mostly bloodwork. And then we get back and see where they're at, and then I create a plan in that plan is all these other diagnostics that we need in common diagnostics get our CTO calcium scores and lots of ultrasounds on different parts of the vascular. System. And in two of the things that kill us in today's society especially here in the states are strokes, heart attacks and cancer. So those are catastrophic things that we need to focus on right away and there's plenty of men that die in their forties that are in fantastic shape. Right to have you know excellent aerobic capacity they can. They can really strong. It looks fit they look good but you can't tell what's going on with their vascular system. So. You know between the couch scores between the ultrasound, and then we do a lot of metabolic testing. So we can see how good endothelial function is and. When I talk to patients lengthy a lot of times like what feeling? Like it's the largest of your body and still lying every blood vessel. It's the network of your whole bodies to infrastructure. Right. So it out quality endothelium, you can't supply organs with oxygen nutrients can't get rid of waste, right? You can't dilate ardor arterioles. So why focus on that a lot? With quality. You know a lot of things just kind of go away and then we get epigenetics cancer testing. So which is really new test so we can see no with the major cancers. Is there a cancer burden in the body that you're that you're currently fighting in these tests allow us to see the progression of cancer before he can ever pick it up with the scan. And then you can get us. You can use all these other modalities that we have from stress reduction supplements IB's to start working on the immune system and see if we can get those scores downs but never really actually progressive cancer. So that genetic cancer thing you're looking at to just try to simplify for people. It's like the those are the things that in a lifestyle people are either not doing or doing her doing. That's causing them issue your and mostly it's stressed right and. The. One I, come through matches. Say It's not about the external stress right? External stresses good for you. something heavy makes you strong. It's a stress. External Stress Holding Horse Dancing Holding your breath. That's hard. It makes you stronger right? So the the stressors that we get in live there, they could possibly make stronger by making us adapt well to what's happening but when you turn it inward and you affect your breathing in most people that affects your public floor, and that's like a whole new thing that we've been exploring is a public floor therapy intention as affects the Vegas nerve and then shuts your immune system mouth affects your breathing rate so. There's so many things involved with just the basics unpack that a little bit because I also believe that that's extremely important I've been doing pelvic stabilization for a couple years now and I learned it from a PhD. From coli in in kinesiology and she was all about that and she also studied from some ancient. Indigenous People in Peru. So it was like this melding at n and that stability and I didn't realize about the Vegas nerve I was just because I have a thirty year college football injury in my lower back and nothing stabilized it more than doing pelvic stabilization and and proper breathing techniques dia thematic deep breathing all of this stuff. So so what do you find than with pelvic instability like what are the? Periphery rated. Causal things that are what you're seeing as a result of that instability. So two different things Pelvic instability right and that has to do with the way that your pelvis is. To the rest of your body, right some people like vo caught core, but it's a lot more involved in that and then there's just the muscles of the pelvic floor from like your pubic bone to your tailbone. And what happens with people with a lot of high stress in their life is that tone of those muscles becomes very high. You know which makes sense because if you see, you know an animal that might be threat to you when you're a primitive human while you're gonNA constrict your pelvic floor because you can't go to the bathroom. The hell out of there we have to fight. And that constriction of the pelvic floor would it dies it colds tailbone under a little bit and Amos tightened up in the muscles around the aretha tighten up and met send a signal of the Vegas nerve like stop digestion stopped the immune system, stop all unnecessary Oregon's right increase the speed of processing in the brain, which if you're not running from some, thank you know you're GonNa you're gonNA start. Spinning on your stress is going to get worse and you know breathing heart. Rate, muscles. Right. So fantastic if you actually have to do something not so great if it's all day every day right, and that's that's were really seeing the modern day fatality of our kind of overall stress now, more than ever with this pandemic in this this. Situation in that situation and were just if we can't kind of unload that stress. Than at the core, we're dealing with this. With this deep stress. That's just. Sending out alarm system in a domino effect and and people really don't understand that. Oh, I just gotta be less stress right but it's so jinked right and it's a and they don't know you know it's like I've been around people doing that -tations, Yoga Until I got into this medicine, there wasn't really an objective way to tell whether or not your meditation effective is your Yoga. Effective is your Taichi effective. And now we have biofeedback and we have now feedback, and so they can see you know there's a thing called beat to beat very ability. So as heart beats. In, you feel your pulse it feels like it's a metronome, but it's not if you're at rest and your com, every beat is off by a couple of milliseconds. So it's good beat to beat variability that means that you're at rest and your body's functioning properly when it starts beating perfectly like a metronome you're stressed out. and. If you're not doing a proper meditation it's GonNa be revealed in that and so there's you know we can hook you up to these devices and there's even home devices. For the listeners can go to heart math dot org. order dot net and You can get these devices you can learn how to do the training so that you can increase your beat to beat variability by doing breathing exercises in focusing in a call about this thing called coherence. And really improve yourself and from a neurological standpoint, you can do quantitative electric central grams and you can see what's going on in the brain and the different portions of the brain are day in coherence or something really hot or really cold, and then you can sit in front of a computer screen and train those parts of the brain to get into coherence or to you know, say somebody with adhd to turn on that prefrontal CORTEX. So just they both go together. But now you can see 'em I successful at my practice and how do I make my practice better. And that's huge. What you just said because it's also like a average person, any person wants to know what they're doing is is gonNA improve them and you can hear all the stuff like I should meditate. Dammit I should meditate damaged but especially now I'm stressed because of this and that and finances in whatever but if you can actually have some. Some quantifiable things that you can understand about. Okay. Back to your great terminology, which is medical engineering. If I have this thing that I can understand and then do and it gives me pragmatic results towards this very thing that I need to balance in my life. Now, that's something that's extremely important because you can grab any meditation APP There's a Zillion out at this point, but is actually creating effectiveness for your well being right and that's that's absolutely. And I'm not against meditation like meditation From the schools of thought from the Yoga that I've been exposed to country have been exposed to meditation advanced practice. And until you've really learned how to control the breath control the pelvic floor. give good attention to things be aware of your course of your body attention within it. be controlling way either gazing. Under your conscious control, you don't really have. To do meditation because without all that self control an awareness, you might just see the ego and you might stimulate the mind to get more control view rather than you getting control. So you know, there's always caveats to everything right and I think that things need to be progressive and how you go about it. When summit so someone comes to you in through this diagnostics What goes on from there and. So you're you're looking at them from all of these different approaches you've done the blood tests you've looked at their history from what you've seen what do you take them from there? From there. Then we create a plan for them right now we're using spreadsheets, show them all went page what's going on they're going to have to like really zero in on all the details because in the follow up or tying, they need to do next but the very first thing is right. Okay. The wind get started do these movement exercises the want you to work on this range of motion because in the House. We're looking at their posture range of motion doing physical exam trying to work on that whereas their balance. To all those things are set together so that they can practice at a basic level depending on where they're at I mean we have professional athletes come to the. Not, to begin at the beginning for them and everyone to add a different spot. Have tastic diets and people don't even know the importance of Planche so you know. Everyone's at a different starting point and then. Child of medicine. So it's Their supplements and there's pharmaceuticals and some people come in and they're all about supplements and that's fine and they don't want any pharmaceuticals. Educate them that not all pharmaceuticals were bad and there's plenty of pharmaceuticals that we need to get rid of Senate let excels and to you know. In the word that most people understand bio hack, which is turn on certain genes so that we can live better and have less cancer you know and you know some of the medicines that we use a lot of like that are low dose no trek zone that foreman. Even, tiny bits of aspirin west than a baby aspirin. Use. Engine Receptor blockers Cardis Lot. To modulate gene compe- gamma, and then we use drugs that are some of them are getting chemotherapy drugs like that. And then some of them are just fighter nutrients like quercetin her visits. So it's a whole combination of stuff in would even use lots of peptides so that people can turn on things like a body protection complex on fifty seven when they're injured or they have autoimmune disease got or a C. JC twelve, ninety, five and Maryland so that we can raise growth hormone in bursts. So can get people to get away from their circle Kenia, their loss of muscle mass. So they can as they age, they continue to maintain that. The foundation of everything is ages hormone replacement. Over what twenty seven years now of really good data for hormone replacement done by a bio identical. So and I find that if you don't replace your hormones, it's very, very difficult to maintain health span. Now is that is that mostly focused on women towards menopause, but is is also equally or somewhat close to it also men. With ultra shirts it's equally men and women and both men and women I. Think the most important hormone is testosterone. And You can look at actor Rebecca, glaziers, Work Hormone Balance Dot Org. With her work with women testosterone. It's absolutely fantastic. She's had really fantastic way of lowering their cancers their breast cancer. and. Our. Breast Cancer Risk, and it depends obviously on the pathology of the breast cancer. estrogen. Breast cancers they respond very well to testosterone and in many cases. It's better than the chemotherapy regiments and you don't get sick. So I'll definitely take a look at that and we use a pellet therapy here in the clinic I don't really use a lot of injectables and don't usually use a lot of journals. Because we get much. Better. To control the with a small pellets coming a little tick tack, it just goes under your skin. We do it every hundred days. Now, some people are doing pellets. More the more of them were longer periods of time. I like doing it over shorter period times. The heck it is made troughs. When people in Jack like they're getting a peak at trough every couple of days and it's more like a drug effect and I, think it has more reflective mood but when you Give testosterone over a longer period of time and you have steady state they have much better results and you find that people have less brain fog and have better self confidence they repair quickly from workouts they're able to maintain body mass and a the studies are showing that they're able to maintain brain mass and which is a huge component. Is maintaining brain mass over time? So for years, maybe all most of my life people than asking me what kind of foods do. What kind of exercises do kind of water should I drink all of these things and so much more we put into a twenty one day program. So that can take you through a theme every day of Knowledge Action, and then eating this delicious meals working out getting support anchoring in these new habits. So you can do what so that you can kick ass. So you have the energy the vitality to live the kind of life that you really want. That's what it's all about. So all in this APP, we have grocery lists we have education about real hydration and what greater oxygenation and the balance of Elkins -ation. All of these things we are diving into as your heading down this hero's journey of implementation into a new life to give you the kind of life that you actually want. So join my tribe all you have to do is go to one to one tribe dot com sign up and he get three three days. Join me on this hero's journey. Join the. A. Many of you follow me no. I've spent most of my life searching for the healthiest foods on the planet. If you look hard enough, there are a few unknown extraordinary foods around the world that people still don't know about a few years ago I came across my favorite superfood discovery of all time. UCA's nuts when I first tasted them, my eyes lit up the taste alone just absolutely blew me away. But after sending them to a lab which I do and getting all the tests, I realized there the healthiest nuts on the planet like no other nut even compares they have like an UN usually high amount of fiber and they're off the charts in super high antioxidants and few calories than any other nut like it's jam packed micronutrients, but they're not just good for you. They're really good for the planet. Most other nuts require millions of gallons of irrigated water but Baraka trees require no artificial irrigation. Brooke is are truly good for you. Good for the planet. And good for the world community. It's a win all the way around I. Really think you'll love them. So I'm giving all of my listeners, fifteen