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"jeff van kamp" Discussed on Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard

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"jeff van kamp" Discussed on Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard

"I mean it it's the greatest I mean it's the greatest gimmick in the world and the guy he lives at He's a little looser now about it. But i mean these back in the ninety s and that and You know from the time for started. I mean he was. He was the undertaker. I mean i i. I'll tell people all the time you would see the merchandise Big time in the states for when you went over to europe everybody was dressed up like the undertaker. My saying that was all. Yeah i everybody. There was three hundred people standing outside the building when undertaker close i mean coats. Yeah i don't know what it's merchandise checks were back then. What i'm sure they were. They were they were very good. They were healthy well. It's it's really out there character you know certainly about today's you know standard of what wrestling is. How does that. Come about bruce. When you i say hey of looks like an old time he undertaker you sit and somebody sketches it out and then you talk through you. Know he'll sit straight up and we'll put some makeup on him. What does that kind of. Look like back in the day. What would a creative process for character. The undertaker look like well we. We had a whole creative apartment and you know we give them the idea you know kind of an overall then they would would get you out. They would meet with the talent to take a look at it in sketch out their outfits and but the you know the overall look a lot of times that came from. Vince came from you. Know his messed up. Head and then evolves you know you get them out there in the ring you figure out what works and a lot of that was was. Take doing this thing. And i was a big fan of jason and guy What the hell is humor them. Jeff van kamp brick. Yeah who did the humongous gimmick. Yes he more. The hockey mask like jason. This guy would do the setup. And i saw that. It was just with shrinks in.

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