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"john danton cole" Discussed on The Cycling Podcast

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"john danton cole" Discussed on The Cycling Podcast

"Right war cried approach and motivation. Is everything here those two stages. He won in the netherlands jiro. Do you have any memories of those days. Oh yeah i have <hes> look so easy every time like really nail it with a legal but he did his own thing and rome one from far behind so so that was always his dranked because he could find find himself also without the little train also when it was hectic here he found the gap kissel allow beginning to open up his sprint. He hits the big job and goes. What could he do to the best of the rest of the reactive position but don't test kloss delivered mic number seven of the season for boscell kit lease-back your legitimate italia after two years years about since ninety s to live at the first opportunity at that time he was mentally so strong can <hes> confidence that makes a lot of things easier in invention also he had that name and everybody gave him space so easier. I think what struck me in my limited dealings dealings with marcel kissel the most was his civility some we'll talk about has charisma and but that implies something a bit loftier and grandchildren they're on no-doubt he he does have charisma to but he always seemed to me through respectful and polite i saw other jiro when it started in belfast in two thousand fourteen and he won both road stages there in belfast and dublin it was raining and cold and pretty miserable and kissel would be sasha ushered into these press rooms to give his press conferences and you could see his decency in the way that he treated the volunteers naylor local people who are working on the race and after his infused finished the way that he would stop for photographs and autographs despite it being cold and wet he seemed to have all the time in the world for people and also someone who took his responsibilities as a professional cyclist moreover a german professional cyclist very seriously. I went into him in cop where stage two of this year's vuelta finish a few years ago just after he joined quickstep ah we sat down to do the interview he into an apple and immediately apologized because he knew that i was doing the podcast and so he insisted on his apple to the site to finish it later she did an interview by some of the behind the scenes lobbying he done with john danton cole to get german television by the tour de france the conversations and meetings with executives there after they boycotted the tour following the yahel eric doping scandal on the t. mobile doping scandals and so i i really think that leaves the sport as a writer if cycling germany how many has regained some luster some credibility and respect i think it was a lot to get not so much what did on the bike but the way that he conducts himself and communicate indicate the dolphin sprinting is unique discipline in cycling really because the accolade of the best sprinter in the world is a bit like the heavyweight boxing in crowns in boxing there several hours held by different organizations and so at any one time several people claim to be the best and it similar in cycling because because the sprinters can win at the zero in the welte but it's really only at the tour of france when they all go head-to-head in their best form that we get to see who is the best sprinter every now and again somebody comes along to unify those titles if you like and stand head and shoulders above the rest in the last two to three decades mario approach alenia <unk> comedy show two names immediately spring to mind when i'm considering the undisputed fastest man in the world title for a couple of years in twenty not sixteen and twenty seventeen marshall kittle could probably of made a justifiable claim to that title.

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