percents off by going to Baru Dot. COM backslash. Dan. That's B. A. R. U. K. S. DOT COM backslash Darren D. A. R. I am. I know you will enjoy. You know I've I've been involved with some studies, implant based studies where we absolutely and there's plenty that have been published where we got people off of meat dairy fish in eggs men's to stop thrown in the matter of three weeks went up by thirty percent So. So obviously you optimizing someone's kind of lifestyle eating and and stressors and stuff like that. So when when would you kind of optimize them in terms of what they're doing and then when would you go? Hey, listen we need to Kinda bring in some replacement like what's your protocol like that with their? You just have to look everyone's different when they start to lose things. But before I just start throwing testosterone at people. Now, if they're older, they come in fifties of course I'm just GONNA by budgets Dawson right we're going to do everything else at the same time simultaneously but I see a lot of kids coming in you know in their late twenties early thirties and they have extremely low testosterone and I'm talking like in the two hundreds. So I'm not going to give them that but I know that there's something going on in their life that's causing that. So like you said, you know we try to get him to go plant based and we'll get to modulate their stress because stress has a huge impact on. Warm. And we started to get them to do the proper exercise in the exercises that we really focus on in the clinic you know outside of the Yoga income in on some of the cheek exercise to give people are. Lifting. But lifting for power not bodybuilding. And most of the trainers out there they're only trained for hypertrophy exercises. And ends up a lot of damage to the muscle cells, and you don't get a strength to weight ratio. I. I'm a big believer like Margaret Cho in strong people really hard to kill fried so We WanNA, make people strong, and if you know sets three sets of five basically is kind of. Kind of thing. And the deadliest squads are way up there for us and we show because we have all the studies that you grow Andrea and you make more might conjure by doing that kind of stuff. And it has profound effects on the body and the other thing that I really hard a lot sprinting. Might keep you gotta do hundred yard sprints hard as you can obviously done them in twenty years or something you've got work up to it but the really profound things happen and. We go into depth about energy systems in know not leno the people understand that like you know we do ran. A couple miles will you really use up your ATP and you're creating reserves? Right you have four seconds ATP four seconds accrediting. And It's really hard to tap into those. You have to be at one hundred percent output explore those to be depleted, and when you deplete those then all of a sudden, there's all this free identity in everywhere. Your Mitochondria Freak out like Oh, my God where ATP. defecit we need to make ourselves bigger when you divide need to become more efficient, and then you have a surplus of energy for the rest of the day in as you go on him life and your brain needs so much ATP, but he can't work out. And we have all that data from other PhD's it's there and do all this work and they're the most likely to get Alzheimer's any, and you can go beyond that right and that's what the whole engineering programs is out is of optimization. So we'll have some top athletes that will come in at number run work and will run. It's pretty routine for us to look at environmental toxins. And to look at heavy metal burden and then to look at how your hormones are being metabolised by your liver. And so they can look at by looking at those things you can see like Howard compounds affecting my hormones how are they affecting in system where I? Am I going to get cancer you know I'm just not gonNA feel well, arm feel foggier hormones or thrown off, and then what is necessary to get them out so there's all these standard detox is on the Internet and I'm not saying that they're terrible, but they're not targeted at the compounds that you're. That you're burdened with. So when we do these testing, we can say, okay, this is the way that we're going to eliminate it. It's going to be for this time in our recheck. Insane where you're at. And then we get a much better picture and be able to optimize you and what we found is that even top athletes get better and I and I, really like that terminology steal it, give you credit for the medical engineering because I'm always amazed the new do something specifically for let's call it a heavy metal, call it a parasite bacteria like if you do it specifically in some of these technique that's been proven to work it's amazing with the body. Will do what the body were let go of and but but I think people need to know that because people need to take pro activity with their bodies and they're running around and we're all being exposed. Unfortunately, our environment got heavy metals. It's got estrogen mimicking compounds were compromise period were compromised absolutely. So we have to take responsibility and be proactive and connect with doctors like yourself that are looking at the ecosystem testing for the ecosystem and then specializing into how to. Relieve that body of its burden that you may not even be conscious of you just feel fatigued. Down sewer whatever but it's it's I just WANNA. Say I I'm amazed at the body because it is so specific when the body goes Oh, I got. Bouma detox a very specific way. It's incredible. It really is incredible. You know, and then you know like you're saying you know we're talking about food and everything like that and gut. So many people that are gut microbiome is so far off optimal. And you can't really tell by like will go to the bathroom every day or constipated informed stool like that doesn't really give you the insight that you need. And what I found is even by starting to changes in Diet, sometimes the bacteria that have been living there for a long time, they're not gonna go away without a fight. they are embedded biofilm and Yang. Getting Ready to them unless you're doing something specific to get rid of them. And enter into replenish the micro-biology and hopefully soon the. The laws will. Change Aurora FECAL transplants will become legal. Because, they're really really a promising thing that we're really help. A lot of people are doing it outside of the country braces because it takes a long time to really build a good microbiome. Now, have you been plant-based for a long time and you've been take care of yourself? Yeah. You dumped up. But if you're one of these people that now been eating pretty garbage diet, which is standard American Diet and going to restaurants a lot. You're getting high fatty meals and you're getting the animals mostly from GMO. All this kind of stuff while you're you're terrible gut. And when you start changing, you start adding a lot of fiber have like this horrendous bloating all kinds of problems and We have to keep you enzymes of the probiotics. I am by from Dr Bush and like that. So it does work. But if we did have microbiome transplant that was legal here, we could fix a Lotta these problems in a matter of weeks. That that that stuff to me is astonishing that it isn't but it's not surprising because of it's just some of the bureaucratic backwardness of some of the stuff and I said this in my book. talking about how incredibly? kind of bypassing the mind and the talking about the strength of they don't want to give up the fight like sending signals of their cravings and we think it's our cravings when. Suppose that dies like it's like you think you have any control band you're you're smelling. Fast Food, and it's really those microbes that are sending you those insatiable cravings that you barely have any control over. So unless you do a very drastic stoppage to allow the time to convert over because once you get, you've seen this right once people get over that Hump there was cravings completely changed because ultimately your ecosystem has changed. I. Haven't discussion that patients lot on Mike you go to a forest in its fall. And everything's decaying everything's dead. These leaves decaying on the ground on sticks, all kinds of stop and. Go, pick up that literally air in smell it. And you like it. It's like Oh that's the snow fall. That's wonderful. That's decaying matter. It's all kinds of bacteria, but it smells good to you because those bacteria beneficial to you the breakdown plant matter they protect you from other microbiome You know invading species, they digest things for you. They do all kinds of even detox for you. But. Then you walk further and you find like a dead squirrel and you smell a dead squirrel not so good do because Keach affected bacteria. Why is it so great you because those bacteria won't do anything for you. And when there's nothing more for them to eat, they're going to tell you digest you. And the the peptides that the plant base bacteria are GonNa Release Make you calm. and. The ones that will from the eating animal or they wanna make you a little bit more angst because if you're a little bit more angry kind of a person, will you probably GonNa go kill something That's a big incredible topic to to start to rock it start to understand because what we just said what we just talked about about that peptide strength of those microbiomes. So why wouldn't they also be contributing to your killing nature? If If that's what you've been eating. Right, so if if that putrification in those. Quote Unquote. Other microbes have been used to the putrefied flesh of another being Than they're definitely. Going to be calling out for the the necessary factors that are involved with them, getting more of that putrification Hey I wanNA talk about. Mercer University in your residents. Mercer was really great for Integrative Medicine. Because we the integrative medicine. Residency Program. So. We got most of the stuff that comes out of University of Arizona. Program we exposed to. So that was good and you know doing a residency is important for any tradition. Even if you're just doing functional medicine or you know integrative medicine, if you haven't really seen disease in the hospital and you haven't had to be a resident and run your butt off and work crazy hours in, see all kinds of stuff. Your problem solving is really affected. And I I didn't really think that doing interested in Seattle I'll just like Oh. What do I need? This Florida's aren't really what I WANNA do. Right, I want to do something else and I'm not going to really do this primary care number. We're GONNA do surgery arguments staff, but doing all those rotations in being exposed to all that it definitely heightened my ability to. Diagnose and treat. So. It's one of the reasons that not a really big fan of the future primary Sarah's working in this country. Moving primary care to. Secondary providers PA's into nurse practitioners, and while they're well educated, there's nothing wrong with their education haven't had that. You know throw you into the mix for three years. And really see all this disease and have to deal with it, and our best physicians should be primary care not specialists. It's a lot easier to do a specialist job. It's really difficult to diagnose something that might be missed. Wanting diagnosed the sent to specialists. It's a pretty easy job. By but in our country of the top docs going into specialty because that's where the money's. And we're going to really have some terrible things happen to people because they're not gonNA miss the diagnosis. Let's the I'm glad you brought that up because that's that's one of the really big issues we have in our healthcare system in our normal healthcare system in the reductionism. that gets so myopic in focused you're literally staring at your feet when walking through a trail and you don't see the flowers you don't see the trees you don't see anything else. You probably walk off a cliff and that's kind of our medical system like the specialities your you're you can't see, and that's why I love doctors like yourself and the the I mean the from Chicago to Shaolin to integrative to medical engineering. To have that approach but also through the diagnostics and through common sense. Dealing with people that's that's how we have to move and it's it's very important because we miss I mean it's just it just makes no sense but most people are just jumping around from specialist to specialist, and then of course, it sets you up from pharmaceutical. petri dish of just one. Drug after another never getting any sort of health. And the thing that I'm really trying to. People to understand is age reversal medicine. So eight reversal medicines the air for a couple of years now, but has degraded potential all of us, and if you look in the summer ligature a Russell Dot. Net Foundation the BUCK institute AUBER degray. Look at of these things that are going on. That's the future of everything and the people that really need to focus on this. The most are if you're forty years old or above. The people that were just born today. That medicine will probably be refined forty fifty years. It'll be the applied to them so they might get older and get these viruses that can be injected their body or what other techniques we're GONNA have. Excelled will die Alder epigenetics will be really set to a young person and they'll be basically immortal. But for all of us we need to learn we need to figure out how am I going to extend my life you know year by year and what are these non toxic therapies? Am I gonNA adopt so that I can maintain my son burden and so I can slow down at genetic modification of my jeans. I can keep more of an active before they get turned dormant because we don't know right now how to turn them back on after they've been turned off. But we slow down process right now and we have regenerative techniques whether it's with you know ex oems or stem cells or platelet rich plasma peptides or combination of all of them. You know we can repair broken tissues and then we can start to reverse biological age and you know. But for Horowitz, we didn't even know how to measure biological age. But now we have all of these different assets that can do thousands of metabolites and put them through Algorithm and say here, here's a chronological age of fifty two and your biological age is forty five. Or the other way around your chronological age fifty two. But now you're biological age sixty two. Well, that's not good. Right, what can I do about that and then we're seeing people in the clinic that had increased their their average telomeres, and we've seen people that have reduced their. Biology or increased. Or Reduced Biological Age. Just by following protocols in supplement tides and whatnot. So, you've been able to test the biological age of people for everyone there's there's a chronological. There's there's you know by birthdays at this time, and this is how much how long been around. But then there's actually the expression of biology is like you know some people look like they're forty but they