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"helen keaney" Discussed on The Bone 102.5

"To be here tonight yeah that's good all right thanks man appreciate this this up all of energy this guy yeah you can call and join us seven two seven five seven I won a two five eight hundred seven seven one one oh two five as I promised in studio back again it's been a while Helen Keaney here how are you I am delighted to be here I'm actually happier that you live in the building I'm sorry I know it was I was I I I should have given it a hotline number so it strobe lights in here so I could have somebody run down immediately I look down I see your message on my way in the middle of the you know telling people to wash your hands and then you're downstairs waiting on us I know W. might dominate very hello he said he left a message yes yes yes yes yes he was he was a vice car and I got over I said it might the right place yeah he's on the he's does the show right before so he he acts that make a Lee I can't leave the building there's a lot of legal talk yeah he's a lawyer okay he does a lawyer's lawyer call in show I love having you on number one you're an interesting and and great gas but you're also not a talking microphone because you've been doing it for so so long so it's nice sometimes what we'll get comedians in here and it's like now I can so how's it going yeah that's going pretty good everything again near the mine turn up the volume and the lean in and it's like blast airsoft I've done many a radio show and also television and television and movies I know everything I know you have it's such a cool story and such a quick yet that's still going on so I can stories over it you know yeah it ended last night all it doesn't matter well I mean I was in a tiny guy in Milan it's it's it's so cool that you know and I I mean I'm in the same boat that even during like a you know a crisis type you know time that we're going through right now that we still do a comedy shows we can't take people away from it and hopefully the people don't have to worry about things for an hour at most comedians I know do it to take it away from themselves yeah so there's always a crisis in my head twenty four seven for the only time I get relief is when I'm on stage getting the prices in my own head out I love you say that because I I it's exactly how I feel and I think a lot of people feel I feel like I should think the audience sometimes out there like thank you so much and Michael thank you I needed to be here tonight to get on right yeah which brings me to the reason I'm here which is group therapy which right exactly we're talking about so I've got this new show that I'm super excited that you're gonna be on my teeth I just told you right now that's about it yeah you just into his book me I mean yeah I hope you do it it's it's a show that ice I think about what we do when we're on stage is I think the audience feels better I feel better I feel like I wanted to take that to the next level where I try to fix the audience like one table at a time I like that yeah yeah six US now yeah yeah I'm actually really good at it I was I was thinking about this I don't know what that guy in the corner though he is I'm a little you may feel nervous back to a thirty dollar glasses he's just staring at you definitely the glasses yeah they are do you go to the serial killer section at Walmart to get those it's on these classes now and I have you know yeah I have a very very I think he sees of them going nice glasses got compliments from a guy doing Netflix documentaries I use you know you should do you should mix with the hockey Jersey and flip flops that'll set it off it's working the idea is if you knew him you know this is his perfect look he's good I was thinking about this also it's funny to say can you can you excess excess because I was thinking maybe we have people call in also when she sat down kind of like the the guidelines how you do the group show maybe people can call it I guess I have six people over the phone was out of the first that we can do us now and then at the top of the hour we'll have the caller I like that idea well I launched YouTube channel Helen Keating you can follow me on social media on Instagram I'm the official Helen Keaney night and I've been doing stand up for years and years and years I've actually been told that say how long you been doing it because then people be uncomfortable the whole day I'll stop like that decades and decades decades started out in New York in the nineties Frank yeah and after tell me if you don't have this experience after you've been doing stand up looking a crowd so give people you guys made a lot of people in studio I have this theory that there's only seven people in the world okay and when you're onstage looking out you really see past the couples and everything you really see into what's happening in the relationship can figure him out I think I thought everything out she body language how they dress everything how they interact so when I look at the crowd I've already got them all figured out so what I do is I tell them what's happening and they seem kind of startled like I'm doing some sort of mental list site but it's actually just from years and years of paying attention I've noticed that when I started doing comedy I would I I would open for comics and I really studied the headliners I was working with you but for me the improv your scalp holy crap I did get it so yeah so I probably study do that I know what I did when I did the thing I was studying number one was pacing timing you know you know how they how they structured their said you know I I love I love when you you could build up and hit a punch line and then hit a tag in and double up upon sign in and do a great call back later in the set all those things are like what makes a good comic a great comic and I really noticed how crowd work when a comic goes into the crowd