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"john jay rich" Discussed on My Funeral Home Stories

"Show you like, Hey, the listener I'm in A. Without saying it directly, I am not in a good place right now and also that's the first time I wanted to really convey. Outwardly to the people listening that just because I'm the narrator doesn't mean on the protagonist. You don't need you to like me. I that's not what is hinging on the story is you liking me? It's you empathizing with Iran right? We've all fucked up. We've all made terrible mistakes especially at twenty twenty you onto a break up seeing dead bodies every king I feel like there's a lot of value in going back to those feelings because like there's gotta be times in Your Life and college were you got did I really do that? Oh, you're low moments where you make may have stakes that. You hurt people you really love and really care for sure. How much do you think the the stories of the funeral home itself had to do with this sort of I don't want to call descent but. In the episode arc it is you're excited as a seventeen year old kid for sure because there's things you haven't seen yet. Definitely you're interested in which you've expressed already several times in to this bottoming out almost in this series and season three. So. How much Did, you know at the time the funeral home had an impact on you or did it not I don't think fee I genuinely. I don't think it was the funeral home I think the funeral home was. Just having to be the setting. So when did you start feeling the pressure? Was it back in high school and there's an element of pressure I'd imagine because it's your family's yeah for sure and you have to impress your dad as you mentioned one of the episode, he was very fastidious Oh for one hundred percent. The pressure came more. So when I started college because it was then I had. A decision. Music School. Our school. Business School. Mortuary School essentially. And the closer I got to college. The more I realized Oh my dad by dad naira. You're just an adult like I'm going to grow up to be you. So I need to start thinking shit what is the future and I also was pretty pathetic by dad because I'd see him stressed out coming home. And he? Just can't wait to sell out I can't get out. and. The pressure was ultimately decided. Do I want to go to school and I was sitting in math class thinking like I just WanNa go home and watch mean girls. I was like, how can I get out of? There's a math exam there's all this stuff. How can I get out of? Doing this so I can just enjoy what I look. In Class I, decided. I'm not going to pay more attention to this lecture. I just made a list of and by the time I, left Class I was like I'm GonNa drop all my classes I'm going to mortuary school. And I'm GonNa do I'm going to start working in the funeral home until I got to mortuary school fulltime eighty whatever I need whatever my dad needs and I was probably A freshman in college. So you're nineteen years. Yeah and a big decision and I just remember it was kind of out of frustration for being like, why am I sitting in this math class I want to go home and watch mean girls. Is probably very relatable. I'm mean girls is in its math. Yeah. Very good movie and it was. So To speak on the level of HIV I was I. I dropped out of college that time. I did go back. I finished my music degree whatever fine arts degree. But the reason I quit was because I was up against four months of math. That I couldn't. Something in my brain was just like no, and that was enough for me to want to change my whole life and. Now, I. Think about it and if I would have just been like. It's just numbers do just learn the system figured out just take the time and you'll be fine I'm glad I didn't do that I'm glad I. Didn't have the wherewithal to say, oh, things are hard. Your intuition was telling you. Yeah you gotTA quit fuck this Jan you don't WanNa do math problems, and then what's cool is I I was. So terrified of taking math in college and failing the having that be the reason I couldn't graduate A. But then you talk to an adviser, you talk to somebody and they tell you. You know nobody likes math and here's his math class I ended up might college math class for both degrees 'cause it transferred when I moved out here to do my postgraduate work? I took a class called mathematics in the real world. And it was no shit. It was like you're you're going to the store and you want to buy this this, and this tax is this. How much do you need to bring the store and I was like this is what I need life skills. Yeah and it was stuff it was de. Distances on trips that sort of thing actual practical math. And it wasn't college Algebra and I think seeing college Algebra next to each other you get in your head about so. I quit and that's that's what started such a laborious crazy period of my life. Was Me being afraid to work hard? And wanted to watch me girls I mean ultimately. The the obsessive nece a talk about it. I mentioned it. The Hollywood video thing Yup, I rented every single Hor. alphabetical order medical five at a time. They would charge me a dollar for five DVD's I'd watch him. I had a rig where I could practice and have the movie going into my. You're my headphones and I also had all my drums miked up. So I could hear my drums and wanted to I could turn the drums out and just watch movie but keep practicing. So. That's how I got proficient at drum kit kidding. Yeah. Just sitting there watching like literally watching. The frighteners in Shit like I remember movies like that where people under the stairs. A you know doing watching six hours of the stand and playing drums for six hours and watching a funny games. I mentioned my name Funny Games is the the two thousand, seven remake with Tim Roth and Naomi Judd is as good as I think a of subversive fucked up movie can be. Have you ever seen it? I have not dude dude, I will have to want his it's it's it's a re- the director remade his own film. From two thousand and three that he made in a different language and he was like, this is so important that I'm going to remake this and there is some shit that happens in this movie rob that will. Make your head hurt. It's that insane. I see a lot of the funeral home stories in that movie. Because it is. It is the. surrealness and the detail surrounding the awful thing. That exit interest seems to connect right. These movies and you watch your move, you're watching the story. When this element is introduced to when it comes back, because good stories which yours do you introduce an element that doesn't just leave right is always a tie back in something that's that I am very grateful having worked for the John Jay rich show for as long as I have because the I was really really studying comedy writing for.

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