look like they're seventy. But also we can tell now with the with the work Horowitz and things like that where you can test the telomeres length and the telomerase expression of how much telomerase you have and Blah Blah Blah that either through the cell replicating is either. Increasing that rate of loss biologically or or the body's ability to have more telomerase rates available. So the less shortening on the chromosomes. So so you've been testing people before and after with the biological testing and you're seeing through some of their protocols, their biological age is actually starting to go down. Yeah. M. I. Wish we get it on everyone, but it's kind of expensive testing. But you know the people that are able to sort of age reversal protocol were incorporating those both the telomere testing and genetic testing. Though sued wronged. We haven't really seen. So there's in when you measured telomeres, you can see. What's average telomeres and then you can see this other tests, which is what is the critically short telomeres. The critically short telomeres are more important than the average links. The critically shorts what we can also influence more because that's how your body's working day to day because those are in the cells that again turned over most like in the end of white blood cells. and. That's what we want to affect the most because as we age our immune system gets hammered in his skull immunised in essence. So if we can help the immunise of the elderly, we're GONNA help them in all kinds of ways. And that slows down the aging allows them to fight off viruses and fight off chronic disease and if they were to get Kobe did. They wouldn't have nearly the problems that they could. We only have a sample of to in our clinic that event Kobe over the age of eighty but neither of those people had any effect. Band virus that they didn't feel ill or anything. So as you're, you're optimizing their their body systems in their immune system during that process, I would I would like to take full credit for that. Small number that you could just lock you know but. But we have really good data just even with vitamin D that you know you can look their Sony good papers that have come out by reach. It's not a vitamin. It's a steroid hormone responsible for modulating over two hundred genes the people that are over the age of sixty with less than. Twenty seven. Vitamin D ARE HIGH RISK FOR DEATH So I mean the simple thing we could do in the world and from Functional Medicine, the research that and you could just replace the vitamin D everyone on the planet. and give them the algae oil, the Dogo. So excellent gas ID, you can probably get rid of thirty thirty percent of diseases on the planet. Discipline to thanks. While So but it's not. It doesn't become in stream. Nobody really pushes me like people like US push it, but we're still in the great minority. Right unfortunately, but we have to do it and the. People that are never going to be open to it they listen to the mainstream and that's a whole rabbit hole. Of that, we could definitely uncork but you know, I, think at the end of the day, there's so much responsibility that is a good thing that we should rely on ourselves for the optimization of our lives and take it on as as as This is this is your body. This is your life be responsible for what you're doing with it and what you're putting in your mouth and and if the world is such a way that the American Medical Association is mostly a you a drug system than we have to look towards the Paseo Institute we have to look for that because the pro activity is so vital. For people like the what you're doing today is affecting your tomorrow. and. Goes for you or against you for it so it's it's extremely important and. What goes in your mouth. What you do every day is is so vital I. I mean I I love I mean there's so many different places I feel like I can talk to you forever what what do you think? Just hitting on that. No in a high level. What do you think right now as people are listening to this? Few top things people can do for their for anti aging right what are what are your highlights of of helping people with that? My highlights for sure start with a plant based Diet. And when you when you begin a plant based Diet It's also spiritual exercise though I like to tell people that you need to work on your spirit in that words used a little bit office in watered down. But if I told you that had a really powerful spirit. And you didn't know anything about them. You probably know how they're going to act in a lot of different situations right? Like if you tell that person something just happened to one of their loved ones today, they lose it or they ask you pinpoint questions of where are they what's going on and then take action? Right or you know if that person was insulted, did they go off? You know they start crying or they start young at the person they dislike say whatever right. So you want to have a powerful spirit because you're not just you're not moved by all these things. No, you're solid in what you WANNA do in you in your focused. So how'd you get that and when you start doing something like a plant based Diet you're like, oh, well, well, I'm doing something for my environment. Right I'm doing something ethically because you know I don't WanNa take the life of that animal I don't want to suffer and while I'm going to better myself but to be healthier, I'll be live longer wash chances of getting sick. So there, what's the downside will there isn't any and I'm affecting my government in my world in by pushing it towards the businesses that are going to be beneficial rather than the businesses that are not. So that's spiritual exercise. itself. And then you start building on. Okay. What supplements do I need to take because I live in this world where I can't really get on supplements I want in one of the most important ones being vitamin D well, I'm not a hunter gather and I don't live at the equator not naked running around eight to ten miles a day. Right. So I need to take that supplement that would have been made and I don't really WanNa look like a hundred gather. That's been in the sun every day at the equator when I get older. And have the risk of me. No wrinkled skin in melanoma. So I'm GonNa take that Vitamin D so I would suggest that everyone take vitamin D did they take a Dha? You know I don't like fish oils are great and you can take all officials want results today down there if you can afford the algae royals, I like those better they're better absorbed. And you don't have to worry about how they're gathered and stuff like that. You don't need as much smaller capsules. So Algebra and vitamin. D. Supplements eat plant based Manhattan, some practice that you're gonNA. Do that allows you to become very mindful of who you are and what you do. So whether that's yoga practice going Tai Chi care walking meditation listen to Tick Not Han the Buddhist monk In meditate. An explosive activity. Get out there and do something that really stimulates your body to act know a really strong stressor in a good way. Those top things do that. That is a man I'm excited just just for that for that. The way you put that is so wonderful because. I believe it to my core about the spirit. And I've been using this term about the science of you meaning like us we need to learn and cultivate who we are in allow that to come out. To be unique in and I love what you said I agree under percent man I. I've just really enjoyed connecting I. Love that we just kind of our meeting at this point because I feel like I feel like there's a lot of stuff and I wanna stay connected with you. I WanNa know what you're doing and the listeners WanNa know what you doing so. We'll put all of that information in the in the show notes and Let's just stay connected dude and there's a lot of things I'd love to share and you can share with me and We need we need this kind of light in the world we need powerful strong spiritual people saying that non religiously but the spirit strong the spirit of strong people say uh-huh But I appreciate your time immensely, and I'm stoked that you're on the planet. Now, we've reached a part of the show where we address society's fatal conveniences and how we can avoid falling into them and being a victim of them. I define fatal conveniences. As the things we may be doing because the world we live in makes us believe we have to. And even though they may be saving time. Tricking us into thinking. They're good for us. The truth is they're not fact that could be slowly harming us and even killing us. Okay everybody. Hey, how's it going? Fatal convenience time this is gonNA be weird one. This is this. This one might surprise. You I think it might. So you know how habit of going outside and putting on some sunglasses. And the more you do it the more that's a ritual and the more you do it your eyes get sensitive, insensitive insensitive, and you keep putting your sunglasses on every time. that. There's even light outside. As fatal convenience. Is Sunglasses may be causing? Depression lack of sleep. Circadian Rhythm. Disturbances and even. Skin Cancer. Yup. That's right. Wearing sunglasses. The major thing is the convenience is bright out. It's bright out. And you thrown sunglasses to try to. Keep the sun out of your eyes and the more you do it just like any muscle, the week year is get. We've never done that as a human species and tell what fifty years ago if that. And so we're in the saying now where everyone's doing it. So now there's a lot of evidence showing that sunglasses might play a key role in depression. So this was a study done by. one, two, three, four, five. Top researchers out of. The Middle East Ny apotheosis was that wearing sunglasses reduces the exposure of the is to sunlight. And create what is a dim environment so he put dark sunglasses on it tricks. The is thinking that it's still dark. Now listen to this. This is common sense. You'RE GONNA start getting this. Wow, that makes sense. So then it your body is tricked into thinking it doesn't have to fully wake up it doesn't have to create the Serotonin. And the hormones support and it and it thinks it's going to sleep again. So then it disrupts the Melatonin production, the serotonin production like I said then responsible intimately to the Circadian Rhythm Disruption. So then you can't sleep. So as cascade effect that is mimicking what has been proven as winter depression seasonal depressive disorders. So wearing sunglasses as a mini version of that reducing the sunlight exposure by wearing the sunglasses and causing a domino effect, there's a cool book. So the name of the book is survival of the SICKEST redact Sharon Mowlam one of the things that she went into is the process. Of this. Sunglasses disrupting. The ultra-violet light, the process of tanning and getting their body ready. To Produce Melanin but Dr Mowlam says sunglasses make the brain think it's dark and this means you're not starting the natural process of tanning. You're more likely to burn therefore at more risk of skin, cancer. WHOA WHAT Another researcher says, he acknowledges that there were other factors that led to tanning and said light in the I is an important factor. It helps to short circuit, the body's natural defense mechanisms against the sun so it gets ready. To prepare the skin. Doctor Mohammed's theory is born out of the research published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology suggesting that UV light in the I eight's chemical known as Mellon sites stimulating hormone that makes the skin thicken and go brown to protect it. From harmful rays. Professor John Hawke Melanoma expert for the British Skin Foundation agreed the production of the bodies. Tanning Tanning Chemicals will almost certainly be not be diminished by. Sunglasses. Holy Shit everybody what Let me back up here. Let me back up. The fatal convenience is you think your eyes are sensitive to sun where you've programmed them, train them to be sensitive. So therefore, you put sunglasses on, you don't allow the light to hit your Pie Neil Glenn you don't let that Pinal Glenn Tell your body and your your skin production to to create melanin through Melania site stimulating hormone. You can't Tan effectively to protect yourself from the sun. Therefore, you're actually putting yourself at greater risk of skin cancer because your body thinks it's at night. then. You add on top of it where the skin and the cholesterol are for the production of Vitamin D. Everybody now, your immune system is compromised with not being able to produce. The effect of vitamin D from the sun exposure. So now your entire immune system, those governed by vitamin D is affected. Your skin now is at more danger. To not being able to produce the Brown pigments to protect it from the sun exposure so that it can keep Garner garnering more and more vitamin. D. People don't wear sunglasses not to mention their serotonin effect the good feeling affect. So this is what I want you to do. This is what I wanted to do. Let yourself practice. Let yourself get some sun exposure from your is. For sure. The first thirty minutes of every day try to hit that New Light that will reset your say Katie and rhythm, and you will sleep better and when the sun goes down. But during the day practice, it hurts your eyes than Sir with a few minutes and just keep going I have never worn sunglasses in the last twenty five years not once not once. Once you prepare your body. To be natural to not be fearful of the light. You'll be liberated. You'll be healthier. Your skin your immune system? Your brain, your good moods, serotonin antidepressant of that stuff. Commonsense people don't wear sunglasses. Today's fatal convenience through sunglasses away. Right I love you all from the bottom of my heart. That was a fantastic. What was the one thing that you got out of today's conversation? If today's episode struck a chord with you and you want to dive a little deeper more episodes are available on Darnell Lee Dot Com as well. He diving my friends. Keep diving. This episode is produced by my team at must amplify an audio marketing company that specializes in giving a voice to a brand and making sure the right people here if you would like or thinking about doing a podcast or even with like a strategy session to add your voice to your brand in a powerful way, go to www dot must amplify dot com backslash. Darren that's www must amplify dot com backslash. Darren.

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Face Aging with the Science of Beauty  Rachel Varga : 668

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Face Aging with the Science of Beauty Rachel Varga : 668

