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"joshua beam" Discussed on Magnify Him Together

Magnify Him Together

12:02 min | 1 year ago

"joshua beam" Discussed on Magnify Him Together

"Welcome back everyone to magnify him together. Other podcasts this brother Josh Hodge with you for Episode Number Twenty Two and part three of the series entitled Mighty Lessons From Mighty Men and part three is entitled Old Eleazar the son of Dodo the whole white now we've been talking about mighty lessons from mighty men in these mighty men specifically David's mighty men are men which would take up a spear like Joshua beam the hack night or a sword or a sling and they would kill another human and we wondered how could this possibly relate to us but the fact of the matter was is that they were doing God's work they were removing people that represented sin that were sinful and Paul tells us in a fusion six that we too are have armor in armaments the sword of the spirit of the helmet of salvation the shield of faith faith that that's the armor of God and while we don't fight against flesh and blood gains humans as they did we do fight against says the wiles of the devil against sin which is tricky and deceitful and so while we read of the stories in the Old Testament in particular of mighty men and women. Carrying out these actions which seem far removed from us today there are mighty lessons mighty spiritual lessons that we can take now. Today's story story is about the next mighty man after Josh being the heck night in its Eliot Spitzer the son of Dodo the whole white wow what a name we don't often think of him but definitely a memorable name so what did Eliot Spitzer the son of Dodo the Hawaii do now. There's a few things to note in his story. He has it's too versus compared to Josh beams one verse and its Second Samuel Twenty three verse nine and ten and we notice that first of all he was fighting the Philistines now the Philistines actually represented sin. Did we can see the lesson coming right away. He fought against sin. The Philistines were the people called the uncircumcised those out of covenant relationship with God. The word Philistine is related to a word which means wallow wallow in the dust like a serpent and so Elliott was fighting sin. He was fighting the Philistines now. It says they defied the Philistines to defy something. You must be active to do so you must take action. Do you remember Goliath. He says I defy the armies of Israel. This Day probably said it with a much deeper in scarier voice but that's what Goliath. Breath did he came out and opposed the living and true God and here is not the Philistines of posing. It's Eliot Spitzer and the Israelites opposing the Philistines signs. They were on an offensive. We could say now. There's something else that we notice. We noticed that Eliezer of rose <music> says verse ten that he wrote that is a word of action. Somebody who's ready to do something it was calculated and deliberate move move from him not somebody that was apathetic. He wanted to take on the Philistines but do you know what happened. It says they were gathered other to battle. The men of Israel were gone away always help left him all his brothers his brothers in arms left him and you have Eliot Spitzer by himself with a sword how disappointing how upsetting how depressing how lonely Elliot's or would have felt but what does he do it says he arose a word of action he rose and smoke the Philistines until his hand was weary and his hand clave unto the sword. It doesn't say he ever finished. Finished them off but he kept on fighting until he was weary his hand clave onto the sword and we know in Fijian's the sword is the sort of the spirit which is the word of God and he used the word of God to speak to fight against sin. That's what we must do but you know afterward says he alway- wrote a great victory you see while he stood there by himself and deliberately in in a calculated measure fought the Philistines who's never his victory. It was God's victory and it was difficult difficult. His hand clave to the sword going on an offensive in the truth isn't always easy. It might mean speaking things things that we ought to declaring the truth that are God's name would not be mocked but more importantly than all of that. Perhaps perhaps this is the lesson because here you had somebody who is by himself when all those forsook him and while he won the victory it wasn't he who won was God but it comes with the next phrase because after there was that victory it says the people returned after only to spoil. Could you imagine all of the work that he had done in all his brethren now want to return. Earn can you believe that they'll happily come along that says they returned after the spoil think about it in relation into the Lord Jesus Christ. Do you remember what it said of him. He was despised and rejected or forsaken taken of men. A man of sorrows acquainted with grief. Jesus family left his disciples left him. The Jews left him the Romans put him to death but he has borne our griefs carried. Our Soro's Jesus was forsaken. He knew the tasks that he had at hand was for the benefit others and isn't that the lesson of Elliott Zor the son of Dodo the hope that we have to stand up for what's right Stephen if we're standing alone and in so doing we might even help others we might provide them spoil benefit in the truth truth just think about it a memorial meeting on a Sunday the hours that are put in for the pianists Sousse to practice and get there early to set up from those that set up the memorial table. Perhaps they make the bread or they buy the bread and they get it ready the presider who has to organize all of the people to do. The prayers and the readings the executor you spend ten twenty thirty hours preparing some thoughts all the Sunday school teachers use those that give the prayers the readings and prepare them ahead of time those who come early to open up the collegial hall or those who stay late to close it down and you think about all of the hours and yet some people get to come sit in their seats and be refreshed by wonderful careful memorial meeting and maybe it's your. I think this is all the work that I've done in people can just show but isn't that a wonderful thing. It's our job to serve to sacrifice and to love that others might reap the benefits because that's what the Lord Jesus Christ did in a way in which we can never replicate like heated but it's also what Eliot Spitzer the son of Dodo the Ho- I did a wonderful example a mighty man providing us with a mighty lesson and remember we don't wrestle against flesh and blood like Eliot Spitzer did but we stand against the wiles of the devil we fight against sin we put our spiritual warfare in front of us taking on the armor of God taking on the power of his mind well next time in our series of mighty lessons from mighty men..

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