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"joey tate" Discussed on Real Estate Rookie

"Let's get into today's question. We gotta go today from the rookie group for those. That are listening. If you have not joined the real estate facebook group you were absolutely one hundred percent missing out. This is one of the most activates grew ever been in like every time. I try and go in there an answer a question. There's already ten twenty thirty answers on there. That are all really great answers. So look at the real. Stay ricky facebook group and get active already. But today's question comes from joey tate's and joey's question. I was driving a new part of town and came across a house that had a yard that hasn't been maintained months in the house. Looks uncapped any suggestions. On how i should go about the owner and asking if they will be interested in selling things in advance for joe here. This is a really good question for us. Because i feel like we both go and look at properties and immediately. Try to figure out okay. How do you buy this. So the first thing i would do is if you see this property okay. Obviously write down the address for it. Then there is g. i s. mapping software. so just google your county. Gps mapping and. It should come right up. So this is a parcel mapping software you can type in the address and it will give you options such as what the county taxes are who the property owner as and a mailing address for them and also kind of give you an estimate of the lot lines of how big the property actually is. How many acres. So i would start there looking at that and then you can also see an owner's histories. Maybe they've owned it for a really long time or maybe they just bought it within the past year. You can view that too. And i know tony will wanna talk about this too. But there's also prop stream that software that we both love. And i knew i use it daily now i love it so you can try upstream. What is it tonia. seven.

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