"What's the name of that when you have over inflated lips name that I would call it is it's just all that can name? I was trying to say duck lives fish lips and either like oh I just I really don't and so they assume if you how these treatments you will look like however as we've talked before it's all about the science of beauty in its half art not science radio station high performance. You're listening to radio with Dave asprey. What if there was an easy way to upgrade the twenty? Three THOUSAND FORTY BREATHS. You take every day at least if your average well now there is one inspired some of the most effective breathing practices from around the world and whittled down to just five or ten minutes per day. You'll find that in an APP called the X. PT Life Experti- life is based on the learnings of big wave surfer Laird Hamilton and former Pro Athlete Gabrielle. Reece it's built on the fundamentals of breathe move and recover. I've tried just about every form of breathing technique during my years of biohacking. What I like about the expertise. App is that it removes the decision of deciding which kind of breathing to do. It makes for less friction in practicing breathing exercises. If you WANNA try performance breathing the expertise life. App is the way to do it. Just texted Dave to forty-seven forty-seven forty-seven and download the APP for free. The pulse includes expertise. Move and it's got personal training programs and daily workouts Experti- recovery which gives you proprietary post workout plans so Texas Dave to forty seven forty seven forty seven download the free. Have you heard about beekeepers? Naturals this is a company. That's combining the power of planted after Jin's and sustainably sourced ingredients from the high of degree products. That actually work no artificial ingredients cheap fillers refined sugars or any of that kind of stuff. I really liked their proposed throat spray because it works when I need to have my voice working for bulletproof radio and I travel a lot sometimes to protect my throat. I love using this. If I'm not feeling great when I hop on a plane I always have it with me other things that does it. Combats free radical damage during periods of stress. And it just sues your throat if it's sore or dry and propose an interesting biohacking ingredient because it has three hundred beneficial vitamins minerals and compounds and it's what the bees used to block pretty much everything bad that happens to the hive. All you have to do is go to beekeeper. Naturals DOT com slash. Dave use Code Dave. And they'll give you fifteen percents off your order. That's beekeepers naturals dot com slash. Dave days cool factor the day. Is that believe it or not? Calluses don't reduce foot sensitivity. Name may be asking yourself. What the Hell Dave in. W reasonable question. Because I can honestly tell you that I don't preview. All of Michael Faxes Day because one of the amazing members of my team who shall remain nameless. Chose this cool factor the day so the cofactor days that I have no idea why the simple fact of the day but is from Harvard so it must be smart and it turns out that an evolutionary biologist Daniel Lebron there and his colleagues measured the thickness of calluses on the feet of eighty-one adults in Kenya and they looked at city country-dwellers and people were shoes all the time and people who were usually or always barefoot and they figured out that if they print the souls of someone with a little device to figure out the pressure they're using they could show that the increase of a cow's thickness doesn't reduce the sensitivity or in other words you can grow calluses and still feel the world around you and this is gonNA sound weird but it's kind of a personal thing. I had horrible problems of calluses on my feet. My entire life with kind that would crack and break but I did hack it. And it's exercise of inflammation and calluses are also the external sign of the same thing. Happens in your cells as you age so superhuman. I talk about amyloid. Build up in a reduction in cellular flexibility sailors stiffening. I call it. Well it turns out. That's kind of the idea of a on the outside of a cell that comes from regular inflammation so you can inflame yourself by rubbing your foot all the time but you also can do that in your cells and if you wonder the hack for how do you stop. Those calluses turn down inflammation in the body. And there's a specific vitamin that. I'll be blogging about on the Dave asprey webpage. Well tell you what to take to stop it from happening. And IF THEY'RE CRACKING HOW TO STOP THE CRACKING. Would you like to know that you're GONNA have to check it out on the blog and it's not even posted yet as I'm recording this so there you go? That's what's cool factor the day and yes. I totally ad libbed all that. Can I add something Tila? Oh Yeah I think they should have tested the sensitivity with tickling with tickling So my my husband. He has no calluses on his hands and feet. He has software hands and feet than I do their husbands. Mma fighter kickboxing world champion. However he does have some councils but they're very often quite phone actually but he is so incredibly ticklish. So I was going to ask if you're asking me to tickle your feet but he kicked my ass so I'm just GonNa go there. He's taught me how to. I'm a handful myself to you so I wouldn't try. What if your daily dose of Collagen protein tasted really good and it had extra benefits that go beyond normal Collagen well. I've been working with the team at bulletproof for a couple years on something that I'm really happy to share with you. These are the bulletproof collagen protein boosts and these are the best tasting. Collagen drink mixes on the market period in my experience. They're available and Berry lemonade flavor. Which is targeted at skin and beauty? There's Blueberry Asai flavor which is targeted at joints and Orange Vanilla flavor which is targeted for a healthy gut. I have done formulation on these personally. Every ingredient I have researched. I have experimented with I have tried on myself and these are the things that matter most and getting those in there and making it tastes like something your kids would want to drink is seriously challenged and we did it for you. All you do is just add a scoop to your water or your favorite drink. You're going to love how it tastes and you're going to love how good it is for. You just go to bulletproof DOT COM and check out the new bulletproof collagen boosts. I'm telling you these things are a game changer. Now you've got to be asking yourself. Who the heck is Dave interviewing right now? And what's going on with this? You've just heard just the first of many bits of wisdom you're going to hear from Rachel. Varga Rachel is a friend and and advanced aesthetic registered nurse. Board-certified an expert in the field of skin rejuvenation anti-aging. So if you like superhuman this is one of those people who knows everything there is to know about making your skin and your body look ridiculously young. And I'm always learning and she's always learning and if you're watching on youtube channel where filming this live at Apple Approve Labs Alpha or upgrade Alpha. You would be surprised to note that she's actually sixty eight years old can't you? You guessed correctly. She was supposed to deny it. She's not sixty eight but she's definitely out in your lab a little there you go. She's definitely Just a testament to run work just in terms of of having amazing skin and just taking really good care of herself and she's taught me things about how to take care of my skin because as dude like. I should wash my face like once. A week was soap. That's pretty much all you need to shave the other than that. It's kind of what we learn and it turns out that there's more to it than that and you also all know because Andy Nylon be on the show several times and I wrote about it in superhuman I use. I'm his facial serum the Alatorre Gold Serum and Rachel has just huge knowledge about all sorts of different treatments and regimens. And all that. So we're going to go deep for men and women on how you can grow new skin thick and Collagen and all sorts of other tech as well as basic things you do to have skin. Looks like you're twenty five even though you're however the Heck Rachel is. I don't even know again turned twenty five again. I turned twenty six percent this year. So now Rachel's also the founder of Rachel Varga Inc. You actually named her company yourself. That seemed like an idea the time. Oh my goodness I talked about this like personal branding and all that sort of stuff. I'm just GONNA. I'm just going to ignore that fact. I'm going to say that Rachel offers training to other nurses and doctors Physicians and nurses internationally All over the world about how to make skin work better and what to do in clinics with modern very expensive technology costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. So she's kind of a bad ass when it comes to deploying tech like that but I still think you're going to have to get like a like a company name. Yeah well let's brainstorm that later and she's also local grab from University of Victoria and someone who I've really come to say I. I really trust her advice on skin especially skin as it ages to the point that I sent my daughter whose twelve to go. Sit Down Rachel and and just get the. Hey here's how you take care of your skin because maybe you'd WanNa learn no never taught me when I was teenager. So thank you by the way for doing that for all right. You talk about the five Ds to do to take care of skin. I did not put this in superhuman some of the tech. Though that's in there you told me about. Are We talked about? So what are the five days that destroy your skin sure so some of the most impactful facial ageing processes that affect us actually occur within our bone so for example or bone within? Her bone are cheekbone. Which is known as the psychomatic bone and our mandible? Which is the job own. They actually become smaller. Bone actually breaks down as we age. And that's why we get that recession so when we lose cheek volume everything kind of falls and we get. That Joel Sang. We get some of the lines to the nasal labial folds and when the mandible recesses in and get set back a little bit we get a little bit of recession here. And then we at the fullness into the NARC area there are also other bones of the face that breakdown for example around the is the orbit actually expands and gets a little bit bigger. So that's why we get aloneness of the Brown as well as who did eyelids and we we lose that bony support even the nose. Fun Fact Our nose our Chin are Jowell's enter ears get larger as we age and one of the reasons why the nose gets bigger is because the opening in the skull which which houses the nose actually widens and for women we even loose support to the upper lip which is why we often see more so with women the upper lip lines. It's just a interesting difference in the way that men and women age I'm going to be talking about A study actually that compares the difference between men and women from age fifty to sixty. But we'll talk about that a little bit later. Okay now you didn't really tell me that much about bones when we talked about this just at your office. So there's I happen as well. Well let's talk about bones from it first. So you can increase bone density. You can take magnesium vitamin D vitamin K two. You can expose your your face to pulsed electro-magnetic frequencies there's a device over there that does that and you can increase bone density. So isn't there stuff you can do. That stops that bone shrinkage over time absolutely. I think whatever we can do to reduce aging processes is going to help. So it's not just a matter of coming to see me for things is what you talk about. In your book. Superhuman all of these different layers that we can incorporate to support our physicality and making our homes healthier. It all plays in just essentially one thing and I've also heard that there's a lot of the structure you talked about a college bound bone and inside the cheeks there is a layer of padding Collagen itself strings on top of the bone. But I didn't realize a meaningful percentage of that was from bone trinkets versus just tissue. Hydration lost the skin. What percentage of that had a sagging? That happens when you're ready sixties seventies eighties if you don't take yourself or sometimes even if you do but what percentage that is bone versus other tissues. I couldn't tell you. A percentage off hand but in my clinical experience I would say it's really the bone. And the soft tissue the loss of Collagen and the fat those three facets the changes in the skin B bone and. The fat are really some of the key players that rules that result in facial sagging and everything kind of going downwards. Which one's easier to hack fat bone or connective tissue? I would stay restoring. V Lost Fat using dermal. Fillers is probably the fastest way that you're going to achieve lift in the scandal filler. Not really a fad years replacing the fat with higher on acid base from a car. Yes that's exactly. Well actually I WANNA talk about those. Yeah because DIY rejuvenation has unfortunately become very popular in the US. So people try and save a few dollars and go online and try and purchase counterfeit injectable products and even trying you different treatments at home and really putting them selves in harm's way. So if you try and Google some of the top dermal filler hierarchy brat acid brands out there and you get directed to a website from the Orient. You absolutely could be getting a syringe. That might look like Acid but could be filled with some a poxy that you just don't know about Louis Vitton that leaves on handbag on Ebay. It looks the same as Real Louis but it might not be once you actually if you get a person falls apart so but if you stick something you're facing your face falls apart. There's an issue but at the same time every licensed professional from every type of work. I don't just mean doctors. Nurses I'm also talking plumbers. Architects builders haircutters. If you don't go to professional and pay a lot more you could die. I'm like it's a haircut. Doesn't matter you could die and you have to pay my higher prices. So let's assume that I could get non counterfeit filler and I wanted to stick it in my face. How much risk like. What risk am I taking? Well if you want to go blind or lose tissue on your face I mean Larisa someone you but when you have a problem it's a big risk and if you run into a problem you're going to be needing to find An expert healthcare provider to save you. Have you ever had someone call you at? Your office is like Oh my God I just self injected a bunch of Dermal filler and I have like cauliflower going on my face or something. I haven't met one of my colleagues in this in the states. She goes by the handle. Juvenile Julia. She's fantastic. I had a chance to connect with her in San Diego this summer. Actually presented academic article that is published in the next edition of Plastic Surgery. Resolutions thank you and I wanted a word on that paper and the presentation so we had a good chance to connect. She was actually recently on the doctor. Show talking about this. And is it's A. She's she's a great colleague in my book but people will run into problems and we see this more in the US than in Canada. There are a lot of things you can self inject safely like vitamin B. Twelve for instance. And even some of the peptides anything with insulin syringe. But probably even doing