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"janis voice" Discussed on Sound Opinions

Sound Opinions

03:45 min | 3 months ago

"janis voice" Discussed on Sound Opinions

"Share some tracks that we think are important to highlight from that album. That's in a minute on sound opinions from WBZ CHICAGO NPR. Alex welcome back sound opinions. I'm Jim dear got us. My partner is Gregg Kat. And this week we're doing a classic album dissection of Joni Mitchell's blue which came out in one thousand nine hundred seventy one and is arguably Mitchell's biggest success. We're going to share some of our favorite tracks now and why we think it is a classic Album Greg. You First Jim. I want to highlight the track California which some people think of as one of the more optimistic songs on the record. It is a song about home or at least her adopted home in California. Obviously she was born in Canada. This was written as part of her European hiatus she Basically dropped out of the music industry for a number of months after her first three came out and made her a star. She just wanted to get away from everything including California. She went to Europe and live like a Hippie for a while. But you got homesick. She decided even though I'm very disillusioned with California. I'm wearing out and on this European lifestyle. I WANNA get back home. The whole idea of coming home was was a hopeful sentiment. But there's also a key question at the heart of this song. It's a plaintiff question that I think is the key to the album that line. Will you take me as I am? She's speaking to California she. Speaking to America she speaking to her fan base. She speaking to the men in her life she is talking about. You know I'm I'm this woman who was independent is doing my thing on my terms. Will you accept that? Because if you can't I don't want any party. And that that really is kind of the impetus of the blue helmets and emancipatory album in many ways with that question at the heart of it and at the same time the feeling of longing expressed so beautifully a later in the song by a little subtle touch pedal steel guitar from Sneaky Pete Klina of the flying burrito brothers. The way that pedal steel sort of wafts through the atmosphere created by. Janis voice and her Appalachian Dulcimer. I think it's a beautiful song but with many many layers and is a great example of the multilayered songwriting. That is the key to this. Very simple arrangements. With many many textures and feelings coursing through them. California from Joni Mitchell's blue range renews shawl looks bad. They won't give peace a chance. Just a dream. Some of still. Does he WANNA stay here? Too Old and cold and sit in. I'M GONNA g-get leaving kisa sentences pig pound Dan Sperry well. He gave me my smile but he kept my cameras South Boulder because good omelettes stews and I might have stayed on with him. My full you fallen that is California. What I think is one of the key tracks from Joni Mitchell's blue..

Joni Mitchell California CHICAGO Gregg Kat partner Alex Canada Pete Klina Europe Appalachian Dulcimer Janis voice America
"janis voice" Discussed on Alice @97.3

Alice @97.3

05:06 min | 1 year ago

"janis voice" Discussed on Alice @97.3

"When we each other. It was instant we fell in love hook line and stinker stinker. Ain't. The need a break. Now. This is just getting to sappy for you. Given up all hope of us getting married. I thought it would never ever happen says Colin. And now, they're hitched. That's so sweet. Is it it is? You don't think it's awful that she told him for forty three years. No, no. I don't. I think it's interesting. How many times forty-three has come up on the show today? Oh, hadn't noticed. This was the first time what else? Queen Elizabeth centre. I e bell forty three years ago. All right. Eighteen forty three is when the letter was dated that came to Queen Elizabeth is that right? Yeah. I mean, the forty-three told you coming up all the time. Now, you can't get away from it's your number one. You can't get early for me. I have no problem, usually, it's everywhere. Oh, forty three kids shovel the woman's driveway at four thirty. All right close enough. I'll give you that one the window. Right. They're still says for you three. All right. But that's seven years old that marker. Teenagers are the worst now. Or in this case the best oh, also the best. Apparently, there's a woman in Parsippany New Jersey who'd been on dialysis for a while. And if she doesn't get a regular treatments, she could die one of her neighbors has been shoveling her driveway all winter to make sure she can get her car out and get her dialysis has needed. He's a paramedic and had to work during the last big snowstorm. So his little brother stepped up and helped instead Patrick again. A high school senior a teenager kid that's sweet offered to wake up before school and shovel the woman's driveway. And he knew it would take a while. So he had some friends spend the night at his house and all four boys got up at four thirty in the morning and knocked it out in thirty minutes. That is so nice day were hoping that school Mike get cancelled that day. So that they could go back to bed, but no luck. So obviously, it it snowed. Because he didn't have to shovel it every day Patrick's dad was so proud of him. He posted some photos on Twitter, and it's gone viral. And now, we know the story of there being a few decent teams in America will surprise you. Yeah. By and large awful, awful people the teenagers, right? Brennan. A woman in mosquito. Wisconsin named Molly salt Salem, teen. Oh was that work late last month and astronaut if he'd go let her dog out he said sure, and he knew that she'd see him on on her security cameras. So he decided to have some fun and put on a panda costume. Oh, God did the dog freakout. Molly watched it later and thought it was hysterical. But someone else who was watching nearby thought a burglar was breaking into the house and called nine one one. Fan fan. They said a giant teddy bears robbing someone's house. By the time. The guy walked back out in his costume. There were happy doesn't cop cars pulling up. Luckily, they realize he wasn't a burger burglar or a burger right delicious. Him. And that was the end of that was the end of it. But they just released the nine one one an audio. Oh, you don't know the guy's name because he's done every interview in a panda costume. He says I bought it for one hundred and twenty five dollars and have been trying to get. My money's worth. Wears it whenever he can. And recently picked his daughter up from school in it. Funny. That would be very cute to watch that footage on your camera. Just as a panda. That's hilarious. I was gonna freak out. To the ground. Robin that house our tax number is our phone number. It's eight hundred four hundred three six nine seven. You can text us. You can call two men standing by call him anytime. He loves phone calls. Are you kidding me? Sarah, not even axl rose could ruin Joni Mitchell vocals, great song writer, but that voices screeching tires line with razor blades on a chalkboard. I love Janis voice so much. Oh, my God bananas. Joni Mitchell impression you're actually your. I I will say this. I did not like any of the covers that I heard of the Joni Mitchell thing, and I love the cover that Vinnie did seven seven says you guys literally make me laugh out loud. At least once a day. Thank you. That's our goal. Come on, Adele. I'm going to have that damn Ashley Madison song in my head all day. Now play I don't play any Don. All the guys. I'm not doing it. Probably the.

