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"indian beach atlantic beach" Discussed on Joey's Totally Tech

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"indian beach atlantic beach" Discussed on Joey's Totally Tech

"Welcome to the. Joey's totally tech podcast. I'm joey k goal antonio garra and it's been way too long and i know i said i was going to put out an episode march. I that didn't happen. We've had all sorts of stuff going on as far as our schedules and whatnot. I've actually had some web development work i've been doing and i've got a client coming back possibly for maintenance warm so that's excited for me. Yeah i've been I mean. I've got a new job. I think i mentioned it last time. We podcast in a lone surfer one main financial. So i get to work at home. It's nice i have a nice comfy recliner like it's like a movie theater style leather recliner. It's so nice to see how the yeah so that's going well. Oh also Lisa and i went on vacation last week. We went to the outer banks north carolina for those that. Don't know ed right. Yes we went to nags head and for those that don't know what the outer banks are. There's barrier islands on the coast of north carolina that You know keep the on the northern tip like near virginia. So it's kinda like around the norfolk kitty. Hawk area right. Yeah we were Yeah we are kind of on the northern side of the Outer banks for short. It goes off from southern southern north carolina to northern north carolina. But i think a lot of people think like cape hatteras nags head kitty. Hawk that because the northern tip yes and that's like further away from the mainland like you go down to the southern part where like indian beach atlantic beach that some people don't even consider about the outer banks i do but i i've actually never would kitty hawk one time when i was That was right after. I graduated high school. So that was two thousand three. Got him old but Yeah that's the closest ever been to the outer banks so never much. There was a lot of refreshments at the beach. That you're you know what i'm saying. Oh yes so anyway tonight i. I apologized for the march. First step said not happening. I also apologize. If i sound a little tired or worn out. I don't think i do. But i had a more intense. Taekwondo class session tonight than what i have had I guess i'm a little bit higher rank now than i was before the workout is more intense and the one white belt and class was actually younger so she could handle the more intense. The older people you know But yeah i'm high yellow belt now and there were like Our engine i think a greenbelt in a red belton class so it's like workout was a bit more intense and what i've been used to in the class so far but that's a good thing you got a picture body beyond the limits exactly. I agree otherwise. I would consider the school Dow jo- and that's definitely not mc doja is a also a scam is what it would be if they did that. Workout intensity and so that is remind discount funny story saas this podcast a couple of years ago. This comedian was on there. I forget who he was but he was talking about like his whole family tocado together like when he was growing up right. Yeah and in a word to like you know black belt you had to beat someone else. Who was a black belt. And like i guess a fight or whatever you call and so what his mom with up to get her black belt. The said say like made her fight the comedian. Who was her son why he like and he liked destroyed her. She got all mad about it. Yeah it probably idea. Say what i think. He was upset with her about something at the time. I'll get outta my. Apparently she was a nice woman but now that's just one person's opinion i don't know she is or not. I just thought that was that all right. I would probably fell him though because that would probably be a misuse of taekwondo. If easy is just because he was upset with her why think the actually well. The reason i brought up is actually was. I think the doja was like a scam. Because he gave his ideas. He gave the mom with the black belt. Anyway i'll go. He paid them. I don't care who's your black belt. Having such really the reason why. I brought it up because of that art. But the dude beating up his mom was kinda just. That's crazy When i took taekwondo as a kid For black belt You had to break And i never got black belt as a kid but you had to break a cement slap a while. My mother did i. I never did i. I got intimidated and last house watched now. Actually i was watching What is it karate kid to the other day. And they're showing for being where he frigging shops. The ice blocks and half right. I would find that easier to the summit slap. I think it might be. Yeah but depends on the ice though. It's really hard. Maybe not so easy. Maybe if it's like vanilla. Ice donna is all right but you. We talked about about scams tonight. Subject is scam baiting. Particularly scam baiting on mike twitch in youtube you might have seen scam bait videos from like Boga trilogy media some others I will mentioned here in the podcast at something that i've been considering doing really want to quit the podcast. However i want to branch out and mike keep everything under the. Joey's totally tech rela. I want to maybe like tried my hand out a law Scam baiting at some point. What what do you think antonio. I think it sounds like fun. Actually i've done a little bit of scam baiting. My free time. When i was younger i usually like to You know you get those calls for like your homeowner warranty your warranty. I guess what those peter a good with their whole pitch and stuff like that yes. Yeah yeah i guess. I've done a tiny bit myself a telemarketers. I don't know if they were scammers. When i was a kid but telemarketers call. And i would tell they would ask for my parents. I tell the telemarketer that My parents are abducted by aliens. And i don't know in the back and then now i get those car. Warranty calls I tell them you know. I didn't 'cause i don't have a car. I take public transit right and I tell them. I didn't even know i had a car. Can you tell me what make a model. My car is when they asked me for the baker bottle and they hang up so when you get those ones and they're like oh like if a yoshikata card number we can maybe get you another credit card with lower straight already mike. My credit card number the last digit. Yeah already began barbosa mess look at different digit time and after these like from report times to kind of get the or he was good to classic air horn. Your the air horn. You'd be like hey. Can you hear me okay. Media has done that airport. Yeah that's Let's give stop. We might have to try that time. yeah i was gonna say something else in it slipped my mind but here we go. This is joey's totally tech today..

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