any insolence wrench stuff in your face. Just because so many nerves and blood vessels and you get into the wrong blood vessel going into the I. It's just not worth it so seeing a specialist is probably more worth it. They're exactly but there are other things you do to your face that you could do at your clinic or something that you could do at at home and sometimes like you've given me stuff like rollers and things like that at. Combe dermal rolling is fantastic and the type of Collagen that's formed from home. Ruling is actually a apparently a denser form then the lease the Collagen that some lasers will will create for you so whatever you can do to support your skin. Both in the clinic and at home is really important but I will. I would like to speak to of word of warning with with at home rolling. If that's okay and same thing. With purchasing different products online it is suggested to beginning these types of items from provider. That really understands where these rollers are being made very important because rollers are also being manufactured in sub par facilities. And if you look up close on the Roller Sir actually not needles their blades and whether or not made correctly the blades can actually come off into the skin. Or they're made of an alloy so you could be puncturing your face with heavy metals without even knowing am so. There's there's a lot to know. I have depleted uranium roller. That works really. Well said about probably. Oh my God Dave does that. No I don't at home treatments are really important. So it's not all about just coming to see someone like myself to do some of the clinical treatments but the ad homecare your skin care micro needling at home. It's that's fantastic. So but we know Amazon would never sell anything. That was an off right. That's right you can get three packs of rollers for ten dollars or you could get proper roller for about anywhere from eighty to one hundred and forty dollars from from A proper provider right. But they're all exactly the same said right on the web. They look the exact same. The even have the same markings on them. It's actually really difficult for the consumer to discern what is safe and what they should avoid so it's great being able to teach that it's it's getting worse to balance just the counterfeit problem there. We see it in supplements I absolutely we absolutely everything skin-care even in bucks. There's about twenty people who've written the bulletproof diet who aren't mean guys. I registered trademark. And take it down. They never do so. Go figure but I get your point there but I'm also gonNA say like this people listening one hundred bucks to drop on a roller. Are You freaking kidding me? There's gotta be way to buy online. So can you buy the forty dollar one and it's likely to be real? It's hard to know where that device was actually manufactured so if you are considering getting a roller I would just advise not going to Amazon or some random website but actually finding someone that you know even just listening to them or reading some of their articles. You get a sense that they're an expert in their field and they really want to help you. I'd be more inclined with supporting someone like that. She need to go roller dealer pretty much. Yeah so we're talking about one deterioration was it was that descent and there's all sorts of these in your deflation. Was that the bone one. Actually I it's kind of really all those three of the Collagen fat and bone altogether. So that's why we start to SAG okay and you said restoring fat with Dermal fillers and I got all distracted by rollers. Okay I wanted people to learn about these because especially as a guy. These aren't the sort of things that I spent a lot of time on. I don't read plastic surgery today in law. These aren't even really surgery. They're just telling the hate grow. But in the filler. Isn't that except hi. Lana acid people have been following me for a while they know. Oh you're Davis the guy who put college out there. The one of the many reasons call good for us. It's full. Hi Alana acid. I used to take it to rehydrate my knees when I had really serious problems In my twenty s so each. La is well known. And when you're injecting someone's face with a filler. It's not plastic. It's not Bondo from a car. Obviously it's is it pure high like acid that goes in there. Yeah so it's basically cross linked chains of higher onic acid. It's it's essentially a sugar molecule and it can actually add volume to areas of. The face is cuter. This Akito friendly. Well there is some sugar in there. So it's a Thomas. I'm sorry. Would you like to some of the key areas where Helena gasset villas can be used? Yes sure so. They can be used in the temple. Because we actually have this fat pad that extends all in this area here and so it can be injected into the temple here along the cheekbone around the corners of the mouth until uneasily. Bill folds the marionnettes zone here actually along the mandible here to restore volume and put back some of that volume that was once there and also the lips and the big fear that everybody always has with these houses injectable products as you know. They don't like that. Well some people do kind of fish lips say known people that have over Inflated Lips The name that I would call it is it's disinfection unless does all that and hope you look more beautiful name. I was trying to say I. Duck lives fish live doppler and so me I can with me. They're like oh I just. I really don't want that. And so they assume that. If you have these treatments you will look like that. However as we've talked about before it's all about the science of beauty and it's it's half art half science so so you need to get some in there but not too much s rate Do you have plumping injection. Don't be full. I mean there's not much to me that's originally. You can quote me on that you've had work done. Yeah I've I've had you know injectables everywhere but it's a little bit of this a little bit of that. I mean I can still move my face just fine. And you don't look like a Barbie doll or like there's there's kind of a Hollywood. Sometimes people get a lot in their cheeks and all you don't have that natural looking face. Yeah and I would say that if you're considering doing some of these treatments find someone that you feel has a look that you find beautiful yourself so if you if you meet someone and you know they have the fish lips or they have a golf ball cheeks where they just look a little cartoony. Maybe that's not the right provider for you but some people actually want that look so its beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But I think that to counteract the The way that the face ages if we can restore features to be in accordance with those ideal ratios see probably heard of Michelangelo Da Vinci. They worked with a lot of geometry and aesthetics and in rate proportions and relationships. And that's actually what a lot of us in the world of cosmetic dermatology work with and it's it's doing things in the right ratio for example with the less you. Actually I think once in. I think we'll great is to have the lower lip about one point six times larger than upper. So when you see someone they have the duck Lipson. Their lips enter the starbucks before before they do and it was. That's really took Tokio. We've all seen those by the way. Bulletproof coffee is so much fun to pick starbucks like everyone pay attention and the coffee. I am grateful for you. Make you make a great product and you're helping out. I'm not looking for plug. I'm just lucky to trip because it's funny and now I've seen the vacuum plumper for lips. Has Videos on. Youtube are so funny off a good idea. I want to try it at once. No those actually got pulled by Health Canada recently. A really These are like little vacuum pumps. You put them in your lips and youtube videos of. I'm just GONNA have to say dumb. Kids plumping their lips until they're like like you're talking about. Have you seen those videos hilarious. Yes they are really funny. You can use a shot glass or you could pay eighty dollars. And you know have something that's got a little bit of like a compressor in it but the thing is aside dumb. Sorry we'll number. You look ridiculous. But you're also stretching the skin and actually causing trauma to the tissues. So that's why sometimes you will see photos of people out of actually bruised. But I thought you're alluding to something else because there's another at home device again. It's all about safety. I mean I go by what's called an a seven or eight year role if something's been used on the general population for a long period of time and people having great results with it. Then I'll consider easing what's the thing that's dangerous that we shouldn't use tells his high above so this is something that was Recently brought on the market over the last. You know shortwhile I'd say a year or two and again these things tend to pop up a little bit more in the US as opposed to Canada. So this is. I have to go to international conferences. Soy know what's going on I. Canadian buyers are a little bit more conservative. Americans will try and get their hands on everything and and and try things and I mean that's fine. They're they're trying to do things to to help themselves. Hopefully as so basically this is a device that uses pressure to push higher on acid into the skin without needles. And we're actually seeing problems with us. We're seeing what's called vascular inclusion so this is the risk with highly on US dermal fillers if they inadvertently get injected whether through a needle or with a high pressure device. You can actually block block blood flow to tissue and actually caused tissue death so health. Canada recently pulled them off the market. Because I've gangrene lips. Yeah you're literally fall off your face. and be left with Deformations scarring and. Yeah so it's a good idea to go with stuff that's threatened to okay. What's the weirdest place? You've ever injected films among o the ears. You filled people's ears that's weird. I saw wrinkle on the Front So many things are actually used off label in the world of rejuvenation anesthetics as we think of tylenol. It's been used for years for headaches but it also has you know people think it does help with fevers as well so lots of things are used off label so basically anywhere that you lose volume you could potentially have these these treatments us so yes we can lose a little bit of A little bit of on your so. If you're wanting to age really well try not to. Where really heavy earrings all the time? Because it can actually stretch the skin even in the hands or it's going to ask about that two people. Yeah definitely anywhere. You fill my hands. No you actually have really good volume at your hands. So sure that their first ED volume. Sometimes people can get wrinkles on their body that bother them like lines around the knees. The hands the ear lobes knack lots of awfully after you use A. This is a pylon gases. Same as in yours. Cantona called a natural filler. But how long is it? Good for it actually depends on the level of cross linking. So somehow you're on against the dermal fillers they will be lightly cross linked and closer typically softer fillers aren't going provide a lot of lift and they might only lost six months and som- Holleran acid fillers when they're more heavily cross linked they could last upwards of two years however. I have seen on a number of times and people come to me and they're fillers actually migrated into the lower eyelid area and it causes a deformity and that can occur even seven to eight years later but you can just dissolve it. 'cause there's incitement that yeah. It's called high alert days or highland axiom got it so then if it migrates to God just inject some stuff in it goes way. And that's why safety so important so for people if they're you know trying or considering doing diy stuff. These products can migrate. So it's really important when they're being applied for someone like myself to account for that and there's difference difference differences in Cohesively BETWEEN DIFFERENT RONA GOSSIP. Filler system are actually going to be more likely to migrate than others. There's a weird subculture in Japan where people will inject saline large amounts in their forest. Cover to puff up and give themselves like weird bulbous things on their head. If I wanted Klingon ridges with highland acid could do Yeah you'd probably block your facial artery here though officially turn it leaving for the permanent upgrade it only supplies the blood flow to your face so darn it kind of a buzzkill all the cool stuff I want to do. You can't do that. You know I can't use the thing. That's the Suction Cups My Lips. I can't I mean I I've just looking at how much control temporary Suction Cup thing is probably only game going to give you re inflation before about. I don't twenty thirty minutes. There's other areas where apparently section is more permanent though right there's breasts section which apparently can't increased actual size over time. Not just a temporary thing in clearly. I've had a couple of episodes About you know penis enhancement and rejuvenation. Yeah you can literally cause more blood flow there and having tried a pump twice. I'm like this is so much work. Oh my God it's not worth it and I just decided it wasn't worth compared to the other technologies that are out there but why does a pump that works on a man's organs not work on lips? If I just did five minutes a day when I put my lips up over time I think the tissue is quite a bit different is it. Okay got it I it? It certainly from I guess even from abreast. It's mostly fat. Some length versus your lips are for men. That piece of anatomy is dependent. Okay and so the lips I feel like there's just a lot more opportunity for the excess fluid to be reabsorbed. Faster opposed to really want your lips kind of hanging down in dangling so quickly because it's dependent the Size change would probably last longer than if you were to say tried on your your shoulders. I got all right. I ask the hard questions snow has ever asked you. Cause I'm so curiously like all these tools for making the body you stuff that it normally doesn't do okay going back to the five days. We talked about the three. Big Things. Bone Connective tissue and fat in the face. What's another D that causes aging in the skin? Descent is a big win. Okay and I don't want people to think. Oh you know. She's talking about aging and aging. Well and same with you. It's not that aging is a bad thing. I mean we become so incredible with our lived experiences and things like that but sometimes when people feel good they wanNA look to raise. I just like to be very clear without that. Aging can be a beautiful beautiful sagging. Yeah okay so that's that's what it is. It wasn't like descent like Hell No. We won't go kind of thing that's right the I mean I call it a flation because it sounds a little bit nicer second. Okay hold on. You have deflation and descent as separate dis. So in deflation we lose volume and then sagging itself. Look what's going on in there. So