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"jolly goodland" Discussed on The World of Phil Hendrie

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"jolly goodland" Discussed on The World of Phil Hendrie

"We're working our marital difficulties out. I'm here to talk about button. Lake butler lake. And we've had so much fun. We've got the butter queen. Which is our twenty four footer. Well last summer not last summer. Before i get the summer before the butter queen. We lost the butter queen on colo. Jetty hank vans mer decided he was going to use the channel and we were on our way over to the landing to get another six pack of and it was at that time in that place Just got my way. And i try to run him up on cooler jetty or or at least i try to get into government. Run off you know. Even the cut off the cutoff. Steve tried to push him into goblin. Cut off but instead we got rounded up or or ran up. Get the grammar. Yeah i think proper grandma got run. Run run run. We re run my god. You sound as if you have some sort of a parkinson's no we got. We got rounded up on a did onto kulon jedi So butter queen. We have now the butter clean to and The other thing that happened was the cabin burned down the summer of two thousand nineteen you who were with us. At that time you remember. We posted pictures. We lost the cabin Near the goblin ditch or goblin cut off. I think Our cabin is located equidistance between goblin ditch and butner cut off and Right there in the heart of google. Well bobby i got it steve. No bobby misses a the name of it. Is google or google in creek and the reason why they call it that as a dispute between the butler family and dan goblin was the main You might say the main the first owner of the marina here and They wanted it named the butner. Marina and dan goblin wanted to be called. Gone goblins squat or the the goblin squats and finally they They just combine both teams into google in. And now it's called the google and yeah it's great. It's called the google and people know that's the harbor or we just call it the landing but We live in the middle of we. Oh god deva's dog down there. Thank god there's a dog down on jackie's canal we see the little tip of the white tail just wagging along as a little doggies. What cute little tail a little doggy. Kirby is in the back. Had there'd be some crazy scenes going on right now in any event so our home was equidistance. Between the cutoff the a button cutoff and google. Excuse me goblin ditch. And we're in an area called the google in It's a little valley. it's very beautiful. It's a frequent valley. Yeah great many Bound flowers wildflowers. And everything yeah great steve. I'm glad you know all about flowers. You know you know so much about flowers. How about giving your your wife a dozen or so every now and again and you know what honey. You're right forget nothing beats flowers. Give a lady flowers that well okay. Nothing beats flowers. Give lady flowers. And steve's grinning like he means something else by that. I'll tell you mr henry. Henry hadn't put the handcuffs on me. You'll be one i'd be. I'd be dancing just a quick light shot all right so we live in the google in our cabin burned to the ground in the google in or in the valley of the google and they say or in the valley of the jolly goodland. There's a lot of different Things we call it here in butner lake bobby. We had some questions of people and they wanted to know what was meant by your tweet Yesterday where you.

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