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"j clarke pierre romaine" Discussed on Murder Book

"This podcast contains adult content in language. Something all of a sudden mind, you know, try to convince that jury. Charged with first degree murder in the killing of j Clarke Pierre romaine was given a choice. The Los Angeles district attorney's office offered him a deal that could result in in spending. No more than four years in prison. If he pleaded guilty to manslaughter with the use of a firearm. It was a sweet deal, and it came at the end of long negotiations that started with remain saying he wanted probation. Despite DNA evidence witnesses and wiretaps lined up against him romaine thought he saw daylight. Out on bail and free. He took his time with his decision and filed his son's college football career for a season before deciding to call the prosecution's bluff, he said, no deal. In effect. He was saying to the police and prosecution bring it on if you think you can convince twelve jurors I did it then bring it on. Romaine seemed to be acting like a man who somehow knew the secret time, locking the Justice system delay your day in court and then delayed again as the years and even decades went by the system would grow weary of you. And the case would only grow weaker the resolve of the system would eventually falter, and you might walk away from murder as a free, man. At least that is what it seemed like with Pierre. Roaming. He seemed to think you invincible he turned down the plea bargain, which to me was a bargain in all senses of the word simply change lawyers again. And once more reset the case, a move that guaranteed at least another two years of delay. Gang member turned police officer was clearly calling systems bluff, it was like he was saying you're afraid to come and get me and take me to trial. And that may have remained the case if it were not for a detective and a prosecutor and a judge. The detective was wrecked. Jackson who had been on the case since the night in nineteen eighty-seven. The Jay Clark was fatally shot during a carjacking. The prosecutor was John Lewin. The so-called king of coal cases who is recruited by Jackson to push the case forward and the man on the bench was less Angeles. Superior Court Judge Larry Pau fiddler who presided over the case for years and head run out of patience. It was Lewin who finally called remains bluff and stopped all pleading ago, she aviation's he started lining up as witnesses and making motions for trial. Finally after more than ten thousand days had passed since the killing of j Clarke jury selection began in the trial of Pierre remain. Prosecution was ready to roll it had their key witness as well as DNA evidence and wiretaps that seemingly Caspian remained as a gangster with a badge, the Pierre Romain and his defense attorney had used the passage of time to his benefit and they would steer his defense in a direction that would only be possible. Three decades after the murder. This case was anything, but a slam dunk. This is chapter five of the telltale bullet. I'm Michael Conley? And this is murder book. This wasn't assault. Fence cases was a carjacking on bat. I don't look like the murdering tight you just don't the police aren't trust me. They're still arrest me. But now here we are, of course. So I wanna tell the real story, and that's the truth. Murder book is supported by stamps dot com. Get a special offer that includes a four week trial, plus free postage and digital scale. Good a stamps dot com. Click on the microphone to top of the homepage type in murder book one word murder. Book is brought to you today by Mojo and books, publishers of Bluebird Bluebird and by ring ring helped you stay connected to your home anywhere in the world with a video doorbell. Motion activated floodlight Cam the starter kit has everything you need to start building. A ring of security around your home. Go to ring dot com slash murder book. Before we go on with the case. I have to make a quick correction on episode for murder book, I interviewed Dr David Spiegel about the hypnosis and the resuscitation of Clifford Phillips in the case as a witness. Well, I mistakenly called Dr Spiegel psychologists he is actually a psychiatrist with a medical degree which made his credentials in this matter even stronger, anyway, I apologize for the air. And let's get back to the case. Remains you that word? Session.

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