when we with with the sagging we lose support. Okay from say the zygote matic bone the Miller fat pad. And then everything kind of descends. Okay got it. So there's tied together. She lose volume actually all very much integrated. Okay another D for some reason. You'RE GONNA ask me this. This is great. There's actually a really great presentation by Dr Kent Remington. He's The godfather of Higher Akasa. Dermal fillers and some of the other things that happen with just proportion so you have a really great sleep aid right. The envy pillow is one thing that I can. I'm not sure okay so when it comes to disproportion if we sleep on one side of the face more than one another side say for example we drive and we get more sun on the left side of our famous rate so we're going to have accelerated aging on that side of the face. Which side do I sleep on Dave? You're disproportionate is on commodore judgment. I would I would actually probably say the left side or sue. Morad side nine percent of the time. Well that's real. Yeah that's interesting because with your disproportion. It's not necessarily related to just the side you sleep on but it's also your personal anatomy because when we are formed one side of the faces often smaller than the other so the disproportion can actually be from birth would it can also be accelerated if you sleep on one side of the face all the time and someone we sleep on on the left or the right side will actually cause accelerated bone reabsorption a squishing of the different fat pads and and more vertical lines on that side of the face. So if you sleep on one side you should sleep on the big side so it will shrink. Ideally usually find your back like Pharaoh. My patients actually say this I think of you WanNa go to sleep. Was Your Lake Sleep on. Your back is really funny. I really torn on this one because I care so much about sleep quality and I mean I've interviewed a bunch of people about this and the majority of them will say sleep on your side for anti aging these podcasts. Yeah right but this is not cosmetic an aging. This is in blood flow to the organs and for alignment of the back and also because of your jaw falling back and closing off the airway which contributes to apnea so festival. My back I- I snore. Not as much as I used to. Because a lot of that's just inflammation a lot of that is which eight. You're like. A mixed mucus mucus. But even then you know you're falls back so unless I'm sleeping with a splint that hold off which maybe that'd be best. I DO SLEEP WITH US. Plan but not one the wholesome image offer. So I'm like okay. Do I want to look good? I don't WanNa live forever. Look good live forever and I want to be both but only back. I'm not convinced that that's the best strategy. But you've convinced me that was going make it look the best. Yeah if you're using a proper sleep paid like I slept with them the particular pill that I mentioned we pillow for the last eight years of my life and I get really nice neck positioning from it. So this whole thing with with your brain is your brain. Detox is when you sleep right. There's actually really cool tedtalk on this. I'm sure you know all about the Modestly exactly yeah a couple of the books yes yes and so when you have that right alignment that's really important however if you have to sleep on your side trust me. I love to curl up on my side as well but as long as squishing may face so if I'm using something for example a pillow that's made a certain way so that I don't get as much compression when eyesight sleep. That's going to be helpful as well so you don't. You generally don't do it and if you do you WanNa not smash your face exactly. Oh Aba that so it depends on your anatomy. What feels good for you so a lot of times. People have like a hip injury or shoulder injury and they have to decide sleep but at least you some type of pillow. That isn't squashing your face for eight hours in the night. Okay and you have some tech that you actually used on me As part of the for the PODCAST That's around story and colleges at the says. We'll get into that later. But let me talk about the other D with you. Things that causes aging. Now next. It's it's I gotTa Tell You. There's seven pillars of aging in superhuman and people are asking me seven I just got six. But what's the seven in this list just from memory so I'm talking about dynamic discord that is related to our facial muscles. So you see how I can move my face. No problem right. And that's because all of minor modulators have worn off. Modulators is this another word for like Bo. Talks and related stuff. There's different brands out there. Botox Yeoman despaired new. Ciba's you bow. There's new ones always coming out by that. You could be dangerous. You Proud is definitely not going to be at because a lot of these products. Actually they're They're freeze dried so they actually have to be shipped and stored on ace however one of them is authorized and that. Ceo Minute actually doesn't need to be shipped on ice. It can be shipped at room temperature. You actually could buy this all out without a prescription. It won't be the correct product. All of these products are actually able to purchase legitimately. That's what all the guys say and look at me and my crew might be buying from India that might be fake and it almost seems like big. Pharma is penalties big warning labels saying. Oh you know you you. You never know what you're getting online but at the same time it's ten bucks a pill in the US it's a dollar a pill for the same stuff from India. You could order at ten times if one of the shipments is what you wanted to be your still breaking even be tested them at the same world is your work. Okay if I mean if you tested on them if you tested them and they were the same nuts I'd say probably different and plus there are Indian pharmaceutical companies. That actually manufacture things well. And so it's something that's made with the same chemical characteristic exactly and by the way it's told you you don't know what you're getting you buy it on the dark web or whatever you can get random stuff and people put caffeine and they can put in there and say it's medicinal or whatever so that's just one corner case that were many. Many tens of thousands of people are regularly ordering from circles from Canadian pharmacies and then getting shipped in from India and they're saving millions of dollars in pissing off big Pharma but more to the point. If you're getting something like a botox or a human because it doesn't have to refrigerated a it might not be real be. What the hell. If you check this stuff that paralyzes a nerve or muscle for a long period of time like you might like that okay. I I'm all over self imposed by any sense to us on yourself if you want to but if you meet someone because they numbed their own face for months and it's like okay that's just dumb. I would only get out in front doctor. Because seriously and basically discord. We have facial muscles everywhere on her face. So the do. I'm going to go through some of the major muscles. Okay great because I love doing those and sorry I just have developed habit. I have a continuous glucose monitor and I just was like casually waving it over. And that's going to be like what's going on so yeah. My blood sugar's five point three. Oh No what mine is you have to have a little implant. Thinks that it will bump my arm. Oh that's what that was classic Bait. Sorry I didn't mean to distract you. It's just like I taught myself like every half hour. Look it's August okay. So facial muscles. Let's go from the top down. The Palace Muscle is the muscle. That basically extends from your forehead to your hairline. And when you raise your eyebrows up this muscle. The muscle fibers are vertical. So when you when you contract them you get the horizontal four headlines Cross. We've ever seen star Star Trek Klingon absolutely on forehead. The when you won't give me so it can be helpful to soften to soften those dynamic lines so when we're just looking at You know we're we're taking a Mugshot overselves. Were not actually activating any muscles. So the lines that we have on the face in a mugshot. Those are kind of static lines and the dynamic lines are caused when we activate our facial muscles so between the browse here. This is the number one non surgical cosmetic treatment and in the world by the way Having the global or complex treated so often referred to his frown lines or the eleven's yes there you go. So there we get some lines between the rows here so we can actually go into the Cirrus. And the core gator and give a really nice lift to the brow with some of these near modulator. Which is amazing and around the is. We have a muscle group. It's circular round the is called the occupy and then when we so when we have a circular muscle. Here's contract it. We get the formation of the crows feeds right so this muscle also brings your lateral browse down and contributes to lower eyelid fans. Springer is Kinda like you said you've had some of this or address and then to the on the news. There's a muscle called the news hour. So if you scratch your nose like your Bunny Yeah. This is a fun. One right yes. It actually can contribute to lines along the nose but also horizontal lines. The lower eyelid inhibited. Right now right. Yeah I mean I. I've wasted some of my facial muscles so even if I were to not do a treatment for a year I would still have some nice softening happening okay. Wasted doesn't use kept a number. Well so they a truck yes exactly and then to the jaw line. We have the the jowl which is actually a lot of times. People think this is fat. But it's called the depress the oppressor angular muscle. And so. Yeah so you can actually pinch. Gillette's pincher Jowell's together ruin right. And so when we smile we get a little bit of the projection. Which can almost give a little bit of fullness to the jaw. Mindfulness to the JOWLS and like I mentioned before our our nose arch in our jails and our ears get larger as we age so actually restore chronic women. They figured out that if they're constantly chewing foods they're making their Their da on their towels muscle their chin muscle stronger. So Aristocratic Women Actually. I can't remember where I heard this from. I thought it was fascinating. They switched to soft foods to maintain their line and as we can actually shrink the the muscles by reducing how much it works with neuro modulator. So for example. If you don't work out and your muscles they kind of atrophy a little bit bigger smaller. Same thing with with Some of these muscles so facial. Yoga Love Yoga. I think it's a great practice. A lot of most vibrant patients are doing yoga. Pilates things like that but when it comes to the face don't do facial you see not patient yoga because you are activating the oppressor muscles and those are going to make him a cold even if they're fit and ripped Yeah so the more fit and ripped your your jowl. Your idea muscle are or your mentality muscle. You're GONNA look older. Is there a place for exercising some face muscles and not others absolutely so the muscles that I mentioned are the depress her muscles right so around? The is when we contract them they bring things in and when we relax them. You get lift. That eyelid lift and for the line. When we relax the active of them of the the activation of muscles you can actually get a slimming effect. So if you constantly were to apply that device to say the muscle it would make it fuller. However I'm sure there are other muscles of the face that if you strengthens strengthen them they could potentially give a little bit more lifting so you could targeted Facial Yoga. But not the wrong spot. Yes sort of like we do too many squats. You might have a little too much junk in the trunk but most people I I get a kick out a pinterest when I see these facial yoga motions and they're like this actually not We WanNA media interfaces 'cause it's actually accelerated aging so like within a yoga class. You want really good yoga teacher. Oh and a phone fact when you take a yoga class and the instructor says now. Soften the lines between your browse soften. They're probably on the talks instructor. You're going to get the talks toxin. It's dragged from bacteria it softens the message from the nerve to the muscles. Just very locally. That's why when you inject here around your eyebrow doesn't affect the muscle down here okay got it at how many years has stuff in us. How safe is it? So Botulinum Spin you. Since the eighty s and so in my professional opinion we've had a whole generation of men and women using these particular products that being said. It's always important to follow the science and see how people are doing long-term. So that's why I have that. I won't use products for at least seven or eight years until they've been used on on the you know the general marketplace for years a bunch of people in La to have their faces fall off first before you use them they. The safety is in the data. Definitely like totally media. Trained you dodge that question so wealth is a step one each collagen donate inflammatory crap. Read Superman step to inject some filler. Wherever you need it step three inject some Komen in places we don't need. I mean seriously this proposing right what do I do here? Yeah Right. How much does it cost on average to get some filler? Well it depends. How much of the five as you've been experiencing and at what stage in the game one treatment like a beaten beginning treatment? I hate it when people ask me. Those isn't ten thousand dollars or is it like under five hundred bucks because people are saying I should I? Should I try to even call somebody you don't have you know if you don't have a sense of kind of where on the spectrum because I read about stuff superhuman like this is one hundred twenty thousand dollars stem cell treatment from doctor. Harry Nilsson Dose Air Right. You could buy a tesla or you can get this done but I. I am certain that over the course of the next decade. The price of heightened procedure like that will come down. But if you can afford it you do it now because the sooner you do it the less young you're right so these aren't those procedures. I know but I actually don't have a good sense for where they are in the spectrum of affordability so I've seen patients you really well with a full face higher on acid treatment that would cost six thousand dollars and others that have needed more. Like fifteen to twenty thousand. Wow are these Canadian dollars. These are Canadian. Yes Oh got it okay. And you're that high end clinic. So if you were to generalize that and so basically to translate Canadian dollars American dollars That's about four grand. Maybe like forty three hundred or something so if you're wanting to plan your procedures so what I like to do is sit down with someone and go through. Their aging process is and help them isolate which areas of the face that they could be randomized for example. The cheeks joined the lips. I like to encourage people to take A bit of a journey with all bus rates so every time he come in for your treatment you might get a little