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11 Evidence-Based Tactics To Increase Testosterone Naturally  BHP53

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11 Evidence-Based Tactics To Increase Testosterone Naturally BHP53

"Welcome to the boost health podcast where we are searching for wellness balance. Your host is Paul sanfer. A certified strength and conditioning specialist with nearly twenty years of experience in the health and fitness in street and degrees in human biology and business at blue self. Our passion is to learn and share new wellness tactics and help individuals create their own personal health strategy. Join us on this journey of being open minded and try new thins. You can learn more at my boost health dot com. Welcome to the show. Your hours thousands. Your balance that is our goal here at tell welcome to episode number fifty three of the boost health podcast today. Show features a special focus on testosterone. And how to increase your levels naturally. Now, if you're female don't automatically think this show isn't for you, even though women don't have as much or nita's much testosterone his men. Do it is still a vital hormone for your overall health? The show's going to include some really cool and easy to implement tactics that you can apply right away. And they include how you exercise a vitamin to keep a really close eye on a super food that you can eat and a whole lot more first couple quick announcements and we'll jump right into the show. Extra boost guides. The very first extra boost guide is now available. These guys will be focused towards on various wellness topics that I see a need to provide a little bit of extra instruction on the first guide is for full body strength training, and it requires no equipment. It includes thirty seven pages of pictures, descriptions, videos, and audio cues of all the movements. These are the exact cues I use with my personal training clients to get them the best results possible, a dynamic warm-up, full body, workout and cooldown are all featured is great for workouts. While you're traveling at homework outs, or even just to give you a few new ideas to add to your gym workout. I'll linked to this in the show notes and blog so you can check it out Facebook group joined the boost health Facebook group, I created the screwed as a separate place to share wellness tactics. Inspire each other try new things and have some fun to join just click on the link for the Facebook group at the bottom of the homepage of my health. Dot com. Boosts hell TV the boost L podcast is now available via video format on the boost health TV YouTube channel all linked to the channel in the show notes on blog. So you can check it out and newsletter. If you haven't signed up for the weekly boost newsletter, you can do so by entering your Email into the form on the homepage of my boost health dot com. This way, you don't miss any boost health news and last the items issue, I went through an unfortunate issue recently with I tunes my show, title and byline were a little too long. And because of this the podcast was actually temporarily removed from the items directory, not changed the title and the byline quickly and re-submitted to items for approval, and obviously it was approved in the show is back on. But if you listen on itunes, you may have to resubscribe to the show, I also very sadly lost all of the reviews and ratings of the show. So if you could take a moment to rate and review the show to help new listeners know, the content is good quality. That would be really helpful. Thank you so much. All right now here is episode number. Fifty three eleven evidence based tactics to increase testosterone naturally. I've had the topic of testosterone on my list of podcast ideas for a long time. But when a friend of mine reached out recently to get some advice about having low testosterone, I cited this would be a good time to bring it up on the show and dig into the research, according to a two thousand six study in JAMA the symptoms of low testosterone include decreased muscle, mass decreased bone mineral density increased fat mass, especially in the abdomen, insulin resistance, decreased, libido, low energy irritability and dysphoric for my friend. It's been a complex cocktail of really intense endurance training, having low body mass and too little calorie intake that is likely brought about this unfortunate low level of testosterone. This dangerous combo is not uncommon in endurance athletes as we'll discuss. Later. But that said anyone who is exercising so intensely that they're overtraining could be at risk for a hormonal imbalance like this on top of the symptoms mentioned above my buddy, also mentioned that he had poor sleep poor, workout recovery and digestive issues. He's a young man. So obviously, this is a little bit scary for him to be going through his working with a doctor. It is testosterone levels back to normal. And he's agreed to join us on a future episode. So we can share his experience and the strategies that helped him out. In the meantime, I have put together eleven tactics to improve your testosterone levels naturally. Number one. Not just for the fellas free. Ladies that think testosterone is only important for men think again, a two thousand fifteen study in the Lancet diabetes endocrinology mentions that testosterone is an essential hormone for women. Not just men, and it is critical for many functions, including. Cardiovascular cognitive and musculoskeletal health at two thousand eleven study in sports medicine strength training and acute endurance training increase testosterone in men and women the authors mentioned that having enough testosterone is critical in men and women in the health of the reproductive system muscle growth and the prevention of bone loss. They also mentioned that chronic training or overtraining can cause a decrease intestinal stream a nineteen ninety eight study in the European journal of applied physiology and occupational physiology found that concentrations of total testosterone were increased in men and women with resistance training two to three times per week. The testosterone levels were noted to be significantly higher after six and eight weeks of training over the eight week study period number two full body strength training as mentioned previously strength training is a great way to increase testosterone. But the way. Workout itself or the program itself can actually make a big difference in how much testosterone is increased as I mentioned in my article full body strength training versus split group strength training. A two thousand sixteen studying biology