Joni Mitchell Molly salt Salem Robin Colin Queen Elizabeth Patrick Queen Elizabeth centre Parsippany Twitter Vinnie Wisconsin Ashley Madison New Jersey Adele America Brennan Mike Janis writer
"janis voice" Discussed on DISGRACELAND


06:21 min | 2 years ago

"janis voice" Discussed on DISGRACELAND

"The first punch didn't sound like much, but Donny could feel the impact he made by the blood. We're bling out from under his knuckles. The second bunch that punch sounded like something even with the sounds of waves crashing into the side of the navy aircraft carrier there on the punch could still be heard, but it didn't land with the desired effect. The dude was still on his feet, wavering, perhaps aided by the steady ebb and flow of the ship on the ocean surface and the dude swung wildly too wild to get a real swinging on Donny Donny was wiry quick. He dodged to his right and the dudes fist barely grazed the left side of his head. However, it was enough to send Donnie into a blind rage. He fired off a string of punches fast furious. Each one landing more salty than the one before until finally, the do fell to the deck Donny barely had time to feel good about himself within seconds us being wrestled to the floor. Group of sailors come up behind him. He struggled, but it was no use. He was cuffed shipped off to the mainland jailed escaped was caught escaped, again, was caught again, tried and sentenced to eighteen years for assaulting his superior naval officer. Somehow his sentence was reduced to two years and in nineteen Fifty-nine little Donnie, little fresh out of the Brig headed Nashville Tennessee to make his name in the world of country music. And the name he made for himself was Johnny paycheck. After heavyweight boxer who wants went toe to toe with Joe Louis in whose pugnacious attitude, Donnie admired. And after stints backing George Jones faron young and others, Johnny caught the ear of producer, Aubrey Mayhew may who is smart enough to design a sound that was as big as Johnny's own personality was Lloyd greens, shredding in loud steel guitar and two fiddles of front in the mix. The sound of Johnny paycheck. The musician was as tough as Johnny paycheck. The man. But the main attraction was Janis voice. It refused to conform to the standards of country, music, diction, melody, it sounded more cockney than Chattanooga words like night came out. His mouth sounding like note in time like toy. They sound silly coming out of my mouth right now, but trust me go listen to the original version of Johnny, paychecks, eleven, it's wild. It's totally something else both now to this day and then which is why was a hit in nineteen sixty five. Success led the excess more drinking. Drugging pissing in the Punchbowl literally and figuratively forged checks petty theft rumors about sex with underage girls and eventually Johnny quickly burnt his way of Nashville in for unknown reasons to San Diego. And then a brief stint on l. a.'s skid row where he was forced to play music for beer money. He eventually ended up in Denver where he likely would have drank himself into an early Rocky Mountain. Brave had it not been for the intervention of fame country producer Billy Sherrill, who'd sometime earlier made it as mission to locate the drifting paycheck and wrangling back into the studio. Shrill new unique talent. When he heard one, it was convinced that Johnny's bizarro voice in hard edged attitude would contrast perfectly over the country politics style. He was perfecting back in Nashville embellish. Cheryl was right there. I collaboration don't take her. She's all I got. Is this close to being a perfect recording as you can get when the aliens common wanna know what country music sounds like you do good to play them. This number two countries smash from nineteen seventy-one. But again, despite a success or perhaps because of it, Johnny paycheck couldn't help, but find more trouble. It was in his blood. It was who he was. He was hardcore and success in matter neither did fail. Yer Johnny paycheck lived hard, no matter, life circumstance. That's all success or failure were to Johnny just circumstance. He believed that he himself had no influence over how his career turned out, and there was no ambition or lack of. Ambition, he simply just was things either happened to him or they didn't. Music was trade, no different than fixing cars was to mechanic or fixing toilets was to applaud Mer. Successful plumbers don't seek out and find success in Janis estimating they got what they got through luck of the draw, lots of busted toilets in their hometowns or whatever. And after work like everyone else, they blew off steam. So when Johnny clock though he to made it his business to get down to business drinking, fucking fighting, not necessarily in that order instead in any damn order. He pleased it was his life and you do what he Dan will wanted whenever you wanted. And if you couldn't get with that, then he could just get the hell out of his way or else. We'll be right back after this word. Madison Reed. One of our favorite sponsors here, disgraced. Their company, founder, Amy era named after daughter is revolutionizing the way women color their hair for two decades. Women have had only two options, outdated home, haircut boring or to taking the time and expense go to a salon. Also, Amy created Madison Reed because she believes women deserve better than the status quo. Right on Madison Reed is reinventing the way women color their hair by offering the quality of salon, color, convenience, and affordability of at home hair-color and an ammonia free formula with ingredients, and you can feel good about none of the feel bad about stuff. Just the feel good about it creates. You'll look like you just came from a salon, but the reality is you had more meat time to do what you love experience beautiful multidimensional hair-color made in Italy delivered to your door on your schedule for under twenty five dollars. Join the hundreds of thousands of. Women who have tried and loved Madison Reed five-year perfect shade at Madison Rian dot com. Madison Reed to honor disgrace, land listeners, ten percent off plus free shipping on their first color kid with promo code disgrace land that's code disgrace, land. From

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