bit in your Cheeks Lips Stalin at the same time and that may be anywhere from about twenty four hundred to five thousand rate depends how much they need but the thing is you're never doing everything at once. It should be a little bit of a gradual inflation because we can never one hundred percent guarantee how much someone's GonNa need? Let's think of the air mattress analogy right. Don't know exactly how many breaths that's going to take to get that air mattress exactly where you want so a little bit of a process so if people are wanting to budget I would probably estimate at least two or three treatments at you know maybe just under three thousand dollars each time. So you're pretty much between five and ten thousand dollars to get like fillers done and that's going to leave you looking younger for five years. I would say it can often take people. This is just my clinical experience. It can take me a one to two years to really go through the process of dialing in a really good at home. Skin-care teen may be doing some homemaker needling coming in for some laser treatments for Brown spots pore size stimulating Collagen getting the neuro modulators. Getting some dermal fillers. Those are all pieces of the puzzle. That can sometimes take people one to two years to get through one to two years and if your budget five grand. You're going to be there if you are a woman man or woman who's forty plus. That's a good budget okay. Yeah or if you're twenty five you just need it if you're twenty five Actually the Gus when I first started And I just started with a little bit between my brows maybe a little bit in my lips so it really depends at what age you start is never too or too late to get started with us and it's different for everybody. Some people don't want injectables and they just want to focus on the skin care the lasers and that's fine too. When you pay attention to the health of skin with your skincare and laser treatments you actually will need less injectables because your skin just looks healthier because you took care of it to begin APP so you can save money by having basic skin care and not eating crap and drinking too much renewed one hundred percent because how you are internally is going to be a reflection on your skin you started at twenty five so right now you have like this perfectly symmetrical face like everything looks can model level. So did you used to be weird looking. I shoulda seen me before. So are you gonNa give me a picture? I can put up on Youtube before and after actually really just look the same same. Where did you get started because I? I'm kind of asking because you look like you know everything's working fine. So why did you get going? Is it just because you felt the passion for it or was this more like I feel like I'm not perfect enough? I need to do more. I felt like Oh. I'm starting to notice some fine lines pop up what can I do about it? That's actually what got me into the industry so I. I started receiving treatments when I was working as a pediatric. Icu nurse and at that time I was actually working towards placements medical school after nursing. I thought that was going to be my path and I had a treatment and I thought you know what I feel like. I would have done a bit of better job. Educating the patient talkie both before and after care to reduce bruising and all of that stuff actually why I got into it because I felt like I had really good eye for that staffer My generation we are looking to people like you and other health and wellness experts to help us be as healthy as possible. Say Okay boomer to me no no. I did not. I did not okay boomer you but I am. I am talking about my mother. Who's a baby boomer academics? I am not a boomer. You definitely not there but I I like because they know more than I do. However let's just use my dear mother for an example lovely woman. I am who I am because of her and she dedicated her life for thirty years as a night nurse and she wrecked her body looking after people before she retired she developed estrogen receptive breast cancer asthma side effect from. Hr T thank goodness. She's fine now what I learned from her at a really young age. Who's actually overweight? She weighed two hundred ten pounds so for me growing up. I saw her lose that weight high school. I saw her go through the South Beach Diet. I saw her trying to look after herself. So I actually took those cues from her at a very young age and I'm really grateful to her for teaching me that but I I really want her to read to read your book as well. I think that there's so much that she could learn from that. But that's one of the biggest differences between my parents and and that generation and my generation is we see how much more we can enjoy our lives into our seventies eighties nineties. Even Tower one hundred eighty right. Yeah there's there's a a reframing of what it looks like and you started early and I started early to say twenty. Six going to anti-aging meet ups before had you did when you did Yeah I would have been pretty trashed if I hadn't had some some work to do but it's It's it's one of those things where there are people who decide they're going to do a whole bunch of things like the real life. Ken Doll Real Life. Barbie even Michael Jackson them. I've seen them in person have different conference today. Like Super Weird. They are a spectacle and they are entertainers. That's how I would describe that. And but body dismore FIA is the thing and so all right when I meet with people I have to be very aware of that and find ways to gently guide them towards seeing themselves in a way that is more reflective of understanding the ideal facial proportions. Do you ever sit down people and tell them look in the mirror and say you are enough. Oh I've feel like I project that quite often but so sad too may patients shouldn't Utah. You're more than enough. Not No not your enough but when when sometimes I meet with people and have going on and I do want to reference my most favorite patients. There's a lot of them and they're women age sixty plus. They've done the inner work. They've understood the importance of self care. So for example. A lot of things that you talk about right as some of the common threads are they are following a plant based Diet right. I mean. Obviously they're still having the graph so it'd be Ethan eating their vegetables. It's so much less politically correct than being plant-based by the way that you are enough coming I had everyone at the last biohacking conference by the way there's a new one coming up from the upgrade lobster pitch but I led the closing meditation and I told her and take a deep breath. And then tell yourself I am enough and it was like actually then I swore Like that MC seriously. You could ask for anything you want. You want to be just enough so I was kind of baiting the same kind of humor just because it makes me laugh but like the idea here is I mean. Do you sit down people. I'm not necessarily your vibrant six-year-olds we're like like I want to be in charge my buddy. I'm an certain way and dominant GonNa do it like full power. That's biohacking one. I loved that attitude on older young But there are like it seems like there would be times when it comes in. And you're like maybe I should just practice a little self acceptance here. Do you send them to the therapist or just tell. I'm not going work on you. Or how does that work? I love that you brought this up because this is something that a lot of aesthetic nurses feel and this is one of the privileges of doing the work that we do people come to see US oftentimes after a death of a partner or a divorce or you know. They've just given their lives to their kids and really sacrificed their health and wellness. And they're getting back on track and so it's absolutely privileged for me to work with women and encourage them to not only learn for the first time how to look after their skin and help them feel better and increase their level of confidence and radiance. But absolutely I'm a community resource. I am so incredibly connected in the health field. I mean you've asked me for people and I have suggested people to you and it's funny when you are healer. In any rate you want to help heal people in various different ways so obviously body mind spirit is is the the construct that radiance is within and it's not just doing skin stuff but all of the inner stuff as well so people just do the skin stuff they missed the mark. I can't rejuvenate someone that honestly isn't doing the AH curse the at home stuff. It doesn't seem to actually work. Yeah and you definitely know all the all the the good people in the Victoria area for sure and beyond there is a lot of great people that are doing incredible work all over the world and thanks to the power of skype and facetime zoom in all that the Internet editor. We're all so much more connected than ever. You actually have a podcast. You just started on aging in beauty. And what is its name? It's called the Rachel Margaret podcast. Guests are like that and it's all about talking about healing messages so when we are as healthy as possible. You can't help but look better in the process. They're so incredibly intertwined okay. I absolutely believe that people. Who Don't do anything cosmetic so to speak of if they've done their inner work on the halfway decent diet without Too much inflammatory plant based protein. I love eating Vegan's they will they'll look beautiful and shine. Yeah and that's the stuff takes the most work to cultivate actually and the most time but most time it's free it's free except let's talk lasers all right you know a lot about lasers woody lasers due to our skin. Laser is can do a number of different things. But I will share with you before we talk about this is I spent about two years getting my hands on some of the quote unquote best lasers out there. And I was shocked at the varying degrees of pain the varying degrees of how close we can get to the eyelids how we can treat the facial contreras properly for example the nose and the lips and there are so many that just didn't deliver. The patient might have thought that they got results but the photos. Don't lie and there's also the concept of the lisi laser technician so it's it really comes down to finding someone that house great technology and knows how to use it really well so to my favorite laser technologies are urban lasers which is incredible for resurfacing. The skin. And what's interesting is what I'm GonNa talk about now in six months or a year from now. There's probably going to be something better. It's changing those. Doing the research for superhuman. I talked to you about it. It's like every week. There's this new study. Oh this grows collagen. This does this Like it's a renaissance as time just exponential change and what we can tell the body to do differently than wood with just mother nature and sunshine. That's me we'll talk about your lasers RBM lasers they have so. Many different uses One of the most recent things I heard about was actually easing smooth mode. With one of the devices I use for hair growth and before it was just Pierre P. That was what was giving her a result. But if I come in you can make my hair grow sweet. I'll find out the settings and parameters for that but that's something new that I heard about for the first time last week but herbs. Incredible at the WE'RE GONNA get into the science here so the herb him laser. It's actually attracted to something in the skin and it's called Chroma for and in the skin cell there's water so the lasers attracted to the chrome. Ah for water. That's the target. So what this specific type of urban lasers do is they vaporize the water in the skin heated up and they vaporize it and it comes off the skin almost like smoke or a plume so when you get these procedures. You need really good ventilation in the room so that you're not inhaling narcotic tissue and smoking but worse right it's like your own personal barbecue. Man That is the worst thing I've ever seen facebook ad for that. Come back to your face but is in turn controlled injury but in terms of the crap that comes off a grill and how bad it is for you from aging perspective. Read the chapter on over cooking your food human. It creates a compound that clogs up the site assumption yourselves so that they can effectively remove siler debris so you might not. WanNa you know. What's the huff when you're breathing paint? Fumes in paperback. Don't huff burnt face cells? Yeah it's not fan. So us all these vacuums works. Good Clinic has vacuums in New Zealand. And then a separate one. That's close by the faces. You'RE NOT GONNA BREATHE ANY BURN STUFFING. Okay good so but it's not burn link blackened. Their faces crackles right. No it's I mean it's not burning your face off or or anything like that or basically. They're just two settings. I really like one of the deep fractionation setting which is causing little columns of dermal injury into the skin so some skin. Some sections of the skin are being Basically bombarded with like a little kind of laser beam into the skin and then a little section skin next to it is left alone so it's called fractionation you can almost think of it as air rating your lawn. We're kind of air eating the face with energy which is really cool. And so we can get a deeper collagen stimulation for example around the eyes or around the mouth. And then what I love to do is a little laser peel on the rest of the case so the forehead the islets the nose. The cheeks the lips the jaw. Line the Knack. You change the settings on the laser not the pulse duration or the frequency. Okay so there's settings and that's GonNa only affect the outer outer layer so basically get a little bit of skin flaking or something. They'll go anywhere from about eight microns. Two hundred microns. It just depends on the depth of the treatment and doing combination. Approach is great so you go deeper in areas where the skin thinner for example around the islets thicken up the lower eyelid skin. And while we're here I just want to talk about the fact that when you hear a laser or skin care product CEO is going to lift and tighten the skin and this before and after photo looks really compelling at. You always shake those before and after photos with a grain of salt. And honestly you're really going to get the best outcome in combination approach so derby were basically causing a bit of a control burn in the skin and your skin is red for anywhere from one to three days and I have a subset of patients who might only be red for a day and some people are read for the full three days So this is different than say the previous co two laser that you're basically read for a month and there were issues with demarcation from where it was applied and where it wasn't applied so the technologies are constantly advancing but I love urban for resurfacing and giving you glassy skin and reducing size all right so the next laser I want to talk about is actually not technically laser. It's called broadbent light or intense pulsed late so it's really bright flashes of light on the skin that induce change. And what's really