sports showed that full body workouts will actually increase testosterone more than a split group workout this makes sense intuitively. If you think about it, what is going to ramp up your hormones more sitting on the bench doing bicep, curls or performing a squat with an overhead press, which one of those is going to give you a bigger hormone response. I think the answer is pretty clear also your biggest muscles in your body are in your legs and gluts think of the difference in hormone responsive. We train these three times per week as part of a full body workout versus only one time a week in a split group routine. Number three, no extremes or over specialized training this coming from the guy that recommends exercise every single day. Yes. But there's a. Big difference between getting an hour of activity on a daily basis in a carefully designed program that has both strength training and cardio training versus a program that is multiple hours a day of just one discipline crossville champion Matt Frazier once said during competition, none of those things are in my wheelhouse. But I train everyday not to have a wheelhouse. I love that. I love the fact that he's saying he's not going to over specialize in any one thing while I'm not a fan of all the elements of cross fit. I do like the general concept of not over specializing. There's been some research showing that overtraining can cause a reduction in testosterone. Which is why I bring this up a two thousand nine study in the journal of Inder chronology looked at how running five times per week would affect testosterone levels. The researchers split the runners into two groups where one did moderate intensity, which is sixty percent of their vio to max and the other group did high intensity which was eighty percent of their via to max. Both groups ran five times per week for sixty weeks. The sessions were on a treadmill and each session lasted for two hours while this might sound outlandish to some folks it is not unheard of to train ten hours per week for a lot of endurance athletes after only twelve weeks of sessions to stop thrown levels in both groups the moderate intensity and the high intensity began to fall. Not just to pick on endurance athletes. It seems that similar results might be found for somebody who's over specializing in strength training. A two thousand thirteen study in the international journal of sport. Physiology and performance found that a natural bodybuilder going through extremes of diet and exercise lost about seven nanograms per milliliter of testosterone, which is a time his testosterone level win from a healthy level of nine point two nanograms per milliliter to a very unhealthy low level of two point two nanograms per milliliter while he was preparing for competition. Now, why not just have a nice body composition? All the time. Said of these big extreme swings. The key in my opinion is a healthy balance to your training program. I like to recommend three days a full body strain training on nonconsecutive days like Monday, Wednesday and Friday and cardio training on Tuesday, Thursday Saturday and Sunday the goal would be to keep each session at about. Sixty minutes. So you're keeping overtraining at bay in any given discipline number forward. Don't cut carbs a nineteen eighty seven study in live sciences found that testosterone levels plummeted for participants on a high protein, low carbohydrate diet versus those on a high carbohydrate low protein diet now, I'm not suggesting don't get me wrong. I'm not suggesting that we all go on low protein based on this. But I am recommending that we keep things balanced. It is silly to cut out an entire macronutrients carbs, don't be afraid to eat high quality nutrient dense carbohydrates found in vegetables, fruits, grains, etc. Apparently lowering carbs too much can have dilatoriness effects on your testosterone levels. Number five. Eat black strap molasses now, I discussed the SuperFood in my article in show on nutrient analysis of a plant based diet, and I added it to my diet after learning that it provides a megadose of calcium and iron. But there is even more that this wonderful food can help with apparently a two thousand ten study in the African journal of food science found that black strap molasses increase testosterone levels. Now, I have one extra reason to make sure I take my two tablespoons of this daily isn't the tastiest treat in the world. But I have a few walnuts with it that helps balance out. It's very potent flavor. Now, this could be purely coincidental. But I have noticed a little bump up in my heart variability score each day since I've started taking black strap molasses, I talk about how and why take my hurry variability or HR V daily. To track. How recovered my body is from a nervous system standpoint. In my article on the topic all linked to it in the show notes. So you can check it out. I can't think of any other variables I've changed in this time. So the black strap molasses might just be a difference maker for me in recovery in improve levels of calcium iron, and apparently testosterone number six do high intensity interval training. A two thousand twelve study in hormones found that hit increase free testosterone Moore than steady state cardio. The participants were fifteen highly trained males in their late twenties. They performed a hit session with ninety seconds sprints paired with ninety second recovery jogs. This was over forty two to forty seven minute time intervals they also performed a forty five minute endurance, run at sixty percent of their veto to max for control. They just lied and a supine position at rest for forty five minutes. Blood samples were taken before each session directly after the session, and then twelve hours after the session. The study showed a significant increase in test Ostro for the twelve hour measurement on the hit workout versus no increase in test Ostro for the twelve hour measurement on the endurance workout or the control a two thousand eleven study in the journal of strength and conditioning research found that adding running sprints significantly increased total testosterone and via to max in competitive. Wrestlers the running sprints were performed as six sets of thirty five meters sprints with ten second restaurant bills. This was done two times per week for four weeks. A two thousand seventeen study in inter-krahn connections found that hit increased free testosterone levels. The participants were men over sixty years old. They used a cycling or Gama ter- and did six sets of thirty seconds sprints paired with three minutes of active recovery. This occurred in nine sessions