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"harrogate london lille paris" Discussed on The Cycling Podcast

"With the lifestyle golf professional cycling launches is spread kettle hitting the front caffeinated on the left inside his comments on the left lookout but broad plates kid'll all the way avenue. I'm not sure who's gone it. I'm not sure they know who's got in moss. L. capable is the winner moss l. kid who oh makes history at. Its play quarter of the wheel is find on your eight years ago that i of nineteen grand tour stages a seven stage about well to came down to a sprint in talavera de lorraine and the german who was in in his first season as a professional beat pizzas again an oscar fred to the line actually skill shimono team grew so kittle grew with it they became oracle shimono when i moved up to the world tour and eventually became john allison in two thousand fourteen he had the world at his feet after winning jiro stages in belfast and dublin tool stages in harrogate london lille paris. It's not hard to see why he became the poster boy for german cycling which was still in the doldrums after a decade okay to doping scandals and the reaction to them. He looked the part. Whenever he spoke he was eloquent and open but in twenty fifteen just when he looked poised dominate the springs kickoff suffered a setback the onus on the loss of four men he was not selected for that year's tour to franz step forward patrick lefevere ethics ex- quickstep toward more these cameras do companies removes at the medicine cabinet otherwise nobody scored in two years with the belgian teen kickoff delivered again another couple of stage wins followed in the year six in in order the tool five of them in two thousand seventeen that was when kittle held the green jersey continue crashed heavily withdrew from the race at the start of a final week but it's a ed <hes> pity because it's a ucs talent. I don't have to explain this <hes> goulet. He was waiting five stages with us. Almost one lead out <hes> if he's good super but unfortunately there's something with him. <hes> he's a beautiful guy. He's a big guy <hes> but he's very fragile and <hes> we recover them from his former team and a lot of success but i want. He kept <hes> what he he cuts to the green green. I saw him suffering one. <hes> wanna break <hes> what's taking points every day you so he's years like yeah <hes> not he crashed in the goat he was not to satirists and nine was a little bit the beginning of a new you nasty to him. Do you think one of the problems for him physically was he was being the mountain would be very difficult. No there's nothing to do if he wasn't a good shape people's too. I dropped their bodies and another people as far before him drop so does another problem everybody to go over to moses but i was really a big mental. How did you work with and get the best out of him or did you have to keep your hands off in east the pressure on him a bit. I cannot tell you all my secrets though authorize everybody will copy me nah it. It was just mother e._v. Tacoma cetera listen myself. I don't want anything from you. We took it. We will take you to a dubai. If you oughta feeding gutu sprint you sprint. If you don't feel good you don't sprint and then you had that and say take you dry. He tried it even if i ate that don't they don't talk with tomato. We do another tactic. No no that's okay so i record to detroit and it went viral and we were we were gone. He said to me back in january that you felt he would still be the fastest sprinter in the world allowed me. He's still the fastest guy but <hes> to the right people. It'd be so my archive. You understand your caja. Experience is over my ark but he was reading like coming for ten position and passing. Do everybody five five speeds fast. <hes> cycling is only alexa also. That's why he's retiring at thirty..

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