cool about? Some of these technologies is. They're actually getting more comfortable than ever the previous IP L. Technologies. They made you kind of jump is almost like an electrical zap or an electric band snap on the skin and they're just the way that the energy is being delivered is constantly evolving so now they're more effective in the more comfortable. You don't even need numbing cream for some of them That makes it makes sense. I've used light for inner healing Infrared in red on even on my brain going back almost twenty years is so I know the biological effects of light and it feels like that's really come out of the dark over the last twenty years or if you said you're using people's thought you were nuts and then we had these medical ages that for heating and surgery and cutting and sterilizing what you're talking about is a signal into the skin to cause it to do something. Thank I I. I think we're just at the beginning of that. I'm super fascinated by you. Know how how that works. And even for things that are non cosmetic just go have nausea. But it's amazing puts light over your over your Gut Area. Your nausea can always pick and do that and you can see very dramatic different difference in photos. There's a whole spectrum of gotTa keep doing. I'm not trying to but there's a whole spectrum of of things that we don't know and they'll probably come out with an iridium laser next who knows and they'll realize that if we do it at the angle something else turns on so the whole control systems just getting unwrapped and I think you've used it more time with your seventeen thousand sessions recently Then most people looking at this in doing the research. Which is Chris incredibly cool. That's what's so fun about this industry is that there's always new advancements and new technology coming forth which is what makes us so exciting for me. I'm attending more conferences in this line of work than I ever did as a pediatric. Icu nurse I guess. There's probably less conferences in general for pediatric is universally a relatively small community compared to anti aging skin. Care cosmetics. Really exciting field. And the more I learn the less I know. And the mores see the implications for having good skin and having a higher level of radiant and emitting something. You can't quite put your finger on which is probably I would go out on a limb that certain people are just straight up emitting different frequencies. So you're now you're talking about doing yoga again The Glow Yoga glow up to like burn some stage in like a whole dynamic crystal show. Oh that's completely completely agree with you there. If you're paying attention you know that's how it is and some people don't like pay attention or they don't like the idea that that might be the case and they get all upset and I just gotTa say if you're one of those people. I'm I feel your vibe so so does everyone else get speaking of vibe. Let's talk about the science of broadband lasers broadband late story Basically we can see gene expression changes with some of these technologies which is fantastic. So I have a study here from the Journal of Investigative Dermatology. Is this one the one you did or no? No the article I did is titled Optimal Rejuvenation to the Peri ocular area using advanced near modulator. And Dermal filler technique. So basically it's a paper all about alternatives to teardrop fillers and how to safely rejuvenate the eye and cheek area and just because. I see a lot of issues with with lower eyelid fillers. So it's it's kind of like a safety peace alternatives abso basically in the study that I wanNA talk about in regards to gene expression in the skin is. There's actually two studies at one time. Well there's another one as well which is going to explain a lot for especially women between the age of fifty to sixty and the genes that are expressed in the skin that are turned on and off in someone that is age. Fifty is different than the gene expression from someone in their thirties. And in this study they actually talk about how after these broadband light treatments and the genes that were turned on and off in the fifty year old. That were different from the the subset of people in their thirties. After the the laser treatment their skin was more reflective of the gene expression. Someone in their thirties which is really really clear. Turning on young people jeans. Basically it's interesting because David Sinclair when I interviewed him in his book lifespan. Very famous anti-aging Guy. He talks about for the first time in thirty years of studying aging. We can turn back the biological clock of cells. And he's doing this with energy related compounds things intravenously. That probably don't work. Topically topical study on skin although absorbed through the skin with the electricity I'm looking at what you're talking about. Though if you use a laser or in this case pulse light to turn genes on or off that is another method of biologically making cells younger again and people say Dave. How dare you say you're gonNA live two hundred eighty like look stuff like this is real? I know about this stuff so I'm just fast forwarding if we can do this now what we'd be able to do in ten years now and I'm pretty darn hopeful that when I'm one hundred sending in convertible with Sun on my face my face will look about like it does now. I might be wrong but I don't think I'm going to be wrong. But it may require some weird stuff to happen between now and then including additional lights. A few magnets. And maybe you know Urban implant I have no idea a Nanno laser. Make it up. I don't even think we can fathom right now. What's going to be occurring in the future just for a second though? I WanNa talk about what intense pulse lake can do for the skin so the light is energy it can stimulate some collagen production in the skin. But it's really good for the reds and browns and the skin so for example Brown spots or Alaska or read acne scars or Rose Asia. So you have some lasers that are going to help with texture in some that are going to help with color. Some lasers claimed to do both of those in one session. But what I find clinically is that you'll actually get better results when you sort of flip flop back and forth between the two different pieces of technology. What do you say to people who say? You shouldn't need to do anything cosmetic if you're so healthy you should just stay on forever. It gets back to the the conversation. I have a lot of people bringing to me. Is I feel really good but I wanNA look as good as I feel okay. So you're saying not a big deal just prior to how it is It's totally individual. Might take on. It is look. It's your biology and you get to take control of your own biology for whatever goals you want. That's the definition by hacking. And if it goes I'd like to look young and feel young great. I think feeling young is more important than looking young and so I think being a little bit transparent about it and saying yeah. I decided I wanted to use a laser to make my my face do something that wasn't doing by itself And I like the results. There's zero in my mind. Is Our zero. Shame or guilt or something about that and if people are feeling shame or guilt about taking care of themselves. That's when you might want to the therapist people can get actually quite triggered from this topic. Really definitely those people know they're not the bad people but there's trigger them if they weren't already that was a joke but some people really can be triggered by listening to this day. I need put a trigger winning on the show. I think so really triggered by anti-aging because some people will think. Oh what's wrong with aging gracefully? We'll it's so individual if you want to look and feel good in the process all the power to you. Here's what's wrong with aging gracefully mother. Nature wants to fucking kill you. I'm sorry aging gracefully is for losers. All right you fight every minute all the way until you decide you're done and if you don't do that you can expect to be in a walker and a diaper for the last thirty years of your miserable life and so. I'm sorry if for you you can subscribe to the show or you can get on the bandwagon. 'cause that's how it's going to be. I got triggered. Sorry it was fun. You feel liberated but seriously like it's okay to say. Oh you know I. I don't think it's okay to make myself look a certain way because I'm required by my belief systems. Look away and then to judge other people for it. But here's the deal. We all practice hygiene we practice self care. We all get our haircut and if you take that to a logical conclusion why do you cut your hair and there are people who do that in fact there are? There's a religious faith Where you don't cut your nails and you don't cut your hair and you don't practice self care as a reminder of the fact that actually your spirits what's important so you almost like denigrate the body in order to do that and that's okay too but to say you know it's not okay to take care of the body which is at least an antenna for your soul if you have a spiritual belief system or maybe everything that you'll ever be but to deny that it's the same thing as saying. Oh I'm gonNA eat a healthy diet. Whatever that is for you gotTa feel it works. I'm not going to have either. Because that's not part of being natural even though I'm gonna eat Mac and cheese so like there's a lot of mental weirdness that gets wrapped up in there. But any kind of self care that you choose which can include you know. I wanted to be an ice climber where I'm likely to fall in Diet. Do that's also carried. Made you happy you go do it and if you die then you die but this whole topic. I just don't get it where To say it. I'm caught in this little this little belief system and if someone pushes her says you don't have to do it to be triggered by that it's like look if you're triggered by that it's time to get therapist right. Do those people who are triggered by this. Come to see you or they just never clients. I would see both I. I feel like I really attract people that are ready for the journey of learning how to make smarter decisions with looking after their skin. And that's what I'm all about is just educating people to do this instead of that. Because it's a gimmick and it's going to waste your money because they are everywhere and I really feel for people trying to scour youtube videos. Google articles half the time. You don't even know if that's paid pretorial. So that's why it's great for you listening to find people that you really trust to kind of. Do the journey with you. And I'm here holding the hands of so many people and if you're listening to those and you want to give me a shout and encouraged me you know it all comes back around. We all help each other out all right. Your website is Rachel Varga Dot. Ca Your podcast. The Rachel Varga show got one more question for Rachel. You've done seventeen thousand these procedures. You've clearly take really good care of yourself. How long do you think you're going to live? I've never thought about that. I know I've heard you say that you are planning a live to the age of one hundred eighty. And how long do I want to live? Yeah I'M GONNA have to spend some time sitting with that so it's a different question. How long do you want to live versus holiday? I think you're going well. You might actually find the live longer than you want to us right. I'm going to have to. I'm going to have to do some meditation on this and see what I truly want and figure out how to get there and how I wanna feel in the process because one of the things that you talk about is feeling good as you age and as a woman I talked about this with Dr Robinson in a recent episode. You Know Dr. Aerobics were on the show as well. She's a good friend and she she meant she mentions that one of the number one reasons that women are admitted into nursing. Homes is because of their loss of bladder control in accordance. So obviously I don't want to experience that and having been a nurse and worked in extended CARE MED. Surge Oncology palliative. I've really seen that. Those lasers for that yeah female rejuvenation and it can be really helpful So how long do I want to live? I want to live until I see a shift in consciousness. I know about sounds really vague but I look forward to seeing forward thinking individuals continuing to come together to make this role a better place. So after that you're ready to just check out. Yeah I feel like that would be the ideal human experience for me all good. Yeah if it's okay. That's what I that's what I really WanNa see though I really I wanNA see other people truly helping each other. Not just how can I make a buck? How can make a buck off this person how I wanNA see ninety nine percent of the population thinking or actually one hundred? Because that's what I said. How can we help each other very cool? How can we not time based? Yeah and how can we spread or like that love and late in the world so with what I do I take care of my patients? I put their needs I to them. I helped them in any way can but I I you know I mentioned love night. I use a lot of lighter. Use a lot of energy so I work a lot with with beauty and light and radiance and And kind of like structure and things like that but so many people have different gifts right that they can offer. And so what would you say that your gifts or your Archetypes I let you write. Archetypes I have no idea. I definitely work with energy as well. I mean look at your lab downstairs. there's definitely it's a country and they're making light Also work with chemicals and food and meditation and breathing and pretty much anything that I think is going to increase the elevation of consciousness or human performance. Which makes it easier to be conscious. I pretty much do that. And I think because you're so fixated on a year that you wanna live to no no. It's at least maybe you work with time. I can work time. I'm just trying to figure out what your gifts are. Mom Rachel Vargas. Show Rachel Varga DOT CA NOT DOT COM dot com Canadian. Apparently the DOT com was taken. Doesn't matter you search for Rachel. Fargo DOT COM. I can tell you that when I got both DOT com. I felt like a real man. Okay Yeah I have other. Hey that I pay for. I CAN SWISH DOT com. You don't have to our guys episode Rachel Seventy Thousand Treatments. She teaches doctors and nurses how to make people's faces and skin get younger Super expert and someone who lives in Victoria it turns out there's people in Victoria. It is a smaller city in the most beautiful place in the world. At least one of them worth a visit. Have an awesome day. Thanks for having me days. You've probably noticed that. I mentioned a lot of new biohacking and anti-aging technologies on the show. And they love it that I get to see and share almost every new thing that comes out some of the companies that I talked about it really upgraded my life and I walk the talk by pardoning with investing in some of the companies that I really love bulletproof. Radio was created in his hosted by Dave asprey. 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