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"harry harry redknapp" Discussed on ESPN FC

"All right. Let's talk into a little extra time. Shall we thanks once again for all your questions and tweets. Some of you are shedding a few tears for the closing of the transfer window. Peter is not prepared. Let's let it go just yet once he wants to know. Did you ever worry whenever harry harry redknapp got stopped by report and spoke spoke through the window might be off to another club and since the transfer news close the schenker have any great harry transferred a stories and agreed harry chat well as a few floating around not sure my lawyers would love you to repeat he was busy. You have depends on the issue at hand correct. I if you have a lot of these specialists john easy easy onset to the first part of that question wrong wasn't no trying to window when you were a corporate us right ooh bing bong yeah. When did it come in ireland. Remember when we were in england. You could move anytime via. I moved up with a monster. Some that's my made the move in resemble nine thousand nine yup to back the county primarily from celtic so the voice of new idea. I wanna say early two thousands now or something something because i moved to ninety nine in december so it wasn't too those none six well. I thought i thought no not for the two thousand six it was. What about your team your lawyer. I'll have to consider them. My i'm having a confirmed to threes when it came in so i am talking about the glory years of transparent <hes> it seemed to involve harry redknapp jason maloney changing the subject <hes> wants to know the best game ever lost as a play is such a thing but i guess the feel forced forced to onto on what what would it be playoff two thousand. I want to say four thousand three with the l._a. Golics two thousand three with the galaxy aleksei against san jose earthquakes where we were leading our four nothing from us the aggregate. Oh we've lost the infamous fire fall we were we won. The first i came to nothing. We were leading the second game. Do nothing however if away goals have counted as a way goals do then we would have gone away would've gone thrown. I wanna wake believe has come to be known as the san jose ramon todd that's. That's what it's come to be known as the the p._s._e. Dr ali's lawyers. Did you have a good. I play on the newcastle-liverpool four threes. Oh yeah one one of those two or three of those yeah through the middle one on and did you have anything to do with the goals. Probably four one past blew it to be honest. I'm paula scored the fourth <hes> that's all. I remember craig scotland england euro aeroplane too well but we won he won but he lost wh why bring them. Thank you in brazil go. Ali bacteria and i was clinton wasn't light. We bought brazil and lost what we gave them. A game on. We lost ten ongoing wanna jumpings but l. dangling game was boys yet. That was probably the hottest take they've added. They lost two now. I mean because obviously such a buildup for lightning agron win england scotland called the winner qualifies the for euros for the playoffs estim-.

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