and not all comics can do it and it takes practice to take somebody to to real observation list into me I think the best comics are so if you could look at a table and end and you've seen this all these these different type you said seven different kind of people yes in my mind it breaks down to that but but I kind of started doing it then after show people would say oh that joke was funny this is funny but when I really liked is when you did this to this guy and that guy and then you related that to that table over there right and then you called out that whole family about their yeah interpret relations that they wouldn't even talk about I I really feel like it's becomes more like a Jerry Springer show people people just start confessing things crowd loves it it yeah the credit they deserve it but it's not like Hey where you from and then I go back to a bit I don't it's a complete like jumping off a bridge into the audience so today we're normally normally it's a surface conversation yes like all a Hawaiian shirt here is get out yeah what do you do for a living all right and you make fun of their job and you when you ask your wife why would why she's with them and she says some funny and then you'll you guys breaking up and then later in the set you go yeah I'm sorry don ho did you go back to what you do is a deep dive you get really into the show last week where a guy in the audience told me that his mother was having an affair with the lawn guy beautiful and it was like the whole family knew it they were all there nice but it was like I don't really line guy no well one guy wasn't there but it was people tell me things that I feel like they just want to get off their chest that's why call group therapy had noticed as the years gone people say things like do you do they did you just you know just come out to your family that your date if you never told them that before like that is actually like I did a show in nome Alaska is the true story probably should have done that but out of the mayor and in my defense I thought everybody knew it oh wow but I just saw it in the dynamic of everything and it seems like that I want a cool town that like this whole town is like rallied around this super cool gay mayor and I said that they were like wait what and the mayor was like well it's out now like he was super happy by the end everybody was really happy hi guys who killed him the next day Lee women because they all dress the same and all that's right the girl guy ratio is like way off up there yeah it's really hard to tell what it is all all the rest similarly girl Eskimos if you have to unwrap them for an hour and it's like opening up a really really long Christmas present you like am I going to get the right if you want a great crowd to get on a prop plane from Fairbanks to nome they're happy to be entertained yeah I don't like get on a plane where they're worried about my weight when I get on there I'm fine there was there was duct tape it was me in the beer it was a terrifying flight hello how are you privy to the knowledge of the mayor being gay and the town wasn't it was the way he was interacting I honestly think that it's things that people kind of know but it's not at the top of their brain I feel like there's different levels of what you know with your brain there's things that you actually know and then there's kind of a conscious right there's like polite society yeah well maybe like a minute mannerism that dated notice in a tiny little town that you've seen a billion times everywhere else I I think he knew how the mayor knew you from say maybe you saw that the town didn't yeah yeah I I think that I think that they just all got it there was many things right and every night there's many things that happen but the audience tells me I'm not it's not upsetting show I'm not making fun of people we're just all it's it's funny too hopefully I see I want to do kind of the opposite of what you're doing I want to do roast shows where I just you know and I know that that that's been done before too and I've I've had this idea to where you hire me for parties and I just roast everybody to party and so what you do with the with my company I have a website and I would have other comics that are also brutal like me and you see a deal like a cameo played cameo roast will you send me a you sent me your guest list yeah just send me a link to their Facebook pages I could do some research and I can write roast for these individual people the wonder how the hell I know who they are a job despite a call there's Dan look at you you idiot you just had a baby you know just going on on the right and if you like what do I betcha there's a market for that as I understand I think will be a great I want you to take a deep dive into diving to me right now yeah well that's nice that's a tender so easy I feel uncomfortable I think the one thing about you is that you're the person who wants to share a laugh you were sitting in the crowd really yeah because you want to tell me everything I could just tell where do I look like I need a friend hello you have a very open face helmet when you're open when you're right I'll give you that when you're I was wondering because they do have an open faced with a big mouth yeah yeah I know yeah he's telling you these mean days guys stopping doubly true look at well when you make that face okay yeah I can't face ask her about her boyfriend well is that is that the is that what I would ask I wouldn't ask for a lot of my friends and she's feeling like she doesn't want to because they don't have one I don't go to like Johnny I don't feel like that's what I would say either okay now how would you know that I get get like sitting in the crowd what we can expect the coconuts this weekend I would I would say why are you wearing headphones in the audience yes very I think it's off there you go perfect.

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