over the course of six weeks it also increased their peak power production, which is a nice bonus. So now, there's really good reason for me to continue doing my little thirty to sixty seconds sprints when I'm out with my cycling, buddies. Number seven, get some vitamin d a two thousand eleven study in hormone and metabolic research found that supplementing with three thousand international units of d three significantly increased asto Strom, another wonderful way to give item Andy of courses through sunshine, the amount of time outside and time of day will vary depending on where you are in the world, of course. But a good general rule. Thumb is to get outside in the midday sun without sunscreen for about twenty minutes several times per week, a two thousand ten study in the journal of investigative dermatology. Found that participants in the United Kingdom got adequate levels of vitamin d from thirteen minutes of midday sun exposure to thirty five percent of skin surfaces. They were just wearing shorts and t shirts for me. My multivitamin has twenty five hundred international units of d three. And I also take a work break during the middle of the day on most days to get outside. And so can some race for about fifteen or twenty minutes, and I figured the combination of getting sunshine. Whenever it's possible. And having the multivitamin fill in any grey days seems to be a pretty good strategy number eight sauna for those of you that listened or watched episode fifty one which was the benefits of sauna you might recall, one of the benefits was increased growth hormone. And it appears that he mild increase of testosterone may also occur with Sony's. According to a nineteen eighty nine study in the European journal of applied physiology and occupational physiology increase on use can cause an increase in growth hormone anti-stalin and a decrease in cortisol and speaking of cortisol number nine control stress. Most folks are aware that when your stress levels increase your levels of a hormone called cortisol also increase high cortisol levels can lead to increase fat storage and a slowing metabolic rate, which are certainly not xylitol on top of that. When you're. Cortisol levels rise a decrease in Testa Strom typically occurs. A two thousand ten study in hormones and behavior show that there's this type of hormonal balancing act that occurs when cortisol levels rise in stressful situations testosterone levels tend to decrease considering this and the other long term health benefits to managing stress levels. It would be wise to keep stress under control as much as possible number ten sleep. Oh, how boring right? Just another thing that getting more sleep helps with will add getting more testosterone to your list of reasons. I promise you won't be mad at yourself in the morning, if you get more sleep now, I was always a six to seven hour per night person. And I usually felt okay with this. But then I saw a twenty seventeen article on the popular science website where the director of sleep and neuro imaging lab at the university of California Berkeley is names Matthew Walker. He says that we actually need a minimum of eight hours to mitigate reduction. Of our cognitive performance net is one thing to feel okay after six or seven hours. But if we're not performing at our best, then that's a bad sign now. I just go to bed at the same time as kids which is about eight thirty. And then I sleep until four thirty or five this way. I get my solid eight hours. The how much sleep though, do we need from testosterone perspective, the doesn't appear to be any research that I could find on a specific number of hours for optimal testosterone levels. But there are lots of studies showing that not getting enough sleep will definitely decrease your testosterone. For example, a two thousand eleven study in Jaama looked at what would happen. If sleep was restricted in young healthy men in their twenties. They were restricted to five hours per night for one whole week, and the testosterone levels of all the men dropped ten to fifteen percent. I remember these are young men in their twenties. So for testosterone levels, the drop that much as huge, obviously other factors will affect. Testosterone like sleep quality and the lifestyle side of your sleep cycle. But we know five hours is not enough of healthy young males loose testosterone with this amount of sleep. According to the same study about fifteen percent of working adults in the United States, get less than five hours. So you may wonder if six or seven hours is enough then well, as I mentioned, I haven't seen studies to show a minimum requirement, and this may be likely to the vast number variables. But we do know that eight hours is best for cognitive function. Based on the aforementioned study at Berkeley. So why not just shoot for eight hours of sleep? And you know, you're getting enough for your brain power and your testosterone number eleven monitor your heart rate variability those of you that have been following the show for a while are aware that I'm a big fan of tracking. Hurry, variability or HR V. It's a great way to know. How recovered you are on a daily basis, and it's really cool. A two thousand ten study in Turkish cardiology. Journal found that there's a positive correlation between your testosterone levels and your HR V score. This makes sense after we've learned that stress can actually decrease your testosterone HIV tells us a story of how recovered our body is from a nervous system standpoint. And based on his research, we can now also make a general assumption that our testosterone is higher when our HR V scores higher. This is really exciting to me because I've had a higher HIV score lately. As I mentioned earlier, and I think this is in part due to eating that black strap molasses for the iron and for the calcium. But then as we learned today also can help boost to SaaS Jerome, and I think this really brings things full circle. And it shows how connected our body systems. Actually are. Thank you very much for listening to the show today. A few things you can do that would help out boost health of you'd be so kind please subscribe rate and review the podcast and your podcast at leave a review on the boost health Facebook page subscribe to the boost hell TV YouTube channel and. Follow my boost health on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, you can also visit the boost health website at my boost health dot com for links to everything along with more, motivation and information until next time. This is Paul Sanford, saying goodbye and find your balance.

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