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"josh abeam" Discussed on Magnify Him Together

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"josh abeam" Discussed on Magnify Him Together

"This is episode number twenty chief four and this is part five of the series mighty lessons from mighty men part five is entitled the three mightiest not est men now. This story is a little bit of a strange story lease. It's not what we might. I think of a story there's a couple of twists and turns and the stories found in second samuel twenty three verse thirteen to seventeen eighteen and if we unpack and figure out why the story is put here in this place we'll learn of a mighty lesson to apply in our lives now. The story starts off in verse thirteen. It talks about three men then by the end says they were three mighty men. No first of all these men and were named and we'll get to that at the end to why that might be but it's very likely that it was josh abeam liaison sham the three three mighty men in the previous context the stories. We've already looked at and will now. They're about to do a mighty act together well. The story continues on these three mighty men come to david they come to him in a cave of adult now first of all put yourself in david shoes. He's in a cave. If you've ever been in a cave it's not the nicest insist of places to live fascinating to look at but david was living there. At least he was taking shelter there because he it was surrounded by philistines says there's philistines in referendum that was on one side of the cave narrow philistines in bethlehem that was on the other side. David was trapped it surrounded by philistines hiding in a cave in these re mighty men approach david. David asks for something that you wouldn't expect he. He says oh that one would give me water the well of bethlehem which is by the gate now. There's a couple of on things about that. Request first first of all wouldn't you be planning a strategy how to escape how to win this war how to save family in the men that were with him and he asked for water but he doesn't just ask for any water yes for it in bethlehem and there was a garrison recent philistines right there but there's a spiritual lesson that we can draw from that. We'll get to that shortly as well well. What did the mighty men do. They didn't challenge david say david the hover we plan wave escape altogether know what they did was obey. Their king says the three mighty men break through the host of the philistines they drew water out of the well of bethlehem. They took it and brought it to david as simple as that is almost like it was easy but they were dedicated to their king in. They fought their way through. A garrison of philistines stein's to bring near king water now. The story takes another twist because the story doesn't go like this and david took the water and was refreshed. No doesn't go like that. It says nevertheless he would not drink drink thereof but poured it out onto your way. What a strange enj- turn of events but here's the lesson because what is water in scripture. We talked about a sword in the previous story which is the word of god. We've talked about lentils which which is also like the word of god the nourishment the the spiritual sustenance and now we have water water of life we could say the water of god's word and david longed for it he long for spiritual refreshment from a <hes> from bethlehem which means the house of bread. David wanted spiritual nourishment but sometimes to get spiritual nourishment in our lives. It's not only a matter of guessing it but we must subdue sin in the process is it's not easy. Sometimes sometimes it's not a matter of just sitting back and taking in spiritual refreshment yeah but there's action that must be taken as well hard work but the real part of the lesson asan comes when we learn that david pours it out onto your way. He poured out that spiritual refreshment mint until your way. What does that mean. The phrase poured out is often associated with the drink offering so numbers was twenty eight for seven in the holy place. Shalt thou 'cause the strong wind to be poured onto your way for a drink offering it was dedication to your way just as david pour this water that the men brought out onto your way increased picks up on the drink offering he says this you'll be familiar with this. He says this cup. The cup of wine is the new testament in my blood which which is shed or could be translated poured out for you. Notice the difference because the drink offering offering was poured out unto god jesus as this cup of wine is poured out for you referring to the disciples and all the followers hours thereafter and what david does is tie the two together you see the men. The mighty men brought water bringing it to david. It was sacrificed to him. It was pouring out their lives for him david than pours out to god and that's just the point because service to our brethren service to one another author is ultimately service to god net now. You might say well. The water represented the word of god. Why would you pour that but remember. This jesus was the word made flesh. He was the word exemplified in his life and that's what we're supposed to be. We are supportive exemplify. The word of god in our lives thus pouring out ourselves one for another and thus pouring ourselves out to god and that's why david says at the end of the story poured it out and he gave a reason he says is not the the blood of the men that went in jeopardy of their lives. The other account says shall. I drink the blood of these men who've put their lives in jeopardy. He realized allies. They sacrificed themselves. Their lives were risks in getting that water. David calls their blood their lives because these men while extracting that water her for david it was a symbol they were giving their lives lives for david as well. How humbling is that fact that when someone does something for us it's ultimately for god you jesus died on the cross us. Greatest sacrifice remember the two things at port of his side. You remember what they were say. It loud water in blood the two components which make up a perfectly league acceptable sacrifice in the two components in the story of second samuel twenty three the mightiest men and they were never named and that's because sacrifice for each other isn't about us. It's about others and ultimately it's it's about galway whom david poured too so let us be the mighty men willing to give others spiritual refreshment freshman pouring out our lives for them and ultimately for god but let us also be david's when others sacrifice their time their money their efforts their their pride whatever it might be remember that it's ultimately for god and don't ever take lightly. That's the story of second samuel twenty three verse thirteen to seventeen the three mightiest men and next time we're going to look at in part six abbas shea i i the brother of joab and you can have a look at that in second samuel twenty three verse eighteen and nineteen. If you want to try to figure out the spiritual lesson for yourself ahead of none <music>..

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